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Droughtlander Art Challenge
Week 13 - Red

All of Claire’s outfits in Paris are so colorful! (a fact I haven’t taken full advantage of..) Had to include the fan for Jamie’s sake 😉

Happy Monday! September is a week closer!

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Hello!! <3 Love your headcanons!! So could you do for rfa reacting MC drunk and not recognizing them? Like him trying to kiss her as always, but she walks away saying that she has a boyfriend and loves him? Lol Something like that..?? I think it would be cute and funny. haha >w< (Sorry for my bad english)

Your english isn’t bad, love. (who am I to judge, anyways?) 

Here it is! Hope you enjoy it! ^^

RFA with a drunk MC who can’t recognize them


  • You told him you were gonna be at this club and he should join you after work
  • So crowded! It would take so long to find you… oh, not really, there you are! You look so sexy dancing like no one is watching
  • But the thing is a lot of people, guys mostly, are watching. OH HELL NO!
  • “Hey, babe! I missed you!” he comes behind you holding your waist gently, and feels legitimately hurt when you pull away and nod negatively.
  • “Nah nah ni nah no, buddy! Not happening!” and you just… walk away! Why? IS he that late? He goes after you, noticing how much you’re bumping into other people…
  • “B-Babe? I’m sorry, I…” “I won’t say it twice, dude! I’m taken and you’ll back away if you know what’s good for you!” what? You’re not recognizing him? Maybe it’s the lights or the loud music?
  • Oh no, it’s not! He watches as you go the bar and look around squinting your eyes and frowning your nose, it’s so cuuuuttte! Also, it’s a very familiar sign that you’re very drunk, he knows that by now.
  • “Oh no… not you again!” “Hey, calm down! I’m… I won’t make any move, I’m just worried about you! Are you ok?” “I’m g-reat! Just waiting for MY REALLY STRONG, HOT AND FAMOUS BOYFRIEND THAT I LOOOVVVEE!” oh god… is it bad he thinks this is too charming?
  • “Oh… tell me more about him, then.” He manages to get close enough so nobody will try to approach you. “I’ll show you!” you pick your phone and scroll through all the pictures you’ve taken together.
  • “This is him during one of his musicals! This is him on his bike! This is him on piggy tails I did when he was sleeping! Isn’t he adorable?” he gags a little “Oh… I think… I think this wouldn’t be good for my… for HIS image, don’t you think?” “Nhaaa, this is just for fun! I won’t even show him! I care a lot about his image too, since I’mma be his manager one day, just you wait! “Oh,is that so?”
  • He convinces you to text your boyfriend, so he could answer he would be waiting you outside so you could take a cab. He doesn’t even mind your text makes no sense!
  •  “ZeeeNnNY! I missed you so much, you… should be proud of me! I acted all scary and made this guy back away! Are you proud, Zenny? Are you proud?” you shake him as you hug him when you go to him outside. “You have no idea how much, my princess.” He hugs you back
  • He hopes your hangover is not that bad tomorrow, as he really has some business matters to go over with you…


  • Although he’s the college student, you’re the one having the time of your life at this frat party.
  • He wasn’t that comfortable at first, but seeing you having so much fun made him loose it up a little
  • He’s wondering if the guys feel jealous when they see this goddess moving her hips so seductively and stopping all of a sudden to give him a little peck on the lips and a ‘boop’ to his nose…
  • But it’s been a while you’re not doing this anymore, you’re not even looking at him… you’re looking all around the place, except for him.
  • So he goes to you and touches your shoulder: “Are you okay, honey?” you look at him from head to toes and… turn your back on him. What?
  • “H-Honey! Did I do something wrong?” “Yeah, dude, you’re making a move on a girl who have a boyfriend!” “Well, yes… I’m the boyfriend!”
  • “Yeah, you wish, but sorry… it ain’t happening!” You scoff. He’s so shocked! Are you breaking up with him like this?
  • Oh, wait! He’d  seen your eyes like this before, you’re… drunk! Very drunk! Yes, your half-lidded tipsy eyes…  and you still manage to be beautiful…
  • “Hey, so uhm… are you Yoosung Kim’s girlfriend, by any chance?” “Yeah, why do you ask?” “Nothing, I recognized you from all the photos of you he shows, it’s… it’s nice to meet you in person! He talks a lot about you!” he tries to be friendly so you don’t run away.
  • “Pffffff, he showed photos of me? So embarrassiIIiiIng! I’ll tell him to stahp when I see him!” “Oh… Please don’t get mad! It’s just… just… he thinks you’re the most beautiful lady in the world, he… really really loves you… at least that’s what I heard from him.”
  • “Ahhhh, I can’t be mad at him!” you sigh dramatically. “He’s sOoOOOOOo amazing! And cool… and his hair is so badass, and we’re here just because I dragged him… and those cheeks nnnnnng” What about his cheeks? “I’ve gotta find my man!”
  •  “I.. I… s-saw him outside, next to the door, y-yes! Over there!” he needs to run before you get there, but he’s so flustered… well, that can wait!
  • “Yoosungiiiie! I’ve been looking all around for you!” you jump on him, wrapping your arms around his neck. “I’m sooooo sorry for dragging you here, next time we’ll stay at home and play LOLOL, pinky promise!” you tangle your pinky at his, seriously… how can you be so adorable? “Nah, I’m… I’m really having fun, MC!”
  • You two go home by foot and you keep snuggling at his arm the whole way. “Hey, MC?” “Hmmm?” “Do you… do you like my cheeks?” “Yep, especially on those jeans.”
  • It takes a while for him to get it, but when he does… he’s dead! Why would you talk about his butt to a stranger? I mean… it was him, but you didn’t know, yet it was him… should he get mad? Or embarrassed? Or…? Or…? ERROR


