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I got into an argument with 1 of my white "friends"cuz she used the n-word and ive told her multiple times NOT TO USE THAT GODDAMN WORD and some other white chick goes all 'yeah why can black ppl call each other n** but we cant?"and I tried explaining her racist ass but she probably got some white bs in her ears cuz all she could come up with was "why do you care u aint even black" yo i may have pale skin but im african and i dont use the goddamn word, how they gon disrespect my ppl like dat fck

Time to leave that “friend” alone.


Things I need more of, a Deckerstar list
  • small touches. 2x11-2x13 fed us so well with this. we got lucifer tucking her hair behind her ear and chloe taking his arm in a time of need. ive been spoiled and i.need.all.the.touching.
  • banter. i miss them so much
  • more chloe trying to drop some hints. i know they are in a bad(?) place as of 2x14, but i s2g if chloe doesn’t accept the fact that she spent an entire episode trying to make her sex dream come true…
  • chloe worrying about lucifer
  • lucifer literally complimenting her omg?? “beautiful” and “heaven-sent” this man is golden i need moRE
  • KISSING. angsty kissing, passionate kissing, sad kissing, I NEED SOMETHING. IF WE DON’T GET ANOTHER KISS TILL THE FINALE I CAN’T LIVE
  • lucifer  holding her hand, i need this
  • “i hate ketchup..” “foolish condiment” LUCIFER BEING A TOTAL DORK 
  • danCING please for the love of god let them slow dance at least once
  • chloe dressed up. i love her in anything but she’s overdue for a fancy outfit, and lucifer DIDN’T SHOW UP TO SEE HER IN HER LAST MINI-SKIRT
  • sleepovers. let chloe sleep in his bed again
  • imagine getting tired of their hugs. can’t relate. i want more hugs 
  • sex. my soul will leave my body if we get a sex scene

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Ok but Kara hosting a game night w superfriends and invites Lena. Lena is a nervous fucking mess bc she's not used to having friends and the gang is a bit awkward bc of the 2x12 incident. But Kara is there to calm Lena down and make her feel welcome and she even holds her hand and whispers reassuring things in her ear and promises to be a team every game. Also Kara is oblivious to any tension in the room because she's just so damn happy that Lena is spending time with her and meeting her friends

THIS IS GONNA MAKE A BITCH CRY …. give lena luthor friends 2k17 give kara danvers more girl friends 2k17 let lena luthor and james olsen be friends 2k17 …..


One foot out, had a shiver running down my spine, the second foot causing a blanket of goosebumps over my skin. The exposure of cold from the sudden change in temperature - after removing myself from the warm and steamy bathroom, into Justin and I’s bedroom - had me dashing over to the bed in an attempt to warm up. 

The warm, messy bed was silky soft around my near bare body, leaving me with a satisfied sensation of emotions. With a towel draped over my small, damp figure, hair dripping slightly of disregarded water, I yelped in sudden contact as a furry warmth grazed over my leg.

Justin was oddly enough mumbling incomprehensible words beside me, to god knows who - but I chose to ignore his strange behaviour and instead twisted around to spot a fluffy little yorkie terrier sniffing around the disheveled bed sheets.

“Esther…” I spoke softly, enjoying the quiet and lazy day we had decided to encounter. Her head perked up at the sound of my voice, ears scavenging her surroundings as she slowly and lazily approached me, burying her body under my arms. 

As if just noticing Esther and I for the first time, Justin suddenly turned over and looked at Esther and I. He seemed to be looking for something for a second before he began clicking his fingers, and in a raspy, lazy voice called, “Esther, come over here - come here.”

Esther quickly dashed out of my grasp, running over to her ‘father’s’ side - who had suddenly let out a rather ungraceful yawn. It was only then I realised he was holding his phone, pointing towards her.

Not thinking much of it, I smiled down at the two before scooting closer to Justin’s side, cuddling up to his arm. With one arm draped around me, still gripping his phone, and the other petting Esther in a soothing way, he suddenly mumbled “You need a bath.” under his breath. 

My eyebrows furrowed, a small and confused smile on my face as I peered up at him. “If that was your way at telling me I smell - it wasn’t very subtle. And I literally just got out of the shower.” I rasped in a quiet tone.

Justin’s eyes flickered away from his phone towards mine, laughing slightly at my comment. “I can tell baby, which is why I wasn’t talking to you. I meant Esther.”

