her doctor and his rose


The Doctor Donna

The Moment took the form of Rose Tyler

So the Doctor would pick her to be his next companion

So she would absorb the Time Vortex

And bring Jack Harkness back to life

So the TARDIS would travel to the end of the Universe

And bring back the Master

So he’d get trapped back on Gallifrey

And then bring Clara and the Doctor together

So she could persuade the Doctor to save Gallifrey

Clever girl

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#4 pretty pleaseee!!! Ps: Love your blog ❤❤❤

thank you, sweetheart!

i combined it with @flourishandblotted‘s prompt “stay with me, like this” and went with ten x rose! i hope you like it – it’s angsty at first but i promise the ‘gets better’ ending <3

that we whisper | AO3

The first scream cuts through the drowsy air, echoes down the corridor.

Air leaves Rose’s lungs. Sleepiness is electrocuted from her body, or so it seems. She drops the tea mug onto the grating, tea spilling over with a wet splash.


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From chapter 5 of With Stars In Their Wake by Wintermoth

When Martha looked around the corner she couldn’t help but grin as she saw the duo from the hospital leaning against a giant blue box with the words Police Public Call Box at the top. She sighed, smiling, and they smiled back. They both appeared calm and healthy like they all hadn’t nearly died earlier, like it was just another ordinary day. The only evidence to the contrary was the bright pink cast on Rose’s arm.

“I went to the moon today.” She said, not seeing how they could be so relaxed about it. Her entire body was still thrumming with excitement.

“Bit more peaceful than down here.” the Doctor said.

She started towards them. “You never even told me who you are.”

“Sure we did.” He replied. “The Doctor and Rose Tyler. ‘S nothing more to it, really.”

“But what sort of species? It’s not every day I get to ask that.”

“She’s human, like I said.” He nodded to Rose. “And I’m a Time Lord.” 

“Right,” she made a face. “Not pompous at all then.”

“Oh, not at all,” Rose snickered. 

More Than a Name

Thanks a million to @chocolatequeennk for the title suggestion!

Ten x Rose AU, kidfic, ~2000 words

When James heard the word “Daddy” come from a sixteen-month-old’s mouth, he was overjoyed. The only problem was that the child calling him “Daddy” wasn’t his own.


“Oh, look, Alexa! Daddy’s here!”

James froze in the middle of crouching down to accept the baby that was sprinting towards him, and the sixteen-month-old girl collided with his shin. She squawked angrily, but James’s ears were still ringing.

“No, no, no. She’s-she’s not my daughter,” James stuttered. “I’m her mum’s… she’s my… Rose’s…”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” the daycare employee said, her cheeks flaming red.

“I just pick her up on Thursdays and Fridays for Rose,” James mumbled. “She’s my… er, friend. And neighbor, incidentally. She works late those nights.”

He trailed off lamely, not sure if he or the daycare aide was more mortified.

A little hand was slapping at his legs and a little voice was shouting, “Daddy! Daaaddddyyyyy!”

He glanced down at Alexa, shocked. Hearing her call him ‘Daddy’ pulled at something deep in his chest and lodged an ache in his throat.

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Imagine That

Sort of a Drop Dead Fred AU

Mentions of violence and past abuse.

“He’s an idiot.”

“No, he is not.” Rose Tyler ignored the voice coming from in front her as she played on her phone.

“You have a horrible taste in men.”

“I do not.”

Rose Tyler had a problem. Well, maybe it was just a quirk. The thing was, she had had an imaginary friend when she was a child that suddenly reappeared in her life after a bad relationship with a man named Jimmy Stone.

He simply called himself the Doctor and he was currently lounging across the seat of the booth where her date had been sitting only moments earlier. He wore a pinstriped suit with a long brown duster that he claimed he had received from Janis Joplin once upon a time. Were you her imaginary friend, too, she’d asked him. He’d scoffed and said, Don’t be ridiculous.

Roe still didn’t understand why he was back in her life again. The last time she’d seen him was right before her tenth birthday when he’d announced that she no longer needed him. She’d cried for days afterwards.

And then, suddenly, he was back. It was right after she’d had a nasty fight with Jimmy where he’d stormed off to find somewhere else to sleep for the night, probably another girl’s place. It wouldn’t be the first time.

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The Doctor is In

This was written for @doctorroseprompts “For once, the universe had been kind” prompt.

Ten x Rose, ~1100 words, Teen

After surviving the events at Canary Wharf together, the Doctor tends to the injuries Rose sustained from clinging to her lever.