  • She meets you at the bar you two usually go together.
  • It isn’t that crowded but it is a little noisy, she’ll have to talk loud to get your attention.
  • “Hey, MC!” she greets. You look around frightened and look back to your drink… weird!
  • “MC?” she gets closer and touches your arm softly. “How… how do you know my name?” What? She looks at you, puzzled. “Anyway, I’m waiting for my girlfriend, don’t waste your time, lady!”
  • “Hum… MC, I’m…” “Stop stalking me, seriously, my girlfriend warned me about your type!” she’s still confused, but your face looks so funny, you are trying to look mad, but you can’t frown your eyebrows without blinking… so cute!
  • And by that she gets what’s  going on, that and the three martini glasses next to you…
  • “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you, I was just curious… where did you buy that dress?” “My girlfriend got me, it’s her favorite color in the whole wide worrlllld!” “I see…” she wants to laugh so much.
  • “Well, she must have a good taste!” “Yep, she used to walk around only on a dull suit because of her asshole former boss! He’s my friend, so I’m allowed to tell him he’s an asshole… actually, I… I should tell him right now!” you pick your phone.
  • “I… I don’t think that’s a good idea, miss…” “Shhh, he needs to know he can’t be an asshole to my cookie! She’s  a-ma-ZING!!! That potato needs to know that!” Cookie? Potato? You’re killing her with your drunk cuteness, but she can’t let you do something stupid!
  • “I… I’m sure your girlfriend already knows how amazing you think she is, you don’t really need to… tell other people!” “Ugh, that’s right! Why she doesn’t let everybody know how great she is? I shoudn’t be the only one to see it, y’ know? I’m… I’m a potato just like Jumin Han… I already told him that twice this week!” Forget that you’ve been drinking twice this week and calling Jumin to cuss him, what matters now is… YOU’RE POUTING! Oh my god, so adorable…
  • She can’t keep up with this anymore, she needs you to recognize her right now! So she walks away and calls you, telling she’s waiting for you outside to come home.
  • “Yay, Baehee is here!” you run to her and give her a sweet peck on the lips, she grabs your hand and leads you to the cab.
  • “So… MC, have you been talking to Jumin lately?” “Wh-Who? Me? Noooo, noe, maam’!” you are a terrible liar when you’re sober, just imagine when you’re drunk. She’ll make you apologize for being such a potato, but that can wait…



  • “Jumyinh, I amm at this gui haus, but he is coooooooooooolll, don’t worry!” he tries to decode your text. Why are you texting him when you are under the same roof?
  • “Where are you, MC?” “@ his bathroom, it’s bigr than my house” what kind of joke is that? You were drinking wine with him a couple of minutes ago and excused yourself to go to the bathroom…
  • “look @ this soap! So funny!” you send him a blurred picture, oh… so that’s how it feels to get one of these! He gets it now!
  • He goes to the bathroom and knocks at the door. “I’m not opening! My boyfriend won’t like it!” and then his phone buzzes. “looks I been caught” and you send a selfie, it’s not blurred and he can see the huge blush on your cheeks, oh… you’re so drunk right now, aren’t you?
  • You call him, he answers a little reluctantly. “Yes, kitten?” you giggle “Jumin, this guy called me kitten too, but don’t worry! I told him to back off!”
  • “What could you possibly be talking about, MC?” “I don’t remember coming to this party, so I won’t let the bathroom until you come to pick me up! You… you can track me by… GP and S, right?” not even him believe he’s really laughing at this. “Yes, I’ll come to you, my love, just wait!”
  • He knocks at the door. “Are you okay… miss?” “Bro, I already told you! I have a boyfriend and we gonna marry soon!” “Oh, I see… did he propose to you?” “Not yet, but I found the ring on his closet!” uh oh… surprise ruined for both of you. “But I’ll look very surprised, cause I know the proposal is going to be suuuper special, like on a colorful hot air balloon or something like this…”
  • He opens the bathroom door and almost falls due to the way you jump at him, wrapping your legs around his waist. “I missed you so much! Is the party over?” “Yes, it is. Shall we go home so you can rest, my angel? Tomorrow will be a very busy day…” “Really? Why?” “Just wait and see.”
  • As soon as you doze off, he calls Jaehee telling there will be a change of plans, he needs to rent a hot air balloon asap!


  • “Oh my God, Saeran! Don’t you have any respect for your brother’s girlfriend?”you got out for a couple of drinks with your friends and got back swearing the one standing in front of you is your brother-in-law, not your boyfriend!
  • “MC, it’s me! Look at my glasses!” “No! You two are not pulling this prank on me again! It didn’t work last time and it won’t work again now!” when you’re sober, you can tell who is who very easily, even when they change their outfits. But right now…
  • “MC, Saeran is sleeping right now!” “Well, MC thinks talking in the 3rd person is ridiculous!” Oh lord… shouldn’t he be recording this?
  • “Please, come with me, I’ll help you take a shower and put you to bed…” “Saeran! Would you really do that with your brother? No… no… you’re so nice, and he’s so nice! He doesn’t deserve this!” you look so shocked and disappointed, he’s feeling bad for you as if this was true.
  • “Saeyoung loves us both very much, Saeran. We can’t hurt him, NEVER! He deserves only happiness from now on! Seriously, I… I was going to say yes to moving in together,  but I won’t do it if this is how you’re gonna act around me!” wait! Are you serious?
  • “Oh… so you actually considered it?” “Yes… but I can’t do this if you keep hitting on me!” okay, joke’s over!
  • “I’m sorry, MC. Saeyoung told me if I acted like this, you would buy it, that idiot! But it’s impossible to trick you! I’ll… I’ll call him back, okay?” you sigh in relief, and it’s so cute!
  • He goes to the hallway yelling to Saeyoung to come out, turns around and goes back to you with a big smile, you smile back and open your arms, waiting for a hug. “Stop doing these silly pranks, what if one day I really mistake you two?” you ask over his shoulder
  • “Yes, I should start being more mature if you’re going to move in with us.” “I haven’t said ‘yes’ yet, Saeyoung!”
  • But you said yes during the shower you shared the next morning

You can see Saeran and V here ~

Judy: We did it, Nick!!!!!! *Sniff* First the Golden Globes, and now WE WON THE OSCAR!!!!!!

Nick: *Holds Judy very tight and kisses her on the forehead* Carrots, you’re the reason this is possible.

Judy: No. WE are the reason we won. Everybody, including Ben, Bogo, and Gideon. *Sniff* ZOOTOPIA won the OSCAR!!!!!!!

