her desperation to save him *sob*

Let’s talk about a cat who spent a whole day waiting on a wall, while everyone else was celebrating, because she had heard something and she couldn’t believe it. Because people were laughing for the first time in years, and all she wanted to do was cry.

Let’s talk about a teacher who was strict and severe, but fair and caring. A woman who fought for her students until the very end, with her green robes and stern look, three silver cats flying out of her wand. And they fought for her too.

Let’s talk about Minerva McGonagall.

When Minerva McGonagall saw Harry for the first time, she didn’t see his mother living in his green eyes, like Severus would. She didn’t see James’ ghost in his shy smile, like Sirius; or a hero to be shaped by manipulative hands, like Albus. She didn’t even see an orphan, like the rest of the world did. She didn’t see the boy who lived. She just saw a boy, her student, and for her, that was enough.

Minerva McGonagall survived a war and all that came after. The funerals and the sorrow, but also the laughter that was back. She survived the ghosts and the mourning. She let her heart break over Lily’s death, her hands shaking because James would never make another joke; a sharp, disappointed pain over Sirius’ betrayal (they had been her students. They had been her children) and then she collected the pieces and moved on. It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live, Albus said once. And she didn’t dwell on dreams. She was stone and she would not shatter.

She survived a war, and, when she had already buried the dead and forgotten the nightmares, another one came. And she survived it too. She was a rock, and rocks may be weathered, but they don’t break.

When Fred and George Weasley abandoned the school, leaving behind a trail of cheers, admirers and laughter, and a petition (give her hell for us, Peeves), Minerva saw Umbridge’s fury and Peeves’ bow, and hid a smile in the corner of her lips. When Neville Longbottom came to her office, asking for advice, with his clumsy hands and a respectful fear in his eyes, she offered him a biscuit and some tea, and she gave him reassurance with her stern frown and her steady voice.

When Remus Lupin became the DADA teacher, she invited him to her office. She offered him biscuits too, some chocolate this time. They talked for a long time, about old times and forgotten joys, about four friends and their mischiefs and pranks. They looked back on their bets and their antics, their hopes and their dreams. They didn’t talk about death, not that evening, and the Marauders came back to life in that room, their voices rising and stealing pieces of a future they hadn’t gotten to live. They also talked about their students, homework and assignments, because they were teachers after all, and that was something worth remembering.

She gave him a knitted jumper for Christmas. He gave her a box of chocolates. Years later, she would stand by his grave and leave a single flower on it. A flower for the boy she’d known and the man he’d become. The man who was kind and quiet and healing. The man she’d like to have gotten to know better.

Albus died then, a shout and a blaze of green light. A fall, and it was all over. It felt like the end of an age. “Are the rumours true?”, she had asked, once upon a time. Now she wanted to ask Harry the same thing, trying to keep her voice from shaking, because Albus Dumbledore couldn’t be dead, could he? But then again, James and Lily couldn’t have been, either, and yet they had been, they were.

When the Second Wizarding War began, she stayed at the school. She kept teaching, because she was a teacher and she would not let them take that from her. Because her students were there, and she wouldn’t leave them alone. She wouldn’t let them die, all those brave children, if she could do something to save them. She wasn’t like Albus, who had prepared himself to sacrifize a boy in the name of the greater good. A boy’s life for the sake of the world.

After the Battle of Hogwarts, there was a destroyed castle and ashes. Minerva stumbled when she saw George’s desperation and Fred’s frozen smile. She wanted to cry when she came across Lavender’s body. She finally collapsed to her knees, when she found Colin Creevey. She had seen him this still, once before. But there were no mandrake leaves to save him, not this time. He was too young. He shouldn’t have been fighting a war, the brave and naïve boy.

Pomona Sprout kneeled next to her then, and Minerva sobbed on her shoulder.

“A boy”, she cried. “He was a boy, he was a child. Children, they were children.”

Pomona let her weep, and then she said,

“There are children here still. They are alive, and they need you, and more will come, and you’ll be there. And you’ll be fine.”

And she was right. Minerva collected the pieces once again, and she moved on. She sent a box of chocolates to Dennis Creevey, as Remus would have done, because he was so much better at being kind than her. Than any of them, really. Dennis sent her a photograph, an old picture of Albus and her, the Weasley twins laughing in the background. She met Molly Weasley for tea, and they shared anecdotes. And she went back to Hogwarts and she kept teaching, because she was a teacher before anything else. She became the new headmaster. The best one of them all.

Some years later, Neville Longbottom knocked at her door, asking for a job. She remembered all the times he had come, asking for advice with his stammering voice. She remembered the way he had led the resistance, the way he had stood up and defied the ones who had made his parents lose their minds. The way he had worked hard and stubborn, never giving up. She offered him a biscuit and some tea. She had never felt so proud.

When he left, she went through some papers. She looked up and the portrait of Albus Dumbledore winked at her. She smiled and went back to work.

When Teddy Lupin arrived at Hogwarts for the first time, expectation in his eyes and bright colours in his hair, he was nothing like the other orphan who had stared at her once upon a time, the one who had had skinny elbows and broken glasses. Teddy Lupin wasn’t looking for a family, he already had one. But, as she had done before, she saw another student, and for her, that was enough.

She was a teacher. Students were her children. And she was their rock.

Undercover Part 2: I’ll Always Be by Your Side

Summary: You sacrifice yourself to the Hydra agents that want Bucky.

Warnings: Angst, fluff, some sexual assault (done by kidnapper), and then some smut (oral and penetration sex done by Bucky to reader)

A/N: People requested it, so I provided! 

(Part 1)

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wahpumkya  asked:

Reaper!Elizabeth AU? :D

Omg this one might be a little sad and bittersweet. I love this AU soooo much!

1. Becoming a reaper was, in Lizzys eyes, the only way to obtain more power and save Ciel.

2. Ciel was one to discover Elizabeth’s body. She had come over to his mansion the day before and spent the entire day with him. He’d wondered why she went to bed that day crying. He understood when he discovered her corpse the next morning when he’d went to surprise Elizabeth by waking her up.

3. Elizabeth had died in her favorite white dress. Ciel thought it very much resembled a wedding dress.

4. The other members of the phantomhive household were alerted of the suicide when they heard ciels screams and sobs coming from the guest bedroom. They ran over only to see Ciel cradling lizzys dead body and begging her to come back to him.

5. Grell and Ronald were the first reapers Lizzy met. They both immediately took a liking to her. Grell loved that elizabeth had died out of love for another person, it truly was passionate demise in her eyes. Ronald admired Elizabeth’s strength and determination.

7. Lizzy had decided to kill herself when she became 18. She had become desperate since she had no idea of how to save Ciel. She knew that ciels death was imminent, so she commenced this plan as a last ditch effort to help ciel.

8. with his last true family member gone, Ciel nearly went mad. He was lucky that he met Lizzy as a reaper on his next mission for the queen.

9. Ciels first mission for the queen happened to be lizzys first soul collecting assignment (with Ronald and grell as her mentors). Upon their first meeting, Lizzy didn’t go to greet Ciel, instead she immediately, ruthlessly began attacking Sebastian. As a reaper, Lizzy was a much more formidable opponent. Grell and Ronald had to practically drag her away from the fight. But it was Ciel who ended the battle by screaming at Sebastian to cease his attacks. Elizabeth left without a word of explanation.

10. Meeting Lizzy again gave Ciel the courage to continue living. Lizzy may have been dead, but her light had not yet been extinguished from his life.

Oof I should stop there I guess. I have so much more to write! I’m considering making a fanfiction out of this now lol. Thanks for the request!

I’ve been watching a lot of season 3 fitzsimmons clips for research (i.e. I need to double-check one thing and then spiral and watch a bunch of clips come at me), and just like…this framework stuff has to end with the happiest of all endings. Because they have been through so much heartache and they love each other SO DAMN MUCH. This can’t be how it ends.

I MEAN LOOK AT HIM AFTER THEIR FIRST KISS. He kissed her desperately, like he was drowning and she was the only thing that might save him and he’d never have another chance. But she kissed him so gently; she tried so hard to show him how much she loves him but he can’t accept it and it breaks both their hearts. AND THEN HE’S JUST DEVASTATED AND ASHAMED AND GUTTED AND IN LOVE AND I CAN’T.


