her eyes look cool


I woulda given you the news but, y’know, you kinda made it clear you didn’t want to hear from me, so . . . 

If Attack on Titan was in the style of “The Office”

Eren: *gets to work two hours before everyone else*

“HAHA those cowards. If they were real soldiers then they would be here early like me!” 

*falls asleep*

*wakes up as everyone is going home and realizes he slept through the entire work day* 


*explains to Mikasa and Armin that it was the fault of the titans” 

Mikasa: *glares angrily at Eren flirting with Levi*

“There’s no one here that I hate. However, if a certain individual in the survey corps were to suddenly catch fire and I was the only one who had a bucket of water…I’d drink the water.” 

*smiles evilly at Levi* 

Armin: *chaos erupting behind him*

“In my opinion, do I think I am smarter than everyone else?”

 *turns around to see everyone being dumb and building on fire*

“I would say it’s more of a fact.”

Jean: *staring at Marco* 

“Who do I think is the hottest in the trainee corps?”

 *shot of Marco doing something so unbelievably adorable and Jean blushing* 

“Yeah…I’d have to say me.” 

Marco: *smiling into the camera looking all cute*

“I know I said I’d wait till marriage but Jean told me that God can’t see in the dark.”


Reiner: *looking at Connie doing something stupid*

“Connie is the Survey Corps idiot. No one really knows how he is still alive.”

Bert: *looks anxiously into the camera*

“So umm….do you guys like….always record us…..even when we are having private conversations?” 

*shot of Bert and Reiner and Annie talking about being Titans* 

“Because ummm…..if you do…..that’s not cool bro.” 

Annie: *rolling her eyes*

“Look I’m here for two reasons and two reasons only. One, to get me a piece of that blonde booty over there 

*shot of Armin holding back Eren from punching Jean* 

and two, to murder everyone in their sleep.”

Sasha: *looking blankly into the camera and smiling*

“Every once in a while they make me murder a giant naked person. At first I was opposed to it but then I started noticing that every time I kill one they feed me. So here I am.”

Connie: *wearing a pink toupee* 

“Reiner said pink really brings out my eyes” 

*Reiner laughing his ass off in the back* 

“I think he’s right cause everyone in the trainee corps won’t stop staring at me.”

*everyone in the back rolling on the floor crying of laughter* 

Erwin: *on the topic of Levi*

“I’m not really sure what Levi does around here. He kind of just showed up and started killing Titans. I remember that day very clearly because my eyebrows were the fleekiest they have ever been. Did I say that right? Fleekiest? Fleeky? Fleek? I’m not sure, I heard a child say it once so I thought I’d sprinkle it into my vocabulary to make me sound hipper.” 

Levi: *sleeping in a chair* *talking in his sleep*

“Yeah……oh yeah….you’re so dirty. You’re a dirty little cabinet aren’t you?” 

*wakes up and sees camera* 

“Do you really have to record me while I sleep? Don’t you guys ever have to take a shit?” 

Hanji: *takes off her glasses* 

“Oh these things? They’re fake. I wear them to make myself look smarter. They actually impair my vision quite severely. But you have to pick and choose your battles, am I right?” 

*points finger guns at camera and winks* 

Moblit: *Hanji causes a science experiment to explode causing Moblit to lose his eyebrows*

“Honestly, at this point, I’m not even mad at her. I’m just mad at myself.”

Squad Levi: *Gunther, Eld, and Oluo wrapping each other in scotch tape* *Petra shaking her head in disapproval*

Petra- “I used to partake in their shenanigans until one day I realized I wasn’t 6 years old.” 

(I wish I could draw these but I cannot draw) *cries* 


Gatsby’s eyes floated toward her. “Ah,” she cried, “you look so cool.” Their eyes met, and they stared together at each other, alone in space. With an effort she glanced down at the table.

You always look so cool,” she repeated.

