her eyes look cool


Gatsby’s eyes floated toward her. “Ah,” she cried, “you look so cool.” Their eyes met, and they stared together at each other, alone in space. With an effort she glanced down at the table.

You always look so cool,” she repeated.


“Who wants to go to town?” demanded Daisy insistently. Gatsby’s eyes floated toward her.
“Ah,” Daisy cried, “you look so cool.” Their eyes met, and they stared together at each other, alone in space. With an effort she glanced down at the table.“You always look so cool,” she repeated. She had told him that she loved him, and Tom Buchanan saw. He was astounded.

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omg your last head cannons was bae! Amazing! So is it okay if I request something? Imagine being a new overwatch agent and a spy who dresses like handsome males and sexy females for missions and your lover falls in love with you? Headcanons for that with Sombra, Soldier 76 and McCree? Sorry if its too much love <3 Thank you!

Wow, thank you lovely! That really means a lot since I’m new to this. I hope I’ve understood this ask right, I think its a reader who is a master-of-disguise-sexy-spy? If not, let me know, I’d hate to disappoint! Head canons coming your way, hope this is just as good for you! :)


You meet whilst you’re in still in disguise

  • You had just got back from a mission, walking to your room to change
  • Bumped into her in the hallway as she was running to wherever she was headed, as per usual
  • You fell over, since you were, at the time, wearing heels and she felt pretty terrible
  • “Damn it!”
  • She was a bit startled by your looks at first and you took this as an opportunity to get away and change as quickly as you could

When you meet again, she, like most people, doesn’t recognise you

  • It was in a team meeting and you sat next to her, nudging her with a smile
  • She looked at you quizzically
  • “Do I know you?”
  • Once you explained she looked closer and her eyes widened
  • “That’s cool.”

Slowly, she meets you in all your disguises

  • You can’t tell if you’re the one making sure you see her or its the other way round
  • As long as you meet and have your usual flirtatious banter, you don’t really mind
  • She takes great interest in your disguises and how they work
  • Once or twice, you even let her watch as you transform and smile smugly  when her eyes light up

You’re quick; you can tell the woman is smitten

  • She starts following you around like a lost pup
  • It would be annoying if you hadn’t fallen for her too
  • One day when she ‘boops’ your nose as she does every morning, you just pull her in for a kiss
  • “We’re doing this again, right?”
  • “Yes, Sombra, we’re definitely doing this again.”

Soldier 76

Met on the battlefield

  • You were in costume, having infiltrated the base to get the team where they were now, in the heat of battle
  • This costume however, was slightly skewed, wig messy and makeup smudged
  • Jack saw you at this point, whilst shooting and momentarily stopped
  • He had never been so enamoured so quickly in his life
  • But he was a soldier, and as such, he returned to focus and filed the topic into his mind to revisit later

After the battle, you were both in the medical bay with Mercy and you, of course, spoke to him first

  • He was much too nervous, mind in total overdrive
  • When you spoke to him, he took a few moments to calm himself down
  • Then he was super-smooth Commander Jack Morrison again
  • You were pretty interested in him yourself though he seemed so cool that you played it down as much as you could
  • This caused him to get a bit disheartened (I mean, he was out of practice) and you both left disappointed

Next time you met, you were out of disguise

  • Really, someone like him, you expected him to ignore you and not really know who you were
  • But, unbeknownst to you, he had fallen for you eyes and recognised them instantly
  • You struck up conversation once again, this time, it flowed easier and neither of you held back
  • He asked you to dinner that night
  • “Why don’t we just go right now?”
  • “Sounds like a plan, honey.”


You were in your room, about to take off your disguise, when McCree burst in without knocking

  • You saw him visibly look you up and down before his eyes came to rest on your face and you rolled your eyes
  • He introduced himself and somehow managed to make it the sexiest thing you’d ever heard in your entire life
  • And he knew it
  • You knew men like this though and quickly shut down his invitation for dinner to “show you around the place, darlin’”
  • He left looking as if he’d never been rejected before

Over the next few weeks, he sought you out more and more

  • He wasn’t one to give up on anything or anyone
  • Seriously someone give this guy a medal for ‘best effort’
  • He tries all his best lines, signature gestures, subtle touches
  • You make sure to seem like none of them are affecting you which strikes up some banter each time you meet
  • Inside, however, you’re melting

