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the gang running into a soc who is super unladylike and cusses all the time and is super reckless in general

-She had been walking by them and stopped to ask Steve a question about his car.

-Dally and Sodapop immediately started hitting on her and she immediately tells them off.

-Their jaws all drop at the amount of swears that fly out of her mouth.

-They see her again at Buck’s one night.

-They were surprised to see her looking nothing like a soc.

-She was pretty drunk and she asked them if they wanted to take her for a ride.

-While they were driving down the road she had them speed up so she could stand in the back of the truck.

-They all tried to get her to sit down so she wouldn’t fall out but she was fine.

-She has no problem tell people to get away from her and usually does so with some slew of swears and insults.

-The guys love it.

-And she loves hanging out with them.

-When she’s with them she doesn’t have to act the way she’s expected to at home or with her friends.

-She wears baggy t-shirts, and jeans, and hoodies when she’s with them just because she can and knows they don’t care.

-She loves how they let her do crazy things.

-And don’t mind if she gets into fights.

-They love having her on their side.


buck being all protective over alfonso and steve being… well, steve.

  • Three Gems and a Baby: *is a Greg flashback/episode*
  • Fandom: *focuses on Pearl contemplating poofing Steven*
  • Fandom: *focuses on Jenny and Buck as kids*
  • Fandom: *focuses on the two seconds of Ruby and Sapphire*
  • Fandom: *in general ignores Greg's existence*


Sneaking Off - Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1154
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Featuring: Team Cap
Warnings: lil angsty, swearing, crying, talk of anxiety
Requested by @midnight-music13 via messages
Bucky has a secret girlfriend. This’ll take place between post-Winter soldier and post- civil war. Team cap has to go somewhere and Bucky wants to say goodbye to someone. Once they reach the readers and her and buck do some sort of act of love (hug, somethin special) and the team realizes that it’s his girlfriend
Authors Note: this was much more angst then I first intended it to be, but dudes I am so fucking proud of some of this like omg…and school starts for me tomorrow, aghhhh


Bucky was happy with where his team was being stationed. It was a small enough town that they could easily hide out there, especially with the government on their asses. At this point, they had just enough offenses to call for their arrest, and for some reason the whole “saving the world” thing didn’t cover what they were wanted for.

It seemed that “not signing the Accords,” was the first offense, which would have been overlooked as a thanks for saving the world. But when The Winter Soldier joined the team, the tables were turned as they had a murderer and ex-HYDRA worker with them. But what really crossed the line was when Cap broke into the floating prison and got his team members out of there.

And as much as the government didn’t want to go after the other half of the Avengers, they had to. If they wouldn’t retire, then they were criminals that needed to be caught. And even though the Accord-Signing Avengers didn;t want their friends to be in trouble, there was no way to stop the Government or the other part of the team from what they were doing. And even if Tony wanted to call Cap, he knew he couldn’t. It was too dangerous.

But if being on the run wasn’t enough, technically Cap wasn’t Cap anymore. Bucky felt horrible about that, since Steve gave up the title when he fought Tony and left his shield behind. No matter how many times Steve told Bucky it wasn’t his fault, Bucky still lost sleep over how guilty he felt.

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Tasha's having a really bad brain day. She keeps going distant, and her stance is all tense. Bucky finds her in the tub, repeating her old serial number over and over. So he sits there with her until she calms down, and they sleep under the bed together so she'll feel safe.

IM GONNA CRY I LOVE THIS SO MUCH like I LOVE when people remember that Nat needs to be taken care of too sometimes! She and Buck have a lot of similar traumas and the idea of Buck having her back makes my shriveled little heart grow three sizes!!

Also I love that this headcanon isn’t heavy on physical contact?? Because often that’s not what people need in these situations? Just Bucky supporting her by sticking close and being an understanding and unconditionally loving presence is EVERYTHING TO ME

(And then cuddles later when she’s feeling a little better)

No Secret (M)

Originally posted by jwheeins

Pairing: Hwasa x Reader

Genre: girl x girl, smut (yeah boi my first female on female smut)

Word Count: 464 words  (this is really short, i know. but. damn hwasa’s thighs have always had me fucked. can she go away and let me love moonbyul in peace, please *cries*)

It was no secret Hwasa had amazing, thick thighs. It was no secret what you loved having them tighten around your head as you brought her closer to her orgasm. The image of Hwasa having her legs spread wide for you, her whines and moans, her fucked out face when she came harder than before had you hot and bothered within no time and on any given day. 

God, you loved everything about her. You loved hearing her little moans above you. How her hips slowly bucked up as your finger gently brushed over her hole, only to smirk up at her and move your hand away. You loved the way her mouth looked wrapped around your fingers as she sucked, a low moan coming from her mouth being muffled out by the finger. The way her tongue licked up your finger, the way her hands would wrap around your wrist, pushing your finger into her mouth to make her choke, had you going crazy.

You loved the way she would whine as you would force her legs apart, only to kiss up her thighs, lips just hovering over her wet, glistening folds only to move away with an airy chuckle. You would love the way her mouth parted and the way her breath would hitch when your lips wrapped around her pussy after neglecting it for so long. Hwasa would look so pretty, so beautiful as you ate her out. Her back slowly arching off the bed, moans and whimpers becoming louder and louder as she approached her release. Lewd sounds would echo around the room.

Hwasa would start to shake, her hands tightening around your head, pulling at the strands of your hair but it only made you groan into her pussy, a delicious feeling of pleasure running through her body, fueling her orgasm even more. She’s tighten her thighs around your head, keeping you in place. You wouldn’t have it any other way. You adored the way her body shook as she came, her thighs would shake too. Your tongue would keep rubbing over her clit, her hips would be moving to get your mouth closer to get if possible, until the euphoric feeling would take over her body.

Your name would fly out of her mouth like a mantra, mixed in with broken moans. Smirking into her pussy, you couldn’t pull away until she was pushing your head weakly away from her body, the over stimulation beginning to kick in. Even then, you’d slowly place a finger inside of her, pulling it back out and seeing it covered in her white, sticky cum and placing it in your mouth with a low moan and smiling down at her, muttering something that mentioned how sweet she tasted, because she always did.