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StarlightChallenge: Favorite Drama

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I’ve been having a lot of #Emotions about trans Ladybug and Chat Noir lately so take some head canons.

  • Miraculous transformations take the wielder’s wants into consideration, and change to best reflect the ideal vision that person has of themselves.
  • Marinette’s Ladybug suit is equipped with clever bits of padding in the chest and hips, giving her a more shapely appearance. It also comes with a magical self-tucking mechanism that she tries not to think too hard about but definitely appreciates once that skintight suit conforms to every inch of her body. Additionally, her hair is glossier, her eyelashes are longer, and her voice sounds just a bit higher than usual when she’s transformed.
  • Like Ladybug, Adrien’s Chat Noir suit is also padded, only his is in the shoulders and (later on, after seriously bribing Plagg) a bit below the belt. Beyond that he’s got hidden wedges in his boots to give him a height boost and a god-tier binder. His hair and voice also undergo a slight change, becoming shaggier and deeper respectively.
  • I think for about the first year of their partnership Ladybug and Chat Noir aren’t out as trans to each other- either because they are nervous about how the other might react or because for the first time in their lives  they are in a position where they don’t have to be out. They can just do their thing and save the day without an extra label floating over their heads.
  • Of course after they spend more time together, growing closer as partners and friends, they start to pick up little hints that maybe just maybe they arent alone in this whole trans superhero thing. Those clues pile up until one day Chat accidentally lets slip one of his many trans-related puns, effectively letting the cat out of the bag. Panicked, he tries to play it off as nothing, but Ladybug has already put two and two together and is already BEAMING. “Thank goodness,” she laughs, clapping Chat on the shoulder. “For a minute there I thought I was the only one!” 
  • Ladybug then proceeds to gush about how great their suits are and how glad she is to hear they’ve got one more thing in common and Chat is just hit over the head with this massive wave of relief, because he has never ever had someone react so well to his coming out and he can literally feel himself fall more in love with his Lady by the minute.
  • Cue them both being supportive af, helping each other through the unique challenges they have to face. Chat is there to lift Ladybug’s spirits when her HRT causes mood drops; Ladybug makes sure Chat doesn’t overexert himself in the weeks after his top surgery; They both joke and laugh and bond over their shared identity in a way that they just cant with their cis friends and everything is good and happy.
  • Eventually the reveal happens, and eventually Adrien and Marinette start dating, and eventually Ladybug and Chat Noir publicly come out as trans, becoming role models for non-cis kids all over the world. Then they grow up, get married, and adopt 3 cats 7 hamsters and 4 children and live happily ever after the end <3
Lesbian ask game 5, with a twist
  • Basically instead of answering about yourself, you tell us about your crush/ girlfriend
  • *change the pronouns to they/them if needed
  • 1: what color is her hair?
  • 2: what color are her eyes?
  • 3: how old is she?
  • 4: how did you meet?
  • 5: is she ticklish?
  • 6: what's her favorite song / band?
  • 7: what's her favorite movie?
  • 8: what's her favorite book?
  • 9: what's her favorite tv show?
  • 10: who is her celebrity crush?
  • 11: does she have any pets? Are there any pets she wants?
  • 12: what's a song that reminds you of her?
  • 13: does she play any sports?
  • 14: what are your favorite things about her (physically) ?
  • 15: what are your favorite things about her (personality wise) ?
  • 16: how does she dress?
  • 17: what was your first date (ideal first date if she's just a crush)
  • 18: what's a tiny detail about her that she doesn't realize you've noticed?
  • 19: what are her talents?
  • 20: write a tiny poem about her
  • 21: Does she have a tumblr?
  • 22: what type of things make her laugh?
  • 23: what's her star sign? Are you compatible according to astrology?
  • 24: what's some place she's always wanted to travel?
  • 25: what's something she's super interested in?
  • 26: when did you realize you loved her?
  • 27: what's her favorite food?
  • 28: what's a food she hates?
  • 29: what's her hogwarts house?
  • 30: is she more Earth, water, air, or fire?
  • 31: what's something that makes her angry?
  • 32: is she taller or shorter than you?
  • 34: what's her name
  • 35: what's her aesthetic?
  • 36: what's the first present you bought her/ plan on buying for her
  • 37: is she an early bird or a night owl?
  • 38: what about her do you brag the most about?
  • 39: is there any accessories she always wears/ brings with her?
  • 40: is she a vegetarian?
  • 41: what's her favorite subject in school?
  • 42: what highschool cliche does she fit best (think that scene in mean girls) ?
  • 43: how long have you been dating/ crushing
  • 44: describe her laugh
  • 45: does she wear makeup?
  • 46: what's her favorite art medium?
  • 47: does she play any instruments?
  • 48: what animal does she identify most with?
  • 49: does she like camping (or the outdoors in general)
  • 50: post her picture if you have her permission

so @joliemariella went and made this amazing freaking picture and has been telling me about this adorable little-mermaid-based au idea of hers and my hand slipped for several, several hours, oh dear.

a stolen moment

Which Rosaline “100% done with this feuding houses/arranged marriage foolishness” Capulet are you today?