Whipped…boyfriend!!! (PT4)

Y/N likes to think everything had gone back to normal after that dreadful morning. Harry hasn’t touched the subject, and he seems to be doing fine. She likes to think everything is okay, maybe he was just having an unpleasant day and there’s no point at even asking about it and upsetting him all over again. But she can’t erase the image of his body racking with sobs, eyes pleading and repentant. 

She wants to be able to get past it, but her mind keeps going back to how she’d cried silently while he was in the shower. How every minute that passed, sat alone on his couch, all she could think about was that there was a possibility that when Harry came out, he would tell her that he couldn’t anymore. He’d break her heart with words of ‘still wanna be your friend. We can still be best friends, like we were b'fo’.’ But it wouldn’t be like before.

She wants her mind to forget his gasps of ’m'sorry, love. M'so so sorry.’ But it’s like they’re forever etched into her brain. And every time she looks at his sleeping body next to her in the morning, it’s all she hears, those words.

So no, everything is back to normal in terms of appearances, but she’s been having an inner battle with herself that hasn’t let her sleep at night.

It’s been about two months or so since Harry’s breakdown. They’ve kept to their daily routine; breakfast, work, the occasional surprise lunches, and dinner among other things; but they don’t talk about it. And it’s like when she tries, Harry diverts the conversation to how thrilled he is to start Dunkirk promo, and of course Y/N can’t press the subject when Harry’s got a wide smile on his face, happy to recount and retell moments on set.

And though she still couldn’t forget about it, she’d enjoyed breaking routine, especially for the beautiful scenery that was a wedding in Hawaii. Harry had been a ray of sunshine. He had introduced Y/N to the few amounts of people that hadn’t met her yet. Some of them were interested enough to ask how Harry, a lad who didn’t often engage in proper relationships, had managed to pull such a beautiful lass. Y/N admits she’d gone a light shade of red at the comment, never one to confidently accept compliments, and Harry just wouldn’t shut up about her after that. Not until Y/N playfully slapped his arm after he’d brought up how she’d made him think she was going out with some other bloke, blatantly lying to him to his face.

He’d played about with a sweet little girl who’d taken a liking to him, boop'ing her nose and faking having tripped over something when she was chasing him, letting her tag him only for her to end up trapped in his arms. And she loved seeing him so content.

She loved the short stories everyone had to tell about a too drunk Harry who cuddled anyone from a friend, to a plant he thought was a friend. 

She can’t deny that she’d loved that he was showing her off too. Especially when his friends would make a comment about how whipped he was, which only made him smile wider as he kissed her hand (and she’d squirmed and giggled because his stubble did tickle some). 

It’s safe to say that by the end of that trip, everyone and anyone who’d watched Harry mindlessly kiss Y/N’s temple, arm slung around her shoulder whilst talking with his friends, were convinced they were it for each other. 

She had never really attended a wedding with him before either. And she realised that there was something about getting to see him in that setting that had her wanting exactly that for them one day.

So one can only imagine Y/N’s excitement when Pixie’s invitation arrived. She’d jumped at the idea of going to Spain, and being Y/N, Harry couldn’t deny her that. 

And now here they are. Watching the sun set over beautiful waters; rays of orange and yellow and blue adorning the sky. 

It doesn’t take much to convince Harry for a picture. All she really had to is smile at him and he was putty in her hands.

“Say cheese.”

“Wanna look sexy." 

"Harry! Just, show me those pearly whites." 

"Jus’ take the picture, love.” He’s adamant. 

“Harry.” Her tone monotonous, a hand at her hip like it as she glared at him, a smile playing at her lips.

“Wanna look cool, babe.” He chuckles.

She rolls her eyes, huffing jokingly and holding the phone up horizontally.

And though he’s not exactly smiling, Y/N can’t think of a better way it could’ve come out. 


Today is nothing short of a fairy tale for Y/N. Her arms around Harry’s necks. And Harry’s hands on her waist, swaying to none other than “Song Bird.” He takes to whispering the lyrics to her ear, and he can feel Y/N’s smile widen when she buries her head in his neck. 