Nick: …For Best Animated Film.

This is my congratulations to the people behind Zootopia for winning the Oscar for Best Animated Film. I had an interesting time making this, such as getting the height right, getting the exact colors, getting the background looking like pictures being taken, and having the overall red (the color of victory) for the whole image. I think the fur details, Judy’s expression and dress, and the tear going down her cheek are my favorite parts. This is also the recap of both the Golden Globes picture and this image from the premiere:

which makes it come full circle to this story.

Anyway, enjoy this awesome picture.

12 Intriguing Facts About How The Human Brain Functions

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Here’s a list of 12 golden nuggets of information about the human brain and how it functions. John Medina’s book Brain Rules gives incredible insight and intrigue on how our strongest survival organ operates and its uniqueness to each human body. Consider the wisdom below, survival tips for your brain!

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nonnie alright listen up this bitch @profoundmischeifmaker is such a mess around her crush it’s hilarious honestly, it was gym class and they were learning self defense shit and apparently dalia is a fucking badass and knows mma and the teacher asks her to demonstrate a move and guess who she has to demonstrate on???? bitch you guessed it!! her crush. so her crush had to straddle her and thIS BITCH FUCKING WHIMPERED!!!! SHE WHIMPERED OUTLOUD WHILE HER CRUSH WAS ON TOP OF HER STRADDLING HER LIKE A FUCKING SHOW PONY

Like She’s Mine (part thirteen) - Stiles Stilinski

warnings: swearing, mentions of sex, angst again i’m back baby
word count: 2735

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[two months later, april break]

“I like this one” Allison said as she chewed on her licorice.

“Lemme see” I leaned over the kitchen table, peering onto her magazine.  She pointed to a long white gown with a sweetheart neckline.  It was slightly bejeweled, and the model wearing it had a long veil attached to a crown.

“I like the strapless idea” She said, yanking off a part of her licorice and chewing with a smile.




And with that, I went back to scrolling on my phone and eating my cereal.  We’d been looking through magazines and books and pinterest for all of these cute wedding ideas.  From places to rent, decorations to have, people to invite, shoes, dresses, tuxes.  My favorite part was that I was her maid of honor, and Madi was her flower girl.

“So I’m thinking a bouquet of blue roses.  Something unique with traditional ties, you know?” She asked, and I nodded.

“Yeah that’d be cute.  Maybe a few white in there too” Her mouth made an ‘o’ and her eyes widened.

“Ooh, yeah, I like that” She pointed a finger at me shaking it excitedly as she rushed up to the counter.  She picked up her notebook, labeled wedding plans, and opened it up to her final checklist page.  I watched as she neatly wrote down the flowers she needed.  Right now, all that was written down there were the bridesmaids and and groomsmen.

It consisted of Lydia, myself, and two girls Allison met in college who were together, named Kira and Malia.  I’d sort of met them, one time they stopped into Lou’s.  I would recognize them, but I couldn’t tell you much about them.

Scott had chosen Stiles to be his best man, which was no surprise.  He also had his friends Liam, Mason, and Isaac.  I didn’t know any of them, I hadn’t even met them.

“Hey guys” Stiles called as he walked into the kitchen.  I grinned over at him as he set grocery bags onto the counter.

“Hi Stiles” He walked over to me and kissed my head sweetly before going into the living room.  He instantly began to play with Madi and I went back to scrolling through wedding things on my phone.  “Bubbles or rice?”

“Bubbles.  Most definitely bubbles.  They’re so much cuter and I read this article that the rice is actually bad for the birds…” This went on for another hour, until it was the late afternoon and I was sitting on the couch watching tv.  Allison was still looking through her magazine, and Stiles was putting Madi to bed for her nap.

“Stiles” He walked out, and I held my arms out to him.  He chuckled and walked over to me, lifting me up with ease, and sitting on the couch below me, setting my on his lap.  I smiled and snuggled against him.

“Baby I missed you today” He said, and I nodded, folding my arms against his chest.

“I missed you today too” I replied softly.  “You were gone a while” I curled up more, getting impossibly closer to him.  “But thank you for grocery shopping” He nodded, rubbing my back.

“No problem”

“Will you stay overnight tonight?” I asked, looking up at him through my lashes.  He smiled softly and nodded.

“Yeah yeah of course” He said gently, and kissed my nose.  I giggled and crinkled it up a little.

“Hey guys we gotta figure out colors for the dresses and the groomsmen’s bow ties” Allison said, walking out to us and sitting on the couch.  Her notebook and magazine in hand.

“How about pink?” Stiles asked.

“Gross no” Allison and I replied at the same time.  He pretended to be wounded.

“I was thinking a deep blue… or green maybe?”

“Blue.  Blues pretty” I said, and she took a bite as she looked over the different shades the magazine had to offer.

“Yeah… yeah I’ll show Scott” She said, uncapping and writing on her arm.  ask scott about blue.

“Al no need to stress, you’ve got until July” I said, reaching out to her and putting a hand on her shoulder.  “Really, allow yourself a break”

“Thanks y/n, but I work in a flower shop.  It’s on my mind all the time”

“Well of course it is Alli.  You’re marrying your high school sweetheart, even I’m thinking about it twenty four seven” I said laughing slightly, and I got off of Stiles’ lap.  He made a pout but I pretended not to see as I pulled open a drawer in the entertainment center.  I took out a photo book, and sat back on the couch, in between the both of them.

“I forgot I made that for you” Allison chuckled as I skimmed through pictures.  Her Scott Stiles Lydia and I took up most of the slots.  At amusement parks or shopping trips.  I stopped on the page I was looking for and showed her.  On one side was her and Scott, all dressed up for Prom.  He was kissing her cheek and she was smiling wide with a blush as the photo was snapped.

“Look at you guys” I said, and she held the book slightly, her fingers brushing over the protective sleeve the picture was held in.

“Weird to think that was over two years ago…” She sighed.  “I feel old”

“Al, you just turned twenty one.  You’re not that old”

“Yeah.  And if you’re old that makes the rest of us old too so watch it” Stiles said, swatting her head.  She went to throw her fist at him but I caught her wrist and gave her a look.  She groaned and set her arm back down.

