her connection with this character is fascinating

Gloomverse theory and also AAAAA

Okay. So. I really, really, really, really wanted to submit this to loverofpiggies herself, but the thing is, my college proxy is utterly retarted and has blocked CQ’s website. Because it says it’s adult content. Adult. Content.

I want to strangle someone over at IT.

CQ is one of my main inspirations for drawing my own art, man, what am I supposed to do?? So… if someone could, like, send this to CQ, I would be eternally grateful. Please. Helllp me.

But, anyways, I’m a huge fan of her comic, Gloomverse, and I’m so psyched about the fact that she’s working on it more, so I’ve been thinking a ton about the story. My favorite character is Indigo and I think the whole color thing is fascinating. Color is so important to Gloomversians, just as important as their wants and hats. It seems to be connected to their magic, actually. 

Okay, pause. HUGE spoilers. If you haven’t caught up on the smackjeeves website and are just following along as she posts it on here, do NOT read further. Please, I don’t want people yelling at me for talking about stuff coming up.

Alrighty, unpause. So, we see a good example of color mixed with magic with all the color kids. Purple, Indigo, Blue, Red, and now Green and Orange. All we’re missing in the rainbow is Yellow at this point. And these people aren’t just randomly colored like this; originally I thought they just were born like that the same way people in RWBY have colored hair and eyes and stuff. But, no, it’s not natural. Red is shocked to meet Indigo when the Prez sends him, and tests Indigo by giving him her red glove… which turns indigo as he holds it. So their magic is literally forcing them to be this way; it seems to be based on the main color, white, black, and a lighter or darker shade of that main color. So pure saturation, only variation in value.

We also have Cake Girl. She’s not a color kid, she just likes pink. But, when she gets severed, she turns completely white. Totally white. Her skin, hair, eyes, even her clothes. Her clothes turn white. 

Based on the fact that in this universe, people’s souls interact with the world via magic, and in Gloomverse, this magic incarnates itself as a wand which is pulled out of a hat–an article of clothing–and only one hat matches one soul, clothes and looks and colors are very important. The way people look at you, perspective, is important. Magic changes the way the world looks and the way the world looks at you.

Wallis is said to have a mystery magic. No one knows what it is. He can make things float, force wind out of his hat, and change the Assistant’s hair color. Seems random. But when you take perspective into account–perhaps he is considered the most powerful magician in the local area because he directly alters perspective? He sees people in front, but he wants to see them out of the way, so they float. He sees his competitors getting closer and wants to see them lose, so they get pushed away. He sees Assistant and says her hair doesn’t fit her, so he burns hair dye in, giving her rainbow hair, and says this fits better. 

Maybe I’m right, maybe not, but that’s not the point. Who knows what kind of magic Wallis actually has. I think it’s perspective magic because that’s a more unusual, vague and powerful magic and might have something to do with the mysterious deal Howard made with the Dark Master, and why Howard has black hair and red eyes, and supposedly Wallis’s “real” look does too.

The point is, why does the rainbow hair fit Assistant better?

It is brushed off as random, but so was the colored skin, and it turns out that’s not natural. Lately we also found out that the Dark Master held Assistant’s magic back for a reason, presumably dangerous, because he says “I’m sorry” as he gives her the hat. He doesn’t want her to have the magic. 

Her magic is based on color. She thinks of a color and a power appears. Seems to fit her hair pretty well, but that’s not all. Remember, color is extremely important. If someone is severed and turns white, they are actually “severed” from the world. Their soul loses its magic and can no longer interact with reality. Why does the Assistant have something so powerful as color itself, the very basis of how magic shows itself in the world?

I think it has to do with the color kids. Their souls, for some reason, perceive everything about that person’s world in a single color. That is the color of their magic and the color of their soul, but it wasn’t always that way. Purple was shown to have been a normal color years ago. Why did he turn purple? Why did his soul suddenly change its perception of the world?

