her bracelets are gorgeous


My dolls got some presents from their family and friends from @sightdoll ’s! Verve and Altijd were too big to sit together in one shoot, unfortunately.

These gifts are so CUTE though!! I opened Al’s little bracelet first, love the purple color. Very reminiscent of his original design. And he got the tiny tiny tarot deck! With a card of him! Look how tiny these cards are too, they’re absolutely stunning. Really amazing to see them all in real life. There’s cards of all our old and current characters there!

Verve got a GORGEOUS scarab necklace and bracelet from her little sis Neela, they look stunning on her. She also got this super cool purse from her mother, together with an ugly christmas sweater. Of course.
Alas Herla forgot how quickly kids grow up, but it fits Jack. Sort of. Sexy christmas sweater.

Involved in some of these pictures are Neela’s angry floating head, and her pet Rosebud. They’re both over at my place for some painting.