her dress is such a tease haha

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I was at my girl best friend's house and we invited a few people over and everyone kept teasing me and this guy that we should go to my friend's room. We were laughing it off but when everyone left we did. It was really awk & funny at first bc he couldn't take off my clothes but he ate me out so good I came twice. When we heard them come back inside the house I got dressed and wobbled out on shaky legs haha her little sister heard everything He also shocked me by saying he never did that before

Alright, so an embarrassingly long time ago, @vanthekeyoflain requested her favorite OT3; Louise and the Pesto twins.

I was originally just going to do a simple sketch but then a painting bug struck me and once I started I had to commit until the end, lol. I’m not entirely happy with this but I think it’s about as good as it’s gonna get. 

So yeah… prom night! Louise isn’t exactly as boy-crazy as her sister was in high school (it takes a special type), but the boys seem to be crazy about her. She seemed to pass through the awkward phases of puberty much more easily–or so she liked to believe, and ended up taking after her mother in pretty much everything physical but the terrible eyesight (even if she did need glasses she’s much too stubborn to admit it). After refusing to go to junior prom because she thought it was stupid, she turns down multiple invitations to the senior prom before deciding to go with her childhood friends, Andy and Ollie (who are, by this time, a bit more independent, but still very close). Linda, of course, is thrilled that she is finally expressing an interest in these things, and insists that they go shopping together for a gorgeous dress. Bob is a bit more reluctant– by now, he’s gotten used to his daughters dating Pesto boys but TWO AT ONCE, REALLY, LOUISE? (He’s also secretly reluctant to admit that his baby is growing up. We all know how he reacted when Tina started doing teenage things, I can’t even imagine how he’ll take it when it’s Daddy’s Girl. haha.) 

Anyway, much to her surprise, Louise actually has fun at prom. She realizes that Andy and Ollie are actually much more… tolerable? Interesting?? Smart??? Fun???? than she remembered them being. After hearing of her prom exploits, Tina calls her up from college to tease her about going with two guys. Then offers her entirely unwanted advice about having a polyamorous relationship (of which she speaks with quite a bit of experience). To which Louise responds with something to the effect of “Gross! It’s not like I’m gonna date them anyway! And if i did… they’re basically one person so it’s not the same as whatever you did… which I DEFINITELY don’t want to know about!" 

But, dear @vanthekeyoflain, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree… 



There are two possibilities in the HP!AU for the X-Files: whether Scully and Mulder met in Hogwarts as kids, or they met only as adults at the Department of Mysteries, like in the canon. I like to think of the first one, because then we can see some little/teen!Mulder and Scully action, even though it might interfere in the story later at the Department of Mysteries - they already know each other and trust each other and such, and I think everybody would know they are friends since school? I don’t see how they would put Scully there to spy/debunk him in this version, but anyway, all the allternatives are good and accepted in this AU, haha…

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Reaction for Aomine, Murasakibara, Kuroko, Midorima, and Kasamatsu where their s/o asks them to unzip her dress because she's getting frustrated by not being able to, but she doesn't realize how much of a tease she is being. You can choose if it gets dirty or not. Love the blog!! Happy Holidays!

Hey, I’m happy to hear you enjoy my blog, my lovely anon!

Haha, this was fun to write vwv I gave you both dirty and none dirty in the mix ^u^

I hope you like it~!~<3))

“This Goddamn zipper-! Why can’t you just go down?!”

Not even an inch down its path and you were already cursing your dress’s zipper to hell.

You weren’t even sure why you had decided to wear the damned thing! You and Aomine had only gone out to a casual restaurant, anyways! Granted, it was a really pretty and flowy dress, but still! Why did the damned thing have to be so difficult to take off?! Whining and fed up with the zipper that refused to budge, you wandered out of the bathroom to go to your bedroom where he had already slipped into his sleepwear, waiting for you.

“You going to sleep in that, babe?” He snickered, watching as you still struggled with the zipper. “Don’t be a smartass.” You huffed, wandering over to his side of the bed and turning your back to him. “Can you please just help me with this stupid thing? I can’t get it down.” Trailing his sharp oceanic hues up your back slowly, he smirked to himself, chuckling, already getting pretty inappropriate thoughts in mind. “Sure, of course I can help.” He mused as he sat himself up in bed to face your back. Reaching up, he slowly brought your zipper down as you turned your gaze to the floor, your arms having fallen right back down to your sides.  