“Oh…” I blushed scattering off the bed. 

With a sway in my hips, I strutted over to the closet, slipping on the first pair of sweats and tank top I could find. Once returning back into the room, I noticed Justin sputtering irrelevant sentences with his phone in a rather close proximity to his face.

“’What in Gods name are you doing?” I yawned, stretching out across the bed sideways.

Justin glanced over at me but it was so quick and sudden, I honestly could of just imagined it. His free hand extended over to run his fingers through my hair as he usually would when we cuddle, soothing me to no extent.

I smiled and hummed into the bed sheets with content at the feeling, silently listening to Justin draw in and release a loud breath through his nose. All until the feeling of Justin’s hand was removed from my body, the sounds of his dog tag necklace being fumbled around with ringing through the air afterwards..

Slowly, my face lifted out of the silky sheets, only to catch sight of Justin balancing the tag on his lips, with his phone still high in his face.

“Your so weird. What the hell are you doing?” I chuckled, crawling forward. 

Justin didn’t respond, instead drawing another obnoxiously loud breath through his nostrils. Anxiously with a giggle, I turned over flat on my back, and slid my head onto Justins chest, peeking up at his phone. 

It wasn’t until I was met with a mirroring reflection of half my head peeking onto Justin’s screen in a very unattractive angle that I drew back in shock. “Oh God your live streaming.” I said in horror. 

“Yeah…” He laughed. 

“And I just put my head in the screen, I looked like a troll.”

Justin chuckled, using his hand to grip my head in an aggressive but gentle way and pulled my head down to plant a kiss on my temple while squeezing my cheeks together. I groaned in annoyance and swatted his hands away, pouting like a four year old afterwards. 

I exceeded a deep sigh, shuffling off the mattress, but not before bending down and giving Justin a warm kiss on the lips. As I stalked back towards the bathroom, deciding it was time I did something with my mess of hair, it wasn’t until Justin called out to me that an Idea had suddenly popped into my head.

“Alright I’m gonna end the stream.”

A smirk settled on my face at the realisation that we were going to be alone - completely alone in a few seconds and I couldn’t help but get a little excited at the plan brewing in my head. 

Everything was adding up.

I’m home alone. I’m having a lazy day. My boyfriend is here with me. And no one is here to interrupt. Why didn’t I think of this sooner?!

With a pimp in my step, I discontinued my trail to the bathroom and took a re-route, practically running over to the closet.

After gliding my hand along the many, many choices of clothes I had in store, I finally settled into the section where all my nightwear hung, including a nice and wide selection of Lingerie and silk slips. Something I’ve come to learn Justin is a big fan of.

It was a hard choice - deciding which to wear. There were so many choices but I was rather satisfied with the black VS one I settled on. With a few straps and a couple laces, I was fully clothed in a nice lingerie which can I just say, I looked stunning in. Actually, more like half clothed. It was rather revealing.  Perfect.

As all this was done, slight mumbling was heard outside the door from Justin. Was he on the phone. Maybe. But why was he telling jokes? And two whom?

“Why did  Adelle cross the road?” he began but I blocked out all sound after that. It was time to freshen up, not be caught up in Justin’s random questions towards whoever he was talking to. 

My hair was quickly thrown into the perfect messy bun and I was done. So simple, yet so effective.

After running my eyes over my reflection in the body length mirror, I then slowly and seductively began walking out of the closet, nestling myself on the doorway staring down at Justin who was now just glaring at his phone with an arm above his head, fingers scratching his scalp.

It was silent for a few minutes I must say before his gaze fell, and finally landed on mine, just realising I was standing there. 

And as his eyes met my figure, they instantly began bulging out of his head. Mouth opened and tongue slightly stuck out as if a puppy awaiting a nice bowl of water after a long run. Thirsty much.

I allowed my hand to glide up the frame of the door, my hip popping out to the side more giving him a better pose in the outfit. Slowly, I began excelling forward, eyes burning into the honey orbs of my boyfriend who seemed to be in shock at my surprise.

Just when my knees hit the bed, I lifted them and began crawling over to him, his eyes watching my every move with lustful orbs - awaiting my every move.

My legs swung over his body, straddling his crotch area with a smirk. 

“Like what you see?” I whispered into his ear before nibbling at the flesh of his ear lobe. 

And as if it was my voice that had snapped him out of his gaze, his body went stiff as rock, eyes almost guilt ridden as he cleared his throat in a warning manner.

