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#thankyoubones week: day 2 → 11 temperance brennan character growth moments

↳ brennan + her changing views on love

If you were to look for a character who has grown so much from falling in love with her significant other, look no further than Temperance Brennan. She exemplifies the term “character growth”, and her changing views on love, sex and relationships comprises one of the many different things that has made her one of the best (IMO, THE BEST) character in the history of television. This gifset only touches on a small part of her character growth over the years, because she has truly grown in every aspect of her life, and I have loved watching her grow and truly flourish all these years. She also makes me believe that it is possible to find true love, and not completely change yourself and your morals for the other person, as when the time comes, nothing else will matter except for the person standing right beside you. Like always, and like they always will.


#thankyoubones week | day two: 11 Temperance Brennan character growth moments

I’ve grown with this character, with her. I was just a little girl when I saw her for the first time in my tv. I owe her SO MUCH. She has been there for me in my darkest moments and I will be FOREVER grateful to have seen her grow up in ways she didn’t even thought were possible.

I wanted to do something a little different, so here are my favorite Brennan’s moments/quotes who have helped me in many different ways.


Alison’s character has been so much fun.  She’s done so many crazy things that I mean sure, she’s maturing now, but she hasn’t really calmed down necessarily.  So, there’s been an arc in her character, but it’s not like they really catered Alison to the younger me just because I was younger.  So, that wasn’t necessarily a big change, but you’re right.  I have grown up on the show.  This is such a great platform for me which has been fun.  To now play someone who is younger than myself because it’s always opposite.  I’ve always been playing someone older.  When I was four, I was like a six-year-old.  So, this is a different change for me, to play someone who hasn’t graduated yet and isn’t 18 yet, almost 18.  But, that kind of aspect is really strange for me because now I’m older than my character.  So, it’s been fun to deal with all the teenage problems that I don’t have anymore.

You Must Live Close

Author Note: I’ve never written either of these characters before, so this is a little new for me. I also don’t know very much about shrines, so if the shrine isn’t quite accurate please forgive me.

Summary:  Yohane had packed up her bag and was about to head to practice when she heard the teacher calling her alternate name. “Yoshiko,” the teacher waved her over to her from the front of the room, leaving Yohane no choice but to comply. “I have all of the homework Hanamaru missed this week.” She held up a moderate stack of papers. “She volunteered to bring you work at the beginning of the year, so you must live close, right?” The teacher didn’t give Yohane time to respond to that question, but even if she had Yohane wouldn’t’ve been able to form a coherent statement. Zuramaru volunteered for that task? Yohane had thought that she was assigned the job. “Could you please take these to her to complete this weekend?”

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mr-anon-guy  asked:

This isn't a headcanon, but Blake has easily become my favorite character since Volume 4's premiere. When I first saw her, I just shrugged, and continued watching. Volume 2, she became cool. Volume 3... We don't talk about Volume 3. Now, since her scenes in Volume 4, she took Pyrrha's spot as my favorite, and she's probably not moving off of that spot anytime soon. I wonder if it was like this for anyone else.

I’m very similar. At first I was kinda meh about her, but she’s grown on me so much. My lil bab is very important.

Honestly though Mary is one of the most ruthless characters in the show, and her development is wonderfully done and fascinating. She is amazing at coming up with cover stories and plotting assassinations; it’s scary and brilliant how quickly she does it. 

And she had those traits from the beginning (remember the Ensign Baker thing?) but now she’s really starting to grow into them. Just put Mary in charge of the Culper ring and bam! Mission accomplished. 

I’m completely head over heels for the idea that Sigyn isn’t there to “help” Loki or change him. She’s not the “good” to his bad, not his opposite, not some pure thing that has a spotless moral compass. 
She’s knows who and what Loki is, and though sometimes she may not agree with his actions, she doesn’t try to correct his character. He’s a grown ass man, he can change himself. She has her own flaws, her quirks, her problems, her scars. I’m not saying she should be some traumatized, gritty, dark character, but there’s so much to explore- especially when mixing positive and negative ideals 

Ugh yes Give me all the complex Sigyns with equal parts good and bad

My love

I love Rachel zane. Like I genuinely love her character and her relationship with mike and how strong and passionate she is within her school and the firm. I just feel like she is such a genuine down to earth character that values a healthy work ethic and beautiful friendships. I just love her. Goddamn.

