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Meeting The Gallaghers (Ch.1)

Veronica’s half sister has lived the big life with her rich father after a few things go south in her home she is sent to live with her mom’s side of the family. Y/N has been spoiled her whole life and has never struggled with anyone, this is all to change when she meets the Gallaghers.

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So how do you feel about KC coming back as a regular in season 6?

Way to throw the hard questions at me, Anon!

All right… So my first impression was… 

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I feel like I should care more than I do, really, but I’m actually super apathetic about it. 

Here’s the thing. I get that some people connect with Laurel and like her. I’m not one of them. This is absolutely separate from my opinions on Felicity and Olicity. I quit the show in early season one the first time I tried watching it, when it first aired, entirely for two reasons: 1) It was depressingly dark, 2) Laurel felt forced and self-centered to me. I get that everyone has their own perspectives and I’ve got no issues with those who enjoy her (so long as they aren’t amongst those making horrifying threats toward fans, actors and EPs).

To my eyes, Laurel was always best in one of three capacities - 1) lawyer-mode, 2) opposite Tommy, and 3) evil. I loved KC when she played Ruby on Supernatural years ago and I enjoyed her as Black Siren. The Black Siren role feels more like a recurring guest role than a series regular to me, though. Best case scenario, and the only one that really interests me at all, is the notion of Black Siren teaming up with Vigilante - who turns out to actually be Tommy - as a dark mirror sort of parallel to Oliver and Felicity. I can see a lot of really interesting ways that could unfold. 

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But, given Colin’s role on Chicago Med, that’s awfully unlikely. That said, it would make my month for sure and I’d be super pumped about season six. 

My biggest concerns about her coming back are these:

  • It further negates the gravity of death on this show (something I’m willing to overlook for Moira and Tommy out of sheer love, but even then can admit it’s a problem).
  • It dilutes the point of the last entire season and the theme of legacies.
  • The lair is wildly overcrowded as it is and splitting screentime more is not something I’m looking forward to.
  • A redemption arc would be trite and overdone and feels instinctively to me like the route they’ll go with her. 
  • I generally, personally, don’t enjoy her acting.

  • It feels like it legitimizes the violent threats sent by some people in that segment of the fandom after her character died. It feels like their efforts paid off. And that’s dangerous. Not even just on a show-level, but on a real-world level. 

That’s basically it. Do I worry at all about it impacting any kind of rebuild for Oliver and Felicity? No. Absolutely not. Stepping back, looking at the narrative and character growth so far from a distance, realizing how far we are into the story, I have no doubts they’ll rebuild Olicity. Probably by the end of this season. With KC coming back, I hope they’re smart about it. I hope they keep her in a villain role without any attempt on her part at a redemption arc. I hope she’s used in a way that furthers the plot and leaves just enough mystery about her to be intriguing. I think there’s possibilities for her return to be done well. But, I’ve got to admit, I’m not really holding my breath. 

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I love the Jen and Colin scene but don't like the one with Jen and Jared. Jen and Jareds seemed so sad and like a final goodbye set goers even said Emma was packing stuff into her car.

It’s 11 at night and you just got me to roll my eyes 3 times.

context is everything and we don’t have the context for the scene. All we can do is sit behind our screens and speculate (although I am working on a spreadsheet right now because if I’m gonna stay up, might as well work).

Last year, set goers were convinced that the pick up kiss was a marriage proposal. And it wasn’t. They are closer to the action, true, but they also interpret things the same way you and I are.

here’s the thing: I liked la la land. It was a cute movie. the dancing was fun. cinematography wise? breathtaking

but you know what really, really bothered me while I was watching it?

all of the diversity in the background

they’re in LA. there’s men and women of every color dancing and singing in the opening number. it really reflects how diverse and wonderful LA really is!

and then the story begins and we zoom in on… two white people falling in love

one of whom is obsessed with preserving Jazz as a musical genre

look me in the eyes and TELL ME WHY a white actor had to play that role

Jazz has DISTINCTLY black roots

we could have had an interracial couple

HELL, we could have had a struggling black musician and a struggling black actress trying to get her big break

and it sucks because while I DO love Gosling and Stone and they did a great job

all I can do is look at the movie and feel the POTENTIAL that it had, had they casted their leads differently

so yeah it bothers me when they act like la la land was “such a feat” and they were “worried it wouldn’t have an audience” when like… come on. two well known white leads falling in love. gimme a break.

