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honestly I've never given much thought to the fandom's interpretations of sadie's appearance but it's definitely Weird that most ppl (including me, I'm calling myself out) immediately picture very light skin and straight hair etc. like obviously there are white-passing biracial people but the fact that seems to be the default image for sadie's appearance says loads

it’s particularly peculiar bc, like, okay yah straight hair probably comes from the official art

which isn’t necessarily the best benchmark anyway because rick’s characters are frequently whitewashed…i mean, for comparison, just look how appallingly light carter’s official art is:

but even in the official art, she’s definitely not pale. you probably wouldn’t think she’s black from looking at her, sure, and that’s true to canon, but she’s certainly not pasty white, and her hair is definitely not that super fine platinum blond. anyway, we can assume that if carter is much darker, then so is sadie.

also, this is the book cover rick praised for finally not whitewashing the kanes…sadie is still quite light, but notice that her hair is curly:

anyway, “white passing” is very subjective, and changes tremendously based on lighting, season, who you’re with, and where you are.

I firmly believe that when Sansa arrived at Castle Black and Tormund found out she was Jon’s sister, he instantly adopted her as his own sister. Like he calls her Little Bird (cause Jon is a crow) when they’re alone and goes out of his way to make sure she’s okay. He’d ask her to teach how to be proper in an attempt to win over Brienne, but admittedly loves just spending time with her. He’ll braid her hair as she vents all her revenge fantasies and he corrects her on the best way to go about killing them. “Did that lowly foot soldier make a crass comment at you, Little Bird? I’ll throw him off the top of the wall!” I just want more big brother Tormund.

theyna high school au (?)
  • First day of senior year Thalia shows up from nowhere.
  • Reyna, being the president of the students council gets to show her around
  • It’s like the most painful hour ever for Reyna. Thalia doesn’t utter a word during the entire hour it takes Reyna to go over the school grounds, no matter the amount of effort Reyna brings to try small talk.
  • At the ends she’s given up though, and decides that if Thalia doesn’t want any friends, that’s sure as hell not her problem.
  • (but damn she can’t stop thinking about those blue eyes)

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My Right Hand - Part 1

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This is a fanfic I wanted to write for quite some time now… I guess now, with Sasaki-NH drawing this wonderful piece of artwork for me, and Entou drawing this adorable little doujin, it is as good time as any to finally do it!

It doesn’t rain very often in Konoha, but when it rains, it pours.

Naruto looked at the young woman that was currently holding an umbrella over his head. Her clothes were slowly getting more soaked and her long black hair were slowly getting more wet as she did her very best to weather him from the storm. She carefully held the umbrella against the wind’s direction, making sure that most of the rain didn’t reach him. For some strange reason it seemed that her priority was to protect him rather than keep herself dry.

She had a bright smile on her lips. As if she didn’t mind getting wet. As if she didn’t mind the droplets of rain that were slowly accumulating on her face.  As if being with him like this was something she genuinely cherished.

Naruto thought it was the most beautiful thing he had even seen….

It was like a small piece of sunshine, warming his heart, and easing his worries…

Come to think of it, “Hinata”, her name, meant “Sunshine” didn’t it?

Sunshine under the rain… For some reason this seemed to describe her perfectly.

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since its Halloween and all us Jily fans are all soppy and emotional, I thought I’d write a AU where Lily and James don’t die and Harry, who is twelve, brings Ron and Hermione to his house in London.

‘HARRY! I can see your parents!’ Ron shouted, arousing Harry from a very boring daydream. Harry looked round. Sure enough, standing on the platform were his parents, James and Lily, looking rather jolly whilst talking to his Uncle Sirius and Uncle Remus.

‘Ooh,’ said Hermione with great interest in her voice, ‘Where?’ Ron pointed out the window to Harry’s mother’s vibrant red hair and his father’s scruffy black hair. ‘Your mum’s very pretty, Harry,’ said Hermione, without looking away from the window.

Harry’s parents had invited his two best friends to stay with him for a couple of weeks at the start of summer, which they had agreed to with no hesitations. Hermione and Ron had never met his parents, for the year before, it had been his godfather, Sirius, who had picked him up from the platform.

The train slowed to a halt and Harry, Ron and Hermione pulled their trunks down from the racks before emerging into the jostling crowd. They piled out of the train, Ron and Hermione left to find their parents and say goodbye before they went off to Harry’s.

 Meanwhile, Harry set off across the platform to find his parents, who, being as young as they were, were getting some rather dirty looks. Lily was wearing one of James’ old t-shirts and some black skinny jeans which were ripped in numerous places. She was leaning against the brick wall, her hair up in a ponytail and a smile plastered upon her face as she listened to Sirius talking. James was stood with his arm around her, a leather jacket over a plain black shirt, and blue jeans over his long legs.

‘Harry!’ Excaimed his mother, wrapping her arms around him, the smell of her flowery perfume swimming up his nostrils, making him feel at home.

‘Harry, how y’been?’ Said James, giving him a fatherly pat on the back, ‘Got any detentions -OW !’ Lily had just slapped James round the back of the head. Harry laughed and turned to his father’s best friends, who had acted as uncles for so many years.

‘Hey, Harry,’ said Remus, passing him a package wrapped in brown paper, ‘Don’t open it until later.’ He winked at Harry and tapped the side of his nose. Harry knew it was a new Zonko’s product. Uncle Remus always got him the new Zonko’s stuff as a welcome home present.

He turned to see his godfather, Sirius, looking at him through a curtain of dark silky hair, his smile wide. He gave Harry a big hug, smelling strongly of bonfires, his jacket warm and his arms strong around his shoulders.

‘So I hear you’re bringing some friends to stay,’ said Remus, ‘I’m sure they’ll enjoy it.’

‘We’ll make them enjoy it,’ interjected Sirius, who looked very excited for Harry, and was looking around the crowd for them.