The Doctor rested his hand against the small of her back as he guided Rose to the lift. He jabbed the button for the lowermost storey, and his hand rubbed soothing circles against her cardigan as the lift shuddered its way down forty-five floors. Every movement of the lift brought with it a fresh pulse of pain, and the Doctor winced as Rose sniffled against it.

She’d been so brave today, but at the cost of so much. She’d lost her mum, forever, and he’d nearly lost her. The terror of watching her cling to her lever was still fresh in his mind. He could still see the way her body was pulled parallel to the floor, and the way her fingers turned bright white as she desperately held on to her lever.

The pull of the Void had stopped just in time. He had seen her fingertips lose their strength almost at the exact same time that the Voice closed, and he tried not to think about what would have happened if her muscles had given up the fight just a moment earlier.

She had fallen heavily to the floor, and had cried out in agony as her body hit the floor. The shared persisting, searing pain in his arms and shoulders told him her muscles had been stretched beyond their limit.

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Ten x Rose - Ranch AU

(I was totally humming ‘Fields of Gold’ while doing the second one.)

Becoming One Again

This was written for @doctorroseprompts​ prompt of “Bad Wolf reveal”, and I suppose it technically counts for their newest set of prompts about Bad Wolf physically changing Rose.

Ten x Rose, teen, ~3000 words

This was beta-ed by the incomparable @chocolatequeennk​. Thanks Nancy!

Rose and the TARDIS conspire once more to become Bad Wolf to bring Rose home after the tragic events of Doomsday.


“This translates as ‘Bad Wolf Bay’.”

The Doctor couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity of it, even as his hearts felt like they were being squeezed too tightly in his chest.

Before he could continue his conversation with Rose—he refused to call it a goodbye—her eyes flashed gold and she swayed on her feet.

“A message, to lead myself here,” she murmured, and panic seized the Doctor’s hearts when her voice took on the ethereal quality reminiscent of her time as Bad Wolf.

“Rose! Rose, no!”

“I want you safe. My Doctor. My Doctor and his Rose.”

Golden light rippled beneath her skin, and he could hear Jackie screaming from somewhere in the background, but it was barely audible through the roaring of blood in his ears.

“Rose, please,” he begged. He’d taken it out of her! He’d taken Bad Wolf out!

“I can see everything. All that is, all that was, all that ever could be. And this is wrong,” she proclaimed, her voice firm.

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Duende - Unusual power to attract or charm.

This also fills this week’s @timepetalsprompts drabble prompt: “gold”

(But it’s not really a drabble.)

Thanks to @countessselena for the quick read through. <3


Mirage Broken

“Rose, don’t!” the Doctor shouts, and Rose blinks, confused.

Her arm stretches out, reaching for a handful of coins in an old, wooden chest. But at the Doctor’s panicked shout, she pauses, and the coins shimmer in and out of view in front of her.

“Wha…?” She pauses, disoriented, until the coins solidify again, and the earlier inexplicable pull toward the box lures her attention from the Doctor.

The coins are inches away from her fingertips when the Doctor firmly grasps her wrist, stopping her quest.

“Rose,” he says, voice desperate with worry. “Stop. Look.”

At his touch, here’s a sensation of water trickling through her mind, and suddenly the coins shift, the mirage broken. In their place is a pit of hissing vipers, mouths full of long fangs.

Rose shrieks and backs up from the pit, her hands covering her mouth in horrified shock. “What happened?”

“I told you to stay on the TARDIS,” the Doctor explains, mouth set in a thin, angry line. “I told you the chemicals in the atmosphere of this planet alter one’s perceptions of reality. You don’t have the proper filters in your lungs to keep the chemicals from reaching your mind.” He pauses, breathless in his anger, but then pulls her close, burrowing his face in her hair. She wraps her arms around him and listens to his hearts hammering madly inside his chest. “What did you see?”

For a moment, she’s silent, reliving the last few moments. “Gold coins… inside a pirate chest. I couldn’t resist reaching for ‘em. Was almost like something was controlling me.” And then in a softer voice, she apologizes. “Doctor, ‘m sorry. You said you’d only be gone a few hours, and I waited for nine hours. I– I forgot what you said about the chemicals, cos I was so worried about you.”

“Oh Rose…” The Doctor pulls her tight against his chest. “Don’t worry about me. I know how to get myself out of a pickle.”

Rose snorts in disbelief.


“So why’d it take you so long to come back?” she asks.

One arm leaves her back, and she knows he’s scratching the back of his neck. “Erm.”

“‘S what I thought,” she says with a short laugh, focusing on the humor in the situation rather than the pit of vipers several feet away from them. “So… TARDIS?”

“Right, yes! To the TARDIS! Just don’t let go of my hand, Rose. As long as you’re touching me, you won’t be affected by the chemicals.”