“I’m just asking this one thing of you.” Her voice was calm, but it wasn’t enough to cover the storm that raged inside of her. He already knew what she was going to ask. To be frank, he’d been waiting for it, had thought it’d happen every time they locked eyes. But she’d given him the silent treatment, waiting for him to make the first move and explain. He hadn’t caved in, not to the coldness in her eyes or the stubborn tilt of her jaw. Yet. Apparently she’d run out of patience.
“Why do you keep pushing me away? Be honest with me.” Honest. That word alone drove a hundred needles into his skull. If there was one thing he sucked at, it was honesty, especially if it concerned people he loved. Especially if it led to him admitting to a weakness. Admitting to fear.
“Every time I think I managed to get through to you, it’s like you never heard me at all. It’s like you don’t even try to listen. You’re not making an effort.” How very wrong she was but that too was something she could not know. Something he could not say out loud because words had a funny way of backfiring and making things even worse.
“You’re right. I’m not making an effort. I don’t want to. I don’t care.” Her face fell and his heart sank. What kind of person was he to protect his own skin, to let her put her heart on the line and not give anything in return?
“I think you do,” she said quietly. “I think you see where this is going and you’re scared so you’re trying to make me leave on my own. But I won’t. I won’t leave you no matter how often you push me away.”
“You want me to be honest?” She nodded and straightened, throwing her shoulders back. Every inch of her was attentive.
“I fall in love hard and fast. It takes as much time for me to fall out of love. I open my heart, I get attached, everything is fine until it isn’t. Until someone ends up breaking my heart or I break theirs and it always ends in fights and screams and tears and I’m sick of it.” Without noticing his hands had balled into fists. Heat rose in his cheeks. Never had he meant to lose control like this. His tone softened. “If I don’t risk anything, I don’t lose. That’s it. It’s not your fault.”
She reached for his hand and squeezed, gentle but firm.
“But you don’t know how it ends before you start, do you? You cannot possibly know.” Every part of him wanted to pull away, had to pull away, but he couldn’t. He’d been running for so long, struggling so hard, twisting and winding and always escaping. But he was tired. His very soul was tired.
“Because if you don’t risk anything, you can’t win, either,” she whispered, pulling him closer and closer until the only thing he wanted to be was honest with her. Until he no longer wanted to escape.
—  I’ll risk it for you / n.j.
Foxes' night at Eden's Twilight
  • Renee: This "snake juice" is basically rat poison... everybody's wasted!
  • Nicky [crying and pointing]: You don't even know one thing and I didn't even say one thing and then she asked me the whole thing and I didn't even do it once.
  • Allison [swinging her drink around]: I'm like... an elephant, okay? If I walk into a room it's like okay she's in there.
  • Neil: I'm not gonna tell you... that- [points at Aaron] that bitch over there. I'm not gonna- I don't- I don't wanna brag?
  • Kevin [smiling to himself]: ...........bababooey
  • Matt: Turn this music down! [closes his eyes and sings] Farts and poop and love an' stuff... Macaroni salad.
  • Andrew: [rambling in german with a cigarette in his mouth]
  • Dan: [bursts into laughter and coughs then procedes to drink in silence]
  • Aaron: [blacks out completely dancing to Who Dat Girl by Flo Rida]
Words Speak Louder Than Actions

Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Warnings/Contains: sexting, dirty talk, mention of the word “nut”, mentions of ass eating, no actual penetration, metal arm kink, flirting with a woman, masturbation

Word Count: 2234

bang this might be bad idk (p.s the gif has nothing to do w it lmao it probably would’ve gone better w shoot from the hip)

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Someone give me a fic where Lena just keeps teasing Kara every time they see each other, like she’ll whisper in Kara’s ear as she passes her, how she looks very cute in her dress that day, or “your lipstick suits you today, makes them pop” she winks and sashays off. Or Lena would intentionally keep dropping things in front of Kara and Kara just losing her fucking mind and saying fuck it one day before leaving Lena’s office and just “this has been going on for too long, rao I can’t take this do you want me to kiss you?!” And Lena just slowly closes the gap between them, stare at Kara’s eyes, smirks and says, “yes” kind of like daring her but what she doesn’t anticipate is Kara actually doing it and now Lena’s office is a mess, the things on her table are now on the floor and she’s pretty sure Kara’s the reason why there’s a huge chunk of the table gone where Kara had grab hold.

