her characters never have it easy. do they


Why you should absolutely adore this movie:

- GLORIOUS music; most in a Polynesian tongue!
- Animation is DROP DEAD gorgeous!!!!
- Realistic characters with real personalities!
- An accurate representation of Polynesian culture as a whole, while being respectful!
- Feminism af!
- Moana was never questioned from her gender, only her lack of experience
- Not a SINGLE fat or gender joke
- Moana was always her own hero and didn’t rely on anyone else, but was capable of asking for help
- MAUI was a realistic flawed male character who was never seen as lesser for having emotions!!!!
- An inspirational story for boys and girls and everyone else!
- Finding yourself is never easy but you can do it!!!!

Friendly Reminder

that while you can make jokes about Feyre manipulating Lucien in ACOWAR by using his mating bond with Elain, that will not make him change. It will make him worse. His condition will get worse as the female he saw as a friend, manipulates him again and again. Just as Tamlin did to him.  

So three years ago, one of the greatest writers I am privileged to know both on tumblr and off started her blog. I still remember first coming across her portrayal, so excited to see one of my favorite ( really, only, if we’re being honest) characters from Robin Hood BBC being written so effortlessly. From the very first word of her blog, Amy has always been ridiculously talented at capturing Guy’s character; her love for him shows through with every word, phrase and punctuation mark.

It takes a lot to understand a character, never mind to instinctually just know what they are constantly thinking .. but Amy manages to both do it and do it well. She captures the motivations and ambitions that are so intrinsic to her muse’s character and she does it in a format that is both beautifully written and easy to understand. I will never forget our first interactions … from the first few words and random memes to the lengthy novellas and multi paras that we have today. I was so intimidated by her, right from the very beginning, and Amy always managed to put me at ease.

I am blessed to know someone like her, blessed to be loved by someone like her … but know this. I would count Amy and her muse as one of my greatest tumblr blessings even if the spark between had never grown to something more. I don’t know if tumblr led to our fate or if our fate led us to tumblr (our blogs are only two days apart after all) .. but I will forever be thankful for whatever force brought the both of us to this website.

 Through Amy and Guy, Hook and I have grown into the forces of nature we are today. My muse has grown leaps and bounds since my first interactions with Amy and I owe most of my skill with the written word to her as well. Through striving to keep up with her I have learned to push my boundaries, to leave my comfort zone for the sake of strengthening my own writing skill. I will forever be thankful for Amy. I will forever be thankful for tumblr. Without her, and without her beautiful portrayal of Guy of Gisborne, neither Hook nor I would still exist. Three years seems like the blink of an eye, but we (and our muses) have been through so much. I can’t wait for many more to come. So, in short…

Happy 3rd Blogaversary, @twisted-but-pretty  !!  I love you !!

Because I apparently have no sense of priorities I have instead rewritten Maidel’s bio, though I still need to make him a proper relationships page. 

Also I keep toying with whether I want to keep Ullane as a main or not. I enjoy rping her, but she’s kind of the odd one out, without as much history or easy chemistry with other characters. I’ve revamped her, and I do like rping her, but…ehhh.

The problem is I really like my current mains setup, a.k.a two lowbloods, a midblood, and two highbloods. [Death the Kid voice] BEAUTIFUL SYMMETRY. 

Especially because unintentionally, they also evenly skip castes. Rust => Yellow => Middle Green => Cerulean => Indigo. COLORS.

so if I did swap Ullane out I’d want to replace her with another yellow or goldblood. But of course therein lies the problem of them needing to build stuff up too :’V

I could replace her with Ionole, but he doesn’t have as many rp opportunities.

…actually, no, I could swap in Owenii. They need some touching up but it’s doable, and their personality is good for a main. And they’re Civitrecce.

Zoe Kravitz: 'Braids banish hair problems'

Zoe Kravitz kept her “complicated” hair in the braids from her movie Dope to make life easier.

The 27-year-old star takes after her parents, musician Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet, when it comes to her edgy aesthetic and often switches up her look. Zoe’s hair never stays the same for long and she’s rocked everything from shiny straight locks to her current braided do - which is one of her favourites.

“I think all brown girls have a complicated relationship with their hair,” she matter-of-factly told Byrdie. “Oh, I put in braids for the character I played in the movie Dope, and I’m like, ‘This is nice.’ Then I kept them in. It’s good for my hair, and it looks cool and it’s easy, and I don’t have to do anything when it’s done. It’s great.”

The same simplicity is applied when it comes to the rest of her beauty regime, especially in maintaining a fresh complexion. Zoe has a striking resemblance to her 48-year-old mother and has picked up plenty of tips from her over the years.