“You don’t need an excuse to hold my hand, Doctor.” Rose flashes her trademark tongue-in-teeth grin at the Doctor and takes his hand.

“Stardust In Her Wake” - Digital Oil Painting

He found constellations in the freckles on her skin, whole galaxies in her eyes. She carried the universe with her, and left stardust in her wake.

This is NOT a Photoshop filter every stroke is painted by me. (Clouds and stars made with filter and brushes, the rest is painted.)

He Quite Likes Hope

Pairing: Tentoo x Rose
Rating: General
Summary: A little drabble on Journey’s End from Tentoo’s perspective

Read on ao3 or FF.net

“Does it need saying?”

The New, New, Doctor rolled his eyes inwardly at his counterpart’s dismissive reply, his fists clenching in his pockets. He was doing what they’ve always done. Putting up walls and distancing himself in an attempt to lessen the pain and heartache rather than tell her the truth. Coward every time. And yet at this particular moment it’s that same cowardice that he’s also grateful for because he’s still not sure if he’ll be able to measure up to his former self in Rose’s mind and the thought of losing her after he’s just gotten her back again is unbearable.

“And you Doctor?” Rose asks, pulling him from his musings. Her hazel eyes are glistening with unshed tears as she stares up at him apprehensively. “What was the end of that sentence?”

As the wind whips her golden locks about her face he finds himself mentally transported back to the last time he saw her on this beach and his single heart stutters in his chest. It seems that the universe has deemed fit to give him one more chance and he’s not going to waste it.

He casts a quick glance over at the full Time Lord to wordlessly relay the myriad of thoughts and emotions going through his mind. Anger – ‘You’re a coward’, possessiveness – ‘she’s mine, you can’t have her’ and finally fear – ‘please don’t take her away from me.’

Steeling himself he pulls his hand from his pocket as he turns his attention back to Rose and reaches out, trailing it down her arm before coming to rest at her elbow and gripping it lightly, the dark blue leather soft and cool beneath his fingertips. He can feel his heart pounding against his chest and he takes a deep breath to compensate for the lack of his respiratory bypass as he leans forward to whisper into her ear the three words he’s longed to tell her since practically ‘run’.

His confession feels like a weight being lifted from within his soul and as he pulls backs she’s staring up at him with something akin to disbelief and wonder. Whatever she’s searching for in his eyes she seems to find as she suddenly grabs hold of his lapels and pulls him towards her, their lips crashing together in a passionate kiss full of love and longing and relief.

It takes a few seconds for his body to catch up with his brain as he realizes that he no longer has to hold back; old habits do tend to die hard, and then he’s wrapping his arms around her and dipping her back slightly as he crushes her body to his, not wanting to allow an inch of space between them. He feels a twinge of jealousy and regret from his other self but he pushes it to the back of his mind, choosing instead to revel in the feel of Rose finally in his arms once again and the press of her lips against his. It’s the one adventure he thought he could never have, practically handed to him on a silver platter and he’s not going to squander it.  

The kiss is over all too soon for his liking as Rose pulls out of his arms and sprints forward and as his head starts to clear he hears the faint sound of the TARDIS dematerializing over the strong winds and turns just in time to catch the faint flicker of the big blue box that served as his home for centuries fading away.

Rose is facing away from him, standing stock still and shoulders tense as she stares at the faint impression in the sand where the TARDIS once stood. The Doctor closes the gap between them tentatively, his hand slowly wrapping around hers and their fingers entwining as he comes to stand beside her and when he feels her thumb softly stroking the back of his, they meet each other’s gazes simultaneously. He can feel the hurt and confusion radiating off her in waves and see an underlying uncertainty in her eyes but as he feels her thumb brush lightly over the back of his once more and watches her expression soften slightly he feels the tightness in his chest start to ease.

They’re together now. That’s all that matters and whatever ‘storms’ have yet to come their way they’ll face them together, side by side because they can finally have forever and he will never let her go again. Pulling her to him, he reaches up to tuck a lock of hair behind her ear, gently brushing the apple of her cheek with his thumb. Her eyes are now shining with something that could only be described as hope and he smiles down at her warmly, clinging to the feeling. Yes, hope is a good emotion. He quite likes hope.

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favorite headcanon and favorite au? (dw)

Favorite headcanon: I love the one I’ve read that has Nine getting his Northern accent from Clara, because the War Doctor thought highly of her. Then Ten got his accent from Rose, of course. As did Eleven, because she’s the last person Ten saw. Eleven spoke to Amy last, so that’s where Twelve’s Scottishness comes from. Now whether they carry that forward, I don’t know, but I love the idea.