Until Death Do Us Part

Overprotective || Newt

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Summary: Newt sets his rules straight and claims what’s rightfully his.

A/N: Short, filler imagine. Life’s been throwing a lot at me, hope y’all understand.

“So you’re telling me that she’s the only girl here in the middle of sixty or so boys?” Thomas was baffled. He frowned. “Isn’t that kind of hard for her? Y’know…”

“I guess,” Newt shrugged. “I hope not.”

Thomas gave him a confused look, to which Newt sighed.

“I make it quite clear to the others that if they do anything of the slightest that makes her feel comfortable, I’ll have their heads,” Newt spoke of it like it was the most normal thing ever.

“She seems to be really important to you.” Thomas muttered, eyeing his moonshine.

“She’s my life,” Newt said almost immediately. ”I’d fight off whatever buggin’ touches her if that’s what it bloody takes to keep her alive.”

As if on cue, you take a seat beside Newt, waving shyly at Thomas.

“Hi, Thomas,” you smile at him, wrapping your arms around Newt.

“Hi, Y/N.” he smiled.

“How’s the Glade so far? Has Gally gotten to you yet?” you teased.

“Nah.” he looked down, uncertain of what he should say. “I sure hope he doesn’t.”

You laughed. “Gally may be intimidating, but he’s a teddy bear inside.”

Newt spoke up. “That’s only when he’s around you, love.” and you were reminded of the subtle but constant conflict between Gally and your boyfriend.

“He’ll come around.” you replied, leaning on Newt’s shoulder.

“You tired?” Newt looked at you.

“I know you are,” you smiled, reaching out to stroke his cheek. “You should stop fussing over the Glade too much.”

“I’ll stop when the shanks get their klunk together.” Newt huffed, turning to Thomas. “I’ll take this one to bed before things get crazy.”

You pouted. “Oh, please. Minho hasn’t even started yet!”

“You are not going to watch Minho get drunk, Y/N.” Newt stood up and pulled you up with him.

“I’ll say good night to Minnie, at least.” you pleaded, to which Newt nodded and sat back beside Thomas.

“Minho’s the closest thing Y/N has to a brother,” Newt explained. “He’s good for her. He likes to have fun with her but he also knows when it isn’t bloody safe anymore. He takes care of her when I’m not around.”

Thomas nodded. “I can tell why you all like her so much.”

Newt chuckled. “Well, off I go. If I don’t go to her now, she’ll never leave his side.”


Newt turned his back to Thomas and was about to limp away when Thomas spoke up.



“Take care of her, okay? Don’t break her heart.”

Newt smiled sadly at him “If anything, she could break my heart by simply smiling.”

Jughead! Imagine

[A/N: Okay, so I wrote this to get myself out of a little writing rut, below is the little scenario I came up with, it’s only a little something and it isn’t taking itself too seriously but I hope you like it! Also it is nearly 2.am for me so sorry if this is riddled with errors!]

Jughead hates (Y/N), her sunny disposition is unbearable: her smile is too wide, her laugh is too sweet, and her eyes are too bright. She is in fact the exact antithesis of Jughead Jones and he resents that.

He resents the day that she was ever introduced to the group, because since that day she has been nothing but an annoying distraction.

Her agreeing to join the Blue & Gold could possibly the worst thing that could ever happen to him but being partnered with him? Somebody had to be kidding, right?

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‘You just never shut up do you?’ Jughead Jones lifted his head from his laptop, his eyebrows were furrowed together and he wore a sour expression.

‘Jughead!’ Betty scolded and hit him lightly on the arm.

‘Well you know, some of us don’t want to listen to your incessant ramblings on about insignificant things, and by some of us – I mean me.’

‘If you don’t like it then you know where the door is Jug.’ Veronica pointedly stated, her meticulous eyebrow raised in annoyance.

I got here first, she knows where the door is.’ He grumbled tossing (Y/N) a mean look.

(Y/N) had gotten used to this attitude by now. At first his unprovoked attacks on her had cut, deeply if she had to admit it, but after six months of sharing a booth she now remained unfazed by the latest comments.

‘If you were paying any attention Jug,’ (Y/N) sweetly smiled, ‘you’d know that I was talking about the Blue and Gold, and how I can’t wait to come and help out with it.’

‘No.’ He stated simply, he looked towards Betty. ‘Betty, no.’

‘Actually yes, Jug.’ Betty smiled at (Y/N) brightly as she backed her up.

