her black hair is the best for sure

You know what movie I will always be proud of?

Alien vs. Predator.


Because it was a stupid premise that was going to get people’s butts in seats for one reason and one reason only, and that was to see the Alien fight the Predator, so they could literally do whatever they wanted with the rest of the movie, they didn’t care, so what did they do?

Put Sanaa Lathan in as the lead, gave her a shield made of an alien’s crest and a spear made of an alien’s tail and said “go fight alongside the Predator to save the world from an Alien Queen”, and that’s what she did. They didn’t have to do that, they could have had a white guy, they could have had a white woman, a black man, even, but no, they went with a black woman and made her incredible. And when she fought her way to the end of that movie, they made sure that the most dangerous hunters in the galaxy recognized her and respected her, and they marked her because they decided “You are a paragon of your species and we honor you as one of our own” so in this universe when the Predators think of the Best that Humanity has to offer, they imagine the face of a black woman of science with long curly hair. 


Counts For Something (Thomas x Reader)

I actually really like this, so I hope you guys do too! I think a sequel is necessary for this one, so hopefully I’ll write that soon. Enjoy :)

Warnings: swearing & drinking

Words: 2,789 (damn)

Thomas knew that debate class would be the same as last year. The only person who could even come close to outsmarting him was Alexander, so this class would be easy for him. He went about his day, waiting for the clock to strike 12 so class could begin. This class would be an easy one for his junior year of college, something that would get him credit without having to do much work.

That was, until he actually walked into class.

There, at the front of the room, there was a girl, already arguing with someone. Their voices were raised, although he couldn’t tell what they were arguing about.

“You. In the purple,” you yelled, glaring at him. He pointed at himself, unsure of who you were talking to.

“Well I don’t see anyone else in purple, so yes you,” you continued shooting him daggers.

“Is it really necessary to stare at someone for that long? I understand that girls normally don’t take this class, and I also understand that you’re the reason for that,” you accused.

“Hun, why don’t you do us all a favor and go back to your home-ec class and learn how to cook, you’re embarrassing yourself,” Thomas shot back. Your hands were in fists at your sides, redness blossoming across your cheeks.

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Beach [Part 1]

Description: You see your old crush after four years again and realize that he changed into a total fratboy - yet, he is the only one you can openly talk to and before you can realize, you rediscover lingering feelings for him.

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Romance, University AU

Who: BTS, Taehyung x Reader , 

Word count: 2,5K

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

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These two are beautiful together, I had to write this! Do they have a ship name?!

“Oh man! Do you think Tom Brady will be there? I hear he goes to all those ritzy gala things?” Archie was practically bouncing with excitement as Veronica smiled at the red headed boy.

“I don’t know, there’s so many celebrities it’s hard to see them all.” She shrugged, glancing across the table at Jughead and Betty, trying to gauge their reactions “you two will be coming right?” She asked accusingly, clearly there was no option, she was just asking out of curtesy.

Jughead rubbed the back of his neck
“I don’t know, that kind of seems like the opposite of… my type of…thing.” He finished lamely. He looked to his right, Betty looked nervous, her fingers were tangling in themselves as she chewed on her bottom lip, Jughead had to physically fight the urge to grab her hands and hold them, he hated seeing her like this. She finally spoke

“I just don’t think… I’m not sure I belong in a place like that Veronica, those people are so.. ya know.. with the models and the actresses. You fit in perfectly, you’re pretty much the definition of old Hollywood, I’m just… well I’m just plain old Betty Cooper.” She smiled sadly before continuing “besides… a gala? In New York? Thats big time, are you sure you’d even want us small town kids crashing it?” She asked curiously, this was a big deal, one of the biggest events of the year, what on earth would they do at a place like that?

“Umm hello, first of all you’re beautiful, you give Blake Lively a run for her money, and secondly, I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t think you guys could handle it. My dad.. well, we need to keep up appearances and I always bring a group to these types of events, unfortunately they were all upperclass elite bitches, thankfully I have you guys now! you cannot leave me without my best friend! Come on B, It’ll be fun, what do you say? Be my entourage?” Veronica folded her hands and pouted.

Betty but her lip again and looked over to Jughead, he shrugged his shoulders
“I’m in if you are, might be good for my novel.”

Betty couldn’t fight back the smile as she rolled her eyes at the silly beanie wearing boy, leave it to Jughead to ease her troubled mind
“Alright, I’ll go.” She glanced at Jughead before adding “we’ll go”

Veronica squealed, leaning over the table and wrapping her arms around Betty, pulling Jughead in slightly
“Perfect! It’s tommorow night! Well leave in the morning and get ready in the hotel, I’ll have Smithers take your measurements Jughead and Archie, lord knows you need a suit that fits” she threw over her shoulder at Jughead as he pretended to be insulted, causing Betty to giggle and pat his knee. Turning to Archie Veronica placed a hand to his shoulder “and you mister, we’re getting you your very first suit, and this time..” she narrowed her eyes “no letterman jacket.” Archie put his hands up sheepishly as the table erupted in laughter, Lunch went pretty much the same after that, Veronica going on about all the dresses designers sent to her for free because of her last name and how Betty would look amazing in about all of them.

Jughead could sense Betty’s anxiety, he was very in tune with the blondes emotions, he figured it had something to do with the fact that he had been in love with her for as long as he could remember, but he hated the particular emotion she was feeling right now. Insecurity.
When the final bell rang, signaling lunch was over, Archie and Veronica said their goodbyes as Jughead and Betty headed off the opposite way.

“You know, Veronica was right.” He said quietly as they walked to Betty’s chemistry class, the green eyed beauty looked up , smirking
“Woah, I never thought I’d hear you say that.” Betty joked “what was she right about?”

As they reached the door to her classroom Jughead turned to walk away “you are beautiful, much more beautiful than anyone we’re gonna see tomorrow.” With that he smiled and walked off leaving a very confused, smiling Betty in his wake.

The day went by quickly and soon enough it was the next morning, a sleepy Archie and an even sleepier Jughead were standing at Veronica’s door holding duffel bags and coffee cups.
“It’ll be worth it dude” Archie Yawned “think of the buffet.”

Jughead groaned in appreciation, alright it was supposed to be quite the spread, he supposed he could make it. Suddenly the door opened revealing Veronica in a dark purple tracksuit, her hair perfect and her pearls still resting on her neck, she plucked the coffee from Archie’s hand and started heading down the stairs, pulling Archie by the hand and talking a mile a minute, Jughead assumed this wasn’t her first coffee.

“And we’re off”

He turned to the sound of the voice and smiled appreciatively, there’s his girl. Betty was dressed in a pair of soft black leggings and a light yellow tshirt, a loose gray hoodie, unzipped over it, her hair was in a perfect messy bun and she looked beautiful.
“She was up at three this morning.” Betty explained, locking the door behind her “lord knows how many cups of coffee she’s had, by the time I got downstairs she was all out.”

Jughead laughed, handing her the second coffee in his hand, Betty beamed up at him taking a sniff of the Vanilla caramel, reaching up she placed a gentle kiss on his cheek
“Thanks Juggie” she whispered.

Jughead felt his cheeks heat and he threw an arm over her shoulders
“Anytime Bets. Anytime”

The car ride to the airport was filled with an overly caffeinated Veronica talking about all the things she would show them in New York, tomorrow of course, today was all about getting ready for tonight’s event. the plane ride was faster than expected and both he and Archie had fallen asleep on top of each other, when the girls took their phones out to show them the pictures, they both rolled their eyes and called the girls insane.

He had to say goodbye to Betty as soon as they reached the hotel, apparently getting ready took longer than he had expected. Archie ordered more room service than he had ever seen, apparently all guests of the gala were able to enjoy all the amenities for free, something both boys took advantage of until the hair stylist came to fix them up. It was strange for both the boys having someone get them ready but by the time they were done, they were almost unrecognizable. Jughead had tried to sneak his beanie in but Marco the stylist was having none of that, threatening to cut the offending hat with his scissors.

Staring at their reflections in the mirror, Archie looked over to Jughead and smirked
“We look good.”

Jughead rolled his eyes and punched him the shoulder, fighting off his own smile. If he looked like this, he couldn’t wait to see what Betty looked like… oh and Veronica too, sure.

They both headed down the stairs and Jughead found her instantly, he was fairly certain he was having a stroke, he couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe. She looked amazing, something out of a magazine, he had to look around to make sure he wasn’t dreaming, glancing at Archie he saw his best friend was standing stock still, staring with the same face he was wearing, only Archie was staring at Veronica in her gorgeous black gown while Jughead wouldn’t be able to tell if there was anyone else in the room. She was glowing, her tan skin looked shiny and soft in the white dress that hugged every perfect curve on her body, her silky blonde hair was intricately twisted up and a few loose strands were in her face, she was wearing more makeup than she normally did but it only enhanced her features, bringing out the green in her eyes and the perfect pink of her lips. She was a vision and he was fairly certain no one could compare. As he approached her he saw the moment she looked at him.

Betty’s eyes widened as she took in the gorgeous dark haired boy wearing the perfectly tailored suit and thin black tie, he was devoid of his beanie and Betty wanted to nothing more than to bury her fingers in his mass of black waves, without his hat she had a better view of his cloudy blue eyes and she felt her knees go weak at the way he was staring at her, she had seen Jughead in a suit before, but never like this. This was a whole different person and she was very interested to meet him.

“Hi.” She whispered “you look amazing”

Jughead shook his head, his eyes still staring into her own
“There are no words for you Betty Cooper, you are something in itself. I was right when I said no one would be as beautiful as you tonight.”

She blushed gently as Archie placed a hand on her arm and complimented her, Veronica smirked over Archie’s shoulder and raised a brow at Jughead, she knew how the boy felt about her best friend and if there was ever a time to make it known, tonight would be it.

Jughead swallowed hard at the knowing look in Veronica’s eyes “you look great Ronnie” he said as she thanked him and said “you don’t look half bad yourself jones.” Although she was speaking to Jughead he saw the way her eyes would always linger back to Archie, the girl had it just as bad as he did.

They drove to the event in a long black limousine, the windows were dark and he knew Betty hated that so he tucked her hand in his and held it as they walked out of the limousine and onto the carpet.

“Just stand and smile, they’re just a few pictures, you’re all wearing designers, it’s good to get there names out there.” Veronica whispered, With that the raven haired beauty grabbed Archie and headed off to the carpet

He felt Betty tense up beside him and he placed a hand to his shoulder
“We’re okay” he whispered, squeezing “I’m right here” she nodded nervously as they took their first position posing individually for pictures.
Jughead glanced at Betty as she posed beautifully and almost effortlessly, the photographers were eating her up, he didn’t want to sound conceited but they seemed pretty interested in Him as well, they must have stepped into the twilight zone, as the flash went off he walked over to Betty and grabbed her hand, they both waved as pictures were snapped of the couple before heading inside.

She let out a soft sigh Once they entered the room, Jughead laughed, letting out his own sigh and smiling goofily at Betty. They eventually found Veronica and Archie and enjoyed mingling with celebrities and meeting Veronica’s old friends, Jughead was completely full off of the buffet, Archie looked equally stuffed, Betty stood up to adjust her dress when suddenly a long blonde haired boy who looked suspiciously like Jughead approached her.

“Hi, my names Dylan Sprouse, I hate to sound creepy but I’ve noticed you all night, you’re very beautiful and I’m afraid I’ve never seen you at an event before, I was wondering if I could have your name?” His smile was charming and Archie kept looking between the two boys. Betty smiled her gorgeous smile and shook his hand

“I’m Betty Cooper, I’m not from around here, I’m just here for a friend.” She explained, glancing at Veronica

“I see, is that friend .. a boy?” He asked, his hand moving to her shoulder. Ok enough was enough, Jughead stood up quickly

“Yeah, he is.” He stood tall, draping an arm over Betty’s shoulder and nudging the long haired boys hand aside “she’s with me.” He finished, staring dangerously at this Dylan boy.

Putting his hands up, Dylan backed away
“Alright dude, whatever. I was just being friendly.” He walked off leaving a very agitated Jughead and a very confused Betty in his path, before Betty had a chance to question him, Jughead asked

“Dance with me?”

Betty nodded quickly as he led her to the dance floor, holding her close against his body, he heard her ask against his ear
“What was that all about?”

Jughead sighed
“I don’t know Bets.. it’s just.. I hate the thought of someone else being with you, even touching you. I know he didn’t mean anything by it, but.. I mean come on your shoulder? That’s my thing.” He grumbled into her neck, swaying slightly.

Betty giggled at the silly boy

“But… were not together juggie” she stated questioningly, pulling away so she could look in his eyes

“Yeah well… maybe we should be.” He whispered

Betty looked up, not surprised, just contemplative
“Okay.” She finally whispered

Jughead eyes got wide and he ducked his head
“Okay?” He asked

Betty nodded, beaming.
“Okay.” She repeated

Jughead brought his head down to hers and pressed his lips to hers in a quick, love filled kiss. She was everything to Him, she always had been.

“This is great and all, but I can’t wait to get back to our little Riverdale” she giggled against him as he nodded and smiled

“Me too Juliet , me too.”

