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That post about Jon's first words being mother upset me so much and Jon's relationship (or lack of) with Cat is literally one of the most fascinating in the show. I don't think either of them hate the other because they aren't capable of that hate (Jon certainly isn't) unless its at Joffrey or Ramsay. With Jon I always imagined that even as he went to the Wall, he never hated her because a small part of him always clung to the hope that the only mother figure in his life would one day love him

the thought of that cuts quite deep :(  show!catelyn (bless michelle’s superb acting) certainly convinced me she hated him. the venom in her eyes when jon went to say good bye to bran could kill (again michelle was amazing). i can’t remember how it was in the books but, but in the show, jon was an angel and i think would’ve jumped into her arms if she opened them for an embrace like for her own kids. 

Suspicious Partner 26

Gah! I was not expecting Bong Hee to walk in just then! Show, you have subverted my expectations once again. I really thought that this would be yet another piece of information Ji Wook would withhold from her until the most dramatically inopportune moment from the reveal. But instead she’s offering to participate in framing of Hyun Soo. I am a) extremely surprised that Bong Hee would consent to that, seeing as she’s very nearly had the same stunt place her in prison on a false charge and b) happy that she is part of this whole sticky mess because it’s much more interesting this way.

You’re the only one, that can stop my mind from going a million miles per minute. 
You calm my soul, and make all my worries fade away. You’re my happy place.
—  From Me to Her (from @musicnblood to @notbr0ken-justbent)


Fluorite is the fusion between Amethyst and Peridot. She likes to make puns and be with friends. As a hardcore gem, Fluorite knows how to keep her pals happy, and although sometimes she can pass out of the line, she has a lovely and shiny heart!

Curious fact: Fluorite is known by shining in the night or in dark places, showing her carisma and love in the fusion.

Topaz Bomb finished reaching 800 followers! I’m glad you guys keep coming to my blog and showing your love too!

Topaz Loves you!

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Any good writing blogs?

hey anon, here visit them amazing writers, read their stuff and die from the perfectionism

💜 @babyshawwn (she’s litterally so pure as a human, and so good as a writer)

💜 @shawnandzoestories (loving her stories, always waiting for more)

💜 @illumeshawn (i have read her stories like 3 times already, never got bored)

💜 @ftsgerald (literally one of nicest people out there, also such an amazing writter)

💜 @ihaveabadreputation (tic equalls masterpiece, but her other imagines are counted as masterpieces as well!)

💜 @teen-mendes (my baby boo, loving her and her work so much)

💜 @latteshawn (living for her work)

💜 @wordsandshawn (let’s take moment and bless her imagines, becuase oh my gosh!)

💜 @nike-shawn (this boo haven’t wrote anything in a while, but i can’t wait anymore to read some newies form her, amazing writter)

💜 @illumninate (always adoring her imagines, because jesus, it’s pefect)

💜 @shawnskeds (meredith is such a cutiepie, and once again an amazing writter)

💜 @starrynightshawn (i’m always waiting till she posts something, and then i’m reading it several times, loving her work)

💜 @thewritingcupcake (my favourite english boo, incredible author)

💜 @wordsformendes (one of the best shawn writers here, no kidding)

💜 @imagines-mendes (she haven’t wrote anything in a while as well, but i’m so excited for her come back and more work)

💜 @mendesflowers (her stories always manages to cheer me up a whole lot, adoring tchem)

💜 @mend-es (this incredible writer is back, omg, it makes me happy as hell, can’t wait to read more from her)

💜 @mendescutie (this cutiepie writes such a cute blurbs)

💜 @permanentguitar (her bullet points are everything)

💜 @mercyimagines (this girl got this thing with words, amazing)

💜  @whitechocolateperfection (she’s literally the cutest, i love her!)

💜  @thesmutofthemendes (i mean, the best smut out there, really)


💜 @shawnmreads (she isn’t a writing blog, but make sure you follow her, and you will find a bunch more imagines/fanfictions/bullet points about mendes, she’s a lifesaver. bless her.

i haven’t motioned everyone, becuase tumblr is a big place, and it’s kinda impossible, so my apology if i forgot about you, i love every and each of you, you guys have been blessed with such a beautiful imagination, and this thing for words. love you!!!