During that time, he’s falling for you

  • Of course, at first, it was just physical
  • And he wouldn’t ever say that he didn’t enjoy your different costumes each day
  • But it grew to something much deeper than that, which both scared and excited him at the same time

He prepared a little speech to ask you out properly, explain his new feelings toward you

  • You saw the change in him as soon as he walked up to you
  • Less cocky and much more anxious
  • You knew it was time to put him out of his misery
  • You closed the distance and kissed him passionately, him returning it wholeheartedly
  • “I’m falling’ for y’ darlin’”
  • “It’s a good job I’m falling for you too then, ain’t it cowboy?”
Trust Pt. 1

A Jared/Joker x Daughter Crossover Fic

Part 2

What happens when you wake up in another life? Another body? But you and the people you love are still out there? What happens when you see yourself and the person you love more than anything? What would you do to get them back?

What will Jared… the Joker… do to get his daughter back, from himself?


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I just don't think people understand that Mary doesn't really know her sons and that she doesn't have to be the Perfect Mother for them? I mean, I feel like a lot of fans want her to be that but she isn't and that's ok! Even in fanfics, people paint Mary out be the cookie cutter mother that says honey and bakes cookies. People are freaking out and hate that they can't box her into that role. 🙄

like, honestly this is it. I wrote Let It Be cause I wanted to explore that before I even knew Mary was coming back to the show. She wasn’t perfect, her actions in part started the whole story. I love that they’re taking her off her pedestal…Amara gave her back to Dean because it was what he thought he wanted most in the world, but it’s the very definition of “be careful what you wish for.” It’s forcing the boys to look at their illusions and look at themselves through her eyes, and that’s cool.

i need some maxwell headcanons
  • she doesn’t need glasses, we know that her eyesight is perfect? she wears glasses tho because she ‘protects her eyes from the computer-light’ and not to look all cool and nerdy, totally
  • she bought jacobi a rubber duck
  • doesn’t like cheese unless melted (jacobi’s fault) 
  • frequently forgets about eating, lives off on coffe & energy drinks. it comes to the point when half of the time she is “i feel really bad today wtf?” and someone needs to remind her about eating
  • someone is usually hera (you human body need fuel, doctor) or jacobi (i promise it has no cheese in it) 
  • big pokemon nerd, smuggled nintendo ds onto the board and wouldn’t share. could easily hack the game but never does because where’s the fun in that
  • very good with rubik cubes, probably
  • doesn’t know how football works
  • owns mario-themed pyjamas 
Thief Pt 4 // Park Jimin

Pt. 1 Pt. 2 Pt. 3

- Part Four: Pain

summary: in which prince jimin doesn’t know that his future wife is not only trying to steal from him, but is also trying to kill him.

words: 3,505

warnings: physical abuse, verbal abuse

category: prince au, angst

author note: oops this is late bc i had a busy day but it’s still Wednesday so it’s technically on schedule. also things are getting serious so tell me your thoughts! also I write these in third person first for my wattpad so there may be some mistakes where I missed the pronouns sorry

- destinee

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House Call

Pairing: Betty x Reader

Request: Prompt challenge: omg 1 and 5 with Betty x reader plz love you v much❤

#1 “The doctor said it’s normal” - “Well that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt.”
#5: “Don’t yell at me like I’m a child!!” - “DON’T THROW SCISSORS!”

Warnings: mentions of blood and a hand wound

A/N: this was super fun! and also my first betty x reader, so hopefully it’s okay!

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► “She can taste the failed attempt in her mouth, the bitterness at the back of her throat, the paralyzed tongue. She can see his cool blue eyes looking down at her, sardonic and amused, he who is rarely anything but elegant. She took the course on nuance, but he wrote the book.”

Reality Shifter *Avengers x Reader*

Originally posted by thesoldierchildren

Summary: Tony has created a Stark Shifter. He’s able to jump from reality to reality looking for Steve, only he has to do it with Bucky, plus you and Sam. Meaning they have to work together if they want to bring Steve back, only each reality is a little more strange than the last one.
Warnings: Swearing
Admins Note: The long awaited sequel to Alternate “You”niverse.

Julianne Hough- As Female Steve
Lauren Cohan - As Female Bucky
Charlize Theron- As Female Thor
Damian Lewis- As Male Natasha
Keke Palmer- As Female Sam
Leighton Meester- As Female Tony
Jared Padalecki- As Male Wanda

Alternate “You”niverse Master List.