‘Oh yeah, and what are you going to write?’ Jughead scoffed. ‘Wait no, let me guess – you’re going to be Agony Aunt Columnist.’

‘No actually,’ (Y/N) huffed, ‘I’m going to be helping you.’

Before Jughead could begin to protest, Betty jumped in.

‘(Y/N), has connections Jug. Connections that you don’t have. Connections that will prove to be useful.’

Jughead scowled, he hopped over the back of the booth and stomped his way out of the diner, laptop under his arm.

‘Well, this should be fun.’ (Y/N) vibrantly smiled.


Jughead stalked the halls of the empty high school. Tonight was the first night he would be spending going through all the evidence (Y/N) had accumulated over the week, to say that he was dreading it would be an understatement.

He had actively avoided coming into contact with her over the week, if he was going to spend a full night alone with her he needed to reserve as much tolerance as he could. This meant: abandoning Pop’s, evading Veronica’s bi-weekly movie night and missing Archie’s football game.

Anywhere she would likely be, he dodged.

What he didn’t expect to find, as he traversed through the quiet halls, was a sight most spectacular. As he neared the designated room for the Blue and Gold, Jughead could hear the faint melody of a familiar song travelling by echo through the corridor. The closer he got, the more recognisable it became.

Simple Plan? He thought curiously to himself. So early 2000’s.

The image that graced him was something precious to behold.

In the centre of the room (Y/N) stood, pencil in hand, eyes closed, and passionately singing along to Simple Plan’s I’m Just A Kid. She danced with abandon, hopped from one foot to the other, sang into the pencil.

Jughead stood by the window of the door, eyes transfixed and unable to shift the smile that had crept onto his lips. As the song began to reach its climax she picked up another pencil and began to drum the rhythm on the table. Jughead’s smile only got wider as she continued to dance and sing to the song and then the gig was up.

(Y/N) opened her eyes mid jump and saw the grinning face of Jughead Jones staring back through the window at her. She immediately scrambled to switch the music off and a very smug Jughead opened the door.

‘Oh please,’ he begged, ‘do not stop on my account.’

(Y/N) stood stoically, her hands folded in front of her.

‘Simple Plan? Seriously? I would not have pegged you as a fan of theirs.’

(Y/N) turned her back to the boy and went to take a seat at the desk.

‘Well, Jughead Jones, there are a lot of things you don’t know about me.’ She glanced backwards at the boy still stood in the doorway, her eyes glittered brightly and she offered a charming smile.

After watching her little performance, Jughead Jones felt more than a little inclined to know every single thing about the alluring girl that sat in front of him.

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“I had a black eye. I’d been in a fight the night before … I’d went into McDonald’s with this girl I had been dating, and it was late night and there was no seats. I asked this guy and this girl that he was with if we could sit at the same table as them. We sat down, and quite quickly he started being rude to the girl I was with, calling her names …He called her an ugly pig or something worse, and I said, ‘No you can’t, you can’t call her that. Get up.’ He’d been sat down the entire time so when he got up he just kept going. I realized I had to, at that point. I had to throw the first punch or else I’d look like a complete wimp. And I got batted. So I went to the Jon Snow audition with a black eye. I think that man who punched me in the face may have helped me get the job, so thank you!” (x)  

Chicken emoji reviews

Barely a chicken, the wattles aren’t even right and the comb is too smooth, a bad chicken 0/5

A very stout but good hen, i like their small comb and correct wattles, they look a bit scared tho with those white eyes 4/5

Strong and sharp! This hen reminds me of a dragon, could possibly be a cockatrice, so watch out! The wattles are wrong tho 3/5

The fuck is this, who gave this marshmallow a beak and two twigs for feet? Also those fake eyelashes and blush won’t fool anyone buddy -2/5

Very large and soft gal, tho her head is too small and that neck doesn’t quite look right, nor are the wattles correct 2/5 

That’s just an egg with a face drawn on it and a ribbon put on top, you didn’t even try, very bad -2/5

You tried, tho the wattles nor comb look right, combs don’t work like hair silly facebook 1/5

A better version of facebook’s attempt, this hen looks a bit confused tho, probably because it seems barely anyone can get a chicken’s wattles right 2/5

This abomination is out for blood, don’t let it stare at you for too long or it might attack you 0/5

A nicer version of twitter’s evil hen, simple and kinda cute but still incorrect, would put my trust into her tho to protect me from her more frightening cousin 3/5

Amazing, beautiful! The best looking one so far, almost perfect, has a great looking comb but their wattles and feet are a little lacking, i can look past that tho and this hen will keep you safe forever 5/5

My poor darling, what the fuck are you even?? That’s not a chicken, not in the slightest, and if it is then it has been deformed beyond repair, i feel sorry for whatever this thing is -3/5


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GENRE: Demon!Au

Why do I need to posses her?”