‘What are their names again, bee?’ Asked his mum (who had a habit of calling people “bee”).

‘Well there’s Ron Weasley-’

‘I know his father, seen him around the ministry, nice man.’ James said under his breath to apparently no one.

‘-and Hermione Granger. She’s muggle born.’ He added, to his father’s look of confusion at why he hadn’t heard of them before.

‘Bringing a girl, eh?’ said Sirius, winking at him, ‘I’ve had loads of experience with women.’

‘You’ve had no experience with women,’ said Remus and James together before being interrupted by Lily.

‘I think they’re here.’ She said, smiling and waving at Ron and Hermione over Harry’s shoulder.

‘Hey Harry, hey Harry’s mum and dad.’ said Ron, smiling and waving.

‘James and Lily,’ Lily corrected him, ‘And you must be Hermione.’

‘Hello, Lily,’ Hermione seemed unsure at the idea of calling her by her first name, ‘Hello James.’

‘This is Remus Lupin,’ said James, gesturing to Remus, who waved, ‘And Sirius Black,’ Sirius waved very enthusiastically, almost whacking Remus on the nose.

Ron and Hermione waved back, looking at Harry with excited expressions on their faces.

‘Shall we get going then? I trust your parents have everything sorted?’ Asked Lily.

‘Yeah, my family are picking me up,’ said Ron grimacing at the idea of his entire family embarrassing him at his friend’s house.

‘And my parents are picking me up too,’ said Hermione, with a great grin.

They chattered all the way home, Lily took a particular shining to Hermione and Ron and Harry sat contemplating what was in the box Remus had given him. Overall Harry couldn’t wait to get home, he had never been happier.

I will continue I promise… I wanted to make jilytober a bit less sad and this is the final product. I have never been more tired in my life oml.

Confession: Im all for black girls uplifting each other, even with small gestures like compliments. When I was at a club last week I went out of my way to tell a black girl I loved her hair because it was gorgeous (and that wasnt too easy, a clubs not exactly the best place for a conversation) but she looked genuinely flattered and made sure she said bye to me when she left and it was honestly the best part of my night.

Requested: thatvintagegothicbaby

Request:  Do you think you could do some curvy girl fanfic/smut with Micheal

It was your first Friday Night out in a long time. You put on your new dress, a black skin tight dress that shapes your curvy figure, showing where all your lumps were (in a good way, of course). You wore your new silver heels that made your legs look long and skinny, and made sure your hair and makeup was the best you had ever done it.

You walked into the bar and looked at your phone.

“I’m in the blue babe” your best friend messaged you. You looked up, searching, and found her at the bar with two boys. You laughed to yourself. Of course she is with boys, before starting to walk to her. You noticed guys giving you looks and you smiled as you knew the dress was working in your way tonight.

You reached the bar and slid next to her as she screamed and hugged you. “So glad you are here babe! These are my two friends, Calum and Michael from work” she said, smiling sweetly at them.

“Hola” the one with tanned skin, Calum? you thought, said to you. He smiled before saying “I am Calum, it’s really nice to meet the famous y/n, I have heard so much about you at work…your stories seem fun” He said before winking at you. Shit you thought before looking to the side.

“Hey there” you heard a voice vome from Michael, the other boy. “I am Michael, the cute one, obviously. Sorry if this is forward but you look amazing” He said before winking at you.

“Boys… you were meant to be on your best behaviour” y/f/n said to them before giggling.

“You said we were meeting the hot one, and you were correct, how can we behave??” Calum laughed, moving closer to you.

“No way man I dibs-ed her already in my head” Michael said, pushing Calum away. “Just look at her body, so curvy, so real, so nice” he said before looking you up and down and biting his lip.

“Haha, thanks boys…” You said awkwardly before turning to the bar “Can I please get two vodka redbulls and two wet pussy shots” you said before turning back to the boys “Want anything?”

“Make it 4 please” Calum said as he slid next to you, handing his money to the bar man “Don’t let her pay” he said before winking at him and the bar tender nodded back. “I can’t let you pay, especially being that I am with two pretty girls” he smiled again. You all did your shots before you grabbed the drinks and made your way to the dance floor, holding your friends hand.

You started to dance with each other as you drank your drinks, laughing and throwing your hair around the place. It was packed but not packed enough that you still couldn’t get down. The boys walked over, smirking at you both.

“We decided what we were going to do.” Michael said, smirking again.

“Oh god here we go” y/f/n said, laughing.

“Seeing as Calum does like girls that game better, I told him he could take you, y/f/n” he said, smirking.

“It’s true, plus, I have always had a work-place crush on you babe” Calum said before putting his arm around your friend, looking into her eyes. It wasn’t long before they were making out, grinding one each other.

You started dancing as Michael came up behind you, his body sliding up your back. Your ass was right in front of his cock, that was growing harder by the minute. “Fuck y/n, your body is driving me crazy” he growled into your ear. You turned around to face him, staring into his deep green eyes. You put a hand into his black hair, pulling slightly, making his head come right to your face.

“You gotta work for it” You said before turning around and grinding your ass on his pants, making him groan again.

“Fuck y/n, you’re such a tease” He said before grabbing your head and escorting you into the girls bathroom. Luckily nobody was in there as he took you into a stall and pushed you up against the stall wall.

“Much better” He whispered as he threw his hands on your waist, slowly bringing them up, tracing every inch, before he reached the back of your head and pulled you in for a kiss. He softly kissed your lips, pulling away and gliding his top lip on your bottom lip, before he softly bit it and let go. He then kissed across your cheek down past your ear to your neck, before he hit your sweet spot. You softly moaned out, which made him groan. “Your moan is so hot” He said before sliding his hands down your back and onto your ass, gripping it tight. “I love how big it is, it is making me crazy. All I want is you to sit on me with this so I can spank it and grip it and give it the appreciation it needs.

