her dancing is so good tho


time to dance // panic! at the disco

Awkward Funny Dance Headcanon /Fic Prompt

I’ve got the whole crew here so it got pretty long (and I also used the word “like” a lot but it’s 1am I don’t care anymore)

•Matt and Pidge are reminiscing about the good old days back with the fam
•One of them brings up how they used to dance around the kitchen on their parents feet
•Matt’s like “come on let’s do this”
•Pidge doesn’t want to but ends up on Matt’s feet anyways
•Maybe there’s music maybe not
•They’re giggling when Allura and Lance walk in
•Allura’s like “what are you doing” and Lance is all like “oh my God I remember doing that!”
•Pidge goes “he’s forcing me to dance with him”
•So Matt’s like “i’ll teach you get over here” but Lance is like “you already have a partner I’ll take Allura” looks over at her and she’s already speed walking to Matt
•Shiro walks in while Pidge is getting off Matt and goes “what’s going on here” “Matt’s going to teach Allura how to dance. Like Earth dancing” “oh cool”
•BUT THEN MATT’S LIKE “Hey Lance” “yeah” “Shiro doesn’t know how to dance either you can teach him”
•Shiro is all internally like “oh no” and so is Lance but externally Lance is all like “now teacher becomes the student” or something like that
•So last ditch effort Shiro goes “i know how to dance Matt” “you learning how to step dance off YouTube and then forcing Keith to do it doesn’t count” Lance and Pidge are cracking up “how doesn’t that count that’s dancing” “that’s not partner dancing. We’re talking like ballroom dancing here”
•So Shiro ends up with Lance
•Allura’s like “how do I stand” “well you’re much bigger than my sister so you’re not going to stand on my feet. Here face me and stand in front of me. So first you’re going to put one of your hands on my shoulder and I’m going to put one on your waist on the same side. Okay now you put your other one in my other one. Now when I step forward you’re going to move the foot that mirrors me backwards. If not I’ll end up stepping on you. Good.”
•Allura picks it up pretty fast and now he’s letting her lead.
•Lance and Shiro are having less luck
•It’s just a mess because Lance is trying to show off, Shiro doesn’t want to be there, and they both keep looking over at Matt and Allura
•They give up after they hear giggling and see Matt spining Allura around
•Matt goes “i’ll come help you Shiro just let me teach Allura how to dip first” while coming out of a spin Allura puts him in
•Coran comes in then and Allura tells him what’s going on
•Matt and Lance switch partners now
•Matt and Shiro have more of a height difference so it’s awkward
•Matt teaches Shiro the way he taught Allura and then they switch hand placements so Shiro is in the “guy” position once he’s comfortable not looking at his feet
•Lance and Allura are laughing and having fun on the other side of the room
•Pidge bolted as soon as she could so Coran is just standing there before offering to teach Lance how to dance Altean
•Shiro is finally starting to get it down when Hunk and Keith show up
•Hunk heard there was dancing and Keith just decided to follow him
•Allura asks Hunk to dance with her because “it’s actually quite fun”
•Keith is just watching whatever Coran and Lance are doing
•Matt goes “Lance if you can get Keith to slow dance with you I’ll owe you $20 when we get back to Earth” so Lance is all like #ChallengeAccepted while Keith and Allura are like “what’s slow dancing” and Hunk actually facepalms
•Lance and Keith are having problems. First of all being “i’m not stranding that close to you” and “you’re putting your hands where!!?!”
•Keith realizes he’s in the “girl” position and another argument happens
•Matt drops Shiro (who just got comfortable and loosed up a bit but now get tense again) off with partnerless Coran so he can come rescue Keith
•Lance sulks off in defeat and go dances with Hunk
•Pidge comes back in thinking they had all stopped by now and gets stuck dancing with Allura
•Matt teaches Keith with Keith in the “guy” position instead of the “girl” position he taught Allura and Shiro in bc the argument with Lance
•Keith picks it up faster than Shiro. Probably bc he wants to get out of there or show up Lance who’s dancing away with Hunk and Coran
•Hunk yells “SWITCH” and everyone ends up changing partners to humor him
•Once Lance and Matt get paired up it turns into actual good dancing and no one can compete
•They do some other dances they didn’t teach the others so especially the Alteans stop and watch
•They have to stop to drink water after like 4 dances in tho because they’re going so hard
•"Well that wasn’t professional dancing but you guys definitely beat us all"
•Matt and Pidge dance one more time with her on his feet and laugh at the new memories they’re making
•Lance does somehow end up teaching Keith how to slow dance by the end. Probably through bribery or edging him on

