her dress was so cute

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top 5 cordelia fashion moments!!


1) her hospital look in killed by death the blue top and sweater with the navy (?) skirt and ankle boots SO FUCKING CUTE

2) her outfit in innocence. cream top and cardigan wrapped around her shoulders (which she did so much of and i fucking love it) with the cutest plaid skirt!!!

3) her outfit in go fish. the blue striped shirt with the white collar under a navy dress with her white under the knee socks

4) her dress and jacket in graduation day, part two. so cute and simple. LOVE it with the sneakers, very 90s but also very Now. can’t tell in the pic but there’s cute white detailing on the dress as well. also this is her last outfit in btvs and her fashion is very different in ats so i could write pages of meta about all that shit lmao anyway

5) omg i made 4 of these btvs yikes okay but hands down by fav ats cordy look is her dress in birthday. it is BEYOND stunnign i lvoe it so much it fits charisma so well and shows off her stunning curves and it’s only on screen for like FIVE SECONDS!!!!! FUCK U JOSS/WHOEVER DID THIS TO ME

His child wears a bee costume to one of their concerts (Block B)

Y/D/N: your daughter’s name

Y/S/N: your son’s name

Zico: -he would stop everything that he would be doing and instantly start cooing to his little girl so cutely dressed in her bee costume- “my little princess look how cute you are”

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Jaehyo: -when his son started walking out on stage and fans reacted he turned and found it to be the cutest thing ever- “that’s my boy”

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P.O: -he would kiss his son as soon as he saw the little costume on him- “wish daddy luck before I go on stage”

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B-Bomb: -he would find it really cute that his little girl was dressed up like a bee- “I’m going to do the best for you baby girl”

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Taeil: -he would be so happy that you brought your son out to see him. He had sound from headphones on that you put the antennas on and black and yellow stripped clothes- “he looks so cute”

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U-Kwon: -he was in love with his little girl dressed in her little bee costume- “if I keep looking at you I won’t be able to preform at all”

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Kyung: -he would kiss your baby as soon as he saw him and smile stroking his little cheek- “daddy’s gonna do so good now when he goes to preform”

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Dear Stranger Things Season 2:

Give me Eleven coming back on her own terms, not needing to be rescued, saving herself (and her friends), and wearing a cute dress while she does so. 

Give me Joyce continuing to fiercely protecting her sons and fighting to keep Eleven safe no matter what the consequences.

Give me Max being strong, independent, and fearless enough to also tell government agents to, ahem, eat shit. 

Give me Nancy having difficult emotions over the loss of her best friend and leading the most bad-butt monster hunting trio ever.

Give me Karen picking more locks and learning secrets she was never supposed to learn while also making the best damn apple pie in Hawkins. 

Give me Jennifer Hayes defending Will and his friends in the school yard if someone dares try to pick on them.

sorry i haven’t been drawing as much, its probably because i foolishly bought another copy of animal crossing to make a faerie-themed town


i draw serious things….i promise…

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Fem!Tsuna redraw for some of the best scenes with Reborn.

Reference: Chap 370 and 390

Time for some headcanon for Fem!Tsuna!

  • My Fem!Tsuna (henceforth known as Tsuru) is a bit of a tomboy, but she likes cute stuff and cute dresses. So her usual attire aside from her school uniform are dresses and sneakers. Don’t forget the hoodies (like canon!Tsuna).
  • Instead of a charm, Kyoko gifted Tsuru a tuna hairpin, because Kyoko knew Tsuru likes cute things.
  • Tsuru likes to tie her hair up in different styles to compensate for her messy hair.
  • Her goroawase should be 26, but I retained the 27 to be consistent.

Here’s more of my Fem!Tsuna headcanons.

@seikashiro - I had fun drawing fem!Tsuna. It’s been a while!