“Do it then” You spoke before realizing anything had actually come out, smirking up at him. He grabbed you and slid the dress off, revealing your hot black duo set of underwear, lacy and almost see through. He cried out a moan, looking you up and down. “DD’s hey? Very nice” he said before squeezing them in his hands. He slid his pants off, including his underwear, and you watched eyes wide as his cock flicked up, so big and thick.

“Now you’re driving me crazy” you said as he sat on the toilet seat and grabbed your body pulling you closer.

“Now you have to be a good girl and be quiet, people are in here now” he said as he lifted you up and slid you onto his cock, pushing you down slowly.

You groaned out and he threw his hand over your lips, making you be quiet.

“Naughty girl, not following instructions!” he said as he pulled your hair hard, kissed your neck and left a bright purple spot. “I would hit your ass but people are here” He heard the door shut soon after and he lifted you up off his cock before flipping you around so you faced the toilet, throwing your hands on top of it as he slid back in, doggy style.

“Now, naughty girls don’t get to feel good” he said, as he hit your ass hard, making it wobble softly. He hit it a few more times before moaning loudly. “So fucking pretty” he said.

“I’m close Michael, please…” you said as you tried to turn and look at him.

Before you could speak again he has pulled out and flipped you around, pushing you down and making him suck his cock. Not long after he squirted inside your mouth as you swallowed it all up, looking at his face intently. He made a “o” face before sliding his pants on and lifting you back up.

“Now, I told you naughty girls don’t get to feel good” He said before handing you your underwear. You slid them on and he helped you with your dress.

“But what am I meant to do now?” you questioned, giving him puppy dog eyes. He reached up and flattened your hair.

“I would rather fuck you good in a home, so behave the rest of the night and I will take you home” He winked before grabbing your hand and escorting you out the bathroom, running through a group of girls as you both laughed and returned to the dance floor.

Big Apple

Lydia had moved the day after Allisons funeral. She cut all ties with everyone at Beacon Hills.

So, walking into class on the first day was kind kf hard. She made sure she looked her best. A green dress that complimented her complexion, her hair is loose curls, black heels, makeup done.

She walked into the class, a smile on her face. The teacher smiled. “Class, this is Lydia Martin. Treat her eith respect and be kind.”


Sports Reporter Riley Matthews whole world is turned upside down when Shortstop Lucas Friar signs with the Yankees, can she keep the secrets she’s held onto for the last thirteen years, can he keep the secrets he’s held onto?

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Author Note: So just an FYI the next chapter will be posted on Monday July 25th, 2016. If you have any questions my ask box is open and I’ll answer anything that isn’t too spoilery.


Wyatt lay on Alex’s bed, staring at the ceiling, “I can’t believe your posters are still held hostage.”

“Mom wants to make sure I don’t back out on Reese.” Alex came into the room wearing a black party dress, her hair in soft curls.

He knew it was Alex his best friend in front of him, but he couldn’t understand why his heart was racing, his palms suddenly felt sweaty. “You look amazing; Al, good thing the boys won’t be there or they might start treating you like a girl.”

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how 2 be kewl in realm wu and get gifted rad crowns stuff

all the steps u need to be cool in realm wu and get lots of new friends with crowns!!!

STEP ONE make a girl wizard with open chat

STEP TWO have her have the very popular blue eyes (not the  smile) and long hair (for best results chose black, brown, red, or blond)

STEP THREE get either guardians vestment or the commander robe

STEP FOUR make sure to wear elegant hat and shoes

STEP FIVE chose a cute cheap wand

STEP SIX ok, now this is the part we’ve been waiting for! enter realm wu and search for your target

STEP SEVEN once you find your target go around him and add him, dont forget to use the clapping and dancing emote

STEP EIGHTH whisper him; do you want to go into my dorm..

STEP NINE after your dorm room fun say; man  I REALLY WANT (insert what you want here) and i loved hanging with you..man if i only i had (insert what you want here) 

STEP TEN repeat, by then you’ll be the richest wiz in wu! It’s simple like that!


playlist + polyvore collection

or; anne of green gables, queer fables, and bad cable

~ the one where they’re all modern and queer, and there are road trips, and anne decides she doesn’t mind her accidentally green-blue hair (although she doesn’t stop it when the red grows back in, she learns to love the red too), and she can’t decide whether she loves the country or the city best, pastels or black, boys or girls. she’s a whirlwind, firecracker girl, but she’s not really the troubled type - i mean, yeah, she was the one who convinced diana to get that tattoo, and rachel lynde is pretty sure she’s turned half the girls gay, but what’s so bad about all that anyways? anne and her friends run around town and the island and beyond, raising hell and laughing loud, and are basically the definition of squad goals. ~

The Clothes Make the Man, Pt. 2

“Aw, Cap, you look adorable!”

Steve looked up, a smile creasing his face as Darcy poked her head through the double doors. She was dressed in blue and white gingham dress over a crisp white shirt and sparkling red shoes, her dark hair in two pigtails, tied with blue ribbons. “Hey there, Dorothy,” Steve said, and Darcy grinned back at him.

“And my little dog, too!” she said, holding up her basket. There was a little black dog inside, clearly a plush toy. “Not the best Toto, but we couldn’t find a real one.”

“Well, that’s probably for the best,” Steve agreed. He shifted another basket of supplies onto the table, making sure that everything was accessible.

“So, you’re what, Mal Reynolds?” Darcy asked, and he sighed.

“Tony put you up to this, didn’t he?” he asked, shaking his head.

“Kinda, yeah,” Darcy said. She grinned, unrepentant, as Steve gave her a chiding look.

“The costume isn’t even that similar!”

“Yeah, but he’s very persuasive.”

