her brother 'sort of'


Lance pokes fun of Shiro being a merman (not an actual merman unfortunately), and pidge and hunk, defending their father’s honour, dares lance to take some of Shiro’s classes (he teaches people how to become merppl n all that w allura). 

Lance takes the dare and finds out this guy from one of his classes, whom he has a one-sided rivalry with, goes for mermaid lessons as well and *insert oh no he’s hot moment here*

anyway there’s lots of pining and swimming and mermaids and keith being obsessed with the mythical merpeople n lance finding it endearing as hell

[edit:] I’m not planning to write this however I will be building upon this au If you wanna write this or whatever could you link it to me? I wanna see it :D

Klance Coming Out Headcanon:

The Voltron Team spend sometime on a random planet. Lance hits on this girl, who actually likes being hit on the way he does and asks to take him to dinner as a thank-you for Voltron’s protection. Her twin brother insists on joining them, because who is this cocky human hitting on his sister. Keith insists on chaperoning as well, because so far all of Lance’s attempts at interstellar dating have ended up in disaster.

The Twin Brother is hot. Like super beautiful and takes an interest in Keith. Keith likes it and the two engage in light hearted banter and teasing. Lance notices. Lance gets jealous but for the most part keeps his cool. He is trying his best to pay attention to his date but he finds himself checking out the brother and Keith a lot. Keith looks good when he smiles. Frigging Keith.

At the end of the date, the girl tries to kiss Lance and it is awkward and he is not into it and trying to watch this lingering handshake Keith and the brother have going on.

The next day, Lance is diving deep in the rivalry game again. Keith goes to Lance’s room to call him out and ask him what’s up.

Lance is all, “I’m not talking to you, Keith.”

Keith is all, “Fine. Don’t talk to me then” and turns to walk away before Lance reaches out to him.

Lance: No, stay.

They sit on Lance’s bed in silence for a long time before Lance speaks.

Lance: Keith, I think I might be gay.”

Keith: What?

Lance: The other night on my date, I couldn’t stop looking at her brother. He made me feel things.

Keith: Oh? What sort of things?

Lance (dramatically): You, know. Gay things.

Keith contemplates this before responding: You’re not gay, Lance. Bi or Pan maybe. I’ve seen the effect girls have on you. Being attracted to one very good looking man doesn’t make you gay.

Lance: There may be others.

Keith: Oh?

Lance eyes Keith from the corner of his eye.

Lance: Fine. I’m bi, pan, whatever. How do you know so much about being gay, anyways, Keith?

Keith: Lance, I’m gay. Like, super gay. It’s not a secret.

Lance makes the Pidge is a girl face then: Damn it, Keith.

Keith: What?

Lance: You couldn’t let me have this one. I open my soul, come out to you and you tell me you are gay too? I just wanted to be the most fabulous gay man on this ship.

Keith: Being gay is not a competition! I thought we were bonding!

Coran, who has been eavesdropping outside the room, enters.

Coran: Boys, boys. I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation. Not because I was listening, because I certainly wasn’t, but Lance, I am glad to hear that you are learning about yourself, and all of us on this team, will love and support you, no matter who you choose to love. However, both of you look at me very carefully. No matter what team you play for, I will always be the most fabulous gay man on this ship.

He winks, turns on his heal and leaves.

Lance: Coran is gay?

Keith: Oh, C’mon, really? You couldn’t tell? 

min twins AU

The thoughts won’t leave. So here we fuckin’ are. *Agust D voice* I’m sorry, 진심이야 미안해…

  • the Min twins - Yoongi and Yoonji - est. March 1993
  • Min Yoonji probably hates you
    • responsible for doing the talking between the two of them
    • should not be responsible for doing the talking
    • voted most likely to run a gang in high school
    • even the teachers were scared of her
    • graduated second in the class and was kind of pissed about it
    • studied pre-med, is now in med school
  • Min Yoongi definitely hates you
    • the quiet twin
    • older by twelve minutes
    • really really anxious…a lot…especially socially
    • graduated first in the class, suck it Yoonji
    • sound engineering major and graduated summa cum laude
    • currently making a name for himself as a producer
    • he’s not Agust D, he swears *shifty eyes*
  • Jung Hoseok just wants like 5 minutes of peace
    • has known these twins since they were 11 and they moved to his apt complex
    • they have always been terrible
    • the boy one literally wouldn’t stop following him???
    • the girl one declared the three of them would be friends 5ever
    • he’s just trying to live and they still won’t leave
    • at least he kept his major (dance) to himself
    • wait okay except they’re both hot now this is awkward
  • tbh Yoongi’s had a crush on Hoseok since middle school
  • Yoonji could not give a single fuck less
  • buuuut she likes her brother, sort of, so she’s going to help him out
  • except when she goes to Hoseok’s dance studio to clue him in on Yoongi’s crush she sees him in the showers and manages to see his junk
  • Yoonji’s interest is now piqued
  • also she totally forgets about the crush thing and just mentions Yoongi’s show and how Hoseok’s required to come
  • but now she’s gotta talk to Yoongi about also wanting to bone Hoseok
  • Yoongi = defeatist pessimist and resigns himself to losing out on Hoseok due to Yoonji’s interest
  • but Yoonji’s a good sister sometimes and says she won’t hit on Hobi
  • as long as Yoongi makes a move
  • sometime in the next week
  • after that it’s game on motherfucker
  • and now Yoongi is Stressed™
  • Hoseok goes to the show and is super baffled that this dude on stage is the same Yoongi
  • it somehow makes him 40% hotter???
  • so okay let’s chat Yoongi *slides into his DMs*
  • the adrenaline from performing makes making a move a hell of a lot easier and he actually kisses Hoseok
  • which was nnnnnnnoooooot something Hoseok anticipated
  • like holy shit his best friend just kissed him
  • aaaaaaand now his best friend is running the fuck away from him what just happened
  • he doesn’t chase him because he’s still pretty surprised
  • but finding the girl one’s easy enough
  • as personal Yoongi interpreter Yoonji reveals the crush thing
  • but also reveals that she’s curious to go for a ride *raises brow*
  • and now Hoseok’s just doubly lost


The order of the trailer images

I haven’t really looked into the trailer as a whole yet. So, let’s do that 😉 What else to do for the next week than write theories, right!? 

