her character has grown on me so much

Nesta Archeron.

I don’t like Nesta.

But she is an awesome character, who is very complex and strays away froom the traditional YA “goodness” we usually encounter, so I very much respect her.

So it very much pisses me off when people have grown so used to the idea that women (especially those we read about) must be pure of heart, that they lose respect for complex, dark, and not necessarily good female characters.

It is much like how people react to Aelin, a cocky, smug, intelligent female character, who, if she were male, you all would be fawning over.

The things you respect and love Kaz Brekker for, you shame and mock Aelin Galathynius for.

You enjoy it when characters are complex . At least, when they’re male.

You enjoy it when a character has a bit of darkness in them. Unless they are female.

You write AU’s with dark!male characters, but when a female is written with those characteristics that you so love, you are repulsed.

You love the intelligence and scheming that is written for a male, but when a female shows it… That is when the internalized misogyny rears its ugly head.

So when you hate on Nesta for being a bit selfish, or cold, look at the characters you idolize or cherish.


#thankyoubones week | day two: 11 Temperance Brennan character growth moments

I’ve grown with this character, with her. I was just a little girl when I saw her for the first time in my tv. I owe her SO MUCH. She has been there for me in my darkest moments and I will be FOREVER grateful to have seen her grow up in ways she didn’t even thought were possible.

I wanted to do something a little different, so here are my favorite Brennan’s moments/quotes who have helped me in many different ways.


#thankyoubones week: day 2 → 11 temperance brennan character growth moments

↳ brennan + her changing views on love

If you were to look for a character who has grown so much from falling in love with her significant other, look no further than Temperance Brennan. She exemplifies the term “character growth”, and her changing views on love, sex and relationships comprises one of the many different things that has made her one of the best (IMO, THE BEST) character in the history of television. This gifset only touches on a small part of her character growth over the years, because she has truly grown in every aspect of her life, and I have loved watching her grow and truly flourish all these years. She also makes me believe that it is possible to find true love, and not completely change yourself and your morals for the other person, as when the time comes, nothing else will matter except for the person standing right beside you. Like always, and like they always will.

You can look me in the face and say Diakko isn’t canon, I don’t care.

But by the end of the show, what did we get? Akko and Diana working together in a way I’ve never seen with two characters.

Akko could have had sucy and lotte with her, like in the opening when it’s clearly 3 witches grabbing onto each other. That’s what I though was going to happen, but no. They took a seat back and let Diana hop in front.

Akko could have used shiny arc like she did before, all by herself. But she didn’t. Diana was there beside her every single step of the way. They had grown together so much, that they both pulled shiny arc back and saved the day.

This all could have just been Akko, just her doing every little thing by herself. Yeah before in the series she was always given help by Professor Ursula, or whoever else was on the scene. But Akko has grown as a character and was able to do many thing by Herself in that last fight. But she didn’t, she let Diana gently hold her hand over akkos with the shiny rod.

So I’ll say it again, you can look me in the face and say diakko isn’t canon. But let me just say, how many characters do you know are saving the day, holding hand, and are in space all together away from everyone else to do this last fight.

Hold on just a quick second

You mean to tell me that Lydia Martin, the badass banshee who has grown so much over the past six seasons, ran to hug Jackson Whittemore, her abuser years who treated her like shit and then left her with no explanation, but when she sees her boyfriend, Stiles Stilinski, who paid more attention to her when she was with Jackson than Jackson did, all she did was stand next to him????? I get that there are guns being shot at you, but would it kill the writers to be more true to her character and let her show a little bit of affection to the one love interest on this show who has ever treated her well?

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This isn't really a question and I apologize for that but I wanted you to know how much of an inspiration you are! At first I never gave Trish a second thought since Araki didn't give her too much room to make a personality but your art gives me really good perspective on her. I love her lots now. Thank you! Have a good evening!

Omgosh thank you so much!!  This is such a huge compliment!  It makes me so happy whenever someone says they appreciate a character or ship a little more because of me!  I’m just happily flailing with friends about Jojo on this blog, and it’s exciting to meet other people on Tumblr who enjoy the same kinds of things!!

I LOVE Trish!  But I admit, when she first appeared I didn’t like her much.  She seemed to have a lot of potential:  she had a mouth on her (when Narancia was trying to shoo her away from the public bathroom, she was basically like, “Do you own this bathroom?  Oh, your name must be Mr. Toilette, then, and this is your home.” lol), and where did she get these skills??