“I know,” Steve said. “Trust me. I know.” He ripped open a packet of construction paper, pleased with the variety of colors. “We’ve got a little theater set up in one of the meeting rooms, with a bunch of old serials and a couple of Godzilla films, and a whole room full of comics. Anyone doesn’t know who Buck Rogers is, I know just where to send ‘em.”

“You should’ve gone with Superman.”

“It was suggested,” Steve said. “But I did my time in tights, I’m not going back.”

“This suits you better, anyway. Very retro futuristic.”

“Thanks.” Steve paused. “I think.”

Darcy looked at the tables. “What are you doing?”

“Letting the kids make their own props and costume bits,” Steve said, nodding at the carefully organized boxes of foam and feathers, stacks of paper and bins of pom poms, pipe cleaners, ribbon, markers and crayons and all manner of supplies. There were pre cut masks and paper hats and helmets, fairy wings and crowns, swords and scepters and wands, all ready to be decorated. “And world building.” The walls were covered with white paper, huge sheets at various heights and also spread out on the floor. Cups of markers and pencils and crayons were set everywhere, ready to be used.

“Arts and crafts,” Darcy said, her hands on her hips. Her wicker basket swung against her hip, the little stuffed dog inside tipping to the side.

“Arts and crafts,” Steve agreed, proud about it. “With little packets of supplies for the kids to take home at the end.”

“You’re adorable,” Darcy told him.

“So I hear.” His watch beeped, and he checked it. “Almost time.”

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Best Plans Laid

Kitty still wasn’t sure how she’d convinced Marley to go out for a juice and coffee run without her, but once the room was empty she swung quickly into action.  A shower came first, then a quick adjustment to her hair and some minimal makeup.  From the bag she hadn’t let Marley look in, she found the outfit she’d chosen for the day - black and white lace bra, matching underwear, and a garter belt and stockings.  A silk kimono covered her up, but just barely, and she quickly turned the blankets from the beds into a fort that had enough room for them both.

Using covered tea lights instead of candles, because she didn’t want to burn the place down, she laid a path from the door to the entrance of the fort and then climbed inside to wait.  She still wasn’t a hundred percent sure whether Marley was ready for this, and if not then Kitty trusted she’d say so, but she felt it was time they at least found out.

Percy & Annabeth: Breathe

i wrote this quite some time ago, and im not sure why i didnt post it earlier, but here you go : )

synopsis: They’ve been best friends since forever. Annabeth Chase can’t remember when they didn’t know each other.


Annabeth Chase said goodbye to her father as she was dropped off for her first day of school. Even at the age of five, Annabeth Chase felt independent. She waved goodbye as Fredrick Chase’s car drove away from the entrance.

Two people caught her attention. A short boy with black messy hair and striking green eyes. He was stuck closely to his mother. She had long wavy brown hair and the only word that came to Annabeth’s mind when she saw the lady was nice.

Apparently, she saw the boy everywhere. He was in her class after all. They didn’t talk much, and Annabeth could tell he was pretty shy around everyone.

She found out his name was Percy on the second week of school. Annabeth had been playing near the sandpit with her new best friend, Piper Mclean.

“Can I play with you guys too?” He had asked so politely.

Cooties were common, but Annabeth knew that cooties weren’t going to stop her befriending Percy Jackson.

Apparently, Sally Jackson came pretty late that day. And so did Fredrick Chase - well Fredrick always came late.

Annabeth and Percy were the last to leave kindergarten that day. It was a norm for Annabeth, but not for Percy. They talked a bit, and Percy didn’t seem worried about getting cooties either. On that day, Annabeth Chase decided that Percy Jackson wasn’t really shy anymore.

Fredrick and Sally came around the same time. Sally came in running towards Percy, carrying him and apologising for being so late.

“It’s okay mum, Annabeth was here to keep me company,” he smiled a toothy grin.

Sally turned towards Annabeth and said hello to her. They conversed a bit, mainly Sally asking Annabeth if she wanted a ride home.

Just then, Fredrick Chase came in. She didn’t run and hug her dad like what happened with Percy. Annabeth just stood up and said goodbye to Sally and Percy before leaving with her dad. Fredrick Chase said a few words with Sally Jackson before bringing his daughter back home.



Percy and Annabeth still remain good friends. In fact, Sally Jackson offers to send Annabeth home everyday. Fredrick Chase allows that as his work makes it hard for him to leave just to send Annabeth home to an empty home.

Sally Jackson realises this, and decides that Annabeth is too young to be left at home. So, everyday after school, Annabeth goes to the Jackson’s household and they spend the afternoon and most of the evening there.

Sally Jackson also decides to work from home instead of hopping from store to store. This way, she takes care of both Percy and Annabeth.

Percy and Annabeth are often teased in class for spending so much time together. But it doesn’t matter to them, they don’t think cooties exist anyways.


age 7

Annabeth Chase starts school in a newer and bigger school. It’s a good thing she’s still friends with Percy. In fact, they go to the same school, Goode High. Annabeth soon finds out that she’s actually really good at school. She enjoys every bit of it.

Percy, however, isn’t feeling the joy of school as much. He’s dyslexic, apparently, and so is Annabeth. The only difference is that Annabeth is doing well. He hates school more because the guys in his class tease him so much about Annabeth. They say he’s going to catch cooties, but after two years with Annabeth, he thinks that if he caught them, he would be okay with that.

They still spend a lot of time together in Percy’s house. Sally Jackson treats Annabeth as her daughter, and Annabeth is glad. Her mum left her when she was a baby, and her dad isn’t even home most of the time. Sally Jackson is her substitute mum, and she loves it.


age 8

“I think you’re finally old enough to learn the secret recipe,” Sally tells Annabeth and Percy one day.

They both exchange grins, smiling widely. They love blue cookies, and Sally Jackson had finally decided to teach them the secret to it.

The kitchen doesn’t end up in a disaster, thankfully.