“Eating well, drinking a lot of water, washing your face each night,” she listed. “She always taught me to put coconut oil on my body. She told me as a child, ‘I want to keep you as soft as you were when you were baby.’ Coconut oil is key for sure.

“I really like Arcona products. They give great facials, too.”

She’s careful about what she eats too, sticking to mainly organic foods so she knows exactly what she’s putting in her body. Zoe believes beauty and health start from the inside and makes a big effort to grow her own fruit and vegetables herself to avoid preservatives.

But people can only see what’s on the outside, with the Mad Max: Fury Road actress naming both David Bowie and Audrey Hepburn as her influences.

“They are (polar opposites)!” she grinned. “That kind of describes me in a nutshell. I love the craziness of him and the simplicity and the chicness of her.”

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Degrassi Meme: Five characters

                                            Goldi Nahir

           [what,so, because I’m white,things come easy for me?]

“No, it’s just, you’ve never had to deal with microagrression ,like people                        always asking if you have an arranged marriage?”

                                              [wait,do you?]

                                            “case in point”

righteousinwrath  asked:


send me an url for positivity (always accepting) || @girlonadyinghorse

i still don’t have much to say about Laure, seeing as how we have not interacted yet, but i can already say that she is someone i enjoy having on my dash – i like her posts and i like her writing, and i am definitely willing to learn more about her portrayal. also, i greatly praise her for having picked Alys for a muse, since writing a lesser character of a series is never easy, and let alone when she is not even featured in the show. so, i’d definitely love for us to do something together in the future!

I honestly never minded Neal as a character - except when he’s around Emma. What was that scene? He just had to get one last patronising-Emma moment in before leaving for good? “I’m only doing this because I care about you”… you can shove that somewhere unpleasant. Neal still thinks he knows better than Emma, but it’s okay because he loves her. HOW do people think this is romantic.

I mean, I’m glad Emma got to know that he’s happy, so for Emma’s sake I’m oka with it. But I really, really wish they’d given this scene to Henry instead. He could’ve passed the message along and it would’ve given him some closure, since he’s brought it up more than once.

And this way, at least to me, it made it look like Neal really didn’t care that much about Henry. No unfinished business? He died in order to see his son again but didn’t get to see him, and his father dishonoured his sacrifice in the worst way, but he had no unfinished business? That doesn’t really come across as someone who really cared. About anything other than Emma, that is. And even Emma, he doesn’t care about enough to treat with respect, as the hero she is, as someone whose instincts and heart are reliable and a source of strength.

Goodbye, please never call again.

After seeing some sorting headcanons that I found blatantly inaccurate, I decided to make my own post about it and you can find the gifset here with quotes to illustrate my sorting headcanons. In addition to that, here’s a short explanation for each character.

Leslie Knope: Gryffindor

I think Leslie might be a hatstall because she has characteristics of several houses, but in the end, I’d sort her in Gryffindor over Slytherin because she never seems completely fine with her sneaking around. She doesn’t really like having to use these methods in politics, see her conflicts against Jamm. She likes a good life of doing her absolute best, of helping people around her, of defending people she loves. I think it’s very easy to sort the bravest lady of the show in the house of the brave.

April Ludgate: Hufflepuff

April is an extremely loyal person, that’s literally one of the characteristics Donna gives when she describes her spirit dog: she is fiercely loyal to her pack. She also expects the same in return and gets awfully mad when she feels slighted on that regards. April values kindness and generally helps people a lot more than she gets credit for (see my April Ludgate positivity project for some examples of that), for exemple listing up her friends for all sorts of prizes and awards and hooking them up with hot people. She’s also been shown to have a strong sense of justice.

Ann Perkins: Gryffindor

I could have put Ann in Hufflepuff as well because she’s a very loyal friend and she can be open-minded, but in the end, looking at the whole of her storylines, I think that what stands out for Ann is her evolution into a much more self-possessed lady, someone who takes no shit. Think of Ann in season 1. Would that Ann have decided to have a baby on her own and to move to a completely different state and to make a whole new life? I think Ann learned to be more brave, to take more risks, even when she needed some help, and that’s why I put her in Gryffindor. Also she’s a total badass.

Andy Dwyer: Hufflepuff

Next question, please? Andy is a huge puppy of love and kindness and tolerance and loyalty. He never has a bad word to say about anyone, he’s always the first one to help even without anything in return, he’s the best husband ever, and he loves eating and being a homebody. He’s 100% Hufflepuff, through and through.