“Uh….babe.” He says almost apologetically. 

“Mmm?” I hummed whilst making my way down towards his jaw.

He pulled his head back before jerking in the direction beside him. My eyes slowly worked up only to realise that Justin’s hand was hovering over us, his phone intact with an ongoing live stream displayed. 

Comments were flowing in like crazy but I couldn’t bring myself to read them. I was too busy trying to hide my flushed and embarrassed face. The palms of my hands flew over my cheeks, fingers shielding my eyes which were squeezed shut.  

I was just caught in front of thousands of people, a lot of which who were probably recording - trying to seduce my boyfriend in a revealing lingerie on camera. Great. 

A wicked chuckled escaped Justin’s lips as he grabbed a hold of the back of my head and pulled my flushed face into the vail of his chest, rubbing soothingly to calm me down. he was obviously finding this rather humourous.

I whimpered disapprovingly into his chest, and as he received the message, he smiled, leaned down to kiss my hair, then pulled back smiling up at the camera.

“Bye.” Was all he said before the screen went blank.

Request are being written.

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Trolls don't really celebrate wriggling days and when Rose discovers that Kanaya has never had a birthday party she refuses to let that stand (despite Kanaya's protests that it's really not necessary). She invites everyone they know and goes all out alchemizing balloons and decorations and Kanaya is just sitting there in a paper hat surrounded by confetti wondering why humans are like this as Terezi blows a noisemaker directly into her ear

i love this, this also probably happens on the meteor but this is cute

rose “attempts” to bake a cake but she cant bake for shit so she eventually has to alchemize one (kanaya loves it anyways)

as a gift rose gives her a kiss on the cheek and gives her the only sweater she has managed to fully knit(its not that good but kan doesnt take it off for a week after)

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Can Lottie please shade Eleanor like she shades Briana😂 . I know she won't cause she has to make things legit but damn I do love when Lottie makes fun of louis' stunts . Also miss the days where she'd hang out with Harry all the time😔, she's loyal to Him that's for sure 👊🏼

remember that day where he was putting food packets through her earrings


Jacqueline removed the phone from her ear, shaking her head. No, she must have imagined it all. It was probably all static, that’s it. Static. And the line must have dropped because the connection was poor.

Of course that was what it was. It was the logical answer. But what if it wasn’t the right one?

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(With frank castle plz n thank) "did you seriously break into some woman's car to get her dog out, JUST because she had the windows closed?"

“Damn right I did,” he grumbles, cradling the small dog against his chest, scratching lazily behind her ears. “The hell you think I am, huh? You really think I was gonna let this poor thing suffer in there?”

“Frank, it’s the middle of the night,” you sigh. “There’s a million reasons why that dog could’ve been in there.”

He turns to you then, and he glares at you. “You tellin’ me that I shoulda left this girl in there? Let her die of heatstroke or starvation or something?”

“Well, no,” you almost stutter, biting your lip as he takes a step forward. “I was just…you know…what if she comes back soon, you know? No? Oh, never mind.”

“Good, that’s what I thought,” he mumbles. “Come on, we’re goin’.”

“Frank you can’t take the dog.”

“What am I supposed to do with her, huh, hotshot? I’m takin’ the dog whether you say no or not.”


“I’m takin’ the dog.”


“Takin’ the dog, baby girl. Deal with it.”


Primal instinct (open)

Tonic arrived at Elk Forest, the smell of pine and decay filled her nostrils. She sighed as she set down her bag, she stripped of normal clothes and dig through her bag to find her old clothes . As she slipped into the familiar feeling of siren scales and elf hide she looked around, memories flooding her mind.

“Welcome home tonic” she spoke to herself out loud, her body began to ache at the thought of her worried children , but she shook the feeling. A sharp pop echoed as her wings dug there way our from her back, she let out a loud scream, but nothing could be truly heard. She felt her mind slipping, all her training flooding back to her as if she was drowning. She took a few deep breathes , feeling around her body for the changes, her black and purple wings cause her shadow to morph, feeling up her face she felt her elongated ears and smirk “god I hate these fuckin things” . soon every sound became more fluent, louder, clearer. She heard the breathing of a orc 200 yards away.