Percy and Annabeth still enjoy each other’s company. Even after the many teasing they get from their friends.

Piper Mclean is still Annabeth’s best girl friend, and all is well to Annabeth. She even topped her class that year.


age 9

This is when things get hard for her. Her father springs up a surprise marriage proposal to his girlfriend. She’s bittersweet about this. Annabeth wants her real mother, not another one. But she doesn’t even know a clue about her real mother. She settles for his girlfriend, she seems okay anyways.

Not only does this surprise marriage make Annabeth upset, Percy Jackson decides it’s time to get a life in school. He joins the swim team - and that means less Percy and Annabeth time. They only have Monday and Friday’s free. His swimming practices are on Tuesday and Thursday, and Annabeth’s chess club meets on Wednesday.

She thinks her friendship between herself and Percy is drifting. They’re not together in every class, and even when they are, Annabeth chooses to sit next to Piper while Percy chooses Jason.


age 10

Annabeth definitely thinks that she’s drifting from Percy. They only meet up on Friday’s now. Apparently, Percy’s a really good swimmer. She knows that too. She sees him during competitions anyways. She’s happy for him, but sad about their friendship.

They’re barely in any classes too. She’s put into the advanced classes, and Annabeth desperately hopes they’re in the same class. They are for one though, Greek mythology. Apparently, both of them have a knack for that subject. It’s the only class they have together, so they take the opportunity and sit next to each other during that class.

Piper Mclean isn’t in that class, and neither is Jason Grace. She’s actually quite happy about that because it means that they’ll have their alone time.


age 11

Annabeth doesn’t know why, but when she’s 11, everything seems to fall apart. Her stepmother is pregnant with two boys. And this means that her stepmother won’t be working much anymore - which leads to less Percy time. She goes back to her boring home instead of the Jackson’s household. She doesn’t go to Percy’s house anymore. She comes back home to take care of her stepbrothers, Bobby and Matthew. She doesn’t like them, she concludes.

It’s not helping that Percy and her aren’t in any of the same class, except for Greek mythology. There’s also a new boy in that class - Grover Underwood. Apparently, Grover and Percy are in the same homeroom together, and the teacher assigns Percy to sit next to Grover.

She’s bummed that she’s losing her best friend. She’s really glad one day though. Percy brings her blue cookies from Sally Jackson. He said his mum misses her, and so does he. She blushes and thanks Percy for the cookies. They decide that if they can’t meet up much, they should sit together for lunch. And that’s what they do.

She thinks the break times help their friendship. They’re definitely not awkward around each other and they constantly tease the hell out of each other.

Annabeth decides to spend her Thursday afternoons at the bleachers, watching Percy swim. She does her work while he practices. And after practice, they take the bus home together. Sally thinks Percy is old enough, and makes him take the bus home. They live near each other, thankfully. In fact, they drop off at the same bus stop. From the bus stop, however, they split routes and walk home on their own.

They decide at the age of eleven that their friendship is worth keeping and sacrificing time for. Percy waits behind every Wednesday for Annabeth to finish Chess, and Annabeth waits for Percy’s swim practices. They take the bus home everyday. The thirty minute bus ride home allows them to catch up on their lives, and Annabeth loves it.

Her stepmother doesn’t though, but Annabeth just lies and says she has other activities on in school, thus her reason for staying back. Her stepmother believes, and Annabeth is still best friends with Percy, and she thinks everything is fine.


age 12

Annabeth thinks that everything is weird. She’s changing. Percy’s changing. Her friends are changing. And Annabeth Chase doesn’t like change, but she accepts it.

Annabeth soon discovers she’s good in cheerleading, and the cheerleading team wants her. She accepts, and this leaves her busy on Wednesday and Friday.

She still only has one class that she shares with Percy. They still don’t sit next to each other, but they take the bus home together and eat lunch together.

But lunch time is a hard topic now. Annabeth is asked to sit with the cheerleaders - which includes her best friend, Piper. Annabeth, however, prefers sitting with Percy. She tries to do both. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, she sits with Percy. On Tuesday and Thursday she sits with the cheerleaders. She thinks this arrangement is fine, but it really isn’t.

The only thing they do share are the bus rides home. But apparently, their new friends Hazel and Frank, live near them too. This means that the four of them ride home together. Annabeth isn’t keen about the idea, but she accepts it. Anyways, during the two days Annabeth abandons Percy for recess, he’s often seen with the two of them.


age 13

Annabeth is thirteen, and all she can think is that the new guy Luke, looks hot. She tries to get close to him, and it’s pretty easy since he shares most of the classes with Annabeth. She’s still topping her class.

Percy knows Annabeth likes Luke. He can totally see it. But Percy, despite training so hard swimming, is short and scrawny compared to Annabeth. Her year in cheer has made her taller, tanner, leaner and muscular. Percy feels nothing beside Luke. But he’s her best friend, he knows one day Annabeth will date other guys.

They don’t spend much time together, in fact. Percy continues to wait for Annabeth to ride the bus home after her cheer practice. She’s grateful for that, and she sends him a thankful smile as they talk on the bus ride home. But when it’s her turn to wait for him, it doesn’t happen all the time. She forgot, she told him.

He tries his best to accept her apology. He knows she left with Luke. And did Percy not mention that Luke is on the football team? Well, he is. Annabeth cheers for his games too.

Percy feels hurt that this is how their friendship is going to end, but he smiles through it. He doesn’t want to lose Annabeth as a friend at all.


age 14

He’s slightly shorter than her, but he’s catching up, he feels. Percy thinks Annabeth has gotten a lot prettier. She keeps her hair longer now, and her beautiful blonde curls reminds him of a princess.

Percy’s given sympathetic looks when she abandons him during lunch. She sits with the cheerleaders everyday now. Doesn’t she see them during training? Why sit with them during breaks too!