A post-ep one shot for Monday, written beta-less for @txf-fic-chicks post-ep/missing scene challenge. This one is for Kristin. She knows why.

He grabs Scully’s elbow as soon as Skinner’s door edges shut, desperate to grasp her firm angles and so rewrite his last sensory memory of her, warm hand on his dying chest, with his living breathing partner. She looks at him like he’s insane. She’s looked at him like that a hundred times in the last hour as his always questionable testimony was distilled from a barely plausible chain of events to him saying over and over, “I just knew”. Scully can’t apply science to his gut, and Mulder wishes there was some way for him to tell her that he’s lived the same day 24 times and watched her die 24 times and that all he can think right now is that she’s alive, they both are, and please, please, never let him live that Monday again.

He’d slept like the dead last night, passed out on his couch under the weight of two dozen heartbreaks, and woken convinced another was on its way. His commute had been surreal, the newspaper headlines telling him Tuesday seeming just a cruel trick, until Scully had brought reality through the basement office door, red hair and rosy cheeks telling him that it really was over. He’d wanted to hug her then, to close the distance that Diana and a thousand almost arguments have opened between them but when Scully had met his gaze, he’d realised she didn’t remember; that all those Mondays, all those desperate goodbyes as Bernard’s hand had dropped finally, fatally to that killswitch, were his burden to bear. And so he’d told Skinner, with a nonchalance betrayed only by the clench of his hands in his lap as he relived that explosion over and over again, Scully flying boneless away from him in a marble framed inferno, that he “just knew”.

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i just hit 400 followers

and i want to say thank you?? so freaking much?? oh my god i feel so happy and loved. idk why all of you follow me but you did and that means the world to me. thank you so so much. i seriously have the best followers in the world no lie.

i wanna take a second to appreciate some of my favorite people on this hellsite for making my days better

@twinkjeremyheere - you’re so amazing and i love you and your blog and i can’t wait until we go gay tripping to all our favorite fast food places

@her-biness - i can’t wait to fight you and tease bean plant with you. ur the penis butter to my jelly. no but seriously you’re hilarious and so freaking talented and i love you my bisexual babe. ur so rad words can’t describe.

@protect-evanmurphy - BITCH. i love you and your face and everything about you and i wanna tell you this every day and seriously these past three years have been the best three years of my life. thank you for everything.

@surviving-twist-and-shout - i love youuuuu ohh my god we haven’t really talked too much but when we do i get so happy and when i see your username in my activity i get so excited omgomg

@adventuresofchlocaine - girllllllllllll you’re the funniest?? and you’re the sweetest?? and we have planned to get married and watch the office together so i’m pretty frickin excited for that also you make me feel really good about myself and that means the world to me. thank you. 

@cafulur - we haven’t talked too much but you’re always so nice about my writing and it makes me feel so good and much more confident to share my writing and you’re a huge part in the reason i’m gonna continue to write on here so thank you so much for that. seriously.

@aggrevating-adolescent - YOU DREW ME??? AND I’M GOING TO PRINT IT OUT AND HANG IT ON THE WALL LIKE THE NARCISSISTIC ASSHOLE THAT I AM BUT you are so sweet and you’re always so active on my op posts and i love talking to you omg


@connor-can-finish-my-milk - you’re one of the first people who really talked to me on this hellsite and you started out by sending me a picture of mike faist and i’m forever grateful

@tatertottyss - you’re the nicest and you enjoy my headcanons and we freak out about boyf riends together and you’re such an amazing cosplayer and i’m way too lame to be your friend and aghhhh i love youuu get into my messages asap my dude

i know i’m 100% forgetting people but i made this post in 5 minutes and i’m freaking out so please don’t get mad at me if i forgot you ahhh i love you all seriously all 400+ of you have a special place in my heart. take care, and stay gay, and stay warm, and my inbox and ask box are always open for you. 

dadmom appreciates everything xx

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Oh my God! I am SO ridiculously happy that I found your blog at long last! *bows down on her knees and raises hands to the sky* Thank you, internet gods! I've been seeing your work all over the place, but I could never figure out just who the heck this fantastic artist was, but now I have and you have a guaranteed follower for life. Please keep making the beautiful art that you do! I just adore your work. I can't even believe that I'm writing you a message! I'm fangirling so bad right now! ajkjd


New Music Friday!