Ben Wyatt: Ravenclaw

I’m not denying here that Ben is brave, or ambitious, or loyal, but what stands out to me is that Ben always values knowledge. For the Harvest Festival, he was their “numbers guy”. He always corrects people when they make mistakes, even tiny ones (“that’s not how respect is spelled”, etc.). He is known to stare into the camera incredulously when someone says something either completely out there, or inaccurate. He’s very down-to-earth which, in my mind, is a certain type of Ravenclaw, the ones who are here to learn and who are serious and boring.

Ron Swanson: Hufflepuff

I don’t think there’s any other house for him. Ron is the absolute picture of Hufflepuff. If Andy represents the bubbly quirky Hufflepuff, Ron is the reliable serious Hufflepuff. He works hard at work worth doing (woodworking, for example), he is extremely reliable, he shows a great deal of kindness towards the (few) people he loves, he is actually pretty tolerant (what with being obsessed with personal liberties, he’ll accept a lot of things as simply a matter of choice), he’s also very loyal. Look at how heartbroken and upset he was when Leslie and him didn’t function properly. Ron is totally a badger, guys.

Donna Meagle: Gryffindor

I’ve seen people sort Donna into Slytherin a lot, and while I can see that, because she definitely has personal ambitions, I think Gryffindor fits better. Donna lives her life to the fullest with little thought about the consequences. She’s extremely daring, as seen through her atypical dating life. She has a very high self confidence and should be a role model for us all.

Chris Traeger: Hufflepuff

Chris is by far the most positive person on this show and it really shows. He is just a huge bundle of kindness, open-mindedness, tolerance, fairness and hard work. He works hard at what helps other people, he is always there to support his friends but has a strong set of morals (justice is part of Hufflepuff’s house traits). Chris is very selfless and supportive, which fits very well into the Hufflepuff mindset, too. 

Tom Haverford: Slytherin

Tom is sneaky, cunning, he has no limits as to how far he’s ready to go to achieve his goals. He is extremely ambitious and has no problem stepping on other people sometimes. He can manipulate people like no other and loves gaining personal power and fame. I frankly don’t see how you could sort him in any other house.

Garry Gergich: Hufflepuff

Garry is really kind of like Andy. He’s loyal to his loved ones, he’s always ready to help. He is also very open-minded, a doting father and husband. You can always count on him, he’ll do all the mindless work. Have you counted how many times Garry is just there, helping, with no retribution? That man is a model of kindness for all of us. He just likes a simple life with a loving family in a peaceful environment. He is badger through and through.

       a myth, tangled:
  I am cruel because it is easy to be: quicker
  to die by my own hands than to wait for
  the flames to swallow me. / what God do I have
  to bring to the scene to make you believe in
  the ease of ends? I cut my hair short in April;
  in December, once again. death and I tease
  each other in innocent ways– one of us becomes
  a character that needs to be killed. what now?
  Kali pulls her tongue out and thrusts it into
  my mouth and I say things I would never say
  with my eyes open. stay, stay, there is a day
  after tomorrow, somewhere I love you and
  there is nothing more to the sentence, don’t go.
  this is a story worth reading because
  it is yours. sunset-yellow, alabaster, hope.


“We’re all mad here~”

Cosplay:  Ever After High Kitty Cheshire

Debut Anime North 2015

Yey! So here are a few more shots of my Kitty cosplay that I finished, finally, and debuted at AN15. The wig is from Epic Cosplay in Vanillia Ice as it was the cloest and most natural look for Kittys wig. I tired to get the exact color but, like most things, it wasnt happening. Everything from Top to bottom is hand made and after  have so much trouble with Maddies skirt, Kittys came pretty easy. I think her toughest part were her tights and though they werent purrfect this time, there’s always next time.

I am, also, personally not pleased with her top because I know Kitty has so much more design to it but it actually doesnt look as bad as it does without everything put together. Every new cosplay I do, I always have something that I can change for the second run cause you never know until you try your trail run.

I chose Kitty because I love the Wonderlandian characters and my mouth is so big I could pull off her chase smile.  LOL!

The best part of this cosplay I like is her skirt and fur collar. We’ll probably have one more set to stick up once we’ve lightened some images. All her pics were taken by the Samsung Galaxy 3 and in the shade since the sun on her wig was horrendous! I was a glowing ball of light. Light wigs in sun = bad reflection.

We will be attending Fan Expo after 6 years of not going and I will be bringing Kitty along with me and Sunneh will be bringing Lizzie Hearts. So if you see us fear not and come say hi! :) Check back soon to see the Second set of Kitty!