“Look there’s someone,” Sam pointed as they walked the silent corridors of what you all assume is the Avengers tower, “hello, excuse me?” Sam yells and the woman stops and turns with raised eyebrows.

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She was medium height and build, black long hair and her skin a russet brown. A denim jacket hung carelessly on her body, along with a grey v-neck paired with black jeans, hands shoved deep into her jacket pockets. She waited patiently for you and the others to catch up, quirking an eyebrow at all of you. This must be some alternate reality because you had never seen her before, you were certain if you had you’d remember her. She’s also strolling around the Avengers floors, must be important. You’d know her for sure.

“Can I help you?” Her voice was smooth, held hardness and an edge of wit at the end, “I have somewhere to be? Are you here for a meeting with Stark or something?” She asked pulling a hand out and scratching it through her hair.

Tony was the one to speak up, “I never take meetings!” You chuckled at the truth behind that, the woman chuckled awkwardly.

“Okay, sir but who even are you?” You all became silent and you glanced at Bucky who was blankly staring at the woman, “I’m Samantha, nice to meet you all! How do you all even get up to this floor? You need a code.”

Sam chuckled, “No way, I’m called Sam.” He held a big grin as he looked from her to Nat, who sighed lightly and looked at Stark; you frowned as those two had a whole conversation with just their eyes.

“You don’t think?” Tony pointed at the woman named Sam, Natasha nodded, “you mean she’s?” She nodded once more, “so this took us to this reality?” he held up the Reality shifter and you all stared at it, admittedly yourself, Sam and Bucky looked at it dumbly.

Samantha looked at the weird contraption also before looking at you. “Okay, weirdo’s I’m gonna have to ask you to follow me and that better not be a bomb, I’m fed up of stuff blowin’ up!” You all follow Samantha, Tony whispering to you how he thinks this reality is where you’re all the opposite genders.

“You mean that hot girl is him?” Bucky asked in disbelief, you frowned but chuckled.

“I am a beautiful man and woman, deal with it, Terminator.” Sam quipped with a grin, Tony and yourself rolled your eyes at the same time as Natasha smacked Sam upside the head.

You followed Samantha through the tower, which looked the same to yours. Nothing seemed really out of the ordinary, apart from the fact female Sam Wilson was leading you through it. You had to admit she looked great, she had the confidence plus witty edge about her, that your Sam has. She also had his sense of calm; his caring nature that was obviously on high alert due to you guys being here. She glanced back to you all, connecting eyes with Bucky before the brown pools drifted to his left arm.

“Huh, I know a girl with a metal arm too,” she commented and looked ahead; you looked at Bucky who let out a long sigh. “She also has the same broody expression, sure you’ll two will get along just fine.” Sam and Natasha let slip light chuckles as Bucky glared, you smiled nudging him lightly.

Samantha comes to a halt at a door; you glance at Tony as he recognises Steve’s office. You could see through the glass, definitely not Steve sat inside. Not even a girl remotely looking like Steve was inside, the door was pushed open and you all stepped in.

The usual white, neat looking office was slightly different. It had deep grey carpets and an elegant desk in the middle, in front of big glass windows. Very spacious, a house plant sat in the corner looking full of life. A few photos dangled up on the wall, remotely looking like Steve’s back in your universe. Yet, these held photos of a blonde bombshell, smiling at the camera or her friends.

“Becky, do you know any of these guys?” Samantha crossed her arms over her chest, nodding her head to your group.

You all glanced at the woman who was stood by the window, she turned and her dark brown hair shaped her face. Clear, concerned eyes all sizing you up with a small frown; she shakes her head once before looking at Samantha.

“Am I meant to know who they are?” Her voice cool, like her eyes and you looked over her as she had a silent conversation with Samantha.

Becky was tall, her face nicely shaped and pale skin. A leather jacket was zipped up, plus a grey fingerless glove covered her left hand. Allowing the smooth, metallic metal fingers to glimmer in the natural light of the office, they were slender than Bucky’s but still looked like his. You watched as the first clenched, drawing you back to the conversation that was going on in front of you.

“They were aimlessly walking around,” Samantha shrugged and Becky rolled her eyes.

