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favourite rory & logan moments: 22/?


she’s superhuman laura do you really think she couldn’t hear (x)

My feelings on Gotham 3x20

postcards to Marinette

Laura’s incredible Instagram story today. I recommend watching them to see Ben Platt’s full dance thing and Mike Faist being hilarious ahahahahahaha

9 things Percy and Annabeth haven’t told each other (Percabeth)

She knows the exact way his breathing shifts in the space between waking and sleep. He always inhales that little bit too fast. Even when he’s pretending her nightmares haven’t woken him up.

He intentionally gives her space, even though everything in him screams out to be near her.Percy knows his myths as well as any halfblood, knows what obsession leads to. They are not going to become a tragedy.

He scares her. She’s not afraid of him, but for him. Percy was never supposed to be a thing of darkness, but it might happen anyway. She doesn’t tell him. She doesn’t want to put the thought in his head.

The thought is in his head. He’ll talk to her about it one day. But not now. She has enough to worry about now.

There is something terrifying about knowing a boy would literally go to hell and back for you.

She’s kind of picky about her food? Like. She pretends she isn’t, but Percy knows. He never says anything, but he’s totally going to laugh when she has to eat pickles at some fancy dinner party because she never said she hates them. Pride is one hell of a fatal flaw.

His hair is a mess. She loves it. She never says it because - how do you even say that? ‘Oh, keep your hair looking like you just came off a wind-swept beach please, as a favour for me’.

So his girlfriend is gorgeous. Obviously. But there’s just - he really likes her neck? He never says it because - how do you even say that? ‘Oh, your legs are amazing and I love the way you can knock a guy out with a single punch, but your neck, yeah that’s the stuff’.

She knows about the neck thing. There’s a reason one curl is always ‘artfully escaping’ whenever she sweeps her hair up.

The gods are afraid of them. 

When my mum moved out of home, she got herself a Rough Collie she named Jessica Mary Winch (Winch was her maiden name). Recently I have been pining for a Rough Collie, but I don’t know if I could handle a big dog or such a full-coated dog.


alpha vs. maxis-match challenge

rules: use the same sim for both sides, try to do the same type of hairstyles and make up styles on both sides, if u know what I mean (please refrain from using clarified hair, as it’s a mixture of both alpha and mm), try to make everything different, not just hair; things like skin overlay, make up, eyebrows, and eyes (clothing doesn’t really need to be changed, unless you’re doing a full body thing), and tag #alphavsmm

i was tagged by this cutie: @inquisitive-simmer <33

and idk who to tag because i feel like everyone has already done this??? but if you want to do this, let’s say you’re tagged now by me :)

I’ve just watched the Vilde clip and it genuinely made me burst into tears. she’s trying so hard to protect her mum from everything even though she’s only 17 and she shouldn’t be in that position, but she’s doing it anyway. she’s trying to manage school and bills and helping her mum stay sober and that’s such a difficult position to be in.

❝Would you give me a chance?❞

Plot: After two years, Jaebum sees his ex girlfriend and he hasn’t stop loving her. What will happen? 

Pairing: Jaebum x OC

Words count: 4,8k+

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Warning: None / Italics parts are lyrics of a song expect for the last sentence.

I made this one shot two weeks ago ispired by “My I” by Seventeen (CHINA LINE IS RISING YEAH!), I hope you like it! - M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥ 

“ Are you saying to come or to go, that waving hand.

Not sure if you want me to come or go. What could it mean? Tell me about it.”

Jaebum sighed while for the umpteenth day he reopened his eyes, waiting for the screams of his bandmates who were trying to decide who should use the bathroom first.  

He turned on his side, clutching a pillow against his chest and for the first time after months he was happy that Youngjae had abandoned their room for the living room.  

To be alone allowed him to reflect, without interruptions that brought him back to reality. Returning to those moments, returning to those feelings, was like eating something sweet and sour. It wounded him but at the same time healed him, like a chain without the possibility of being broken.  

