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#thankyoubones week | day two: 11 Temperance Brennan character growth moments

I’ve grown with this character, with her. I was just a little girl when I saw her for the first time in my tv. I owe her SO MUCH. She has been there for me in my darkest moments and I will be FOREVER grateful to have seen her grow up in ways she didn’t even thought were possible.

I wanted to do something a little different, so here are my favorite Brennan’s moments/quotes who have helped me in many different ways.


#thankyoubones week: day 2 → 11 temperance brennan character growth moments

↳ brennan + her changing views on love

If you were to look for a character who has grown so much from falling in love with her significant other, look no further than Temperance Brennan. She exemplifies the term “character growth”, and her changing views on love, sex and relationships comprises one of the many different things that has made her one of the best (IMO, THE BEST) character in the history of television. This gifset only touches on a small part of her character growth over the years, because she has truly grown in every aspect of her life, and I have loved watching her grow and truly flourish all these years. She also makes me believe that it is possible to find true love, and not completely change yourself and your morals for the other person, as when the time comes, nothing else will matter except for the person standing right beside you. Like always, and like they always will.

Honestly though Mary is one of the most ruthless characters in the show, and her development is wonderfully done and fascinating. She is amazing at coming up with cover stories and plotting assassinations; it’s scary and brilliant how quickly she does it. 

And she had those traits from the beginning (remember the Ensign Baker thing?) but now she’s really starting to grow into them. Just put Mary in charge of the Culper ring and bam! Mission accomplished. 

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yeah i agree with you, i think that's my biggest problem with clary as well ,, the she just won't learn or grow from her mistakes? compare that, for example, with alec in ep1 when he treated magnus badly, got called out, apologised and grew from it .. but clary either doesn't get called out or she just doesn't listen even if she is? and it's time that changed bc it is getting really frustrating ,, she's turning more and more into book!clary tbqh (same with jace?!) and it's ,, annoying!!

yeah, exactly, like alec has had those moments with magnus, too, but magnus is allowed to call him out on it and he apologizes and since then, he has never repeated that mistake in particular.

despite the missteps in 2x07, alec and magnus really are otherwise a prime example of excellent character growth and communication. they’re always talking to each other, laying out their fears and anxieties. alec listens when magnus gives him advice like, don’t push me away or take time out for yourself. you can see the way they’ve grown to trust and value each other, much in the same way clary should trust and value people like luke, magnus, simon, isabelle – everyone who has gone out of their way to help her again and again.

like, can you imagine if magnus told alec not to trust someone and then he goddamn tased him and did it anyway? can you imagine? so why is it just swept aside when clary does it to luke?

I mean, Regina literally got the 100th episode dedicated to her as well as ANOTHER poster for season 6 but god forbid Captain Swan have a poster for the musical episode.

It’s not like either Emma or Killian or main characters or anything, or that they are more or less the main relationship on the show. 🙄🙄

Literally, certain parts of this fandom need to grow up and take a long hard look in the mirror to spot that hypocritical behaviour they have going. You knew this marriage was coming, you knew when it was coming; why so surprised?
I have been unhappy with countless OUAT posters (you know, the fact that Regina seems to have 1000 of them) but I don’t cry and whine over it because in the end of the day it’s a poster. ITS A FUCKING POSTER. And if that makes you so but hurt maybe your not mature enough to have a Tumblr account.

Let’s be real, if this was a SQ wedding poster would you be complaining then about how a ship is taking over the episode? No, no you wouldn’t. Because in your mind, they’re a core relationship despite only existing in fanfic. Guess what guys, Killian FUCKING Jones is a main character (has been for years now) and Captain Swan has been cannon since season 4. Why any mention of CS manages to upset you so much at this point baffles me.

This is the marriage of the shows protagonist. Guess what guys, EMMA SWAN IS THE MAIN FUCKING CHARACTER, SHE ALWAYS HAS BEEN. She has grown so much since the beginning of the show and god dammit she deserves to be focused on. This is a critical moment in her characters arc.

Living With Regrets - Part 10: A New Life

Characters: Reader (Y/N), Jensen Ackles, Rebecca (OC), Clara Y/L/N (OC)

Pairing: Jensen x reader

Warnings: mention of character death, nightmares, nothing much just fluff.

Wordcount: 3100ish (short for this series yes but it is kinda a long epilogue so)

A/N: I can’t believe this series is over. It has been part of my mind for the past 4 or so months. I have grown so attached to these characters I find it very hard to let them go. Therefor I do also have a small surprise for y’all tomorrow at 4pm danish time/10am EST.. so stay tuned. 

Thanks to everyone who has commented, liked or send me asks about this series. You have no idea how much it has meant to me.

Thanks a billion to @blacktithe7 for being beta that she is! And thanks to her for being patient and listening to all my whining over this one.

No hate towards Danneel. Let’s just pretend she is happy with someone else. This is fiction.


Jensen, half awake, reached across the bed to pull Y/N back against him, but his hand landed on the empty mattress. Jensen let out a soft groan and forced his eyes open. The spot next to him was empty, but still warm. She couldn’t have been gone for long. Jensen pushed himself up to sit against the headboard, rubbing his eyes and trying to get used to the darkness in the room.

