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so like when i was maybe eight i got a tiny silver ring from a gumball machine. at some point i put it on a chain and started wearing it as a necklace, and haven’t really stopped wearing it since. it’s like a good luck charm. nowadays, the ring can’t get any further than the first knuckle of my ring finger

today a girl at the pool asked me about it (i was swimming with it on) and i decided to tell her it was a symbol of my marriage to the queen of fairies. im still laughing at the mixed look of awe and disbelief she gave me is2g that might’ve been the highlight of my lif e

Everyone seems to wonder why the big reveal in the Supergirl storyline with Mon-El felt so obvious, why we knew so incredibly long ago, before they got close to being a canon ship, that he was the prince of Daxam whether or not we ever touched a comic or read commentary.  The reason is:  if we knew for a long time, we would get used to the idea.  So rather than identifying with Kara’s shock, fear, and outrage, we would identify with Mon-El’s discomfort and shame.  That’s the way you subtly focalized a story through one character’s perspective in order to make them appear as the more vulnerable and identifiable party.  They never did anything like this in season one.   

After DAO, I actually think Brosca wouldn’t entirely hate visiting Orzammar if you put Bhelen as king.

Don’t get me wrong, they absolutely despise their in-law Bhelen and their mother, sober or not, is an ass, but Rica is there and along with her are Rica’s kids (I think she’d have more than just Endrin) who adore their aunt/uncle/gender neutral term of choice for sibling of your mom.

They like adore them. Brosca is a legend in that house, okay? It drives Bhelen nuts. They play pretend as them and everything.

Endrin: Raw, I’m gonna slay the arc demon. I’m the best warrior Orzammar has ever seen.

Bhelen, in the distance, gripping his ink pen too tight: Brosca.