Dauntless: Daddy, Dearest

Eric x OC

Warnings: Language

A/N: CURSE YOU @pathybo

Dauntless (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, ​Part 8​, Part 9​, ​Part 10​, ​Part 11​, ​​​​​​​Part 12​​, Part 13​​, Part 14​​, ​Part 15,​Part 16,   Part 17​, ​Part 18,​Part 19​, Part 20, Part 21)

Dauntless: Jealous Much?

​Dauntless: Competition

​Dauntless: Uh oh

​Dauntless: What Are You Afraid Of? (​Part 1​, ​Part 2​)

Dauntless: Where is He!? (Part 1, Part 2)

Dauntless: Happy Birthday (Coming soon)

Dauntless: I Love You

Dauntless: Camille

​Dauntless: I Can’t Stop (​Part 1​, ​Part 2​, Part 3)

Dauntless: Caffeine, Baby?

Eric POV

“Listen here, you motherfucker,” Camille snarled, glowering at me from across the table. “So help me if you don’t pick one fucking name, I’m drawing them out of a hat!”

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anonymous asked:

Can i request a fluffy Jay Park scenario, where he's meeting your parents for the first time,and he is super nervous? also can you not make the dad the stereotypical dad, i hate stuff like that with dad's having to "scare" their boyfriends. Thank you!

“Baby why are you so nervous?” You chuckled liftin gup Jay’s collar so that you could put the tie around his neck and make sure that he looked his very best.

“I’ve never met your parents before but from the stories of your younger youth, I really don’t want to fuck this up.” Jay groaned cupping your cheeks as he pressed a kiss against your lips once you were done. He let his hands press against your dress to make sure that it was straight, smiling to himself at how beautiful you looked.

“Baby, you’re my boyfriend and I know one day you will be my husband. And everything that comes with that title. I don’t bring guys home, so they will know I’m serious about you but if you freak out it won’t work.” You whined grabbing at his hands frowning and looking up at him.

“Yes, but you’re my princess. And I know when I have a daughter I am going to be the same way. No man will ever be good enough for her. I’m not good enough for you.” He matched your pout letting his black hair fall in your face. You smiled widely before using your hands to comb it back behind his ears tilting your head.

“You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. And if we don’t get going soon you will be hated for being late. Not for not being good enough for me.” Kissing his lips once more you moved to grab at your purse and lace your heels up on your feet smiling happily, you made sure to grab everything that you needed walking outside towards the car. Jay was going to drive you both because he wanted to go all out over something small. It was just going to be a dinner meeting of you and your parents and Jay. It wouldn’t even take that long so you didn’t understand his nerves, but on the flip side you had never met his parents, and you were dreading the day you ever would have to. So, in some aspect you could understand why he was the way he was.

While he was driving, he was so fidgeting tapping against the wheel and trying to calm himself down because his heart was a mess. Laughing softly, you grabbed at his hand lacing your fingers together softly singing songs that he would focus on you for a second. You let your fingers graze against his over the soft skin and you made sure to keep him calm humming louder until your hums turned into singing. The car ride wasn’t long and once you arrived he opened your door for you, moving to let you out of the car walking you towards your parents’ house. You knew that only your dad would be there right now with your mother coming later, resulting in you having time to rest in your old room as a child.

“Deep breaths. Remember no matter what. I love you.” You reminded him as the doorbell was rung. He nodded his head but his eyes shown how scared he was. Kissing his nose, you brought a light smile to his lips that he took a deep breath and the door was opened in front of you. There stood you there, with his strong tall stature looking at you his glasses on his face as he watched you both. You gripped onto Jay’s hand tighter to let him know that you were there and once you let it go you moved forward to throw your arms around his neck smiling widely.

“Daddy.. This is my boyfriend. Park Jaebum. And Jay. This is my daddy.” You smiled softly stepping back from your father’s strong hands as he hugged you. He looked the boy up and down puffing out his chest causing you to face palm and hide behind your hands because you knew it was an act. You watched as he gripped onto Jay’s hand and shook with a stern grip through your fingertips. Jay bowed his head before he cleared his throat meeting the grip, his tattoos showing on his hand and his rolled-up shirt.

“It’s nice to meet you Mr. Kim Y/N has spoken very highly of you.” He pulled away looking your father in the eyes and you were surprised he was doing so well, not shaking or tearing down. You felt a bit relieved that he could stand there and not fall over.

“Let’s talk away from her. Sweetheart why don’t you go into your room and wait for us?” Your father asked but you knew it was a demand.

“I don’t want to-“You started to protest and he gave you another look down from his glasses and sighing you let your hands fly up in the air as you stomped off into your room waiting for him to finish up. You could hear faint mumbling from the background and your dad was talking quickly and it made you feel your stomach drop because you wanted to know that Jay was ok.

Walking towards your room, you got on your phone texting your mom, letting your back rest against your hello kitty sheets that you’ve had since your high school years.

{Text: Madam Kim}

He’s back at it again with the macho man stuff -.-

{Text from: Madam Kim}

Ah, you know how your father gets. Everything can and will be destroyed by him >.> don’t worry too much just rest.

{Text: Madam Kim}

How can I just rest at a time like this!! What if he hurts him?! Mommy come home soon.. My boyfriend’s life depends on it :c

{Text from: Madam Kim}

Your dad is a big teddy bear. And he knows better than to ruin your happiness. He has to live with the Queen of Sass and silent treatments. I’ll be home soon. I love you.

Laughing softly, you chunked your phone down shutting your eyes and letting yourself rest you let yourself fall into a sleep it was no point in stressing about how things were going or what you were going to do since he had your boyfriend preoccupied. You outed your lips out as you knocked out breathing slowly and even in your dreams you felt yourself worrying about Jay. If he was ok, if he was going to come and get you if your dad was going to be easy and let up on him. Despite everything that you felt bothering you, you were knocked out hard and dreaming because a sometimes later your body was being pushed gently and a deep voice was waking you up. You jumped up looking at Jay your hands moving to check his face and his body out frowning. “Are you hurt?” You asked him with a raspy voice tilting your head. Jay chuckled kissing your forehead laying down beside you pulling you on your back.

“I am fine. You had me scared for no reason. Your daddy is a soft teddy bear.” He teased as he tapped your nose kissing over your face.

“Oh really now? A teddy bear? So, you won’t be scared of him anymore?” You asked teasing him and wiggling your eyebrows.

“No never again.” He chuckled sticking his nose in the air, just then the door was pushed open rather roughly after a few loud bangs and your fathers gravelly voice was heard as he peered down at the both of you on the bed.

“Keep this door open all the times. And I would hope you remember, I may be a teddy bear but when it comes to my door the only stuffing that I will be pulling is out of you.” Your father made the two fingers motion for watching you and Jay walking off with his head in the air. Snickering softly, you looked over at your boyfriend whose face drained color and caused you to feel bad for him.

“Still not afraid?” You asked softly nibbling on his neck smirking when he pushed you back groaning and frowning.

“Yah, do you want me to die? Not here.. He is quite scary.” He frowned before he laughed pulling you closer to his body shutting his eyes as he waited for your mother to get home so that you could all eat.

Good Boy

Ok so I got inspired and wrote some subby Brendon for you guys, have fun and I hope you enjoy <3

With a loud groan Brendon slumps back in the large, dark red office chair, staring after the now closed door that his associates just left through, discussing ‘business’ is extremely tiresome, especially with so little relief from his frustrations at the moment. He met you six months ago, and for the past three months he hasn’t been sleeping around, more chasing after you, but parties and drinks out always end in heated kisses and touches and promises that never materialise. He’s thought about whether to just get one of the many girls in his contacts to come over, but he keeps telling himself you’re worth it, he’s never met anyone like you, you’re the daughter of a wealthy businessman, but by no means are you some spoilt daddy-buys-me-everything girl. You’re headstrong and independent, you own your own company and have your own life, own house, your own everything really and jesus he’s like a little puppy dog for you.

Just as he’s about to get up and get a coffee the intercom in his office buzzes, “Mr Urie, a Miss YLN is here asking to see you,” His secretary speaks softly, his ears prick at your last name.

“I’m coming, send her over,” He chirps instantly, jumping up out of his chair and dashing over to the door to open it for you, sure enough it’s you dressed in a tight fitted black pencil skirt, a blue blouse buttoned tightly over your cleavage and black high heels giving you a little more height, a very expensive looking Yves Saint Laurent purse hanging from your arm. Your hair is tied up in a bun that’s messy in the best way and your makeup simple and flattering.

“Hey darlin’, haven’t seen you in a few days, thought I’d come over to say hi,” You smile, striding confidently into his office straight past him, giving very little attention to him, you confidently toss your purse onto his desk and drop down into his office chair, propping both feet on his desk to the side of you.

“Oh yeah? Couldn’t stay away from me sweetie,” His eyebrow quirks up as he follows, perching on the desk next to your feet, shamelessly staring at the way that tight skirt looks on your legs.

“More like I knew you’re probably desperate for some attention,” You grin widely, twirling a little bit of loose hair around your finger, watching his eyes trail over you.

“Well I have been a bit of a mess since your promise of coming back to my place never materialised, tell me, how long are you going to keep this up?” He grumbles and gives in, stepping away from the desk and leaning over you, hands either side of you on the arms of the chair, he presses his face close to yours.

“Keep what up?” Your tone is so teasing he groans, ghosting his lips over yours and slipping a hand down to your hip.

“I’ve half a mind to throw you over my knee, you know that?” He growls a little but it doesn’t seem to register the usual response of shuddering and weak knees from his ex’s, instead you wrap your perfectly manicured black fingernails around his tie, gripping and moving your legs from the desk, resting the toe of your heels against the top of his thigh, dangerously close to his crotch. With a dark smirk you press your toes down, forcing him to sink to his knees, keeping your grip on his tie so he stays close.

“Down boy,” You scold, leaning forward to it’s you leaning over him now, he pouts and tries to push up, kissing your briefly before you nip his bottom lip and force him back with your foot, “Ah ah, that’s not how we get what we want, is it?”

“Fuck, will you just give me SOMETHING, you’re such a fucking tease, god I’ve been horny for weeks because of you,” He grumbles, pouting a little as he complies and stays down in front of you.

“Impatient,” You comment, pressing your lips forward against his, giving in and kissing him slow and deep, hearing a little whine escape him you pull away, leaving him trying to follow for more.

“God pleeeease,” He whines again, pouting even bigger when you push him away to stand, “What? You’re seriously gonna come in here, get me fucking hard then leave?” He huffs, you can’t help but smirk.

“Oh you’re such a pouty boy, baby,” You muse as you reach into your purse, pulling out a little card, you turn back to him and grip his tie again, “I’d quite like to make you beg.” You drop your voice low and feel him shudder, tugging him in to kiss him again offering him your tongue, he’s caught off guard when you totally dominate the kiss, pulling back and pressing the card between his open lips, pushing up his jaw with your hand so he bites it.

“Come and see me later baby, we’ll see what we can do about how frustrated you’ve been.” You wink don’t say another word, grabbing your purse and striding out of the room, he would have come back with some snarky remark, but truthfully he’s too flustered, watching you waltz out like nothing happened, jesus he may have got himself into more than he’s realized.

He stares after you, pulling the card from between his teeth, it’s a business card with your home address on it.

The rest of his day is positively torture, he doesn’t WANT to be here, he wants to get in his car and drive over to your place right now, if you’re finally going to deliver on promises of ‘the best he’ll ever have’ he sure as hell doesn’t want to miss the opportunity, but you’re sure as hell going to be a lot trickier to get control of than he anticipated. He clock watches for the last four hours of the day, tapping his fingers impatiently through meetings and conferences, barely paying any attention to phone calls, he just wants out and he wants out NOW.

Finally, 6pm comes, he can leave, no more meetings, no more phone calls or conferences, he’s off for the whole weekend now, he skips out of his office and down to the parking garage to his car, tossing his jacket in the passenger seat, he uses the navigation in his car to find your address. If anyone can match up to his extravagant personality, it’s certainly you, the house he pulls up at is gorgeous, but not too overstated, it’s nothing more than you’d need, can’t be more than 4 or 5 bedrooms. He’s nervous, why the fuck is nervous, you’ve been dating, if you can call it that, for 3 months, he should not be nervous. He opts for parking his car on your driveway, stepping up to your front door and knocking, he really hopes you haven’t stitched him up. He breathes a sigh of relief when you open the door, still dressed in the same outfit as before, heels included.

“Knew you couldn’t resist,” You smirk and take his hand, pulling him in and closing the door, his heart speeds a little when you pull him straight to your bedroom, his eyes scan the room, namely the huge king sized bed with black and red bedsheets.

“Can’t wait any longer for me baby?” His hands come around your hips, spinning you and pressing forward so the backs of your legs hit the bed, you let him indulge, pressing his lips down against yours, down against yours and pushing you back harder against the bed. His hands resting either side of you, you moan against his lips, he’s an amazing kisser, he’ll definitely be fun to play with, you can’t help but muse to yourself about what else that tongue can do, oh you’ll definitely have to find out, “Wear anything special under that for me?” He groans, lifting his hands to pop the first button on your blouse open, you decide then that enough is enough, slapping his hand back and gripping both his wrists, he hisses and glares back.

