her ear

Quick thoughts on Paige…

Depsite her never being my favorite, I am so happy for her.

Alberto Del Rio (aka fuck that guy) destroyed her mentally. It was such an abusive relationship, and she recoiled from everyone/everything she knew.

Her injury sidelined her for sure, but he was a major part of WWE wanting nothing to do with her for so long–since he was always whispering in her ear.

I truly hope she is done with him; and for good. I hope she thrives in life in every way possible because as a person, she deserves it.

Welcome back to your house, Paige.

We left a key under the mat.

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Supercorp + Lena gets a hickey...

She giggles, at first, when Kara flicks her tongue over her neck for the first time.

Kara drowns in insecurity and doubt and shame and fear.

But when Lena looks into her eyes, it all vanishes.

Because Lena isn’t laughing at her.

Lena wants more.

She touches her neck with a seductive finger, with a hitch in her breath and a need in her eye.

A rather desperate need.

“Here,” she husks, “is ticklish.” Her eyes twinkle, and Kara pays attention just as much as she did to her quantum physics lessons on Krypton.

“Here,” Lena licks her lips as she traces her finger along her throat gently, “is distinctly not.”

Kara nods and applies the lesson in Lena quickly in her mind.

And she proceeds to act with her mouth.

Lena moans and arches her back and tosses her head back and clings desperately to the woman she loves.

“Kara,” she whispers, and Kara gives her everything.

Everything she has, and everything Lena wants.

It isn’t until the next day that either of them start to blush.

Because Lena doesn’t wear a scarf to work, and she doesn’t wear concealer either. 

And Kara’s sister is the first to notice. 

“Lena, are you okay? Did someone hurt you? Are you – “

And Kara’s sister’s wife is the second to notice.

“Danvers, uh, wanna… wanna let it go?”

“No, Maggie, someone hurt her, we need to – “

“Babe. Babe.” Maggie takes Alex’s arm and leads her to the side, and whispers in her ear.

“Think about the marks I leave all across your chest and all over your stomach and your inner thighs…” Her voice is part warning and part seduction, and Alex is already wrecked.

 And then, suddenly, she’s not.

Because this isn’t about her.

This is about her sister.

“Lena, uh… sorry, I uh… carry on. With… you know, life. I uh… DEO business. Yeah. DEO business.” She nods, a little too efficiently, and Lena tries not to blush as Maggie tries not to laugh.

“Lena,” she acknowledges, and Lena can’t help the smile that forms across her lips.

“Alex,” she responds to her girlfriend’s sister, proud of the mark Kara Danvers has left on her body.


FAVORITE THINGS: victor von doom doing a mental risk/reward analysis like “you know what? when this girl was fourteen she covered me in squirrels. have i rodent-proofed my shit since then? yes. am i in the mood to get covered in fucking squirrels again? literally never. god knows what new powers she’s found since puberty. let the little devil-imp take the goddamn time machine. fuck it. who cares. she’ll probably just end up using it to go back in time and tell herself to never come here. that’s how 90% of all time travel ends. another 5% ends with me as undisputed ruler of the entire earth. i’m not even giving her the good time machine. it’s the janky one. joke’s on her, the a/c doesn’t even work and the tapedeck is broken. doom, as ever, is the real winner here.”

Galra Pidge to help cheer up @leafbo-i, who sent me the nicest, purest ask a few weeks back.

Yuuri squirmed under Victor’s kisses as they tickled his ear. With each sweet brush, Victor dotted the line of small diamond marks along Yuuri’s skin. The roughness of his morning voice melded with the compliments he whispered, of cute and lovely, and everything that had Yuuri’s cheeks flushing redder than the wine Victor had brought on board for them the previous night.

Yuuri bunched his hands against Victor’s chest, giggling silently at how Victor’s lips swept at the sensitive spots. He pushed lightly in protest, felt the joy expanding in his chest as Victor continued with mutters of beautiful and lovebird. A lifetime spent living on the solitude of jagged cliffsides, and now he awoke in the warmth of Victor’s embrace and the fondness of his kisses.

Teeth scrapped playfully over his earlobe, and Yuuri moaned, the exhale soft and hushed. He did not realize he had let it slip his lips until Victor’s laugh rolled across his skin. Bubbling with glee.

“Yuuri, you sprouted.” Victor teased another kiss just below Yuuri’s ear. His lips tickled tiny feathers, blooming from the tattoos he had been tracing.

Cheeks burning hot, Yuuri clasped his hands over his ears, while Victor laughed all the more.

“Oh darling, don’t hide from me,” Victor said, delicate as he pulled Yuuri’s hands away, kissing his fingertips, the inside of his wrist, and up the tattoos twisting up Yuuri’s arms. “That’s the cutest thing in the world, my kisses got you so excited. You know that I adore you, feathers and all.”

Scowling, Yuuri let his feathers bristle, but Victor just beamed in response. Beamed and kissed at Yuuri’s ears again, until the siren’s giggles filled the room with the magic of their delight.


I fell into drarry hell so I had to draw this, i’ve been reading fanfics non-stop (God bless @capiturecs that masterlist is 👌!!!) i’m weak for characters that bicker/fight like a married couple, I specially love the fics where they are adults working together or in differents departments in the ministry but they still have to have interaction with each other because… of reasons… when their ‘bickering’ turn into blatant flirting i’m :))