her curls were hell but i love her

Royal AU // closed w/ @nosefornews

Royal balls were hell to say the least.

Well, of course they were fun in theory. Piper loved to dance and guest lists usually had interesting people from interesting places. But in practice, it was loud, crowded, and she was easily ignored in favor of her radiantly lovely older sisters. Not that she minded. It gave her a chance to hide away somewhere. To curl up in some quiet corner of the grounds until everyone left. It wasn’t like anyone would notice the disappearance of the youngest princess.



Request:  hi can i get an imagine where everyone lives and you are teddy’s little sister and remus is a teacher again and they find out that you have a boyfriend. little sister looks like remus but a metamorphmagus like tonks. thank you :)

Y/N and her boyfriend of three months sat on the sofa in the Y/H common room. Curled up by the heat of the fire, his head on her lap as she read. They had been talking for hours but now they were just enjoying each others company, in silence.

Teddy Lupin, Y/N’s older brother by 2 years suddenly appeared through the portrait door and saw his sister getting kissed by a random 5th year. Now, Teddy being the protective asshole older brother he is, stormed over.

“Ok what the hell is happening here!?” He yelled,

“Oh for the love of Merlin, Teddy. I have a boyfriend. Get over it” She rolled her eyes, Teddy didn’t know what to do.

“I’m telling dad” He announced,


“Nope, I’m doing it” and he strolled out of the painting and up to his fathers office. He told Remus straight up. Remus rolled his eyes and rubbed his face with his hands.

“Teddy, why are you telling me this?”


“Ted! She’s a teenage girl, a sensible one at that and she will be fine, leave her be. I didn’t fuss over you and Victorie and I wont do it now just because she’s a girl” Remus explained, “so if theres nothing else, I’d like to continue my marking”

Teddy left with a new realization that maybe leaving his sister to make her own mistakes was a good thing.


Warnings: None.

Word Count: 1655

Summary: The reader being in love with Dean Winchester has to deal with his bratty little girlfriend. Eventually leading to Dean and the reader getting together. Dean X Reader.

Dean’s new girlfriend; the chick we ended up saving from demon possession a few weeks back. But you weren’t entirely sure if the demon had in fact left her body and gone back to hell. She was truly awful, but Dean couldn’t see past her perfect curls, her perfect waist line, her perfect plump red lips. She was the definition of perfect, too perfect. Men often compared her to an angel that fell from heaven and while she’d welcome the compliment, I’d lean back in my chair, smirk and whisper; so was Lucifer.

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