her delivery and her expressions

One day, I hope I’ll be able to write exposition half as good as this…

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Who is your fancast for Poison Ivy? It's been years since I've seen the Batman and Robin movie and I know it gets shit because Bat Nipples™, but I remember liking Uma Thurman. That might change because it has been years, but who would you like to see play her if she makes it into the DCEU? Or has she been announced/cast and I just don't know about it? Either way, my question still stands.

Lyndie Greenwood. My introduction to her as an actress was her part in Sleepy Hollow as Jenny Mills. I think her delivery of anger in that part was INCREDIBLE, especially her expressions and such, and I think she would bring a lot of emotional nuance to the part of Ivy that we haven’t seen in live action so far (or, arguably, any action). I also have headcanoned Since The Beginning™ that Ivy has what would be termed as “unconventionally attractive” features, and I think Greenwood does too - her features are not the soft, perfectly symmetrical look that is expected in pretty women, but she is still strikingly beautiful. I’m currently thinking about the potential chemistry between her and Margot Robbie, stand by…

Late Night Delivery

Some Butler AU fluff for day 2 of my SoMa Valentine challenge: chocolate.

Day 1

She nervously listened to the ringing on the other end of the line as she waited for her boyfriend to pick up. It wouldn’t have surprised her if he chose not to answer his phone at three in the morning. The boy slept like a log on the nights he was able to get some proper sleep and the nightmares didn’t bother him so it made sense if he allowed this one call to go to voicemail. But then there was a small part of her that hoped and prayed he would pick up because she really needed him.

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I’m River Song

Of all the improvements I thought I’d see in Volume 4, I never imagined one of those things would be Cinder’s characterisation.

Putting opinions about performance/direction/scriptwriting aside (hard I know), Cinder during season 1 is pretty easy to describe. She’s smug. She’s self-assured. She has complete faith not only in the water-tightness of her plan, not only in its adaptability, but in her ability to use all the tools at her disposal to carry it through.

And she succeeds. Cinder is wearing her trademark smirk almost all the way through that finale, even during battle. She wanted to be strong and feared and powerful and now she will be, of course she will be, she is so close, right on the cusp of securing that victory, all according to plan–

Until that one, final hitch.

That single blast of Silver Eye power destroys Cinder as we knew her. That “WHAT?!”, from the delivery to her expression, marks a shift in character that is only now being made known to us. She doesn’t petrify like the Grimm Dragon. Her fate is something worse: identity death.

She has, as Salem says, done everything right. She is the Fall Maiden. She has removed Ozpin. She has destroyed Beacon. But she is not strong nor feared nor powerful, and nor is she the self-satisfied, self-capable person she used to be. There is a crater on one side of her face, her voice is reduced to clicks and growls, but more than that she is reliant on her ‘tools’ to defend herself, to operate, where once they were simply accessories in her machinations.

Her plan - her plan, the one that she was so sure wouldn’t fail that she allowed her very character to be defined by it - did.

And now Cinder wants revenge on the little girl who killed her off.

I don’t know. I think it’s a good sign for Volume 4 if in a single scene the writers  not only provide context for the entirety of Cinder’s character up to this point, but take it forward in a very new, exciting and dangerous way.

I don’t know which one is truer: Lexa getting gayer and gayer or Alycia getting better and better.

Every single time Alycia is on screen she blows me away with how much she can convey with so little. She is a master of micro expressions. Her line delivery, her every movement, her every stare, everything is well thought of, everything shows how much she understands Lexa.

Alycia Debnam-Carey is a goddess and must be worshipped at all times.

Bless, ADC. The Church of Alycia is my new religion.


JULIAN: I don’t make threats. Just promises.
AVA: Listen to you. Playing the big mob boss. I can’t wait to hear what’s gonna come out of your mouth next.


Did I get your attention? Oh good, get comfy :3

Why should you be watching Carmilla? Good question, let’s begin.

Carmilla is a web series on YouTube that airs bi-weekly and episodes up to this point (1x19 with 1x20 airing tomorrow night) are brief at under five minutes. It’s length and format mean that you can access it in your own time, you’re not stuck deciding whether you should give up an episode of another show for it and you don’t even have to hit record to be able to catch it. Heck with it being so much at your convenience you could make room for a few episodes while on a lunch break! It’s the easiest series to make your way through, I know us Tumblr folk are seasoned marathoners but come on guys, sometimes we have to leave the house or y’know, function as humans. There’s also the fact that they manage to fit enough entertainment and information into such a short clip without it being too much or trying to get entirely too much across. I was a Desperate Housewives fan way back when, but the minute I started missing episodes I was royally fucked because there were so many storylines and so much drama crammed into each episode that it became too much of a headache and I gave up with it. Short and sweet, it’s said for a reason.

Before this I’d never watched a web series before, but if there are more as impressive as Carmilla then I’ll definitely have to check them out.

Now here’s where I had to do a little research for the point I want to make.

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okay we all know that chyler is an amazing actress but i would really like do hear your opinion on floriana?

Floriana is amazing too! I mean, I don’ think anyone on this show can compete with Chyler’s acting skills…she is beyond talented! However, Floriana has brought Maggie to life in such a compelling way. She is constantly smiling…but you can see the pain behind the smile. How she sometimes uses smiling as a distraction technique and a nervous habit. She gives so much life into Maggie with just her facial expression. Her delivery of the “I care about yoU…alot” was brilliant. I felt how Maggie was so nervous and vulnerable in this moment. The shakiness in her voice saying ‘you’ just brings the vulnerability to a whole other level. I think they casted the perfect Maggie because Floriana and Chlyer have great chemistry. They are able to make the Maggie/Alex dynamic so compelling. Floriana is able to hold her own in a scene with Chyler, which is very impressive. They give each other a lot to work with and play off each other really well. 

Also, they haven’t given Floriana a whole lot of variance like they have given Chyler. We haven’t seen Maggie cry or open up fully about herself. There are a LOT more episodes to have Floriana amaze us with her acting abilities and it those scenes are with Chyler, they will just be exponentially better.