It didn’t take him long to spot her standing by the window. She was wearing the same top and pj boxers she had worn to bed last night, and Jensen instantly worried she would get cold. Still he stayed put for a while, just watching her, remembering all the nights she had woken up screaming from a nightmare. All the nights he had pulled her back down into the bed and held her as he listen to her tell him real and half real truths about the past. Michael might have been gone, but for a long time, he still haunted her dreams. He had even haunted Jensen’s for a while. His mind playing tricks on him as he watched both his girls being taken from him forever in his dreams.

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I feel like @Emmerdale could rescue all of this by just making Rebecca bi and having her fall madly in love with Debbie Dingle. Reasons this would work: 

• Bex being bi herself but not accepting it would explain her biphobic comments to Robert (because internalised biphobia is a thing)

• Have we considered that part of the reason Bex is always hanging around Aaron and Robert is that she has this subconscious jealousy NOT of Aaron for being with Robert necessarily, but because she wants what they have and she doesn’t understand it yet? (bi ppl will get this I guarantee it, this stuff is confusing and it can take ages to figure out)

• We already have the perfect set up aka Rebecca starting out hating Debbie because Ross has always loved her even when they were together (and being lowkey too involved in what she gets up to) but actually it’s kind of not hate…

• There needs to be some huge argument scene where Debbie’s all “what is your problem, posh girl? don’t you have some foxes to shoot?” and Bex is really offended? Like “I would never hurt an animal! it’s not my fault I’m rich! You stole my boyfriend” And Debbie would say something like: “I’m over Ross and you’re not exactly one to talk on the whole boyfriend-stealing score, are you?” 

• It’s such a culture clash but in a REALLY good way. It would lead to such great conversations and heart to hearts. 

• The Robron parallels!!! Need I say more???

• Rebecca confiding in Debbie about what a dick Robert has been over the years and Debbie being all, yes, I have been there, he may be family and married to my cousin but he’s also a prick I feel you

• Rebecca using that lovely kind maternal-y/auntie-ish side we’ve seen in the few scenes she’s had with Liv on Sarah and Jack!!! You just know Bex would love them! Can you imagine her being ADORED by Sarah and Debbie even getting a bit jealous because wait a minute that’s HER daughter. 

• Debbie being all tough and cynical and sorted and realistic about the world, contrasted with Bex being this huge hopeful optimist who thinks the world is beautiful and wants to have fun and hasn’t quite grown up yet. Think about what these characters could do for each other. Seriously. Imagine Bex gaining maturity and Debbie learning to let go and actually enjoy herself (because she has had a tough life). 

• I just have a thing for the aesthetic possibilities of Debbie in overalls and Rebecca floating about in her floral dresses and faux fur coats and floppy hats. 

• A couple that could become friends with the two other big young couples aka Robron and Vadam. 

• Please tell me I’m not the only one who can actually HEAR their dialogue in my head? So much sarcasm from Debbie and brightness from Bex and just general loveliness. Think the chemistry and conflict of Robron (because of backgrounds/ opposites attract etc) but with the healthy supportiveness/lightness/fun of Vadam. 

• Emmerdale needs a wlw relationship REALLY badly

• Rebecca needs a storyline where she isn’t just a thorn in Robron’s side or used as a walking womb with inconsistent traits. 

• IMAGINE Chrissie and Charity having to pretend to get on at social occasions. Seriously imagine it. 

• Just imagine how uplifting this storyline would be. Bex and Debbie are two characters that need some happiness in their lives. I’d love to see a wlw relationship being given the depth that Emmerdale (sometimes) gives its m/m ones. 

I love Aquamarine so much. Her voice, her personality, her weapon, her theme music, her Gem placement, her expressions, just almost everything about her.

And Aquamarine’s design has really grown on me once I saw it in animation, which is always great. Still not one of the better designs they’ve ever given, but it works and I like it. I also still like Topaz’s design. 

I also really like what they did with Topaz. Her character is that she doesn’t have a character. She doesn’t have a personality, which is the point. Aquamarine is more of an individual because Blue Diamond hasn’t been as much in control out of grief. Yellow Diamond, in the other hand, is leading probably even harder than before the War and is the type to go “shut up and just do your job”.

It’s very clever to do that contrast between Aquamarine’s personality and Topaz’s “personality,” and it was clever to put Topaz under Yellow Diamond’s court and Aquamarine under Blue Diamond’s court. 

Unrelated note: I’m trying to finish a bunch of drawings to post, and Aquamarine and Topaz are part of those drawings.

I really thought I’d never ship anyone with Meredith after Der died but I’m totally seeing this adorably natural relationship blossoming between alex and mer and it used to be brotp for me but now I’m kinda seeing them together. Best friends who’ve been through complete hell together. I don’t completely hate Jo but she’s so not on the same level as Alex is. He’s grown so much as a character and matured so much and she’s just immature and she’s young! She needs to develop on her own and not be a supporting character for Alex. Like Edwards is getting her own development and Jo is getting left in the freaking dust as a background character. Idk I just don’t like them together. I really hate that she doesn’t support Alex and Mer’s friendship. She’s so jealous and Alex has never given her a reason to be. At all. I hate this show. It makes me love and hate these people all at the same time.

Epic Movie (Re)Watch #158 - Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

Spoilers Below

Have I seen it before: Yes

Did I like it then: Yes.

Do I remember it: Yes.

Did I see it in theaters: No.

