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ML Secret Santa

Merry Christmas @april-rainmay-blossom from your Secret Santa! I was so happy to get a fellow miraculer who loves Marichat as much as I do. I also saw you like a lot of AUs, so I tried a little Peacock Miraculous AU which I hope you like. Have a wonderful Christmas with the people you love!

And big thanks to the mods of @mlsecretsanta for organizing this wonderful event once again.

(Also on Ao3)

The True Gift

“This is amazing, I love it!”

Marinette gushed over her new present: a sketchbook. But it wasn’t just any sketchbook. This one had measurements drawn on the borders of every single page. A perfect gift for a fashion designer.

“Now we can sketch together,” the boy before her said, moving his red bangs away from his masked eyes.

“You’re really not letting that go, are you?” she asked, teasingly. The boy merely shrugged. “Thanks, Paon. It’s a lovely gift.”

A shy smile curved Paon’s lips. Straightening his blue tux-like suit, he cleared his throat and leaned against the cold railing.

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From beginning to end, Lillie was an amazing character in Pokemon Sun & Moon!!! Thank you Pokemon for such a wonderful companion!!! ❤️


wow! so as it turns out, a LOT of you loved my idea of a shirt based off of the famous sweater, “i’m a luxury few can afford”!

while not a sweater, you can buy these designs, created by the WONDERFUL @the-clockwork-dragon, on redbubble!

apparel wise, they come in many different colors! and you don’t just have to buy these designs as shirts either- they can in things such as posters, mugs, and phone cases!

all profits will go to supporting each of us, so it’s for a good cause! my mother lost her job and was diagnosed with cancer in the fall of last year, and i’ve been struggling with the fact that i may have to get a job to help support when i’m only 16 and transgender, and so we’ve really been struggling. purchasing these shirts will help us TREMENDOUSLY!!!

keep in mind that there may be new designs with other cryptids in the future, so keep an eye out for that!

Link to @the-clockwork-dragon’s redbubble where you can purchase these designs!

A huge THANK YOU to the Steven Universe community for the wonderful reception of Hessonite! 

We are so honored to have had the opportunity to co-develop her with some of the most talented and brilliant character designers we know, @rebeccasugar, @colin-howard, and @stevencrewniverse, and as always to work with our friends at @cartoonnetwork and cngames!

And of course, we can’t wait for you guys to see her in action! We hope you’ll check out Save the Light on PS4 10/31, and Xbox One 11/3!

Serving Fish 

Victo Ngai

Latest art for a short novel “Serving Fish” by Christopher Caldwell, published in the current issue of People of Color Take Over Fantastic Stories of the Imagination (FSI).

Be sure to check out this fascinating story packed with drama, love and revenge about a very feminine drag queen who gains her power of enchantment from the most unlikely source, and in exchange of this power, she has to offer up a bit of herself. 

Big thanks to Nisi Shawl, who is the author of “Everfair” which I have had the great pleasure of creating the cover for, for thinking of me for this project and the full creative range. Thank you also Warren Lapine, the publisher of FSI, for being so easy and wonderful to work with. 

Killed a bear without knowing it had cubs and now she’s stuck with five hairballs that she named after each of her fingers.

Rakonna is on Wyrmrest Accord.  ʕง•ᴥ•ʔง And she will fight you.

The Best Perfume Insults

I love people’s writing about perfume, because it’s forced to be so creative.  Scent is hard to talk about, so people have to resort to stories and metaphors, all of them intensely personal to the writer.

And when they don’t like a perfume, that creativity gives forth some of the best insults.  I have here curated my favorites from Perfumes: The Guide by Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez.  The list is long, but trust me, they’re all worth reading.

A disclaimer: The same thing that makes perfume reviews fun to read also makes them super subjective.  I have never found less of a consensus on anything than on perfume.  In other words, if you find your favorite perfume on this list, please don’t take it personally (and don’t blame me- I haven’t smelled most of these myself!)

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