Got7 Turbulence in Houston
  • BamBam: I watched a movie about Texas before… it was scary Everyone: The Texas Chainsaw! BamBam: Yeah!
  • “Mark… why are you so daddy??!” – Jackson
  • Got7 were asked if they could switch lives with a member for one day and Jackson chose BamBam for his long legs while everyone chose Jackson bc of his wonderful body (they ain’t wrong, thoooo *wink*) 
  • Youngjae’s cute voice crack <3
  • ideal types: Yugyeom – cute, sexy; BamBam – i like funny girls; Youngjae – YOU GUYS, i love igot7s; JB – no ideal type, he goes for whoever he likes <3; Mark – HOUSTON IGOT7 (Jackson: DID YOU GUYS RECORD THAT?!); Jinyoung – *points at all of us* they’re my style (BamBam: THAT’S RIGHT MY TYPE – yes, he did that, y’all!!!); Jacksoni like girls that can take care of themselves, as long as she takes good care of her health .. my ideal type is being good to your parents! 
  • BOOMX3; JUST RIGHT !!!! they slayed and looked so damn good, y’all <3
  • Random Dance Play – Young & Rich (BamBam, Yugyeom, Youngjae, and Jackson) versus JMJ *aka “just old”* (Jaebum, Mark and Jinyoung) — young and rich lost, lol they all did good tho *wink*
  • BamBam doing an R&B and then rap version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • I almost had my ticket called by MARK but it was off by two numbers TT ~~R
  • “Houston has so much passion” (hell yeah, htown showed our love for them)
  • the crowd literally screaming and chanting “JB” for twenty seconds before he gave his ending speech and JB throwing us hearts <3
  • “We are in a long distance relationship, IT’S HARD BUT WE WILL WORK THROUGH IT” –Jackson
  • “2017, GOT7′S YEAR, LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN” – Jackson
  • HARD CARRY!!! 
  • HOME RUN<3

TL;DR Got7 are angels from above and will be back soon! i’ve never laughed so much, and just wow so amazing!! Houston aghase were hella lit and beautiful and we had the most amazing time! <3 

Light-Hearted Manga

Please read the following:

  • Kusumi-kun Kuuki Yometemasu ka? (Tsundere girl who likes this simple guy, she’s curious about him, but since he doesn’t notice her, he does a lot of things that piss her off. It’s really cute!!! It’s really pure comedy and light, nothing serious.)
  • Ojojojo ( A really rich girl who has problems being friends with others and has too much pride, because of this she ends up befriending the most weird and quiet guy in the class. It’s really cute too!)
  • Nukoduke! (There’s like some small species of cats and humans, and this guy adopts two of them after he sees them in a box in the rain. Then they start their lives together. It’s really adorable.!!)
  • Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko! (This manga gets updated everyday because only one page is released, even though it says  506 chapters+, its actually 506 pages. It’s really worth it. This girl confessed to his childhood friend, but he bro-zoned her, so the whole manga is about her trying to make him see her as a girl, because she’s a tomboy.)

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kerfundlesnachle  asked:

Salutations do u got them headcanons for all the champions dance moves?!?!???!!?!!? HOW DO THEY BREAK IT DOWN NOW YALL

This is it. The best ask I shall ever receive. ~skeleton


-obviously the best dancer, after all he is light on feet

-constantly lets the whole world know how sick his moves are


-gurl can slay on the dance floor

-I can see her being good at belly-dancing too

-has dance offs with revali (revali has tried belly-dancing to try to beat her…he admits that he has one weakness)



-doesn’t mean he doesn’t try tho

-dances like a straight white guy

-he’s having a good time tho so who cares


-pretty good

-she just gets really nervous if there are a bunch of people watching her and freezes up


-knows all the ballroom dances and waltz

-graceful af

-tries to help daruk, that ends up with both of them laughing their heads off, daruk considers that a win


-….he’s trying ok

-eventually zelda takes pity on him and teaches him

-the student eventually passes successfully

common ground

title: common ground
relationships: cassandra & percy, cassandra & vex, percy/vex
warnings: none
words: 1.5k
summary: percival is very adamant about cassandra bonding with vex'ahlia.   

Cassandra isn’t exactly sure how to start approaching the concept of Vex’ahlia. Her problem is only worsened by the fact that neither Vex or her brother seem particularly fond of the idea of bringing up their situation.

So the three of them are a bit stuck - and she knows that de Rolos are very, very good at dancing around conversations that need to happen - but even they have their limits, and patience can only go so far before one of them snaps.