Harry likes to think he’s a good dancer, even though he tries to abstain from any. But with Y/N, it’s different. He’d only halfheartedly tugged his hand back from hers when she’d tried to pull him up and off his seat, smile much too sweet to actually deny her of a slow dance. And although usually he has to have some amount of alcohol in his system to confidently show any of his moves off on the dance floor, Y/N has him spinning her around gracefully.

When the song nears the end, Harry gives her waist a squeeze before pulling away and taking her face in his hands, firmly pressing his lips to hers in hopes he could convey and express every ounce of love he was for her in that small gesture.

“Ye’ look beautiful, pet,” he whispers, lips grazing hers, pouting just the slightest for them to meet in a chaste kiss, “always look beautiful.”

“You’re too much,” she giggles, fingers wrapped around his wrists.

Harry can only press another kiss to her mouth, too drunk on love to care about anyone watching. 


Harry and Y/N are sat back at their table now. He’d groped at her hip and plopped her on his lap after the ninth song when Y/N began to complain about her feet hurting from walking around all day in heels. He’d moved her hair to fall over her shoulder and kissed across her back and at the exposed flesh of her neck. They stay like that for a while until he pats the side of her thigh, at which point she moves to her own seat. Silently, he gestures for her to lift her legs, and then grabs her ankles and brings her feet to lay on top of his lap. One by one he unstraps and slips off her heals and proceeds to dig his thumbs into the dip of her foot, alternating between the two. And Y/N can’t help but look at how her boyfriend’s brows furrow in concentration, the tip of his tongue peeking out from the corner of his lips as he works to ease the tension in the muscles. She hums at the touch, Harry smiling in accomplishment, and squeals when he starts tickling. 

“Went from a whipped friend to a whipped boyfriend! S'a step up Harold!” Grimmy pats his friend’s back, a lopsided smirk with a clear intent to insult plastered in his face.

And it’s certainly not helping that he’s helping her strap her heels back on. But again, he doesn’t mind being whipped.

It wasn’t the first time tonite that he’d made the remark either. He’d made it a game actually. The first was while they were conversing with Lou. Grimmy had cheekily strolled past them with a smirk and whisper of ‘whipped’. The second, Y/N was at the fruit bar helping herself to a plate, and Harry kept feeding bits into her mouth as she went about picking what she wanted. He’d offered to take her plate back to the table while she reached for the cutlery, and though Grimmy might have not meant for her to hear it, she still caught the faint ‘whipped’ directed at Harry. The third had been the most embarrassing, at least for her. They had been chatting to an elderly couple, the husband retelling of a vacation he’d surprised his wife with only to find out that cruises weren’t her cup of tea when she wouldn’t come out of their suite bathroom because even though it was smooth sailing, her tummy just couldn’t handle it. At one point Harry had perfunctorily brought up their intertwined hands and pecked at Y/N’s knuckles. Grimmy had, yet again, silently walked up behind them and sing-songed ‘whi-hipped’, at which point Y/N swung her arm around, overestimating her aim, and socked him where she thought would have been his shoulder but was really his neck. Harry had doubled over in laughter at that. Even the wife whose eyes had gone wide couldn’t hold back. After that, Grimmy didn’t bother him any, only playfully shot her a glare when their eyes met.

“Nice t’ see ye’ too, ass.”

Despite his comment, Grimmy leans down to press a kiss to Y/N’s cheek. “I’ll take tha’ as an invitation t'sit down with m'favourite couple." 

"Grimmy’s just jealous he’s got no one to rub their feet." Was it childish that Y/N stuck her tongue out at him? Maybe so, but that’s how their friendship works.

"Oh no sweets. Even if I did m'not touching anyone’s stinky feet.” Dry humour’s always been Grimmy’s specialty.

“Ye’ really are a catch mate,” Harry jabs, taking a swig from his water bottle. 

