her character just god


Y’all realize they’re both gonna suck to a degree at first and Kairi being automatically powerful and magically good at combat from the start wouldn’t make her a rounded and developed character, right

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sixofcrowsnw challenge: take two ≡ best moment of your otp

kanej + religion


whenever i can’t draw i always default to these losers in a shoujo-manga au.


Tom is your Tom problem.

yfip: lauren shippen
  • made me cry at four separate bus stops
  • just announced that caleb and adam are soulmates and i cant stop thinking about it i have STUDYING to do lauren
  • too nice in the tags of things she reblogs like??? how???
  • occasionally says really ominous things about her podcast when answering questions and listen i’m very stressed out
  • won’t let her characters be HAPPY for even one episode GOD just let them LIVE


can someone explain why ha.namura and y.amada are hated for being “perverted” when iru.ma is like,,,10x worse. yet she is so popular. explain. shes made to be unlikable/unpopular with the fandom yet here we are.

how to draw mizar:

-stay up for 56 hours

-drink 4-5 red bulls 

-put on some sweats 

-look in the mirror 

-draw that


Jen talking about Allison Cameron

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If you were on the writing staff for su, what would you have people do for pearls character in order to improve her?

have her actually get called out

no back peddling, no pity party, no sacrificing someone else’s character to make her look good

honest to god just have her fucking learn from her mistakes and learn to take some damn criticism ble a se

does anyone else ever wish the Freelancer Siblings were south & lina instead

that girl is not scared of anything

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Just watched this beauty of an animation and wow. The animation for its time… and the story. I actually like it much more than Frozen, and I am a freaking Disney Girl like nobodies business!

( because @eleutheriana got me heated about my girl and then things ran away from me )

One of the first things Mara Jade has ever felt is unloved. With barely remembered parents who left her to the mercy of New York’s foster when she was still an infant, she has bounced from home to home without ever finding a place of true belonging. After thirteen years of foster care, she found herself adopted by a manipulative, neglectful, cruel man, who cared only for how taking in the fiery haired orphan girl would look for his political image. His home was no better than the foster system, and at age seventeen Mara Jade left it all behind, believing herself condemned to a lonely existence with only herself and her ability to survive. 

There were months living on the street, and then four years at a community college, where a neglected orphan girl no one gave a damn about clawed her way to something akin to respectability. She found herself a speechwriter in the budding senatorial campaign of one Leia Organa Skywalker, and her ability to craftily string words together caught the eye of her former foster father. He offered her better pay for the same abilities, and, in desperate need, Mara caved, working with him on his presidential run and shoving her own disgust to the side as best she could. 

Once his campaign, career, and life imploded following the dramatic scandal that seems to follow every hated politician, Mara found herself without a job and immensely relieved. With a good amount of cash saved up from her foster father’s employment, she found herself a good place to live and put herself back on the job market. It was then that she met Luke Skywalker, brother of her first political boss, and her complete opposite in every way. A friendship with an initially rocky start, the two eventually warmed up to each other as Mara found a job as a bartender and Luke worked his way up to headmaster, and Mara was welcomed into the fold of the Skywalker clan and their friends. She became close with the family, and even had a brief relationship with the best friend of Leia’s husband, Lando, before eventually breaking it off due to conflicting ideals for the future. And then, seven years after they met, Mara and Luke finally became romantically involved, marrying a year later and allowing her to finally have a real home with a family that loves her. 

Mara Jade now knows what it feels to be loved.

I’m sorry this is my last piece about this “”“"novel”“”“ but I am fucking CACKLING at Kubo’s brilliant explanation for totally casually changing Rukia’s name to Abarai in the novel from Kuchiki in the manga. It seems Captain Rukia Kuchiki who defeated ‘the fear’ sternritter faints every time someone calls her Abarai? IM LAUGHING SO HARD

Seriously the more I hear about this novel the more alive I feel, how is anyone taking this seriously??? Wow, it’s like someone approached Kubo and his sister in law and were like "alright, make the most ooc mess of a retcon novel and when you directly contradict the manga, use more ooc to explain it away” and they were just like “got u fam we’ll go above and beyond”

Woo boy, I didn’t think I’d feel like this but this novel has provided some hella good laughs. Good thing I don’t consider the novels canon otherwise I’d have to laugh even more at this actually being real lolololol

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it really bothers me that of the seven ipre members only two are women and they dont have a canon dynamic and havent even interacted once onscreen... and like lup is defined so much by her relationship to male characters and its just blugghgh

SAME because honest to god you can’t tell me that they both won’t rely on the only other women on the ship…like i have never met a girl that doesn’t automatically default to the other in a team scenario (and i could also get into the managerial studies done on this but ah that’s for another time) 

I think the thing is tho like griffin isn’t going to have the npcs interacting with each other that much (the only exception being lup/bar) and it’s entirely reliant on what the boys do like as much as i want for lup and luc to have a good canon relationship  i just don’t think that will ever happen in the podcast because it’d be awkward for griff to suddenly say, “ah yes while y’all are advancing the plot here’s lup and luc’s conversation” but even still i think there should have been something established between them by now like just small things like in the current ep of just them hanging out in the background