We know right away she’s the boss’s daughter, so she most likely has a Stand.  Not since LisaLisa have we had a cool female character who was a main protagonist and fought alongside the guys.  Holly never fought and we didn’t get to see what her Stand even does, Yukako was mostly used to torture Koichi, and Aya was just used by and quickly killed by the main villain… *sigh*
And in her first scene, she wiped her hands on Fugo’s jacket (I don’t care how ugly his clothes are, that was so rude), and was bossing him around for trivial things like the brand of water she wanted when there were more important things to worry about like how everyone’s lives were on the line.  Suddenly her sassy mouth was annoying because she crossed the line from being sharp-tongued to being an obnoxious, rude, and selfish person (later after I knew her better did I realize her actions were because she was scared, overcompensating, and testing how much voice she had in this group).

But Giorno seemed to understand her and when he talked or thought about her, I began to understand her a little more for the first time through his analysis.  

Giorno says she’s very strong-willed after this.  At the time, I thought he was just being generous/kind.  Because at this point, we mostly see Trish as a scared girl.  She’s shoved in this damsel in distress role (which I don’t mind but leaves little for her to do to make much impact on the plot).  Her mother JUST died, she’s had no time to grieve, she was most likely kidnapped by Polpo’s men (who are strangers to her) only to be transferred to even more strangers in Buccellati’s group, who are going to transfer her again to another stranger, her father who she’s just recently found out is boss of the mafia!  Everyone’s been ordered to give her no information so Buccellati’s group is pretty standoffish around her and rarely talks to her, weird stuff she can’t explain is happening around her, people want to kill her for no fault of her own, and she’s all alone in this world where she has no power or autonomy.  Other people decide where she’s going to go, who she’s going to travel with, and she has no choice but to obey.  

BUT!  Things change once the boss tries to kill Trish and Buccellati’s group rebels.  Now there are no orders to follow and the group starts to talk to her more and involve her with their decisions.  Trish, in turn, has fewer restrictions placed on her, can now start making decisions for herself and decisions for the group.  She chooses to help them fight and bring down her father, give them as much information as she can, help the group as a tracking device for her father, and she chooses to not run away (like Shinji Ikari but 5000% cooler and less teen angst).  She wants to face her attempted-murderer and take him down.  We start to see the strong-will Giorno was talking about more and more!


She seems to have a lot of pride and wants to appear calm and collected, though she’s not very good at hiding panic:

Here she’s reaching for him to hold her hand for comfort, they hold hands in the elevator, and it’s adorable.  When we first meet her, Pericolo told everyone that Trish doesn’t like to be touched, but we see her slowly opening up more to Buccellati and his gang as Part 5 progresses.

She finally comes into her own once she awakens her Stand. She changes from a damsel in distress into a full-fledged member of the team.  Before this, there wasn’t much she could do as a non-Stand user, but still she tries.  We saw her struggling on the plane with the decision of running away vs. fighting Notorious B.I.G.  She decides to face the danger and fight even though she knows this decision could very well kill her but because of her decision to be brave, she gains control of her Stand.  She even defies Buccellati because she now has:  1) Power and 2) More information on the enemy than anyone else at this point.  She makes her OWN decision even though the leader of their group disagrees with her, and she ends up saving everyone.

Trish attributes this huge growth in her character and the emergence of her Stand to how much Giorno has influenced her for the better & that’s really sweet!

Her Stand also has an… interesting personality and reminds me of Koichi’s Echoes.  It can sometimes have a foul mouth, which like Koichi makes you wonder if Trish’s internal thoughts and feelings are a lot more… “spicy”… than she lets us believe.

EDIT:  I FORGOT TO MENTION HER SWEET SIDE, TOO!!  Look at her keeping an eye on Narancia after Giorno healed them while deeply considering Narancia’s feelings.  Even though Narancia didn’t need emotional comfort and he even seemed confused about receiving it, Trish still wanted to defend him.  This shows how much Trish values warmth in people.

By the end, Trish has grown SO much as a character, she says one of my favorite lines of all Part 5 during the final showdown against her father:  “I, too, can overcome the fate I inherited from you.  I will not cower or flee!  If you try to stop me, I shall soar beyond you.”  This line is so good because it’s contrasted against the past where we did see her cowering and fleeing.  But no longer.

