her ear


im love them,,,,,,,,,

zeifra is beautiful, elegant, and advanced in ripping out the guts of men. she wears outfits suitable for funerals and simple, classy jewelry. she works as a fortune teller, but it mainly ends in “i foresee terrible tragedy in your future.” she likes to make trolls cry.

eemkee is sarcastic, traumatized, and would probably eat out of a trashcan. she wears a shock collar from her owner and (almost always) a suspicious scowl. she does work for her owner that includes going out to buy food and other things, but it mainly ends in her getting shocked for not being back on time. 


FAVORITE THINGS: victor von doom doing a mental risk/reward analysis like “you know what? when this girl was fourteen she covered me in squirrels. have i rodent-proofed my shit since then? yes. am i in the mood to get covered in fucking squirrels again? literally never. god knows what new powers she’s found since puberty. let the little devil-imp take the goddamn time machine. fuck it. who cares. she’ll probably just end up using it to go back in time and tell herself to never come here. that’s how 90% of all time travel ends. another 5% ends with me as undisputed ruler of the entire earth. i’m not even giving her the good time machine. it’s the janky one. joke’s on her, the a/c doesn’t even work and the tapedeck is broken. doom, as ever, is the real winner here.”