“You’ll find out when I say you’ll find out,” You scold again, stepping forward so he’s pushed back, his eyes darken as he pulls his wrists out of your hands, gripping your hips in both hands and pushing you back onto the bed.

“C’mon, let me show you a good time babe, I can make you feel so good,” He purrs, kissing and suckling softly on your neck, you let yourself enjoy the feeling, he has gorgeous, thick lips and damn he knows how to use them, you slip your hands up into his hair, tangling your fingers in it, letting him think he’s won. You drop your head back, moaning softly as he starts to nibble your skin, his hands heavy on your thighs, you stand again, taking his wrists in yours and spinning you, pushing him down on the bed.

“Why don’t you let ME show you a good time,” You purrr back, sliding your knee up between his legs, toying with the tie between your fingers and very slowly pulling it undone, “Relax baby, and be patient, I promise it’ll be worth it.” Tugging the tie undone, you watch him smirk and lick his lips, leaning back on his hands a little to watch you, smirking as you slowly unbutton the first few buttons on his shirt.

“What do I get out of it?” He teases as you lip the tie out from his collar painfully slow, toying with it in your fingers, you slowly drag it down to his wrists.

“Trust me, baby boy, I could make you feel better than any of those silly little girls you’ve been with, make you shudder and shake and whimper for me, just give it a shot,” You whisper, letting your lips brush his ear, slowly wrapping the tie around his wrists as you speak, he tenses a little but very hesitantly allows you to fasten his wrists together.

“I’m not a sub,” He insists, lifting his tied wrists up to touch you, but you scold him and slap them back down.

“Don’t touch until you’re told, you’re so so impatient pretty boy, I think I should teach you a little something about patience. Lay down.” Your words come simple as an order, he smirks and shakes his head.

“I don’t follow orders.” He goes to stand but you press a firm hand to his chest, pressing your knee down right in front of his cock, which you can already feel straining at the material of his suit pants.

“Lay. Down.” You repeat, pushing his chest hard enough to lay him down, with a little smirk and you nudge his thigh, “Move up the bed, head by the pillows, don’t make me ask twice,” He shudders involuntarily at your tone, shuffling up the bed as you asked, settling his head on the pillows, his eyes widen when you straddle his lap, the heels you’re wearing pressing either side of his thighs, you trail your fingertips down the exposed parts of his chest, “I promise, darlin’, that I’ll make you beg and you’ll fucking love it.”

“Fuck…” He gasps softly when you push his arms above his head, using the loose ends of the tie to fasten his wrists to the headboard, leaning down to press your lips against his neck, gently nipping and sucking his skin as he writhes, pressing his hips up, “God… Y/N… please I need more,” He pants, gasping and pushing his hips into yours.

“Oh baby, you’re so hard already, how badly would you like me to help with that?” You purr, leaning up and popping the rest of the buttons on his shirt open and pulling it so his whole torso is exposed, “Awwh, no need to look like such a frightened puppy, I promise you’ll like what I do.”

“I want to touch you, please, you look so good,” He lets out a low whimper, his eyes moving up and down you, your hair is a little messier now, your cheeks flushed as you grind into his crotch, skirt ridden up almost all the way over your ass.

“Beg.” Your words come as a simple order but he shakes his head.

“NO! I won’t beg for shit, I said please isn’t that enough!” He snaps back, you growl again, leaning down and gripping his hair, pulling his head back, and leaning over him, smirking when he whimpers.

“Then I’ll teach you to.” You say simply, climbing out of his lap and unzipping his pants, tugging them down his legs and tossing them aside so he’s left in just his boxers, the outline of his cock straining through the material, “You are gorgeous baby,” You purr, climbing off of the bed and stripping down to your lacey bra and panties, he can’t help but stare once you’re down to just lingerie and heels, “Like what you see huh?”

“Yes,” He breathes, watching as you move over to the bedside table, pulling open the drawer, his eyes widen when you pull out a black riding crop, holding it in both hands.

“You’re gonna learn about patience, and if you’re good you’ll be rewarded,” You smile sweetly letting out a devious chuckle as you trail the riding crop along his stomach, gently stroking the skin and watching it tense and relax, “You don’t get to give orders, that doesn’t get you what you want, you get what you want by asking nicely.” He stares as you speak, the cool leather stroking over his skin.

“Stop teasing,” He huffs, you smirk and flick your wrist, bring it down on his skin just above his navel with a little crack sound, his stomach tenses under it and he sucks in a harsh breath, his head dropping back and turning away.

“What did I say about patience?” You tease again, moving it up to his cheek and guiding him round to look at you, his pupils are blown, breathing ragged as you drag the crop down his neck and onto his chest, “Answer me.”

“To ask n-nicely for what I w-waaant…” He gasps throwing his head back when you drag the crop up the underside of his cock, his hips bucking up against it, you can see him twitching, “I want you to touch me,” He moans, gasping when you bring the crop down on his stomach twice more, watching the little red mark is leaves behind, he hisses but you can see in the way he screws his eyes shut and bites his lip that he enjoys the feeling, “Just give me something, fucking anything.”

“Ask again.” You scold, giving him three more harsh licks, his stomach tensing as each one gets a little lower, the last just above the waistband of his boxers, “Now, you get a chance to ask me nicely for what you want.”

“Please, can you touch me, I want to feel your hands on me,” He whimpers softly, arms straining a little as he wriggles, you can’t help but grin, dropping the riding crop down on the bed and climbing onto it, you hook your fingers on his boxers and pull them down, tossing them aside and shifting so your knees rest in between your yours, making sure to press some gentle kisses over the little red marks on his stomach.

“You’re certainly very lucky,” You wink and tease, reaching down to wrap your hand around his cock, he moans softly and you have to admit you’re pretty impressed by what you see, he’s got to be the biggest guy you’ve been with. He shudders as you stroke your hand up his cock, a low, breathy moan slipping out when you lean down to wrap your lips around his head, slowly swirling your tongue around it.

“Ho-holy f-fuuuuck,” He gasps, throwing his head back with his eyes screwed shut, you knew it wouldn’t take much to have him a total mess for you, but you didn’t think it would be as simple as blowing him. You hum in content at his little whimpers, pushing your mouth down further around him, deciding to have a little fun with him and pulling off, dragging your tongue up the underside of his cock from the base to the tip, you see him lift his head to watch you, lip pulled firmly between his teeth, “Oh god please,” He whimpers softly, letting his head fall back into the pillows again, his usually perfect hair messy under him, you comply to his little plea and sink your lips down around him again, slowly starting to bob your head and move your lips up and down him.

You let yourself get a steady rhythm, keeping it relatively slow, you’re surprised by how much he’s really enjoying it slow, listening to his ragged breathing above you and you can feel his hips shifting every so often, soft whimpery little moans filling the room as you take him a little deeper, using your hand to stroke the rest of him.

“You’re so g-good at this,” He gasps, writhing more, you allow yourself to let out another hum of content pushing your lips down further on him, dragging your tongue up the underside of his cock with a sudden jolt he gasps again, “Oh god… I’m close… I’m s-so c-close,” You take that as your signal and pull off, wiping your mouth with the back of your hand.

“Not yet, pretty boy, there’s so much more fun to have,” You tease, tilting your head to the side, “Tell me what you want.”

“Please, baby, please I want to touch you, I want to fuck you, I’ll do anything you want, I’m… I’m begging you please.” His hips back again and you smile triumphantly at the desperate look on his face, his pupils blown.

“Good boy,” You purr, climbing up the bed, “Now, I’m gonna untie you, and you’re going to go down on me, make me feel good, then I’ll give you what you want, can I trust you?” You ask, kneeling on the bed next to him, he nods frantically as you reach up to untie his wrists from the headboard, leaving them tied together in front of him, once they’re untied to settle yourself back on the bed. He scrambles up and goes to hook his fingers on your panties, you press the toe of your heel against his shoulder, holding him back, he pauses.

“Please, I wanna make you feel good,” He whimpers, with a grin you move your foot away from his shoulder, letting him come forward and pull the panties down your legs, “Fuck you’re so sexy,” He gasps, moving forward to press breathy little kisses up your thighs, nipping insides of them, he wastes no time in pressing his lips over your clit, his tongue flicking out against you, just as you thought he’s damn good with his tongue. He moans as he swirls his tongue over you, suckling and lapping at you desperately, his little moans music to your ears.

“Oh-Uhh, Brendon, baby,” You sigh, letting your head drop back against the pillows, reaching down to tease your nails along his scalp and toy with his hair, he’s panting and gasping as he laps over your clit, bringing his hand up to tease his fingers at your opening.

“My hands… can I have them back? Please?” He whimpers softly and you smile, seeing him hold his hands out, staring at you all doe eyed.

“Maybe later, make it work like this for now,” You tease, to your surprise he doesn’t argue this time, he just nods obediently and goes back to swirling his tongue over you, closing his mouth over your clit and sucking softly, you can’t stop yourself from gasping and tugging his hair, tangling the other hand in the sheets.

“Oh god…” You breathe more to yourself, he doesn’t stop once, suckling your clit and dragging his tongue over your hungrily, you can hear him moaning, especially when you tug his hair again, he really is VERY good at this, you can already feel yourself starting to get close, your thighs trembling a little as his fingers start to tease a little, two just pressing at the opening.

“Does it feel good?” He mumbles against you, slowly pushing two fingers into you, having to wiggle his arms into a more comfortable position due to still being tied up.

“So good baby, you’re so good at this,” You praise, stroking his hair as you say it, he shudders as you do, curling his fingers and starting to pump them in and out, catching that spot repeatedly, “Oh god B… I’m close,” You choke, throwing your head back and gasping, giving his hair another tug as your stomach tightens almost unbearable tight. He moans into you, desperately swirling his tongue and fucking you with his fingers, it all gets too much, “Oh my god Brendon… that’s it… fuck don’t stop baby,” You whine yourself this time, feeling yourself release around his fingers, it washes over your quickly, rendering you unable to think for a moment, just tugging his hair and whining his name over and over.

He doesn’t stop until you’re almost shaking and trying to push him off, as soon as you tug him away he complies and looks up at you, lips a little puffy and red, all wet and glistening, he looks so sweet like this. You stroke your fingertips over his cheek gently, smiling when he leans into your touch, he’s clearly just loving your attention.

“Lay down on the bed baby, you’ve been so good, you deserve a reward.” You purr and he shudders, quickly shuffling up the bed and laying down near the pillows again, you strip out of your bra and kick your heels off, helping him shuffle his boxers down and off before you climb into his lap, gently taking ahold of his tied wrists to push them above his head.

“Please… I want to feel you, want to make you feel good some more,” He’s practically panting, keeping his arms above his head like you instruct, you reach between you and tease the head of his cock between your folds, he whimpers a little when he feels how wet you are, he breathes another little, “Please,” Before you slowly sink your hips down. You try to keep composure but it’s hard, the way he fills you feels so so good and you can’t help but shudder and you push your hips all the way down until your hips are pressed flush to his, he lets out a pained whimper and grips the pillows by his head to fight the urge to hold onto you.

“You feel so good, fuck Y/N,” He whimpers, fighting the urge to move, you can’t help but smile that he’s totally given in and submitted but it’s overtaken by how full you feel, you comply and start to rock your hips up, pulling almost all the way up before sinking down agonisingly slow, it’s killing you to go this slow, even you’re fighting every urge to let yourself go and ride him fast and hard, you want to feel all of him but you’re holding out.

“Oh Breeeen,” You sigh, leaning down so you’re close to his face, resting one hand on his chest and the other next to his head, his stomach quivers and dips under you as you move, you kiss him, slow and soft, tongues touching tentatively as you ride him, his moans are positively beautiful like this.

“Please, please can I have my hands back, I want to touch you, want to feel your body, please, I haven’t yet,” He whimpers so soft and sweet against your lips, you smile and decide that he’s had enough teasing, he’s practically been an angel for you so you sit up, pulling his wrists forward and making sure to keep rolling your hips as you gently untie his wrists. Tossing the tie aside you bring his hands up, kissing over the very slight marks left on his wrists gently before guiding his hands to your hips.

“Are there rules?” He asks sweetly, smiling when he finally feels your skin under his fingers, stroking so soft like he’s savouring the feeling.

“No baby, no rules, just enjoy how it feels,” You shake your head and close your eyes, he doesn’t waste any time, his hands trailing over you as you begin to speed your movements up, bouncing in his lap a little faster as his warm hands stroke and cup your body.

“Yo-you’re so fucking p-perfect.” He sighs, closing his eyes as his fingertips glide over your lower back, stroking your spine and leaving little goosebumps in their path, you can’t help but moan and sigh back, fighting the blush threatening to take over you. He pulls you back down, tangling a hand in your hair so he can kiss you more, moaning softly into your mouth and wrapping his other arm tight around you, “I don’t think I’m gonna last much longer…” He pants, blushing all over as he says it.

“Don’t hold back, just let it go baby” You reassure him, finally feeling him start to give back, his hips pushing up to meet yours, causing him to move inside you faster and a little harder, you’re already sensitive so his base grinding into your clit is enough to make you shudder and gasp out loudly. Deciding that fuck it, you’ve kept up the act long enough, you let yourself go, whimpering his name into his mouth softly, meeting his hips with more desperation, desperate to make yourself come, you moan in content as the knot in your stomach starts to reform, getting dangerously tight so so fast.