*this trash post brought to you by the fact that it’s 3 am in @itsavolcano‘s time zone so she’s not responding to my dramatic fitzsimmons texts.

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Imagine Steve, Peggy, and Sam in a poly relationship while they all fight together under the cap title. Not a single one of them has a single self-preservation gene in their body, and their battle plans are always reckless and spectacular.


“—only option, James. You know Sam can do it.”

“I said no. That’s final, Pegs.”

Oh, sweet Jesus. Not again.

“Buck, we’ll be fine. It’s no more dangerous than th—”

“I dare you to finish that sentence, Rogers.” Damn, he sounds hot like that. Sam bites away a smile as he rounds the corner. He’d left them alone for ten minutes to suit up and they’re already at each other’s throats. It’s almost enough to take the excitement out of wearing wings. Flying. He can fly.

“You are not doing anything reckless,” Bucky continues. “Sam’s only been out of the hospital for two months. You will not drag back into some harebrain—”

“Bucky, please.” Sam walks into the cargo hold and up to his boyfriend. Peggy smiles at him tiredly. He grabs Bucky’s hands and pulls him close. Physical touch always grounds Bucky even though sometimes he can’t handle it. He knows how worried Bucky can get, how worried he had been when Sam was hit. And he hates making Bucky worry, he hates making Bucky doubt and yet… “I’m completely capable of taking care of myself. I’m fine. I was cleared by Dr. Cho herself. Regeneration tech is the future.”

Bucky flushes, caught. His fingers tighten their hold on Sam’s. “You just got out of the hospital. I’m not letting you go into a situation where you can get hurt again.”

Sam softens. He rests his forehead against Bucky’s for a moment. “But that’s not your choice to make. We’re superheroes, sweetheart. This is what we do.”

Bucky swallows heavily, looking down on their entwined fingers. When he looks up, his face is carefully and completely blank. “Do whatever you want.”

He’s out of Sam’s hand and the room before Sam can react. Shit.

Steve starts after him, but Peggy pulls him back. “We don’t have time, Steve. He’ll be fine.” She rests her head on his arm. “We’ll all be fine. Bucky’s simply overthinking it. We have only have twenty more minutes to come up with a solid plan. That’s the best thing we can do right now.”

Steve sighs and nods. Despite his aching heart, Sam smiles and opens his arms to let Steve fall in. “Peggy’s right. It’ll be fine.”

“THIS IS NOT FINE! THIS IS SO FAR FROM FINE! STEVE, 5 and 8. PEGGY, BEHIND YOU.” Sam swoops down between two warehouses and knocks out two of the HYDRA agents as Steve round kicks the soldier who crept up on his five and somehow simultaneously just about beheads the other guy with the shield. Despite all the practice he’s had with it, he still can’t quite manage it like Steve does.

Sam touches down for a moment and uses that momentum to get back in the sky. Soaring between whizzing bullets, he gets his eyes on Peggy again…who is nowhere to be seen.

“Carter, you get in?”

When he doesn’t get an answer, “Red, I need eyes.”

<initiate seek protocol>

<infrared: negative>


<heat signature: negative>

<last known heat signatu

“Red? RED! No! Goddammit.” Sam sweeps back down, landing where he saw Carter last. There were no soldiers around, nothing. He couldn’t hear anything, not the bullets, not Steve or the shield, not Bucky or the quinjet.

It was too quiet. Dead silent.

“Peggy?” Sam whispers. Why, he doesn’t know. Probably because this is Creepy AF and he doesn’t do creepy, much less Creepy AF. He likes his life just fine, thanks.

See, here’s the thing, he’s been in enough combat situation to know this ain’t normal. Which means 0-84. Which means he should contact SHIELD. But he can’t. Because his communications are dead.


Just…so fucking great.

Sam pulls out his glock and does a perimeter check. Nothing.

So. She’s inside. She went inside the creepy base without backup. Now, to be completely honest, Sam totally understands why Bucky’s always harping on them. Because they pull shit like this. Unnecessary shit. Not that she can’t take care of herself, but there’s three of them for a reason.

He remains alert as he slips into the base with an open door. No locks, no keypads, nothing. Again, creepy.

Maybe Wanda and Nat should’ve taken this case. They probably have a better background in this sort of stuff.

He clears each room as fast as he could while also being thorough and keeping an ear out for the comms getting back up again. He goes to the basement before the upper levels. He touches every piece of equipment he can. He touches half-filled coffee mugs and toasters. They’re all cold. There’s no one around. It’s like there’s never been anyone around except all the equipment is state-of-the-art and there are no cobwebs anywhere. It’s clean. Perfect.


Could he be hallucinating?

He can’t see Peggy anywhere. He can’t hear anything aside from himself. Not the ventilation systems. The quiet…the quiet is almost deafening. It can’t be real.

This can’t be real.

Sam sprints down the stairs and outside. The sun feels  warm. He can feel the breeze on his skin. He darts between trucks, cold trucks, to where he saw Steve last, but there’s no one there. No Steve. No fallen soldiers. No bleeding guards. Nothing except abandoned vehicles and buildings.

This isn’t right.

He has to get outta here. He has to find Peggy and Steve. He has to get back to Bucky. He hasーhas toー

The quinjet.

He needs to get back the quinjet.

Bucky parked the quinjet 1.3 miles from the base, 17 degrees southwest.

“That’s.” Sam gulps. “That’s…alright, so the sun’s over there and so I need to…over here. There. Somewhere. Right. Sam, you got this. You gotーIs…is that smoke? Please tell me it ain’t smoke. Oh, no no nononononono.”

All thoughts of a solid plan slip out of his mind and he runs towards theーyep, smoke. Smoke means fire. Fire never means anything good.

Panic bubbles through him and he tries to regulate his breathing before he passes out or something equally stupid. The closer he gets, the stronger the pungent smell of smoke is, the more ashes float to the ground and here he is, running into a forest fire. Any other day, he’d be hightailing the other way, but this is Bucky. This is Bucky. His lover, his family, their forever.

Sam shrugs off his jacket and balls it up to cover his face as he moves closer, slower, more careful. Bucky has to be okay. Bucky will be okay. And then they’ll go back and find Peggy and Steve. It’ll be fine.

It’ll be fine.

It’ll be finー

“Sam? Is thatー”


“Peggy!” He runs towards the direction of her voice only to bound back when the air around him burns.

“Sam!” A shout.


Sam runs.

He waves a hand in front of him, trying to clear the heat from blurring his vision, but that only makes him cough.

Covering his face almost completely, he searches for her voice. Her voice. That’s what’s important. Forget everything else. Forget the heat. Forget the panic. It’s okay. It’ll be fine. “Peggy, talk to me. Hey girl. Please. What are you doing out here?”

“Iー” she coughs then chokes. “I’m okay. I came toーfind….Bucーky. Somethーing was s-strange. Iー”

“Yeah, me too,” he replies and peeks over his covering. His vision blurs and dances, but he can see her on the ground, Steve hovering on her side overー




“Come here,” Steve gasps out. “I’m trying to wakeーhim up. But he won’tーyou were a paramedic.”

Steve looks up at him, his eyes wide. He was trembling. “Sammy, you gotta save him. You have to save hi-im. Sammy please.”

Sam makes himself move. He has to. He has to try.

A sob ripped out of Peggy when he comes closer. He feels her cold touch on his arm, gripping.

“I tried to help,” she says.

“I couldn’t get him out, she says.

“He was alreadyー”

Sam can’t take his eyes off Bucky. Burnt, bleeding, broken and bruised. He’s not moving. Every second between Steve’s desperate CPR, he’s not moving. He’s just…there. He’s just…a body. Like Riley had been. A pile of bones and marred flesh. He’s just

Peggy’s hand falls away.



“Sam! Sam, I need you to hear me, okay? I need you to breathe. Count and breathe. Deep breaths. For me. For your Bucky. Please.”

Bu “ーcky?”

He doesn’t wake up to incessant beeping.

Sign #1: he’s actually dead and in heaven

He doesn’t open his eyes to bright white lights either. He’s in the dark and warm. He takes a deep breath and feels a familiar touch on his sternum. He looks down and there’s nothing there. There’s no one here.