Tonic traveled into the woods, walking towards the sound of water, she leaned down and saw herself for the first time since she arrived, her eyes resembled empty black holes. The color was solid but endless. As she cupped her hands in the water to drink she heard foot steps behind her, she turned around quickly with her bow drawn “speak or die alone ”

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((Hit me with your best "alt!"

see who renata wants to rp as.         accepting.


                 The Red Riding Hood she could be called; however, how ironic such nickname would be for she was the daughter of the wolf. The girl was walking through the wood, alone. No one was around. She had no one who could be considered as her friend, there was no one who would spend time with her. No, that was not quite right. She was the one who didn’t need anyone. She all right with being alone. She liked this solitude.

                 Velouria stepped forward, her ears twitched. Her was looking around, searching for a new treasure in the forest. Carcasses, shells, bodies, skulls. Anything that she would find fascinating, interesting, worthy of her eye. She remembered how many times she was throwing away her treasures and how sad she was. Velouria wondered if she will find something today to replace the old ones. Messiness in her room never bothered her, many have taken her room as a place where the trash was being stored. However, she always cleaned up. She knew when she needed to do that. It was natural for her. Mama always told her to be careful with treasures that were slowly withering away.

                 The wolfskin finally found it. A beautiful snake skin that sparkled in the sunlight. Her eyes sparkled like two rubies as her tail started waggling excitedly from left to right, showing just how overjoyed she was.

— Beautiful! I wonder if Papa or Mama will like it. Papa seems to enjoy my gifts, I’m so happy. But Mama may use it as a lucky charm too. Mhmm, I think I will give this one to Mama. She can carry it with her every day! And Papa will be proud of me if I will give such a marvelous gift to Mama.

                 A smile appeared on her face as she crawled under the bushes, trying to get to the spotted sparkling skin. Almost new, she thought that SNAKE was not too far away. Seemed as if the skin was taken off several minutes ago. She was so lucky! But…

— When will I see them?

                 The smile that worked its way to her face once again dissipated as a morning dew. Her loneliness started tugging her down. She wanted to see them. To talk to them. Velour missed her parents so much. She wanted to see them happy and smiling. She wanted to hug her mom and dad. She wanted to sniff them, to remember their scent and forever memorize it. She tried it many times. Velouria knew that someday she will leave the nest. That she and her parents will have to go separate way, but…

— I haven’t spent time with them as much as I wanted to. I’ve been in Deeprealms for too long and I don’t see them as much as I want to. That is why… that is why I want to be together all the time. That is why I want to fight with them. That is why I…

                 She looked at the snake skin in her hands. So sparkling and shiny. Ye, that is why she fathers all these treasures. They are something that she treasures and keeps to herself. These treasures are something that will stay with her when her parents were not here.



Hyojin sighed in bliss and released the corpse from her hold, letting it thump clumsy onto the pavement. She wiped her arm across her face and felt the slowly cooling blood across her mouth. Her tongue darted out and licked the remnants of her meal.Pulling her dark coat closer around her body, she lifted one high-heeled boot covered foot and stepped over her victim, flitting off in the direction of her haven. She paused half a mile away; her ears tuning into the delightful screams of someone stumbling upon her victim. Ahn Hyojin smirked with blood red painted lips and left the scene. 

Lying - Josh Dun

Hey, I’m going to eat lunch with Tyler, but later today can I come over with pizza, for you and Ella? – Josh

           Josh and I have been dating for about two months, we met at a panic! concert that I took my daughter Ella to. He helped me convince Ella to wear headphones to protect her ears, that when I knew he was a great guy.

           He accepted me for having a four-year-old daughter. Before our first date I called to tell him that we are a package deal and he can’t just have me, he also has to care for Ella. That date he brought flowers for Ella and I.

           There was only one problem, I lied about where I worked and still haven’t told him the truth. I planned to tell him soon. It’s just when he told me that he was in a successful band that traveled the country I panicked, I didn’t want to tell him I worked at a diner, making barely minimum wage, when he mad millions. I didn’t want him to feel like he had to provide for us when things got serious. So I lied.

           I needed to tell him the truth.

           That would be great! I respond to him, sliding my phone into my apron I grab the tray of drinks and deliver them to the table.

           “You have more people at table 9” my co-worker, Sarah, tells me.

           Grabbing my pen and paper I walk over to the table, keeping my head down as I scribble on the paper, I start reciting what I recite to every new costumer.

           “Welcome to Greasy’s where the best French fries are, my name is Emily and ill be your sever for the day, what can I get you started on, oh my god.”