Humming to himself, he watched as the bare skin of your back exposed itself to him the lower the zipper got, already passing his tongue over his lips. When he finally brought it down to its end at the top of your bum, he leaned up before you could move, slipping the sleeves down your arms. “D-Daiki-!” You whined, blushing in embarrassment now as you tried to push them back up. However, he reached up and grabbed your wrists in one of his hands, the other pulling the dress down to fall at your feet. “Shh, don’t struggle now, babe~ I just might have to punish you if you do~” He murmured against your neck, running his tongue slowly towards your ear from behind, nibbling on it gently. “B-but, Daiki…” You breathed out shakily, shuddering as the cold air hit your bare skin when he pulled you into bed over his lap.

“What’s say we get the rest of these pesky clothes off of you, too, huh? I never did like your bra. Or your panties. Shitty things only get in the way…~”

Murasakibara was patiently waiting for you in bed after having finally gotten out of that suit he hated so much, cozily wrapped up under the covers. He knew it was your cousin’s baby shower and all, but wow did he hate that stupid suit. Well, regardless, he definitely had a lot better luck with it than you did with your dress. You had been stuck in the bathroom for the past half hour, desperately trying to pull it down from your back to no avail. The stupid thing seemed to be caught on something!

“Atsushi…!” You whined in distress, tugging on your zipper harder, the sound of rushing water being heard from the bathroom. You just wanted to take a quick shower before bed, but no, this damn dress had to stay clung to your frame. “Can you please come over here? My dress is killing me!” Blinking at your sounds of distress, the lazy giant reluctantly got out of bed. Really, the only reason he did was because you were involved. Add you to the equation and he could never refuse.

“Hmm? What’s wrong, _______-chin?” He asked, peeking into the bathroom before stepping inside when he saw you were completely dressed. “I can’t get my zipper down…Could you help me?” Nodding his head, he gently turned you around so you were facing the wall and peered at the caught zipper. Reaching up, he carefully tugged it loose before pulling it down to release you from the confines of your dress. Before you could turn around, though, his breath hitched a bit as he ran one of his large hands slowly up your back. The pads of his fingertips slowly traced the lines of your smooth back, having been craving this contact for a while now.

“A-Atsushi…?” You stuttered, blushing now because of the touch as the large male leaned over you, wrapping one of his arms around your waist to pull your back up to his broad chest. “Ne, _______-chin, how about we take a shower together~? I’m tired of waiting for you to come to bed and, you know,” He turned you around, letting your dress fall from your frame before pressing your now bare chest to his own, a lustfully sharp look to his purple hues.

“I miss the way you moan my name~ We’ve never done it in the shower before, either, and I’ve been wanting to see how it would feel~”

Ever since the two of you got home, Kuroko could hear your struggling in the bedroom with that accursed zipper at the back of your dress. He had been waiting outside in the living room to give you your space to change and was patient, but it seemed that you were really going nowhere with this. Being the shy little thing that you were, you were more than just embarrassed to admit that you needed help getting undressed. You were completely against asking at first, but eventually, it just seemed to be inevitable.

“T-Tetsuya…?” You called out, peeking your head out the door. “_______-kun? Are you changed yet?” You shook your head, blushing a bright red. “I-I need help…My zipper won’t g-go down. Could you help me, p-please?” Blinking at this, the sky blue eyed male gained some color to his cheeks, clearing his throat as he nodded his head. “Ah, of course.” He stood from the couch, walking over to the door of your bedroom where you peeked from. “May I come in?” Nodding, you stepped back and allowed him to step inside before turning so he could see the zipper.

“I…I-I’m sorry if I touch you or anything. I’ll be careful.” He muttered, reaching up to pull the zipper down once you gave the okay. However, when skin started to show and the black clasps of your bra came into view, his cheeks grew even brighter, his gaze immediately turning the other way. When he felt the zipper bump and stay put at the end of its path, he turned around so he was facing the door just in case if the dress fell.