Format: Blu-ray

1) This would be the last Star Trek film to feature the entirety of the original series cast (as it was followed by four films with the Next Generation cast and now the three films in the rebooted timeline) and is intended as such. Nicholas Meyers (director of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan) returns as director, Gene Rodenberry died just days after seeing a cut of the movie, and it seeks to give the original cast a fitting send off.

2) Even though it at times keeps his involvement in the plot minimal, I like that Sulu is Captain. It shows that there are officers who are as competent as Kirk and who seek to be more than just his inferior officers.

Originally posted by spockvarietyhour

3) The opening of the film (where a mysterious wave knocks around Sulu’s ship only for it to be discovered to originate from parts of Klingon space) is an incredibly strong way of opening the film. It establishes the conflict and sense of mystery which will come to define the story.

4) Sassy Sulu is the best Sulu.

Originally posted by williamtriker

(GIF originally posted by @williamtriker)

5) I think deciding to end the stories of the original characters with a plot based around peace between Klingons and the federation is a great one. It pushes each of these characters into an alliance they are uncomfortable with. Klingons have been antagonists towards them since the original series, that’s 25 years at this point. And it forces all of them to examine things they are uncomfortable with, ESPECIALLY Kirk.

(GIFs originally posted by @readysteadytrek)

Kirk is obviously horrified and disgusted at the idea. He refers to the Klingons as admirals and calls Spock, “arrogant and presumptuous,” after learning he recommended him as a peace ambassador. How many times have Kirk and the Enterprise gone up against Klingons? How many times have they threatened them? And, most relevantly, what was the species of those who killed his son in Star Trek III? He is pushed into a place he never thought he’d be and never wanted to be. It is so much easier to vilify them and hate them than it is to work towards peace. But that is what Kirk has to do over the course of these two hours. Work towards peace. And that is an amazing conflict to see play out.

6) According to IMDb:

The film is largely an allegory about the fall of Soviet Communism. When General Chang demands that Kirk answer a question without waiting for the translation, it is an allusion to the real-life exchange at the United Nations between U.S. Ambassador Adlai Stevenson and Soviet Ambassador Valerian Zorin during the 1962 Cuban missile crisis. Also, the explosion on Praxis due to “insufficient safety measures” is akin to the meltdown at Chernobyl nuclear power plant in present-day Ukraine, which is believed to have contributed to the decline of the Soviet Union. Spock says that there was seventy years of “unremitting hostility” between the Klingon Empire and the Federation, which is not how long the Cold War lasted, but is the approximate length of time that the U.S.S.R. (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) existed in the twentieth century, with a communist form of government.

That makes the conflict all the more ripe in may opinion & I love it all the more.

7) Kim Cattrall as Saavik Valeris

(GIF originally posted by @readysteadytrek)

According to IMDb:

Valeris was originally written to be Saavik, Spock’s trainee from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982), Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984) and Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986) lending greater impact to her character’s betrayal. However, Gene Roddenberry objected to the character’s actions, ending up in a battle with Nicholas Meyer (who believed the Saavik character was his to do with as he pleased). Roddenberry won the dispute and the character was re-written into Valeris, who is played by Kim Cattrall. Cattrall wanted to play a different character rather than be the third incarnation of Saavik, following Kirstie Alley and Robin Curtis. Meyer had originally wanted Cattrall to play Saavik back in 1982, but she was unavailable.

I prefer that Cattrall is playing an original character. I don’t see it as being in line with what we’ve seen of Saavik in the past that she be a traitor and I think Cattrall is able to play a unique character because of it. Saavik - for me - will always be the somewhat proud closer-to-Kirk-than-Spock Vulcan in Wrath of Khan (as opposed to her more logical portrayal later on) so allowing Valeris to be her own character works. Cattrall is able to portray her as logical but with her own strong sense of morales and beliefs which leads her to some very interesting places/decisions by the film’s end. I think she’s a worthy character/actress to join the original crew on their final voyage.

8) Look how much Spock has grown!

Spock [to Valeris]: “Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end.”

9) I have to say the kinship Spock and Valeris are portrayed as having is done very well. Even though this is the first film she is in, we understand how and why Spock trusts/is proud of Valeris. This makes her betrayal by the film’s end all the more painful.

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10) I can never get past the fact that Chancellor Gorkon is played by David Warner who was Sark in the original TRON.

Originally posted by readysteadytrek

11) There are a lot of lines in this film which allude to the racism the Enterprise crew feels towards the Klingons.

Chekov: “Guess who’s coming to dinner.”

Nichelle Nichols’ Uhura originally had this line but the actress referred to say it. According to IMDb there was another line she refused to say which ended up being dropped from the film and that was, "Yeah, but would you let your daughter marry one of them?“

12) Christopher Plummer as General Chang.

Originally posted by plummerchristopher

I truly enjoy Plummer’s performance as Chang and the character himself, although he runs out of steam a little bit by the film’s end. He is a poetic man, quoting Shakespeare often throughout the film, but a warrior through and through. A proud man who wishes to see the continuation of his race in what he believes is the best way (which isn’t necessarily the actual best way), Chang has an intense focus which Plummer performs well. A wonderful final villain for the original crew to face off against.

13) Remember how this film analyzes future bigotry?

Crew Member #1: “They all look alike.”

Crew Member #2: “And what about that smell? You know only top of the line models can even talk.”

(GIF source unknown [if this is your GIF please let me know].)