“Aish..” He dimmed his cursing by thinning his lips, returning to lie down on his back with his gaze facing sideways.  

On a photo that he hadn’t dared to throw, to leave behind as everything that concerned her.  It was his mistake, he knew it forever. As much as she had continued to take part in those too big faults to endure, he was solely responsible for that end.  

Her smile crossed his mind like a lightning, that smile she wore on the day they had taken different paths. She knew it, she had read it in his eyes many months before soon came to their “end”.  

But when the end arrived, she had been totally unprepared. Just as he had been, too busy with his own work and pressures to be a “leader” to distract him from what, perhaps, had helped him more than anything else in the worst moments.  

Nervously he passed a hand through his hair, throwing the pillow against the door at the moment when it opened. He struck an unsuspecting Jinyoung, who had made an appareance to understand why he hadn’t already come out of his room.  

“Sorry J.”  

“What’s going on, Hyung?” He asked, lowering to be able to recover the pillow and entering the room he closed the door behind. He knew Jaebum for years, now more than eight, and recognized when something obscured that mind already overburdened with thoughts.  

He approached the bed, sitting next to him and crossing his legs propped his elbow on his thigh, supporting his chin with his open hand. He observed his own hyung, who in those moments had hidden his face under the pillow, sensing immediately what the problem was.  

And he couldn’t help him more because in those years he had always been a great help for him.  

“It’s been two years and you still think about it, Hyung?”  

Jaebum sighed, feeling his heart heavier and being almost on the verge of breaking but it didn’t happen. Lifting the pillow he looked jinyoung, his fleshy lips folded in a half-smile and the understanding that flashed blatantly in his deep eyes. “Jinyoung-ah, I never stopped thinking about it.”  

“It’s unusual for yo–I joked, it’s usual for you. But I thought you’d live better with it. ”  

While Jaebum was seated, Jinyoung paraded his slippers and turned towards him; crossing the legs and preparing for one of those moments between them. Jaebum had never been the kind of person to open easily, but you knew he was about to do it when on his face you could only see the sense of helplessness. And he was powerless in front of that amount of emotion and resentment ever disposed of.  

“It was my fault, Jinyoung. She was always there to stretch her hand when I was on the verge of collapsing and I let her go. ”  

“You made a choice. The music or her.. ” He pointed out Jinyoung, biting the corner of his lower lip making it just blush; “You didn’t have many options.. You had worked so hard to get what you got, even she knew it.. If I remember she didn’t ask you to choose, she did it. ”  

“And why, huh? Because she knew I wouldn’t choose her. Even though everything she saved me from remorse of an obvious choice. ”  

The two boys looked in their eyes for a handful of seconds. The Jinyoung’s big and expressive ones sought to scrutinize in Jaebum’s sharp and thin ones which were even more reluctant than usual to get “read”. He regretted that day more than anything; he regretted not stopping her, not telling her the truth. And the youngest of the two read all in a simple glance, too wounded in order to be healed.  

“You know where she lives.. If you really have all this remorse, apologize. You have taken two different paths; ” He began with a gentle tone, rising from the bed and giving him a slight pat on his shoulder; “You’re two adults, your apologies perhaps are the only thing that after two years you can really give her.”  

Smiling he stepped out of the room, leaving him alone again and Jaebum could hear that he screamed to the other five to stand good and not disturb him; otherwise, he would make everyone bald in zero seconds.  

“Your apologies are the only thing that after two years you can really give her.”

But Jaebum didn’t have the courage because he knew that if he had seen her he would find those reasons why he had fallen in love with her. And neither one could afford another wound on a heart already too destroyed.  

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Finally actually did a screenshot redraw aaaAAA
Original shot from this post

Fragmentary Passage was so heckin good, I’m really really excited for KH3 


12th Day, Month of Songs

I finally come to realize it ain’t enough just to have a tattoo. A tattoo is nothing but a pretty picture put in your skin. That’s all.