So, I could do a whole analysis about the Noora deal, but I choose not to… I’d rather look into the order of the split-second snaps appearing at the very end of the trailer (in the 11th second so be exact).

The order goes:

  1. The black eye.
  2. The hair with tangled in fingers.
  3. The mouth.

I think the order of images represents the order of events happening after the hiatus.

The black eye: I think it’s pretty safe to assume this eye belongs to Isak, and shows the remaining bruises of the fight. The bruise looks quite old, and it would not be unrealistic, for it to be 1½ week old. 

I think this will be the first issue addressed by Sana (I hope so). She has a lot of reasons to address this. Her friend was hurt, she probably feels some sort of responsibility, and her brother is accused of being an Islamic homophobe who did this because of Isak’s sexuality - The whole school probably believes this by the end of the week (we know how fast it spread after the little brawl between Isak and Mahdi, where nothing even happened. This time there is physical evidence on Isak’s face, and the other students don’t know Elias).

Sana automatically becomes the bad guy by association… And gossip aside, I also think she has a personal urge to sort this out. She didn’t see what actually happened Friday.

The hair with tangled in fingers: I made a post about this earlier explaining my theory about this image. So, to make it short: I think it’s Even’s fingers in Mikael’s hair. So, the next event addressed after the fight, will be Even’s past with Mikael. And the fact that we see an actual image of this, gives me hope that we will get some flashback footage of Even’s past. It makes good sense that this will be addressed in connection to the fight.

The mouth: I think we can all agree, that this mouth belongs to Sara. It can be seen as the next event is literally about Sara and the whole deal with the russebuss. Which is not unrealistic at all. 

Sana now knows she wasn’t paranoid about the girl, and that they actually plan to kick her off the bus. But since the image is of a mouth, it could also represent not only Sara, but the girl gossip in general. Sana confronting them all with all the things said behind her back. Standing up for herself (and maybe her friends/brother too, who are also the victims of the gossip after the fight)… I hope she won’t be alone doing this. Please bring back jente Chris!! 

anonymous asked:

I love the new character! Could you tell us some non-spoilery facts about Rose? How old is she for instance? What does she do in her spare time?

Thanks for all the Rose love guys!!! 

Re: some other facts about Rose/her brother, I think a lot of people haven’t put together that this is not the first time we’ve heard from Rose - she’s the patient that Agent Green admitted into The AM in Episode 30. She spent three weeks in The AM program and then one week as an outpatient. She started with Dr. Bright the week after. 

As we learned in Episode 30, Rose is from a long line of atypicals. Her father is telekinetic, her mother is a psychic, and her brother is telepathic. She basically spends all her spare time coming up with new recipes, but she’s recently taken up yoga to try and help her sleep better. Her family used to be really into games but ever since her brother came into his power, it’s been sort of impossible to play fairly. Rose is 19 and can’t wait to turn 21 so that she can start experimenting with craft cocktails fully (she’s legally allowed to bartend at the restaurant she works at but she can’t really practice at home). 

Other things she enjoys include: making her own pasta, rollerblading, and gardening. 


I could never leave you.

Pidge headcanons

Hey so @vodka-aunt-coran you’ve inspired me so here’s some more Pidge headcanons that were bouncing around in my head-hole last night when I should have been sleeping:

-She experiments and explores in very odd ways. She is frequently found licking things, touching things, repeating certain motions/sounds just to see why they’re happening (a panel somewhere makes a squeaky noise every time it opens and she could probably just oil it to make it stop but instead she drives everyone up the wall squeaking it because she wants to know exactly why it’s making that noise before she does anything).

-A conversation that definitely happened one day: “Pidge, why are you missing an entire sleeve?” “I ripped it off.” “Why?” “There was a hole in it and it was bugging me.”

-She makes lists for every. Little. Thing. Even the most arbitrary things, because it helps her organize what’s in her brain.

-She has a terrible filter and also teenage hormones and also a brain going 500 miles an hour at all times so she can be known to say something hurtful on accident (no one is immune and she feels terrible afterwards; has been known to sulk for hours after apologizing).

-Member of Team “Smoothies Totally Count As Food It’s Just Blended Food.” Opposite Hunk, who says it can’t be food if it’s liquid and he is wrong.

-Did someone say team bonding? She and Hunk have that whole “totally ignoring each other while still enjoying each other’s company” thing going on. Sometimes they talk, share theories and tricks and tips on stuff, but a lot of the time they’re just chilling out and it’s nice.

-She and Lance make pillow/blanket forts and they have conversations about their families in there. They eat sugary snacks and watch stupid videos that Pidge managed to find in her files or just floating out there in the spacewaves. They laugh a lot. She downloads music for him to listen to at night whenever she can.

-Shiro is the one who makes her feel most at home, though, mainly because of how close he was to her father and brother. He kind of knows her, and is sort of a big brother in his own right. She feels helpless around him, because she thinks about how much he hurts almost more than anyone, and she doesn’t always know how to help.

-Keith is actually the one she understands the least, at least at the beginning, but that’s because they’re strangely a lot alike. Pidge tries to think a little before she acts, but they’re both largely impatient and single-minded in their focus. More than anyone, he understands her feeling of helplessness. After a while, they start talking and sharing their feelings, something neither of them is all that god at in general, but maybe the fact that they both understand that takes the pressure off.

-She visits and talks to Allura more often after Allura loses her father’s AI. Allura is definitely more into the dresses and tea party stuff, or was a lot more, when she was younger; she’d be lying if she said she wasn’t a little disappointed when Pidge turned out not to be that interested in pretty clothes, but they still bond. Pidge looks up to Allura, wants to have that strength. And okay, maybe Pidge does get into tea parties with the mice…just a little bit. She’s not “girly” per se, but once in a while it’s nice to hang out with Allura and just feel like a girl.