Also the filmmakers are doing a good job of drumming up sympathy for the Klingons right now. I am very much pro-Klingon in that moment.

13) The dinner scene.

Originally posted by trekgate

There are a lot of mixed emotions at play in this scene. Hope for the future - championed by Chancellor Gorkon - quickly turns into fear, distrust, and discomfort. It becomes apparent that most Klingons are not comfortable with this situation either.

Originally posted by redonyellow

Azetbur [Gorkon’s daughter]: “ ‘Inalienable.’ If only you could hear yourself. ‘Human rights.’ The very name is racist.”

14) And the conspiracy begins.

Kirk [after the chancellor’s ship is fired upon]: “What happened.”

Spock: “We have fired on the chancellor’s ship.”

Honesty I think it is the conspiracy and mystery which makes this film as good as it is. It helps to set it apart from the epic which was Wrath of Khan or the more lighthearted fun if The Voyage Home. It plays out very akin to a Sherlock Holmes or Agatha Christie mystery and I am a sucker for a good mystery.”

15) Kirk may be struggling with peace but damn if he doesn’t immediately do the right thing.

Originally posted by readysteadytrek

And then Bones - who is always a doctor first - goes with Kirk to tend to the wounded and tries to save the chancellor’s life. They put aside their fears and their prejudices in an attempt to do what’s right and I applaud them for doing so.

16) I don’t know why, but something about this exchange makes me smile.

Scotty [after the data is says they fired at the Klingons, even though all torpedoes are accounted for]: “No way!”

Spock: “I sympathize with you, Mr. Scott.”

I think it’s just Spock being Spock really.

17) Kurtwood Smith (of “That 70′s Show”) as the Federation President.

The nicest part about Smith’s character is that I found this line nicely refreshing:

“This president is not above the law.”

(GIF originally posted by @marshmallow-the-vampire-slayer)

18) The trial.

Originally posted by readysteadytrek

I think the trial of Kirk and Bones for the attack on the Klingon chancellor is the best part of this film. It makes you wildly uncomfortable the entire time, as it is meant to. While this film is an allegory for a post-Soviet-Union world, there is a lot of McCarthyism at work here. Their verdicts were clearly determined before they took the stands, with even Bones’ intentions as a doctor challenged.

Bones [after Chang accuses him of incompetence]: “I tried to save him [Gorkon]. I was desperate to save him.”

Bones has always been a doctor, so to accuse him of not doing his best to save a patient is such a painful strike to his soul. The scene also gives us this line from Kirk.

Kirk [after it is suggested some of his crew were the assassins]: “As captain I am responsible for the conduct of crew under my command.”

There is a difference between responsibility and culpability. There is a difference between responsibility and guilt. That is important to know.

18.1) Also we get this wonderful Michael Dorn cameo during the trial!

Dorn is most famous for playing fan favorite Commander Worf on “The Next Generation” which was already airing when he filmed this part as Kirk’s/Bones’ legal council in front of the Klingons. Although he is not credited as such in the film, it is understood that Dorn is playing Commander Worf’s ancestor Col. Worf here. I like the continuity, it’s a nice touch.

19) Ah, the connection between Spock and Sherlock Holmes.

Spock: “If you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains - however improbable - must be the truth.”

I love when Spock uses his logic skills in a Holmes-ian nature. Detective Spock is a lot of fun to watch.

20) The prison asteroid Kirk and Bones end up on I think is a great example of place in the film. It’s cold and desolate nature is an incredibly powerful atmosphere which conveys not only where theses characters are physically but emotionally by this part of the movie.

21) Expectations vs reality at its finest.

Spock: “If I know the captain, by this time he is deep into planning his escape.”

[Kirk is in a fistfight with another prisoner, trying not to get crushed.]


Kirk [to Bones, in the prison, while they’re waiting for sleep]: “Are you afraid of the future?”

THIS is Kirk’s conflict right here. He’s TERRIFIED of the future and his place in it. It’s a conflict which goes all the way back to Wrath of Khan: he is afraid of being obsolete. Of the march of time. That’s what truly terrifies him and that’s what he has to deal with in this film.

23) Hey look, it’s Christian Slater!

According to IMDb:

The Casting Director was Mary Jo Slater, mother of Christian Slater. Thus, his small role as a Communications Officer aboard the Excelsior.

Christian Slater wore the trousers made for William Shatner in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982). "It was an honor to get into Shatner’s pants”, he quipped during a BBC interview.

Christian Slater framed his 750 dollar paycheck for his walk-on part.

24) According to IMDb:

Nichelle Nichols objected to the scene in which the crew desperately searches through old printed Klingonese translation dictionaries in order to speak the language without the standard universal translator being used. It seemed more logical to her that Uhura, being the ship’s chief communications officer, would know the language of the Federation’s main enemy, or at least have the appropriate information in the computer. However, Nicholas Meyer bluntly overruled her. In Star Trek (2009), Uhura specializes in xenolinguistics, intercepts and translates a Klingon communication, and speaks Klingonese in Star Trek Into Darkness (2013).

I agree with Nichols.

25) So in the prison Kirk makes out with a woman who turns out to be a shapeshifter, and when he learns she was a shapeshifter kind a recoils from her. Then she tries to kill him and Bones (which was her plan all along) and shifts into Kirk to cause confusion. Shatner seems to have a lot of fun playing the shapeshifter Kirk. It’s almost like he’s doing an impression of himself, dialing all the Shatner-isms up to 11. It’s brief but enjoyable.