           It was josh and Tyler, his friend and band mate I’ve never met. I dropped the tray and pen and paper I was holding.

           I guess ill be telling him the truth sooner than I thought.

                       “I’m sorry.” I say standing up after picking up everything I’ve dropped. The look on josh’s face is betrayal and hurt.

           “If you’re a fan, do you mind not telling people we are here. We’d like to just eat food, please.” Tyler says, not knowing who I really am.

           Shaking my head “ I’m not a fan. It’s just I remembered that I forgot to feed my cat.”

           Josh starts shaking his head, a sarcastic chuckle coming from his mouth. “Do you lie to everyone you meet? Or just me?”

           I knew that wasn’t a question he wanted me to answer.

           “Wait, do you guys know each other?” Tyler asks, looking between the both of us.

           “Well I thought we knew each other.”

Okay, I deserved that one

           “Your josh’s Emily?” I’m tongue-tied, what do I say?

           “No, she’s not mine. The Emily I knew didn’t work at a diner. The Emily I knew would never lie.” Josh says bitterly “we will take two waters.”

           I scurry away to my other tables before I fill their drinks.

           Taking a deep breath I place their water on the tray and start walking towards their table.

After placing their water down, I take out my notebook and pen.

           “H-have you decided on what you would like to eat.” I ask, not really staring at any of them.

           “We’ll have two of your burgers with French fries, please.” Tyler orders for both of them

           “Are you going to talk to me?” I ask josh after writing down their order. Only getting an arm cross in response. Not even eye contact.

No. No. I get I messed up, but he can be a man and talk to me.

           “Can you at least say one thing to me?”

           “Fine. There, happy now.” No, not really

           Tears welling up in my eyes, I leave before any of them fall.

           Placing their order into the machine I sit down to take a breath, to collect myself before I have a meltdown in front of everyone.

           I need to at least explain why I lied. Why I was scared of telling him the truth.

           If he wont look at me when I’m standing in front of him, than I’ll get every ones attention.

           Walking towards the table in the middle of the small dinner, I push out the chair and stand up on the table, already receiving a few stares.

           “Excuse me everyone.” I say loudly getting everyone’s attention, including Josh’s

           “As you all know, I’m Emily. Recently I hurt someone that means a lot to me, and right now he probably doesn’t believe anything I say. So I’m going to tell you guys the whole truth, right now.”

           “When I was 19, I got pregnant by my than boyfriend, my family kicked me out and I was all alone. I got a job here and I’ve worked here ever since.”

           “I told him that I worked at a accounting firm, and in all honesty I don’t even know what that means, I told him this because I didn’t want him to think any less than me.”

           “He travels for a living, makes probably millions. For me, everyday is the same. I wake up, get my daughter to school, come here and work for less than minimum wage. I give Brett the de caf coffee because even though he orders caffeinated, it isn’t good for him. I also know to bring my daughter into work with me on Saturday, because Walter loves seeing her since he hasn’t seen his grandchildren in years.”

           “I hated lying to him. At the time we met I didn’t know him, but now I know he would never think less than me. He accepted me for having a kid and that’s all I could ask for.”

                       “I was also embarrassed, I was embarrassed of where I work. I didn’t want him to know that before he comes over I take three showers so he doesn’t smell French fries, cause that’s what I smell like.

           “I also can’t play an instrument to save my life, or throw a baseball.” I say.

           Hoping down I start to fill peoples drinks and collect bills, luckily one of my workmates served josh and Tyler their meals.

                       Gathering three tables bill I deliver two of them and take a breath before dropping the bill onto josh’s table and walking away quickly to clean off tables.

                       “So, what time do you want me to come over with pizza?” Josh’s voice startles me as I started wiping a table


           “W-what?” I say, looking into his eyes.

           “Would eight o’clock work? We still have to talk about all of this, but I still want to come over.”      

           “Yeah, yeah that would be perfect, it will give me enough time to take three showers.” I say with a shy smile, my stomach acting like the first time we met.

                       “No need, I love the smell of French fries.”

Sybil was sitting under a tree within the small courtyard a small journal open on her lap. A quill sat between her fingers as she scribbled away writing words that described her latest of visions. She sat silently as the other students and staff buzzed around her. Something, or someone caught her attention raising her eyes up to see someone standing to her left. “You’re standing in the light.” She murmured as she brushed her brown hair behind her ear. “Makes seeing things difficult.”