The person who snaps, it turns out, is Percival.


anonymous asked:

i discovered grimes because of you so thank you very much!!! i love her!! could you please recommend other artists/songs that u love?? (btw your art is everything that's good in this world ♡)

omg i love messages like this sdhfskjdf thank u sm…./// and yea i can rec u some songs nd stuff that i’ve been listening to recently!! i dont have a specific music taste tho so its gonna be all over the place

black marble - it’s immaterial (u can skip to 1:10 to avoid loud+weird noises at the beginning)
regina spektor - dance anthem of the 80s
the japanese house - still
willow smith - female energy
copeland - lavender
fleetwood mac - dreams (demo)
left at london - petit & inept
hayley kiyoko - sleepover

also every florence + the machine song, and if ur looking for smth more similar to grimes then i’d recommend chvrches and purity ring !

Do You Hear That

Okay, buddy, pal, kiki, my child, first off: HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAY @coralreefskim​ !!!! I hope you had a GREAT ONE and it’s NOT OVER YET BECAUSE THERE IT’S YOUR BDAY GIFT! 

IS IT CRAP? PROBABLY! CAN YOU SAY IT THO? NO! So, I’m good, lmao. *Shoves it to your face* ENJOY! 


Alright so: Birthday gift for tiny baby Kim. Based on that OTP prompt thing that SHE wanted me to do so, like, if you cry blame it on her. I literally can NOT write something without mentioning Klance or Broganes and I’m so sorry….not really.

Essence of the Prompt:  Imagine Shallura slow-dancing to a love song, with Shiro quietly singing the words in Allura’s ear as everything around them is a fucking mess and everyone’s dead and in ruins and they saved the Universe but fuck it they ded anyways.  

Content: Death. Death. And yeah. Death. Oh, and Shallura. Faint???Shallura? BACKGROUND KLANCE.

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. Song “All About Us” belongs to He is We.

Shiro likes humming.

He usually does it for himself; when he’s feeling down, for when he just need a moment to take a breather. It does wonders to him. It keeps his senses sharp and yet his body relaxed.

That’s why Shiro hums as he takes Allura’s hand and pulls her close, not even bothering to wipe the fresh tears running down her face.

He doesn’t dare to stop humming because if he stops then that will mean that three people that he cared about were lost and trapped inside a black hole with no way out.

He doesn’t stop because then the two unmoving bodies with red and blue armor they left behind in the dying Balmera will become a reality.

Because then that will mean that the war is over, just like his team’s cause and lives.

That will mean that the only family he had left is dead.

It will mean that –

Shiro lets out a shuddered sigh as his head echoes with the terrified screams that had come from the Green Lion as the black hole kept pulling it deeper into its depths. His mind plays the scene over again and he can clearly see the way the Yellow Lion hadn’t even hesitated to dive in after Green. Shiro tries but there’s nothing he can do before he remembers the way Pidge and Hunk’s screams had filled the comms and Coran had tried his best to help them from his pod only to get sucked in along with them and then, in less than a tick, everything had gone silent.

Shiro shakes his head, trying in vain to push those memories away but then the image of Lance and Keith’s beaten up forms fill his head and he can see them right in front of him as they keep bleeding out from their broken armor, both of them close to each other and Shiro can’t breathe because Keith’s eyes are unfocused and glassy, their flame inside them dead and he tries.

Shiro tries to reach. He tries and tries to reach them both but they keep getting further away, they slip through his fingers and nothing he can do can change the fact that they are both de –

“Hey,” Allura’s soft voice snaps him out of his thoughts, squeezing their interlocked hands a little, “Breath. It’s…They…Just breath, p-please. It’s - It’s over –” Her breath hitched with a sob before she drops her head in defeat on Shiro’s chest. “It’s o-over. Stay w-with me and b-breath, p-please.”

Shiro picks up his humming and pulls her even closer, wrapping his arms around her waist before he starts gently dancing around the control room.

The castle it’s dead. The balmera crystal that gave it life and entire essence of it is long gone, leaving both Allura and Shiro in the middle of the dark grim room with just their breathing and Shiro’s humming to echo around. It takes a while before Shiro’s speaking, filling in the silence.

“Keith…” Shiro starts softly, “Keith was the reason I started humming.” He confesses quietly, a sad nostalgic smile twitching in the corner of his mouth, “He had been so small when my parents brought him for the first time and…He wouldn’t stop crying. He cried and cried but it wasn’t until I started humming that he stopped and looked up at me and –”

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Oliver: *grabbing some empty plates from the table, his birthday cake half cutted on the background making him smile*

Felicity: No no no no no!

Oliver: *freezes* What?

Felicity: What are you doing cleaning tables? It’s your birthday!

Oliver: Fe-li-ci-ty. I don’t mind.