Originally posted by trekgate

(GIF originally posted by @trekgate)

26) Damn, Spock is PISSED when it turns out Valeris is the traitor. He is hurting, and the mind meld he performs with her is super intense. It’s a nice side of the Vulcan I haven’t seen much of in Nimoy’s tenure as the character (Zachary Quinto would have some wonderful angry scenes though).

27) Dude, I love this.

Scotty: “Then we’re dead.”


Spock: “I’ve been dead before.”

28) Spock and Kirk have one last heart to heart before the climax and resolution of this film and I appreciate that the film took the time to analyze their friendship one last time.

Kirk [while Spock is beating himself up over Valeris]: “Spock you want to know something? Everyone is human.”

Spock: “I find that remark offensive.”

29) The film creates some great climactic conflict by creating the dual scene of the Enterprise fighting off Chang’s ship and the nearing assassination at the peace conference. You know they can feasibly beat Chang, but do it in time to stop the assassination which gets dangerously close to fruition? THAT is the conflict. That’s the double jeopardy.

30) And this is the resolution of Kirk’s conflict with time.

Kirk [to Azetbur at the peace conference]: “People can be very frightened of change.”

Azetbur [realizing Kirk just saved the treaty signing]: “You’ve restored my father’s faith.”

Kirk: “And you’ve restored my son’s.”

Kirk has made his peace with the movement of time and is ready for its march.

31) Spock sass!

Spock [after the Enterprise is ordered to return to port to be decommissioned]: “If I were human, I believe my response would be, ‘go to hell.’ If I were human.”

Chekov: “Course heading, captain?”

Kirk [in his final line as captain of the Enterprise]: “Second star to the right, and straight on ‘til morning.”

32) Having the final credits for the main cast be their signatures is a nice touch.

When it comes to the original cast Star Trek films, Star Trek VI is second only to Wrath of Khan in my opinion. The added elements of conspiracy and mystery as well as themes of prejudice and bigotry help to set the film apart from the others. The characters are pushed to a place they’ve never been before personally and the entire cast shines in showing that. It’s a wonderful final film for the original stars after 25 years.

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are you one of those people who are getting tired of noticing Yona's development as if it's the first time?

I think it makes sense for characters who haven’t seen her in a long time like Min-Soo, or characters who have a special attachment to her (Hak or Soo-Won), so it doesn’t bother me even if it still feels weird because I don’t really feel there’s been a lot of development in Yona’s case lately (except romantically, but that’s not what the other characters react to).
I believe the lack of time pointers is what makes people tired of characters noting how much Yona has grown. To us it seems like she fled the castle ages ago, but if in the story only a few months passed then it makes sense that a lot of characters would notice how different she is now.

My thoughts on “The Predator” Chapter 16

Okay so you might see this I’m tagging you now… @supersillyanddorky06

 Matty, matty, matty how do you do you do it! Each time I read one of your masterfully done chapters something inside of me simply sparks to life. I go from being surrounded by dangerous thunderheads to then being transported into a meadow of endless, divine light. It’s as if your words are able to bridge the gap between heaven and hell and, that my friend is a gift that we all hope and wish for. 

Anyways now that I’ve slightly embarrassed myself I’ll continue on to attempting a small conveyance of what this chapter made me see.  

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so back when I was running rkorya’s storyline, I ended up turning jaesa to the dark side because it was the right in character choice, and then regretting it so much that I dropped the game for like a year. my edgy daughter has grown on me a lot since then but I always resented how drastic the change was and how flat her characterization seemed so I took some months figuring out a way to establish more of a continuity with her light side personality and uh. this fic happened! 

idk if the result is entirely a success but I’ve been working on this for two months So There

“You’re never like this with the others. They don’t have you frowning at them every time they kill.”

“The others,” her master says, almost unbearably calm in the face of that accusation, “are not my apprentices. They also aren’t running away from themselves.”

(crossposted to ao3)

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my fav scene not yet uploaded on this blog is in ep 13, probably the only part Ritsuko tells about herself and her mother to other character, at the same time doing more than a great job on repelling the angel as a top scientist/engineer/programmer etc. it'd been so rare chance for a grown-up woman character back in the 90s anime and not much has changed since then. O and how EPIC it ends with loud THUD of MAGI moving back to its original postion! I love ep 13 and want more talks about it.

give me more ritsuko too i love stuff about her. 

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Top five CTM characters.


ooooh okay that’s actually incredibly hard, I love everyone. Maaaybe:

  • Phyllis (I think anyone who doesn’t love her after that last series has got to be made of stone)

Originally posted by nowisation

  • Trixie (She’s been with us so long and she’s grown up so much and she’s such an incredibly kind person and it makes me emotional)

Originally posted by midwivesofpoplar

  • Patsy (She’s been through so much, manages to rock being gay in the 50s and she’s such a great egg)

Originally posted by ctm-pupcake

  • Sister Julienne (The Mum we all wish we had but also so far from just that stereotype) 

Originally posted by miss-ute

  • Sister Evangelina (Fairly close to the Mum I actually have, the expression on her face around newborn babies is the purest thing in the world) and I think the she’s one I’d theoretically most actually want as a midwife. And her relationship with Sister Monica Joan was simply the best.)