“So, showing them around is a good idea, huh?” Becky crossed her arms also, giving the same challenging look that Bucky gives to Sam; you looked at Natasha who looked kind of stunned at the event before her. “And you’re an Avenger how? I don’t know, you got your ass kicked by an ant!”

It’s silent for a beat, “Bitch, I’m about to slap you so hard your tampon’s gon pop out!”

That caused Sam, you and Tony to burst into laughter and stop the mini argument. You held onto Natasha’s arm as you bent over, clutching your stomach as wheezed with laughter. Sam and Tony were cackling; the only ones that remained passive were Bucky and Nat, although Nat had a little smirk of her own.

“Only one way to sort this,” Becky sighed and turned to you, mostly Bucky. “Who gave you the metal arm?” You all became quiet and looked at Bucky; he didn’t make any acknowledgement to her question, so she pulled out a pistol. “Don’t make me ask again, did Hydra give you that? Who sent you?”

Instead of Bucky answering, Tony stepped forward and instantly the gun was on him causing Natasha to aim her weapon in a flash. Tony held his hands up, “What I am about to say is kind of crazy! But I need you to listen; I’m Anthony Stark, Ironman. I live in Avengers Tower with my team,” he gestured to you guys. “You HAVE to take me to the female me.”

Becky raised her eyebrows and chuckled, looking at Samantha who shrugged. “You’re buying this bullshit?”

“That guy is called Sam, plus goatee has a weird metal thingy and that guy there,” Samantha pointed to Bucky, “has a metal arm like you, honestly, this isn’t the weirdest thing I’ve heard today.”

“I don’t believe it, Hydra had a Winter Soldier programme, and it could just be a trap!” Becky tightened her hand on the gun, clenching the trigger with a warning.

Bucky gave a little exhale, “We’re not Hydra, trust me. I got the arm from Hydra, like you. I am you, I think. Alternate universes; portals and stuff, science jargon. I fell from a train whilst following my best friend, Steve Rogers into war. Hydra found me and made me a machine, seventy years later I am here now trying to save him.” Becky remained fixated on Bucky as he talked; Bucky gave a little nod and smile before she lowered her gun.

“I still do not trust you but,” Becky sighed, “I too followed my best friend into war, so it’s possible. I do not believe it till Stark says so, so let’s go get her say.” She nodded to the door; Samantha rolled her eyes before ushering you all out first.

*Toni Evil Lab*

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“Nathanial,” Becky nods, “Where’s Stark?”

You hear Nat give a little sigh, already knowing this is her version.  You all walk up beside Becky and Samantha, causing Nathanial from a chair behind a desk to look up. Feet up on the white desk just outside the lab, red hair combed neatly and green eyes looking over everyone with curiosity. Becky just shakes her head at him, only Nathanial was still questioning who you all were.

“Is it a tour?” He asked with raised eyebrows.

“No, this is the Avengers from an alternate reality.” Samantha answers, “That one is me.” She points to Sam who waves at Nathanial, he let out a little chuckle taking in everyone before glancing at Becky to Bucky, “yeah, two of them. Great.”

Nathanial laughs, “Well, that sounds insane.” Becky nods in agreement, “Toni is in there with Thora, waiting for Wendel and Sylvia to return.” Samantha and Becky nod, waiting for Nathanial to open the door, which he does but stands up also. “I want to see this go down.”

Becky pushes the glass door open, holding it as everyone walked in. It looked the same as Tony’s, a mess. Computer screens on; various equations and cups of coffees left on desks. Tools, pieces of paper and drawings stacked. On a table sat Steve’s shield, it looked exactly like his own- modification’s looking the same as your Stark’s.

Then you hear two voices talking to one another, more like one talking at the other.

You turn and see a very tall, beautiful woman. Long blonde hair, light blue eyes, she was lean and staring at the other women stoically. Arms crossed over her chest, posture clearly fed-up with the conversation that’s going on, her eyes cast to your group and looks mildly stunned.

Originally posted by therondaily

“Stark, we have an issue,” Nathanial called out.

The other woman snapped her mouth closed and locked eyes with Nathanial, eyebrows furrowing at a number of bodies walking into the lab. Long, dark hair and brown eyes scanned everyone over, she was small. Smaller than the blonde woman beside her, her left hand was holding a pen and was using it to point around the room; a very Stark habit.

