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3.20 - “Morning After”

so… despite the fact that 3.20 was pretty much perfection in every sense of the word, I was hoping that Olicity morning after involved cuddling and pillow talk.. so I had to get this out of my system.

full disclosure: I am not, by any means, a writer. SO MUCH RESPECT FOR REAL  FANFICTION WRITERS- they are goddesses. So I hope you can forgive all the mistakes and maybe enjoy this little something. love ya all!


She opened her eyes slowly. Completely aware of where she was. And with who. His warmth surrounded her like a blanket. The steady sound of his heart beneath her ear invited her to keep sleeping. But now that she was awake, she didn´t think she could sleep. Ever again. Her mind was too busy. Her heart racing like a locomotive. Her senses overwhelming her. Every second of the past night marked in her memory like hot iron. Every touch, every kiss, every whispered word… everything was… perfect. Yes, perfect. Even given the fact that they were in Nanda Parbat. Surrounded by deadly assassins. With the Demon lurking around. But that didn´t surprised or scared her. Their love was like a Lotus flower that grows in the swamp, a candle lightning a dark room, a peaceful moment in wartime… She looked up… resting her chin in his chest full of scars, reminders of past battles, an involuntary smile dancing in her lips… he was so beautiful. In that moment it occurred to her that she had never seen him sleep… it was like a new Oliver that revealed to her… He looked younger somehow, his expression was peaceful, like if he was a man without a care in the world, instead of one that just had made a deal with the Devil to save his sister´s life. Once again giving up everything, his life, his soul, for the people he cared about; and despite that choice would separate them for God´s knows how long, she wasn´t angry at him, it just made her love him all the more for it… Because they would find a way. They always did… because if this time with Oliver Queen had taught her something, was that, together? They were the best version of themselves.  

She moved her hands to his face, caressing his stubble with her finger tips, then she pull herself up and gave him a kiss on the check, and then another… a track of sweet little kisses following his glorious jawline, until she reached his lips…


He felt the warmth touch of her lips on his… but he didn´t open his eyes. He was afraid this was a dream. Another one of the many he had every night. Because this? Waking up next to her, to her kisses? Was too good to be true. And he didn´t get good in his life.

He felt her sweet breathe on his skin and a not at all unpleasant chill travelled down his spine…

Okay. This definitely felt real.

He opened his eyes and saw the deep and clear blue of hers.

“Hey” she said in a delicious sleepy voice, the sun of Nanda Parbat filtering through the window making his hair glow.

“hey” he said caressing her pink and ridiculously soft cheek.

“so… that happened..” 

“I´m glad it did” he answered putting a golden strand of hair behind her ear…

“I´m gonna say it… all that parkour? Totally paid of… I mean you are really athletic.. I..”  that little nose pucker she did was fast becoming his new favorite thing.

He cut her rambling speech pressing his lips against hers. The kiss was brief but it left them both breathless.

“I always wanted to do that…”

“what? Incapacitate me one kiss at a time? Cause you are succeeding..”

“nope… stop your word vomit with a kiss… if they would have gave me a dollar for every time I had to fight the impulse… I would have been able to keep my Ducati…” he said playfully.

“that often, huh?”

“you bubble a LOT” Oliver said and she hit him with a cushion on the arm.



Suddenly, Felicity was on her back and he was on top of her. His laugh caught her off guard. It was the most beautiful sound she had ever heard. She couldn´t help but smile.

And in that moment looking into Oliver´s eyes she made a decision.

She would be damn if that was the last time she heard it. The last time she woke next to him.

She HAD to do something.

She was going to.

“I love you” she said to him.

“I love you too” he answered.

“I promise” she said to herself.

His lips were hot and soft against hers—still tentative, and after a moment, he pulled back far enough to look into her eyes. She trembled with the need to touch him everywhere at once, to feel him touching her everywhere at once. He would give up everything to go with her.
She twined her arms around his neck, her mouth meeting his in a second kiss that knocked the world out from under her.
She didn’t know how long they stood on that roof, tangled up in each other, mouths and hands roving until she moaned and dragged him through the greenhouse, down the stairs, and into the carriage waiting outside. And then there was the ride home, where he did things to her neck and ear that made her forget her own name. They managed to straighten themselves out as they reached the castle gates, and kept a respectable distance as they walked back to her room, though every inch of her felt so alive and burning that it was a miracle she made it back to her door without pulling him into a closet.