“Point is, you’re my OTP, Al.  And it’s you and Scott, seriously.  You could have a huge wedding in a beautiful church, or a jeans and tee shirt one in my doorway.  I will be just as excited for you, I’ll still cry, and you’ll still get cake smashed into your face” Allison chuckled at me but smiled genuinely.

“Thanks y/n” I nodded.  “Also it’s gonna be outside.  And beautiful”

“You’ve decided on the outside thing?” I asked.

We spent another half hour discussing the scenery of her chosen area of wedding.  Poor Stiles fell asleep next to me.  His head lying on the back of the couch.

Scott came over later on, and he was going to hang with us for a while, but I guess he had a long day at the clinic.  Yeah, I can’t believe he’s still part time working there either.  It didn’t work out well tonight, seeing that both Madi and Stiles were passed out, I only wanted to eat dinner, and Allison was on the edge of her seat waiting to tell him all about her ideas for their wedding.  So they pretty much said their goodbyes for the day.  When I’d waved and shut the door, I wandered back to the kitchen, reheating some leftovers and eating while standing at the kitchen counter.

This, this is the life of a single mother.

When I finished, I went back to my room, pulling out a throw blanket and grabbing two pillows from my room.  I checked to make sure Madi was still sleeping, kissing her forehead then making my way back to the couch.  I picked up Stiles’ head, putting one pillow under him, and setting my other one on his lap.  I laid across him and pulled the blanket up.  A few seconds after he shifted, and his arm wrapped over me.

“Sorry for waking you up” I said softly, but he didn’t reply.  Just scooted me over slightly, and laid on his side.  I rolled over, nuzzling my face in is shirt.  Neither of us were even in pajamas.  It wasn’t even nine o’clock.  But I didn’t care.

Stiles kissed my forehead and his arm tightened around me.  “I love you” I looked up to him, and he opened his eyes, just a little bit.  We’d never said that before.  But I smiled at him and kissed him sweetly.  He hummed and brushed my hair softly with his fingers.

“I love you too Stiles” I whispered back.  He smiled at me and buried my face into the crook of his neck.  “So much” My voice was muffled but he heard me because he let out a laugh.  One of those heavy breathed ones through his nose.

“Mm” He pressed his lips to my head for a few seconds.  “Goodnight y/n”


We fell asleep like that on the couch.

I’m glad I woke up without a crick in my neck.  I’m not as glad I woke up trapped in Stiles’ arms.  I mean, yeah, I loved being with him and cuddling.  The whole shebang was amazing.  But not when my stomach was growling and I was in yesterday’s clothes

I tried everything, wiggling, squirming, even prying him off.  But that just woke him up.

“Mmph y/n stop” Stiles mumbled, and held me closer.

“Stiles- I’m hungry” I whined.

“We can go out to Panera or something”

“Yeah that sounds goo-”

“Not now” I sighed as he tugged me harder.

“Stiles you’re suffocating-”

“Sh sh sh…” I just shook my head and laid there as he fell back asleep.  But as soon as Madi’s baby monitor began producing crying sounds, he was shot up and I nearly fell off the couch.  I actually did fall off.  But Stiles was already in her room.  I scrambled up off of the floor and raced into her room.  “It’s okay, sh sh, it was just a dream, shh…” He turned and saw me and smiled a little.  I wrapped my arms around myself and leaned on the crib post.  Madi was still quietly crying in his arms, and he was just cooing to her.

“How do you do that so well?” I asked.

“Do what?”

“That.  Calm her down so easily” He smiled at that.

“I don’t know I guess…” Stiles looked back down to Madi, tickling his finger under her chin and making her giggle.

“It’s cause she-” I was cut off by the doorbell ringing.

“Allison coming over today?” Stiles asked.  I shook my head.

“No, is Scot?” He shook his head.

“Just cause I sleep here every night and eat three meals here doesn’t mean I live here” I rolled my eyes and chuckled, then pushed off the crib and walked out to the living room.

“Mama?” Madi called, and I head Stiles go back to his baby talking that made my heart flutter for an unknown reason.  I reached the door and opened it, looking up from the handle to the visitor we had.

“Hey there y/n”

I closed the door in a second flat.

“y/n? Who is it?”

“No one”

“Well it was someone, who?”



“Drop it now Stiles while I’m not wanting to rip someone’s head off” He rolled his eyes and walked over to the door.  “Stiles sto-”

“Who are yo-” Stiles’ eyes narrowed the second he saw Theo.

“Stiles? What the hell are you doing-”

“I’m sorry” Stiles put up a hand, finally someone got a sentence out.  “I don’t like the language you’re using in front of my girl” He turned, handing Madi to me.

“Mommy!” She said excitedly as I rested her at my hip.

“Interesting Stilinski, seeing that she’s not, your girl.  She’s actually mine, isn’t she?”

“Not as far as I’m concerned” I said, holding Madi a little tighter.  Theo turned his head and raised a brow to me.

“Do a DNA test sweetheart.  She’s mine”

“Alright cock twitch-”

“Stiles” I warned.

“Don’t even try y/n, tell him to leave” Theo raised a brow.

“Leave? But I just got here?” He said.

“y/n, tell him to go”

“Go ahead, tell me to go.  But I’ll come by to visit my daughter”

“Theo, Theo just go” I said, walking forward and pushing him out of the door.

“You do realize y/n that I’m not an idiot, I’m coming back”

“Well you’re not today so get out” I said, and shut the door as soon as he was out in the hall.  I could hear him growl, and stomp away.  What a wuss.

“Thank God” Stiles breathed and leaned in to kiss me but I turned and walked off, still holding Madi.  “y/n?” I went into Madi’s room, looking for something for her to wear today.

“Not right now Stiles, I have to get her ready for the day” I said monotone as I retrieved a poofy blue tutu and white long sleeved shirt with a bow on it.  She was smiling at me as I brushed her hair and pinned a flower into it.  “There you go pretty girl” Madi giggled happily as I lifted her again.