Every week new music comes out, so here are some of my favorites from the past week:

  • Halsey’s new single Now or Never dropped. I’ve been listening to it nonstop on repeat, so i really like it.
  • Harry Styles released a new single Sign of the Times. As our other member of this blog said, it really does sound like David Bowie. 
  • Cold War Kids dropped their new album LA Divine. I will listen to it later, but let me know what you guys think of it!
  • American Authors have a new song Everything Everything that is going to be featured in something called Born in China. I have no idea what that is, but the cover art is panda’s and the song is good.
  • Banks put out her song Crowded Places. This is a song i didn’t know i needed, but i’m happy it’s in my life.
  • Grouplove put out an acoustic version of their song Good Morning. I love both versions.
  • One of my favorite people Novo Amor, just out out Carry You. I adore it, it’s such a chill and soft song.

Let me know what your favorites were and what i might have missed! 

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can you recommend some of your favourite fanfics if you have any?

Oh my gosh of course! Let’s see. (Bear in mind this is purely off the top of my very sick noggin so I’m going to forget ones.) and I’m sorry I can’t link, I’m on mobile, rip.

So my fave fic of all time is RNTM. I didn’t choose it, it chose me. I also love a lot of the other classics, Pull Me Under, for example. Fading really affected me, stayed with me for weeks after I read it. (Please use some serious caution with that, okay?)

There’s Wild and Unruly, of course. A classic. Ummm…

Basically anything and everything written by @alienproof and @alivingfire. (My fave of Chelsie’s is I’ll Crash Until You Notice Me, my fave of Rachel’s is probably Anonymous Said, though I am currently in the middle of and DYING over the Angel and Demon fic.)

Also, you should check out @lululawrence, @a-writerwrites, @dimpled-halo, @fullonlarrie.

I don’t know… I’m kind of all over the place? Most of the time I just go to @nottooldforthisship’s blog and look at her recs. I have SO much on my to-read list it’s insane, like works from @lucystarkid, @phd-mama, etc. I still haven’t read Where Your Heart Is like I’ve been meaning too. I want to check out @cherrystreet’s work.

🙈🙈I’m sorry nonnie I’m really bad at this. We are so blessed in this fandom to have new content constantly barraging us and it’s all SO good, so really, it’s just point and click. Happy reading! ♥️


ive been having somewhat of an art-based identity crisis over the last few days so to rectify that i decided to draw my fav trashbaby in the styles of some of this fandoms sweethearts, i love all of you and ur art (even tho my lame attempts at imitating it doest make it seem that way 😅😅), thank you for making this fandom a great place to be! but that said if me doing this makes any of you uncomfortable then im more than happy to take this down 😙 

@gaybellethorn @jashtah @everaftermonsterhigh @the-princess-of-fandomness

Me venting on my own blog because I can:

All these posts worrying about Gillian are frustrating the hell out of me. Therefore, I will vent on my own blog. If you disagree, fine, but my ANON is off so own your feelings.

First and foremost Gillian is happy, wealthy and in a good place in her life (as declared by her). She is a beautiful, intelligent, blessed woman…she is FINE. She makes informed decisions. Some backfire, some propel her popularity and enhance her charity work. Bottom line, I am a fan of her and David (and the way I feel when they act together, or are interacting together), I am NOT her personal friend. I do not know her. I have no way of truly contacting or communicating with her. She CHOSE a career in the spotlight and has lived with the repercussions of that decision for decades. She is seasoned, shit like this happens to celebs, so, why the fuck would anyone feel sorry for her? No one died. No one lost a job, or is unable to receive healthcare or pay their bills as a result. She was on vacation in the Mediterranean for fucks sake and spent weeks in Costa Rica just a few months prior. No offense, but First World problems! I think Gillian could give a shit, honestly, because she seems to understand that she has opportunities the majority of people on this planet do not share BECAUSE people spend money to worship her. If it weren’t for publicity good and bad, and the money WE are willing to spend on her behalf, she, quite possibly, would never have been to the Mediterranean or Costa Rica, or any of the other amazing places she has been able to visit. She is blessed with good fortune and she knows it. I doubt she would feel sorry for herself, therefore, neither do I.