“M’ close…” He gasps, hugging onto you so tight with his arms, burying his face in your shoulder and kissing open mouthed down your neck, he’s moving his hips much faster now, basically holding you still and fucking you like this, but you’re too gone to care, “So c-close… I’m gonna…”

“Come inside me baby,” You pant, feeling your insides starting to clench down on him, he starts to twitch and that’s all it takes for you, “Oh god Brendon!” You cry out, kissing him desperately as you release on him, your stomach fluttering as you start to quiver.

“Holy shit, Y/N!” He groans out low, only thrusting up a couple more times before he stops dead, his muscles quivering as he comes, panting to desperately, your muscles give out and you collapse on his chest panting. Both of you are sweating and clinging onto each other like you’ll float away, his fingertips starting to trace up your spine, making you shudder again.

“Are you ok? You enjoyed that, right?” You smile, leaning up to kiss his nose, a big grin forms on his lips.

“That was fucking incredible, you’re fucking incredible,” He manages through ragged breaths, reaching up to brush your hair away from your face, slowly you lift your hips and fall next to him, both too content to say anything. Eventually he manages to speak, “So are you like… exclusively dominant?” He asks timidly, trailing his fingertips over your back, you giggle shuffling closer to him, laying your head on his chest.

“I’m sure you’ll be happy to hear that I’m a switch,” You glance up to see him smirking, his eyebrows raised in a curious look.

“Oh are you now?” He teases, stroking his fingers up your back and smirking when you shudder, “Oh we’ll have to have some fun with that as soon as we get our breaths back.”

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Hello there!

If this is your first time cosplaying and you don’t know where to start, I’d recommend taking a look at this panel first, as it helps lay out some of the first steps of starting a costume:  https://fabrickind.tumblr.com/post/155789815919

For Wonder Woman, it all depends on how difficult you want to go. If sewing is your thing, there are versions where she’s mostly clad in spandex and you wouldn’t have to do much (if any) armor or props. If armor is your thing, you can do one of the more recent armored versions. If you don’t know what your jam is, that’s fine! You can try out a little bit of everything and see what you like. There’s also nothing wrong with purchasing some components and making other components.

I’d recommend to start small if you’ve never crafted before. Instead of jumping right into sewing your entire costume, make smaller pieces to practice with how to sew. I’m not sure if a skintight knit costume would be ideal for a first sewing project, but with a pattern and some know-how about sewing with knits, you can probably do it. If you can find a version that’s not skintight or would be simpler shapes and woven materials, I would advise going that route instead.

If you’ve never done anything like armor before, start small. Make her bracers. Make her tiara. Then move into making her torso armor.

Comic book characters tend to have very thick, long hair. If you don’t have perfect hair already, I’d recommend a wig. since Wonder Woman doesn’t have bangs, a lacefront wig is best, since this mimics a natural hairline. You can often find dark natural colors for relatively cheap at beauty supply shops or online at places that cater to fashion wear (especially for black women), though be sure to budget at least $30 for the wig, since that will be the low end for a lace front. I would also recommend wearing some makeup while at a con, so that your face shows up well in photos – foundation, powder, mascara, and lipstick (even a nude lipstick) is the baseline, and you can add from there, such as eyeliner, darkening your brows, blush, contouring, false lashes, etc.

I’d point you to more specific tutorials, but without knowing exactly which outfit you want to do, they may or may not be relevant. I would advise doing some research, choosing a costume, and then doing research on the components of that costume that you will need – armor, sewing, propmaking, etc. There are a lot of tutorials out there for various versions of this character specifically, and many more tutorials for general skills that may apply or for other characters where you can adapt those skills.

And really, it’s your first costume. You will learn a lot. You may mess up a lot, and that’s fine. Just remember to have fun with it, and take what you can to make your second costume even better :D

I hope that helps! Good luck with your first costume :]

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff


inuchiyo (maeda toshiie) x mc (misaki kasagi)

a/n: look i love fluff, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes i need to amp up the angst. (send help i broke my own heart) ((@jemchew i hope you were ready for this))

When she was fourteen, the love of his life had looked up at him with eyes full as a rain-swelled river, and asked him if he thought anyone would ever want to marry her.

His emotions had always run high — it was part of why he fought so much, and he wanted terribly to go punch the lights out of the boy who had just insulted her — and that hadn’t improved with age. The tightening in his jaw and the twitch of his fingers into fists was a testament to this.

But the anger was soon squashed by the sound of her sniffling, the sight of her clenching the sleeves of her kimono in her hands as if to ward off the tears by determination alone, and Inuchiyo felt his insides soften. He had smiled, and ruffled her hair like always, and tried not to look too serious as he sighed,

“Well, if nobody marries you, I will, okay?” She blinked once, then cocked her head to the side.

“When?” His heart skipped a beat, but he managed to reply without a tremor in his voice.

“When you’re twenty.”

At this, she had smiled, resolute, and swept the last of the tears from the corners of her eyes before holding up her pinky.

“Alright. Promise?”

His heart skipped a beat as he locked their pinkies together, smiling bittersweet down at her.


Someone else would marry her, he told himself, unhooking his pinkie from hers and ushering her back to her family restaurant.

Someone else would marry her. They had to. Six years was a long time.

But for a moment, he had hope.

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This is the second fic in a series of Lana del Rey inspired stories. This fic is based off the song Cola

Title: Cola

Summary: Bianca gets ready to meet Negan, the man who is going to take over her business with or without her permission and so she decides to fight back. (AU)

Pairing: Negan x Bianca

Warnings: Smut, oral sex. 

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limerence | pt. 2

(n.) the state of being infatuated with another person

Originally posted by yuijiyong

pt.1 | pt.2

Words: 5,734

Genre: G-Dragon x OC, Friends With Benefits AU, smut, some fluff/romance

Summary: “One more drink won’t kill you… I promise I’ll take care of you.”

A/N: Warning - there’s a small amount of abuse. I in no way know exactly what happens in SM/with their managers, this is all simply fiction.

My body ached, and my skin felt sticky under the silk sheets. The sun was barely streaming through the curtains of the bedroom I was in, but I felt completely awake, and semi-unaware of where I was. I fumbled for my phone, before finally finding it and reading the time on the face: eight o’clock.

Suddenly, I felt the light breathing of someone beside me. I glanced over towards the opposite end of the bed, realizing Jiyong was silently sleeping with the covers thrown almost completely off of his body, just as naked as I was.

If the pounding in my head didn’t signified how drunk I’d gotten the night before, then the naked man beside me, whose bed I was also naked in, definitely did. I fumbled out of the bed as quietly and quickly as I could manage, making sure that I didn’t wake Jiyong up at any costs. I threw on the pair of sweats he’d given me the night before, along with the t-shirt, both of which were just a little too large on me. I quickly found my dress and undergarments from the night before, and after stuffing them in to my bag, I made my way towards the door of the bedroom.

I glanced back once more at Jiyong, his bright orange hair in disarray against the red of his sheets. Quickly, I forced myself to pull my attention away from his tattooed chest and into his living room, where I tripped over not one, but two wiggling bodies.

I almost screamed, but managed to cover my mouth and bite my tongue simultaneously. Once my breathing was almost normal, I realized the two bodies I’d almost tripped over were, in fact, two dogs covered in fat rolls.

“Oh my goodness, hi,” I laughed, both at my own foolishness and at how adorable the two, now fully awake, dogs were. They panted at my feet, and I couldn’t resist stooping down to pet the two of them.

“Hi, oh you two are so sweet. You’re such good puppies, aren’t you?” I cooed as they licked my hands. “Oh, yes, you are. Now, let’s not wake up your daddy, alright? I’m trying to sneak out of here before he sees me, and I need your help to not wake him up, okay? Can you two do that for me?”

The dogs continued to bask in my affection, completely unaware of anything I was saying to them. Eventually, I managed to pull myself away from them and hurry towards the front door, pulling it shut as quietly as I could behind me. 

Flustered, I managed to hail a cab and pay the driver handsomely for driving me as fast as he possibly could back to the SM Entertainment complex, where Noelle and I lived in an apartment right off the building adjacent to the dorms that the bands slept in. After pressing in the key code to the door, I scurried quickly into the hallway and towards mine and Noelle’s room, where I prayed she would still be sleeping after the late night EXO had at the awards show – and I was sure afterwards too.

Taking a deep breath to prepare myself for the possible questions Noelle would have for me, especially if she noticed I hadn’t come back the night before, I unlocked our door and crept inside to find our small studio apartment completely… empty.

Confused, I headed straight to my bed. I crawled in to it, depositing my bag in close on the floor beside it. I glanced over at Noelle’s bed that was just a short distance across the room from mine. I was even more confused to find that it appeared her bed hadn’t been slept in the previous night.

Pulling the covers over my head, I sighed deeply, trying to erase the memories from the night before that suddenly bombarded me. I couldn’t help thinking of Jiyong, how his bright orange hair flopped carelessly into his eyes; how his lips had tasted the first time he’d kissed me; how it’d felt when I’d been pressed so dangerously close to him, and only pulled closer. It didn’t help that I was enclosed in my little blanket cocoon, dressed in his clothes that I’d no doubt stolen and embraced in his scent.

Just as I was reciting, unintentionally, the most extreme moments of the night before, I was brought out of my reverie by a key being placed into our door, and it slowly being pushed open. I poked my head out from beneath the covers, suddenly extremely nervous to face my roommate and life-long best friend. She’d known I was out all night, for sure. There was no way she’d miss something like me not coming home.

“MaKenna? Oh, my gosh, I’d hoped you’d still be asleep.” Noelle crept in through the door, her face suddenly turning the cover of her flaming ginger hair. She was clothed in a pair of gym shorts and an extremely large black hoodie, which just caused the orange color of her hair to stand out more. I narrowed my eyes at her, suddenly realizing Noelle hadn’t come home last night either.

“Whose clothes are you wearing?” I asked casually as she flopped down on her bed across from me.

“Um, well… they’re uh… they’re Kris’s,” she replied, almost too quietly for me to hear.

“Kris? Are you serious? Is that who you’ve been out with?” I asked. I’d known Noelle had had a crush on EXO-M’s leader, but I’d never thought that anything had come out of the crush.

“Yeah, I stayed with him last night. Luhan decided to watch a movie with Sehun and Suho last night, so Kris’s room was empty and well…”

“You mean you and Kris had sex?” I asked, totally dumbfounded. Also, I felt extremely guilty. My best friend, albeit because she was caught, was telling me about her events with a boy the night previous, and yet I was hiding all of mine, and would continue to do so. Mine and Jiyong’s night was a onetime thing, and I was looking forward to putting it out of my mind.

“Um, yeah, well…” Noelle trailed off, her face turned away from me. Quickly, I flew out of my own bed and over to hers. I laid across her outstretched legs, which gave me a clear view of her face.

“Well?” I raised my eyebrows.

“We’ve actually been dating each other for a little while, secretly.”

“Noelle Jones! You’ve been dating Kris and haven’t told me any of it?!” I asked, completely stunned by my friend’s sudden confession.

“Shhh! Keep your voice down! We didn’t tell anyone. MaKenna, if their managers found out, I’d be fired. They won’t let the boys date anyone that’s not an SM celebrity, and I’m most definitely not an SM celebrity.” Noelle groaned, leaning back against her pillows. “But I like him too much to let him go.”

“Stop, this is too much adorable for one morning’s confession. I’m secretly dying over here.” I laughed, and was rewarded with a hit from Noelle’s pillow. “Is he really good in bed? I bet he would. Kris looks like an animal.”

“Oh my gosh, stop! That’s my boyfriend you’re talking about!” Noelle groaned, glancing down at me. She smirked. “He was great.”

“Now I’m jealous!” I fake complained, groaning into my arms.

“Hey, whose clothes are you wearing?” Noelle asked, flicking the t-shirt I was wearing, which I suddenly noticed was printed with a ‘BigBang’ logo on it. The oversized grey sweats didn’t help in convincing Noelle that I was wearing my own clothes.

“Uh… Kai’s,” I said sheepishly.

“Oh, Kai’s?” Noelle raised her eyebrow suggestively.

“Stop, it’s nothing like that. We’re just friends, and besides,” I glanced down the sweats, lying through my teeth. “I’m not sure if these are even his. They could be Chanyeol’s. I just love wearing big clothes.”

Noelle expected an answer with nothing more than a teasing look. “Get off my bed, I didn’t sleep any last night. I need my sleep, especially after what Kris and I got up to.”

I quickly made my way to my own bed as Noelle turned over in hers for her after-sex nap. I needed my own nap, but suddenly I felt as awake as I’d felt all morning. Jiyong’s scent engulfed me, making my head light. Without Noelle’s distraction, I was forced to lie awake and think of nothing but his hands, his lips, the way his tattoos scripted along his body, and the amazing one-night stand I’d had with none other than the G-dragon.

“MaKenna, are you day-dreaming? With scissors in your hand? Because you’re, like, super close to my hair.” Luhan’s voice broke into, what in fact, was an actual day dream. I refocused, realizing I was actually pretty close to chopping off the right side of his bangs.