“Hey, did something happen?”

“No Stiles, I’m just busy.  We’ve got lunch with Allison in an hour and a half”

“Do you need any-”

“Nope” I walked Madi back out to the living room, setting her on her blanket.

“Okay well do you need a ride into-”

“Nope, she’s picking us up” I replied, already walking back to my room in search for clothes to wear.  But Stiles trailed right in after me.

“y/n will you just pause for a moment” I blew out air and spun on my heel to look at him.

“Well? I’m waiting?”

“Yeah? So am I? What just happened in the past ten minutes?”

“Stiles.  What happened is, again, you got all alpha male!”

“Over Theo!?” He whisper screamed.  I shook my head and went over to my closet.  “y/n, that’s ridiculous, what right does he have to come barging in here-”

“Every right, every right Stiles.  As much as I hate to admit it, he is her father

“Oh yeah? Then where the hell-”

“He never knew Stiles, we can’t hold that against him!”

“We sure as hell can-!”

“Mama?” I looked down to where Madi was stood at the doorway behind Stiles.

“Not now baby- baby!” I shrieked excitedly, moving around Stiles to see where she stood.  “You’re walking, she’s walking!” I was yelling and grinning as I kneeled down in front of her, holding my hands around her face.

“Mommy’s proud?” She asked, and I nodded, tears springing in my eyes.

“Yes she is, she’s very very proud” I said, brushing my hands through her hair, and adjusting her flower.

“Daddy proud?” Her finger pointed up at Stiles, and my face fell.  I looked up to where he stood with his mouth agape.

“Yeah, yeah real proud of you kiddo” He ruffled her hair and quickly excused himself out of the room.  Madi looked at me with a frown.

“Is Daddy upset?”

“No, no sweetie Stiles is fine” I assured, caressing her cheeks gently.

“Is Daddy lunch?” I chuckled barely at her inability to form proper sentences.

“No, it’s just us with Aunt Alli and Uncle Scott” I told her.  Her little eyebrows furrowed.

“Why not Daddy?”

“Honey, that’s Stiles, his name is Stiles”

“Stiles?” I nodded.  Again her brows furrowed and her lips curled down.

“Come on let’s walk out to the living room together” I said, and made my way slowly behind her as she toddled into the room.  “Look, Stiles I’m sorry I snapped at-” I paused when I saw he wasn’t there.  I quickly went over to the door and saw his shoes and jacket were gone too.  On the small table, a piece of notebook paper was left.

Sorry that Madi had a deadbeat for a father and you’re blind enough to buy his act of caring for her.  Trust me, he doesn’t.  Whenever you wanna talk about it, if you even will, I’ll have my phone on me.  Or you can just keep telling Madi that I’m just Stiles, and I’ll always be just Stiles, and laugh about it with Allison later.

Yours truly,

I ran my hands through my hair, tears falling uncontrollably.

“Mommy sad?’

“No Madi… no I’m fine” I said, snuffling and quickly rubbing my eyes.  “Now, I have to go get dressed and then Alli will be here to get us, okay?” She nodded with a smile as I made my way back to my room.

Why do I always end up fucking everything up?

#depressedasf but y’all didn’t think i’d give you nice fluff forever right? nah it’s not in my nature.  i like torture before the rainbows

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butternut_gouache: By far, this is my favorite disney movie yet! Loved all her dresses and the songs! So I finished my belle dress lineup today in honor of the movie! 💛 💙 ❤️  🎨 

hong seol’s wardrobe appreciation: episode 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7
EAH: Back To School (Budget)

The line Back To School comes with a budget line. And with that, we discover the new points of the budget dolls: the dresses have patterns only on the front, the dolls have only articulations at the elbows (no joints at the wrists and knees). And recycled accessories (like usually) or the same accessory for all them!

This line introduce three girls with simple dress (no patterns at the back!), flowers headband (cute!), recycled shoes and necklace (grrr!), a book (from Legacy Day line; good idea too!) and glasses (huh? They have problems of sight now these three?) for a chic geek look.

C.A. Cupid is cute but I’m disappointed to see her now only into Budget lines. She’d have have many beautiful dolls but now with her Birthday Ball’s doll and this line, I think she’s unfairly underexploited. = /

Blondie Lockes is my favorite! *w* Her dress is perfect for her new modern style and I love the fact she has a straight hair for once. *w* As she said: ‘This is Just Right!

And the last one… Darling Charming… Huh… Honestly, I love the patterns on her dress but not on this way. Darling are more pretty when she not releases with Budget dolls. And why is she so tanned?

Like She’s Mine (part nine) - Stiles Stilinski

this part is a little different.  it’s a montage of the next year everyone spends together.  it’s a lil collab with my boo and the star of the story @celestial-writing

warnings: swearing + quite an abundance of angst

Over the course of time, life seemed to get more into a schedule.  Allison began to stay at Scott’s more and more, and Stiles seemed to find permanent residence in the couch.  Madi seemed to enjoy his presence, and I myself wasn’t going to start complimenting either.

I started working at Lou’s Flower Shop again, back to my basics.  Taking inventory, helping customers, restocking.  Nothing too difficult.  Allison usually picked up the same shifts as me anyways, so it wasn’t bad at all.  Being paid for mostly sitting around and talking to my best friend? Yeah no problems here.  Madi usually stayed at the apartment with Stiles, he’s been taking night classes rather afternoon ones to work with our schedules.

Most days I would get home as he’s walking out the door.  I’d make dinner for myself and something soft for Madi.  We’d eat and I’d take her for a bath.  Then it was bedtime for her and downtime for me.  Normally I’d just sit in the sofa, watching tv or reading a book.  Stiles would return around ten o'clock and if sleepily tell him goodnight and thank you for watching her today.  Then I’d get the blankets for him and usually tuck him in.  Sometimes I was on the border of passing out, and he’d tell me that he could do it himself.  But I think most of the time he really did like it.  It was nothing special really, I pull the blankets over him, kiss is head, and say ‘sweet dreams’.  Nothing to crazy there.  But it always left him smiling.

