her chubby little belly

Play With Me (Park Hyung Shik)

Type: Fluff

Request: Can you please do a secnario which park hyung shik plays with his baby daughter.Thank you soooo much i love your writings 😍😍😍😍

“It’s a daddy and Soorin day” he coos lightly as he bounces your nearly 3 month old daughter in his arms. Her laugh came out as he smiled “can we say bye bye to mama?” he asks as he looks at you standing at the kitchen counter “don’t kick me out quite yet” you tell him as you scooped out rice from the rice cook, you made him the traditional breakfast you made for him white rice and fried egg sandwich. “Come eat” you tell him as he nods getting up carrying Soorin with him. “This is her favorite” you say showing him the bottle before you swirled it lightly mixing the formula as he smiles “pass her here you need your strength for you day with her” you tease as he chuckles “you know I’ve watched children before right?” he says as he handed your daughter.

“You watched children over a year old if I remember correctly” you say as you two talked about his day long adventure with the Soda Sibling on The Return of Superman. "I mean without the show we wouldn’t have a daughter" he informs as you nod. “You’re right” you tell him. “I helped make her so I can help raise her. Babies and fathers should bond as much as mothers do with them. I don’t want to miss much for my baby girl” he said you leaned over and pulled him in for a solid kiss. He melted instantly as he kissed back before pulling away “you’re amazing” you tell him as he smiles before sitting back and started eating again.


Soorin rested against Hyungshik’s legs as he had her properly propped against them as he smiled at her. “My little princess” he coos as he tickles her chubby belly. “Your tummy is a true gift. Mama’s got good milk” he coos. She giggled as he covered his eyes. Her smile fell from her face as she wasn’t able to see her father’s face. She thought he had left her. Whimpers soon left her mouth as Hyungshik uncovered his face and his large hands cupped her face rubbing the tiny tears from her eyes. “Daddy is sorry I didn’t mean to make you cry” he cooed as a pout came across his face.

“I want your smiley face please” he coos as he starts making faces at her. “Pretty babies need to smile” he told her as she stared at him. He glanced at the patted floor and smiled “mama laid your playmatt” he said lifting her up and getting down on the floor and sitting her under the play set. He watched her eyes filled with wonder as she started reaching up at the dangling toys. He rested his head on his hands and he happily watched her. She looked over at him and he smiled at her. “I can’t believe how perfect you are” he whispered staring lovingly at his daughter as she went back to her toys.


SHE’S SO CHUBBY AND FRIENDLY TOO. Finally a lizard that is not interested in my fingers as food. The photos don’t do her colors justice, she is like a caramel brown. I couldn’t pass her up. Her head is so small compared to her body.

I’m kind of sure she might be gravid with how chubby she is. I only felt her belly a little and it’s not hard like impaction, but I didn’t feel it a ton because I wanted her to have some time alone and get used to her new cage. I gave her a laybox just in case.

She’ll be in quarantine for a little while and then hopefully introduced to Jeremy.