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  • Draco:Wait. Pansy got detention!? How did you manage that? [laughing] Did you break a nail and curse in front of a professor?
  • Pansy:If you must know I just had a rather large duel with a seventh year Ravenclaw who spilled their morning tea on my shoes....
  • Blaise:and when McGonagall asked her what motivated her to hex the girl...
  • Pansy:Apparently Spite and the cost of my cleaning bill were the wrong answers.
  • Blaise:Was still amazing to see though! You should have seen McGonagall's face! she looked like smoke was going to start coming out of her ears she was so mad!
  • Theo:Well Pans did use Diffindo on the Ravenclaw table... that was one hell of a mess....
  • Pansy:[smirking] Maybe they should teach people to be less clumsy...
10 Things Jumin Love

Her laugh.

 She was ticklish; it was a very wonderful day for him once he learned about it.

 “Ahahahaha!” Left and right she wiggled in his embrace. To her dismay, his hug only tightened, one arm wrapped around her stomach while his right hand traced up and down the side of her chest. “Jumiiii-AHAHAHAHA!” Laughter turned into roaring cackles, she tried to turn until her right side lightly bumped his chest. “Oppa, you’re meaahahahaha!” Unfortunately for her, this only meant for his hand to easily caress higher until deft fingers tickled the left side of her neck.

 Jumin only chuckled warmly as he kissed the right side of her head. Chu, chu, his kisses were endless, smiling lips then traced down to the shell of her beet red ear.

 He bit back a laugh himself once he felt her tilting her head slightly towards him.


 Her laughter bloomed flowers in his heart.

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herebelife  asked:

Can we have a post about their ears? Just comparing their wonderfully individual ears.

@herebelife oh gosh this is a wonderful request!! < 3 

Maeby’s ears are so soft and flippy floppy and quite dense. She has super fine curls behind her ears that need brushed or they will ball up and mat. Could you imagine having heavy ears just bobbing all over your head? She often has an inside out ear & doesn’t even notice it. I love her ears! Yep, so cute! The only downside is they are prone to gunky build up so I have to stay on top of cleaning them regularly.  Here’s a picture of me & Maeby with her ear to head ratio. They look huge here!

The only way Maeby’s ears will stand up is if they catch a gust of wind. WEEE!

I also love Max’s ears too! They are hairy! Like old person ear full of hair what did you ask me to do I can’t hearrr you? ;) They feel very light and puppy fuzzy. His radar ears are the best! Yes, I am listening to you with this one ear but I hear something over there as well so let me pick up that noise.

At rest his ears tend to sit to the sit of his head. Look at this grumpy face that can fit a party hat.

Living with Regrets - Part 2: Haunting Me (TEASER)

My Jensen drabble turned one shot turned series ;) Part 2 happens in 13 hours! 


Y/N hadn’t heard him come in, and she jumped slightly when she turned around to see him standing before her. 

“Hey, you cut your hair.” Jensen could have kicked himself, but all the other options of what to say floating through his mind seemed even worse. I missed you. I still love you. You are even more beautiful than I remember. 

Her hand shoot up to her locks that now ended just below her ear rather than falling down her shoulders and back. 

“Yeah… a while ago now.”Jensen smiled at her as he fought for words.

 “It looks good. You look amazing.” She let out a small laugh. “You don’t look bad yourself Jay.”

Jay. He had missed hearing her call him that. He had missed the way his name sounded rolling of her tongue. She took a hesitant step forward, and Jensen immediately opened his arms, giving her a destination. She no longer hesitated. Within seconds, she was in his arms. She buried her face in his chest as he rested his chin on top of her head. Jensen let out a relieved sigh. He closed his eyes, resting his chin on the top of her head and held her. Nothing had changed. He still loved him and she still needed him. Jensen couldn’t stop himself from dreaming about a life with her again. He wanted to tell her, how much he still loved her but he held back out of fear of scaring her away.

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Kagome pumps a fist in front of her and shoots Inuyasha a look like she’s coaching the underdog football team during the last two minute warning at the Super Bowl, “We got this, Inuyasha.”

He nods with a grunt, his lips pressed to a firm and concentrated line.

“We can DO this, Inuyasha.” She says again, feeling the determination flood her veins like radioactivity.

He hums in affirmation, believing in her and believing in himself as he puts a hand over her swollen belly with a glow of pride on his cheeks, “No sweat. We totally got this.”