Grimmy narrows his eyes, “s'tha’ the same outfit ye’ were wearing not even two weeks ago, 'arry?”

“Heyyyy!” Y/N chimes, scolding Grimmy with the sternest face she could pull, “s'my favourite suit of his.”

“Yeh, s'her favourite suit of mine,” Harry mocks. And they all laugh.

After that, any intention Y/N had of staying sober went out the window the second Grimmy came up with the brilliant idea of a game where they’d have to take a shot every time George kissed Pixie. 

You’d think she’d turn it down after the last time she’d gotten sloshed and the fact she’d vowed to take it easy when she did decide to drink. But Grimmy had called her a ninny because ‘s’okay if ye’ can’t handle ye’ liquor, babe.’ And even if she couldn’t, which she thinks they both know he’ll probably end up the winner, she’s certainly not gonna give him the satisfaction of not even trying.

But now, looking back at it, 6 shots in and already feeling it, Y/N really should’ve known better, should’ve thought before hastily agreeing. Of course the bride and the groom are expected to share kisses various times throughout the night at their wedding party. And it was so like Grimmy to demand they kiss every ten minutes, Harry laughing and nodding his head in amusement, or disapproval, Y/N’s not entirely sure at this point.

But she does have to admit she’s having a grand time dancing to “The Time of My Life.” Harry dancing circles around her with his arms up, mouthing along and shoulder shrugging to the beat, an immense smile on his perfect face. She throws her head back in amusement, laughing lively. 

She secretly thanks the heavens that Harry isn’t partaking in any drinking, choosing to stick to water, allowing her to use him as leverage whenever she begins to stumble. 

“Okay, think she’s had enough, Grim,” the comment comes when Grimmy tries to hand Y/N another drink, only for Harry to take it himself and set it at the edge of the round table, away from Y/N who’s got her head on his shoulder and is beginning to fully lean into him from exhaustion. 

“Oh, poo, you’re no fun.” He sticks his tongue out at his sober friend before excusing himself when it’s announced that it’s time for cake.

“Feeling a'right, pet?” His thumb rubs circles on her palm where their hands clasp atop his thigh. 

“Hmm.” Her hooded eyes open a tad slighter when she feels his lips press a kiss to her head before pressing his cheek against her hair. "Yeah. Need to use the bathroom though." 

"C'mon, then.” He takes her hand into his, careful in helping her up, his free hand at the small of her back to steady her.

“M'fine, babe.” She smoothes out the wrinkles on the skirt of her dress and grabs her purse from the table. 

“Ye’ sure? Don’ mind going with ye’." 

"I’ll be fine.” And the giggle emitting from her mouth when she pecks at his exposed chest can’t be any more endearing. He watches her walk past tables of guests, a breath of relief to see she’s good on her feet despite the amount of alcohol she’s consumed.

He sits back down, singlehandedly undoing another button on his shirt as he brings his arm to rest on the back of the chair Y/N was just sitting on. 

And then…

Harry never thought he’d be seeing her face again. It took him a while to control his paranoia, his hyperactive mind conjuring up what he thought to be every possible scenario in which Y/N finds out about what he did. But not this one. 

It catches him completely off guard, his body stiffening at the sight. What throws him off even more is when she spots him and begins making her way to him.

The closer she gets, the farther he wants to get away. 

“Didn’t think I’d be seeing you again.” Her voice sends shivers down his spine. She’s looking at him with…desire? It’s all unappealing if he’s being honest. It feels like she’s trying to lure him in, the way her eyebrow is raised, eyes a bit squinty as she struts closer. He’s making it clear he’s uncomfortable, and if she realizes this, she doesn’t show it, and it doesn’t halt her either.

How was he to know she was a childhood friend of the groom? He’d never seen her at gatherings before that unfaithful night, but in retrospect, he too is guilty of going an endless amount of time without talking to his childhood friends. Harry thinks this is the universe’s way of punishing him for not coming clean. 

His brows furrow in concern. Y/N will be back any second and he’s sure she’ll ask who this woman standing before him is. And it could go one of two ways. 