-Coran, as we all know, is the literal best. He encourages all of Pidge’s questions and has the stories to match them all. Gives her little projects whenever she’s bored. Also does his best to learn about humans and their culture, so he has a little more insight into Pidge herself and what she likes to do.

-I am 100% down for Jewish Pidge (but I am not Jewish and my knowledge comes from Google and the smattering of stories I’ve gotten from various Jewish friends I’ve had literally since elementary school, so do call me out if I say anything inaccurate or offensive). She feels she probably didn’t go to temple as often as she should have back on Earth, but she does pray when she can, and you bet your butt she knows Hebrew like the back of her hand (she needs to be included in all the language stuff that gets tossed around for the others, yes please). Absolutely there are Channukah sweaters and as close to a menorah as she can get whenever they can figure out the holidays up in space–which gets tricky for everyone, but it’s worth the effort. Hunk tries to make latkes for her in some fashion, too. And matzoh ball soup. (That one is a little easier.) Credit to @commandocoran for making me fall in love with this headcanon!

-Elephants are her favorite animal. Unrelated to peanuts. She just thinks they’re cute, especially as babies.

star chores
  • dirk: the force awakens was alright, I guess, but it really didn’t diverge enough from the formula of a new hope and just hit the same story beat for beat, complete with a major death as a character crisis point near the end of the --
  • jake: did you SEE when finn nailed that PERFECT shot and did you see how him and poe met back up and did you see that bit when bb8 gave finn a thumbs up like yeah buddy were in this together! and i cant believe she found luke at the end what do you think her jedi trainings going to be like??? oh my gosh strider do you think shell get to use a GREEN LIGHTSABER????? i bet luke has it just lying around and maybe hes gonna give it to her! do you think kylo uh wait i mean ben do you think hes maybe her brother or her cousin i sort of think cousin myself but theres all these people online talking about how they might have been adapted from some book character malarkey so maybe theyre TWINS but i dont think that makes sense for han and leia to have left her behind! oh my gosh that bit where one of the stormtroopers recognized finn i was on the edge of my flippin seat and i really thought *starts tearing up*
  • dirk: did ... did you just say "starts tearing up" aloud
  • jake: i really thought he was gonna make it strider i really thought he was gonna be fine and i thought ben was gonna see the light and be a hero do you think leia can save him???? gosh i hope leia saves him i can't friggin WAIT for episode 8
  • dirk:
  • dirk:
  • dirk:
  • dirk: um. anyway it was a great movie and i liked it a lot. uh, yeah.

Another wee Jem and Jamie ficlet - not sure why I’ve suddenly got a bee in my bonnet about these but I have! haha! Thank you as always for your encouragement and support :) xxx

Jamie cocked his head to the side and drummed the fingers of his left hand on the table top.

He was thinking, Jem realised with a small thrill and glanced excitedly at Germaine but his cousin was staring intently at their grandfather and spared no attention for Jem. The seconds ticked by, marked by the slender bronze hand of the mantelpiece clock. A single bead of sweat ran from Germaine’s blonde temple and dripped onto the pale linen of his shirt. Jem squared his shoulders and straightened his back. He wasn’t scared of his Grandda, not ever, but when he was concentrating as fiercely as he was, Jem could see why people might be. He looked so stern!

“Ye ken that’s no a verra honourable thing, considering I was so courteous with your earlier error.”

Jamie said evenly, his eyes flicking between both boys but settling on Germaine who stuck out his chin defiantly.

“We all make our own choices, Grand-pere.”

He shrugged and Jamie snorted, though his gaze didn’t soften and Jem swallowed nervously.

“Aye, but are ye sure your partner feels the same? Ye look a wee bit peaky Jeremiah.”

Jem licked his lips and shook his head. In truth he didn’t really understand what it was Germaine had done. It couldn’t be too awful or Grandda wouldn’t be discussing it and anyway, whatever it was he and Germaine were a team and he would stand by his teammate no matter what.

“I think its fair Grandda. Ye didna ask us to owe ye one so I dinna think ye can claim foul-play.”

Jamie’s stern countenance broke and he smiled, jiggling Mandy who was on his knee, her brow furrowed in concentration.

“Your brother is going to be a lawyer mo maise … and ye cousin will be a highwayman.”

Both boys looked fairly pleased with their future career predictions but Mandy’s scowl intensified and she glared across the table at them both.

“Dinna be mean to Grandda! Horrid boys!”

She scolded, patting Jamie’s arm consolingly before looking up at him, blue eyes wide with concern.

“Are you OK Grandda?”

“Och aye, dinna fash a leannan. I just need to teach these two young men a lesson, ken?”

Mandy nodded and Jem and Germaine exchanged anxious glances.

“Will ye help me?”

Jamie asked, eyes still trained on his granddaughter who nodded, only too happy to help her beloved Grandda sort out her brother and cousin.

“Aye Grandda.”


Jamie leant forward, huge frame hunching over the table as he pointed for Mandy to follow

“ye see the horsey? Aye that’s the one - put him here and take that piece away.”

“Wait …”

Germain’s eyes flew wide as Mandy picked up his Queen and replaced it with Jamie’s knight.

“The King!”

Jem yelped and Germaine turned sharply, digging his cousin in the ribs. The game had been going on for nearly an hour and in that time he had to shut Jem up countless times.

“Shh. Let me think…”

“No you need to protect the King …”

Jem leant across Germaine in a panic and seized the crowned piece of wood, dragging it back in the path of Jamie’s bishop. Germaine tried to slam his hand down but Jem had already let go, relinquishing their turn.

“Ah… I think perhaps Jem did not mean to let go so soon, Grand-pere, if I may just …”

“You may not!”

Jamie said tartly, placing Mandy’s hand on the bishop.

“We all make our own choices, ken? Capture the King for us, lass. Let’s finish them.”

Mandy slapped the bishop down viciously and seized the pale King with a roar of victory.


“Grandda got us! You just sat there!”

Jem snapped petulantly but Mandy was too wrapped up in her victory to much care. Germaine shook his head and slumped back in his seat, utterly spent.