At the very end, we see how comfortable, happy, and trusting she is around the gang where Mista pretends to scare her with his “weird fingers” and she playfully screams in mock fear.  SHE IS SO CUTE!!!  THEY ARE ALL SO CUTE!!!

I wish we saw more of her cute, playful side.

But yeah, that’s my take on her character.  Part 5 is partially the story of a girl who takes a desolate situation she didn’t choose to be involved in, uses it to make herself stronger, and overcomes the evil that is literally trying to destroy her.  I REALLY LOVE TRISH!!!!!!  (Oh god, this got SO LONG, I’M SO SORRY!!!)

I just wanted to say how much I appreciated Lance’s speech to Allura. So many times has she felt like the crushing weight of winning this war was on her shoulders alone, even with the paladins, the coalition and Voltron itself. But Lance reminded her that while they all looked to her for guidance or hope or inspiration, this war was a weight they would all help carry. Lance maintained a level head in the face of death and potentially losing the war, to remind his fellow paladin, his friend, that she could pull through regardless of the odds. In doing so, he reminded us not only of Allura’s integral role as a leader, but also of his.

Because Allura may be the heart of Voltron, but Lance is the soul.

i still dont feel like writing here tbh but i just wanted 2 talk for a sec abt how much i Love ravne and she’s grown so much like!!! remember when she used 2 get horrifically jealous of every other woman esp anyone who interacted w charles or erik n hated them SO MUCH bc of internalised misogyny and now she’d literally throw charles n erik into a mountain 2 kiss a girl tbh and thats some real character growth

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Star's interaction with Oscar in Starcrushed really helped to show how much shes grown up since season 1. Oscar embodies alot of the problems and flaws that Star has tried to fix this past season. He's a runnaway, a slacker, he just gave up on school studies. Which is why Star no longer goes gaga over him. His whole attitude no longer appeals to her because she's experienced how that attitude can hurt the people around her. He's not a bad kid but he's stuck in a place that Star has moved on from


(ok it was an easy speculation but it still counts to me ok?!)

Also, I’m so so so happy to see how much Star has grown after Bon Bon. Making characters actually grow, slowly but consistently, after a big even, is super hard, in TV shows. These writers are GOOD.

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yeah i agree with you, i think that's my biggest problem with clary as well ,, the she just won't learn or grow from her mistakes? compare that, for example, with alec in ep1 when he treated magnus badly, got called out, apologised and grew from it .. but clary either doesn't get called out or she just doesn't listen even if she is? and it's time that changed bc it is getting really frustrating ,, she's turning more and more into book!clary tbqh (same with jace?!) and it's ,, annoying!!

yeah, exactly, like alec has had those moments with magnus, too, but magnus is allowed to call him out on it and he apologizes and since then, he has never repeated that mistake in particular.

despite the missteps in 2x07, alec and magnus really are otherwise a prime example of excellent character growth and communication. they’re always talking to each other, laying out their fears and anxieties. alec listens when magnus gives him advice like, don’t push me away or take time out for yourself. you can see the way they’ve grown to trust and value each other, much in the same way clary should trust and value people like luke, magnus, simon, isabelle – everyone who has gone out of their way to help her again and again.

like, can you imagine if magnus told alec not to trust someone and then he goddamn tased him and did it anyway? can you imagine? so why is it just swept aside when clary does it to luke?

Review for TR

Okay, I’ll admit: there isn’t a lot of Valki. Hardly any. There was only one scene perhaps. BUT, there was only ONE true scene of Thorkyrie too, so the odds are pretty even (no pun or ironic joke intended). But lemme say that it leaves room for either to happen. I’m obviously Team Valki, and I’m excited for them to hopefully have more scenes. The chemistry between them was clear, so they have awesome potential.