And then, the noises reach him and he almost dies in relief. Sounds. Thank god.

He swallows dryly and tries to move. He manages to get an arm up before it flops back down as exhaustion floods his system.

“ーrrified, but he’s okay now. Tony came by to visit. You know what he’s like. Pepper was with him which was nice. We talked…”


Is thatー

Sam opens his eyes, blinking against the lights until a dark form appears before him. “Peggy?”

“Yes, Sam, I’m right here.” Her arms encircle his.

“Peggy…you’re…” alive.

“Yes, I’m okay, Sam. I’m completely fine, darling.” She soothes away the frown between his eyebrows before kissing him on his forehead.

“What happened?”

“Magic. It was a spell.” Peggy grimaces. “Strange helped us with it.”

He catches her arm and drops a kiss in the middle of her palm. When she smiles at him, he tugs her close to give her a real kiss. He tangles his fingers in her hair and holds her steady. She’s warm under his fingertips, moving and smiling. Oh, thank God she’s okay. She’s here. Right here. She’s safe. Sam, it’s okay. She’s safe. He pulls back a little to look at her. “Are you okay?”

Pain flits through her eyes as she nods, echoes of his own, of whatー

Sam jolts up in his seat, almost butting into Peggy.

“SAM!” Peggy tries to push him down, but Sam’s out of the bed and out the door before she can.

He follows the voices down the hallway to the living room where Steve andーBucky. Sam’s across the room in a flash and in Bucky’s lap. Bucky who is warm and moving. Bucky who isn’t burned or broken.

“Whoa, darling. You alright?” Bucky grins at him.

Sam dips down to kiss his boyfriend before he starts crying. Blindly, he reaches for Steve and pulls him close, sliding an arm around Steve’s neck.  He gasps when Steve joins them, his face smushed against Sam’s, his hard body pressed against his side, his back…just present. He pulls away from Bucky to pull Steve into a deep kiss. You’re okay. You’re all okay. Thank God.

Thank God. Thank God. Thank God.

Steve wraps himself around Sam, his warmth sinking in Sam’s skin and he basks in it. Peggy joins them a few seconds later, pressing a open-mouthed kiss on Sam’s exposed throat and he shudders. They’re all here. They’re all safe.

It’s okay. It’s gonna be okay.

Tonight, You Belong to Me : Iwaizumi Hajime

Anon: Oooh how about a royalty au! Where reader is going to have to marry oikawa in an arranged marriage but she’s in love with her body guard Iwaizumi!!! And the night before the marriage she cries to iwaizumi to make her his just for the night


I want to start writing AU’s more frequently, so I might put up a poll for which AU I should write about first; what do you think? Let me know!

Female pronouns used!

Y/N smoothed down the front of her dress, frowning as she waited outside the banquet hall. She paused before she lifted her gloved hands to twist the seam from her wrist and fiddle with the rings on her fingers, only one left bare.

“I don’t like this,” She said quietly and Iwaizumi looked to her.

“Why not?” He asked, shuffling from his formal stance. “You should be happy, becoming queen.”

She scowled at the mahogany door in front of her and clenched her hands into fists. “I won’t become queen,” she hissed darkly, glaring furiously at the ornate gold door handle. “I will become a wife. I just don’t understand why I have to marry.”

Iwaizumi frowned and stepped forward to place his hand on the small of her back. She barely flinched but turned to look at him.

“You haven’t even met the Prince yet,” Iwaizumi pointed out with a small smile. “You may just like him.”

“What if he’s insufferable?” She asked matter-of-factly. 

“He won’t be,” he assured.

She sniffed and straightened up as the door in front of them groaned and began to open. She smoothed her dress down.

“He better not be.” Y/N muttered before she put on a brilliant smile and began to walk up to her place at the table. Three people had immediately stood up to greet her, her father and he mother and one whom was foreign. He had waves of luscious brown hair and had a smug smirk on his face as he took Y/N’s hand to kiss.

“Crown Prince of Seijou, Oikawa Tooru,” he announced as he leant back, flipping his hair. “And, my, my, you look positively radiant.” She opened her mouth to thank him before he turned away to interact with a lord. “Ah, yes, where was I? Ah! The Stag! Well…”

Y/N shot Iwaizumi a sour look.

Yes, the crown prince certainly was insufferable.

“Ugh, I hate this ring! It’s so flashy,” Y/N hisses as she tried to pry the brilliant ruby ring from her finger, to which she struggled with until Iwaizumi offered his help. She scowled further as she unclipped the matching necklace from around her neck. “What an insufferable Prince.”

She flopped onto her bed, face-first, a Iwaizumi watched in amusement.

“Now, now,” he said softly as he sat down beside her. “I don’t suppose he can be that bad…”

“Haijime, he was flirting with the maids, he was flirting with you!” She pointed out with a sigh. “He rides his horse so flashily, and he wears turquoise all the time, not to mention the awful jewellery he insists on wearing.”

Iwaizumi scowled at the memory before he blanched. “Yes, Well…” he trailed off. “Have you tried speaking to His Royal Highness?”

She nodded. “Of course. Right after the banquet where I met him, father only said that it would be good for the kingdom. And now, he’s going to propose tomorrow.”

“Really?” Iwaizumi asked, his eyebrow raised curiously. “You can tell?”

Y/N sat up with a knowing grin and clutched a plush pillow close to her chest, shuffling until she was facing him.

“Of course,” she told him as if it were obvious. “He’s been flirting with me and buttering me up all week. He’ll take me out to the gardens in the summer dress that mother chose for me - no gloves - and he’ll tell me how much he loves me and ask me to marry him.”

“You’ve certainly thought about this.” Iwaizumi joked dryly as Y/N leant back to look up at the ceiling.

“Then I’ll say yes. We’ll marry the next week, and it will be extravagant and we will receive congratulations from all four corners of the country, then we’ll move to his palace, of course.” She continued as she flopped back on the bed, still clutching the pillow. “His family will expect a heir, and I, as his wife, will have to comply, and of course he needs a Princess as well, so I suppose we’ll have another.

“We’ll grow old together and die in time for our son to marry and take the throne in our stead, and see our daughter bear grandchildren and get married herself.”

Iwaizumi felt as if his mouth was a desert as Y/N sighed and sat up again, shuffling back until she was leaning against her pillows.

“I don’t want that, Hajime.”

His voice felt as rough as sandpaper as he spoke next. “What do you want?” he asked and she blinked at him.

He felt his face heat up and immediately felt as if he had said something wrong, but she only blinked twice more before a small smile stretched across her face.

“No one has ever asked me that before,” Y/N told him, sighing as she closed her eyes. “It feels nice. To have a choice.”

“So, what do you want?”

“To marry whomever I love,” she replied simply. “We’d live in a cottage, and I’d work in the farm. I’d have as many children as I’d want and they’d get a choice too. I’d love them so, so much.”

Iwaizumi chuckled and shuffled closer to ruffle her hair. “You haven’t worked a day of your life, whats this about farms?”

She pouted and batted his hands away.

“Down, Hajime! Down! I can dream!” She protested but Iwaizumi only laughed and ruffled her hair further.

“Alright then,” he leant down to press a kiss to her forehead. “Sleep well Princess.”

Iwaizumi exited the room to her flushed cheeks and dazed eyes, collapsing outside her door as soon as it was shut, a hand covering his mouth as his cheeks flushed a brilliant red.

He shouldn’t have done that. He really shouldn’t have done that.

“Iwaizumi-sa—? Oh God,” Soon, Hanamaki was leaning in front of him and wiping away tears that he hadn’t noticed were falling, pushing his dark hair back from his face. “Oh… Iwaizumi…”

Iwaizumi pulled his hand from his face to press to his chest, pressing his fist firmly against where is heart should be. Using the other to wipe away the falling tears.

“It hurts,” he whispered, finally feeling the sobs that wracked his body. “It hurts, Maki, it hurts, so, so much…”

Hanamaki smiled sadly and pushed back Iwaizumi’s hair again, resting a hand over Iwaizumi’s fist.

“That’s love, Iwaizumi,” Hanamaki told him as Iwaizumi felt the ache and clutched the fist closer to his chest, trying to dull it out. Hanamaki just rubbed soothing circles on his cheeks. “Horrible — isn’t it?”

