her blue haired oc is so cute

Aika x Toshiko

I wrote this in the memos of my phone and forgot I did. So, here’s something pretty cute for @fuckyeahvalidation that I forgot I wrote, lmfao

* * *

The first time he met her, he felt his heart jump.

It had been before a match, he had been hanging outside the gym, waiting for the rest of the Date Tech team to hurry up. His jacket was open, one hand shoved into his pocket, the other playing with his phone. Silver hair cascaded over his shoulder, icy blue eyes watching a video intently on his phone.

However, someone yanked out his headphones, and his head shot up, eyes narrowing, thinking it was Futakuchi. An unfamiliar face met his, staring down at him. “Hey, girls tournaments aren’t for another week.” The boy told him, and the first snorted.

“I’m a boy.” He calmly replied, replacing his headphones.

“Ohh, you’re one of those.”

Suddenly, his grip tightened on his phone, and his face turned into a grimace. “One of those?” He repeated.

“Yeah. One of those girlies who thinks she can play with the big boys.” The guy smirked, standing straight up.

“I’m. Not. A girl.” Facing his harasser, he put his phone away, hands clenched into fists at his side.

“Or maybe you’re one of THOSE.” Pretending to be lost in thought, he laughed. “One of those girls who thinks she’s a boy!”

Without another word, the boy was slammed into the wall, Aika pressing his arm against his throat. “For the last fucking time, I am a BOY. Do you even know what that means, fuckface?”

The other boy merely laughed. “Oh, so you ARE one of those girls.”

Aika growled, rearing a fist back to punch the other boy, before something slammed into him, knocking his arm down and throwing him off balance. Turning to the disturbance, his eyes flaming and sneer visible on his face, he suddenly went blank.

There, standing in front of him, scared stiff, was a girl that stood about five inches shorter than him with close-cropped brown hair. Her brown eyes stared up at him in fear, and his face softened a bit before he felt a smack to the back of his head.

“Stop causing trouble, bastard.” Came Futakuchi’s voice in his ears.

“Shut up.” Aika replied.

“You were picking a fight with that kid and scared that poor girl to death.” Futakuchi shot back, bowing at the girl. When Aika didn’t bow, he grabbed his head and forced it down. “I apologize for my junior.”

The girl blinked, before shaking her head. “It… It’s fine!”

“Toshikoooooo~!” Came a strange call, and the girl turned around, eyes locking onto a crimson-haired boy.

Her face lit up, and Aika could feel his heart begin to beat faster. Secretly, he wished that her smile was turned on him. “Tendou! I’ve been looking everywhere for you!”

The boy raised an eyebrow, striding up to the team. The purple uniform said it all, and Aika’s eyes hardened, wary of the boy from Shiratorizawa. “Ololo, who’s this?” He hummed, bouncing on the balls of his feet. He practically towered over Aika, and the smaller boy grimaced.

“Oh, I bumped into him. Sorry about that!” Turning back to Aika, she fixed him with that beautiful smile, and he felt his heart run into his throat.

Eons seemed to pass in the blink of an eye, and Aika could feel it start to settle in. That feeling of stiffness in his limbs, the beating heart and sweaty palms. But at the same time, his body felt like Jello, weak and wiggly.

He froze.

Futakuchi let out a sigh, motioning to Aone, who picked Aika up and carried him away.

Tendou tilted his head, watching the boys leave. “What a strange guy.”

tea and learning

“So what Now?”
Feya was on the counter, both of them still in pajamas and was trying hard to look at something other than her own bare feet dangling and the woman bending to get milk from the fridge.
Damn her.
Delilah looked good anything, even if that something was messy hair and a dark blue t shirt that just passed her mid thigh.
“Anything you want.” Feya jumped at how close Delilah was suddenly, turning on the stove to let the kettle boil, before placing a hand on her pajama class knee. Feya swallowed, the action seemingly more damming as Delilah’s eyes followed the movement.
“Am I making you nervous?” She asked, eyes locking with Feya. The last thing she wanted was for the girl to be afraid of the woman who claimed her just 24 hours before. Feya shook her head, giving a small smile.
“No. It’s..it’s Just a bit new. All…this. Not that it’s bad, you aren’t bad, you re quite good. Not like that. I’m such a creep I’m sorry. You’re a very nice lady who also happened to-”
“Breathe.” chuckled, placing her hands on the teen’s waist. “We have all the time in the world to relearn each other. I don’t expect you to know 100% of what you’re feeling.”
She nodded slowly, hand reaching up to brush the hair from her mother’s face.
The word felt wonderful and terrifying.
“H- how long?”
“How long did you…you know.” Feya could feel the hit rising in her cheeks. It wasn’t her business to know. Not really. “Y- You dont have to tell me if you dont-”
“8 months.”
“8 what?!” Feya repeated, shock evident. Delilah seemed unfased. “How did you…?”
“To be honest, I’m not quite sure. I’m very good at self control, Feya. But you…” she moved closer then, and Feya’s breath caught. “You certainly didn’t make it easy.” Her head bent, nose skimming along the column of her neck, prompting a shiver to race down Feya’s spine.
“M- my bad.” Feya stammered, trying very hard not to fall off of the counter with the way she was practically going to pass out.
Delilah paused, words soft. “Are you okay with affection?”
“Yes!” Feya said, though the word was a bit too quick for her liking. Honestly she couldn’t really think straight beyond love love love Delilah Delilah Deliah.
Those soft lips pressed against her cheek and Feya felt that stupid giggle come out of her.
“You re adorable.” Delilah chuckled, repeating the action.
“I’m not used to this!” Feya argued, smiling again. “Maybe you’re the weirdo.”
“Really?” Delilah raised an eyebrow. The attack on her ribs was unexpected, Feya giving a shriek of laughter at Delilah’s fingers dancing along her stomach.
“S- stop- ha! Mom, I swear to God-”
“Take it back.” Delilah purred. “Come on…” Another attack at Feya’s stomach, and the girl nearly fell back into the counter, scrambling.
“Okay! Okay! I- Okay ha! You win! Y- You win!”
That gained another laugh from Delilah and Feya was almost too distracted by the kiss pressed against her claim to notice the shrill whistle in the air, trying to control her giggles.
“Delil- Mom.” She tapped on her shoulder, only to gain a small growl of annoyance from Delilah, the vampire more concerned on her current actions than anything else. Feya giggled again at the muttering of Russain in her ear before the word came out.


i went back in my archives and compared my ocs

from the first art i could find of them to the latest ‘complete’ art i could find of them, for kicks

(except delciese is an oc i’ve had for so long i legitimately cannot post the first art i have of her, if i even found it i’d probably die inside first)