As for the movie…I ABSOLUTELY FUCKING LOVED IT!! For me, it was a much needed splash of excitement for the Thor franchise with lots of humor, references, etc. It had everything a good movie needed: humor, action, while keeping it somewhat true to the plot at hand and not deriving from it. I felt that Loki was absolutely IN character, I didn’t think he sounded or acted different at all. He was his usual mischievous self and he did slightly redeem himself at the end too. I loved how Tom sorta brought a new sense into him: he’s Loki but he’s gotten used to his kingly ways and is more mischievous than ever. As for Thor, I loved how Chris made him grow. He really did grow in character so well in this movie and I can actually say that my love for Thor has INDEFINITELY GROWN. Hela was brilliant, and though I wish we could’ve seen more of a side to her character, Cate played her magnificently. Truly astounding. Hulk was incredible (hehe) as well. They really broadened him so much and I adore that he finally got a great time to shine. The Grandmaster was FUCKING HILARIOUS OML. 😂He reminded me of a Caeser Flickerman on an alien planet except less show enveloped. I loved Jeff every second he was on screen. Now for Val. I FREAKING LOVE HER WITH EVERY INCH OF MY GODDAMN SOUL. She’s witty, MISCHIEVOUS, COCKY, ALCOHOLIC, BEAUTIFUL, STRONG, AND SO PRECIOUS. She’s literally Loki’s perfect match. Tessa’s preformance was award worthy and honestly my favorite marvel female character, beating Black Widow and Sif by miles for me. I can’t wait to see more of her and MORE OF HER WITH LOKI OFC 😍😍

Now for cons: I wish it was was LONGER. It was obvious a lot was cut, but I hope to God an extended version is released. I will say that I am still firm in my belief that Valki was in it indeed, it was just cut, just like numerous other scenes probably with Hela, Skurge, the Grandmaster, Asgard, and much more. I think the only thing I disliked was how little was saw of a lot of things. I bet if Taika released the whole, original movie, a lot of things would’ve been in depth and we most definitely would’ve had Valki.

I am left in surprise by how many people whom have told me that it was a disappointment since I literally couldn’t find anything but two major things I didn’t like! It was a brilliantly crafted movie, and even though I wish we had the original, it’s better than something we could’ve gotten (Val and Thor hooking up cough cough). Without further ado, I will wrap this up:

- Movie was great

- Characters were all so great

- My favorite characters were - Val, Loki, Thor, Hulk, Grandmaster, and Korg

- I only disliked the fact that there was: Valki cut and not enough scenes

I give this film a definite 8/10 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😊

Living With Regrets - Part 10: A New Life

Characters: Reader (Y/N), Jensen Ackles, Rebecca (OC), Clara Y/L/N (OC)

Pairing: Jensen x reader

Warnings: mention of character death, nightmares, nothing much just fluff.

Wordcount: 3100ish (short for this series yes but it is kinda a long epilogue so)

A/N: I can’t believe this series is over. It has been part of my mind for the past 4 or so months. I have grown so attached to these characters I find it very hard to let them go. Therefor I do also have a small surprise for y’all tomorrow at 4pm danish time/10am EST.. so stay tuned. 

Thanks to everyone who has commented, liked or send me asks about this series. You have no idea how much it has meant to me.

Thanks a billion to @blacktithe7 for being beta that she is! And thanks to her for being patient and listening to all my whining over this one.

No hate towards Danneel. Let’s just pretend she is happy with someone else. This is fiction.


Jensen, half awake, reached across the bed to pull Y/N back against him, but his hand landed on the empty mattress. Jensen let out a soft groan and forced his eyes open. The spot next to him was empty, but still warm. She couldn’t have been gone for long. Jensen pushed himself up to sit against the headboard, rubbing his eyes and trying to get used to the darkness in the room.

It didn’t take him long to spot her standing by the window. She was wearing the same top and pj boxers she had worn to bed last night, and Jensen instantly worried she would get cold. Still he stayed put for a while, just watching her, remembering all the nights she had woken up screaming from a nightmare. All the nights he had pulled her back down into the bed and held her as he listen to her tell him real and half real truths about the past. Michael might have been gone, but for a long time, he still haunted her dreams. He had even haunted Jensen’s for a while. His mind playing tricks on him as he watched both his girls being taken from him forever in his dreams.

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Sansa’s character growth has been amazing and the people out here calling her annoying like smh. She survived absolute bullshit scenarios and has learned and grown and literally actually saved jon’s ass and now that she wants to use her knowledge to help she’s just “annoying” bc how dare she voice opinions that differ from ur fav’s and actually have a mind of her own

I mean, Regina literally got the 100th episode dedicated to her as well as ANOTHER poster for season 6 but god forbid Captain Swan have a poster for the musical episode.