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I'm curious to know your own TOP sterek fic. Only the very top one :)

This is such a hard question! 

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But seriously, these is like asking me to pick a favorite cat. 

But here’s my favorite fic. Today. Subject to change at any time without warning.

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Fireman Derek’s Crazy Pie [Cheeseburger Baby] by owlpostagain

(1/1 I 17,698 I Teen I Sterek)

“He can’t blame me for the fact that I live in a building full of people united in the singular effort to ogle Hot Fireman as often as humanly possible.“

Laura laughs, loud and echoing in the empty restaurant.

“Hot firemen can make a girl do crazy things,” she agrees, nodding towards her brother’s name on the menu. “Derek won’t let me date anyone from his company, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the eye candy.”

“Send them my way,” Stiles suggests, finally loading up a forkful of pie. “Apparently I’m incompetent enough that I need to be babysat at all times, because it would be cheaper than dispatching a truck every time I try to use a kitchen appliance.”

(pst. I wrote a review of it here.)

I think one of my very favorite things is getting all this pre- A New Hope backstory we’re getting via films and novelizations is that everyone around the Rebellion was just in AWE of Leia Organa as both royalty and the badass leading the rebellion and they speak of her in hushed, reverent tones and watch with wide eyes whenever she passes by and she is just like this Important Thing of Awesomeness™ that bestows glowing hope and guidance to all who cross her path. And rightly so.

But then here comes this absolute Dumpster Fire of a Human Being™ Han Solo and he just is like “who the fuck is this tiny chick that’s yelling at me? Wait do I like it? Ok I like it time to turn on the old Solo charm” and Leia is just “what the actual fuck are you an actual idiot?” and he’s like “mostly. wanna kiss?” and she just shuts it down left and right in that Leia Organa Way™ that would have most people trembling in their Rebellion-issued boots. But this dumbass decides to tattoo “if at first you don’t succeed, argue with her until the sexual tension is giving the entire Rebellion blue balls” onto his dumb, pretty forehead. So he keeps sassing her and making eyes at her and fighting with her but also fighting for her and this all puts her the hell off balance because honestly WHO IS THIS ASSHOLE? 

Yet said asshole keeps hanging around and proves to be pretty smart and resourceful and loyal and kind when he doesn’t think anyone is looking and no, it’s not like Leia is looking ok her eye level just happens to be at the level of his lips alright???

And everyone around them is probably just all “what the shit is happening here doesn’t this guy realize who she is?” to which he would probably respond with “Her? What about me? Don’t you know who /I/ am? I am Captain of the Ship That Made The Fucking Kessel Run in 12 Parsecs!!!!!!!!!!!!” And everyone is just confused AF as he grumbles off to go needle Leia some more while trying to get her to put her mouth on his. And of course Leia eventually does put her mouth on his - enthusiastically so - because Dumpster Fire he may be, Han Solo is also probably one of the first people to ever just treat her like a normal person and not just be about her title or her role in everything. The idiot fell in love with her for simply being Leia.

And she likes that. 

Anyway. I think that it’s great.

One time in freshman year of college I was walking with a friend who like, had visible tattoos and piercings and colorful hair and cat-eye glasses and winged eyeliner, and someone walks up to her and is like “hey, do you know where I can get some adderall?” and she’s just like “yeah” and gives this lady a phone number and the girl’s like “thanks” and my friend is like “no prob.” So I ask “did you know her?” and she’s like “nah, I guess I just give off that vibe?”

And I wondered for a while what vibe I gave off but then a year later the same thing happened to me on the bus, when a stranger came up to me and, totally out of the blue, asked to help him set up his PS4 just by describing the process to him from memory while he took notes. I don’t have or know how to use a PlayStation.