I wish more people loved her. Like they find her annoying, and only there for mikes love interest. And I understand that the writers havnt really helped her out there. But she has had growth. Season 6 showed us how amazing she was. How invested she was in ethics and equal rights. The fact that Jessica mentored her through the Leonard bailey case was such an important arc for both characters. It reminded me so much of how she was in season 1 but now that she is in law school she is able to actually show her passion in court.

I feel she has grown so much as a character. She started as the best paralegal in the firm, worked her butt of to get into law school, fought to allow the firm to let her work there even tho she wasn’t going to Harvard, stood by her fiancé through his trial, and jail, stood strong when ridiculed for her fiancé of choice, fought for an innocent man facing death, supported her fiancé in the lowest of times, and is constantly supporting her friends during times of need (eg, the Louis and Tara meltdown) . I’m just so proud of how genuine and fresh her character is.

She is so often looked past and not recognised for her character. And I think it’s such a shame. I love her so much, she is such an important character, that if she was gone it would impact the show. Even tho people don’t like to admit it.

I just wish people loved her as much as I do. I think she is such a cutie. Goddamn.

Love this little smooshie.

Mini is 16 months old now and such an amazing little character. She makes me laugh so much every day. Just this week she has learned to climb and is so proud of herself that I can’t bare to tell her no and so instead, I have grown an extra pair of eyes to enable her to explore and be safe!

Mini throws these hilarious little protests, sometimes at nothing in particular. She will make desperate wailing noises and fake-throw herself to the floor. She loves Peppa Pig, Ben and Holly and, just lately, Paw Patrol. When Peppa comes on, mini bounces up and down saying “deh-dah!” and when the theme song of Paw Patrol starts, it’s “Puh!” (not that she watches a lot of TV, she just loves her shows).

Mini adores her big brother beyond measure and littlest is so wonderful with her. He makes her laugh like nobody else can and you’ve never seen a child radiate happiness until you’ve seen Mini spot littlest when he comes out of school. It melts my heart. She is aaaaalmost walking. She has the balance, she walks confidently holding hands and she will walk a handful of steps alone but she just doesn’t have the confidence to go further. I swear, she stands there at times as though she is just about to run off!

Mini changes so much and so quickly, she’s become a toddler whilst I was blinking at some point. There’s so very much I could write about but I’m far to engrossed in absorbing it all for real.

Motherhood is hard, raising kids is hard and the more kids, the harder it is. There are some days when my head feels inexplicably drawn to a brick wall and I scream and yell way more than is good for my equilibrium. But I wouldn’t change it for the world. The kids bring me so much love and joy.

A lot happened this chapter but just let me say

I’m not here for any Lucy Heartfilia hate

I’m not here for any nalu hate

Lucy literally went against a girl with impossibly powerful powers that could’ve killed them all one by one while barely lifting a finger

This isn’t her first time protecting natsu and it won’t be her last

Lucy has grown so much and has more character development than anyone else and the manga and no one can convince me otherwise.

Though that chapter did not end and Lucy’s favor I have full confidence she’ll pull through in the end because Hiro Mashima writes all of her battles well and makes her actually work hard for a victory.

Thankyou Evelyne Brochu.
Thankyou for playing a character so well and letting us see all of her good qualities. This was a character that so many of us connected with, and personally my reason for watching the show. It seems that you won’t be returning for season 4 and neither will I. This show has been a massive part of my life for a few years now and I have grown to love every character and become so involved in the plot. The show means so much to me but without Delphine it won’t be the same. Your acting was amazing throughout but season 3 was your season. You were the star of the show and the reason for so many peoples happiness with this show. You put in so much time and effort to really connect with this character and your chemistry with Tatiana is something that won’t be replaced.

So thankyou so much on behalf of each and every single member of the clone club. You’ll always be our puppy and we wish you could’ve stayed to make crazy science forever.

it confuses me so much when people say ‘why do you love regina she’s so problematic’ or whatever because like??? yes she is and that’s what makes her so interesting and layered and multi-dimensional she has f l a w s and she makes mistakes and she did horrible things but she’s grown and her character is so great and fascinating like ok enjoy your non-problematic boring fave because i’m very happy with my fave (◡‿◡✿)

One of the arguments I’ve seen by anti-KA people is that Bryke somehow changed Korra or made her OOC to put her with Asami and that argument just…confuses me so much?

Do you mean the fact that she’s matured over the course of four years? Do you mean the fact that she doesn’t behave the same way she did when she was seventeen? Do you mean that she’s experienced character growth?