Iwaizumi looked up at the knock at his door.

He expected a lot of things when he opened it, he realised as he pulled it open, but he didn’t expect the Princess to collapse into his arms and to begin gripping at his clothes, sobbing and crying and begging him to stay with her.

“Princess, Princess,” he soothed as he checked the hallway, pulling her in to shut and lock the door tight in a hurry. “Calm down, please. What’s wrong? As your bodyguard—”

“Run away with me Hajime!” She cried, and he stopped in place, staring down at her puffy, red eyes and the tears streaming down her blotchy cheeks. “Run away with me, and marry me…” she repeated quietly.

“Princess, I—”

“We’ll change our names and marry and-and, I have some money saved… we can get our cottage and-and w-we can l-live there t-togeth-ther.” She continued, huffing out breaths of air and sobs as she cried. “We’ll g-grow o-old, and-and-and—”

“We can’t run away,” Iwaizumi told her firmly, although eh desperately wanted to agree. “We can’t.”

She looked up at him with wide eyes.

“I can’t marry him, Iwaizumi, I can’t but I have to… I have to…” She trailed off and lent fully on him, sobbing into his shirt. “I don’t want him… I don’t… I… I love you!”

In that moment, Iwaizumi felt as if his world had fallen apart and he was plummeting into a bottomless pit. What he was feeling was forbidden, something that could get him executed or relieved from service, and now she loved him as well, and it got so, so much worse.

“Y/N, you can’t- you can’t love me.” He protested firmly. “You’re desperate… you can’t.”

She drew back from him, staring at him with hurt eyes and new, fresh tears streaming own her cheeks. Pushing back from his chest to stumble closer to the door, yet not leaving.

“I can, and I do,” she said angrily, and Iwaizumi felt his heart clench. “I love you. I love you so much it hurts!”

“You can’t choose me!”

She glared at him furiously, stepping forward as her hands clenched at her sides. 

“You think I chose you? I didn’t choose you. I took one look at your amazing hair and adorable laugh and beautiful smile and I knew I was going to fall in love with you.” Y/N pressed a hand to her chest, right above her hear and formed a claw, gripping at herself. “Every time you smile or laugh, I feel the ache and know I can never have you, because even though you are always by my side, you are so far away.

“I love you.”

Iwaizumi felt the ache in his chest and they stood opposite from each other, looking at each other and saying nothing — yet the silence was deafening, and the nothing meant everything.

In two strides Iwaizumi crossed the room to caress her face in his hands, pressing kisses to her forehead and nose and cheeks, brushing away her tears with his thumbs as she smiled so softly and closed her eyes; only opening them to look at him again before he dipped forward to catch her lips in a kiss she had waited years for.

His lips were warm against hers, and his skin was a map of a place she hadn’t discovered yet as she trailed her fingers up to rest on his arms, gripping him tightly. The other hand was lifted to press against his hand on her cheek as they kisses, keeping it there.

“Make me yours, Hajime,” she told him softly when he drew back, the words a promise on his lips. “Make me yours.”

Just for the night, hung in air around them, unspoken but heavy.

Iwaizumi only leant forward again to capture her lips. And he would, he promised himself. He would.

“ But, just because love is beautiful — does not mean that it is always happy. ”

dignifiedrice  asked:

Finn and Rey, number 4! And I ask, as a special favor to me, that you make it as sweet as a wildehack can. ;D

The hope of the entire galaxy rests on Snoke’s belief that Rey has turned to the Dark. Ren is already suspicious, and she can’t risk her cover for anything. If she ruins it now, that will mean all the terrible things she’s done have been for nothing. 

So when General Hux informs them that he has captured the traitor FN-2187, and has scheduled him for public termination at the beginning of the next cycle, Rey keeps her face impassive, channels the flood of helpless rage she feels into the ocean of her Darkness. Ren will feel the spike of hatred, but he won’t know what it is for. She is strict with herself, and does her best to keep out despair. Despair, unlike anger, can kill anchor her to the Dark, with no way of traveling back to the light. 

But she has seen so many things, and unless the Rebellion is planning a last-minute rescue, she will have to see the look on Finn’s face when they murder him. Finn, the first person who’d ever loved her. She can’t bear it. She can’t. 

“I want to see him,” she says coldly, and Ren comes alert at her side, his malignant presence reaching out for her. She shoves him away with a pulse of irritation, which should serve. 

“Tempted, my apprentice?” he asks, dark eyes glittering. 

“Why, Master,” she says, keeping her own gaze dead and flat, “I’m saddened by your lack of trust.” 

“You will see him,” Ren decides, turning back to Hux. “I shall accompany her.” 

Rey shrugs, as though it makes no difference to her. She follows the black billow of Ren’s cape through the halls of the ship, down to the detention level. “Leave us,” she directs the troopers standing guard, and follows Ren into Finn’s cell. 

Finn is still cuffed, his mouth bloodied and one eye blacked, but he’s on his feet and blazing with rage when the door slides open. 

Rey doesn’t look at him. She strides smoothly into the room, raising both her hands, and takes Kylo Ren’s head in her hands. She uses every inch of the Darkness she’s amassed over the last few months, and shoves. He collapses to the floor, unconscious. 

“Rey,” Finn breathes, half-shocked and half-devoted. She’s briefly ashamed that he’s seen her like this, and then it doesn’t matter because she has him in her arms, clutching him as tight as she can. He can’t hug her back with his hands in binders, but he buries his head in her shoulder, says her name over and over again. 

“I had to see you,” she says, and finds herself humiliatingly near tears. “Tell me there’s a rescue. Please.” 

“There’s a rescue,” Finn says immediately, and tries to smile at her. He can’t quite manage it, and she knows he’s lying. His face blurs before her, her eyes going hot. “Poe’s coming after me. There’s a plan.” 

“Finn,” she says, the tears spilling over. There’s enough despair in that one word to jeopardize everything she’s worked for, and that’s not something Finn knows–that’s not something Finn can know–but he saves her anyway. He kisses her, sweet and soft. 

She sobs against his mouth, cradles his head in her hands, pulls him close as she can until they need to breathe. “Finn, I can’t,” she finds herself saying without meaning to, a desperate chant against his jaw. “I can’t, I can’t.” 

Finn kisses her temple, her eyebrow, the side of her nose. “You can,” he says quietly. “I trust you,” he adds, and she knows he means I love you, knows also that he means I trust you to do what is right

Let’s do a quick recap (and I legit mean quick!) of what each diamond on Emma’s wedding band represent mmkay? And I’m gonna be forgetting a lot here so just bear with me.

1st diamond - first meeting, they were foes who both had quests, hers - getting back to her son; his - revenge against the man who took not only his love, but his hand as well: also you can be a part of something or you can be alone and he turns his ship around because he needed that reminder that he could be a part of something *wails to infinity*

2nd diamond - the neverland trip aka the moment people lost their shit because of that kiss (i wasn’t around tumblr when it happened but hearing people talk about how amazing it was then makes me smile always) / let’s throw in the next greatest moment “I swear on Emma Swan” HAHA I’M FINE NO I’M NOT then she gave up her magic to save him “Hook, come back to me.” HAHA THE MORE I WRITE I START TO CRY also followed by only the GREATEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME - THE CAPTAIN SWAN MOVIE, plus “it’s okay swan, not everything gets to watch their parents fall in love” plus “you’re a hero swan” followed by “so are you” *smile* followed by only the greatest moment in history “you traded your ship for me?” she says with wonder in her voice and his lovely “aye” and that kiss that lasted for so many minutes aka days, it was so long and beautiful and that time they broke away and both smiled before going right back for more, i’m dying thinking of it again