My favorite au? Anything romantic. Romantic comedy, soulmates…in any universe, in any situation, the Doctor and Rose will fall in love.

List the first lines of your last 20 stories (or however many you have altogether).
See if there are any patterns. Then, tag your favorite authors.

I was tagged by @papalogia who is a delight and a treasure and a fellow canuck to boot. 

Gonna use the last 20 things I’ve published on AO3. Long post will be long.

Torque | Bleach, Ichiruki, AU.

The city is alive at night, neon-soaked and rain-slicked.

Opacity | Bleach, Ichiruki, Post-685/686, Canon-Compliant

There are several things that Renji Abarai knows to be true: the yakisoba noodles from the yatai near the city wall down by the Eleventh are the best in the Seireitei, Ukitake-taichou’s favourite tea is the fancy one from the tea shop just over the wall in the 1st District of the Rukongai, and Ichigo Kurosaki is in love with Rukia Kuchiki.

Archangel Flare | Bleach Ichiruki, AU

Space is generally pretty boring in Ichigo’s opinion - mostly empty with the occasional planet and sometimes, something hostile to kill, but generally, there’s very little to do out here out on the far reaches of the Central Systems.

Planet-Side Spin | Bleach, YoruIchiRuki, AU

The water here is an out-of-this-world colour of blue - Rukia would tell him it was azure, but she’s the one with the vocabulary right out of a game of scrabble.

When I Came Into This World (I Arrived in a Storm) | Bleach, Ichiruki, Smut

On sultry summer afternoons that swell with humidity and the low, nearly ultrasonic, sound of distant thunder, and breathe with wind that turns from soft breeze to a thing alive with crackling static electricity; Rukia arrives at Ichigo’s barracks room, haori sliding off her shoulders before she even crosses the threshold.

Run (If You Want) | Doctor Who, Doctor x Rose, Soulmate AU

Rose wakes up in a cold sweat; heart thundering against her ribs.

Mouthful of White Lies | Bleach, Ichiruki, Post-685, Canon-compliant

Fall rushes in on the cold wings of a storm that strips the leaves off the trees and tosses them into soggy piles up against doorways and into the gutters.

Selective Deafness | Bleach, Ichiruki, Pre-SS Arc

“Just stop,” she says, reaching out to put her hand on his forearm.

Supernovae | Doctor Who, Ten x Rose, Smut

This far out, they are light years from any other star, aeons away from any inhabited planets, and far enough away from anything, the Doctor had assured her before burying his face between her thighs, that it didn’t matter how loud she was, no one was going to hear her.

Transparent | Bleach, Ishihime, post-685/686, Canon-compliant

He is a fool.

For Reasons Wretched and Divine | Bleach, Ichiruki, Smut

Sometimes, when they do this, it’s quick and fast and so, so hot – hot enough that Rukia thinks she might scald herself on the heat of him.

Night; Interrupted | Bleach, Ichiruki, Post-686, Canon-compliant

The scales have never been tipped in his favour, the odds have never been on his side, and goddammit, he knows this isn’t how it was meant to happen, he knows this will break everything to pieces, he knows he is peeling back layers of himself that he cannot re-attach, he knows that he is unravelling the threads of this finely wrought illusion, and he will pay for this wanton disregard, and yet –

Out of the Black | Doctor Who, Firefly, Dimension Hopping!Rose, Crossover

Rose tumbles out of the slipstream between dimensions and lands on her hands and knees.

The Angels Dragged My Throne | Bleach, Ichiruki, Post-685 AU

Today should be the best day of her life – being initiated as taichou of the thirteenth, following in her brother’s footsteps and succeeding Ukitake-taichou (may he rest peacefully) – but instead, from her vantage point behind the curtain at the end of the long hall, all she can see is who is not here.

Incendiary Devices | Bleach, Ichiruki, Post-686, Smut, Canon-Compliant, Adultery

Their kids are downstairs, their spouses out on the back deck - making conversation over glasses of wine and the remains of dessert – but she hadn’t thought twice before following him up the stairs and into his old room, before letting him back her into the wall beside his closet, before letting him kiss the breath out of her lungs.

Unsubstantial | Bleach, Ichiruki, Post-686, Canon-compliant

He is a shadow.

The Sums Don’t Add Up At All | Bleach, Ichiruki, Timeskip!Feels, Smangst

Falling into bed (or against a wall) with Rukia is not something that happens after every fight or every night.

A Knife in the Ocean | Bleach, Zangetsu, Introspective, Timeskip!feels

The Hollow sits, exposed, in a puddle of water gathered in a window on the side of sideways skyscraper.