It’s not like either Emma or Killian or main characters or anything, or that they are more or less the main relationship on the show. 🙄🙄

Literally, certain parts of this fandom need to grow up and take a long hard look in the mirror to spot that hypocritical behaviour they have going. You knew this marriage was coming, you knew when it was coming; why so surprised?
I have been unhappy with countless OUAT posters (you know, the fact that Regina seems to have 1000 of them) but I don’t cry and whine over it because in the end of the day it’s a poster. ITS A FUCKING POSTER. And if that makes you so but hurt maybe your not mature enough to have a Tumblr account.

Let’s be real, if this was a SQ wedding poster would you be complaining then about how a ship is taking over the episode? No, no you wouldn’t. Because in your mind, they’re a core relationship despite only existing in fanfic. Guess what guys, Killian FUCKING Jones is a main character (has been for years now) and Captain Swan has been cannon since season 4. Why any mention of CS manages to upset you so much at this point baffles me.

This is the marriage of the shows protagonist. Guess what guys, EMMA SWAN IS THE MAIN FUCKING CHARACTER, SHE ALWAYS HAS BEEN. She has grown so much since the beginning of the show and god dammit she deserves to be focused on. This is a critical moment in her characters arc.

Honestly though Mary is one of the most ruthless characters in the show, and her development is wonderfully done and fascinating. She is amazing at coming up with cover stories and plotting assassinations; it’s scary and brilliant how quickly she does it. 

And she had those traits from the beginning (remember the Ensign Baker thing?) but now she’s really starting to grow into them. Just put Mary in charge of the Culper ring and bam! Mission accomplished. 

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What are your top 10 favorite Swarkles quotes?

Gosh, I have to think of these cause I don’t remember all of them but…

1. “I just thought that maybe you felt the same way.” “Maybe, I do.” Their whole “The Leap” episode convo was probably my favorite the whole thing I just loved how they went from playing around to serious in just a few minutes and you can see their chemistry really come out here it was great to see.

2. “He’s my boyfriend now.” “And she’s my girlfriend.” Again, my favorite episode “Definitions” the whole defining moment was really great and the way they look at each other at that last second before getting interrupted it was kind of magical.

3. “You suited up.” “Well, if I am going to do this I’m going to do this right.” Their bro-date “Zip, Zip, Zip” it was nice to see them interacting and having fun as they always did together and the fact that she suited up for him when she didn’t have to is major bonus points on why they belonged together and why they’re soulmates, it was even in the soulmate montage later in the series it was a perfect Swarkles episode.

4. “You want to be sixteen again? I’ve seen your video a hundred times and I’m not saying this as your friend I’m saying this because you were totally lame back them. You’re the most awesome person I’ve ever known.” The “Sandcastles” speech when he comforts her beautiful and touching and real love that moment you can see he really cares about her throughout that scene and after.

5. “Wait a minute. You are the most strong, independent, amazing woman I’ve ever met nobody’s going to tell you ‘who’s your daddy’ because you’re your own daddy and mommy and weird uncle living in the basement blaming things on the government.” Okay, I forgot the whole exact quote but it’s an important one and shows just how much Barney respects and loves Robin for who she is and it’s also a moment where he again cheers her up and makes her feel better.

6. “If I ask you to change too much about yourself, you’re not going to be the man I fell in love with.” I had to get a Robin quote in there because there aren’t many but this shows how much she loves who Barney is, both sides of Barney and before this she realizes that he’s who he is and she doesn’t want to change the more extravagant parts of who he is. And, I know she loves everything about her just as much as he loves her which is why…

7. “I love everything about her.” The speech telling her how much he loves her, this time telling her how he feels directly to her unlike the last times he’s said something like this she was oblivious or he was telling this to someone else. It shows, in both speeches that these two people are completely aware about who the other one is and loves them for who they are and would never want to change the other one to suit them or anything. These speeches are truly everything you need to know about this couple and these people, they just care THAT much about each other.

 8. “Mom, I’m marrying a girl who means more to me than kids, or my career.” The whole speech to his mother about wanting Robin more than anything else and he’s putting her first above all else. This shows how much Barney has grown, the character development is just so great because they both had to do some growing to know what they wanted in their lives and it was each other. Robin had been putting him first as well for a while so both developments show majorly and the growth in both of them.