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4R’s: Encantadia Season 2 (April 10, 2017 episode review)

Iris-message: As announced by GMA Encantadia on Twitter, we’re only going to have three episodes this week, so the week-ender episode will definitely be on Wednesday, as you all know it’s lenten, and Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Black Saturday will be our time to reflect and re-connect with our own Emre, our beloved God. Fam bam and I are prolly gonna do the usual stuff, Visita Iglesia, Station of the cross, the usual stuff, and I would most probably re-watch the Ten Commandments because I love that movie so much or the Prince of Egypt maybe. So in advance, may our long weekend be a meaningful one!

Episode 191


How to fake it

Ybrahim started to throw a shade at Avria, Hagorn and Asval, but before this turns into a nasty, deadly match, Alena “humbled” herself and apologized on Ybrahim’s behalf. The peace talk continued, with Danaya trying to convince Avria that they have really come for peace. To be able to do that, Avria demanded to surrender all of the gems in their possession to her. Danaya assured that they aren’t going to use the gems against them, but Avria did not believe, she is fully aware that the diwatas do not trust her and vice versa. Avria ended the talk and told them to meet her in the battle field but Danaya stopped her and finally gave her what she wanted—the brilyante ng lupa. Ybrahim strongly opposed but Danaya stood firm on her decision and handed the gem over to Avria, but the latter also demanded for the remaining gems, Alena was ready to surrender hers if Avria vows not to hurt any encantado, and stop their evil schemes against Lireo in general, Avria told her she will think it over and did not get the water gem, at this point, Avria was convinced that Danaya was “sincere” of her desire for peace, the talk ended successfully.

Hearing the news about Alena, Danaya and Ybrahim going to Etheria to bargain made Pao Pao, Muyak and Ariana worried. Pao Pao knew Avria won’t settle for peace unless the sang’gres hand over the gems to her. The monarchs returned to Lireo, everyone was waiting for Danaya to spread the news. Rehav Manik assured that the Punjabwes are going to fight on their side, but Danaya told everyone that no war is going to take place, for she has surrendered the earth gem to Avria and this made the Etherian queen agree for a ceasefire. Though the talk was a success, Ybrahim was still worried, everyone knows that Etherians will never keep their promise and feared for that day when they will all be mercilessly killed. This had everyone worried as well, Alena shut Ybrahim and everyone up and asked the rest except the monarchs to leave them for awhile. Now that only Danaya, Alena, Imaw and Ybrahim were left, it was now time to tell the truth, Alena made a shield out of her water gem to make sure no one else will hear, Danaya revealed that she created an exact replica of her earth gem and the fake one was handed over to Avria, she also made sure that the replica works just like the real earth gem to make Avria believe that it is really Danaya’s brilyante. Ybrahim apologized and commended Danaya for coming up with that scheme, but he knew Avria is going to discover the truth eventually, Danaya could only hope by the time it happens, Emre and Cassiopeia has already succeeded with their mission.

To make him smile again

Ybrahim was studying the map of Encantadia, apparently he still wanted to seek revenge on Etheria, Ariana found him and told him how relieved she was that he made it back safely, Ybrahim asked her why, Ariana bluffed and told him that she doesn’t want him to get hurt but it only made Ybrahim ask more questions, Ariana and Ybrahim would have been placed in another awkward moment if Alena didn’t come, Ybrahim excused himself and told Ariana to call it a night. Alena had the chance to talk to Ariana, she had been listening to her conversation with Ybrahim and decided to confront the Punjabwe-a, Alena asked Ariana if she was in-love with Ybrahim, and although Ariana gave her an indirect answer, Alena knew she harbors feelings for the king. Alena is the most sensitive and observant among the sisters thus she knew that Ariana feels something for Ybrahim from the way she looks at him, to the way she acts towards him. Ariana apologized and made it clear that she doesn’t have any plans on stealing him from Alena, but Alena told her that everything between her and Ybrahim has long been ended, and all she ever wants is for him to be happy, thus Alena asked Ariana to make him fall in-love with her, Ybrahim has been through so much pain and Alena wants to see the man she once loved smile again, and the key she believes is Ariana.

The golden hourglass

Amarro and Lila Sari did not hesitate to reveal where Avria got her powers from, but Pirena already knew that and wanted to know where her army came from instead. Amarro and Lila Sari told her about the golden hourglass that Avria used along with the gems to help Etherians travel to the present time. The hourglass is a powerful tool that makes anyone travel from one timeline to another (or turn back time), Pirena became interested at this in hopes to turn back to the time when Mira needed her help the most, unfortunately, only Avria knows where it is. Pirena immediately came up with a plan but before leaving, she told Lila Sari and Amarro that Deshna is in Adjantao, a place Hagorn chose to hide the child. It was a lie, and Pirena had to do it because she’s still going to use her sister against Hagorn.

Meanwhile in Etheria, Hagorn suspected something about Danaya surrendering the earth gem wasn’t right, Asval set those thoughts aside but Hagorn has a point, the sang’gres aren’t stupid to hand over the gems without coming up with a plan. Asval’s suspicions rose, a Hathor came and whispered something to Hagorn, he left Asval who was still pondering over Hagorn’s words. Asval went to Avria and told her his doubts, to be able to confirm, Avria tested the gem out, it unleashed power, something that fake ones can’t. Avria was very certain she has the real earth gem.