Other Duties As Assigned | Bleach, Ichiruki, Smut

“Say it again,” Rukia husks, and Ichigo feels his face flame.

Provenance of Truth | Bleach, Ichiruki, Post-680

The air at the top of the stairs tastes of violence, and Rukia swallows hard as she takes in the scene.

As for patterns? I dunno. I write long or short sentences (there is no middle ground) and tend to start things in the middle of things. 

Tagging: @mizulily, @kingkuchiki, @perfectlyrose, @ciebei, @gunnerpalace, @chocolatequeennk, @lastbluetardis, @skyler10fic, @hashtagartistlife

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hi! welcome back from the cone of science - i feel you, i still have testing left. anyway, can you write ten/rose telepathic bond fluff? it's my absolute favorite kind of fluff and it would help me get through this weekend. thanks!

Here you go! Good luck with the rest of your exams!!

The Doctor hummed idly as he lay underneath the central console of the TARDIS, making routine maintenance checks. But the ship was making it incredibly difficult for him to do so, as she kept flickering her lights and shocking his fingers.

“Oi, stop it!” he growled, sticking his index finger into his mouth after a particularly violent shock. “Or do you want to fall to bits on our next trip?”

“Oh, she’s not that worn down,” Rose said, and there was a clip of irritation in her voice.

Blimey, even Rose was annoyed with him.

“Yes, I’m annoyed!” she said exasperatedly, but the Doctor could feel the affection bubbling across their bond, so whatever it was she was angry about, it wasn’t too bad.

“I’m not exactly angry,” she said as the Doctor hoisted himself up from below the grating. The TARDIS had seen fit to turn off all the lights, making it impossible to continue his work. But there were still a few wires and bolts he needed to reattach, so until the ship decided to cooperate with him, he and Rose would be stuck in the Vortex.

“Well you’re both miffed about something,” he pouted, wiping his hands off on a nearby rag, and he smirked as he noticed Rose’s gaze drop to his bare forearms, where he’d rolled up his sleeves.

“Do you know what you’ve been humming for the past couple of hours?” Rose asked, forcing her eyes away from his arms.

The Doctor furrowed his brow, and finally the strands of the tune that had been stuck in his head all morning finally took shape.

It’s a small world after all…

He grinned sheepishly when Rose’s annoyance flared, as her mind added to the lyrics.

“You’ve had that bloody earworm for over two hours!” Rose said, and the Doctor could feel her attempting to shove that song to the back of her mind, but it kept inching forward. “No wonder the TARDIS won’t let you touch her. She’s about as sick of it as I am!”

“Sorry, love,” the Doctor said, but he was far too amused at the situation to be truly sorry.

“Git,” Rose grumbled, crossing her arms in front of her chest.

“I am sorry it’s been annoying you,” he said a bit more earnestly, and he telepathically apologized to the TARDIS.

“Guess that’s a trade off for having you in my head,” she said, and a smile was tugging up the corners of her mouth.

“But worth it, right,” he said, plopping down on the jump seat beside her. They’d only had their bond for a little over a week, but already the Doctor couldn’t imagine not having her in his head.

“Definitely,” Rose agreed, tucking her head against his shoulder. “But next time, can you try to pick a less annoying earworm?”

Star Light, Star Bright

{ For ‘wish’ @doctorroseprompts and 'stars’ @legendslikestardust – both were drabble prompts but I ended up combining them and this got a little away from me but it’s still under 1,000 words. }

All Ages  |  Fluff, KidFic

Doctor/Rose (I wrote this with TenToo in mind but really any Doctor of your choice would work.)

Stargazing, shooting stars, and sleepless nights.

{ AO3 }{ FFN }

Somehow the Doctor is still asleep. Rose does not know how it’s possible as he is usually the first one up whenever Emma gets fussy but she is grateful for it all the same as they have had a ridiculously busy and somewhat harrowing day and the Doctor needs his rest.  He has been running himself ragged for weeks now and even though she desperately wants to know why, he is keeping his reasons locked up tight.  He won’t talk about it and he is being very careful not to let anything slip through their bond. It frustrates her but she is trying to give him his space, knowing that when he is ready, he will come to her.  For now though, she pulls her cardigan on and quietly leaves their bedroom as she walks down the hall to their daughter’s nursery.

Before she can set foot inside their daughter’s room though, a quiet and sleepy, ’Rose?’ echoes through their bond.

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“Tardis Sweet Shop & Soda Fountain” - Digital Oil Painting

I designed this as a cute, vintage AU where they meet at a soda fountain, but it could also be Rose and the Doctor, where they finally make it to New York in the 50s to see Elvis. Up to you!

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.