It’s Kiss Week with the doctors of surgery from Kiss of Revenge.

Break Time

Chris leaned against the rail on the roof during her lunch break. The cool breeze felt good after being coped up all morning. She felt a presence near her, turning to see Issei approaching her.

“Finished with your surgery?” She asked. He quietly stood next to her, wrapping his arm around her waist. “Issei we’re at work!” She squirmed to free herself from his grasp.

“Chris.” His seductive voice reached her ears.

“Hm?” She looked at him.

“Relax, we’re all alone here.” He leaned in kissing her softly, reminding her of the first time they shared a kiss. Chris couldn’t help but lean into him deepening their kiss. It made them both wish their shifts were ending soon.

Skyrim Age Au Fanfic

Title: Main Quest: A Chance Meeting
alt title: Meeting your Maker by Mok
Word count: 3,888

Summery: A week after ‘Here Lies the Abyss’ Kain Hawke finds herself in unusual company within the Fade. 
This is the exposition chapter for au crossing over Skyrim and Dragon Age that bubonickitten and I have been working on. Worldbuilding for the au can be found here.

Hawke had been fighting for what felt like years, her muscles aching and blades dulled against the Nightmare’s hide. It had been days since she’d even seen her bow and she didn’t have high hopes for it. Boots scraping for purchase, she bolted away from an incoming tendril and fought the sudden gravity to stay on a patch of floating rock. A swipe from the creature caught the ground by her feet and she sunk her daggers in to keep grounded as it went flying.
Her ears rang as she made contact with a disconnected archway and went flying, rolling under some fallen wood and into a slime-filled puddle. ‘Perfect.

Willing herself to sit up, she looked around and tried to make sense of what she was seeing— not that she was terribly good on that front. Not only was she cold, wet, tired, and injured, but also incredibly lost on all this magic business. Not to mention one of her blades had gone flying to parts unknown and she was reasonably sure she’d die before she saw it again. Her head pounded and she rubbed at her temples with her free hand, shuddering at the slime it dribbled along her face.

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Do you think that when McGonagall really got tired of his colleagues shit she just turned into a cat and started doing random cat things? Like:

Dumbledore: Minerva, please, I really have to send those letters
McGonagall: *gets more comfy over Dumbledore’s desk*
Dumbledore: Minerva
McGonagall: *starts chewing on a nearby quill*

Umbridge: why are the cushions in my office so ruined? Who is responsible for this?
Every other teacher:*glances to McGonagall*
McGonagall:*cleans her nails*

Snape: Minerva get out of that jar now I need it
Snape: you are far too old for such antics
Snape: I’ll stop taking points from Longbottom for a week, is that enough?
McGonagall:*flicks her ear*
Snape:…how did you even get inside there
McGonagall:*meows and burrows deeper in the jar*

nalu things

She tucks her hair behind her ear and huffs lightly. Honestly, some people are just so messy.

She checks the blood pressure of her patient to pass the time; he’s been out cold for a few hours now, poor thing. His disorganized hospital room is, contrary to anyone’s belief, one of her favorites to check up on. It’s quiet, and it always smells like perfume, no doubt from his girlfriend who is constantly visiting. It’s really very sweet of her, he has just a minor head injury, with some trauma towards the frontal lobe. He might later on have some memory issues, but as of today; he’ll be fine.

The perturbing sound of her phone buzzing in her lower pocket prompts her to jump a little bit, making the patient stir lightly. She steadied herself before checking the caller ID.

“Natsu?” She inquires softly, looking around to make sure no other nurses were coming around to see her slacking off. Sort of.

She answers the phone gingerly, like it’s a time bomb she has to defuse.


Lucy…oh, hey!” Natsu’s voice on the other end breathes out, almost surprised that she actually picked up.

“Natsu, why are you calling me at work? It’s kind of rude, you know.” She responds, a little bit less whispery at the sign of the patient’s respiratory levels sinking.

‘Sorry, I know. I just, there was this thing…” He trails off, not giving Lucy any viable hints to what he wanted.

