her eyes!!

im just literally here imagining Lena Luthor at 5am gettin ready for work, still only half-dressed wearing her skirt and her bra only, a toothbrush in her mouth, pullin her stockings w one hand while texting Kara w the other one bc texting her gf (good friend) is more important than her usual proper morning routine. so much that with time it becomes her new normal

So I’m at my aunts house

And my cousin, who’s like 12 is really sick and she’s been in bed for the past few days. She was able to come downstairs for some juice (cuz she’s dehydrated af lol I could see it) and she had on some sleeping shorts and a lil tank top. Which is normal for sleeping. And my other aunt’s opens the black hole that is her mouth and says “you need to put clothes on, my husband is here!” So I was like “why is your husband looking at a twelve year old like that in the first place? 🤔 is there something we need to be worried about?” Now my entire fam is fighting and it’s beautiful.

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