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In some other universe your tears are waterfalls, your laughter and your words are the sound of nature and your moods control the weather.
—  Lalah Delia

schmahlo  asked:

The 100, Bellarke: parks and rec AU with pokemon go?

Bellamy’s official position, as a government employee, is that everyone should just get off his lawn. He has such a noted reputation for being a prematurely grumpy old man that Clarke actually leveraged it into a successful fundraising campaign–Get Off Bellamy’s Lawn and Into a Park!–in City Hall. Everyone knows his opinion on technology, kids today, and how social media is destroying civilization.

So he is, to say the least, upset about Pokemon Go.

“You know as a parks department employee, you’re supposed to be happy about people going to the park, right?” Clarke asks. She’s thrilled, of course. People are coming to parks in droves, and it’s only been like a day. This is Clarke in her element, and it’s slightly awkward to try to balance his genuine annoyance with the whole world with how cute Clarke is when she’s excited.

Feelings are so bad for his entire existence.

“They don’t pay me enough to experience happiness,” he grouses. “My pay rate just entitles them to me not making constituents cry.”

“On purpose,” she adds.

“I haven’t made anyone cry in months,” he says, and Clarke grins and bumps his shoulder.

“Come on. It’s going to be fun.”

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