“Mon Dieu.”

He murmured gesturing weakly to the board, the elegant turn of his wrist the very echo of his father and Jamie felt a small flutter in his heart at the memory of Fergus as a destitute waif, sat in the parlour of their house in Paris, charming Claire with his wit and his sweet nature and, not for the first time, Jamie marvelled at the chance of fate.  

“You saw it all along, didn’t you Grand-pere?”


Jamie smiled but with more than a trace of sympathy in his voice

“Ye have the makings of a fine player laddie, but ye are too eager to make the kill. Ye must remember to survey the whole board not just focus on your own plans.”

Jamie held out his hand and Germaine shook it good naturedly, accepting his grandfather’s assessment of his strategy gracefully.

Jamie offered his hand to Jem next, and grinned

“And you need to learn to pay attention to the game at hand, ye didna wait nor listen to your captain and it cost ye the King. But ye are getting better.”

Jem blushed but shook his grandfather’s hand firmly and nodded. He could hardly argue with that assessment given that he had just done exactly as his grandfather described.

“Now my teammate,”

Jamie looked down at Mandy and offered her his hand to shake as he had with the boys.

“I think ye need to work on being a gracious winner, it’s no’ verra polite to scream ye victory at the top o’ your lungs.”

Mandy ignored his hand and threw her arms around his neck, squeezing tightly

“We still won though, didn’t we Grandda?”

She beamed and Jamie laughed despite himself

“Aye, mo chridhe, we did.”

Jamie began to pack the pieces carefully away whilst Mandy scurried off to find Claire and tell her of the victory that she had, in her mind, been an integral part of.


Jem murmured quietly but Germaine waved his apology off

“It doesn’t matter, I had not seen the black knight’s potential move and without the queen all was lost anyway.”

He sighed dramatically before grinning at his cousin


He cried, mimicking Jem’s Scottish accent and throwing himself back in his chair, one hand draped across his eyes.

Jem kicked him in the shin lightly

“Shut up! I didna say it like that!”

“Ye did a bit, Jem. It was verra impassioned.”

Jamie teased and received a long look down the bridge of his grandson’s nose before Jem gave in and laughed.

“Chess is harder than I thought it would be.”

“When ye play wi’ the best it is.”

Jamie grinned, his smile widening as Jem and Germaine rolled their eyes simultaneously.

“Dad beat you last week!”

Jem pointed out smugly and Jamie nodded thoughtfully

“Aye and I dinna ken who was more shocked.”

He laughed, placing the lid on the box of pieces and returning it to the mantel piece.

anonymous asked:

Which sensate do you think is each other's favorite (outside of their romantic partner for those involved)?

omg I LOVE this question, thank you anon!

Capheus –Kala. They’re both kind of the optimists of the group. I can really see them bonding over all sorts of lovely things. They probably have movie nights every once in a while, and they visit each other when one of them’s cooking and they swap recipes for the other to try and they talk about love and life and wonderful things.

Lito – Nomi. She’s levelheaded without being dry or mean and sometimes it’s just what Lito needs. He actually admires her quite a lot for many reasons, not the least of which is her bravery and her refusal to be anything less than who she wants to be. Plus she can also be a bit of a drama queen herself and she’s witty and funny and lots of fun to be around.

Will – Wolfgang. They’re on the same wavelength a lot of the time. Wolfgang can definitely be the kind of bro’s bro Will can go out for a beer with, but he’s also a fierce friend who will do anything to protect the people he cares about. Will also really appreciates Wolfgang’s mind, the way he’s smart in ways most other people aren’t.

Wolfgang –Sun. They’re the zero bullshit, tell it like it is squad together. He appreciates that she’s straightforward without being unkind, and calculating with just enough of a hint of recklessness. They respect the fuck out of each other, those two. I can see them out having a smoke on a rooftop somewhere, sometimes talking about all sorts of things, and sometimes just staying in silence, enjoying each other’s company.

Kala – Will. I feel such a huge potential for friendship between these two. She really appreciates Will’s kindness and how everything he does is born out of love for the people close to him. He’s sort of a big brother for her, and they get along extremely well.

Riley – Kala. They have a sort of sisterly bond. They talk about everything – music and movies and boys and life and sex and books. I bet they have a lot of late night chats, especially when Riley’s feeling down about life (I feel like she has a bit of a depressive streak, what with everything she’s been through), and Kala just sits in bed with her and runs her fingers through Riley’s hair and talks about the chemistry behind drugs or the music in her favorite Bollywood films until Riley falls asleep.

Sun – Capheus. I really liked their dynamic in the Christmas special particularly. She loves the way Capheus genuinely admires her, especially because she didn’t get a lot of that growing up. And with a life as complicated and often shitty as hers, she needs a healthy dose of Capheus’ positivity. She can feel free to put her walls down a bit around Capheus, doesn’t have to pretend to be hard all the time and can instead just relax and enjoy things with him around.

Nomi – Wolfgang. He’s actually really deep and wise when the situation calls for it, which Nomi appreciates a lot. I mean, “Fear never fixed anything”? “Pretending isn’t a life”? Basically Nomi’s life philosophy. Also she honestly just loves how nothing embarrasses him.  She keeps trying to one-up him in that department by asking should-be embarrassing questions out of nowhere, until one day she asks what was the weirdest sex he’d ever had and his answer was So Much she couldn’t look at him for a week straight (hint, there was a strap-on, a makeshift swing, a very angry park ranger, and a hefty public misdemeanor fine to top it all off).

anonymous asked:

Could you tell us more about the characters siblings ? I'd love to know more about them!!

oh wow okay, let me get my notebook, because I haven’t elaborated on them at all..

Okay okay.

Yasmin, Malek’s older sister, and Sabina, Malek’s younger sister. They have a relationship like Nani and Lilo. It’s a little rocky, but they need each other. Yasmin loves Sabina, and she’s the only mom Sabina remembers. Sabi is mute, so Yasmin spent a lot of time learning sign language. When Sabi had to drop out of school from shock, Yasmin flew all the way to Oregon to be with her and Malek and teach them arabic and everything. Sabina loves dinosaurs! Yasmin, on the other hand, is trying to get a phd.