Color magic seems extremely unstable. More evidence of this is shown when Assistant has her coma dream, and sees what looks like a monstrous alternate version of herself literally sucking the color and life out of people. Perhaps the reason the Dark Master believe her magic so dangerous is because her magic is COLOR. It is almost literally raw magic, in its very essence. What if the rainbow kids are the catalyst that the Dark Master was trying to stop, and something happens to cause the Assistant’s magic to go haywire and suck the life out of them, going mad with magic and power? She would be taking in raw color magic to go with her own. I really hope I’m wrong on that, because I really, really don’t want Indigo to die, no matter how much of a putz he is.

With that laid out, maybe you can see why Wallis percieved rainbow hair as more fitting. Assistant’s magic is raw color, raw perception. Her very being is a rainbow. And remember how she started to say her name to Purple, and it started with R? Rainbow. Or, to be a little different? Roy G. Biv. I kind of like it. I want to call her Roy from now on. It’s no more unusual than any of the other Gloomverse names.

…I hope this doesn’t spoil too much. I have nooooo idea if I’m right. And I want so bad to just post this on CQ’s wall, but I can’t because stupid college proxy. Still want to strangle IT.

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Lady Shiva?

  • First impression: My first impression was from Batman: Hush where I was like “okaaaaay does this lady work for Ra’s? Or not? Or what? Why’s she saving Talia? Holy crap how did she beat up Selina that badly??? Also why is that costume terrible?”
  • Impression now: OH MY GOSH. What a complex and fascinating character with such terrifying morals and outlook on the world. She’s not always done right, but man when she’s done right it’s utterly fantastic. And omg her connection with Cass I just FEELS and so good.
  • Favorite moment: When she picks up Cass’ body after she sacrifices herself and carries her off to the nearest Lazarus Pit saying “She is the hero. I am not. I never have been. Heroes are forever. The rest of us are just part of the story.”
  • Idea for a story: Look, guys, if I reveal this i’ll be unleashing a huge plot idea for Promises once I get back to writing it
  • Unpopular opinion: Simone isn’t the best writer for her and there are certain things that she did to Shiva’s backstory and motivations that are just… inconceivable to me in some regards.
  • Favorite relationship: Cassandra Cain
  • Favorite headcanon: She has a soft spot for Sin later in life when their paths cross. She knows that others tried to raise Sin to replace her, and she knows that Sin rejected this, so it reminds her a lot of Cassandra and of herself. She offers to teach 

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Hey, I just wanted to say that I love your blog and everything about it and it's meta. Like keep it up. 💜 I just wanted to ask what you think of the many parallels between Dean and Amara. I absolutely loved Amara and her character and thing Emily did it amazingly. Do you see the many parallels between Dean and Amara? ( ex: when she was stabbed by lucifer, similar to when Dean was stabbed by metatron and the fact he flinched. ) or is it just me?

Hello dear!

Thank you for the compliment. *blushes profoundly* It means a lot! <3 <3 <3

I found the dynamic existing between Dean and Amara and their connection fascinating and unsettling at the same time - which is exactly what I think we were supposed to feel. :) I think Emily Swallow was great as Amara and her and Jensen had great chemistry.

I have written about Amara and Dean “as two halves of one whole” or “two sides of the same coing” or as “Dean as the Darkness’ horcrux” a couple of times over the course of S11 (just click the links for more meta/spec if you are interested), which all was due to Dean kind of serving as a stand in for the divine.

There are indeed quite a few things that connect the two characters in their stories. For example, the fact that Amara indeed needed her family just as much as Dean needs his. Aside from that one could also see a loose parallel in narrative structure between Dean and Amara. What I mean with that is that similarly to how Chuck erased his sister’s story from the history of the world, Supernatural as a show up until S8 was much more focused on telling Sam’s story in which Dean served as the narrator and emotional focal point, but rarely was given a storyline of his own that was explored as in depth as Sam’s. That changed with the MoC arc and that of course in the end is connected to Amara.