“Oh, hush. I know what I’m doing. Who knew you could be so sassy.” I bluffed, laughing away his accusations. “I think you hang out with Sehun too much.”

“What can I say, he’s my best friend,” Luhan shrugged. Once I’d successfully trimmed his hair without getting distracted, I was able to turn my head back to the center of my distractions for that morning, and most of the previous mornings: Kris and Noelle.

Noelle was taking her time doing Kris’ make-up for him that morning; she was taking so much time that I’d already finished Luhan, Sehun, and Suho’s hair while Kris sat in her chair. Of course, the two tried to spend as much time as possible together, especially when the managers weren’t looking.

Noelle was standing between Kris’ legs, holding an eyeliner pencil in her hand and tilting his chin up with the other. He lazily rested his hand on her side, laughing as she pretended to scold him for not holding still.

“You’re so jealous,” Luhan said as he stood up from my chair, smirking. Of course, since Luhan was Kris’ roommate, he was the first to figure out the two’s relationship.

“I’m going to be sick, is what I am,” I snarled, shaking the hair from my towels a little too forcefully. In all honesty, I’d been nothing but jealous of the two since Noelle had told me of their relationship a week and a half prior.

“Sick with jealousy,” Luhan replied.

“Get out of my sight, LuLu, before I beat that smirk off your face,” I hissed, causing him to laugh loudly.

“You’re lucky Sehun is making me lunch, or I’d have to stay here all day just to tell you how jealous you’re acting.” With that, Luhan handed me back my last towel and disappeared out the door. I ground my teeth together, hating the fact that Luhan was able to read me so easily. Of course I was jealous. I was jealous that Noelle and Kris fit so easily, so perfectly, together. I was jealous of the fact that I didn’t have someone that great, someone I could fit that perfectly with.

“Ooh, someone looks grumpy.” I groaned as Kai sat down in my chair. If anyone could read me better than Luhan could, it was definitely Kai.

“I’m fine,” I said, placing a cloth around his neck. “Did the managers tell you how they want your hair? I can’t mess up the face.”

“Oh, yeah, please don’t ruin the face,” Kai laughed sarcastically. “I have no idea what they want done with it. Do what you think looks best. This music video concept sucks anyway.”

I smiled. “Have I ever told you you’re my best friend, Jongin?”

“Only a couple times a day,” he smiled mischievously. Kai was definitely one person who could brighten up my day. That, and the fact that Noelle had finally moved on to doing Xiumin’s make-up. “So what’s bothering you?”

I bit my lip as I rubbed mousse through Kai’s hair, debating inwardly with myself. I wanted to tell Kai so much, starting with my one night stand with G-Dragon. I wanted to tell him how badly I wanted something like what Noelle and Kris had. Hell, I wanted to tell him about Noelle and Kris. Kai had come to me so many nights, upset or pissed or sad because of something that had happened with their management, or because he missed his parents. Kai had told me so many of his secrets in the short time I’d known him, and yet I froze up when I tried to tell him one of my own.

“I… I did something,” I finally spilled, not able to meet his eyes.

“Oh?” Kai raised an eyebrow, although his head stayed perfectly motionless as I kept styling his hair.

“Yeah, something I shouldn’t have done. And I feel really guilty about it,” I confessed. However, thinking a little harder about that night with G-Dragon, I wondered how much I actually regretted. The sex had been great, and I’d even gotten free clothes out of it. “Or, maybe I feel guilty about not feeling guilty about it.”

“Well, maybe you shouldn’t feel guilty about it if you enjoyed it,” Kai said.

I stared, horrified. Did I actually enjoy hooking up with someone I’d only just met for one night? “I don’t really think enjoy is the right word.”

“What did you do?” Kai asked, more in a teasing way than in a curious way.

I sighed, rubbing my eyes. “It’s terrible. You’re going to hate me if I tell you.”

“Never. You’re my best friend. I mean, besides D.O, and Sehun. You’re my best girl friend.” Kai smiled.

I opened my mouth to spill everything just as the door was opened and one of EXO’s managers strode in.

“They should have been ready an hour ago. Get out, now.” He grabbed Kai’s arm roughly, pulling him away from me. I bit my lip, reaching out to stop him. Xiumin quickly escaped Noelle’s chair and followed the two out.

“I hate him,” Noelle growled. “Kai is going to have another damn bruise. He bruises so easy. Why can’t they just simply ask the boys to go? They’re perfectly capable of going on their own.”

“Come on. I’m going to have to finish Kai’s hair on set, or it will be my fault it looks like crap.” I grabbed my purse and hair kit and made my way out of the door and towards the green room, where EXO was filming their first scenes for their music video.

I was able to fix Kai’s hair in between close ups, and be on stand-by for almost four hours as the boys were pushed to their absolute limits, and beyond, in order to perfect the choreography for their video.

“YOU IDIOT!” I heard a roar from across the room, and glanced up from the touch ups I was giving Suho before his part in the video. My gaze immediately found Tao hanging his head as a manager pointed into his face. Even though Tao towered over the shorter man, it was clear in Tao’s body language how frightened he was.

“I’m sorry,” Tao mumbled, but even from my spot across the room I could hear him. The room had gone completely silent.

“You’re sorry? You’re sorry you’re an idiot? Do better.” The manager seemed to be satisfied with his yelling, because he began to turn away from Tao. Suddenly, he turned back around and shoved Tao’s chest as hard as he could, causing Tao to tumble backwards and fall on what I knew was already an injured ankle. “Disgusting.”

Kris quickly tried to help Tao up, but was stopped by the same manager. “Don’t you dare help him, or you’ll both be punished.”

Instead of listening, Kris quickly grabbed Tao by the shoulders and hoisted him up, just as a few tears slipped down Tao’s cheeks. He quickly wiped his face and turned away from the rest of the group.

“I told you not to do that.” The manager’s voice had gone quiet, which was even scarier than when he was yelling. Slowly, he made his way to Kris and slapped him across his face. I heard Noelle let out a shriek, before she quickly covered her mouth with her hands. Kris’ face stayed absolutely still, as if the slap had barely phased him.

“Which of you will dare defy me next? How about you? Should I punish you as well?” The manager made his way over to Lay, who, out of all the members, I knew to be the least in need of any kind of punishment. Just as their manager began to step too close to Lay’s already frightened face, I stepped forward.

“Stop! He’s done nothing,” I screamed, causing the whole room to stare at me. I clamped a hand over my mouth, realizing what I’d just done.

“Who the hell do you think you are, girl? Disrespecting me like that. How dare you tell me how to discipline my band?”

“I…I…” I couldn’t form words. I just stared, horrified, at the people surrounding me.

“GET OUT!” The manager roared. I quickly grabbed my things and strode from the room, not able to look any of the members in the face. I slung open the door and walked as fast as I could towards our work room.

“What in the hell was that?” Noelle had followed me from the filming room, and was currently hot on my trail.

“I just… I couldn’t let him hurt Lay,” I sighed, throwing my bag into the room and slamming the door shut. I didn’t want to be anywhere near SM at the moment. “I need a drink.”

“A drink? Seriously?” Noelle asked as I turned and made my way towards the exit to the entertainment complex. Once outside, I quickly hailed a cab. Noelle followed me inside the vehicle, although I could feel her apprehension about the whole thing.

“MaKenna, let’s talk about what happened back there,” Noelle said after I told the cabbie to take us to the closest bar. I shook my head, staring out the window.

“I couldn’t help them, Noelle. I couldn’t help them or I’d lose this job. They’d fire me.” And if they fired me, I definitely wouldn’t be able to help the boys. I’d have to leave them alone to face the horror that was SM Entertainment.

“I know. I hate it, too. Seeing him do that to Kris. I don’t know, it almost felt like he’d hauled off and slapped me in the face too. I couldn’t take it.” Noelle sighed. I couldn’t bring myself to look at her.

We spent the rest of the short ride in silence. Quickly we paid and made our way inside. I took a seat at the closest bar stool I could find and ordered my favorite poison: tequila and tonic. Noelle ordered her own drink, and after two I was feeling a little more calmed down after the scene we’d witnessed.

“It hurts that I had to walk away from them. I can’t stand not knowing what’s happening to them right now. They could be hurting them even more right now, and I can’t do anything about it,” I groaned, downing another drink in a couple of gulps. I welcomed the scorching burn of the alcohol as it travelled down my throat and settled like a lake of fire in my stomach.

“I think Kris might leave,” Noelle said suddenly, staring intently into her drink. I turned my head to narrow my eyes at her.

“You mean he’s going to break up with you?” I asked.

“No, well maybe. But I think he’s going to leave SM. He’s going to quit EXO.”

“How do you know?”

“I don’t. Not for sure. But sometimes he’ll say something that just makes me wonder what exactly he’s planning. There’s a lot of stuff he doesn’t tell me, MaKenna, and that scares me.” Noelle quickly ordered another round for us. The alcohol was making it both easier and harder to process the events we’d just witnessed.

“I think I should go back to the complex and wait for him. I need to make sure he’s okay,” Noelle said, handing the bartender enough money to cover her drinks and a tip. She slipped off the stool and grabbed her bag. “Are you coming?”

As much as I wanted to, I wasn’t near drunk enough to deal with what I’d face when I went back to the complex. I shook my head slowly, taking another burning swig. I’d lost count of how many I’d had. “No, I need to stay. Make sure Tao is alright for me, please?”

“I will. Be safe, alright? Call me if you need anything.” Noelle disappeared quickly from the bar. I turned back around in my seat after watching her go and ordered another drink.

One thing I realized about getting sorrowfully drunk was that I absolutely hated doing it alone. I watched as an hour slipped by and I drank a few more drinks. I could tell the bartender was beginning to worry about my wellbeing, He even offered to listen to my problems.

Instead, I paid and asked him to call me a cab, because the floor was suddenly spinning very fast. Finally, I saw the bright light flash on top of the cab out front and, stumbling, I made my way into the backseat of the cab.

“Where to, ma’am?” The driver asked me.

“I… I don’t want to be alone,” I mumbled against the seat.

“I still need to have an address, or I can’t take you anywhere.” I spouted off the first address that came to mind, even though I couldn’t remember for the life of me whose address it actually was. It wasn’t like I knew very many people in Seoul outside of the SM complex.

“We’re here, ma’am. I need you to pay, please.” The driver’s voice was causing a pounding to erupt inside my head. I quickly handed him a wad of won and fumbled with the door handle until I could get it open, spilling myself out onto the sidewalk before an apartment complex.

I walked towards the door I knew I wanted, beating on it haphazardly with my fist. After a few minutes, I realized no one was coming to the door. For some awful reason, this realization caused tears to spring to my eyes. It seemed as though the fact that no one was home had unearthed a deep sadness within me.

I sunk down to the ground, my back pressed up against the door. I sobbed uncontrollably into my hands, the tequila in my system making it hard to think of anything besides how awfully sad it was that I couldn’t remember exactly who I wanted to come to the door.

“MaKenna?” I’d folded my arms across my knees, and managed to lean my head down so that I was somewhere between crying and sleeping. At the sound of my name, however, I glanced up sharply.

I met the eyes of G-Dragon, and immediately my eyes watered again. The last person I wanted to see was Kwon Jiyong. And yet, I was so happy he was home. I’d waited so long.

“Hey, what’s wrong? Are you okay?” He quickly placed the grocery bags he was carrying down on the stoop outside his door and gathered me in his arms. “What are you doing here?”

"I didn’t want to be alone, and I’m here, but I don’t know why. Last time was a mistake and Tao got pushed down and I just… I couldn’t take it.” I sobbed as my words ran together helplessly, placing my head on his shoulder. Suddenly, I reached out and ran my hand through his thick, now dull, orange hair. “Your hair changed.”

“My roots are showing. I just need to have it redone. And you’re drunk.” I could feel his chuckle against me. “Come on, let’s get you inside. You smell like a bar.”

“I was at a bar,” I slurred matter-of-factly. Suddenly, the ground rushed away from me in a whirl of sickness. It took me a moment to allow the nausea to pass, and to realize Jiyong had picked me up from the ground to carry me inside his apartment.

He settled me on his couch and tried to untangle my arms from around his neck. I panicked, suddenly realizing he was trying to let me go.

“Please don’t leave me,” I sobbed, grabbing clumsily onto his shirt. The soft fabric crumpled in my fists as he looked down at me.

“I’m not leaving you, don’t worry. I just need to get you some Advil and water.” He tried to pull away again.

“No, please,” I cried. After a moment, Jiyong sighed and pulled my fists away from his shirt. Instead of walking away, however, he gathered me in his arms and settled his body behind mine on the couch.

“Why do you do this to me?” He asked softly, stroking my hair gently. I closed my eyes, because his words were too loud.

“I had a bad day at work,” I confessed after a moment, when it seemed the fuzziness wasn’t actually going to go away, even in Jiyong’s arms.

“So you decided to go get shit-faced because you had a bad day at work?” Even through the tequila in my head, I could make out his angry tone.

“I… They were being mean to my boys. And I tried to do something, but I made everything worse instead. So,” I shrugged, chomping down on my bottom lip. “Alcohol made everything better.”