“Natsu, just spit it out already! I have work to do.” She bates, moving backwards and forwards on the balls of her feet anxiously.

Things between her and Natsu had been generally awkward for the last few days. It had all begun when he went over to her house during a rainstorm, they had been caught while walking home from Erza’s. It started out normal, until it plummeted like a broken elevator when Natu pinned her down on her bed and kissed the living daylights out of her.

She couldn’t quite remember how it had gotten to that point, but what she did know was that it happened, and they had both been playing the ‘that never happened’ card for a bit too long now.

Okay, okay. So I have this groupon, and I was kind of wondering if you wanted to go out with me. Out bowling. With…me.” He ends awkwardly, clinging to the end of his sentence with raw anticipation that she could feel through the phone.

Lucy, bothered by the fact that he had decided to ask her out on the phone, prepared her classic lecture on chivalry and common sense that Natsu had to listen to far more than often.

A-and before you go off on that stupid rant of yours – I did try to ask you in person.” He clarifies quickly, stealing the words from Lucy’s mouth.

“Oh,” She says dryly, unsure of how to respond.

Yeah…I accidentally coughed in front of the hospital receptionist lady and they kicked me out.”

Stifling a laugh, Lucy’s eyes drift to the window, where, stories below, she can almost make out a blurb of pink and brown.

“I see you,” she adds creepily, glancing downwards out the window.

Natsu’s figure looks up, before immediately retreating downwards.

Ow! Ow…ow…the glare…” He mumbles.

Lucy laughs again, resting her fingertips on the windowsill with a faint smile.

So…bowling? Are you in?” He asks, with enough hope she almost melts into a blonde puddle.

Sighing, she glances back at her patient, now very much awake, giving her a classic eyebrow raise as to what she was doing.

“Sure. But if you don’t buy me waffle fries, I’ll be extremely upset.” She verifies whole-heartedly.

You got it! I’ll pick you up from work!” Natsu answers excitedly.

“Bye Natsu,” she says, because she knows if she doesn’t cut him off now they’ll be talking for the rest of the afternoon, much to her boss’s chagrin.

Bye Luce. I lo-I mean, I like…you…you’re cool. Bye!” He hangs up ungracefully, with the charm of a puppy who fell down the stairs.

Lucy sighs and gets back to work, all the while wondering how long he’s been waiting for this, and if he knew how long she’s been doing the same.

random nalu inspiration??? idk I actually really like this pairing somebody put a stop to me

Quille was dressed in formal attire to blend in just in case. It was almost amusing, he found himself just inches away from her and he smirked dropping his veil enough for her to see. He spoke up just loud enough for her ears only.“So..taking bets on who goes home lucky or not. I’d say that guy in the corner, he’ll go with the little female that’s been spying him..anymore bets?“He asked casually waiting for her to realize he was there, chuckling softly as he was content to amuse himself with these bets even if she didn’t speak to him and left.bralynaeversong

She snickered, the smirk spread wide on her face . “ You know  betting isn’t allowed..” She grinned and took a shot, paying no mind that they wern’t on the ship at the moment and she looked back up at him “Despite my appearance at this function, I am still able to kill you, just remember that. “ She chuckled and offered him her flask, looking back out into the crowd.


agoddamnrayeofsunshine said:Ok so as far as I can tell Steven and Joy Pines have yet to meet their granddaughter and this would be something that I would very much like to see. I love your story and the shorts that go along with them btw

They are actually quiet involved in Fae’s life.  Their mom has always been- it took their dad longer to come around.

“Mabel are you sure about this?”

“Dipper we have to tell them.”  She picked up the phone sitting between her and her brother and dialed.

“Hey mom, is dad there?  Can you have him pick up the other line?”  THere was quiet for a few moments.  “Okay I have something very important to tell you…  I am pregnant.”  She held the phone away from her ear a moment and Dipper could hear the shouts or surprise.  “The father?”  Mabel shot a look at Dipper.  “Well you see the thing is… its not mine… well not really, not going to be.”

“What I mean is…  I am carrying it for Dip and Bill.  So like by blood its mine and Bill’s, but its their baby…”  She held the phone away from her ear again.  When she deemed it safe she answered the first question she heard.  “I am four months along.”  That had to have been their mother.