Because that’s what it is. Korra has grown a lot as a character. She went through extremely traumatic events in Book 3 and suffered from what could easily be couched as PTSD and possibly depression, and that changes a person! And even apart from that, she had to learn and grow to become a fully realized avatar. Book 1 Korra got into a brawl with the Triple Threat Triads her first afternoon in Republic City, destroyed half a city block and was arrested. Book 4 Korra managed to defeat Kuvira without harming her and extended a hand of compassion to a woman she had been trying to defeat for months. This is called character development and growth. It’s necessary for any story. Was Frodo the same at the end of Lord of the Rings as he was at the beginning? Was Harry Potter the same after defeating Voldemort as he’d been in book 1? Was Katniss the same before the Hunger Games as she was at the end of the war? Characters grow and change, it’s part of life, it’s part of stories.

Korra was 17 when we first met her. She was 21 at the end of Book 4. Do you behave the same way now that you did at 17? Do you see the world the same way? Or, if you aren’t yet 17, or are still close to that age, do you think and act the same way you did four years ago? Probably not. Growing up does change a person, and the way they act, even outside all of the things that Korra went through.

Book 4 Korra is still the same kickass girl we all fell in love with in Book 1. She just has a bit of maturity to temper her actions. She’s still hotheaded, she’s still brave and fiercely independent, she’s still a warrior. But she’s also learned to think a bit more before leaping into a fight, to consider alternative options and to view her enemies with compassion and understanding rather than hate and anger. Is that a bad thing?

Which isn’t to say that Book 1 Korra isn’t a valid, great character all on her own. But no matter how much you love her, you have to admit she is immature, she does leap before looking, and she has, to quote ATLA, a lot to learn about being the avatar.

Legend of Korra’s strength has always been its characters. That’s why we love the show. The plotlines for Books 1 & 2 weren’t necessarily bad (although Book 2 was rather predictable), but they weren’t ATLA quality.  What was easy to love about the show was Korra, Mako, Bolin, Asami, and all the other great characters Bryke gave us. Those are the reasons the show has been as popular as it has (okay, and arguably also the great storylines from Books 3 & 4). A show that focuses so much on characters though, loses an enormous amount if those characters are staid and unaffected by their experiences in the story. To have Korra come out in Book 4 exactly the same as she came into Book 1 would not only be dull, it would be unrealistic.

As to how any of this connects to her relationship to Asami, I can’t say, because I don’t understand the connection made by anti-KAs. But Asami and Korra were friends before Mako had even broken up with Asami in Book 1, so it isn’t as if Asami only came around to Korra once she’d gone through some of her maturing processes, and it isn’t as if Asami is exactly the same as she was in Book 1 either (though she experienced somewhat less growth than Korra, as she isn’t the main protagonist).

tl;dr: Yes, Korra changed. It’s called character growth. Expecting her to be the same at the end of the story as she was at the beginning is unreasonable.

The difference between reveal and development

This is just something that has been coming up a lot in talk about Lizzy in the latest arc and I wanted to address it.

Lizzy has not changed at all from the start of the story. Her goals were and have always been to sacrifice whatever is needed to make Ciel happy and to be strong so that she can fight to defend him. I suppose it is up to the reader to decide whether that is supposed to be romantic or tragic. Considering the fact that Ciel is a cold and emotionally unavailable murderer with a sadistic streak and a short lifespan I would err towards the latter, but that is just me.

She did not change, her character has not actually grown, we only learned more about her.

She is still reluctant to break her cute persona and focuses much of her energy on dresses, tea parties and that sort of thing. She still trains for the day she may have to fight or die in her role as wife to the queen’s watchdog. Ciel knows that she can fight now but it has not really affected their relationship at all. He still shares little to nothing with her and while clearly concerned for her wellbeing seems to find her and all social company more of a burden than anything. She still reacts to his withdrawal with the same sweet childish over exuberance to hide how much she is hurting.

It’s still the Lizzy we have had from day one.

In this last arc something has certainly happened to her and her proclamation that she can not save Ciel is certainly a welcome change. But I would not rush to call this development, she is clearly being manipulated and openly admits she doesn’t know why she is doing what she is doing. She may well come out of this changed but at the moment she seems like the same girl, just deeply confused. This may be the event that sparks a real change in her character but at the moment we do not know what is happening with her, what her motivations are or why/how they changed.

I do hope that this marks a change for her because she has a great character that deserves growth so I’m hopping we do see some true development for her now.

Thoughts on FT482

On Erza & Jellal

Mashima is very cruel to Erza. I can’t remember another character suffer the same level of physical and mental torture like Erza. It hurt to see Erza being tortured so mercilessly again.   