3rd diamond - season 4 rolls around and they’re pretty much learning the basics of coupledom, we’re witnessed to their first date (everything was sweet and pure) he got his hand back because should she let me, i’d like to be able to hold her - whatever the damn line was *i’m horrible because i don’t remember, i know but bah* it was still pure af, I should get my own place - foreshadowing i see you and i love you - followed by that kiss woop woop. then we got ‘i’m a fan of every part of you’ AHHHHHH and then “i’m not a goodbye person, but maybe just this once” *full on sobbing* now / 4b rolls around and 6 glorious wks have passed they’re being pretty fucking cute, when the queens of darkness roll into town, but who cares about that “DON’T YOU KNOW EMMA? IT’S YOU.” and that beautiful af kiss with a single tear rolling down emma’s cheek *puddle of melt* then we get cute au and deckhand swan and ‘i sensed we were close in that other realm’ ‘very’ WHY ARE THEY SO CUTE? LIKE STAPHHHH then he dies for her and her son and the curse is broken and she runs to see him, worried he’s not there when he smugly shows himself over the banister in the loft with snowing looking on and she throws herself at him and we would get an ily but then wasn’t the time, so she stares at him in awe and he’s all eyebrow raise because HE. DOESN’T. STOP. then comes heartbreak #1 emma sacrifices herself to save the town from the darkness yada yada *still sobbing btw* “Emma, don’t do this” he says with tears in her eyes, emma replies tearfully ‘I love you’ follow by a push and then she’s gone and the camera pans to him with tears in his eyes and the dagger with her name on it

4th diamond - s5 begins with hook desperately trying to get her back and then he finds her in the enchanted forest as a dark one, going through the transition and ‘heroes and villains here because of you, for you’ and then he calmly lets her make the decision to return merida’s heart and then they hug and ‘you don’t look like a crocodile’ ‘guess i lucked out’ and then as they leave hand swings aplenty then another curse happens and ‘where’s emma?’ ‘relax i’m right here’ in full dark one outfit and white hair and then emma why are you doing this and then dark swan is all because i am the dark one and poofs away, and then episode 2 back in camelot flashback and we see them get married HAHA J/K BUT THEY TOTALLY GOT MARRIED THEY LOOKED SO BEAUTIFUL and then that dance at the ball and then UGH SO GOOD, BASICALLY EVERYTHING WAS CAMELOT AND NOTHING ELSE MATTERED - but then he died saving her and she refused to let him go and turned him into another dark one because i’m not gonna let him go and i won’t anyone stop me HAHA REMEMBER HOW I SAID I WAS FINE BEFORE, WELL I WAS BUT NOT ANY MORE, NOT FINE ANYMORE and then he’s all ‘how could you do this to me swan’ after finding out that his love did this to him and she’s all “i wasn’t gonna lose you killian” and then HE SACRIFICES HIMSELF TO SAVE HER AND HER FAMILY AND IS ALL “LET ME MAKE UP FOR MY MISTAKE, LET ME DIE A HERO” AND THEN SHE’S LIKE ‘NO IT SHOULD BE ME’ but he won’t let her do that, no sirree, *KILLIAN JONES HAS ALWAYS AND WILL CONTINUE TO ALWAYS PUT EMMA SWAN SWAN FIRST, YOU CAN FIGHT ME ON THAT* and then he dies and there back to normal and she holds him IN HER ARMS AS HE’S DEAD AND THEN REFUSES TO LET HIM GO WHEN THE PARAMEDICS CAME *PTERODACTYL SCREAMING* BECAUSE WHYYYYYYY AM I DOING THIS TO MYSELF?? then she finds out his death was taken from him (fucking rumple boo hiss) and decides she’s going to the underworld to get her man back ‘you two share a heart, so will we’ and then they reunite and there’s an argument and then all is good and then they’re trying to find a way out and then there’s TRUE LOVE’S TEST AND “IT’S TRUE LOVE. EMMA YOU CHOSE ME THAT WAS THE TEST” AND THEIR SMILES *SQUEALS* OF COURSE THEY PASS; THIS IS FUCKING CAPTAIN SWAN WE’RE TALKING ABOUT HERE. and then they find out that hades (boo hiss) is a turd and lies and he can’t go with her back to the land of the living and that FUCKING HEARTBREAKING MOMENT #2 THE ELEVATOR GOODBYE THAT DESTROYED ME, LIKE HOW DARE THEY and even after they’re realms apart they still work together and stop hades and zeus (thank you) brings back killian to where he belongs with emma and that tiptoe kiss in the rain after they’re reunited and he’s giggling and she’s shooketh and attack kisses galore, then that ‘i love you’ that’s said with no threat of death, villains anything. just said it to say it and of course don’t forget that LIFT KISS LIFT KISS WOOT WOOT

5th diamond - s6 the hottest couch makeout we’ve ever been witnessed to with hands on the butt and leg pretty much in the air and earth-shaking after that there’s ‘move in with me’ then there’s you’re the product of true love and that cute af hand kiss to stop her shaking vision hand of imminent death and then so much separation and then she gets sent to the wish world and meets his older much heavier still attractive self (yep i’ve reached the point of finding older hook attractive sue me hehe) and then she comes back and he’s all “you’re amazing swan” hug and then that cute moment in 6x12 - ‘I JUST DESPERATELY NEED TO KISS YOU’ LIKE WHO SAYS STUFF LIKE THAT, KILLIAN JONES THAT’S WHO and then things happen and i’m crying because we all know what comes after, she finds the ring, he’s drunk off his ass, tainted proposal ensues (still beautiful tho, even knowing what we know) then they halt that proposal (more like she gives the ring back) and he’s about to leave when he changes his mind and gets ready to come back only for dark one jr creeping up on him and stopping that in it’s tracks and they’re separated for 3 fucking episodes YES YOU HEARD ME 3 FUCKING EPISODES WORTH OF SEPARATION and then he’s all “i’m trying to find my way back home to you” “i’d never abandoned you” and “i love you” and then they work their way back, he takes out his shadow to take him back to her, it fails his shadow makes its way to emma followed by A CARESS TO THE CHEEK THAT I WILL NEVER BE OVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, then she goes to get him with encouragement and a push from mama snow, in a door she finds him, pushed some lost boys out the way, grabs her man’s hand and back through the door and they land on top of each other and he apologizes, she apologizes and then re-proposal, followed by the same yes as before, she gets on his level of kneelingness (yes it’s not a work but bah) says yes, kisses him and the ring goes right back where it belongs.


Little Green - Escape (Jongdae, pt. 8) [Chronicles of the Wolf series]

[ Jongdae | Little Green ]

  \ Escape


 You weren’t sure who he meant anymore, but either way, you whimpered. Haneul didn’t even bother getting up from the floor, just plastering herself against the wall as she flashed you a frightened look.

“It’s gonna be okay,” she said. “It will be okay!”

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He Hurts You After A Fight Without Meaning To: Part 2

Part 1


Where is she? She hasn’t come back, hasn’t called, hasn’t even made a simple way to contact him. Harry is pacing, hands in his hair as he tugs at the roots. He has never panicked more in his life. Nobody has seen her, nobody has spoken to her. Where the hell could she be? Without him? Without anyone? 

“Fucking shit” he mumbled, tears welling in his eyes when he realizes she’s been ignoring him. 

He needs her, now, with him. He needs her safe. Harry immediately grabs his keys and cell phone, planning on looking for her, even if it took all night. He wasn’t going to quit. 

“Come on, Y/n” he mumbles to himself, opening the front door in aggravation. 

He suddenly takes a step back, a gasp immediately leaving his lips as he takes in the image in front of him. Y/n, on the ground, limp, with blood on the ground surrounding her. His heart picks up speed, hands clenching at his sides as his thoughts race with worry.

“Y/n?” He whispers, hoping, praying that she’s awake somehow. But not any part of her is responsive.

“Please, God, no” he sobs, immediately assuming the worst.

She looks so dead. Her skin fare, blood dripping from her forehead, body more still than anything he’s ever seen, and he’s quick to realize how this is the only time he’s been near her where she hasn’t jumped up to kiss him.

And it’s his fault.

“Y/n. Y/n, you have to answer me, baby. Please” He chokes, gently sitting on his knees before her.

He sticks his hands out, as if wanting to grab her, but he doesn’t know how. One wrong hold and he could damage her even worse. His hands shake, reaching back towards his body a couple more times.

“No no no”

He’s sobbing, so lost in it he doesn’t even give a thought about how to handle the situation.

“Come on. Can you hear me? You have to let me know if you can hear me.”

Nothing. Nothing. No hand squeezing, no eye twitch, not a single indication she can even smell him; feel him.

