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Kougi’s April Fool’s drawing
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T/N: so I think that panel is supposed to be Riko reaching into her big front pocket and pulling out an envelope, like Doraemon’s 4D pocket. And the only reason I think this is because Kougi is a pretty big Doraemon fan. 

So YouTube somehow keeps uncovering my guilty Disney channel interests and recommended some Disney descendants content and in one of the blooper reels Sofia Carson - the actress who plays evie (& is colombian) - accidentally spoke her line in Spanish and then decided to just roll with it since she already messed up the take. The guy she was with just looks at her and responds “hola” and like that is both hilarious but also adorable???

Like I’m guessing Spanish was sofia’s first language cause I know in my Spanish class when I was reading sentences I just auto translated them to English in my head instead of really seeing and hearing the words. So I can understand the slip up, but that she just blasted through her memorized English lines in Spanish without thought is just so cute and funny but also impressive??? And I can’t place why but idk let me be a dorky adult about childrens’ media

i don’t think miranda speaks english very well

i think she never really had a reason to learn english and so she’s been trying to learn it since she joined the order

i think lavi knows that and is appealing to that in the above image by acting out the word ‘dog’ - but he’s a dork and doesn’t realize that the problem with her understanding that wouldn’t be the word 'dog,’ but the idiomatic connotation of the word

so, i’m gonna go ahead and say that miranda often doesn’t know exactly what’s being said. she knows conversational english because she’s been immersed in it, and she knows occupation-specific words (meaning words that she’d probably never need to know otherwise, like innocence, parasitic, etc.) but a lot of times people talking quickly or using idioms or words she’s never needed to know goes over her head.

she speaks with a heavy german accent, but since she’s centered at the european branch that doesn’t tend to be a problem, because a lot of people at the order are from germany, so people don’t really have a problem understanding her

however, she’s still pretty shy, and is insecure about her accent when speaking english. she opens up more when speaking german, although there aren’t too many people with whom she feels comfortable speaking german besides marie.

that’s one of the ways marie and miranda became close: marie speaks german, and his english is a lot better than hers, so he’s able to translate for her. he’s very patient with her, and that’s something that not many other people in the order have been able to do. as for marie, he really appreciates being able to talk to someone who’s similar to him in how she thinks.

basically i’m saying that miranda’s english isn’t very good and she ends up relying on marie for a while, but even after her english improves and she doesn’t really need marie to translate for her, she keeps asking him for help because she continues to feel insecure about her english.

also miranda not understanding english a lot of the time is so cute i mean. come on. come on.

the other day i got the memory of breath of the wild with zelda nerding out over flowers and telling link to taste a frog and i had the japanese voice on instead of english so i didn’t have to listen to her not as good english voice acting and i fucking, love her. she’s so cute

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you went to everyday6 september and jakarta with tumblr mydays, right? was it fun going with them? sorry hahah i always go to concerts alone so i wanted to know :/

Yup!!! Honestly, that whole trip is one of the best moments in my entire life. Everything just seemed so unreal to me? 

Ok I’m going to use this to talk about just how amazing all the My Days I met are and thank them for being so wonderful :’). And I mean ALL the my days I met, not just the ones I already knew from Tumblr. I just want to emphasise though that I didn’t watch the concerts next to any of the Tumblr My Days because of (1) different queue numbers or (2) different biases or (3) just overall different preferences on where to stand. I would say, if you go to a concert by yourself, you should try making friends with the fans around you!! Try getting a sense of who you think you’ll get along with the most, maybe?

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hi alana!! im sry for asking uthis bc u mightve already before but ever since i started following u ive rly become interested in clc!! would u mind introducing me the members + how 2 get into them ??


ok so the members (i’ll try to keep it short jst some of my first thoughts)

~seunghee is the oldest (‘95) she’s part of vocal line, laughs every time she has to do aegyo, v sarcastic n can come off as cold sometimes but she’s so sweet, cries the easiest, loves poetry, plays piano, wears a lot of soft sweaters, my emotional n hilarious gf  { these 3 covers are rlly important: 1 , 2 , 3 }

~sorn (‘96) is from thailand also part of vocal line u probably know more abt her than the others already lol,, can speak thai+english+korean, her laugh is honestly so cute it’s one of the first things i loved abt her how she jst eheheheheeheehe, she’s good at like everything i see her as a rlly trustworthy levelheaded person u can rely on

~seungyeon ('96) the leader & main dancer!!!! her stage presence is amazing..like really.. i mean it’s one thing to be a great dancer (and she is omg) but she jst has this extra thing ? the best variety skills + she can also play guitar !! ½ of 2kie which is elkie+seungyeon (seungyeon’s nickname is monkey so el+kie & mon+kie (it works in hangul i guess lol) back to seungyeon she genuinely loves dancing n said she does it to relieve stress :’ )  { x , x }

~yoojin ('96) (ok one thing, i know more ppl say yujin + that’s actually kindof the official romanization but at the beginning a lot of ppl used yoojin.. i’m jst used to it lol i might switch over  sometime) main dancer w seungyeon !! she & seungyeon are also the 2 who are best at japanese they’re the 2 main speakers when they go to japan lol, they’re p good actually ! sometimes called rattata (bc she looks like the pokemon (her big teeth r lovely jst like her)) likes to exercise, messy, embarrassing, is confident in the fact that she is cute , has a lot of facial expressions how does she even do that, can sing songs at double the speed truly a talented legend,,ill stop,,,,,  { x }

~yeeun ('98) clc’s rapper!! she’s written her own raps for awhile now & wrote her own raps for some clc songs . v confident in her no makeup face, likes playing overwatch, one of the chillest members, recently went to japan all by herself for vacation even though she was nervous abt it & said she likes doing things she thought she couldn’t   { x }

~elkie ('98) a member of vocal line, can speak korean+mandarin+cantonese+V good at english i thought she was fluent? she has done so much even though she’s so young like .. she’s been in soooo many dramas. was a clc stan before becoming a member lol,  she has such a bright unbothered personality it’s amazing (i feel like she was able to develop a thick skin from all her work in the past also she started going to broadcasting stations alone when she was NINE….9)  

~eunbin ('00) was on pd101!! likes creepy webtoons & marvel ,, she’s kinda weird?? rlly fun but also has a calm side , laughs like she’s in pain ?? it’s so funny i love my daughter



oh also they did busking during predebut! (the money went to charity) some examples: beautiful night & on rainy days

random short vids??

+u can follow @clc_intl on twitter for updates/translations .

aaaand i think this much is a good starting place thanku for ur interest in clc !!! u can always ask me smth if u have any questions