“What boys? Do you mean EXO?” Jiyong asked, the angry creases in his face relaxing into a more concerned expression.

“Yes, EXO. You know, Kai and Chanyeol and Kris and Tao and um… there’s other ones too, I’m pretty sure…” I trailed off, glancing up at him. The fuzziness in my brain was making it real hard to focus on anything but the way Jiyong’s lips parted just perfectly so that I might be able to nestle mine between them.

“I’ve heard some rumors about SM, but I didn’t want them to be true. Are you sure you’re safe working there?” I tilted my head as much as I could against Jiyong’s arm, looking at him curiously. His lips were just so perfect.

“I don’t really remember…” I trailed, not in the slightest bit able to focus on his question. How could a pair of lips be that perfect? I knew he wanted to ask me another question, but my head was trying to split in half, and I was pretty sure another word out of Jiyong’s mouth would be the final blow. So instead, as he opened his mouth to utter more sounds that I wouldn’t be able to understand, I leaned forward and grasped his bottom lip in between mine.

He groaned in surprise, his whole body going rigid. I sucked harshly on the plump flesh, causing him to suddenly clamp his lips down around mine and move them accordingly. He pressed the warmth of his tongue against my parted lips, and I swallowed around it greedily. It flicked against my own, against my teeth, the roof of my mouth.

Finally, I broke away to subtly kiss the corner of his mouth, down to the ridges of his jaw. I heard the rumble of a groan in Jiyong’s chest, and I frowned against his skin, because beyond the alcohol, it almost sounded like a groan of defiance. And suddenly, I realized in was.

He grabbed my face and pulled it away from his skin, I frown creasing his brow. “MaKenna, we can’t do this. Not again.”

“Please, I need this, Jiyong,” I whispered, trying to make my voice as sultry as possible. Obviously it worked, coupled with the fact that I was fiddling with the hem of his shirt, letting the pads of my fingertips brush against his heated skin briefly every now and then. He stared at me for a few moments longer, while a swirl of lust and confliction went on a rampage behind his beautiful eyes. I tucked my bottom lip deep between my teeth, meeting his eyes with a pleading stare of my own.

“MaKenna…” he groaned, so needy. I smirked a little, letting my hand trail down to the outline of his pants. I slowly rubbed along the outline of him, working my fingers around him until I felt the growing twitches under my palm. When his hips bucked into my hand, I slipped beneath the waistbands of his pants and boxers, feeling the velvety softness of his skin against my hand.

I heard him let out another low groan, tossing his head back against the couch violently. He grabbed the sides of my face between his hands, bringing my attention away from my task and towards his lips. As he frantically kissed me, I worked my fingers around his length, slowly pulling him until I felt the blood rushing through his veins. Teasing the tip of him, I loosely worked my hand up and down as his hips bucked frantically, deep moans spilling in between our lips.

Once I noticed a sheen of sweat along his brow, and how uneven his panting had become, I tightened my grip around him, speeding up my ministrations just so. I smirked as that was all it took, and with just a few more bucks of his hips and a low moan into my mouth, Jiyong spilled over the back of my hand. As his warmth dripped between us, his tongue languidly battled with mine until he finally pulled away, his chest heaving harshly.

“Let me clean you up, baby,” he said finally, glancing down at my hand that I’d just managed to pull away from him. He grabbed a depleting box of tissues from the glass coffee table, pulling my hand up and slowly wiping any remnants of him off my skin.

“What are you doing to me?” he asked again as he concentrated on running his fingers softly along the plump veins that ran along the back of my hand. I quickly pried it from his grasp, hating the way he was looking at me. I stood up from the couch, his hooded gaze still following me as I ripped away the first layer of my clothing. Once I was in nothing but my undergarments, I turned back around to look at him, raising one eyebrow in a silent challenge.

Jiyong and I spent the next hour intertwined together, moving from his living room to his bedroom in a flurry of stripped clothing and roaming hands. Pressed against him, his lovely lips twirling and sucking around my skin as he brought me tumbling over every edge possible for him again and again, I was able to block out the rest of the world. In his little fortress of silk, rocking into me in the way that made me curl my toes and cry out, SM and Exo didn’t exist. Noelle and Kris were the farthest things from my mind, because for just an hour and thirty dollars’ worth of alcohol, Jiyong’s fiery skin pressed so deliciously against mine elicited a since of peace and forgetfulness in me that I’d realized I’d been chasing desperately after for months.

I tore at his skin, trying to pull him closer to me, wanting to keep him inside of me for as long as possible. He was the only thing I wanted to focus on: the way his hands curved just so around my waist and hips; the way his eyes couldn’t focus on one thing, until at the end, when all they latched onto was my own; the breathtaking way his lips left no part of my icy skin melting away beneath him. And when it was over, he let me, exhaustedly, crawl into his arms in all my sticky messiness and fall breathlessly asleep against his skin.

I woke up the next morning in a seeming since of déjà vu. The sun, the sheets, Jiyong on full display beside me. Everything was exactly how it should, and shouldn’t, have been. I slowly slipped away from the bed, trying to find more articles of his clothes that I could steal.

Once I’d finally pulled on a pair of patterned sweats, which were way more expensive than normally stolen clothes, I felt sure, and a scoop necked grey t-shirt, I began to pick up my clothes and shuffle towards the door.

“You’re leaving again?” I heard a voice ask behind me, still thick with sleep. I cursed, narrowing down the list of suspects who could be questioning me. While I knew G-Dragon had two dogs, I deduced that they wouldn’t be speaking to me in perfect Korean, and therefore, the voice asking, demanding, if I was sneaking off again was the same voice I was trying to escape from.

“I… yes, I have to be at work. I was hoping you’d be asleep,” I gasped out, suddenly feeling very shameful under his gaze, as if I was a child who’d just been caught stealing candy after bedtime.

“Was this a mistake, too?” He asked suddenly, and I jerked my eyes back to meet his. Sleep was still clinging to him desperately, but now a new determinedness was trying to surface beneath his messy waves of hair and bare chest.

“I… I…” I stuttered for a good three solid seconds before shutting my mouth and glancing back at my hands, obviously giving G-Dragon my answer. I heard his awful, scornful scoff as I continued to stand there under his hateful gaze, knowing I deserved the full blow of it.

“Just leave,” he rasped out, his voice suddenly sounding so very far away. “You have to be at work anyway.”

I tore out of his apartment quickly, not daring to stop and pat the two wiggly fat rolls lolling happily at me feet. What were their names? I wondered, feeling a sudden heaviness because I just really wanted to know what G-Dragon’s pets were named. Instead, I hailed a cab, and clambered in. As I sat in the back and felt warm tears spread down my cheeks, I realized how what I assumed was an escape was the exact thing I was trying to escape from.


Jinyoung X Reader

Fluffy ~ Maybe Angsty


Super fab Anon That Gives Me All The Love Asked: Hiiiiiii the bad english speaker here again… OMGGGGG The Jaebum oneshot… im in love with it… and i have another request… can you do a Jinyoung one now?… where his s/o gets really angry with him cause his savage(? But he do his best to apologise… hope you can understand the idea… ALL THE LOVE💜


Originally posted by u-me-xist

 You stood in front of your boyfriend, shocked at what he’d just said, tears threatening to fall onto your cheeks. You knew he joked around all the time but this joke went too far. He insulted one of your biggest insecurities.

 You tried to ignore the stinging of your eyes as you left out an agitated sigh before rolling your eyes. Jinyoung saw your actions and realized what he’d done, regret pooling over him. “Babe, I’m so-”

 “Yeah I know. You’re sorry.” You interrupted him out of annoyance. You spun around to walk away but he was too quick and took ahold of your hand. He looked at you with sorrow in his eyes, pleading for you to stay. 

 Of course you knew he didn’t mean what he had said but that doesn’t make it stop hurting. You removed yourself from his grasp and left the room, going out into the living area to be met with a few other members of Got7.

 “Hey ____. Where’s Jinyoung-ah?” Youngjae asked innocently, not knowing what happened.

 “In his room.” You answered simply as you didn’t want to get into it. You started to play with the black hair tie that was around your wrist, this being a common nervous habit of yours.

 “Oh.” He breathed out, understanding something had happened. “Well, I was just about to take Coco for a walk, do you want to come with us?”

 You gave him a thankful smile, “Sure.” You said. Youngjae hated seeing you upset, especially with one of his best friends so he’d try to distract you.

 By the time Jinyoung left his quiet room, you were already gone. His eyes scanned the dorm, looking for you. “Where is she?” He asked aloud for anyone to answer.

 “Her and Youngjae took Coco for a walk.” Mark uttered, focusing on the television.

 “Did you two fight?” Bambam blurted. “I don’t want to be nosey-”

 “Then don’t be.” Jinyoung snapped, grabbing his shoes and heading out the door. He felt extremely bad for what he said and he knows he shouldn’t have even thought about joking like that but he couldn’t rewind the clock and take it back. He can only apologize.

 As you and Youngjae stroll down the walkway, he looks over at you. He can see that you’re in a different place, maybe not physically but mentally. You were trapped inside your mind, having no choice but to keep replaying Jinyoung’s words, only being able to escape when you hear Youngjae’s laugh. 

 You looked over to your friend and smiled as he continued to giggle. “What?” You ask curiously.

 “Look at Coco.” He said, not being able to stop his laughs as you turn your head to see the small dog chasing a butterfly. She would try to jump to catch it but always failed, it was as if the butterfly was teasing the pup.

 You began to giggle while you watched the two, shaking your head at the dog. Youngjae looked over to you when he heard your soft noises. “____?” He muttered. “What happened?”

 You take a deep breath after your gaze meets his. “I don’t Youngjae, it’s probably something stupid.”

 “No.” You jumped at the familiar voice. “It’s not stupid.” Jinyoung breathed out, you could tell he ran here. “____, listen. I know you’re pissed at me and you should be, I was being an ass. I am an ass, but I love you. I love every part of you, even the parts you hate about yourself. I never should have said what I did and I’m aware that my jokes can be rude sometimes and I’m so so so sorry for that.”

 You and Youngjae both just stared at the person in front of you before exchanging glances and looking back to Jinyoung. You weren’t sure how to react but you knew you wanted to hug him, so you did.

 Jinyoung tensed up for a second before relaxing into the hug and grasping onto your body. He rested his head on your shoulder, feeling relieved. You smiled before whispering, “If you ever say shit like that again, I’ll murder you.”

 He let out a breathy laugh but never let go. “If I say anything like that again, I deserve to be murdered.” 

 “Glad you agreed.” You smiled and kissed his cheek.

 You both turned to youngjae when you heard a small squeal. “You guy are so cute.”

 You all started laughing while Jinyoung pulled you closer to his torso, placing a small kiss on top of your head. “When we get back I should probably apologize to Bam too~” He admitted.

 You and youngjae sigh, “What did you do?” You said in unison as small laughs escaped your mouths. 

Jinyoung always found a way to make things up to you, he loved you too much to be stubborn. It hurt him to be away during tours so if you avoided him out of anger while he was home, he’d do anything and everything for you to forgive him. Words could describe his affection towards you.

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The Fairy Dance

Sirius X Reader

So i was watching Peter Pan and my all time favourite scene is when Peter and Wendy dance with the faries and it’ all so dar cute. So… I decided to recreate it i’m so sorry if it’s crap, i tried. Enjoy!


You instruct yourself as you try to maintain composure. Fumbling your fingers with unease, a horrible sensation begins to engulf you; butterflies flutter rapidly in the pit of your stomach.  Your hands rest on top of stomach as you smother down the fabric in an attempt to straighten out the material. You nervously pace up and down the length of your dormitory; your mind imploding with constant worries, your anxiety looming over you. Lily had already scolded you for not getting ready and now they were all headed down to the Entrance Hall for the Yule Ball, but alas, here you stood, a quaking wreck. After much resilience, you finally reassure yourself that it was okay, it would all be over in a few hours… it’ll be fine. Timidly, you make your way to the door but not before you take one final glance in the mirror.

You looked different.

A good different? You pondered to yourself. Usually, you were clad in your favourite black jeans, a baggy top; your hair was always let down in its natural, scruffy waves. But this was completely alien to you. The woman that stood in the mirror was completely unrecognisable from the familiar girl you were used to seeing.

Your body was encased in a delicate, dark navy chiffon fabric which hugged your figure beautifully. Fine lace covered your arms, slightly below your shoulder. And gently placed around your décolletage, was an exquisite jewel-incrusted pendant, which twinkled in bask of the warm light from the naked flame of the burning candle from beside your chestdraw. Your makeup was simple, yet you looked absolutely angelic. Your hair was fashioned in to an elegant low bun, which bought attention to the backless interior of your dress.

You looked different…

… definitely a good different.

Drawing a long breath, you reach for the door, slipping out from the comfort of your room and towards the Great Hall.

“Where is she?” an impatient 18 year old huffs in annoyance.

“Patience Black, I’m sure she’s on her way” responds the fiery red head i.e your best friend.

“she’s right mate, you know girls-” begins James until he meets Lily’s piercing glare,

“- they’re bloody awesome. Am I right sweetheart?” he sheepishly replies, nudging his girlfriend to which she responds with a smack on his arm.