Harry can introduce her as a friend, but that’d be betraying Y/N on a whole other level. Introducing the woman he slept with to his girlfriend. But he can’t do that. He won’t.

Or. Or what if this woman has the audacity to bring it up. What if Y/N finds out in the worst way possible. 

His hands are sweating in his pockets, body tense. 

“Left so early that morning. Didn’t even stay for breakfast.” The smug look on her face has Harry’s tummy twisting, and he really wants to slap her hand away the second her fingers make contact with the fabric of his suit, fingers running over at the lapel.

And he should stop her right there, but his throat is dry and he’s afraid the second he opens it to add how much of a mistake it was and that he has a girlfriend, is the moment Y/N over hears the conversation.

“You’re a good fuck, you know. Best I’ve ever had." 

He knows she’s trying to get a response out of him, anything that might assure her that he’d had a good time too. 

But he’s not able to get anything out when he notices her stare trail behind him.

"Harry.” Her voice just above a whisper, the sound of heels clicking against the ground growing closer.

No. No no no no. 


“Who wants to go to town?” demanded Daisy insistently. Gatsby’s eyes floated toward her.
“Ah,” Daisy cried, “you look so cool.” Their eyes met, and they stared together at each other, alone in space. With an effort she glanced down at the table.“You always look so cool,” she repeated. She had told him that she loved him, and Tom Buchanan saw. He was astounded.

sometimes i think about the way Kelley looks at Christen  & ?????

i want to fucking die

guess who’s eyes she was searching for ??? 

Tolkien Heroines favorite female character as voted by users:

1. Eowyn, Lady of Rohan - 32 votes

“The woman turned and went slowly into the house. As she passed the doors she turned and looked back. Grave and thoughtful was her glance, as she looked on the king with cool pity in her eyes. Very fair was her face, and her long hair was like a river of gold. Slender and tall she was in her white robe girt with silver; but strong she seemed and stern as steel, a daughter of kings.”

Got7 gif reaction to seeing you in your bathing suit

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Got7 gif reaction to going to the pool/beach/waterpark and seeing you in your bathing suit for the first time. 

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“look at how beautiful and perfect my jagi is!”

“yes, we all see her Jaebum.”

“No, nevermind don’t look at her. Close your eyes!”

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**oh my god, act cool Mark. This isn’t the first time you’ve ever seen a pretty girl in a bathing suit. Shit, I’m smiling too much. Whatever we’re already dating.**

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“Thank you to every deity and god that there is for sending this piece of artwork into my life.” I think I may love her more than chicken

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**SCREAMS and giggles**

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“aigooo” doesn’t know what to do so he does random cringey aegyo to calm his nerves.

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Frozen. Sure, Bambam had seen lots of pretty girls on the beach but none of them were his girlfriend who he could openly stare at.

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Nothing could describe this feeling for him other than being proud of having you.

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CYBIRD Latest Otome Game

【’イケメンヴァンパイア’ 偉人たちと恋の誘惑】

Ikemen Vampire: Temptation of Love by Great Men


Napoleon Bonaparte
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 
Leonardo da Vinci 
Arthur Conan Doyle 
Vincent van Gogh 
Theodorus van Gogh 
Dazai Osamu 
Isaac Newton
Jeanne d’Arc
William Shakespeare
Count of St. Germain 


*8 characters translation is due credit to dear Ifa @laurifakristalina

Charismatic x Ore-sama

Napoleon Bonaparte

VA: Shimazaki Nobunaga

“The resolve to do something that can’t be forgiven –– Do you have it……?”

Called as the ‘Hero that comes once every a Thousand Years’, He’s the revolutionary who’s proud about his overwhelming strength. Behind his cool exterior, he’s praying for the people to live in peace forever. But even he himself doesn’t know his reason to be at the mansion…?

Tsundere x Mysophobe (Clean-freak)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

VA: Toshiyuki Toyonaga

“You requested for a handshake, but what merit does it have for me?”