A few hours later:

Kaede counts her blessings towards the fateful day she lost the hearing in her left ear because Inuyasha is yelling over Kagome whom is screaming:




“ME TOO. E V E R Y W H E R E.”


And into the wonderful adventure of parenthood they embark.

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"Hey good lookin', wanna taste my cooking? How about 8 o'clock at my dorm." He said with a smirk wearing his 'do nothing to the cook' apron.

Her eyes widened a little and her ears went up. Looking at anyone next to to her to see if he was flirting with anyone else. It couldn’t have been her. She was mostly quiet. Looking back at him with a slight blush she asked “are you…talking to me?” She asked shyly.

Michelle’s past came back to haunt her. She had been in Ivy’s greenhouse, watering the plants when a sharp ringing began to go off in her ears. The werewolf cries out and drops the hose she was using, covering her ears as she tries to make the noise stop. The glass in the greenhouse shatters as a couple of smoke grenades fly into the building, a strange scent beginning to fill her nose.

“N-no…” The werewolf manages to say as her eyes shift from hazel to golden yellow. Hunters from her past had found her, having decided to take her down using a different approach. Wolfsbane grenades. Michelle could feel her primal instincts start to take over as she struggles to keep herself from shifting, the girl struggling to get out of the greenhouse.


for @ficcingcaptaincanary weekly challenge: “Captain Canary + Laurel”

“I’m on my way to meet them now.” She pursed her lips, fighting a smile while cradling her phone between her shoulder and ear. She silently thanked the barista who handed her a steaming cup of coffee in the to-go cup. She went to the small condiment area where she lifted off the lid to add a pack of sugar. “Yeah, who knew I’d be an aunt so soon, huh?”

She laughed at was what said on the other side of the phone call while replacing the lid on her coffee and finally just holding her cell with her hand while sipping her coffee with her other. The caffeine made her cheeks flush with life. If it weren’t for coffee, she’d probably still be in bed with the man on the other end of the phone. 

“I’ll see you tonight? Okay, bye.”

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thinking about Hae Soo and Wang So tho and like their wedding night WHICH WILL HAPPEN THEY WILL GET MARRIED THEY WILL GET TOGETHER THEY WILL BE HAPPY 5EVA!!!!! but like he’d actually be like so gentle with her???? people think ah because he’s an angry person who has killed and has issues and hasn’t always been the nicest etc etc (HES GROWN SO MUCH THO HE IS GETTING THERE MY BAB SON ;___;) that he would be really violent and forceful but nah he loves the girl so much he would treat her so preciously hed like whisper sweet things in her ear and hold her close and stroke her hair and they’d make each other laugh and he’d make sure she was safe and happy and he’d look at her with THAT LOOK on his face and in his eyes and they’d both be so happy with each other and then they’d fall asleep together after and i just cANTCOPE

Well meant treachery

Daniel glanced over at Sly as he walked, a faint smirk lighting up the human’s expression that eventually evolved into a full on smile. “What?” His Lucario asked with an irritated sass to her tone. Which just caused Daniel to laugh jovially. He waved his hand dismissively at her before moving close enough to be able to scratch behind her ears. Causing the Lucario to look up at him with a smile of her own. Although she flinched when he accidentally ran his hand across a bruise.

The two of them were on their way back from a scouting mission for Daniel’s temporary job while his gym was being repaired after Sly unintentionally nearly destroyed it. So it wasn’t very surprising to see a few other people from the team nor their pokemon. “Sly I’ll be right back” He said to her once they reached a junction “I’ll be right back, just talk to one of the others” He told her while he fidgeted with something on his belt.

The Lucario rolled her eyes before walking over to the closest pokemon, a Mawile. “Hey”

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   Perks up! “Pumpkins?”

Perks ears and pauses for a moment looking at him, mouth full of unharmed pumpkins. :: My pumpkins, I’m gonna do something special with them! :: she said over her comm and flicked her ears before running off to hide them in a cold place for now.


I get up from the couch and chase after her because I know that’s what she wants. 

“Stop babe.” I wrap my arm around her stomach and pull her body close to mine. 

“I’m sorry, okay.” I whisper in her ear, I kiss her neck and watch goose bumps pebble her skin.

She’s so easy, or maybe I am. 

I turn her around, my finger lifts her chin,”You know I love you.” 

She nods her head yes and her eyes flutter closed, I don’t waste anytime, i move forward and press my lips against hers. 

I take off her dress and lift her in my arms, her legs wrap around my stomach and I carry her to the couch.