 Tyler’s sister, Robin, a close friend of Hazel Margolin. They probably dressed up as Tiana and Lottie.. Although Robin is more eager to kiss a frog. Robin is very interested in lizards and fish… axolotl.. Which is why she always pesters Ty to go to Blake’s house, because Blake’s older brother has a couple- She’s overjoyed when Blake presents her with one. 

Blake’s older brother is sort of a bully. Hayden Basinger is a confident overachiever. Him and Blake don’t get along well, he probably used to beat up Blake or smth, give him all sorts of tough love. 

Dallas’ younger sister is Hazel.

she likes playdoh! She makes them into tiny little statues and likes to scare Dallas by placing it near his bed. She’ll always cry when Dallas goes to her with a squished, vaguely yellow, pastel pink or blue thing in his hands.. like “Hazy.. Hazelnut.. I stepped on it..”

She’ll demand Dallas to spend the entire morning with her, and when she’s not looking, Dallas would make the clay people change it’s position, and insist Hazel has some magic in her- “you made them alive!!”

Dallas has a special knack on getting his sister to believe him and her are magical. “blue hair, you’re a fairy, right?”

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Would you mind doing number 3

I would not mind at all! Here you go, nonnie :)

3. He’s been gone for quite a while

“What are you doing?” Charity frowned at Vic and Adam as they seemed to be re-enacting a scene from the Chuckle Brothers as they tried to stick a banner up along the far wall of the pub.

“Trying to put this up,” Vic explained, as if it wasn’t already obvious. “Adam, it’s not level!”

“Jesus Vic, Aaron won’t even notice,” Adam sighed, quickly losing interest in the task he’d been set.

Charity narrowed her eyes and tilted her head as she tried to read the message on the banner with Vic and Adam both standing in her way.

W E L C O M E  H O M E

“Who’s that for?” she asked dismissively.

“Aaron and Robert,” Adam answered, sighing as Vic nudged him again to move his side of the banner up higher. “They’re back off honeymoon today,” he answered, shooting a beaming smile in Charity’s direction.

“Ahh, have you missed you little friend?” Charity teased him.

He rolled his eyes back at her, only half concentrating as Vic finished off fixing the banner to the wall.

“Well, he’s been gone for quite a while, ain’t he – ”

“And Robert has,” Vic reminded him, unsure why her brother always seemed to get forgotten about.

“Yeah, but what with this and prison I feel like I’ve hardly seen any of him for the past few months,” Adam replied.

Vic and Charity shared a look of feigned sympathy between them.

“Aw, bless,” Vic teased him; Charity joining in with her.

“Shut up, alright,” Adam moaned back. “I’m more looking forward to having a hand at the scrapyard again, to be honest.”

“Well that’s charming.”

All three of them turned to see Aaron and Robert sauntering into the pub, bags in hand, Aaron shaking his head with mock disapproval at overhearing Adam.

“Oh mate!” Adam beamed as he made his way over to him, embracing in their familiar brotherly hug. “You know I’m only joking,” he added with his arms still wrapped around Aaron’s shoulders.

“Yeah, whatever,” Aaron laughed. “Back at work tomorrow then am I!”

“Damn right,” Adam teased, pulling back and offering his hand out for Robert to shake as Vic peeled herself off her brother and hugged Aaron.

“Sort us a pint, eh, Charity,” Robert requested, smiling as he realised she’d already started pouring them one each.

“Come on then, tell us all about it,” Vic grinned as she took a seat at the bar, “What did you get up to?”

Aaron and Robert looked to one another, mouths open wide and smirking as if they were looking for something to tell her, both of them breaking into simultaneous laughter when they realised they hadn’t got much they could offer that was fit for public consumption.

“Oh, right, I get it,” Vic smirked knowingly. “I don’t wanna know! Guessing you hardly left your hotel room?”

Aaron smirked sheepishly and dropped his head, unable to hold her gaze, focusing instead on the pint that Charity had placed before him and letting Robert take the lead.

“We did,” Robert insisted. “We saw Liv and her mum, and Chas. But there wasn’t much we could do and they limited the visitors at the hospital. So we just did a lot of sunbathing…and…celebrating,” he added with a knowing laugh, placing his hand against Aaron’s shoulder as they stood next to one another at the bar.

Charity rolled her eyes at them.

“Got any pictures? It’s meant to be like paradise over there,” Vic asked, trying to change the subject.

“Yeah, probably got a few on my phone,” Robert answered as he took his phone from his pocket, not thinking as he got his gallery up on his screen and tapped on the first image of the view from their hotel room.

He passed his phone to Vic, looking at the screen as she swiped through the images, explaining each one in turn, from the picture of Aaron on the beach, to the bar they went to for drinks most nights, and a few of the places they’d eaten in. There was one of Aaron and Liv, too, and one with Chas.

She flicked onto the next image – a blurred shot of their hotel room floor – and Robert had a moment of realisation about what image would appear next in his photo gallery.

“And that’s enough!” he let out suddenly, eyebrows raised, as he grabbed the phone back from his sister just in time.

Aaron glanced up at him, wide-eyed as the realisation hit, and he stared up at his husband in disbelief at what had almost happened. He thought he’d die of embarrassment if those images were ever seen by anyone other than his husband.

“You two are unbelievable,” Charity sighed, shaking her head as she smirked towards Vic and Adam, all three of them sharing a knowing laugh about what they’d just narrowly avoided.

“You’re just jealous,” Robert shrugged, before leaning down and placing a kiss against his husband’s temple, making a mental note to make sure those pictures got moved pretty sharpish to the hidden file on his phone where he kept the rest of them.

Aaron Dingle was for his eyes only.

did anyone tell ah ro what happened to han sung? 

she was basically locked up in the palace before visiting the shrine, and then she gets locked up again before being released by ji dwi. we don’t see her interacting with other characters who would have told her what happened to han sung when she’s shot by an arrow, and those that could have told her (sun woo and ji dwi, for example) didn’t seem to mention anything about someone who just died. it’s not likely that she heard it through the servants or other members of the court gossiping about it. 

even though the plot line focus is on her love triangle, no one seemed to tell her that the boy who came to be a sort of little brother and often talks to her about about his problems just died and i feel like someone should make an angsty fanfiction about her discovering that he died plz. 