The former king of Hathoria found out that Pirena was outside the Etherian palace, Pirena immediately asked Hagorn a favor to help her, Pirena wanted to enter the palace without anyone noticing. At first, Hagorn did not want to but Pirena threatened to tell Lila Sari where Deshna is which forced Hagorn to grant her request. Pirena made it inside, Hagorn warned her that he will be the one to punish her in case she gets caught. Pirena thanked her father and proceeded with her plan.


💚 YES ALENA! Out of everything she has done, I think that one thing that makes me really proud of her character is that she has finally moved on (take note of the word, “MINSAN”) she has been through a lot of pain, she made mistakes in the past but in the end, she did not let her anger take control of her, she has grown so much from being a pabebe sang’gre, to a vengeful mother, to a confidently beautiful woman with a heart, and I couldn’t be more proud as an encantadik, I think she has the most beautiful character transition out of all other characters, her heart was once her Achilles’ heel, but look at her now! And I love how Gabbi is portraying the character these past few weeks, although it took a really long time, but I really have to say that she succeeded on merging her own personality with Alena’s. She has finally connected with her character, she herself witnessed everything Alena went through and this led her to finally understand and dig deeper into the character, and for that I am truly, genuinely proud of Gabbi. If I could hug Alena right now I swear I will do it and I’ll tell her how she makes me proud every single day, I hope everyone feels the same, every Alena fan, every AleBarro/YbraLena fan, every GabRu fan, let Alena be, because nothing is more satisfying than knowing your self-worth. Nothing is more awesome than to finally tell yourself that, “Finally, it’s over.” She chose to be free and she got it, now all I want is for her to find that true happiness and get that one precious thing she always wanted, someone who can give her the love she has been searching. Kebs na kung beauty and the Beast ang peg, let’s give AleMemfes a chance. Let’s give Gabbi a chance to prove that she is the next ultimate leading lady! Wish you luck Gab and Lance!

💛 DAYUM DANAYA YOU DA QUEEN! I love how this show redeemed itself from their “unacceptable” episodes for the past two weeks, the battle of who’s smarter, who’s better is definitely on! Love you queen, this show is finally telling everyone that it is not only Pirena who knows how to think.

🌷 Because I love this week-starter in general, I’m not gonna rant about anything. Y’all probably know that I’m still gonna shoot fires at Arra’s performance, BUT, I decided not to do that because I don’t wanna break my own bubble and lash out at Arra [again], I felt like I’m already getting used to her shitty performance, or maybe I’m not in the mood? Whatever!  Acting-wise I am still uncertain and unconvinced that Arra deserves the role, but narrative-wise this is how it should be. Set aside all of your anger towards Ariana and focus on the story itself, remember Amihan’s sarkosi is inside Ariana’s body so technically Ariana is still Amihan, although her characterization is inconsistent as fuck, I would still go for this route but I do NOT agree with the making Ybrahim fall for Ariana part, I mean sure they feel some sort of connection with each other, but I would rather let them discover and realize their feelings for each other in a slow-burn kind of way than “forcing themselves to each other,” god! Amihan will never do such thing even if she loves her man so much. Duh. So you know, I’ve been really, really ranting about Arra and Ariana lately, and it’s no surprise to you guys, but you see, I’m already fed up at making the same old comments all over again, I feel like it’s pathetic how I’m stressing myself over an actress whom I’m not sure if she can really act. I had the chance to go over my previous reviews from last week and last, last week, and I just realized that rooting for Arra is just…pointless, and me ranting endlessly about her wouldn’t change the fact that they chose her to play the character, I mean they already chose her so they gotta stand up on their decision, panindigan nila ‘yan. Now before you react, let me just make myself clear, I’M TIRED AT HATING ON ARIANA, I’m sick at blabbing shits about Arra, and I’m so done at lambasting her story, telling everyone her story should be like this and that. I’VE HAD ENOUGH OKAY? I wanna stop because I have to, I hate being stressed, and Arra is my source of stress, so I have to get her out of my nerves dude, it’s bad for my health! I have come to this point where I am already starting to “accept” that Ruru’s going to do all the hard work for the rest of this whole Ybriana “romance”, and the only thing that’s gonna save Arra’s face in the show is the Amihan/Kylie flash backs, okay, noted. I’m just going to give all the hopeless chances on her, and take note, I repeat, those are “HOPELESS chances,” that means I no longer care, let her do her thing, I’m not expecting anything, period. If she does impress, good, I’ll rave about her, and if not, then I guess I’m just gonna sarcastically thank her forever for annihilating what would have been Amihan’s second shot at life, and until Arra proves me wrong, I am not going to see Ariana and Amihan as one character.


No rants so far.

I’m really happy at Alena and Danaya’s progresses and I’m not gonna let a few minutes of crap ruin it! Nuh-uh.

Best performer/s for this episode:
Gabbi Garcia 🌊

Rating: 9 out of 10💎s

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I’m completely head over heels for the idea that Sigyn isn’t there to “help” Loki or change him. She’s not the “good” to his bad, not his opposite, not some pure thing that has a spotless moral compass. 
She’s knows who and what Loki is, and though sometimes she may not agree with his actions, she doesn’t try to correct his character. He’s a grown ass man, he can change himself. She has her own flaws, her quirks, her problems, her scars. I’m not saying she should be some traumatized, gritty, dark character, but there’s so much to explore- especially when mixing positive and negative ideals 

Ugh yes Give me all the complex Sigyns with equal parts good and bad

anonymous asked:

I'm wondering (and a little nervous) about the possibility that Selah will show up again this season. I have nothing against the character and the actor did a fine job, but because the historical Anna Strong did live out her days with Selah I'm afraid the writers/showrunners will suddenly decide to rigidly follow historic fact just to tie her story up in a "tidy" if boring way. It would be such a big step backward in terms of her character development & overall story arc. Really hope they don't!