“I-I’ll just l-let you finish up h-here- Call me when you’re d-done, _______-kun-”

Midorima stared down at your back in utmost panic and distress as you turned to face the wall in front of you, huffing when you kicked your heels off. He fumbled and shook in place, his hands shaking as well as he slowly reached out to the zipper of your dress only to pull back again. Shit, he was embarrassed. He didn’t know why it was such an issue for him to help you with the damn thing, but it just was! You two hadn’t exactly been intimate together yet, so he hadn’t seen much of your skin at all. The thought of seeing you in just your underwear made his heart pound wildly in his chest even if it wasn’t a sexual request.

“Gosh, my feet are killing me…” You muttered before looking over your shoulder. “You okay, Shintarou? Or is it just really stuck?” He coughed to the side at this, shaking his head in response to your questions. “Ah, n-no-! No…It’s fine. It’s just c-caught on the t-tag, that’s all.” Little liar. Biting his lip, he willed himself to reach out again when you turned to face the wall, smiling to yourself. He was so adorable when he was like this. “Alright, take your time~”

Oh and he did.

He took his time and when he did finally pull it down, he rushed out the door of your bedroom faster than a bolt of lightning.

“J-just call me once y-you’ve changed, _______!”

Sweet little carrot.

Kasamatsu was, by no means of the word, a pervert. No, he was a gentleman, sweet and easy to embarrass. So, when you wandered over to him with the problem of your zipper, his cobalt blue eyes widened considerably, a stream of incoherent mumbling leaving him. He wasn’t sure how to respond, really. He couldn’t just say no to help you, after all. You were his precious girlfriend and he could never say no to you! It just managed to make his cheeks set to a heated boil when you asked him to technically help undress you, was all.

“A-ah, of course I can help, _______-! Just, um…Turn around…” He muttered, watching you as you turned with a little smile on your face, shyly playing with your fingers. “Thank you for h-helping me, Yukio.” You muttered out, too, shy as can be as you felt his hand brush over your back to grip the zipper. “Mhmm, d-don’t mention it-” Poor guy. He was blushing so deep! He couldn’t believe the effect such a simple request had upon him. Oh God, and when your skin started to come into view! Ah, you had such beautiful skin, actually…Even the outlines of your back were perfectly sculpted in his eyes. Quickly gripping onto the top of the dress when the zipper was pulled down, he held it up for you so it wouldn’t fall, bashfully looking to the side.

“C-come on, _______, let’s get you into your pajamas for the night…”

Fanfic - Pumpkin Patch Day - 1/1

Prompt: Barry and Iris take the Twins to a pumpkin patch to pick out their pumpkins. 

Rating: PG

Word Count: 1190

AN: A fluffy drabble to warm everyone on a cold autumn day <3

On a clear and crisp autumn day Iris took the Twins to the pumpkin patch.

Don and Dawn had been waiting for this day for weeks. Pumpkin Patch Day was when they could pick out the pumpkins to make Jack-o-lanterns. A yearly tradition held by the West-Allen Family. Lucky for them it was the perfect day to do it. The cold autumn rain that had fallen for days had cleared away. The sky was a light periwinkle blue with a few wisps of grey clouds. The gold and orange leaves crunched under their feet as they walked together hand in hand. The Twins giggling as they kicked the leaves up into the air.

Iris herded Don and Dawn to a large, open field. The entire field littered with bright orange pumpkins of every shape and size imaginable. Small groups of families were already wandering about inspecting each pumpkin.

“Pumpkins!” Dawn squealed and tugged at Iris’s hand excitedly.

“Can we go look mom? Can we please?” Don pleaded her with big brown eyes.

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Little Things, 8

~1000 words a day. Unbeta’d. Ten/Rose. College/Uni/Roommates AU. Previous chapters here

John was in a great mood when he woke up.

Being able to see was brilliant.

He greeted Rose with an emphatic Good Morning, How Are You, What A Fine Job You Did With Your Makeup Today, I Can See Every Pore, Ah! You’ve Got None! (She laughed.)

To Donna, who padded into the kitchen at that exact moment, wild-haired and bleary-eyed, he said: What A Lovely Dress It Really Brings Out The Colour Of Your Eyes - The Exact Shade Of A Bucket Of Slime. (She laughed again.)

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