Girls Night-Part 10

*image by @strictlyncisconfessions*

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9

Pairing: MoC!Dean x Reader

Warnings: Character danger/injury, angst (the beginnings of anyway)

Word Count: ~1423

Warnings: Okay, so I had a stroke of inspiration for this while I was in the shower the other day on how I’m going to end this series (that’s my spot apparently). So, this series will have roughly 4 or so parts left to go and then it’s finished. Lot’s of angst coming just as a heads up I’m soooo not sorry btw Also, with some of the events, I generalize and I’m assuming that most of us are familiar with season 10 enough that the glossing and slight rearrangement is not a huge deal-it’s really just so it works with this story line and doesn’t get too long winded ;)

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Wrong Number

Sooo @the-delusion-of-a-dreamer went and reblogged a crap ton of au ideas and the very last one on the list got my mental gears turning. So this happened. I can honestly blame Kassie this time; I can blame someone besides myself. She is a terrible accidental enabler and she ADMITTED TO IT.

So this one’s for you, Kassie.

Wrong Number

“It’s just your imagination, Satine,” the woman murmurs to herself, chewing at her lip as she continues her pace down the twilit street.

But her pace still quickens slightly. The deserted lane evokes a sort of chilled stillness, seemingly silent even though two sets of steps crunch on the icy sidewalk. Blonde hair swishes as she glances surreptitiously over her shoulder again.

He’s still following.

Fifteen minutes, and the man has been tailing her, dogging her steps since she got off the main road.

She’s only another fifteen minutes from home…

There is a noticeable increase in speed of the scrunching behind her, and Satine’s breath quickens, pluming white in the nippy air.

What if…

You can’t risk it, she decides, and reaches for her cellphone - but it’s dead, she remembers. She hadn’t remembered to charge it at the office. Panic threatens to take hold, but Satine Kryze is having none of it.

Taking a slow, steadying breath, she forces her steps to stay the same speed, and searches for something - anything - of help. An open shop, another pedestrian…

Her eyes land on a phone booth a few meters ahead, and her knees tremble with relief.

The footsteps behind fall a hair faster.

Satine all but rushes into the booth, closing the door and locking it - at least it had a lock. Fumbling for change, her fingers shake as she tries to punch in Padmé’s number. The thought of hearing her best friend’s voice helps her clear the fog of fear starting to build up.

As the dial tone buzzes in her ear, Satine peers out the windows of the booth, hoping the man will be gone.

He’s not; he loiters across the street, eyes fixed nonchalantly on the telephone box.

“Hello?” A warm, accented voice comes over the receiver; most definitely not Padmé’s.

“Wh-who is this?” Satine asks, startled, and checks her purse.

No more change.

The man sounds confused as he replies. “This is Ben Kenobi, and you are…?”

“I- I’m so sorry, I must have punched in the wrong number,” Satine says, desperation returning in full. “I was trying to call Padmé and now I haven’t got anymore change and -”

To her absolute horror, a choked sob wells up. The stress and anxiety of the past week has manifested itself in this situation, and now she can’t calm down.

“Are you all right, ma'am?” The concern flavoring his voice is apparent.

“…No,” Satine answers, hiccuping slightly. “I’m locked in a telephone booth in the middle of the night with a strange man who has been following me for a quarter of an hour and he started to gain on me so I tried to call my friend to pick me up but I put in the wrong number and called you instead and -and now I haven’t got any change or way to get home-”

She cuts off her sudden tirade and listens to the hopeless crackle of static on the other end. If only she’d payed attention when dialing!

Suddenly, Ben Kenobi’s voice returns, gentler. “Where are you? I can come pick you up and drive you home, if you’d like.”

Satine bites her lip. Normally…but now isn’t normally, and her situation can’t get much worse.

“I’m on Enderdale, just off Vidalia Road,” she says.

“I’ll be there in a few minutes,” he replies consolingly, “in the meantime, stay on the phone as long as you can.”

A few sounds echo across the line; the slam of a door, clicking of a car door, a car engine starting up.

“All right, ma'am, keep talking.”

“Um, about what?”

“Anything. But make it look natural. Lean on the booth wall, smile a bit, pretend to laugh. Make him believe you’re just speaking with a friend.”

“Oh.” Satine gropes for topics, mind landing on her nephew. “M-my nephew, Korkie. He started high school this year. Joined the chess club.”

“I love chess,” Ben murmurs across the line, and Satine smirks.

“Dreadfully dull, chess.”

“I object; it’s quite stimulating….”

The conversation continues, and as it does so, some of the terror melts away, replaced by the pleasant distraction of speaking so calmly, so casually with another person.

Then the car pulls up, and a tidal wave of relief crashes over her as she unlocks the door and hurries to the passenger side, practically diving in. Her rescuer, Ben, is an auburn-haired, bearded man, no older than herself, if she had to hazard a guess. His blue eyes seem to twinkle as he pulls the car in gear.

“Are you all right?” he asks.

“Fine,” Satine replies. “Thank you so much, Mr. Kenobi…if you hadn’t been so kind-”

He waves a hand off the steering wheel. “Just Ben is fine, and I should hope I only did what another would do in the same situation. Now, if you could direct me to your home, Miss…?”

“Kryze. Satine Kryze,” she blushes, forgetting she has not yet introduced herself.

They set off, and only moments later, he pulls up to her apartment complex. The companionable silence rests while she gathers her things.

“On the phone,” Ben asks suddenly. “Did you say ‘Padmé’, as in, Padmé Amidala?”

Satine starts. “You know her?”

“Mutually - she’s dating my brother.”

An incredulous laugh bursts from her lips. “I try to call my best friend but instead call her future brother-in-law - what sort of luck is that?!”