“Smooth, Prongs. Real smooth” grins Remus, making Peter giggle.

“What if she didn’t like the necklace I got her… or worse, what if she doesn’t like me? I mean that actually defies the laws of nature. I mean… I’m pretty darn hot” rambles Sirius whilst everyone groans in agitation. James was about to respond until something caught his eye.

“Wow” James gaps at his centre of vision. Sirius’ expression riddles with confusion,

“Prongs, I’m serious! What if she doesn’t like me and I’m actually fucking everything up?” he continues to yammer.

“Amazing” Remus whispers as Lily squeals in delight. Sirius begins to get annoyed at the lack of empathy he was receiving from his friends,

“Hey, what are you all looki-” he starts but was immediately cut off by Remus,

“PADS! Turn around!” he exclaims to his friend.

Finally, with much effort, he slowly turns his direction to the top of the stairs.

Breathe’, James instructs as he watches his best friend drift into awe. Sirius could not take his eyes off you. You were breath-taking. Every pretty pearl and jewel that exhibits the earth appeared as nothing more than lumps of coal in Sirius’s mind.  Even all the stars that align the heavens bow in defeat of your splendour. He protrudes calmly towards you, his gaze never leaving yours

You suddenly become stoic. A small smile is all you can form as you beam down at your friends awkwardly: you weren’t used to all this attention.

Suddenly it wasn’t just your friends who were staring. Students of all ages and houses stop in their tracks to catch a glimpse of you.  Cautiously, you began to make your way down the stone steps, the train of your dress gliding gently along the way.

Sirius begins to mouth words but unfortunately nothing comes out.

“Y-Y/N, y-you…. i-I-” he stammers,

“What is it Pads? Dog got your tongue?” James retorts jokingly at Sirius’s speechless response to which he earns another hard nudge in the ribs from Lily.

“- what he means is you look amazing Y/N” replies Lily. You turn towards Sirius,

“Is that true Black?” you quip,

“Yeah… that” Sirius finally says, making you giggle,

“Well you’re not too bad yourself” you reply.

Adjusting back to reality, Sirius positions himself straight and gestures his hand out for you to take to which you oblige. He slowly forms into a bow as he places a gentle kiss on your fingers; you flush brightly at his touch.

“Shall we, my love?” he whispers against your skin,

“Hmm… I suppose” you smirk as your arm links his, both of you making your way to the Great Hall; all eyes on the paradisiac couple.

After half an hour of small talk and niceties, the ball came into full swing. Goblets of Butter-beer and Fire-whiskey littered the tables as students and teachers threw their best moves on the dance floor. You and lily sway in the corner whilst the boys went absolutely manic. James and Sirius were full on head banging and air guitaring in the middle of the dance floor whilst Peter hopelessly tries to join along. Your eyes scan the room and to your surprise your gaze met your best friend; Remus was currently attached to a pretty blonde in the corner of the hall and you couldn’t help but smile.

The song slowly came to a draw and suddenly a slow, gentle melodic tune starts to play. Without warning, a gentle grasp withdrew you from your swaying and pulled you to the side.

“I know a better place” whispers an easy tone from beside you. Without hesitation, you took Sirius’s hand and follow him out the doors and into the night.

Sirius takes you out in to the gardens, out of sight from any peering bodies. He comes to a stop when he gets near the opening of a hedge. Leaning in to you, he whispers almost inaudibly,

“There’s something I want you to see, but we have to be quiet”. You nod in response and slowly follow him into the opening. A large, decrepit tree centres within the entire greenery and you look at Sirius with a puzzling expression. He smiles gently before he beckons you to come near the tree.

Carefully, you perch beside him as you peer inside the small fractures that are engraved within the bark. And that’s when you see it.


Hundreds of petite, glowing little creatures glide; the soft tune that resonates from the Great Hall, mixes with the heart-warming voices of the fairies. Golden glimmer emanates from their bodies as they dance in the air, defying gravity. And right there, positioned in the hearth of the tree, dance the King and Queen fairy. They twirl with such grace and splendour that it bring tears to your eyes. Without realising, Sirius perches closer towards you; you can practically feel his breath on your skin. You turn to look into the grey pools that make your faint heart cry with glee. And he’s looking at you in the same way.

He backs away from the tree as he turns to stand opposite you. Confidently, he forms into a low bow, making you giggle as you return a small curtsey.  With ease, he steps closer to your frame and you feel yourself stiffen. He drifts a gentle hand on your waist, the other skims down the lace detail of your arms, slowing down when he reaches your hands; he tangles his long, calloused fingers with you slender, soft ones. He begins to inch his body towards your own, his breath igniting your body with warmth from the chilly night air.

“Sirius…” you sigh quietly,

“What is it my love?” he asks worryingly. You smile at him with sentiment,

“I can’t dance” you admit embarrassingly. A small laugh escapes his lips,

“That’s okay sweetheart, just follow me.” You nod gingerly but seep into his grasp. And slowly but surely you’re dancing to the soft melody and it all becomes natural… like you were meant to be.

Suddenly, a swarm of light surrounds you, illuminating the space where you and Sirius were swaying. However, that was the problem… you weren’t on the ground! You were in fact 8 ft in to the air, still going higher. You let out a small yelp, to which Sirius responds by placing a tighter grip on you,

“Shh, it’s okay I’ve got you Y/N. I won’t let you go” Sirius hushes, trying to calm your quaking body, his arms snakes around your body as he draws you in closer and you happily give in.

You ease after a while and soon you’re twirling in the air; Sirius pushes you away gently into the open air, only to follow you and reposition his hands on your frame, you welcome his loving embrace. Your eyes align again and you immerse into his gaze, his kind eyes resembles molten silver as it ripples against the silvery-white glow of the moonlight.

“Sirius,” you whisper,

“Yes Y/N?” he responds instantaneously,

“Promise you won’t let me go” you utter apprehensively. Sirius looks at you curiously, smiling,

“Of course Y/N, I’m not going to let you fal-” but he suddenly realises what you mean by your expression and his smile begins to fade. Inching towards you, he cusps your face into his hand and closes the small gap between you two.

Sweet, tepid and comfort; your body consumes itself with these emotions as you immerse yourself into the kiss. Slow and calm at first but then it increases in passion and pressure. When he finally releases, he takes your hands and peppers small kisses onto them.

I promise, my love.”

You beam at him with so much adoration and affection that your heart actually hurts; and much to your awareness, he feels exactly the same. Resting your head into the crook of his neck, you both begin to sway again, bodies together and hearts intertwined.

Alone together, in your own little infinity.

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Thank you @inloveatthewrongtimee
Your prompt really inspired me, so I wrote a little one shot for you :) 

I hope you’ll enjoy it. ♥

Harry Potter watched with eagle-eyes how his best friend dropped to the chair next to Theodore Nott. Harry had settled as usual on their regular seat in the potion lab and had already unpacked the things when Draco and Theo had entered the room. It was kind of like always. However, Draco didn’t settle next to him but sat down at Theo’s desk, this wasn’t as usual. Not at all.

“Trouble in paradise?” A trusted voice made Harry look up, after a moment’s hesitation, he shrugged helplessly.
“If I only knew that.”

Blaise, who usually sat next to Theo, had settled down next to him. With an encouraging smile he laid his hand on Harry’s arm.
“Dray is all drama, he’ll calm himself.” Blaise gave Harry one of those you-know-exactly-how-he-is-looks and his smile turned into a cheeky grin. “As always”, he added.

Harry nodded and felt much better. Even though Blaise and he weren’t best friends, the two Slytherins were quite close.
“Then you’ll just take me through potions”, Harry replied with a grin, making the other laugh.

Since Harry had met Draco at Madame Malkins, the blonde had been absolutely thrilled by him. On platform 9 ¾, the blonde had caught Harry pretty quickly and dragged him to his friends. That was the story how Harry had met Blaise and Pansy. Draco, Blaise and Pansy had been friends since they were little. They liked Harry really quickly, as they did with Daphne Greengrass.

Pansy and Daphne had been best friends since the time Pansy had sat down beside the blonde little girl at the Slytherin table. That’s they were. The squad. Draco and Harry, who were inseparable, and Pansy and Daphne, who were also rarely separated, and Blaise, who got along very well with everyone.

Harry also got along very well with Theo. The brunette Slytherin just didn’t like the squad life and prefered to spend his time alone or in pairs. Vince and Greg always did their own thing, just like Millicent and Tracey.

To Harry’s disgust, he had to realize that the “incident” in potions was no exception. Draco spent more and more time with the brunette Slytherin. He came late at night to the dorm, which he shared with Blaise and Harry, sat at the meal mostly opposite Theo and a few places further away at the table.

The two of them learned together, sat together in the classroom and spent their spare time together, they just did almost everything together. Except for Quidditch, but Harry was sure if Theo had been a part of the team, then they would hang around in training as well. It made Harry mad. His best friend ignored him and Harry had no idea why.

He had asked Blaise for advice and his best friend Daphne, he had even begged Pansy to tell him what she knew, but the black-haired Slytherin, also known as Dracos Best Friend, had only shaken her head.
“Harry, he didn’t say anything, I don’t know what’s going on with him”, she sighed, looking sadly at her friend. Harry was stumped.

It was already dawning when Harry went to the quidditch field. He didn’t care that he was late for training. Just how Draco acted lately, he wouldn’t even notice it. Harry had quickly peeled off his clothes and pulled over the quidditch uniform before he went to the field.

When Harry entered the training, he greeted the team briefly. They were doing different tactics, so it wasn’t even bad that Harry had come too late. As a searcher the strategy and moves hardly touched him.

The training went on as usual. With the one difference that Draco almost didn’t talk to him. Otherwise, he and Harry had often looked at the players and discussed how they could use each team member most effectively. Draco had mostly flown beside him, but since his iron silence he hovered down among the others, hardly paying attention to the black-haired boy.

After the workout, Harry had time to take a shower. As he entered the dressing room, Draco was pulling on a dark green sweater. Harry turned away and opened his own locker when suddenly a “Hey” came from his right. He glanced at his best friend. Draco leaned his shoulder against one of the lockers the right of Harry.

“Hey yourself”, he murmured, slipping into blue washed-out jeans and a black hoodie. He caught Draco’s eyes and sighed.
“So you’re talking to me again?” It slipped out by Harry. Crap. He didn’t want to bitch around.

Draco raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms in front of his chest.
“It’s new for me that I didn’t talk to you.”
“Well, you didn’t have time to talk with me since you only depend on Nott.” Harry snarled. Dracos couldn’t be serious?!

“I also didn’t know you had a problem with Theo, but good to know, Harry.” Draco pushed away from the locker and headed toward the exit.
“You’d know if you had talked to your best friend in the past two weeks” Harry chided after him.
“I do not need your permission with whom I spend my time and with whom not, Potter”, Draco hissed angrily.

At the sound of his last name, Harry shrank. Everything inside him tensed and with a wistful look at Draco, he called after him a sad “Dray”, but Draco didn’t react and instead he disappeared from the changing rooms.
Great. The first time they had talked during the last two weeks and they argued immediately. Fabulous.

The next day, Harry saw his friend only in classes and at meals. Literally. Harry had tried to intercept Draco in the morning or the evening to apologize and clarify the matter, but Draco had disappeared early in the morning that Harry wasn’t even awake, and in the evening he came so late to the dungeons that Harry was already in the land of dreams. It was like the blonde Slytherin wouldn’t even sleeping with them in the dormitory.

On Friday evening, two days after the dispute in the changing rooms, it was too much for Harry. When he entered the empty dormitory after dinner, he rolled up on the bed and cried. Yes, he was crying because of Draco fucking Malfoy, his best friend, who was no longer his best friend for various reasons.

When Blaise entered the dormitory a little later and found the sobbing Harry, he didn’t hesitate for long. His steps led him back into the common room, which he had left only minutes before. He reached for Daphne’s wrist with a sharp “fellow-fellow” and drew the shocked girl into the boys tract.

He pushed her through the door into the dormitory, and when Daphne saw her best friend in this compassionate position, she cuddled into the bed and pulled the black-haired man into her arms. With a look at Blaise, who nodded and then left the room, she slammed the blanket over her body and stroked Harry soothingly through his hair.

While Daphne was cajoling the black-haired with honeyed words, Blaise was looking for the cause of the evil. He finally found Draco in the library with - oh what a miracle - Theo. Blaise rushed to the table where his two classmates studied.

“Malfoy”, he growled as he reached the table and put his hands on the plate.
“Since when are we on last-name-basis?”, Draco asked skeptically.
“Since one of our friends is crying because of you and actually I thought that you two were best friends and you should be interested", Blaise hissed at the blonde.

Contrary to expectations, Draco did not react first but Theo.
“What? Harry’s crying?”
Blaise nodded with a brief glance at the brunette.
“If you .. oh no, because you two did not notice it”, Blaise began, then turned back to Draco, “Harry is pretty shitty because you ignore him.”
The two Slytherins gave themselves a grown look duel, which Theo only doubtingly watched.

“I don’t know why I’d have to ask anyone with whom I spend my time”, Draco hissed, turning back to his book.
“Maybe it’s not about who you spend time with, but who you’re ignoring after seven years of friendship. Harry just doesn’t know why you hate him all at once. “

With a desperate look at Draco, the black-haired boy shook his head and turned away without another word. In his back, he still heard Theo talking softly to Draco, but he was too far away to understand the words.