The One With The Interruption
  • *221B*
  • John: *knocks on Sherlock's bedroom door*
  • Sherlock: *in a sexy voice* Come iiiiin. I've been waiting for youuuuu.
  • John: *enters* Hey, I was just wondering- *shouting* for God's sake! *backs runs out in horror* what the hell are you doing?
  • Sherlock: *following, pulling on a dressing gown; annoyed* What does it look like? I was- I was taking a nap.
  • John: *averting his eyes* Since when do you take naps in that position? *groans* tPlease tell me you weren't waiting for me...
  • Sherlock: *frowns* Don't flatter yourself. I'm seeing someone from work *thinking* I'm seeing a woman from work!
  • John: *impressed* That really fit Hopkins woman?
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: Sure.
  • John: *quickly* Well, in that case, just give me a second and I'll be out of your hair. I'll just get a jacket and when I get back, I don't want to know anything.
  • -knocking-
  • John: *grimaces* Maybe that's her... *approaches the door*
  • Sherlock: *panicking* Okay, umm...
  • John: *opens the door*
  • Sherlock: *relaxes* It's just Grant and Mycroft...
  • John: *frowns* I thought you two were at dinner?
  • Greg: Well, we were! But Mycroft was talking so loudly on his phone they told us to leave.
  • Mycroft: *texting* I had to talk loud because that awful music was loud!
  • Greg: *frowns* It was important.
  • Mycroft: *sighs* They'll be other meals, Gregory.
  • Greg: *narrows his eyes* You'll be lucky.
  • Molly: *entering, happily; flipping a bottle of champagne, giggling to herself*
  • Molly: *sees everyone; suddenly shy* Oh...um... *grins widely; falsely excited* I'm so glad you're all here! My lab finally got new scalpels!

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So mood swings are a thing you have to live with during a pregnancy. So how about some if Mercy's most memorable from the pov's of your choice? Preferably characters who haven't done much in the other prompts

Mercy was curled up on one of the workbenches, her voice half-drowned out by the clanging of Torbjörn’s hammer with tears running down her face.

“…And it’s not like either of us really had a concept of a normal childhood either!” she went on, “They were training him to be an assassin! An assassin! And I mean—I had family members sort of… passing me off between each other and that’s not a home! I just—” she pressed her hands over her eyes, “I’m going to be a terrible mother.”

Torbjörn stopped hammering. “You are not going to be a terrible mother,” he sighed.

“But how do you know?” Mercy’s voice cracked on a sob and Torbjörn just rubbed his forehead, exhausted.

“I don’t,” said Torbjörn, “But I know you. Usually when I think ‘terrible caregivers,’ ‘Angela Ziegler’ is not a name that pops up.”

Mercy hugged her knees. “I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing.”

“Well I’m afraid that part doesn’t go away,” said Torbjörn.

Mercy was pacing back and forth in front of Athena.

“It’s Lijiang all over again,” she said, pressing her fingertips to her temples.

“It’s not like Lijiang,” said Jack, folding his arms, “He’s fine.”

“He doesn’t take this long to report in,” said Mercy, continuing to pace.

“You realize he’s taking the same amount of time that he’s always taken, right?” said Jack and Mercy stopped pacing, “Sit down,” said Jack, “Breathe. You’re both going to be all right.” 

Mercy plopped down into a seat. “I just—ever since Lijiang I keep on getting these… flashes, like—what if I have to raise it alone?”

“Knowing Genji, he’s probably not going to let that happen,” said Jack, folding his arms, “But–no matter what happens Doc, you know I’m here for you, right?”

Mercy scoffed. “’Here for me,’” she said bitterly, “I can’t wait to give birth and to have you fake your death and disappear for five years again.” She instantly caught herself and put a hand over her mouth. “Oh–verdammt—Jack—I’m sorry, I don’t know where that came from.”

“Well I mean…” Jack shrugged, “…fair.”


“I’m a whale,” Mercy moaned from the couch. 

“This is false,” said Orisa, “You are not a whale.”

“I’m a whale and Genji will never love me again and the baby hates me,” said Mercy.

“I highly doubt my student’s affections towards you are going to change,” said Zenyatta.

“You are not a whale. You have no fins,” Orisa insisted again, then paused. “Query: The infant has not arrived yet—how is it capable of hating you?”

“It’s been kicking me for three hours,” said Mercy, miserable, “It knows I’m a terrible person. It hates me.”

“It does not hate you,” said Zenyatta, “You are not a terrible person. Such energy is to be expected, perhaps celebrated, even.”

Mercy just moaned again. Orisa bent over the couch and spoke, quite seriously, to Mercy’s stomach.

 “Cease your resistance.”