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do u have any ocs?? if u do pls tell me about them!!

i DO!!! omg thanks for showing an interest in my ocs.. hopefully u find them interesting :’)

okay SO rn i’m working on a comic about evie (girl on left) and rio (alien girl on the right), it’s a series of fun oneshots about evie and rio having a long distance relationship since they live star systems apart. they actually met thru online dating when evie accidentally connected to interstellar internet

evie is a shy uni student who studies archaeology, she’s fascinated by the technology stuff that rio has. evie probably wears reading glasses. rio is a cook, she likes skateboarding and motorcycles B)

mmm there’s also adrian, i haven’t decided much about her except for her being a witch living in a big city. i really like urban magic/fantasy (??) type settings so i want to make a bunch of characters with that theme :3c

Purified: Some Thoughts on Meg Masters’ Arc from Season 5 Onwards

After re-watching 5x10 “Abandon All Hope” the other day I have been thinking about Meg (I’m gonna go with that name even though we actually never learnt Meg’s real name, as Meg was only the name of the woman she had possessed when the Winchesters first crossed paths with her) and her arc from that episode onwards until her death in 8x17 “Goodbye Stranger”. And I started to wonder if the gradual change we see in Meg’s personality and behaviour may be directly connected to the events of that episode as it is the last time we see Meg until she pops back in in season 6.

I personally always found Meg to be a fascinating character and especially from season 6 onwards as those were the seasons that Meg imo became more layered and complex and was no longer portrayed as stereotypically evil just cause.

While Meg of course did countless horrible, messy, evil things and was always  self serving and for long stretches of time mostly only thought of herself and her gain, I think it’s undeniable that from season 6 onwards Meg has been moved into more of a morally gray area (which also falls together with the question of human nature getting explored more in depth in Carver Era). While she has always been portrayed to have her own agenda while striving to have a purpose in her life and use extreme violence when nescessary, she did become imo progressively more “human” or differently worded “less evil”. She showed compassion, in general showed much more emotion and in the end even died saving the very people whe previously had multiple times tried to deeply harm, kill or even had possessed. To me Meg’d character development was an interesting one and while I wouldn’t say she was redeemed, she definitely imo did not die as the villain, but an ally and possibly even “friend”.

And now I wonder what sparked this change of behaviour and personality in Meg. Sure, I think to a good extent it’s circumstance that determined her evolution, but after re-watching 5x10 “Abandon All Hope” I cannot help but wonder if something every specific may have been the reason for her to grow more human again.

This moment (which definitely started the dynamic between her and Cas imo that played out over the following seasons):

Because it made me think of this moment:

What if the holy oil/holy fire in some proximity purified Meg’s demonic soul? What if her being thrown into this purifying fire did cleanse a tiny bit of the taint off her soul? It would of course not be comparable to the curing a demon procedure Sam worked on Crowley in 8x23 “Sacrifice”, but I think there is room for possibility here.

Furthermore if we follow this kind of reasoning does that maybe mean - though like Sam understood the trials: as purification off the taint the demon blood left in his system - that it wasn’t the trials, but moreso this action in 11x02 “Form and Void” that truly cleansed Sam off the demon blood and erased the last remnants of it from his system? I would find that in so far interesting as I loosely seem to recall Jared posed the question of Sam still having demon blood in his system and with that whether or not Sam still possessed some kind of powers.

This seems especially of import as the upcoming episode features the Darkness virus again and I assume Dean may realize that he is the only one immune to it like Sam was with the Croatoan Virus. If the official description for the episode wouldn’t have revealed that “old remedies no longer work” (nice nod also to how the Winchesters need to change their approach in amyn other departments too), which I suppose means the cure Sam found for himself and a few of the survivors will no longer be effective, I would have wondered if maybe this kind of purification is something Dean may have to go through in order to break the bond existing between him and Amara in order to cleanse him from the last remnants of darkness having a hold on his soul. I would not be surprised though in any case if holy oil or holy fire in the end would play a vital role in defeating or defusing the Darkness/Amara.

Some thoughts on this arc

Now that it is finally over I wanted to express my feelings and thoughts about the whole death thing going on that we had to endure and the decisions that characters made as well as some characters itself. Before I begin, I want to exclude Hairu’s death because I will make a special post about it and I will also include her connection with Sunlit Garden. I also will make a part two. There are so many feels that I surpressed until I released them this very moment I wrote this… So bear that in mind if you read it. :)

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