“I said no visitors or guests,” her voice deadpanned at Nathanial, clearly unamused by the sudden interruption. “Who are they and why are they all looking at me as if they’ve seen a ghost?”

Samantha smiled, “Antonia, that is a male you!” She points to Tony, the woman; Antonia frowns at Samantha weirdly and glances over to Tony. “They’re from some alternate universe or whatever used that weird device-thingy.”

Becky sighs and rolls her eyes, crossing her arms and waiting for Antonia’s reaction. It’s silent as she stares straight at everyone, looking over you to Natasha, then Sam and Bucky. Her furrowed eyebrows ease gently, and then she’s off walking to the back of the lab and digging through an old box.

“I have something-“ Antonia is tipping the contents of the box onto a nearby workbench, “that’s oddly like that device too, I threw it because it was twitchy. Never went to the universe I wanted it to, plus the portal plans I had was stupid.” You all glanced at Tony who gave a sheepish smile. “AH-HA!” She pulls out an exact replica of the reality shifter.

“So, you believe us?” You asked with a small, hopeful smile and the woman gave a thoughtful face before shrugging. “We’re trying to get to a specific universe; our Steve- Captain America- went into the portal and couldn’t come back through. Now we’re on this mission to get him back,” you explain hoping to make them all believe and hopefully, help.

Antonia frowned, “Who the hell allowed him to go through? Everyone knows if you get stuck on the other side for more than one-hundred-and-seventy-two hours then you’re deleted from existence, balance it out.” Everyone looked at the floor or away, “Oh, yeah, that sounds exactly like Sylvia.”

“You aren’t seriously believing this, are you?” Becky asked with raised eyebrows.

“It’s a possibility,” Thora shrugged, “realms and alternate universes all correspond with one another, we’re linked in a way because what doesn’t happen this universe may happen in another, it’s possible that Stark could find a hole and link them all together.” It was super odd to see Thor as a woman, yet she had the same intelligence and slightly above, average voice level. “If another version is stuck not in their universe, as a way… to create balance they’ll be deleted, so it’s suggested.”

Becky frowns but scoffs, “I refuse to believe that, that guy is me.” Bucky frowned back looking slightly offended, “no offence.”

“Enough.” Natasha glared at Becky then to Bucky, who bite back his retort and slumped against you as you gave a sympathetic smile. “We obviously need help, are you going to help us?”

“I say we wait until Sylvia is back,” Nathanial crossed his arms, Natasha followed and gave a cold glare, he sent the back before then glanced at Antonia. “She’ll be back in ten minutes, in the meantime keep them down here with Thora.”


“What do you mean there’s two Becky’s and one is a male?” A voice is heard outside of the door, it was relatively calm and collected, although held a sweet lit to it. “Is this one of Stark’s pranks? Or worse an experiment?”

The door opened and the girl from the frames in the office entered. Golden hair pulled into a ponytail, bright, blue eyes looking at everyone in the room. Her small hands rested on her tiny waist, legs apart as she frowned and the bottom half of her clothing screamed Captain America stealth suit. Whilst she simply wore a pink, tank top above and didn’t look amused by the situation.

“Before you point fingers, I had nothing to do with this,” Antonia yelled from a stool and Tony beside her, each toying with the reality shifters. “They just showed up!” She shrugged.

Sylvia scoffed, “Really? I’m meant to believe that this doesn’t have Stark-branded across it?” this time crossed her arms and looking at Samantha or Becky for answers.

“Wait,” Bucky said loudly and everyone looked at him, “please, tell me that isn’t who it’s meant to be!” He looked at Sam, who was also just gawking on Sylvia. “Okay, if that was my Steve, I’d be okay with the Stucky shipping; just saying.” You and Natasha rolled your eyes at them.

Sylvia frowned, “Wait why does he have a metal arm like you?”

“Cause it’s a fashion statement nowadays,” Becky replied cooly but received a glare. “They seem to think they’re from an alternate universe and that’s meant to be a male me, stupid I know. Tell them, Sly.” She nudged her best friend.

Sylvia chuckled but looks at Thora who just shrugs, “Honestly, not the weirdest thing I’ve heard today.”

“I told you,” Samantha said to Becky who all but rolled her eyes in response.

Sylvia nods and walks up, leaning her palms against a table and looking at who she guesses is the male Stark, “So… why are you here then?”