The genius musician that once called as a prodigy. He devotes his body and soul for music, He came to this mansion to compose the supreme music. In the depth of the cold, indifferent manner he has, he’s hiding a sensitive real self…?

Genius x Sly Adult

Leonardo da Vinci

VA: Kenjiro Tsuda

“You, are interesting. –– As a ‘research subject’, though”

Called as the ‘Omnipotent Genius’, he’s a thinker that excelled overwhelmingly in various field. Having no concept of ‘normal’ inside him, he’s a bundle of inquisitiveness that won’t be satisfied until he sees everything by his own eyes. He who is a sly, isolated genius, seems to have a huge secret…?

Womanizer x Frivolous

Arthur Conan Doyle

VA: Kimura Ryouhei

“Both women and mystery is full of puzzles, that it makes me want to expose them”

A British Writer. Known as the author of ‘Sherlock Holmes’ series, he’s the genius who built the basic of mystery writings. Even though his perception is excellent, his general attitude is frivolous. Having a womanizer personality, he even strongly approached the MC who he just met. His reason stay at the mansion seems to be related to his own book…?

Pure x Gentle Angel

Vincent van Gogh

VA: Yoshihiko Aramaki

“No matter how I painted it –– there’s nothing that can match your beauty in front of my eyes”

Painted the famous painting titled ‘Sunflower’, he’s a genius painter that loves the sun. He’s the older of the Gogh brothers, and is called as the ‘Gentle Angel’ because of his gentle personality. For he who didn’t know the concept of anger and envy, a big change is coming when he knows about love…?

Ambitious x Sadist Devil

Theodorus van Gogh

VA: Hisanori Satou

“––Follow me, prey. Assist me in my job. I’ll just say this beforehand, but you got no right to refuse”

The younger of the Gogh brothers, he’s a resourceful painting dealer who sells the paintings he himself approves of its quality. Because he’ll use any way if it means he’ll accomplish his ambition, he’s called as the ‘Devil’. To him, there’s a ‘past he wants to forget’ that he even kept secret from his older brother who he respects…?

Con-man x Self-indulging

Dazai Osamu

VA: Taku Yashiro

“To write, has the same meaning as breathing (for me). My meeting with you, too, let me just write it down for the record”

Even with his unprecedented behavior, somehow people can’t hate his easygoing personality. Although he made fun of people without ill will, it causes a discord between him and a part of mansion’s resident, but the person himself doesn’t care about it. He resolutely won’t talk about his past, but there’s a reason for that……?

Contrarian x Hidden Wolf

Isaac Newton

VA: Aoi Shouta

“I feel at ease when I know the structure of the things I see… but you, I don’t understand?”

Genius physicist. The story of him which [ I have come up with universal gravitation by seeing an apple falling from an apple tree at the garden ] is having too much fame. The great man with contrarian personality who came to the mansion keeps away his distance. As a person who has his own different rule about his [meal], the other side he will show as a vampire is…?

Beauty x Heresy (of different opinions)

Jeanne d’Arc

VA: Toshiyuki Someya

“Don’t touch me. –You’ll get corrupted”

A great man who wielded the sword as a soldier of French military during Hundred Years War (1337-1453). He has a beautiful face like a doll, but his eyes do not express any emotion as if they were dead. The ‘real wish’ of him whose emotions you can’t read, is a really painful one…?

Mysterious x Yandere

William Shakespeare

VA: Hirakawa Daisuke

“What kind of role will you play on this stage…..?”

A poet, playwright who represents the Renaissance of Great Britain theatrical play. He is also said to be the most excellence English literary author due to his psychological description skill and superior human observing eyes. He has soft demeanor, also a kind gentleman when interacting with you. However, apart from setting up other residence from the mansion, he has another side which is completely different…..?