I was relieved to receive this info and feel no anger at all. The frustration I do feel lies only with the pitying of her, and the mixed messages sent over the past 4 years. Still super confused about the Orlando thing and the Mann photo shoot.

Unpopular as this may be, I had to get this out! There are many people dealing with RL issues on a daily basis that significantly trump being photographed looking pretty and relaxed in the Mediterranean. We need perspective…seriously!

Take your shit to someone who believes or cares about it

For those anons sending me stupid shit about Gillian hating David, just agreeing now to s11 bc she got more money (taking her tweet as proof of that) writing me about how DD is Fucking 24yr olds ( that is just the tip of the anon-shitpile/iceberg) u can all go to or find some bloggers who actually care about that shit because that ain’t me and I won’t post your stupid anons…. I don’t care for your David bashing horseshit! Neither do I care for your Gillian hates David tweet proofing stupidities… Good luck finding blogs who want to spread that shit and be negative but that ain’t my place because I want to enjoy my happy season 11 high! ❤️

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Ruriiro no Toki (Moon Troupe 2017)

I saw the play on 5/6 in Umeda Theater Drama City, and it happened to be a very memorable show full of firsts: first solo lead for Miyaruri, first solo heroine for Umi, first show as a member of Tsukigumi for Reiko, and first live zuka small theater show for me. :’D It was also my first time seeing a live show by a troupe other than yuki or hoshi (i have my favourites and also the luck for my trips to coincide specifically with my favourites, apparently). I wasn’t planning on seeing it at first, but I am very glad I managed to. Plot summary for Act 1 (to not spoil it completely since the show is getting a dvd release) and my thoughts under the cut:

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oh boy,at first I didn’t know this AU will be so welcomed,but I received so many nice messages…soo,if you like it so much,I’ll keep it and it’ll take a place near Human AU and BatB AU.

Also I want to thank to my bro, @just-a-simple-dreamer-5 for inspiring me to do this AU,her love for HP determined me to do it and I have no regrets ! Thank you ! :>

After so many hours of work at an AU like this,I see you all so happy and that want even more and more is the best “Thank you” I can receive

Full House pt 2

Second part of whatever this series is, I’m not sure what to call it yet but I’m sure I’ll think of something! But last time my Idol republished it to her blog and I was so happy! So thank you @justwritingscibbles you’re absolutely Amazing!

Darkiplier sat across from the girl. She’s been unconscious for a few hours now , all because Wilford can’t do anything right. Absolutely perfect. “Honestly. The worst thing you can do is stare… ” a voice piped up, the girl had woken up. “ I apologize if I made you uncomfortable, miss” he said, she sat up and shook her head looking around her at her surroundings, “Don’t worry about it. Worse has happened. So, pinky brought me here, huh? Interesting place” she said, Dark was rather surprised and… Oddly impressed by how calm she was, most mortals would be panicked and afraid, but she wasn’t a normal mortal. There was something, different about her, He simply couldn’t place it. “Why aren’t you afraid of me?” He asked, growing frustrated at her, She turned her attention to the being, “I am. You’re completely terrifying” She stated Dark looked at her closely, and noticed her slight flush, and the few beads of sweat at her hairline, the girl was indeed scared she was just a master at hiding it. Interesting. Dark Straightened and rolled his neck before fixing his suit, “My name is Darkiplier, you now live here and are not allowed to leave without one of us to accompany you. If you do you shall be refined to your room. Do i make myself clear?” He asked, the girl was still for a long moment before nodding, refusing to look up at the monster in front of her. Dark nodded contently and began to leave the room before pausing at the door, “And I don’t believe I ever got your name” he stated, the girl looked up for a split second, “Y/N. My name is Y/N” she answered before looking back to her hands. Dark looked at her for a moment and smirked, “Y/N…” he said, as if trying it on his tongue, oh he liked that name. He liked it a lot. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     You stayed on the couch for a long while, you were stuck here, you weren’t sure how to feel about this. You needed a walk, they almost always helped you think and calm down. You stood and exited the room you were in, finding that the house was much larger than you originally thought, you sighed and went down the left all towards what looked like a door, as you got closer you could see the door lead to what seemed like the back yard. Upon looking out the window you spot a man in a trench coat, he had dark hair and something tied around his face. You decided it was worth the risk and opened the door.     You made your way toward the man and decided that it would probably be best for you to announce your presents, “Hello?” you said weakly, you didn’t really have it in you to hide your exhaustion and fear… The man looked in your direction and smiled gently you took note of the bloody gauze over his eyes, “Hello, Y/N. My name is The Auth… Host. My name is The Host” the man said, he sounded…. Sad at his name. “No it’s not…” You said slowly, he looked surprised at your words, then confused. “Why do you say that?” he asked, you shrugged and sat next to him, “The way you said it, it’s not natural sounding. Like the word is awkward in your mouth, not to mention you started to introduce yourself by another name” You explained, The Host was speechless, no one had ever pointed it out before now. Maybe this girl would be good for the house after all…. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ And that’s chapter two! Thank you for reading! -Elizabeth B
The Way You Look at Me