And suddenly they are both laughing, doubled over and giggling in that relieved sort of way that only extremely worried or tired people can achieve; it’s strangely freeing, really. She hasn’t laughed this way in months.

Finally, after breath is caught and tears are wiped from eyes, Satine speaks again.

“I don’t suppose you would care to come in for some coffee, Mr. - Ben?”

He’s quiet for a moment, and Satine internally curses herself - what an idiotic idea, could I honestly have asked anything wo -

“I think that would be quite nice,” he answers, throwing her mental train into a juddering, screeching halt summed up mainly by “What?!”

And so their … friendship … began; in the oddest, the most fanciful and unexpected of ways. But what else could be expected from two such unusual individuals?

My Best Friend’s Brother-Sirius Black Imagine

Request: I was wondering if I could have a sirius x reader where the reader is a Slytherin in Regulus’ year and is also a close friend of his, but she’s also friends with the Marauders. And both Black brothers are in love with the reader and in the end she chooses Sirius

Warnings: mild swearing

Hope you all enjoy! xo

Y/N was a pureblood, and having grown up with the Black brothers, they were her best friends. Even getting sorted into Slytherin didn’t stop Sirius or the other Marauders from loving her. Little did she know, that her best friends loved her more than she understood.

“So, Reg, got a girlfriend yet?” Sirius asked one night as they sat together in the library.

“No, I don’t, but I’ve got my eye on someone. What about you?” Regulus replied, glancing up from his parchment to raise an eyebrow at his older brother. 

“Same here. Who’s the lucky girl?” Sirius teased, leaning over the table in anticipation.

“Sod off,” Regulus replied with a chuckle, pushing his brother back into his seat.

“Seriously, I want to know! Maybe I can help,” he insisted.

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Different Slytherin

She was perfect. No, she wasn’t … She is perfect. The way her ssmile is so bright, the way her perfect hair bounce everytime she moves or the way her laugh is so loud.  She screamed Gryffindor or even Hufflepuff, she screamed fun,love and everything that poets love.

The first time  he saw her it was in the Great Hall, in the line that he knew very well,  she had arrived and everyone was so excited to discover which house she would belong, which house everyone there would belong.

She was one of the lasts. She was there, when almost everyone was sorted, smiling and with her arms crossed. And when her name was called everyone in the room hold their breath and no surprise she just smiled and somehow he knew the she would go to Gryffindor or Hufflepuff. She is so bright of course she belongs there.

Everyone was paying so much attention. It was impossible not to when she was smiling so big while sitting in this chair where everyone seemed to be so afraid of. It was the big time of everyone life include hers.

When the hat was placed in her head, above her mess of hair, everyone was in silence.

The girl was moving her feet and just smiling while her eyes was looking at everyplace she could.

It passed longs minutes when the hat screamed the name of house she would belong. The house where she would made her friends and maybe even met the lover of her life.

“ SSLYTHERIN” The hat screamed and she smiled again,  cause even if everyone just met her she seemed to be the type of girl who is always smiling.

She jumped out of the chair and walked to the very green table. She sat and then he lost her in the middle of a lot of Slytherin students.

He was not happy with that… She was so beautiful, so shinning and how that kind of girl could belong to a such horrible house. How could that happen?

- Are you okay,  PadFoot? - James asked looking ate his friend that still had his eyes at Slytherin table.

-Yeah, I am okay. Just so surprised that this girl is a Slytherin. -He said shrugging his shoulders.

- And You will never guess. -One boy, the one that was jut sorted like the beautiful girl, said.

-What? -Peter asked curious.

-She is not a pureblood.

-What? -The marauders screamed, even Remus who was quiet before. - That’s impossible. -Sirius completed.

The boy just nodded his head and turned to listen Dumbledore speech and letting all the boys still shocked and a Sirius with wide eyes looking at the girl talking to Severus and Lucius and right after smiling  at the boy besides her, his brother who was sorted a few moments before her.

Some years passed anyway, and the girl still was the girl who always smile, but now it was a little more private. The smile was smaller and her long and black hair now was short and so much more curlier, lot of locks of curls. She was a example to everyone.

The girl that Sirius didn’t know the first name after all this years was polite and always classy, wearing the most perfect clothes and her hair always perfect. She was almost a angel in the middle of lot demons.

- (Y/L/N) did it again. - Peter said sitting next to his friends. - She defended the Hufflepuff’s first year from Malfoy.

- Why the hell she is a Slytherin? - James asked confused. -For the first time I think the Hat made a mistake.

- I think that too. You are here after all. -Remus said rolling his eyes and trying to pay attention to his book and his homework. - Why are you talking about this girl again?  She a Slytherin, get over it. Now can we back to our homework?

-But Moony, she is a angel. How can she be there? -Padfoot whispered

- Lucifer was too. - Remus said smiling. - Look, no one here even know her first name, we just know that maybe she is not that bad but hey, we don’t talk to Slytherin any way, so why we should bother?

Pads just sighted and went back to his book but his mind still was in the different Slytherin. He didint know why but that girl just confused him. She intrigued him so much with her eyes showing a fire but still having the sweatiest smile ever.

The day the Marauders descoverd her name it was a week after, when they was joking around Snape, giving him names that he didint like and laughing so laud that anyone near could listen.

They were having fun when James felt a tap on his shoulders making he stop laughing a little to turn around and face the Slytherin girl wearing a beautiful smile.

- Hello, James, Sirius, Remus and Peter. - She said with a big smile and then looking at Snape who was on the air without any pants. -Hey, Severus. - Said waving her hand ate him. -How are you all?

- Good? -James said _ asked _ looking ate his friends confused.

-That’s very good,I was excellent a few minutes ago, if you minded. - She said sighing - But then I saw you all making fun of my very dear friend and that’s not a very polite thing to do,guys.

- And who says we care to being polite? -Peter said laughing and gaining a very sharp look of the girl.

-Well, Lucius told me that you, Gryffindor,  are not very polite but I wanted to believe otherside and now I am just regretting that. -She said looking a little sad. -If you don’t let my friend down I will have to do something that none of you would appreciate.