Try Try Again [Jason Todd x Reader]

A/n: Hey guys so this is a part 2 to ‘Why Try?” I got an anon asking for a part 2 right after I wrote it and I wasn’t planning to until I got this idea. I’ve been working on it for a couple days and actually ended up trashing my first draft. I really hope you guys like it because I’m a bit worried about it. I figured the best way to find out if you like it is to post it so here it is lol. Sorry it’s a bit late where I am when I’m posting it, let me know what you guys think! I love feed back! Thanks loves! <33

And expect my next post to be my 900 milestone! Sorry it’s taking longer than expected!

[Frnd/n] - Friend Name


It had been about 6 months since you and Jason split up, or more you left him. You still couldn’t believe how everything ended. How he didn’t fight for you or try and stop you. He just let you walk out, and it hurts. Your friend let you move in with her after everything happened. Though she felt it was time you get back out there.

You never went out anymore and she’s worried about you. Having used to been so full of life, it was worrying to see you go to work, classes, and come home. Not doing anything in your freetime, only watching TV or reading. Though there was one morning when the mail came with two rather elegant envelopes. One was addressed to you and the other your friend, [Frnd/n].

They were two invitations to the Wayne Charity Gala, and you DID NOT want to go. “I’m not going. I don’t want to see him [Frnd/n]. It will be humiliating, even when we were there together women hung on him. I don’t want to see that. It hurts, especially since he didn’t even fight for me to stay.” Your voice cracked at the last statement.

“[F/n]” [Frnd/n] said, pulling you into a hug. “I know it’s hard. I know you loved him and he made the biggest mistake of his life. You’re smart, and gorgeous, and amazing in every way. But you shouldn’t let him stop you from being happy. How about this? I will find you a date if you decide to go.” She offered, making you laugh. “One of Caleb’s friends?” You asked, referring to her boyfriend.

“Maybe” she shrugged. You nodded, “Okay, but at least let it be someone I’ve met before.” She grinned, “you’ve got yourself a deal.”

It wasn’t long until you learned that you were going with [Frnd/n]’s boyfriend’s friend, Josh. You had met him before but very briefly, hearing mixed things about him, like he was a player and an ass, but that he has cleaned up his act lately. Leaving you to believe it may be a nice night.

Boy were you wrong. The minute you walked in he ended up fawning over multiple different women. Caleb apologized profusely for his friend’s behavior, blaming it on the alcohol. Waving it off you sat at one of the tables, watching your fingers trail over the fabric of your dress. You’d been asked to dance a few times but declined, knowing the men who asked had no interest in getting to know you. Their only interest was to somehow convince you to go home with them.

You looked around the room seeing the people of high society socializing, unbeknownst to the pair of cerulean eyes watching you.

“Why don’t you go talk to her?” Dick asked, coming beside Jason. Jason didn’t answer just continued to stare at you, thinking about how beautiful you look. “Jason, I know you still love her. We all do. Why’d you even let her walk out that night?” He sneered at the question and downed the rest of his drink. “I don’t know.” He shook his head, not looking at his brother. Eyes falling on a group of women his age fawning over him and the man beside him. Making him roll his eyes. Dick grit his teeth, holding back from shoving Jason right over you. Dick patted Jason’s shoulder before walking away to find Barbara.

Jason’s eyes scanned the room. Them falling on the guy you came with. He made Jason’s blood boil, obviously having just used you for your plus one to the gala. How could [Frnd/n] allow that? Scoffing at how the man kissed a girl’s hand. Glancing back he saw you sitting on your own, looking rather dejected. He’d had enough.

Setting down his glass he pushed by the people and right up to Josh. “Hey!” he caught his attention before grabbing his collar. “Whoa man what’re you doing?” Josh yelped while trying to remove Jason’s hands from his shirt. “You think it’s fun to use people? Huh?”