The weekends were the best, because we’d just lay around in our pajamas and watch tv.  Usually one of us would fall asleep.  When I did, I would wake up to find the blankets wrapped around me, and my head on the armrest and legs strewn across Stiles’ lap.  It was a comfortable position.  When he fell asleep his head either landed in my shoulder or plopped on my lap.  But when it was my shoulder I maneuvered him down to lie on my lap because that was more comfortable.  I’d run my fingers through his hair gently or draw patterns on his arm and back.  The only rules were that you couldn’t purposely wake the other, and the one who didn’t pass out has to make sure Madi is okay.

When the summer came back to us and Stiles had finished school, we became less tired and our schedules weren’t so tight and hectic.  I still had the same amount of shifts at Lou’s. I worked four days out of the week, for six hours.  Allison worked three of those days at the same time.  But with her Scott and Stiles being out of school, and with Lydia being back at Beacon Hills for the summer, we managed a pretty easy babysitting crew.  Sundays were our best days.  We all got breakfast together, either eating out or at someone’s place.  We talked and chilled around, Stiles and Allison fought over Madi while Lydia complained about going to a far away school, as always.  Scott didn’t talk a lot about UC Davis, at least not with us.  Allison’s told me before that he was doing very well and enjoyed it, which was good.  As for me, online college was pretty breezy… I almost felt like a slacker.

“y/n, you’re not a slacker” Allison sighed as I confessed the feeling to her.

“You guys are all going to school, waking up early or getting back late like Stiles, you all work so hard and I feel like I just… don’t”

“So?” Allison replied, quirking a brow as she ate some protein bar that looked like it needed a heap of sugar or chocolate chips packed in it.  “y/n, you work so hard.  You’re managing having a job, taking those courses, watching Madi, and I’m sure having Stiles around to take care of is a pain in the ass”

“I am not!” Stiles called from the kitchen.  “Some nights I do the grocery shopping!”

“So that’s why I never see any fruits around here” Allison muttered.

“I heard that!”

“Anyways, hon, you are a wonderful mother, student, and coworker.  I aspire to multitask like you” I smiled at Allison’s kind words, and the feeling disappeared.

For the fourth of July that summer, the gang and I took Madi to see fireworks for the first time.  There was a small show at the Preserve.  The kind of thing where you bring a big blanket and snacks, then sit and cheer for the bright explosions.  I was nervous because I wasn’t sure how she was going to react.  They were loud, and I remember being younger how I was afraid of them.  She’s only a year and a half of age, would they be scary or pretty to her?

Scott and Allison laid out the blanket on a nice empty patch of grass while Lydia handed out snacks and drinks.  No worries. Only waters and sodas.  On out Sunday nights together after Madi was a sleep we’d pass around glasses and a bottle of wine, but not usually while my daughter was awake and in the room.  Just in case.

“Hey Stiles?” I asked softly as I held Madi at my hip.  He turned to look at me, smiling and playing around with her.

“What’s up buttercup?”

“Do you think she’ll like them? The fireworks?” I asked trying to keep my voice down,  i didn’t want a big fuss.  Stiles pursed his lips as he thought of an answer and my brows cinched together.

“Well, let’s just say if she doesn’t and starts to cry I can just take her back to the jeep and calm her down away from all of the excitement” I smiled lightly at that and nodded.

“Thanks” i told him and he nodded.

“Come on kiddos pick a spot” Scott called.  He was sitting on the end, Allison next to him, and Lydia next to her.  They all had their own bag of chips and a soda can.  Lydia was huge on party planning.  I sat next to the strawberry blonde, stretching my legs out and letting Madi sit between them.  As we waited she spent most of her time tracing the floral designs on the blanket.  Stiles was sat next to me, on the other end of the blanket and here and there one of us would move slightly and our arms would brush together.  Being the cheesy person I am it would send sparks through my whole body and goosebumps would raise.  But I hid it by playing with Madi and distracting myself.  If I was lucky, I wasn’t blushing.

I fucking was of course.

The fireworks show went as perfectly as it could.  Madi stared up at them, and made quiet ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ as she pointed to the colors.  She’d yell “mama mama!” Getting my attention even though I was already contently watching them.

“They’re pretty aren’t they?” I’d ask, ruffling her short and soft strands of hair.  She’d just giggle and clap her hands, then go back o staring.  This cycled the whole night.  

But minutes ticked by and I grew more and more fatigued.  Stiles said something to me that I didn’t quite catch, so I leaned over to hear him better.  My head bumped his shoulder.  Maybe I was too lazy to move, or too out of it to register my own actions, but I nuzzled against him and shut my eyes, letting my head stay there on him.  He just smiled a little and rubbed my back as I rested there.  I didn’t open my eyes until I felt a small body crawl over me.  I peered down seeing Madi making her way onto Stiles’ legs instead.  I don’t think he knew I saw this, perhaps he figured I was sleeping.  He was caressing her head, her back her arms, and I watched her as she fell asleep against him.

When the show was over and empty bags discarded, I heard a whispered exchange of words.  Lydia took Madi from Stiles, cradling her to keep her asleep, and Stiles slid his arms around me.  I groaned when I was lifted, and he laughed quietly.  I didn’t want him to know I was awake, so i let him carry me back to the parking lot and set me in the Jeep.  I fell asleep on the way home that night, and when I woke up in the morning I was in my own bed again.

When Lydia left to go back to school, we all went out to eat for dinner, somewhere nice, and the Sheriff offered to watch Madi for the night.  Stiles drove me over with her, both of us dressed up for dinner.

“There’s my favorite kiddo!” Noah said as he opened the door.

“Thanks Da-” The man took Madison from my arms, and Stiles shut his mouth.  I giggled softly.  

“Oh, you thought I was talking about Madi?” Stiles’ features lifted.

“I knew you wouldn’t forget me pops-”

“y/n, the kid I never had come in I haven’t seen you in a while” I laughed again as Stiles

mouth dropped open.  Noah and I talked about how work is, how the summer’s going, and when it was time to leave, Stiles spoke before I could.