“Because of you, actually,” he responds and Sylvia frowns. “The male you, Steve, I made a portal and he went through. We need to get him back to our universe before well, he dies or we die.” She nods slowly, “the more accurately we can get to the universe with him in it, the better off of a chance.”

It’s silent for a beat, “How do we do that?”

“Where’s your male Wanda?”

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“Fuck off,” Bucky laughed as the male Wanda walks in.

Long, shaggy hair, round innocent eyes and incredibly tall. Stupidly tall almost. It’s funny in the sense; Wanda is a short female but a tall-ass male. You tried not to laugh but Bucky’s reaction had you fighting back giggles, he looked down at you with amused eyes, shaking his head.

“I actually cannot believe it, he’s a giant.” You snorted and pushed him away, trying to listen as they filled in Wendel.

His twin sister, Piper, had passed away during a battle. He was still mostly silent, taking in life without her still. He sat mostly in the corner of the room, talking or helping the two Starks as everyone stood around… mingling. Trying to.

“Where’s Hawkeye?” Natasha asked, “Clint?”

Nathanial frowned but chuckled from beside Sylvia, “She’s on a recon mission, Clare Barton, is currently doing her job.” Sylvia chuckled and nodded, “went out with Scotia, a good team.”

“Sam?” Antonia called.

“Yeah?” Both Sam’s turn in the direction of the voice, giving one another a glance and slight chuckle as both Stark’s roll their eyes, “think they mean you.” Sam nodded to Samantha who nodded and walked over.

You sighed and slumped in the chair, any universe you go in, you never the meet the alternate you. It’s infuriating, especially since you wanted to know what male you looked like, it’d be kinda funny to see that. You looked up as Bucky sat on the desk beside you, resting his left hand on your shoulder in a comforting manner.

“I still can’t get over how female Sam is good looking,” Bucky muttered to you and you chuckled. “And Steve, this is so weird. I don’t like it at all; I’d rather have Sebastian back than… her scowling around.”  

You laughed. “She has the scowl down better than you, I feel.” He narrowed his eyes at you, you smiled lightly with a small amused shrug, “it’s kinda creepy, I’m peeved that I never meet myself, twice now.” Bucky laughed this time.

“Becky?” Bucky called, you frowned as the woman turned and raised an eyebrow. “Where’s the male Y/N? We wanna meet him?” He asked, Bucky couldn’t explain it but it was easier to talk to this girl than you. Probably, because Becky is him and both knew one another’s expectations.

Becky looked at you before smiling softly, “He’s up in his room, I’ll tell him to come down.” You noticed the faint blush coming across her cheeks, it made you smile and look at Bucky who was leaning against the bench.

“I think male me and female Steve have a thing,” Natasha muttered to you and Bucky, both your eyes shot up and to the two leering over the Starks’. “It’s a lot friendlier than me and Steve.” Bucky scoffed causing Natasha to glare at him.

Bucky just chuckles, “That’s called Romanogers, me and Clint have delved into every ship.” Bucky announced as you frowned at him, “We get bored being in the vents, the internet is surprisingly good in there. I think it’s cute, I approve.” Natasha rolled her green eyes; you chuckled as Bucky just looked stupidly smug.

After almost an hour, still, nothing had changed. Except the fact Vision came down… looking like Vision. It shouldn’t surprise you so much, he’s an android and he doesn’t really have a set ‘gender’ just Jarvis voice, it was a nice piece of normality amongst the weirdness.

You don’t know what it was but Thor as a woman was slightly menacing. She stood straight, eyes glancing around the room but yet, she had this air of calm. In many ways, she was completely different to your Thor, yet, not at the same time. She talked of her sister, obviously Loki to you.

“DONE,” Tony shouted and stands up; grinning from ear-to-ear, gesturing you all over and you gave a gentle sigh as Bucky grabbed your hand and pulled you to your feet. “Okay, it should be focusing more on the universes closest to where Steve is, maybe with luck it will take us straight there!” Sam scoffed, “I said with luck, not that I believe in that.”

Originally posted by gossipgirllxoxo

Antonia smiled and looked at Stark, “I look forward to never seeing you again.” He rolled his eyes and nodded with a sarcastic smile, it’s a good idea that he never had siblings because having to deal with more than one of him was a challenge.

Steve better be fucking grateful.

