her body * *

Her body is
a monument to the life she has lived,
a testament to the love she had to give.
Her flesh encapsulating
the finely ground stardust
that remains from a moonstruck soul
and glowing heart too big for the night sky.

So she aches
where there is no space for noise
no neon signs in her eyes
to give testimony to the words
inked deep beneath her skin.

She wonders,
Does the needle threading through the eye of her storm
attempt to pull together a lifetime of chaos only being held in place
by the centrifugal force of the never-ending maelstrom inside her soul?

She has offered herself as an altar
for all those searching for a place to call home;
Inscribed bloody pleas on the walls of her ribcage
as she fought to breathe long enough to be free.

There was never a time when she owned herself;
Instead renting space in her own head
while the demons danced and played
along the hollowed purse strings of her heart.
Bought and paid for by the pleasure she found in Love’s delights.
Cursed with knowing the carnal moorings fascinating even as they anchor her
Deep under the weight of all her sins.

Atonement cannot be found without a price;
And she is paying now,
with a string of cold and endless nights.

© Courtney Turley 2017

I know many of you hate this body swap plot, but it’s not THAT bad. I mean, Alan and Harry are by far the best actors they have and now they will be playing each other, so you can bet that’s going to be AMAZING (the promo is proof of that already). Also, think about this, Magnus WILL have to convince Alec that he’s trapped inside Valentine’s body, so he’ll have to tell him something that only the real Magnus Bane would know and my money is on something related to their relationship, and that’s going to be interesting (and probably even cute if we get a flashback or something).

So let’s wait until the episode airs or we know more about it before completely losing our minds, it has potential…I trust Alan and Harry (and Matt too). Let’s see how this plays out…