“She bathes at seven thirty, and needs to be in bed by eight.  If she won’t sleep, she likes the moonlight and there’s two stuffed animals in her bag that she has to sleep with.  One blanket usually does the trick, but put the other in there just in case.  Also reading to her sometimes helps, or talking at all she likes hearing people talk” Noah nodded, looking to me with a slight smile as I tried to stop my overworking head.

“Glad the mother isn’t the only one who knows all the tricks” Was all he said.  My cheeks flushed.  “I raised you Stiles, I think I can handle pretty much anything” I laughed again and tugged on Stiles’ sleeve before he could say something witty.

“Thanks again Sheriff” I said as we went back to the doorway.

“Its Noah.  Anytime y/n” I smiled and waved goodbye.

“Bye Madi, be good for Mr Stilinski okay?” I said, and Stiles kept playing with her I had to rag him out of the door.

“I can’t believe my own father likes you more than me”

Soon enough we were back to our busy schedules.  Though now we were masters at it.  December rolled around and the whole apartment was decorated.  Allison and I had put lights all around the ceiling, which were always on.  She’d gotten a small fake tree that we all decorated.  There was mostly just baby stuff, bottles and dolls, with ‘Baby’s First Christmas’ on them.  But there was other normal ornaments like snowmen and reindeer.

Christmas Eve everyone came over and we watched all the Christmas classics.  Rudolph, Frosty, The Drummer Boy, they were playing on a constant loop on the television.  Scott and Allison were curled up in the recliner, Lydia on one end of the sofa, and Stiles Madi and I on the other end.  I sat next to the armrest, with Stiles so close Madi sat half on my lap and half on his.  When the tv finally was shut off, Allison Scott and Lydia exchanged their goodbye and merry Christmases before heading out into the abnormally cold night.  After I’d put Madi to bed, telling her a Christmas story that I proudly knew by heart, I went back to the living room to find Stiles laying on the couch.  He let out a groan as he rolled over.

“Stiles..” he looked up to me.  “Why don’t you come stay with me tonight?” His brows raised slightly.

“I’m fine out here-”

“No you’re not your back had been terrible to you on that couch”

“No it’s not-”

“Stiles I know it is” I sighed.  “Just come stay in bed with me tonight.  Besides, it’s Christmas what kind of friend would I be if I made you stay there” He seemed to think about it, and I jerked my head slightly.  “Come on” I said softly, and after that he slid off the couch, following me to my room.  Strangely enough, he’d only been in here a few times.  But I wasn’t often in it as I used to be.  I was usually in the living room or kitchen with him.  I got into the blankets, and he walked around to the other side of the bed.  I patted on the mattress, seeing his hesitation.

“You really don’t mind?” I shook my head, and slowly but surely, he laid next to me.  It was quiet for a bit, and I just watched him fiddle with the hem of the blanket.  “You’re sure-”

“Yes, Stiles, it’s fine” I said, closing my eyes for a moment.  When I opened them he was staring at me,  seemingly shamelessly.  “If you ask one more time-”

“Merry Christmas” I broke into a smile, rolling over to check the clock.  And it was indeed, midnight.  My grin only grew as I looked back to him.

“Do you want your present?” I asked in an excited whisper.

“Now?” I nodded, biting my lip and sitting up on the bed.  “It’s gonna make the others mad I did mine first-” I shook my head.

“No this one’s separate” I said.  “I’ll go get it” I added before speeding out of the room.  I got it from it’s hidden spot in the vegetable cabinet, I knew he’d never find it there.  When i came back in the room, he sat up, pulling the blankets back.  “Here” I said, handing it to him.  “Open it” He took the small wrapped box from my hands, and I anxiously pushed my hair behind my ear.  Stiles opened up the paper, revealing a plain cardboard box.

“You sure it’s okay I do this now?”

“Yeah go on then” I urged, and he lifted the lid.  His eyes widened, and he looked up to me with parted lips.  I couldn’t bite back my smile anymore and I held my hands tightly together.  “Do you like it?” He answered by reaching forward and hugging me tightly.  The key that matched my key ring falling onto the blankets.  The key with the number 88 painted in blue nail polish on it.  The key to my apartment.

“Yeah, yeah I like it” He said, pulling away from me and picking it up.  I grinned a smile of flattery, and again he hugged me.  “I like it a lot”

I woke up to him poking my nose and when I finally mustered the willpower to open my eyes, he had that foolish smile on his face.  Instantly I realized both of my hands were pressed against his chest.

“It’s Christmas”

Madi’s second birthday went much more smoother than her first.  Lydia couldn’t make it down for her party this year, but she sent a present in the mail.  I made the cake at home this time, not wanting to go through the chaos at the bakery all over again.  But apparently making my own cake brought it’s own craziness.

“STILES!” I screamed when I slipped on flour that might’ve spilled to the floor.  He came rushing in, and I could tell he was trying not to laugh at me.

“Alright come on chef” He said, and held out his hands, pulling me up.  “We got a cake to make, I’ll help”

“I don’t need help I’ve got this-”

“You clearly need help.  Now what next?”

The next ten minutes was us bumping into each other as we poured ingredients into the bowl.

“Stiles! You got sugar all over m-” I sneezed halfway through scolding him.  He laughed, coughing as he breathed in the flying powder.  “Oh my god it’s all over your hair” I put my hands over my mouth, suppressing giggles.

“I can’t believe you!” He smashed an egg into my chest.  Luckily I was wearing an old tee shirt.  But I gasped and gave him an angry look.  Fear crossed his face the second before I throw a handful of flour at him.  I reached for another handful, but he wildly held his hands out.  “TRUCE!” He begged, and I smiled wickedly.  

“Or what?” Panic crossed his features, but in seconds he’d surged forward, and his arms wrapped around me from the back, lifting me up and I squealed.  “Put me down! Put me down!” I screamed, thrashing around.



“Well what have I walked in on?” My head shot up to see Allison standing in front of me, holding Madison on her hip.  She was staring at us, with my feet lifted off the ground, back pressed into Stiles’ chest and his arms wrapped around my torso.  There was sugar and flour all over our faces and hair.

“Uhm” Stiles set me back down, and I gave her a big smile.  I tasted the powdery substance in my mouth.