If he could stay with her until she was up, he would. But he knows, all too well, there is no way she’d be save another hour without professional help. So, he is quick to call an ambulance, desperate for his girl to be okay, because, God, if she isn’t, Harry wouldn’t leave his house for months.

He grabs her again. His tearful, wild eyes looking for any more traces of damage she could have experienced during the fall. There is nothing, and for a split second, Harry is happy she has no other damages on her, until he realizes this means she didn’t protect herself.

His lips quiver, eyes flooding over until they spill over the edge. There is nothing he can process. He has done this to her, it was all him. The fighting, the screaming, the fear in her, the way she backed away from him, her running away, the door closing so fast and so close behind her that she had no choice but to fall. It was all him.

Harry holds her like he’s hugging her. Her head against his, and her legs around his waist. He doesn’t mind the small amount of blood still driving from the gash on her forehead. It feels natural to him, as if he’s actually with her, just for a couple of seconds.

“I’m sorry” he whispers in agony, small pecks of delicate kisses being placed on her neck. “This is all me. Not your fault at all”

“You can kill me later, kill me so fucking hard Y/n. I don’t care. Yell at me until death. I just wanna be with you.”

His tears have left wet blotches along her neck, and his harsh grips are leaving marks upon her skin, but she always said it was her favorite part of her.

It hasn’t been long where Harry just sits holding her. Body crushing holds and passionate kisses, even though she can’t feel them. He wishes now more than ever that he wouldn’t be so goddamn jealous all the time. if he would have just been rational, understanding, none of this would have happened. But seeing some man fucking his girl for the movie they were casted for set something off within him.

It was as if he was a match being stricken on a rough surface, the millisecond before igniting.

“Sir, sir, excuse me, sir.” A voice rambles behind him.

He turns to look at the woman with desperation, Y/n’s head cradled in his hands, tears running consistently down his face.

“Help her. Please help her.” He whispers through clenched teeth.

The paramedic nods, sliding the stretcher over to her. She glances at Harry, who is mumbling incoherent apologies as he pets her hair.

“Sir, do you know what happened? What is her name?” another paramedic asks, papers clipped on a clipboard and her pen settled stiffly in her hand.

“Her name is Y/n. Y/n Y/l/n. S—someone shut the door right behind her and I guess it hit her, a—and she fell. I don’t even know h—how long she’s been out.”

She nods as she writes down the information. “Alright. We need to get her to the emergency room immediately. She could be in a coma as far as I’m concerned, we need to get her out now. Linda! Call the hospital, she’s lost a horrible amount of blood!”

Everything around Harry seemed to go in slow motion. From the paramedics taking her away from him, to placing her to the back of the emergency vehicle, everything was coming out as a blur.

“C—coma?” He gasps, hand immediately being placed on his chest, guilt immediately and fully taking its toll on him.

“A coma? H—how? W—what?”

“With all of the blood loss and the incredible amount of impact that was taken place during her fall, it seems like she has a better chance of being in one than just being in shock.”

Harry’s face goes completely pale. His Y/n, his beautiful, lively, perfect Y/n, un a coma. The thought makes his eyes squeeze shut and his stomach wanting to throw up everything out of it.

All he can manage to think about was that this is all his fault.

A Court of Queens and Lords: Part 8

Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

Part 8:

Aelin Galathynius awoke in the middle of a fighting pit.

She was in her rags, gazing at the sight before her. It seemed like hundreds of people were crowded around her, waiting for her to do something. She recognized this place, it was the place where Sam had fought countless times to support them when they had left the Assassin’s Keep. The memory made her heart ache. And everyone kept looking at her. No, not at her. Through her.

She turned around and saw him. Her Sam, dressed in fighting leathers and walking out of a gate door, face ready to kill. But not her. He was readying for his opponent that would walk right through the gates from opposite of him. She turned around and looked towards the crowd, looking for someone. For herself. Or, rather, someone else. Finally, her eyes caught of glimmer of golden hair. It was Celaena, disapprovingly observing the scene in front of her.

Aelin knew where she was now, what this was. Another dream. A dream of a memory that haunted her everyday. Aelin remembered how she detested Sam’s insistence on fighting in the Vaults. Another pained memory of Aelin’s ungrateful time spent with Sam.

She remembered that Sam had been victorious that night and after, Celaena and Sam had fought. Aelin wasn’t looking forward to the fight she’d have to witness between them, but she couldn’t help to gaze at Sam. To see him this close, alive and breathing, tan and beautiful. She couldn’t help but smile, even when his face was turned into a lethal grin at his miserable opponent who would soon walk out. The gates opened, but the person who walked through the gates wasn’t the person she remembered.

It was Farran. And he was walking straight towards her. No, not her. Sam.

“NO!” Aelin cried out. But no one heard her. She was completely invisible and she realized that this wasn’t a memory or a nightmare. It was a lethal combination. Tears quickly welled up in her eyes and she became frantic. Doom weighed heavy on Aelin and extreme anguish seemed to course through her body. The brawl began.

Sam struck first, but Farran was too heavily trained to let that be his downfall. He quickly turned back and punched Sam straight in the face repeatedly, leading Sam into a corner. Sam quickly ducked out before he was cornered and kicked Farran in the back. Farran fell to the ground but quickly crawled towards Sam’s legs, knocking them out of balance and causing Sam to fall hard on his head. It was a tough blow, and Farran took advantage of Sam’s momentary weakness by pinning him down with his legs.

Sam was trapped and could not get back up. The crowd cheered as Farran used all his weight on Sam, who had no way to escape. Farran gave Sam a sly grin.

“It’s too bad to ruin such a pretty face, don’t you think Aelin?” Farran asked.

Aelin gasped in complete horror and shock. He could see her, which meant maybe he could feel her. She started fast, heading towards his chest to get him off Sam. But it was useless, he was like a steel wall. But this did not stop her as she pushed and pushed and pushed at him, so hard her bones cracked. Everyone else seemed oblivious to what was going on.

“Pity. Once again, you can’t save your love. Fate is inescapable, Aelin.” Farran chuckled. Aelin growled. But Sam had his head turned to the crowd.

“Celaena.” He coughed up some blood. “I love you” he said, barely audible. Aelin looked towards herself. Celaena was standing there, utterly motionless as Farran kept on hitting Sam. A never ending sound of fist meeting skull.

“DO SOMETHING!” She shouted at herself. “SAVE HIM! PLEASE!” Celaena wouldn’t budge. She stood there, her gaze unflinching. Aelin had never felt so desperate. All she could do was crouch next to Sam and try to hold his hand, even if he couldn’t feel it. Once again, she couldn’t save him. Once again, he’d die because of her. Sam turned his gaze from Celaena towards Aelin. He gave her the only smile he could muster, even after he was being punched to death. He had no eyes, heart, or devotion for any other thing or person but her.

“There…you…are…” he muttered. He smiled a bloody smile and Aelin sobbed. And with that Farran raised his arm for the final blow and Aelin shut her eyes. She could not watch because if she did, she knew she’d lose her final shred of sanity. So she shut her eyes, squeezed Sam’s hand, and when she heard the sound of a crushing skull she screamed.

She screamed until her lungs felt raw and burning. Until she felt the burning throughout her whole body. She opened her eyes to find herself in a burning room, no longer in the Vaults with a lifeless Sam.

She supposed she didn’t need the coffin to give her nightmares anymore and knew she could count on her damaged mind to make up nightmares of her own. Marvelous. She was not afraid though, she simply put down the fire with her own magic. She took a few moments to steady her breathing. Realization hit her, and she marveled at the fact that she still had power left. She raised her palms to examine her hands. She didn’t feel drained or powerless. Sure, she felt horror and pain from the nightmare, but it didn’t drain her from her magic. At least she had that.

She looked around the room and noticed the burned everything. She might have kept the room from collapsing like the other one, but she was still too late to save the valuables in the room. The once lavender silk sheets were now black, an armoire seemed to be steaming, and the door was falling off its hinges until it was held upright by a pair of strong hands.

It was one of the males that had carried her into the room, the one with the long hair. He rubbed the back of his neck as he walked into the room, observing the damage. He sighed.

“We should’ve known you’d burn this one too.”

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How about some angst with a dash of fluffffff. A time bending Akuma who keeps going back to the moment of Chat's death to defeat ladybug. I'm not the best at prompts but

Another anon also sent in the following:  DEATH PROMPT AHHHHH

Alright you masochistic anons. You asked for it. 