“Dude what are you talking about?” He laughed but it only angered Jason more. “I’m talking about the woman you used for her plus one tonight.” He growled through grit teeth. But Josh started to laugh more, “Oh, I know you. You’re Jason Todd, [F/n]’s ex. You broke her heart man, brought this upon her. Pitiful really, thought maybe I’d throw her a bone tonight. She may not be my type but she’s still hot. Maybe I’ll –” He was saying before the smirk got wiped off his face by Jason’s fist. The way he was talking about you just set Jason off.

He saw red and didn’t stop even when Dick tried to pull him off him. It wasn’t until he heard someone else. “Oh my god Jason stop!” His fist halted in the air, feeling a hand grab his wrist. Looking he saw you standing there, holding his arm in place. He allowed his arm to fall, and you turned away from him. “Josh, are you alright?” Asking while kneeling by him. He nodded sitting up, meeting the Jason’s eyes before shrinking away.

Suddenly Jason stood up and stormed away. You got up, chasing after him, “Jason!” yelling while following him. “Stop!” Continuing to yell his name and for him to stop until you were out in the gardens alone. “For fucksake will you stop!” Screaming as his feet came to a halt. “What the hell was that?!”

He didn’t say anything but did turn around and met your eyes. “Answer me dammit!” He didn’t, making you heave an irritated breath. “Why? You haven’t talked to me in months and I show up to the gala your family invited me to and bloody up my date! Yeah he was an ass but you didn’t leave me much of a choice. You didn’t fight for me or talk to me, just let me go and n–” Your rant was cut short from him basically running over and crashing his lips onto yours.

After the initial shock you found yourself kissing him back but pushed him away after realizing. “No! No no no!” Saying while punching his chest, feeling hot tears stream down your cheeks. “[F/n]” he caught your attention, meeting his blue hues. “I’m so so sorry I did that to you. I don’t know why I did. I’m still in love with you, I never stopped being in love with you. I thought I was burdening you with my problems and it scared me. I thought I was saving you the pain of my nightmares and horrors of patrol but instead I pushed you away, and I regret it more than anything in my life. I’m weak and selfish and never should’ve hurt you like that.” He shook his head, feeling tears sting at his eyes.

You stared at him in shock. Not having expected that, “Why now?” You whispered.

“Because, I saw you with that asshole and I couldn’t take the way he treated you. The way he talked about you like some object. I realized how stupid I was and how huge of a mistake I made. I’m so sorry, and I love you. I love you so fucking much and I’m an idiot for ever letting you go. I’m so sorry I hurt you.” Watching as the tears streamed down his cheeks, your heart screamed to embrace him but your head reminded you of the night you left.

“Jason I–” You shook your head before he kissed you again, this time hard and passionate. A kiss of love. One that reminded your brain of every good moment that far outnumbered the bad. Pulling away he rested his forehead to yours, “Please give me a second chance, I love you more than life itself.”

Eyes meeting his you saw how genuine those words were, and how regretful he was of letting you leave. You allowed a smile before admitting, “I love you too.”

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Thank you and Charlotte for the amazing fic of WHMS. This was the best Cockles fic I've read in character, time period on point, and great completing. Thanks for putting up with us impatient ones I'll be looking forward to the Timestamps.

aww i love that u thanked charlotte. she thinks she didn’t contribute much other than messaging me “i’m dead” repeatedly during each chapter but honestly i’m not sure i ever would’ve posted this fic without her help. 

[link to fic]

As much as I ship it too, I feel like platonic heartrate is so underrated, I mean it makes such a great brotp

  • Kim and Alix having a friendly rivalry
  • stupid reckless challenges like skating races at 3am behind a McDonalds
  • everyone else being lowkey scared of them because Kim is tall and Alix is terrifying
  • them fighting akuma villains together like the idiots they are even though they have no superpowers so probably they’re gonna die
  • if Alix hears you talking bad about Kim behind his back she will fight you because only she’s allowed to do that
  • in a crowd of tols, Kim lifting up his smol friend so she can see stuff


“Yeah, life sucks, but do your best to do good anyway.”