Felicity: Well I do. I spend all day planing it to make it perfect, we are all here celebrating you, you should go mingle and relax.

Oliver: I’m relaxing. I know it’s been a long time but you should know domesticity calms me down.

Felicity: It hasn’t been that long of a time *she smiles shyly*

Oliver: *steps until he’s on her front, barely apart*

Felicity: *lost in the moment of closeness* Hey

Oliver: Hey

Felicity: I said it before but, Happy birthday!

Oliver: *smiling brightly* Thank you. And not just for this, for eveything, the party, the cake…William…everything.

Felicity: Your welcome. You deserve all this, Oliver. You deserve happiness.

Oliver: For the longest of times I thought I didn’t. Even…even when we were together, there was a part of me always waiting for the end…

Felicity: *grabbing his face between her hands* But you don’t now, right? 

Oliver: I don’t.

Felicity: *smiling* Well, I guess we should thanks Chase for trapping us in the bunker for that, don’t we?

Oliver: *laughing* I’ll thank him once we catch him.

Felicity: And we will…and after that, maybe…

Oliver: Maybe what?

Felicity: Well…you did promised Bali.

Oliver: *surrounding her in his arms* I am a man of my word

Felicity: *smiling and moving her own arms around his head* Remember the last time we went to Bali? It was also your birthday

Oliver: *with a dreamy smile* Yeah

Felicity: *giggling* You are remembering how we celebrate it, aren’t you?

Oliver: Perhaps

Felicity: We didn’t have a cake, but that whiped cream did a great job.

Oliver: *laughing out loud* It sure did. Too bad we are out of whiped cream tonight.

Felicity: *flirtatiously* Oh, but there is a lot of cake. So…maybe you can stay over and we could recreate that night???

Oliver: Yes!

Felicity: You could’ve think it for a minute!

Oliver: Oh, this was my plan all along…staying behind and helping you clean and later I could clean out the cake licking it from your-


Felicity: *blushing* I thought-I thought everyone left…

Thea: Believe me, I wish I did. There are things a girl doesn’t want to hear about her brother…but congrats, tho!

Curtis: Congrats on what? *sees Oliver and Felicity embraced in each other* Oh! Oh! *does a little dance* This is perfect!!! I have to tell Donna!

Felicity: Curtis, no!

Oliver: Curtis! *too late he run out the door*

Thea: Well…that’s going to be funny…and loud.

Oliver: Yeah…so good job on cockblocking me, Thea

Felicity: *even red-er* Oliver!

Thea: *laughing* Don’t worry you guys, I’ll take Digg and we’ll clean the loft out so you can go and…celebrate *turning and leaving them alone*

Oliver: Finally alone.

Felicity: Finally…but who knows how long until my mum calls screaming.

Oliver: We should turn the phones down…and tablets…and computers…

Felicity: *patting his chest* WOW! A little too much don’t you think? What are you planing to do?

Oliver: Celebrating. Lot’s of it.

Felicity: *laughing* You bet.

Oliver and Felicity: *kissing*

pros of fy faen:

  • chris’s helloooo boooys 
  • pure dancing and laughing
  • mikeal looking cute as fuck
  • noora being sus of vilde  
  • sana’s mom saying she trusts her and not being mad
  • yousef noticing sana wasn’t having a good time 

cons of fy faen:


x-i-l-verify  asked:

Ford and Dipper #19, Pidge and Hunk #18, Steven and Lapis #21, Percy and Keyleth #15, Law (+ Cheza, if you want) and Bepo #9 (I know this is a lot, just pick your favorite one[s] and go with it, I was... kind of inspired with prompts. ^^;)

I picked 2!

Send me 2+ characters and a number, and I’ll draw them…

#9: In bed/non-sexually sleeping together (Law, Bepo, Cheza)

This guy looks very tired all the time to me, let him rest with his giant bear friends…it ended up kinda chibi-ish, sorry ^^;;; what even are Law’s tattoos

#18: Dancing (Pidge and Hunk)

I was going to draw them doing the Robot Dance together but no no I could make it SO MUCH CUTER THO—their colors and elements together make me think of Springtime :’D casually recycles their dance outfits form an earlier piece

anonymous asked:

Luna and Ginny dancing for the first time at the Yule Ball.