Warning: Violence- death (sort of… it doesn’t really take) and general angst of the angst like variety.  ( I blame @hchano​ for encouraging me)

At least the ending is sort of happy???

This couldn’t be happening. Not again. 

She knew on some level that it was a trick, a lie, a horrible illusion that would go away once the akuma had been defeated. A terrifying loop meant to torture her into submission.

Even so she couldn’t hold back the scream as she watched her partners neck wrench with a sickening crack, his usually mischievous expression going hallow and dim as he crumpled to the ground.

She surged forward, desperately trying and failing to reach him before his head cracked against the pavement. Not that it mattered at this point anyway.

“Chat, come back. Look at me,” She pleaded gazing down into the empty, lifeless green eyes. “I need you Chaton. You can’t leave me.”

He didn’t respond this time. He was already gone.

“Give me your miraculous and this can all be over.”

“No.” She whimpered, cradling Chat’s immobile form in her arms. “No, no, no.”

Ladybug didn’t even know if she was talking to the akuma or herself. Was it a refusal to give in and give up her miraculous? Or was she simply refusing to accept this newest onslaught against her already destroyed emotions.

“Have you had enough yet?”

Ladybug said nothing and she stroked her partner’s face. At least this time it had been quick.

“Alright,” the akuma said lightly a cunning smile twisting the corners of her lips, “I guess we can go for another round. Maybe you’ll have better luck this time.”

The akuma laughed cruelly as the scene dissolved away and Ladybug once again found herself standing atop Les Invalides.

“My lady, looks like it’s time to go save the day!” Chat’s voice rung out cheerfully as he bounded off the roof and down towards the waiting akuma.

“Chat No!” she cried, but he was already soaring off towards the ground, just as he had the last dozen times, and the dozen before that.

It was a long fight this time. The weapon of choice being an array of sharp blades Chat had been able to hold his own fairly well. As always Ladybug had found herself unable to do anything to assist her partner. Instead, she was somehow impossibly held just out of reach with her own battle.

She watched helplessly as Chat dodged and parried, battling his way closer to their foe through the sea of sword wielding minions, laughing and throwing out quips as he prepared to face off against their main foe. 

For a single brief moment she allowed herself to hope, to pray that perhaps this time they would be victorious, that Chat would…

Her hopes were dashed as a long, wicked looking blade sliced its way clean through her partner’s chest.

Now that it was too late the enemies she had been facing off against suddenly were defeated with ease, and she rushed to her partner’s side.

“Minou,” she cooed brokenly as she pulled him into her lap. He coughed, blood trickling out from the edges of the shaky smile he attempted for her sake.

“It looks like I might have to cut this fight short My Lady,” he teased before another bought of coughing overtook him.

“Don’t move,” Ladybug pleaded, “just hold still. You have to hold on, for me. You have to, please, I can’t lose you again.”

“My lady…” he gasped, his hand reaching up to gently stroke her cheek, “it… it will be ok… you’ll… you’ll save me. Just like… like you always…”

He went still in her arms, his eyes drifting closed and his hand falling limply away.

“NO! Chat no, stay with me please! I can’t! I can’t keep doing this, I’m not strong enough!”

The scene began to dissolve again and she screwed her eyes shut and let out an anguished wail as she desperately tried to cling to her fallen partner, her fingers clutching around nothing.

“Make it stop!” she pleaded burying her face into the ground, unable to bear another cycle of this twisted game. “Please make it stop! I’ll give you my miraculous just bring him back!”

“My Lady-“

“NO!” She screamed clutching her head in her hands and giving in to the hysterical sobs that she could no longer contain. “I can’t… I can’t…”

“My Lady!”

“I can’t save him! Just let me save him!”


Her eyes flew open as she felt herself pulled into a crushing embrace.

“Chat, you have to run! You have to go.”

“My Lady-“

“I have to give her my earrings,” Ladybug cried trying to wrestle free as her partner clamped her arms down, “let me go, I have to save you! You have to let me-“

“IT’s over!” Chat cried, not relaxing his hold on her.

“No, she’ll kill you, she always kills you. I have to-“

“Ladybug it’s over, I’ve got the akuma. I’ve got you.” He buried his face into the side of her neck and gentle stroked her back with one hand. His other arm was wrapped around her shoulders trying to keep her still, the hand fisted around something small and fluttering. “It’s ok, you aren’t trapped anymore. I’ve got you.”

“Chat…” she choked on another sob, clinging to him with a desperation she didn’t even know she could feel. “Chat…”

“I’m here. I’m right here. You’re safe My Lady. It wasn’t real.”

She slumped against him, her exhaustion and misery finally overtaking her as tears streamed unheeded down her face.

“You died. So many times… I couldn’t… I can’t…” she struggled to breathe as she greedily pressed into her partner. She pressed her ear to his chest to listen for the steady thump of his heart and feel the ragged rise and fall of his own fatigued breathing.

“Oh My Lady,” Chat whispered gently, holding her close, “you don’t need to cry over this.”


“Don’t you know? They could kill me a thousand times and I would still come back to you.”

“You promise?”

“I promise.”

If you want to see this or one of my other drabbles turned into a full length fic you can vote for it on my Ao3 link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/8914789/chapters/20421238 just find the chapter you want and follow the instructions in the notes ^_^

Come Home

Summary: Based on Ed Sheeran’s Photograph

Word Count: 1,479

Warnings: Angst

A/N: Sorry!


“Yeah, honey?”

“Who is he?”

“Who is what?”

“Who is the man in the picture you keep in your wallet?”


“He’s cute.”

“He is, isn’t he?”

“Yep! Who is he?”

“He is someone very special to me.”

“What’s his name?”


“Oh. Okay.”

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Me: Ah, today is such a wonderful day -

Brain creates Headcanon: Marinette finally confessing her love to Adrien and being rejected by him because he loves her secret identity Ladybug. And as much as she would like to tell him that she is her. That she is Ladybug, she can’t. Because Marinette thinks that Adrien only loves the strong hero who saves the day and everyone else but will never love the shy, little girl who’d give the world to see him smile. And after the next Akuma attack, it’s the first time that Chat Noir sees Ladybug cry in front of him. Ever. Because she cannot bare this pain any longer; this heavy stone sitting on her chest that’s taking her breath away. Suddenly she feels this burning anger in her desperation, her feelings overtake her and she sobs : “I hate Ladybug. I hate her.” And Chat Noir tries to comfort her by hugging her tight, whispering calming words into her ears. Not knowing that he’s the reason why she’s crying.


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Touch My Cheek Before You Leave Me

Angela Ziegler was a strong and capable woman.

She was slightly less so when Jack Morrison was around.

Interconnected drabbles that sort of have a plot. Inspired by/title from “Angel of the Morning” by Juice Newton.

So I was going to write something Genyatta, but then I realized there’s about a dozen Mercy76 fics out there and I had to rectify that.

Special thanks to @thestrikingzebra for looking over this; I sneaked in some McTracer for you. (It should be called Quick Draw, IMO)

Archive of Our Own: http://archiveofourown.org/works/7401592

Angela Ziegler grumbled, ripping off more gauze with her teeth. “I swear, between you and Gabriel, I go through a roll of this stuff a week,” she chastises Jack Morrison.

“As if- ow- you didn’t go through as much back at the hospital,” he hisses, voice tinged with sarcasm despite his pain.

She sighed. “I suppose I did. Still, I urge you to take caution. I can only do so much out here.” Pulling a bandage from her pack, she fixed it over the gash on Jack’s cheek. “Ideally, you’d need stitches, but considering-”

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taking care of you.

rated K+

she is three hours late, when she finally comes home. sasuke isn’t angry, as one would expect with his impatience; rather, he is worried. it isn’t exactly uncommon for sakura to come home late from her shifts, due to complications in surgeries or extended shifts in order to cover for someone else–but sakura always calls, in moments like these. to let him know she’s alright, and that she will be home later. specifically when she knows he likes to wait up.

this is the first time sakura has not given him any news. it makes him a little anxious.

and when she finally steps inside their bedroom at 4:17 AM, her usually spotless medic coat tainted with thick splotches of crimson red, he finds that he had a reason to be.

he’s on his feet in seconds, her name lost on his lips as his lone hand reaches to worriedly cup her cheek. there is blood smeared on her face, he realizes, and her hair isn’t untouched, either. but he is more taken by the shaken look in her eyes, distant but distressed, painting an image of a girl who is a mix of emptiness and troubled thoughts. 