Noble x Hedonist

Count of St. Germain

VA: Kazuma Horie

“I’m grateful for this miraculous, destined meeting”

An inborn vampire who has a lot of mysteries. He’s the owner of the mansion that the MC has found her way into. Under his hand, the great men found their way into living there as vampires. He usually wears an elegant and classy smile, but somehow (the MC) can see pain in his eyes when he looks at her. The reason for that is…?

Cool (?) x Butler


VA: Morishima Shuuta

“I’ll (humbly) have you looking after the great men in the mansion together with me”

A capable butler who manages the mansion. Although he is a human being, he is obedient in serving the vampires. His manner is always calm, but in the depths of his chest there is hidden passion in regards to history and great men. In his room that is always being locked, secret notebook/notes that cannot be shown to anyone are hidden…..

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omg your last head cannons was bae! Amazing! So is it okay if I request something? Imagine being a new overwatch agent and a spy who dresses like handsome males and sexy females for missions and your lover falls in love with you? Headcanons for that with Sombra, Soldier 76 and McCree? Sorry if its too much love <3 Thank you!

Wow, thank you lovely! That really means a lot since I’m new to this. I hope I’ve understood this ask right, I think its a reader who is a master-of-disguise-sexy-spy? If not, let me know, I’d hate to disappoint! Head canons coming your way, hope this is just as good for you! :)


You meet whilst you’re in still in disguise

  • You had just got back from a mission, walking to your room to change
  • Bumped into her in the hallway as she was running to wherever she was headed, as per usual
  • You fell over, since you were, at the time, wearing heels and she felt pretty terrible
  • “Damn it!”
  • She was a bit startled by your looks at first and you took this as an opportunity to get away and change as quickly as you could

When you meet again, she, like most people, doesn’t recognise you

  • It was in a team meeting and you sat next to her, nudging her with a smile
  • She looked at you quizzically
  • “Do I know you?”
  • Once you explained she looked closer and her eyes widened
  • “That’s cool.”

Slowly, she meets you in all your disguises

  • You can’t tell if you’re the one making sure you see her or its the other way round
  • As long as you meet and have your usual flirtatious banter, you don’t really mind
  • She takes great interest in your disguises and how they work
  • Once or twice, you even let her watch as you transform and smile smugly  when her eyes light up

You’re quick; you can tell the woman is smitten

  • She starts following you around like a lost pup
  • It would be annoying if you hadn’t fallen for her too
  • One day when she ‘boops’ your nose as she does every morning, you just pull her in for a kiss
  • “We’re doing this again, right?”
  • “Yes, Sombra, we’re definitely doing this again.”

Soldier 76

Met on the battlefield

  • You were in costume, having infiltrated the base to get the team where they were now, in the heat of battle
  • This costume however, was slightly skewed, wig messy and makeup smudged
  • Jack saw you at this point, whilst shooting and momentarily stopped
  • He had never been so enamoured so quickly in his life
  • But he was a soldier, and as such, he returned to focus and filed the topic into his mind to revisit later

After the battle, you were both in the medical bay with Mercy and you, of course, spoke to him first

  • He was much too nervous, mind in total overdrive
  • When you spoke to him, he took a few moments to calm himself down
  • Then he was super-smooth Commander Jack Morrison again
  • You were pretty interested in him yourself though he seemed so cool that you played it down as much as you could
  • This caused him to get a bit disheartened (I mean, he was out of practice) and you both left disappointed

Next time you met, you were out of disguise

  • Really, someone like him, you expected him to ignore you and not really know who you were
  • But, unbeknownst to you, he had fallen for you eyes and recognised them instantly
  • You struck up conversation once again, this time, it flowed easier and neither of you held back
  • He asked you to dinner that night
  • “Why don’t we just go right now?”
  • “Sounds like a plan, honey.”


