her eyes!!

y’all, i had a meeting with my CEO today and i have another one in the morning. we are having SUPER CASUAL CHATS about how my title and my actual work don’t match. i came straight home and sat down with an entire bar of dark chocolate???

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omg I just saw your ask about Lexa with short hair and a tiny braid and now I'm imagining Lexa with this braid that doesn't even go past the bottom of her ears and Clarke can't stop laughing because it's so tiny and adorable and Lexa is all huffy and grumpy and it would be the best (also sorry for the single long ass sentence whoops)

Right?? It would be so cute but definitely not ferocious enough looking for a Commander. She’d probably go around always wearing her warpaint to counteract the cute.

ooc. since you showed your pretty pupper, i feel obligated to share this picture of my pretty pupper @watchyouover