I know with the torture scenes, Mashima shows us how tough Erza is, how she has grown to overcome her fear. And the way Kyouka treats Erza is consistent with her character setting. It’s also logical that Erza’s clothes get badly damage in these intense fights.  

But, to see Erza almost being stripped naked and being harassed sexually is still too much for me to like. Even without the nakedness and harassment, we can still feel Erza’s fighting spirit in this chapter when she kept fighting despite all the wounds she received. The nakedness and harassment may intensify readers emotions but I doubt that they are really necessary for the plot.  

What I like is that Mashima doesn’t let Jellal interfere Erza’s fight and let Erza fight her own battles. Let’s disregard how Erza wins here. My point is, she lives up to her title as Titania here. She’s a very fierce fighter and not giving up any chance of wining. It is really how Erza supposed to be and the Erza I like.

I’m very not okay with Mashima skipping the whole Jellal and Kagura interaction when Jellal woke up and just let them board the ship again like nothing bad happened before. Seriously? Is it really too much to ask for a few panels of them talking? And their issue can’t be solved simply by a CPR. I need and they need too a proper closure. 

Jellal is usually subtle about his feelings and emotions. So raged Jellal because Erza is badly hurt is really a precious and rare moment to show how important and dear Erza is to Jellal. The contrast also speaks volume on how utterly enraged Jellal is. Even in his fight against OS, Jellal is acting very composed and calm. But now, he’s shaking and we can already see his power leaking out from him already. I really want to see how he fight when he allows himself to go all out without holding back.

There’s a fan who mentioned that Jellal seeing Erza being tortured is similar to what happened in ToH. I totally agree. I think it really hurt Jellal too to see Erza in her current state. It could bring back his memories of little Erza being taken away and hurt and losing her eye because he failed to protect her. It will add more meaning to Jellal’s rage if Mashima could show the connection too.

It’s sudden that Erza’s past is now being brought up. I really never expect it to happen here since I always think that the focus will be on Kagura & Jellal relations. But anyway, I’m glad that Mashima brings this up. And better, I like that he hasn’t forgot about Erza and tries to make her relevant to Zeref more than her ToH past. But I wish that the focus of next chapter is on Jellal. And I repeat I seriously need closure for Jellal and Kagura too. I don’t mind Mashima giving us more information on this Eileen in the next chapter but I feel that Erza’s past can wait and be explained later in more detail.  

Some minor thoughts on other part of the chapter

I like the whole Gray & Lyon vs Ur. Gray doesn’t annoy me this time lol I actually like that he can face his past finally. And I think Gray & Lyon may break historia in a way similar to Erza’s.

But I would be happier if Mashima spared some panels here for Jellal & Kagura instead.

Meredy looks very cute. And can we have her fight back and win? 

Poor Wendy.

I agree 100% with what Laxus said.

Again, really eager to find out what will happen in next chapter. I’m also wishing for Jellal on the color front so that I can see the color of his now clothes lol And is it too much to hope for a Jerza? I don’t think we ever have a Jerza on a chapter front before. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I read one page near the end before starting it to see how it ends and i read a sentence that was happy so i was like “yes, good, im glad. my babies deserve happiness”

but than… oh fucking man, i get to the end and everything hurts and i cant even handle touching the book because i feel as though it betrayed me.
Aelin has grown so so so much from Throne of Glass, she is perfection i fucking tell you. 
So much happened yet it still wasnt enough, i fell in love with more characters and now im angry because HOW DARE YOU MESS WITH PEOPLES LIVES YOU GOD DAMN GODS HOW FUCKING DARE YOU. YOU FUCKED WITH HER LIFE ENOUGH BUT NO WHY NOT..


I want everyone to know im rooting for Aelin

You know what really gets to me? People being against Klaus because of him needing Cami, of him not wanting to let her die and to keep her in his life. She’s someone he has to grown to care about very deeply and they share this soul connection that he’s likely never had with anyone else in all his lifetimes. How could you blame Klaus for needing that light and that goodness which he sees within Cami? If given the chance, wouldn’t you fight to save a loved one from dying? For the first time since we’ve been introduced to his character, he has never once admitted to himself or stated aloud that he needed someone (outside of family). Then in 3x10, we saw him literally begging Camille not to leave him and telling her that he needed her. I don’t see that as someone being selfish, because in the end, it was Cami that made the choice to transition. Cami did it for her, and I admire that. This man has been through hell and back and now he has someone that he loves, that loves him in return. I think it’s about time he experiences true, unfettered happiness with this person who sees the bad but also chooses to look a bit harder for the good.