You were in your room, about to take off your disguise, when McCree burst in without knocking

  • You saw him visibly look you up and down before his eyes came to rest on your face and you rolled your eyes
  • He introduced himself and somehow managed to make it the sexiest thing you’d ever heard in your entire life
  • And he knew it
  • You knew men like this though and quickly shut down his invitation for dinner to “show you around the place, darlin’”
  • He left looking as if he’d never been rejected before

Over the next few weeks, he sought you out more and more

  • He wasn’t one to give up on anything or anyone
  • Seriously someone give this guy a medal for ‘best effort’
  • He tries all his best lines, signature gestures, subtle touches
  • You make sure to seem like none of them are affecting you which strikes up some banter each time you meet
  • Inside, however, you’re melting

During that time, he’s falling for you

  • Of course, at first, it was just physical
  • And he wouldn’t ever say that he didn’t enjoy your different costumes each day
  • But it grew to something much deeper than that, which both scared and excited him at the same time

He prepared a little speech to ask you out properly, explain his new feelings toward you

  • You saw the change in him as soon as he walked up to you
  • Less cocky and much more anxious
  • You knew it was time to put him out of his misery
  • You closed the distance and kissed him passionately, him returning it wholeheartedly
  • “I’m falling’ for y’ darlin’”
  • “It’s a good job I’m falling for you too then, ain’t it cowboy?”

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the guys reacting to a girl who has two different colored eyes and trying to hide them

Hikaru:  Whoa… Kaoru, check her out!  

Kaoru:  Uh… what?

Hikaru:  Look at her eyes!  They’re so cool!  One’s blue and one’s green!  

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Honey:  Where?  I wanna see!

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Mori:  Mitsukuni, it’s rude to stare.  

Tamaki:  But a gentleman always knows how to properly admire a woman without staring and coming off as rude.  

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Kyoya:  Ah, so we have a lady with heterochromia in our midst.  I must say I’ve never met someone with this phenomenon in person.  

Haruhi:  Why are the guys staring at Julie?  She’s just got two different colored eyes, it’s not like she’s got two heads.  

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Tamaki:  Haruhi, I’m surprised at you!  Of course we’re going to notice her because her eyes are awesome!  I wonder what she puts down as her eye color on her driver’s license…?  

Haruhi:  …That’s not at all where I expected this conversation to go.  

Never Grow Up - 3


SUMMARY: Sebastian watches his little girl grow up.

WARNINGS: fluff i guess. lol

AUTHOR’S NOTE: seriously like about 3 or 4 more chapters and this series will be done. .xx


“Dad, can you drop me off at the corner?” Ella asked, her eyes glued to her phone as she texted her best friends.

Sebastian looked over at his 13 year old daughter and frowned. “Why? Do you not want your friends to see me?”

Ella finally looked up at Sebastian and gave him a knowing look. It wasn’t that. If anything her friends actually wanted to see Sebastian. They thought he was the hottest dad out there which grossed Ella out.

“Dad, I’m 13 now. People can’t see me get dropped off by my parents!”

“But I’m a cool dad, remember?”

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Trust Pt. 1

A Jared/Joker x Daughter Crossover Fic

Part 2

What happens when you wake up in another life? Another body? But you and the people you love are still out there? What happens when you see yourself and the person you love more than anything? What would you do to get them back?

What will Jared… the Joker… do to get his daughter back, from himself?


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i need some maxwell headcanons
  • she doesn’t need glasses, we know that her eyesight is perfect? she wears glasses tho because she ‘protects her eyes from the computer-light’ and not to look all cool and nerdy, totally
  • she bought jacobi a rubber duck
  • doesn’t like cheese unless melted (jacobi’s fault) 
  • frequently forgets about eating, lives off on coffe & energy drinks. it comes to the point when half of the time she is “i feel really bad today wtf?” and someone needs to remind her about eating
  • someone is usually hera (you human body need fuel, doctor) or jacobi (i promise it has no cheese in it) 
  • big pokemon nerd, smuggled nintendo ds onto the board and wouldn’t share. could easily hack the game but never does because where’s the fun in that
  • very good with rubik cubes, probably
  • doesn’t know how football works
  • owns mario-themed pyjamas