The worst part of it is that the cheerleaders and the footballers sit together. They’re the popular gang, and Percy sees that too. Jason Grace is on the football team, but he refuses the offer and sits next to Percy with Frank and Hazel everyday. He thanks Jason silently for that.

It doesn’t make it better that the only reason their friendship is still there is because of Percy. Percy tries to keep the friendship together so badly. He waits for her after her practices, but she leaves him after his. It hurts that she doesn’t even inform him.

They each get the responsibility of getting a phone too. His first number is Sally, and the second is Annabeth. Annabeth however, has added almost half of the school, before she finally adds his number. He’s okay with that though.

There’s only one day he wishes that he was blind. He waits in the canteen patiently, trying his best at trigonometry. It’s 5pm, and Annabeth should be done with cheer. He shuts his book and swings his backpack before heading to meet Annabeth at the field.

On his way, he sees her in the halls. She doesn’t see him though, he thinks. She’s laughing with Luke, and they’re holding hands. He cringes at the sight, but reminds himself that they’re just friends after all. Percy realises that he has lost Annabeth. She takes the bus home with Luke on that day, and Percy waits for the next bus before going home on his own.

He thinks to himself on the bus ride home, and realises that the friendship is one-sided. He knows he can’t do much about it, but he hopes for the best. And Percy tells himself that everything is fine.


age 15

Percy and Annabeth are finally fifteen, and Percy is officially taller than Annabeth now. He improves in some of his subjects with lots of tutoring from his new friend, Rachel Elizabeth Dare. She has stunning red hair, and she’s quite pretty.

He’s happy with his new friend, in fact. She’s a new student, and she does well in school. She tutors him everyday, and Percy’s proud to say that he now shares 4 subjects in common with Annabeth.

Annabeth is taken aback by the fact that Percy’s doing pretty well in school. In fact, she confirmed her relationship with Luke two months ago. And two months ago was when Annabeth and Percy stopped talking to each other. Annabeth didn’t want Luke to be jealous of her having a guy as her best friend. Piper told her that this wasn’t the way to go, but Annabeth believed firmly that she really did like Luke.

She’s happy for Percy, though. He’s grown up quite a lot. He’s not the scrawny boy he was a few years ago. He’s actually pretty hot now, and getting popular with the girls in school. He doesn’t know that they’re shamelessly flirting with him though.

Sally Jackson is shocked when Percy brings Rachel home. She doesn’t know about Percy and Annabeth’s lack of friendship, and she’s definitely surprised when Rachel came in. She decides she still prefers Annabeth.

By the end of the year, however, Percy and Rachel are officially a thing.


age 16

Annabeth Chase is heart broken. After a long practice, she just wishes to go back to Luke’s place and eat his mother’s lasagna. Her dreams are crushed as she sees Luke pressing a girl against the wall, and he’s making out with her. She screams his name, and tears roll down her face. He looks up, and she says it’s over before dashing out of school.

Percy sees the commotion. He was actually with Rachel, walking towards the bus stop. He sees Annabeth sitting down on the bench waiting for the bus. Rachel pulls him back saying it’ll be awkard if they sit there happily when she just caught her boyfriend cheating on her.

Percy says it’s okay as he goes forward to Annabeth. Annabeth Chase looks up at her ex-best friend, and her eyes are filled with regret. Regret for not trying to keep the friendship at all. She thought Luke was the perfect guy, but she was wrong.

She sees Rachel staring at Percy and Annabeth having a silent eye conversation. Percy pulls Annabeth into a hug, and Annabeth sobs more. Rachel’s bus comes, and normally Percy would offer to take the bus with her halfway till he changes to another one to go home. This time though, Percy tells Rachel that he’d stay with Annabeth.

They take the bus home. And that thirty minutes is precious to Annabeth. She decides that it’s time to reconcile that friendship. That day, she goes over to Percy’s house. She’s shocked to see that a guy opened the door for them. He introduces himself as Paul Blofis, apparently Sally Jackson remarried.

“Yeah, I didn’t want to say anything since we weren’t really talking anymore,” Percy explains.

“I understand. Look, Percy. Can we forget about that not-talking-for-a-year-thing? Can we put it in the past?”

She’s surprised. He agrees, and they become best friends again. Her old habits change. She’s sitting with Percy, Rachel, Hazel, Frank, Jason, Piper and Leo. Leo came in the same time as Rachel, and he was a friend of Jason. Piper decides to join them instead of the cheerleaders as she got together with Jason a few months back.

She thinks her group of friends are really cool, and she likes school. She avoids Luke as much as possible too.


age 17

Annabeth decides that she finds Rachel Elizabeth Dare annoying. She can’t stand her preppy voice and fake attitude. Rachel gets on Annabeth’s nerves. But Annabeth stays calm for the sake of her best friend. When Percy’s there, Rachel constantly clings onto him as if her life depended on him. She would constantly talk to Percy, distracting him from his other friends - and definitely from Annabeth Chase.

What makes Annabeth more annoyed is that Rachel thinks that there’s something on between Percy and Annabeth. There is nothing going on between them. Sure, Annabeth admits, she thinks she’s falling for Percy, but that won’t happen. Percy’s hopelessly in love with Rachel anyways.

Unlike Annabeth, Percy doesn’t distant himself from Annabeth. He hangs out with her quite often too. He makes Annabeth his new tutor. Something along the lines that Rachel’s a distraction to him rather than a tutor. Annabeth tries to laugh at this, and she thinks she pulls it off.

His grades improve more with Annabeth’s help though, and he’s thankful. He’s in almost every single class Annabeth is in. They sit together in some, in fact - especially in Greek mythology since Grover had transferred out.