“Okay, we all ready?” He asked as you all stood in a circle again, you were slightly miffed that you didn’t get to meet your male self. You nodded holding onto Bucky and Natasha, you glanced to where Nathanial had an arm over Sylvia’s shoulders and they waved. Samantha did a little salute, Sam sighed.

“Damn, I’m gonna miss my hot ass,” Sam sighed from beside Bucky who rolled his eyes. “And Thora, she’s great.”

Everyone waved before turning back to Stark who was clicking around on the device before huffing, glancing around everyone to make sure they were all here. Then you heard a deep, male voice calling Becky’s name, you turned as she grinned and yelled a name that sounded all too similar to your own. You were finally gonna see your male version, this was it.

Then you felt that weird feeling of being pulled again. The feeling of being pulled in every direction, making your gut sink in on itself. Then as soon as you felt it, it was gone again. You groaned and looked up; you weren’t in the lab, actually in the common room of the Avengers tower? Maybe.

“Goddammit, Tony,” you sighed and he was too busy on his knees holding his head. “I almost saw the male me, fuck sake.”

Bucky choked out a laugh and tried to stand up straight, he wobbled and fell to the floor but grabbed Sam’s belt and making him tumble also, both men groaning as they smacked against the wooden floor. Wooden floor? The Avengers tower didn’t have wood floors; it doesn’t go with Tony’s aesthetic.

“Where are we?” Natasha asked from beside you as she furrowed her eyebrows.

“Who decided a lilac door was a good idea?” Tony asked looking at the lilac door to the incredibly small space, it looked like an apartment.

[Don’t worry, I am going to be visiting this reality again, this is kind of a kick-starter into the sequel. I didn’t want to go over board.]
(I know that this universe could have been two chapters but honestly, all the others I have planned are much more detailed than this one. So, I hope the lack of will be made up later on. Also, guesses on what the next universe is? I gave a big hint tbh. - Rosalee)

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anonymous asked:

Imagine where Kara and the reader are dating. Reader is basically this world's Spider-man(girl/woman) and her and kara as supergirl run into each other and figure out each other's identities?

Kara had been called out on a mission, you had helped her create a distraction at CatCo with the help of James. The worried look on his face as he gazes out the window makes you nervous, you can hear the commotion from outside and it isn’t long before until you’re called out to help as well.

When you get to the scene Kara’s already beating up the villain you two were called here to stop from terrorizing the city. He doesn’t seem intent on stopping either. 

“A little help here spidey?!” she yells as he slips away from her grasp. 

You give her a thumbs up and get to work as Kara plans her next move. You swing from building to building causing the enemy to wonder where you are, almost in a ‘look at me!’ kind of fashion. Having him worried about where you are gives Kara the opportunity to strike. Punching him into the ground she puts him in a choke hold. It isn’t until you’re able to get closer that you help tie him up.

After handing him off to the NCPD and saying a quick hello to Maggie, Kara pulls you aside, a small grin on her face.

“We’ve got to stop meeting like this,” she laughs. 

You nod because she can’t see your reaction under the mask. You give her a quick peck on the cheek before whispering that you’d see her at home. The look on her face is some kind of horrified confusion. You remind her that she has left over potstickers in the fridge on the second row and she smirks, now knowing who you are.

When you’re both home and in the middle of changing out of your suits she ambushes you with questions and exclamations on how you never told her.

“You’re afraid of spiders babe, that was one reason.” She shivers as she shakes the image of arachnids out of her mind and throws a shirt at you.

“Still, it’s you! You’re- you’re her!” she exclaims.

“Yeah, I am she,” you smile as you wrap your arms around her neck.

“Curiosity killed the cat, you know that?” she says, booping your nose.

“Sorry I got bit by a spider on my college field trip two years ago, it just looked really cool!” you whine. Kara rolls her eyes and shrugs off the rest of her super suit. 

“I can’t believe I’m a superhero, dating another superhero,” she mutters.

“Same here.”


Leah Ryder | Mass Effect: Andromeda

Really, can we take the drama down a notch? Two notches? I don’t even have a gun up.



here’s my attempt at recoloring lapis to make her less cyan and saturated and eye straining while still remaining similar to her canon palette. plus i gave her yellow eyes bc they look kinda cool and make her resemble her stone a little bit more.

@nitori-tesla !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i like how you made her eyes golden!!!! she looks more true to her debut palette