I have the same fear, and I agree that it would not be AT ALL a satisfying ending to Anna’s character arc simply for her to go back to the life she had at the start of season 1. Nothing against Selah himself, but … His and Anna’s marriage did not strike me as a … marriage of equals. At least, Selah did not see Anna as his equal. And now that she has grown so much, the imbalance between how Selah sees Anna versus what’s she actually like can only be greater.

It would be one thing if we’d gotten to see Selah grow over the series the way we’ve seen Anna grow. But just shoving Anna back to him at the end, with him unchanged? Or with the show expecting us to believe in supposed character development that’s happened offscreen? After no other characters have scarcely even spoken his name for years? No. No no no nonono. 

The good news is that TURN has never felt itself particularly beholden to honoring the actual historical characters’ fates, as Nathaniel Sackett, Patience Wright, and the original pilot version of Simcoe can attest (and I think it’s still a distinct possibility that Simcoe won’t make it out of this season alive). Not that I really want anything bad to happen to Selah – I just, personally, am not at all interested in him coming back at this very late stage in the game. 

Look at Aelita’s gaining of more and more powers like this: In the beginning she only had her creativity which she commonly used for means to hide. Then, as her self-confidence and assurance grew throughout the seasons, so did her powers. In S2 her creativity was used in many different ways, sometimes in straight-up violence or fun. S3 she gained the ability to fight back. S4 she gained the ability to fly. Even though they had vehicles, she could fly without them.

Aelita has been and always will be about growth, and nowhere is this more clear than seeing her struggle with school life in S2, feeling alone and bullied. The other characters all came to Lyoko with their abilities all set; they had a sense of identity and knew who they were. Their abilities were whole and defined them: yes each character grows but not in the way that Aelita does. They have their powers, their identities, names, sense of self. Aelita did not. Her powers acted as a visual representation of storytelling of how much our little princess has grown throughout the series.

And Evolution strips her of that. She never uses creativity. She doesn’t use her wings efficiently and fails on several occasions to save her comrades with her wings. Does she just not fight anymore? Did she forget how to stay on the alert when monsters are around? Did she just squander all of her growth and everything her character stood for?!

Nothing pisses me off more in Evolution. Nothing. (except all of episode 19 fuck episode 19)

(and no one can convince me this is because she’s so sad about her father. you cannot, cannot un-grow yourself. aelita had the means and the mind, and the anger to fuel her determination and skill. and it’s fucking worthless. and i’m PISSED.)

Ayano Keiko “Silica” Appreciation

Originally posted by fudayk

Silica was a young girl when the SAO inciden occurred. She was under the recommended age and because of this was more effected psychologically from the entire experience in the beginning. She had developed trust issues because of the people she had come into contact to who wanted to use her for being a rare Beast Tamer with a remarkably rare dragon known as Pina. There was also many boys who tried to take advantage of her cute looks by arranging the marriage system, especially the user Aaaaaaaaa, however these attempts were all proven to fail.

Her usename is based off of her name Keiko, which is meant to resemble the molecule for Silicon Dioxide, which is also seen in her design, her two pigtails being the Oxygen atoms. This is a trend that runs in her family, being the next atomic numbered molecule. Personally, I believe the choice in name to honor her roots is cute and respectable. Pina, her dragon, was named after a cat that Silica owned in the real world with the same name, showing she really loved and missed her cat. It was probably her best friend before she was caught into the SAO game. 

Eventually, Silica meets Kirito, the Black Swordsman. Although he was just using her in the beginning, they did eventually blend some chemistry in a brother sister sort of situation. He aided her once Pina had fallen from a monster who attacked her which allowed Silica to finally have a person that she could trust. That friendship would lead her to come to make friends with Asuna, Lisbeth, Lux, Leafa, and so many others. 

Silica has self-awareness for her chest. It is quite obvious in many off hand comments, or whenever Lisbeth holds Leafa’s chest to such high standards. It is a shame to see really that she feels and looks so miserable within this area. If it were I, I would always assure her that the chest size of a girl doesn’t matter, but the personality, and Silica has a sweet and gentle personality, but not too the fault where she cant get action done when it is needed. 

Silica was the first girl in SAO that I fell in love with. She was a happy character that had a lot of growing potential. Within Girls Ops, her character is shown to have grown so much since the day she had lost her friend Pina. A lot of people think of her as an unnecessary filler character, but believe me when I say that throughout the story, if it were not for her or Lisbeth (another character seen as filler), there would be certain events in Allicization that would have gone entirely different in a bad way. Look forward to that!

Honestly I love Silica, flat chest and all. She is underrated and seen as an annoyance that just isn’t true. To really appreciate her, you just have to look at her for real. I will argue though that the show by itself does not do her a lot of justice. It takes playin the games and reading the Girls Ops manga to appreciate her to the fullest!

PS: Her SWE abridged voice actress is the biggest sweetheart ever. And the SWE abridged character in general is perfect!