her christine is so perfect

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i should have answered these when i got them but  H E Y  im lazy !! 

okay !! i just want to give a shout out to @littlclctte

                                 now let me tell you about this bae,  she fangirls with me over phantom and basically any musical i throw her way  ( remember elf the musical ?? yeah that a thing !! ) she’s not afraid to argue with me over who is the best christine and who’s portrayal sucks ( yeah we both dislike sierra, thus i love her forever ) 

                               this mun, is a saint. she puts up with my shit, me making new blogs every 2 seconds and me not replying to her starters for 456789 billion years !! 

                             she is the only christine i will write with !! because her christine is so perfect and how i imagined her tbh. 

         you should all follow her !! if not, you’re missing out on a quality blog that is trash for theatre !! 

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