“Well its kinda complicated… some very strategic magic…”  That was probably their dad.  “Yes the baby is going to be magic- it IS half Bill.”

“No we don’t know the gender.  Well Bill does but he refuses to tell us.  Wants us to be ‘surprised’.”  Both of them rolled their eyes at that.  

“Yes I’ve been perfectly healthy.  Demon children are nothing like the movies, moving under the skin and all that.”  She laughed at Dipper’s wrinkled nose.  “But it has been a perfectly normal pregnancy so far.  I should go but I promise I’ll keep you up to date okay?”

“Love you too.  Bye.”  

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Can you upload pictures where she was wearing a white dress with her hair down, advertising a blue bra in her hand? With blue earrings???

This one? o:

(to tune of daytona usa theme) fur so naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

this is crunchwrap, she’s a bratty 3.5 foot tall chihuahua who loves to eat junk food and isnt actually as mean as she pretends to be! she likes to wear stick on earrings because she doesnt want her ears pierced.

u should draw her bein cute!

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teeny tiny mickey tugging on his mama's hand until she bends down so he can whisper in her ear that he saw this really cute freckle at little league today and she's like "you saw a cute freckle??" and hes like "ya it was on this boy ian!! on the very tip of his nose! and it was really cute!!!"

!!!! very tiny mickey being so fascinated by tiny ian’s freckles and hair (he admires from afar since he’s too shy to compliment ian on his freckles)

Day 5: Sequins and fannish armor for an exam.  (The exam did not go well, as you can tell by the somewhat glazed look in my eyes.)

Imperial symbol tank from Her Universe, Death Star earrings from Spiffing Jewelry, Jedi symbol pendant from Ivy Moon Designs.

Also, I really like the way my hair looks today, but I didn’t get a good picture of it, and dark hair doesn’t photograph all that well anyway.  It’s two braids wrapped together and pinned into a figure-eight, which I’ve tried in the past but previously hasn’t held well.

Friday 5
  1. I just had an hour and a half lunch with one of my oldest friends who is about 6 weeks behind me pregnancy wise. It was awesome. I miss people. I talked her ear off and probably bored her to death, but talking to some one other than my husband, my dogs or my baby was very exciting.
  2. Brew boy put root beer on tap for me. I love root beer.
  3. This weekend we are going crib/nursery furniture shopping. We still don’t know if we will be living where we are now or moving into a new home, but considering brew boy is working straight through most of June and July, we can’t put this off much longer. I’m excited? I think? Hopefully I won’t get overwhelmed and cry per usual.
  4. A cowoker (the one who called me at 7:30 this morning) asked for help on something. I got no parameters and was told to be as creative as I wanted. I helped, and he has criticized/asked me to change basically every detail. It looks like shit and I don’t want my name associated with it. If he had just asked for what he wanted at the beginning I could have saved hours of time and frustration. Grr.
  5. I’ve been watching The Glades the past couple of days on Netflix and I like it a lot. The main character looks like someone but I can’t put a finger on who.

Happy Friday all!

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It hadn't been too hard to wait for the hunter to let down his guard, hadn't been hard to find the little crack in his defenses and slip through. Azazel stretched his new vessel's limbs, grinning as he rubbed his chin. Stubbly, but bearable, and Baby probably liked it that way. Graced with John Winchester's heavy gait, the demon sauntered into the kitchen, sneaking up behind the Trickster. Wrapping his arms around her waist he crooned in her ear, "How's my baby doll doin'?" (yelloweyedking)


            [    ]         Baby had taken up a habit of tidiness. Maybe it was all the TV she was exposed to, where the women usually stayed home and did things like dishes or laundry. Maybe it was because she had nothing better to do. But during the day, while the boys were out hunting or training or whatnot, Baby would do dishes or tidy up their rooms or get their laundry done. It was always quick, easy, unsatisfying work, even if she did it by hand. So much so that by noon she was done. Baby had made her way into the kitchen and begun to cook some lunch for herself. When she felt arms around her waist and a body press close to her. She let out a soft gasp of surprise, looking slightly over her shoulder to see John Winchester, but with those lovely yellow eyes Baby adored so much. “Azazel,” she grinned, half surprised and half delighted, “What a pleasant surprise.”



(episodic mix - basically smut and music to round out the fashion au)

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