Annabeth decides that she wants to take up architecture in university. She tells Sally her plans too, and she’s definitely supportive. Annabeth walks into the Jackson’s household on an everyday basis now. It’s not always to see Percy, but sometimes it’s for Sally. That Saturday, it was for Sally. Little did she know Rachel Dare would be the one to knock on the main door. Sally yells at Annabeth to open the main door as Percy might’ve came back from his move with Rachel. Annabeth opens, and she sees the happy couple there.

Rachel is definitely shocked, Percy looks as if that was normal - because it is normal. Annabeth can see from Rachel’s dagger eyes that Rachel hates it, but Annabeth just ignores it and helps Sally.


age 18

It’s senior year, and Percy and Rachel are still dating. Annabeth hates it, but she’s the best friend. She sucks it up and pretends she’s happy for both of them. She is though, she’s happy that Percy’s happy.

The others from the group can tell that she’s pretty bummed about it. Even Leo had a date now.

“It’s almost prom, you can’t be going alone,” Piper tells Annabeth.

“I’m not going alone,” Annabeth tells her.

“Unless you can get Percy Jackson to change his mind, then yeah, you’re going alone,” Hazel pipes up.

“He’s smitten over her,” Calypso mumbles.

The rest silently agree, and Annabeth knows that too. He’s definitely hopelessly in love with Rachel Dare. And all Annabeth can see is that she’s going to grow old alone.

Annabeth didn’t get asked to prom by any guy. She’s perfectly fine by that, though. She knew it wouldn’t happen anyways. Anyone with eyes could tell that Annabeth Chase liked Percy Jackson. Except for Percy Jackson, he didn’t know.

She decides she doesn’t want to go to prom then.

“Hey Annabeth, are you going to prom?” Rachel asks Annabeth during lunch.

Her friends all turn and look to her, expecting that she was asked out by someone.

“Nope,” she simply replies, picking at her food.

Murmurs arose from the table, and she can tell that her friends are definitely surprised that she isn’t going. Percy’s the first to break the silence, though.

“Why not?” He asks.

“I don’t have a date,” her heart clenches as she says that and she doesn’t look at him at all.

“You can go with all of us, as friends, y'know,” he says it so casually, and Annabeth is so tempted to say okay.

The thought of Percy and Rachel slow dancing makes Annabeth’s heart clench, but despite that, she says she’ll consider it.

She’s convinced by Percy that she has to go. He said that prom’s a magical night, and he even promised to dance with Annabeth for one song to make her feel better. She agrees immediately.

Prom was awkward. Rachel stole Percy the whole time, and Percy apologised to Annabeth that he couldn’t dance with her. Annabeth insisted she was fine, and just ate the terrible food at prom. She left early, though. She couldn’t stand the sight of Rachel snogging Percy at all, she concluded.

She didn’t tell any of her friends except for Leo. He was there with Calypso, but she had went to the toilet, and Annabeth just informed him that she was leaving.

Annabeth Chase went home that day. She was proud to say she didn’t cry or shed a tear. She did immediately open her laptop and searched schools all over the world that had a good architecture program. She sent in her applications to many of them, in fact. They were mostly located on the West Coast, but she sent one in to NYU incase she wanted to continue living in New York.

She didn’t tell anyone about her plans, though. In fact, that summer, Annabeth didn’t spend much time with her friends at all. They all had their own significant other, and Annabeth surely didn’t want to be the ninth wheel. She decided to work her butt off instead. The money she earned from the two months were good enough for some of her necessities. The rest would’ve came from her dad and her scholarship that she could apply for.

On the last month of summer though, she decided it was time to face her friends again. She found out that Piper and Jason were planning to go to NYU. Percy had applied all over the state, but they both had applied to NYU and UCLA. Rachel applied to go to Rome to study, and so did Percy, actually. Frank and Hazel had decided to apply to the West Coast, and Leo and Calypso were planning to go to Australia for their gap year.

Annabeth didn’t want to tell her friends where she applied to. Instead, she decided to lie to them.

“I’m going to work first before continuing to study,” she told them.

They seemed to have bought the lie. She said she wanted the ‘experience’ from the real world first.

Percy, however, didn’t believer her. He sneaked into her house one night and asked her to spill everything.

And she did, she told him that she applied to the West Coast only, though. Percy was actually shocked. He hadn’t expected her to apply to the other side of the country at all.

“But, why?”

“Why not?” she would question.

“You’re going to give up on our friendship like last time?”

“Gods, Percy, you might be moving to freaking Rome, and you’re questioning me? So what if I want to go to the other side of the country,” she tells him.

She’s actually mad that he isn’t supporting her, actually.

“I’m not moving to Rome,” he tells her.

She’s curious, so she pushes on asking.

“I’m planning to break up with Rachel once this summer ends. Y'know, focus on school. If NYU accepts me, I’ll take it. I’m studying marine biology, actually,” he tells her.

“Break up with Rachel?” Annabeth asks.

“Yeah, she’s moving to Rome to pursue art, I cant stop her if she likes Roman guys, can I?”

It’s there and then that Annabeth thinks her waiting is finally over. They’re going to break up, and Annabeth is going to fight every single girl for Percy Jackson’s heart.

“You’re going to the west coast, we won’t be seeing each other much,” he voices out his own thoughts, “this is where we split schools, I guess.”

“Yeah, I guess,” Annabeth tells him.

She decides she wants it to be a surprise that she’s staying in New York.


age 19

Percy definitely thinks that Annabeth is leaving soon. Every moment, he spends as much time as possible with her. He breaks it off with Rachel pretty fast, and he seemed okay with that, surprisingly. Rachel got a hard blow and she left to Rome a few days after that.

The gang promised her that they weren’t close to Rachel at all, and only put up with her for Percy’s sake.

They becomes best friends again. They go over so many times, actually. Percy doesn’t dare ask Annabeth when her school starts and when she has to leave. He started feeling feelings for her again. Just like how he felt years ago. He knows it’s a bad sign, but he can’t help himself. She’s leaving in weeks, maybe even days.