SuperCat Week 3, Day 8: Creator’s Choice

Thank you @the-queen-of-the-light for the beta, again, you are amazing and wonderful <3

You can also read this on AO3

Cat Grant is all sharp lines and rough edges. Years of pressure made Cat hard, much like a diamond. She sparkles and shines, but her smile is predatory instead of genuine. Her buffer is harsh words and harsher glares.

But there was something in her look, something soft, something that reminded Kara of… Alex? Kara didn’t really get it.

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tagged by @weasleyhugo thank you lovely!! <3

rules: tag people you want to know better

nickname: elle 
zodiac: taurus
height: 5ft 6″ / 168cm
last thing i googled: medieval hygiene (i was curious!)
favourite music artist: keane, coldplay, oasis, the smiths, adele, etc.
song stuck in my head: elvis ain’t dead by scouting for girls
last movie i saw: it was some low budget film on youtube about this girl who killed her boyfriend’s sister, it wasn’t great lmao i wouldn’t recommend it
what am i wearing right now: red pj bottoms and a white pj top
why did i choose my url: i got it from the lovely @cedricdiggory. i totally fell in love with it and they were kind enough to give it to me!
do i have any other blogs: yes, @arrives - it’s like my ‘happy place’, i don’t worry about followers on that blog, i just post everything i find beautiful
what did your last relationship teach you: it honestly taught me so much but mostly i learnt that no contact is important following a break up. you just can’t get over somebody if you’re still talking every day, it’s not possible.
religious or spiritual: i was baptised catholic but now i’m an atheist, although i try to keep an open mind when it comes to religion and spirituality.
favourite colour: light pink is pretty, like the colour of cherry blossom.
average hours of sleep: 4 - 10
lucky number: 3
favourite characters: the golden trio, they are my life
dream job: i’d love to work in a museum or an old building/castle as a tour guide or something. honestly, anything relating to history will make me happy. 

tagging: @muqqlestudies @holy-snitch @meraudurs @padfootd @thoughtfulseason @chvchang @remusluvpin @ronweascly @lilyevcnz @saladtsar @cedricdiggory @nerville @leakycauldron @scourgify

no pressure!! <3

//Imagine Anna, six months pregnant with Kristoff’s baby, going out to see the trolls because they’re super excited about adding a little pink human baby to their family… But Kristoff is really nervous about it because the trolls have a bad habit of jumping on people when they’re feeling affectionate, and he’s afraid that they’ll all be so excited about Anna that they’ll start tossing her from troll to troll, which would be terrible for the baby…

But then he and Anna arrive and the trolls are excited, yes, but they’re all very careful with Anna, giving her lots of space and generally respecting her boundaries and Kristoff gets all confused because what the hell is happening, he’s never seen his overbearing family act so gentle and sweet, and he just stands there dazed and confused and so incredibly happy, and when Anna kneels down so that Bulda can place a careful hand upon her belly, Kristoff just gets the biggest, dopiest smile. (◕‿◕✿)