- And you,a Slytherin,think that you can do something to us? - James asked laughing loud and then looking at his friends. -Did you see that? This little girl think she can harm us.

- (Y/N)! You don’t have to do it. -Snape shouted.

-Its not a problem, Severus. Lucius said that I should practice a little more anyway. -She said with a smiling and then looking at the four boys in front of her.

All the boys lost their doubts about her being Slytherin when they saw the smirk on her lips and her eyes with a fire. None of them could actually tell how all of that could happened but the just blinked and they were hanging in the air, all of them, while Severus was outing his pants besides the girl.

-What the hell do you think are doing? - Sirius shouted looking at the girl who just laughed -Let us down.

- Look, Severus, They don’t think that joke is fun anymore. - (y/n) said taking of their pants. - Do you think I should let them down?

- C'mon, Snivellus, You know we were just kidding with you. - James said.

- I don’t think he will let us down. - Moony said just to his friends listen.

- Let us down now!

- Or what? Would you tell you mom, Sirius? - Snape asked.  - Wait, your mom doesn’t care about you. -He laughed

- Severus. - (Y/N) shouted looking at her friend. - That’s not a thing that you should say! - She told him while throwing the boy’s pants at the lake.

-Why that? Its not like we are their friends anyway. -He shrugged.

- Okay, guys,I think I had enough. - She said letting all the boys falling hard on the flour and walking to them. - And Sirius, you can’t have a mom but that doesn’t mean that you dont have a family. -She said smiling at The black haired boy. -Oh, please, dont meses with me friends anymore or I will do worse than that.

- She is a weirdo . -James said looking at the girl who was walking to the castle with her friend. - Who is nice and a demon at the same time?

- Yeah, a weirdo

What Sirius never told anyone that moment it was that weirdo had, maybe, stole his heart.

Epitome of Eighteen Histories: Mikado Episode

This is an interval story.

An interval story in time.


-I have to move forward already.

In a lavatory of a certain small publishing company.

Smacking her cheeks in front of the bathroom mirror, Kazane Kinomiya motivates herself.

She helps with magazines as a freelance writer while also going through with university life, but recently she has improved at work too where even her articles from interviews she wrote up on was used in magazines.

Her livelihood has become stable, and when her career after graduation became more settled, she made a crucial decision.

“I have to meet my brother (brother-in-law).”

Since she was little, she was shown her “brother” from the car window by her mother.

He is the child her mother had with her previous husband she divorced, but whether it was because there were not many other children among her relatives Kazane felt wonder and affection towards that boy just by seeing him once.

It has been roughly fifteen years since then. After being intrigued by her brother, Kazane has observed him from afar and looked into the reputation he received from friends around him sometimes as though to remember him, but even at this age now she still could not take a step in the action of “directly meet up and talk with him.

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concept: even and sana sat by the window, on opposite ends, sharing earphones and listening to the qur’aan. because it’s what they do, and even, sometimes, starts to draw sana whenever they both do that. it’s calming. it’s soothing. it’s something only they both understand the full meaning of. feel the full feeling of satisfaction of. anybody else? either just passes by them or laughs. but they’re past the point of caring. they both have this thing as their “downtime” thing. so when either one of them sees the other one, and they’re not having a good day, they simply offer the other one an earphone, raising their eyebrow at them in silent question, 

(though it’s not a question at all - it’s more of a “i know you’re not feeling good, so sit down with me and lets listen to some qur’aan, and i guarantee you, you’ll feel lighter, you’ll feel a little better.”)

and the other one puts up no fight. they simply take their bag off and dump it on the floor, takes the earphone and places it into position, and slump themselves onto the windowsill, closing their eyes as soon as they hear the recitation, leaning their head back against the wall. 

(and it doesn’t go unnoticed by the other one, who’s watching them - the way their shoulders ease, and the deep breaths, and the small little smile that spreads across their face.)

so when they finally get off the windowsill, and ask each other, “feel better?”, the answer’s just an arch of the eyebrow, and hint of a smirk.

(”of course you know i feel better.”)

and they know. they both know.

(and when even finishes his first portrait of sana and gives it her as a present, telling her “it’s just … something i was working on,” her smile is so wide and endearing, that even understands exactly how much she appreciates it. sana’s sort of become like a little sister to him, and even’s sort of become like an older brother for her. brothers and sisters in islam. and she keeps that portrait with her, close by her, and she’ll most likely keep it with her for as long as she is able to do so, because she understands the value, the magnitude of the meaning, behind it. it’s something so intimate her and even share, that she’s never shared with anyone, ever, before.)


kirigakure hotaru x mc (misaki kasagi)

a/n: a little annonie told me i should try my hand at writing a hotaru fic with the line “don’t die,” and let me just say that you are all so lucky that i hate writing angst because this could have gone very downhill. however, i have spared us all heartache because hotaru is still new and fics about him somewhat scarce. tl;dr – you’re safe, for now. @jemchew and @demon-princess-anastasia

“Don’t die,” he begs. It is the only instance in which he has knowingly used his gift on her, willing her to keep breathing, commanding her heart to keep beating. Her breaths sound wrong, short and raspy, and ninja are known for not feeling fear but damn him if he doesn’t feel it now.

He cradles her closer to his chest, keeping to the smoothest, swifts path he can manage, and she keeps her fingers curled loosely in his scarf — but they are cold, so much colder than usual, so unlike her.

There are almost never civilians in Iga, and those who come are not likely to leave alive; he is determined this will not be the case with her.

Yuki was here when he left in the morning, and he can tell that she is here now, if only because the ninja of Iga have spread the word to her. She appears before him, a hand propped on her hip, and sighs like their brother. He wonders if that jaded sort of attitude can run in the family.

“Help her.” He wishes his voice worked on Yuki — it is the only time in his life he has wished to manipulate his flesh and blood.

She smiles, as tender-hearted as he has ever seen her.

“You sure do love this girl, don’t you,” she remarks, casting a cursory glance over the girl in his arms. Her expression turns gravely serious, a look that sends an icy dagger of fear straight through his heart.

“Follow me.”

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