“RIght so I’m gonna pretend that didn’t happen”

“Mama!” Madi smiled big as she exclaimed and reached for me.

“Let’s let mommy get cleaned up okay?” Allison suggested, bouncing Madi and taking her into the other room.  Stiles and I exchanged a look, and burst into laughter a few seconds later.

“What is it baby?” I asked Madi as I held the camera up to her, taking a video of her as she opened her presents.

“Puppy!” I giggled as she grabbed happily onto the stuffed dog.

“You loved stuffed animals don’t you sweetheart?” I asked, still taking a video of her as she held it up to my phone.

“Yeah!” Allison was awweing in the background, grabbing Scott’s arm and shaking it.  Stiles chuckled from where he sat on the floor in front of the couch.

“Who do you wanna show the puppy to? You wanna show Alli-?”

“Dada!” My head jerked up to her, no longer watching through the phone screen.  Allison’s gaze snapped to me, and I shakily tapped the screen, ending the video.  She was giggling, and began crawling around.  I was staring at Allison with wide concerned eyes.  SHe couldn’t have possibly meant Theo, that’s ridiculous.  How… no… no that was crazy.

“Alright Mads how about I take you to bed-” Allison stopped when Madi plopped herself into Stiles’ lap.


“ALRIGHT TIME FOR BED” Allison clapped her hands, and scooped up Madison before anything could be said.  She whisked the girl out of the room and I heard the door to the nursery shut loudly.


I got up and walked into the kitchen before Stiles could finish.  I needed to think.  No.. no thinking was bad I needed a drink.  Yeah.. yeah a drink.  I got down a glass and yanked the cork out of a new bottle of red wine.  I poured it, but some spilled on the counter.  I groaned, rubbing my face and wishing I could scream.  But I yanked out a paper towel to clean it up.  Of course a ton of them when I only needed one.  Tears sprung in my eyes, and a choked whimper left my lips.

“Hey… hey y/n” I turned to Stiles, and he gave me a gentle expression as he took the towel from my hand and took off the one piece.  “What’s wrong?” He asked, wiping my mess off the counter.

“Sh-she she called y-you D-dad” I choked out.  “A-and th-that’s great b-but she-she’s not yours” By this point tears were streaming down my face, and Stiles stilled his actions.

“Hey, hey it’s not that bad” He whispered.  “It’s not that bad, really she didn’t know”

“Exactly” I whispered, staring down at the floor.  “She didn’t know. She just said it how’d she even hear it? Or-or process that-”

“y/n, don’t overthink it, seriously.  She’s only two, she’ll learn not to… she’ll learn that that’s not… me” Stiles stepped closer.  “She’s only two y/n” I put my face in my hands, and Stiles reached a hand out onto my shoulder.  “Come on, come ‘mere” I thumped my head onto his chest, and he chuckled.  “I’m sorry y/n”

“No don’t be sorry” I mumbled.  I didn’t do anything to hug him back, just had my head pressed against his shirt.  “It’s not your fault” His hands rubbed my back.

“I’m still sorry you’re going through it” He said softly, and his chin propped up on my head.  I wasn’t sure what to say, so I just pulled out of his hold.

“I should go check on her” I said softly, and he nodded.

“Okay” I left the room and went into the nursery, quickly wiping my eyes.

“Oh thank god” Allison said.  She was bouncing Madi on her hip.  “She just won’t sleep” I giggled softly.

“Awe, come here sweetheart” I said, taking Madi and holding her close to me.  “Mommy’s tired, you want to sleep?” Madi nodded, and I smiled softly.  “Okay, come on” I hummed taking her over to her crib.  “You want all your animals?” I asked, holding onto her new dog.  She nodded, and I plopped all her animals in one by one.  I saw Allison out of the corner of my eye, shuffle up next to me.

“So, what’d you and Stiles talk about?”

“Allison I don’t know if I wanna talk about that” I mumbled, and she nodded.

“I understand” She responded.  “But when you’re ready…”

“I know.  You’ll be the first I come to” I assured, stroking my thumb gently over Madi’s forehead to calm her to sleep.  Allison smiled at me and leaned up to kiss my cheek.

“I’m going to go home with Scott” She said, and I nodded.  “I’ll see you at Lou’s for the morning shift” I nodded again, and watched her leave the room.  I sighed and looked down at the crib, then walked over to the rocking chair, plopping down with a sigh.  

“Oh Madi what am I going to do?”

I warned you.  just saying.

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“I’m pure at heart. It repels the dirt.”

Sim Cosplay / Costume tag

Created by @cherrygrapesims

-Use a sim or sims well associated with your blog.
-You are not allowed to change any of your sims features: Hair color, eye color, facial features and shape, or body shape. You can loophole eyes by using contacts and changing hairstyle is acceptable.
-Dress your sim(s) up as a character or characters that they relate to.

I was tagged by @something-wicked-sims

I had a terrible time picking a character for her to dress up as because one most of my favorite characters are males and everything else I thought of I couldn’t find clothes for. BUT I managed to find some rune tattoos so I chose Isabelle Lightwood from The Mortal Instruments. Katy is gentle and bookish, not all badass and feminine like Izzy but she was her favorite character when she read the books, and she appreciates female characters who can take care of themselves. Wonder Woman was a runner up of this and also Yennefer from The Witcher 3. 

I tag the usuals @thewinterflakesim @silverowlblog @sims3hasstoppedworking @enchantedunicornhideout and anybody else who likes doing cosplay things!

Lena Luthor Appreciation Week, Day 2: Favorite Outfit/Look

I really can’t choose just one, especially when every episode Katie McGrath decides to one-up herself and look even HOTTER but I think her entire aesthetic during Medusa was overall my favorite. Her hair was gorgeous, her dress was awesome and then of course it was appearance #1 of THE COAT, and we all know how the fandom feels about THAT. ;) Plus she broke our heart in her scene with Lillian, stood up to Supergirl, and then fucking fooled EVERYONE and saved the aliens. And she did it all rocking stilettos. When does your fave ever???

[Photo cred to @weinzapfel for top pic and bottom two @swallowedabug you are both amazing thanks for your work]