her character and her fashion


Second wife of Finwë

Mother of Fingolfin, Finarfin, Findis and Lalwen Irime

Deserved better, probably.


just some silly little serra portrait drawing things that nobody asked for nor did need i’ll crawl back in my basement now

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Louise Belcher is such a relatable character.
Also the best.  Louise Belcher is the best.
Which is also a relatable feeling.

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You know of all the "Lena is a lesbian" posts I've ever seen, not once are her hands mentioned. She's a very fashion forward character and always has her make up done (those red lips are to die for!!!) but her fingernails are never polished nor does she have overly long fingernails. Call me old fashioned but isn't one of the biggest tells in lesbian culture the unmanicured short fingernails?? Just something I think about lol

Oh bless you my love! Fam, can we all drop everything and take a moment to appreciate Lena’s beautiful gay hands!?

Please refer to this post for the source and further thirsty appreciation.



Just a quick character design for a dragon rider/tamer!! I love her,, So many..,

This was a doodle that I got attached to and colored so the lines are a bit messy and the proportions are a lil weird, but heck I’m v proud of her hair :v

Reblogs > Likes!

“For that scene to culminate in some kind of romantic moment between her and Jason 

undermines her character 

and feels a little old-fashioned 

and becomes a movie trope of the female lead there to support some kind of male arc” (x)

i feel like more writers should learn this


That weird moment when your MC is becoming more and more like your face claim for them 😯

something i drew for commission sample (commission infos)

thought i might post it before it gets lost in my folders

edit: okay, since a lot of people tagged this as “nalu”, i want to clarify and openly say that this. is. not. nalu. 

THIS IS LOLU and i’ll snap the neck of the next person who tag this as “nalu”


yo-kai watch: look, just because you befriended this yo-kai and got their medal it doesn’t mean they’ll just do whatever you want. they’re off doing their own thing most of the time and they can choose to not obey you when summoned, or even just ignore the summoning altogether. and omg do not piss them off when you do have them summoned or you WILL catch these hands

pokemon: if you catch god in this plastic ball he’s yours. stick him in the back of a pc box somewhere if you want literally no one will care, least of all god himself.