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How to Solve a Rubik’s Cube

Have you ever wondered how people solve a Rubik’s Cube in under 2 minutes?

My best friend Hannah shows you how in her video, “How to Solve a Rubik’s Cube”. It’s her very first video ever, and her first video for my truebluemeandyou YouTube channel - so please be kind.

Her next video will be how to make Safety Pin Bracelets - that don’t look cheap. Check out the gorgeous Safety Pin Bracelets she sells in her Etsy Store now. EDIT: Hannah’s DIY Safety Pin Bracelet Tutorial is here.

Steps for Solving a Rubik’s Cube

Step 1: The X - 1:05

Solve for the X on the top face. Make sure each piece lines up with the correct color on the front and side faces.

Step 2: The Corners - 2:26

Solve the corners on the top face. Make sure the front and side faces form a T shape.

Step 3: Top 2 Rows - 5:22
From this step forward you simply repeat patterns. I am going to write these patterns in abbreviated form.
T = turn the top face to the right
T" = turn the top face to the left
F = turn the front face clockwise
F" = turn the front face counterclockwise
R = turn the right face up
R" = turn the right face down
L = turn the left face up
L" = turn the left face down
B = turn the bottom row to the right
B" = turn the bottom row to the left

Solving a piece to the right:

Solving a piece to the left:

Step 4: The Bottom X - 7:29

Reminder: If you have an L shape, it should be in the top left corner. If you have a straight line, it should be horizontal.
Pattern (repeat until you have an X): RT"R"F"TFRTR"

Step 5: Align the X - 9:50

Reminder: Line up just one color before performing the pattern.
Pattern (repeat until all the colors line up): RT"T"R"TRTR"

Step 6: Align the Corners - 10:49

Reminder: The aligned corner should be in the bottom left corner.
Pattern (repeat until all the corners are aligned): RTLT"R"TL"T"

Step 7: Finish the Cube

Reminder: You want two corners correctly oriented, both on the left side.
Pattern (repeat until the cube is solved): RT"T"R"TRTR"LT"T"L"T"LT"L"

Ladynoir Day 13: Gifts

A heads up for new readers. All of my Ladynoir July stories are one story, so I suggest reading them in order for everything to make sense. Here’s a link to day one.

When Marinette woke up the next morning, her first thought was that yesterday must have been a dream. She smiled and looked over at Tikki who rested on the pillow beside her.

Tikki smiled, “Good morning.”

“Is Adrien really Cat Noir?” Marinette asked softly.

Tikki giggled and nodded, “Yes.”

“And Adrien really asked me to dinner?”

“Yes, Marinette.”

Marinette blushed, a blissful grin spreading over her lips, “If all of that really happened, then I must be the luckiest girl in Paris.”

When Adrien woke up the next morning, he couldn’t stop smiling. Plagg pretended to find it irritating, but Adrien could tell his kwami was pleased to see him in such good spirits.

“Can you believe it? I’m actually friends with Ladybug! She sits right behind me every day!” Adrien gushed about his new relationship with a goofy grin, “And we’re going to dinner, and we could even be a couple, and everything is just perfect.”

Plagg rolled his eyes for the tenth time that morning, “I know. You keep saying.”

“Just imagine. We could exchange phone numbers. I could text Ladybug whenever I want! And best of all, Marinette is Ladybug!” He sighed happily, staring out the window, “I have to be the luckiest guy in Paris.”

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modern AU ideas:

  • Bilbo taking an interest in architecture as a child when he finds out his father built their family’s house. For years he tells everyone he wants to be an architect, but he eventually decides he to be a teacher. As interesting as being an architect would have been, Bilbo would rather have the opportunity to be a positive influence on the youth of today. 
  • Bilbo’s neighbor and gardener, Hamfast Gamgee, is one of Bilbo’s best friends. When Bilbo brings Frodo home with him, he and Sam become fast friends, especially because they’re in the same class at school. The two are hardly seen without each other. When they’re older, Bilbo figures he might as well give Sam his own key to Bag End, since he’s come over almost every day since he was five, anyway. Hamfast does the same for Frodo.
  • Merry and Pippin try to convince Frodo and Sam to get into playing video games, but neither of them are particularly into it. Frodo is good at them, but he doesn’t enjoy them much. Sam sucks at all video games except Mario Kart. He will proudly beat everyone at Mario Kart.
  • Thorin Oakenshield is a very well-known jeweler, from a family of jewelers that has lived in the town for generations. His father was famous for his beautiful wedding ring designs. The last ring he worked on before he went missing in the war was commissioned by none other than Bungo Baggins, for Belladonna Took. (Once, Thorin glimpsed it hanging from a chain that Bilbo Baggins, Kili’s English teacher, tries to keep hidden under his shirt.)
  • Legolas, son of Thranduil, an esteemed local businessman, can’t hide his derision for the brutish-looking Gimli, when the two are assigned to work on a large group project. He assumes that Gimli won’t pull his weight on the assignment. The sentiment of dislike is returned by Gimli, who assumes Legolas is a pompous know-it-all who will try to control the group. They both prove each other wrong, and even their fellow group members (who, by the end of it, fondly refer to each other as the fellowship) aren’t quite sure how Gimli and Legolas ended up best friends.
  • One of their older group members, Boromir, is killed in an accidental hit and run by some guys from their rival school, Mordor High, after getting drunk at a party and getting into a huge argument with Frodo.
  • What the fuck nevermind that’s too sad I take that back.
  • Boromir lives. That was really bad. I’m sorry.
  • Aragorn has had a crush on Arwen Undomiel for like, forever. He figured she was way out of his league, and didn’t try to pursue her. (She’s in college, after all.) When she pulls him aside at a party to talk, and ends up giving him her gorgeous silver charm bracelet, he knows he’s in love. He wears the bracelet proudly wherever he goes.
  • Tauriel grew up in a wooded area where you can see the stars in the night sky clearly, and aspiring to be an astrophysicist. But because of circumstances not working in her favor, she isn’t able to get the schooling required for it. She winds up becoming a police officer, or security guard maybe, and she’s amazing at her job, and devoted to it. But she’ll never stop looking up at the stars.

(if anyone else has modern AU ideas they’d like to share feel free to reblog and add stuff of your own. I love talking about this stuff. uwu)


My dolls got some presents from their family and friends from @sightdoll ’s! Verve and Altijd were too big to sit together in one shoot, unfortunately.

These gifts are so CUTE though!! I opened Al’s little bracelet first, love the purple color. Very reminiscent of his original design. And he got the tiny tiny tarot deck! With a card of him! Look how tiny these cards are too, they’re absolutely stunning. Really amazing to see them all in real life. There’s cards of all our old and current characters there!

Verve got a GORGEOUS scarab necklace and bracelet from her little sis Neela, they look stunning on her. She also got this super cool purse from her mother, together with an ugly christmas sweater. Of course.
Alas Herla forgot how quickly kids grow up, but it fits Jack. Sort of. Sexy christmas sweater.

Involved in some of these pictures are Neela’s angry floating head, and her pet Rosebud. They’re both over at my place for some painting.

All I Want Is You (Jelena One Shot)

Merry Christmas loves!

All I Want Is You (Jelena One Shot)