“sakura,” he whispers with urgent concern, wiping a streak of blood from her face. his gaze is almost hard on her, agitated and upset by her lack of well-being. “sakura, what happened?”

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Betrayed ~ Aris/Reader

johama-mason sorry this took so long, hope you ends up being worth the wait.

The evening air is warm and humid as your group make their way down the side of the mountain. The boy, Thomas, is hanging back from the main group and you can tell it’s because he doesn’t exactly trust you guys yet. You get it; you wouldn’t be too keen on the people who’d wanted you dead not two days ago either, but all the same you don’t like him being back there alone… not with Teresa still AWOL. You have a feeling she won’t let go of her vendetta easily.

You’d been against killing Thomas from the moment you’ heard about the plan, it had sickened you to your stomach the way your friends had just agreed to go thought with it and you’d wished in that moment that Aris was there with you. You knew he’d agree with you… especially after what had happened with Rachel.

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What you mean to me pt.2

Warning(s): Death, blood
Word count: 1581
Part 1

Scott had somehow managed to get Theo to wait for the rest of the pack instead of running blindly into the tunnels. It had been months since Theo had roamed these tunnels, it meant that he could no longer lead the way for the others. When they came to a fork in the tunnels, Scott, Theo, Kira and Stiles took the left while Lydia, Malia, Liam, and Mason took the right. It was decided that the group who found the right way would call out to the others.

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Holy Shit Sherlock


This episode was absolutely brilliant.

For the first 75-80 minutes, I was seriously underwhelmed. Disappointed even. By the looks of it most of the reviewers share the same idea. And I actually spoiled it for myself beforehand and I knew going in that (SPOILERS) Mary was going to die. As I was watching I felt sure that her death would be cheap and convenient, though sad of course. I honestly had no idea how this joyride of an episode was going to work her death into the plot, not with the way these 80 minutes had gone. This episode was going to be sub-par. But then:

Norbury. Norbury changed everything.

This episode was absolutely brilliant.

Let me explain. When we finally meet him again, Sherlock is fresh from his 4-minute exile and he couldn’t be happier about it. He’s tweeting during top-secret meetings, mouthing off to his brother, and solving cases before the viewers even know what they are. There is absolutely no sense of mystery, no menacing buildup, no looming shadow of Moriarty. At one point, there’s this montage of Sherlock solving various cases in seconds, and it all feels a bit cheap. He’s a case-solving machine, back to his cocky, arrogant, humorously socially inept character. John and Mary have domestic bliss, they have a baby, Rosamund, Mary is clever and John is all heart. There are genuinely funny bits of course, between Lestrade and another officer competing for Sherlock’s affection, Mary and John struggling with baby Rosie, Sherlock texting throughout the christening, etc. But there’s not much going on.

There’s the loose thread of the Six Thatchers. We think it’s about the pearl, but it isn’t, it suddenly becomes about Mary. Here, the episode starts to get a little more interesting. Mary’s assassin past is revealed, as is the lone survivor of an attack on her group, other than herself of course, who is hell-bent on killing her. There’s a mysterious English woman who sabotaged the close-knit band of freelance assassins Mary had once been part of, and there’s the word Ammo. And all this prompts Mary to go on an epic, round-the-world journey in an attempt to lure her apparent killer as far away from her family as possible. But of course, Sherlock finds her by simply tracking her, the assassin is killed, and Mary’s life is sort of back to normal again.

And so far everything has been perfect, far too perfect, so perfect it’s boring. Even the most ludicrous of plots is working our beautifully, everything is so complicated it made my head spin, there were so many distractions of the screen. Sherlock is even more ridiculous and over the top than ever before, doing things so clever it’s just not fun anymore, playing the action-hero, becoming a sort of James Bond. He’s back in his element, back in the world of 221B, back in London, back with the Watsons, his family, and back with the ultimate problem of Moriarty waiting for him somewhere in the future. He is on top of the world, he’s high as a kite and only getting higher. It’s ludicrous, it’s too much, it’s too over-the-top, Gatiss is losing his touch. All of these things are running through my head.

But then. Norbury. And everything comes crashing down.

We all thought, Sherlock included, that this episode would be about Moriarty. When Sherlock confronted Moriarty last time he was just like this. Clever to the point of arrogance, insolent, stubborn, cocky, a complete ass honestly. In order to finally defeat Moriarty he needs to go to a different place, become a different person. So this episode was not about Moriarty.

There was no menace, no looming shadow, no final threat waiting at the end of this episode. It was a simple conclusion to an overly complex plot that we weren’t all that interested in at this point. It was the secretary. It was Norbury. And Sherlock confronted her in his trademark style, made rapid-fire deduction after deduction, humiliated her, accused her of being motivated by pure base jealousy. He was convinced he had cornered her, outsmarted her with his own brand of cleverness. She had nowhere left to run, Sherlock Holmes saved the day again, hooray, it was getting less and less interesting.

Then she shot at him. Mary took the bullet. And his whole world came crashing down.

That scene was gut-wrenching to watch. (Also Martin Freeman deserves every award in the universe for this scene). Mary chokes out these fearful last words, they come tripping out of her mouth like she’s desperate to get them out. Sherlock just stands there, confused, pain all over his usually blank face, tears in his eyes, he’s shaking, uncertain, his speech is shaky too. And John. Oh my god, John. He doesn’t sob, he doesn’t curse God, he isn’t numb or anything like that. His grief is… it’s indescribable. He makes this utterly anguished noise and just collapses into himself and collapses completely into this devastation, but not before he’s told Sherlock “Don’t you dare. You made a vow.” And Sherlock is completely lost.

He’s seeing a therapist. John refuses to speak to him. Sherlock’s heart is broken by the loss of pretty much everyone he ever loved in one single moment.

That’s what this episode was about. Sherlock seemed to be sliding comfortably into his old world, fighting crime, being this brilliant machine, his family by his side, Moriarty as the end goal, always Moriarty. Crime solving was always his ‘alternative to getting high’ he enjoyed it, he enjoyed being cleverer than people and solving increasingly elaborate and ridiculous puzzles and presenting this simple solution to rooms of flabbergasted people. His family, the Watsons, were the people he loved more than anyone in the world. But he couldn’t go back to his old world and his old way of life. His high couldn’t last forever or he’d just float away completely. No, he needed to see, up close and personal, the very real consequences of his arrogance, his cockiness, his unrelenting cleverness. He needed to have his heart perhaps irreparably broken, he needed to be human. Moriarty is not human. And last time Sherlock faced him he was nearly the same, he and Moriarty had a lot of similarities. If Sherlock was going to beat him, he could not become him. He had to be brought crashing down to earth.

And he says to Mrs. Hudson, the only person he really has left: “ “if you ever think I’m becoming a bit full of myself, cocky or overconfident, just say the word ‘Norbury’ to me would you.” That’s what Norbury means to him. Norbury is a constant reminder that his actions have consequences, consequences that can cause unendurable pain. That is what will ultimately set him apart from Moriarty.
This episode was brilliant because it built everything up, built up Sherlock’s whole world again, made it ridiculous and almost whimsical and fantastical, they created this busy screen and this busy episode that felt as though I was watching on fast-forward and not really getting a sense of anything concrete… and then brought everything to a screeching halt. Because Sherlock needs to go in a new direction now.

I have many, many questions of course. Namely:

- JOHN HAMISH WATSON HOW FUCKING DARE YOU HAVE AN EXTRAMARITAL TEXTING AFFAIR YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED but no you probably feel ten million times worse about that now please don’t leave

- What did Mary mean in her video at the end? Save John Watson. Save him. Go to hell, Sherlock. What did that mean? The video was sweet and a fitting end, but confusing as well.

- Whose side is Molly Hooper on now?????


But right now, Sherlock is in considerable pain. John Watson is in ten million times more pain. Everyone is in pain. Because this is where they need to start.