A week before NYU started was when Percy found the courage to ask when her school started.

“Same as yours,” was all she replied.

“Can you tell me which school?” He asks curiously.

She doesn’t tell him, actually. She avoids him for the rest of the week.

He looks dishevelled, and that’s because he’s constantly worrying about Annabeth Chase. She left him without a word, and hell, she might be already across the country now. He feels hopeless.

But Percy Jackson gets a very nice surprise the morning he starts school. Firstly, Annabeth Chase is outside his house. She says she’s driving them to school. He finally gets it. Annabeth Chase is studying in NYU.


age 20

They both refuse to tell each other that they are hopelessly in love with each other. One thing has changed though, both of them don’t hit on any other guy or girl. This gives each of them hope.

Jason and Piper find them dumb - completely and honestly dumb. They don’t understand the stupidity of Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase. But Jason and Piper know that they’re not going to meddle. They know that Percy and Annabeth would find a way to work things out - however long they might take.

Percy thinks Annabeth treats him like a best friend only. She doesn’t hint anything about liking him, and honestly, Percy thinks he needs to step up his game.

Annabeth knows she loves Percy Jackson, but she’s afraid of rejection. She knows her friendship with Percy would change drastically if something like romantic feelings would be involved. She tries to hide her feelings for him.


age 21

Percy thinks it’s time to ask his mother for advice.

“Mum,” he says so casually at the dining table.

Sally looks up from her meal, smiling at her wonderful son.

“Something’s different. I.. I kinda like Annabeth, y'know?”

“Well, that’s obvious, she likes you too,” Sally says so casually.

“No! She’s never shown any interest in me!” He defends, he hopes it is true that she likes him though.

Sally sighs as she thinks about how oblivious they are and says, “you know many things about Annabeth Chase that most people won’t. Like what her order for Starbucks would be, or her reaction if she finds a spider in a room. But darling, you don’t see that Annabeth Chase is in love with you.”

It hits him hard, and it is true. He thinks he knows everything about Annabeth Chase. But he doesn’t know what her feelings for him are.

Piper Mclean can’t stand seeing her best friends love each other, yet aren’t together because of their naivety. She decides it’s time to take action.

“I like him, Pipes,” Annabeth tells her during their weekly girls sleepover.

“I know, we all know. Only Percy Jackson doesn’t know,” Piper says casually. “And we all know he’s in love with you too.”

“It’s been obvious,” Piper tells Annabeth when she gives her a strange look.

“Remember when you and Luke broke up? Who was the first to console you? Percy,” she tells Annabeth.

“He might’ve been with Rachel, but they broke things off so fast. I have a feelings it’s because he had feelings for you. He didn’t even feel sad that he broke up with Rachel,” she continues.

“Trust me, that boy is totally in love with you.”


age 22

It’s a year later before they realise that feelings are reciprocated.

They’re in Percy’s room when it happens. They were just talking and doing best friend things. But then, all of a sudden, they’re face to face. And Percy’s the daring one making a move to kiss her. Annabeth obliges. And that’s when they realise that they’ve been so dumb. Because kissing the other person feels like heaven.

“You kiss like the world is ending,” they both say to each other as they break away.

Percy is panting, and Annabeth is grinning.

“Don’t tell me you forgot to breathe,” Annabeth giggles because they were making out for minutes.

Asher checked his phone to make sure he wasn’t late, smiling in relief when he realized he was still right on time to meet Ellie. Coming straight from work, he’d agreed to meet her in Little Italy, near the restaurant they were going to. He was still in his earlier work clothes—a plain black sweater and black jeans, a long black coat over the whole thing—but he’d taken his hair down, letting the longer part fall in a loose wave, styling it as best as he could in the bathrooms at work before he left. He stopped by a street vendor on his way, picking up a bouquet of sunflowers which he tucked carefully into his satchel before continuing on his way. He made it there right on time, spying Ellie across the street and waving to her brightly.

These little kids been making fun of my little sister talking about her hair and clothes and saying that she’s dirty?!?!?!? First of all my sister is beautiful, she got black girl hair what is wrong with that last time I checked 4c hair is the best? And she always dresses on point I make sure of that… and they had the audacity to pour water at her and as soon as I come out there to handle the situation they want to run away… They don’t even live in my fuckin neighborhood so why the fuck are they even here picking on her and shit? That’s the only thing I hate about kids, especially little boys, I went through that shit all my life and it pains me seeing my sister going through that.

she pulled up at @berryboomforpresident house as the clock hit 8pm and she walked up to her door and knocked

Mash tried her best to look decent and slicked back her hair behind her ears and wore her clean but slightly dusty shiny long gothic like coat she had. She was wearing a 1931 Dracula shirt along with her usual ripped jeans. She was wearing her same makeup look: black eyeshadow and a grey lipstick she got her hands on years ago. She waited nervously at berrys door as she made sure she didn’t look like complete shit by fixing her coat and checking her hair in the reflection of a puddle

The entire day before her birthday, Stella had been filled with a fluttery excitement. She was older now though, so she kept her cool instead of running around like a little kid. Being almost 15 made her feel powerful. She looked at herself in the mirror and ran her hand down her body. Her breasts were slowly but surely getting bigger, her hips wider. She felt sexy, dangerous too. She was coming into her prime with her powers as well, easily the best young witch in town. She knew her mother was noticing, and they way the fucked was changing. The innocent sex of her childhood was no longer the constant. Luckily her birthday fell on a Friday, and the school day flew by. Andy was taking her to a club that night, and Stella was excited to show off. She ditched her uniform for a tight black dress, tousled blonde hair, and a leather jacket, and she walked into her mother’s room when she was ready to go. “Almost done?” she asked, leaning against the door post and looking expectantly at Andy.