Selena’s POV

Dear Selena, 

                            Merry Christmas Angel. This is the first year since our breakup that I actually put up the tree and doing it without you hurt so much more than I thought it would. I kept expecting you to just appear and tell me I’m doing it wrong then you’d try to fix it but I’d pick you up and spin you around claiming that it was perfection because I did it. God I miss you. It hurts to sit all alone and watch the snow fall without you but I do it anyways because when that happens I just sit and think about all the memories we have. It’s bittersweet I guess. I didn’t bake any cookies or anything this year. I bought them all because baking was always our thing and I couldn’t find it in me to do it without you. I never wanted to spend Christmas alone but it looks like I am. I’m so lonely without you Sel. I just need you to be here with me; to just hold me. I don’t really care if I don’t get anything. All I want is you. I’m sorry I pushed you away and I’m so sorry I hurt you but I just miss you so much. I’d do anything to have you here with me. Wrapping the gifts without you was so hard. I just wanted to throw everything away and go to sleep and never wake up. Speaking of gifts, I actually got you something. I know I shouldn’t have but I saw it and thought of you and I had to get it for you. I’ll have it delivered to your house. You know what’s really sad? Actually, it’s downright pathetic when you think about it. I’m writing this letter to you, putting all my emotions in it, writing everything I want to say to you in it but I won’t send it. I have absolutely no intention of giving it to you because I know that would be selfish of me to do. I hurt you enough. I can’t ruin your Christmas too. We both don’t need to be miserable. I have your portion covered. I’ll just send some generic Christmas card signed anonymous along with your present. I just wish things could have been different. I want nothing more than you have you in my arms, drinking hot chocolate and watching movies or having a snowball fight or anything. Just as long as I’m with you. That’s all I want baby. It’s all I’ve ever wanted; to be with you. But I’m not and it’s all my fault. I hurt you and for that I’m so so sorry. I can’t apologize enough. I love you. 

                                                                                                                             Forever and always yours,                                                                                                                                                Love Justin.

 I couldn’t believe my eyes. I re-read the letter, my own tears mixing with the tear stains on the paper.

I reached into the box and pulled out the Cartier love bracelet he bought me.

I allowed my body to drop onto the couch behind me.

If only he knew I missed him as much as he missed me.

He wasn’t the only one feeling lonely. 

It’s Christmas. 

He was the love of my life. I wanted to spend this Christmas and every Christmas with him. 

I wanted him as much as he wanted me.

I smiled. 

I don’t know how he ended up sending this letter to me but I was grateful. 

At least I knew we were both on the same page.

Looks like someone was going to get his Christmas wish.





Justin’s POV



Christmas Day.

And I was all alone. Without Selena.

I sighed.

Leaning back on the couch, I took a sip of the punch a creme I was drinking while I listened to the Christmas song playing softly.

I hated this. 

I wanted her here. With me.

The doorbell rang.

What the hell?

Who would come to my house at midnight on Christmas. Maybe it was Santa feeling sorry for me.

I scoffed. I wish.

I trudged to the front door, reluctantly pulling it open.

“Merry Christmas baby." 

Holy shit. I pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming and she laughed.

"I’m here." 

Next thing you know I was holding her as tight as I could without hurting her.

"Jesus, I’ve missed you.” I breathed, burying my face in her hair.

“I know. I’ve missed you too. I got your gift.”

“How did you know it was from me?”

She pulled back to cup my face in her hands. She leaned up and pressed a soft, sweet kiss on my lips.

“You accidentally sent me your letter.”

My letter? Shit. My letter.


“It’s a good thing you did. It was what I needed to find the courage to come over here.”


“Mhm. If not we would both be spending Christmas alone.”

“Well in that case, thank the heavens I did.”

“I love you Justin. Merry Christmas. I don’t have a gift for you though. I’m sorry.” She said looking at the bracelet on her wrist.

“Merry Christmas gorgeous. And I don’t want anything from you, having you here is all I ever wanted. I love you so much.” I told her honestly, squeezing her softly.

“So, what do you say we go cuddle and watch a movie just like you wanted? Or maybe we can do some baking?” She smiled.

I shook my head. “I just want to hold you.”

“Movie it is then. We’ll bake later.” She leaned up to kiss me again, this time until we needed to breathe.

“Keep that up and we won’t be watching any movie.” I teased.

She laughed and my heart felt like it could burst from happiness.

“Not on Christmas Day.” She chastised but kissed me again.

“What?” I asked when she looked at me slyly.

“Oh nothing. Just wondering if I missed you or your kisses more.”

“Good thing we’re a package deal reserved just for you.”

She grinned wider and I kissed her forehead.

“This is the best Christmas gift ever. Thank you.”

She hummed, placing her head on my chest. I picked her up and carried her to my room, placing her on the bed then laying down next to her.

“What movie?” I asked, opening Netflix.

“Doesn’t matter.”

“Okay.” I clicked on Elf then pulled her closer to me.

Tonight just proved that Christmas miracles existed.





I figured yall deserved a gift so Merry Christmas!