  • Luna is dancing by herself 
  • she’s still having fun tho bc she’s Luna
  • Ginny sees her and calls her over to her
  • “Oh hello Ginny…good choice in color for your dress robes. Turquoise repels nargles, you know”
  • Ginny just plays along bc how can she not
  • “Yes, that’s why I wore it! I couldn’t let the nargles interrupt when I’m talking to my favorite girl, now could I?”
  • Luna smiles dreamily at Ginny
  • “So, how about you teach me that dance you were doing before”
  • “Oh! Okay!”
  • Luna grabs Ginny’s hand and goes through each motion with her
  • Ginny can’t keep the grin off her face
  • They stay at the ball dancing all night until McGonagall sends them back to their dorms 

My head’s been buzzing with ideas for @starrycove Break Dance AU. Jumping on this bandwagon, whoops. Sorry, starrycove. I dont know what I did to your AU. 

-Gabriel Agreste owns a world famous and very prestigious dance academy (Agreste Academy??)

-Mama Agreste was a famous French dancer who styles ranged from ballet to contemporary to tap and even jazz

-Adrien has been dancing his whole life, taught by private tutors

-Gabriel expects him to be as amazing as his mother was

-Adrien has a love for hip hop and break dancing, the only type of dance Gabriel despises

-Marinette is a dancer who aspires to go to Agreste Academy and become a famous dancer

-She’s a bit of a fashionista and loves designing clothing too but dancing is her main passion

-Her idol is none other than Mama Agreste and has a huge celebrity crush on Adrien

-She goes to dance class with Alya, Nino, Chloe, Sabrina and the rest of the crew

-She’s a contemporary and ballet dancer mainly, she knows other dance styles too

-She has a love for hip hop and break dancing but knows that’s not what going to get her into Agreste Academy so she sticks with ballet and contemporary

-Chloe is a stuck up ballerina who thinks ballet is superior to any other dance and thinks hip hop and break dancing is trash, also dreams of getting into Agreste Academy

-Sabrina is a tap dancer, it suits her

-Nino is more into music but Alya is the pop and lock queen and is the reason Nino was dragged into taking dance class with her and Marinette

-Adrien sneaks out of his mansion every night to go to a dancing club

-He wears a cat-like disguise and calls himself Chat Noir

-He has a dancing partner who calls herself Ladybug

-Ladybug is, of course, Marinette in disguise

-They are a breakdancing duo who have dance battles (and win almost every time)

-Chat Noir is head over heels for Ladybug but she only has eyes for Adrien, you know, the usual

-Note that Adrien and Marinette don’t know each other personally


-Adrien convinces his father to let him go to a public school only if he goes to the academy after graduation

-Adrien and Nino BrOTPPPP

-Marinette is starstruck for the rest of the day, week, month, YEAR??

-Adrien insists on everyone treating him normally, like plz

-Everyone surprising is very good at that and makes him feel right at home

-Marinette still becomes a blushing mess around him tho

-Chloe is hella surprised to see Adrien at a public school, she knew him when they were in kindergarten since they went to the same private school together until Chloe decided private school life wasn’t for her and Adrien became homeschooled

-She still gushes over him

-Adrien’s not so into it, like at all

-Nino convinces Adrien to go to dance class with him and the girls

-Adrien agrees

-Cue Adrien becoming a part of the Marinette-Alya-Nino gang

-Cue Adrienette moments


-There’s a new crew in town and then real stuff start to go down

-They call themselves the Akumas and they have their own leader named Hawkmoth

-They are REALLY good

-Hawkmoth plans to buy and destroy the club, note that it is the only dance club that ragtag and amateur dancers can go to and have fun

-Hawkmoth challenges them to a TV broadcasted dance battle and if they lose, bye bye dance club

-Ladybug and Chat Noir, being the best dancers there, are put in charge of coming up with and teaching an amazing dance that will win against the Akumas

- The fate of the club is in their hands

-Oh crapppp, talk about pressure

I think I went too far deep into this AU. Just a bit tho. I want to write this now, crap.


Welpp Friday was a madness basically

Queen P was in the city so @crown-pigeon , Damien and I found a motive and dragged her with us. Needless to say it was fairly decent. Nah it was too lit

Okay I swear there was due to be more snaps but my phone broke as soon as we got into the club so you’re just gonna have to hold these x

@roydahomie I hope your night was fully of banter and jokes bubs! I swear I got too many stories from this 

*Ahem Nathaniel choking on a cherry stem

And the girl stalking poor Damien

Aaand that guy in the middle of the dance, you literally had to be there to see him

prussiatehgilbird5  asked:

I had like one overwatch dream I guess.....I was put in a group with Genji and Hanzo for a pe lesson and the teacher was so strict we dug a hole, filled it with water and drowned her in it. Then got McDonald's after that. It was fun, but in a weird way.

Good god Genji is in a lot of kill the teacher dreams XD

What kind of PE lesson tho. Dance? Tumbling? Basketball?