Insert gif here

9. “Robin Scherbatsky, I love you so damn much.” “I love you too, Barney Scherbatsky.” always a fave because it was a really sweet scene and a total Swarkles kind of scene with them smoking cigars and enjoying their time together before getting married. They were both so ready to get married, jitters and worries were so ridiculous and over the top for them, they weren’t bad, there were going to freak outs but they didn’t have to go too over the top with their freak outs. They were ready and quite excited to get married, and it was there since they got engaged. They’re in love and that’s all that matters.

10.  “I can’t shake the feeling that we belong together.” I can’t have this post without this quote, I almost forgot but this one’s important too. Robin showing her true feelings and letting those feelings reveal so much about what she was feeling. Her love for Barney is all there in her tone, in the way she knows that he’s the one for her, he’s her soulmate. This is her knowing full well that Barney is and will always be her only true soulmate. Feelings like that and love like that just don’t go away it will always be there in their hearts forever.

I don’t have gifs for 7 and 8 but you know the scenes pretty well by now if you seen those episodes. But, these are my favorites.

Edit to put gif!

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After reading a zombie book I was in the mood for more zombies so I got back into The Walking Dead. I know I’m about 3years late to the shipping party but I’m in the midst of my obsession and i need to talk about it.

After watching episodes 4.12, 4.13 I started to really ship Daryl and Beth. I seem to always ship characters that never end up happening and I’m okay with that, but I like them because I’ve always been super into the “opposites attract” trope in TV and books. I like that we finally see that Beth is actually a character who is self aware

“I know you look at me and you just see another dead girl. I’m not Michonne, I’m not Carol. I’m not Maggie. I survived and you don’t get it because I’m not like you or them but I made it and you don’t get to treat me like crap…”

I also really like the line after the fight when they’re just sitting out on the porch because it’s just sweet

“Maybe you gotta keep on reminding me sometimes”

I get it, a lot of people are Daryl and Carol shippers from the very beginning. Personally I love the way Carol’s character has grown throughout the seasons and I do like that scene in 5.10 when she talks to him about Beth but for me that made it a lot more clear that their relationship is more Mother/Son (please don’t kill me these are my opinions).

I also understand that with the way the show went they were probably never planning on the relationship to go anywhere because I see her line on that porch (4.12) “you’re gonna miss me so much when I’m gone Daryl Dixon”and when he suggested they stay at the funeral home for a while (4.13) as a sign that things were not going to end up well, but i do like to think that they at least had a moment. No matter how small of a moment it was.

One of the things I think this show does well is ambiguity with characters and their relationships to one another, which just inspires me when it comes to my own characters in my own writing.

iiiiii just want to take a moment to appreciate all that is Weiss Schnee.

Every time I see her, I think, wow she has grown so much as a person, there’s no possible way she can grow anymore!

THEN she always surprises me. 

THIS beautiful Yang and Weiss hug, showed so much more to me about her character development. We’ve seen her overcome her father, her entitlement, her Type A personality, her need to be the best. We see her grow up from all of that. BUT THIS HUG. It showed a lot in it’s own right too.

She went it alone for so long. She really only had Klein and Winter, and  honestly not that often. We see her really and truly…not having much of a family to begin with. But Team RWBY, these girls, they ARE her family. Beacon Academy became her home. The girls became her source of strength and comfort. 

THIS hug, to me, was about all those things. She really and truly, loves these girls. We see her kind of…embarrassed about wanting to hug Yang at first. But then she sort of says SCREW IT and jumps right in. In that moment, you could just TELL from her beautifully animated face, that she loves her team and her school more than we ever thought she could or would. That her embarrassment for affection is wiped clean in this moment, because she knows undoubtedly she loves Yang, she loves her team, and she relies on them. 

Little baby Weiss, you’ve grown so so much~~~~

I really thought I’d never ship anyone with Meredith after Der died but I’m totally seeing this adorably natural relationship blossoming between alex and mer and it used to be brotp for me but now I’m kinda seeing them together. Best friends who’ve been through complete hell together. I don’t completely hate Jo but she’s so not on the same level as Alex is. He’s grown so much as a character and matured so much and she’s just immature and she’s young! She needs to develop on her own and not be a supporting character for Alex. Like Edwards is getting her own development and Jo is getting left in the freaking dust as a background character. Idk I just don’t like them together. I really hate that she doesn’t support Alex and Mer’s friendship. She’s so jealous and Alex has never given her a reason to be. At all. I hate this show. It makes me love and hate these people all at the same time.