Daphne slept next to Harry this night. When the next morning refused to go to breakfast, his girlfriend quickly stayed with him in bed. Blaise brought the two sandwiches, which only touched the blonde. When Harry was still unable to get up at midday, Daphne and Pansy tried to get their friend together.

“Lion, you have to get up,” Daphne murmured as she pulled a strand of hair from his forehead. In a flowing motion, she wiped another tear from his cheek. Not even his beloved pet name could change his mood.

Daphne called him Lion since he told her in the fourth year that the Talking Hat was going to send him to Gryffindor. But Harry had resisted it, because of Draco. The Draco, whom he had completely no matter for several weeks.

“Harry, come with us for lunch,” Pansy pleaded with the black-haired boy, and sighed deeply, “it will be all right. Believe me, I’ll kick him in the ass, but you’ll have to eat something.”

Harry just shook his head and after a few more attempts, the girls said good-bye to go to the Great Hall. In the afternoon Harry had slept much, which made the girls spend time outdoors. Towards evening, Daph sat back on Harry’s bed, his back against the wall behind her, while the feet dangled forward.

Harry had put his head sideways on her thighs, and looked at Pansy, kneeling before him on the floor, her hands clasped on the mattress and her head resting on it. She had been talking about her holiday from the summer for almost an hour, and avoided talking as much as possible about subjects that Draco contained, which really wasn’t that easy.

After all, Harry and Draco had almost never been separate since their first day at Hogwarts. Pansy looked desperately at Daphne, who recognized the dumb plea. Never leave me. In reply, she gave the black-haired girl only a loving smile.

The door swung open behind Pansy, which made the two girls look up, thinking that Blaise was coming in. But to all wonder it wasn’t Blaise but Draco, who leaned with the shoulder in the door frame. When Harry saw him, he closed his eyes desperately for a moment, before he straightened.

“Girls, just leave us alone, please”, Draco said. Although his voice was completely quiet, the air was electrified as the two girls stood up. Pansy was the first at the door. Furiously, she pressed her index finger against his chest.

“I hope for you, you had damn good reasons and you’ll clarify the matter with Harry, otherwise I’ll kick your ass, Malfoy”, Pansy hissed at him before she pushed out into the corridor. And Draco was perfectly clear she was serious. Like very serious. one head smaller or not. Daphne kissed Harry briefly on the cheek, before she also drove past Draco. He entered the room completely and leaned against one of his bedposts. Harry, who had meanwhile sat up, slipped to the wall.

For a little while nobody said anything. They only looked into each other’s eyes and a tear blurred from Harry’s cheek.
“Why do you hate me?” The black-haired boy whispered after some time, because he couldn’t stand the silence any more.

Draco said nothing for a moment before a sigh escaped.
“I don’t hate you”, he replied, suddenly sounding tired. Draco sat down on his bed, slid back against the wall and closed his eyes briefly. Again, both were silent for some time.

“Dray, talk to me, please”, Harry pleaded, just couldn’t stand it anymore.
Draco sighed before he began to talk.
“Theo and I understand each other very well, because we like the same thing.”
Harry frowned, but Draco just continued on.
“He found out I was … that I’m gay and well, he is too, and I never wanted our friendship to suffer, Harry, but it was so easy to be with Theo all this time.”

Harry swallowed and let the words sink. For some reason, his stomach had contracted painfully at the thought of Draco and Theo.
“So you’re happy with him … and you couldn’t tell me. Do you really think I would be … yes, whatever … just because you’ve got a boyfriend now?”
Draco opened his eyes widely and shook his head vehemently.

“No, stop, Theo and I aren’t together. I mean, well, we kissed one time, but I’ve got feelings for someone and Theo just became a good listener and friend to me. I didn’t want to hurt your feelings. I was just afraid you could find me repulsive”, Draco finally became quieter. That was too much for Harry.

“Holy shit, you’re crazy! We’ve survived everything together, we’ve survived Voldemort, we’ve been going through thick and thin since we’re 11 years old. Dray, we … I … I thought you’d know me better.“, he shouted at the other, “and then I’m going to freak out because you’re gay?! Do you have that less faith in me?”

The blonde swallowed visibly and stood up, slowly walking toward Harry.
“I wasn’t afraid you’d abandon me for being gay, I was afraid you’d abandon me for this.” Draco had just wispered the last words before he put his lips on Harry’s.
Harry’s body felt like it was going to explode, but before he could return the kiss, Draco had already disengaged from him and stepped back. Absent-minded Harry touched his lips with his fingertips.

“I know .. I’m not …” gay, he wanted to say, but for some reason he didn’t say a word. Absolutely overwhelmed, he looked into Draco’s eyes.
“Gay”, Draco finished Harry’s sentence instead, closing his lids. “I know.”
“Yes, no … but I … I don’t know”, Harry murmured.

He had never been interested in boys, but he wasn’t really interested in girls either. Suddelny he knew what to do. Harry put a hand on Draco’s neck and pulled him closer.
“I have no idea, but if you want, we’ll find out together”, he whispered against Draco’s lips before pulling him closer and pressing his own lips on Draco’s.

Send me a prompt with a number and a HP pairing and I’ll try to write you a drabble. Maybe not just Drarry :p

Hydra’s Child (part two)

Summary: being an experiment from birth meant you didn’t have free will. The only will you had was to please those who created you - Hydra. Your only object in life was to please them and make them happy. Until one day, you were given different orders. Orders you never expected to get.

Word count: 2K

Chapter warnings: reader being unable to reproduce, minimal violence

A/N: I’m still in shock of how many people actually liked this… goodness

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When your eyes fluttered open, everything was bright and burned. You shut them immediately and groaned, feeling groggy. It took you a few minutes but your eyes slowly adjusted to it. Glancing around you noticed that you were in a medical room. It was brighter and a lot more high-tech than Hydra’s.

The beeping of a heart monitor caught your attention. You didn’t understand any of the junk blinking on it, only the line that resembled your heart rate. Your eyes flickered down to your arm. Inserted in your arm was an IV. Beside your bed was a contraption that held clear bags of fluid. It was similar to what Hydra had done whenever you went to the med bay – pumped you with fluids, cleared your wounds and stitched you if necessary before sending you on your way.

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It’ll Be Alright

Steve Rogers x Reader

Request: “hellohello!!! can i have a steve x reader where reader is very self conscious about her stretch marks and steve comforts her and stuff? tyty + i love your blog <3″ - @darlingbuchanan

Warnings: NONE


You had never been a fan of the beach. Of course, the blues and greens of the ocean always caught your attention, but there was always something about it that left a bad taste in your mouth. As a kid, you would stand in the middle of the sand, standing behind your friends, as they ran frantically towards the water. It wasn’t until your family members started pointing out your recent weight gain that it dawned on you: you were never a fan of the beach because you didn’t have the “ideal” body type. 


When Natasha asked you and your friends if you guys wanted to go to the beach, everyone responded before you could even open your mouth. 

“What about you, Y’N?” she asked, her eyes landing on yours. 

You didn’t want to be the person to ruin everyone’s day of fun, so you hesitantly nodded your head. “Sure, I could go for a swim,” you smiled. 


You had a multitude of bathing suits in your closet. You took out your best three and lay them out on your bed. Black, white, and red fabrics littered your cream sheets as you heard your door open. 

“Hey, Y’N,” you heard a familiar voice say.

You turned around to see sandy blonde hair and a pair of blue eyes. “Steve,” you said, your body turning to cover up the bathing suits on your bed. “What are you doing here?” 

“Nat told me to make sure you were ready. We’re leaving to go to the beach in about 20 minutes, so don’t take long,” he said before spotting a red bikini top and winking at you. You blushed and shooed him out of your room. 

“Get out, Steve, I have a lot to do.”


Cellulite and stretch marks decorated your thighs and calves that were almost always covered around your friends. Today, though, the universe decided things would be different. You walked out of your room into the compound wearing shorts and a t-shirt over your bathing suit. Everyone was in the room, sitting in front of the large flat screen TV. 

“It’s about time, Y/N,” Tony jokingly sighed. 


The ride to the beach was fairly normal. The only thing on your mind was your body, though. Sure, you had curves, but they seemed to mean nothing to the stretch marks on the different parts of your body. 

“Come on, Y’N, we’re here,” you heard Bucky say. 

You nodded and stepped into the sunlight, your sunglasses making their way to your face. You looked around you and noticed everyone ridding themselves of their shirts, showing off their toned and muscular bodies. You especially noticed Steve, though. He pulled his navy blue t-shirt over his head in one swift motion, exposing his abs and nearly perfect body. You realized you were staring when he threw his shirt at your face. 

“Come on, Y/N,” he said, “get in the water with me.”

This is it. 

You nodded, noticing all of your friends were already enjoying themselves in the water. You began to slowly peel back the layers you wore. First, your shirt slowly came off, exposing the top half of the black and white one-piece you chose to wear, ultimately deciding that you would wear the red bikini when you were more comfortable with your body. Next, your shoes made their way off your feet, and your shorts were on on the floor. 

You felt Steve’s eyes on you as your hands traveled to your legs and stomach, trying to hide what could never be truly out of sight. You felt Steve walk up to you, his hands moving over yours. 

“Let’s go,” he said. He started walking away and almost didn’t notice that your feet were still planted firmly in the sand. 

“What’s wrong, Y/N?” he asked, concern taking over his facial features. 

You felt tears brim your eyes as his words made their way to your ears. You never really cried over your physical appearance, so why did you start now? Maybe it was because you were surrounded by overly-confident people, or because you had never actually had your body out in the open the way you did now. Or perhaps, you were about to cry because someone finally took notice to your apprehension and doubt. Steve, the boy who always seemed to be able to lend a helping hand to anyone who needed it, was also the one (the only one) to take notice to you and one of your biggest insecurities. 

“Wait, why are you crying? Oh God, Y/N, did I make you cry? I’m so-” he started, before you cut him off. 

“No, Steve,” you said, before pointing to your thighs. “I can’t get in the water with you guys, though. Just look at me, for God’s sake, I’m disgusting! Can you see the marks on my legs? They’ve been here for as long as I could remember. Do you know what it’s like to feel like a stranger in your body? To see all of your friends look so much better than you when you work just as hard, if not harder than them to be fit and healthy?” you asked, your mouth letting the words slip out before you could have a chance to think about it. 

“Y/N,” Steve started before you turned away from him, picking your shorts up from the sand. But before you could turn around all the way, you felt fingers wrap around your arm. 

“Y/N, you are the most beautiful person I’ve seen in all my 96 years of being alive, and I can’t believe you could think that about yourself. You are far from disgusting, and no one is stopping you from getting in that goddamn water but yourself. Besides,” he said, his fingers tracing the marks on your skin, “these are what make you, you. No one else in the world has patterns like this etched into their skin, Y/N. And if you don’t want to get in the water with me, I won’t force you. We can get ice cream, too,” he smiled. 

Your arms wrapped around his waist as you smiled. 

“Let’s go,” you said, dragging him toward your friends screaming in the water. 

A/N: I’m sorry if this isn’t what you expected lol! I hope you enjoyed it, though. Make sure to request for any Avengers/MCU characters!!

piper-mccool  asked:

honestly I've never given much thought to the fandom's interpretations of sadie's appearance but it's definitely Weird that most ppl (including me, I'm calling myself out) immediately picture very light skin and straight hair etc. like obviously there are white-passing biracial people but the fact that seems to be the default image for sadie's appearance says loads

it’s particularly peculiar bc, like, okay yah straight hair probably comes from the official art

which isn’t necessarily the best benchmark anyway because rick’s characters are frequently whitewashed…i mean, for comparison, just look how appallingly light carter’s official art is:

but even in the official art, she’s definitely not pale. you probably wouldn’t think she’s black from looking at her, sure, and that’s true to canon, but she’s certainly not pasty white, and her hair is definitely not that super fine platinum blond. anyway, we can assume that if carter is much darker, then so is sadie.

also, this is the book cover rick praised for finally not whitewashing the kanes…sadie is still quite light, but notice that her hair is curly:

anyway, “white passing” is very subjective, and changes tremendously based on lighting, season, who you’re with, and where you are.

Drunken Friends

Requested by anon
Request: Hey! I was wondering if you could do one where draco and the reader are friends but draco always flirts with her and they end up being together, it could be with 10 and 19 of the first list too? Also ypur writing is amazing!

Finals were done, and everyone was preparing to go home. In the Slytherin common room, however, a party was raging on. (Y/n) sat next to Draco on the couch as they started a shot contest. They stared each other in the eye, neither breaking the staring contest. Blaise piled both of them back to the table, making them ready to go.

About halfway through the drinks, (y/n) bowed out, as she was starting to see stars. Draco in the other hand, finished all his and hers. Needless to say, but by now he was drunk. Draco laughed, leaning on (y/n), and pulling her into a hug.

“Have I ever told you your eyes are just” Draco squinted at (y/n), making an explosion motion with his hands. He feel back against the couch. (Y/n) giggled along with everyone else, but she quickly swallowed a drink, trying to hide the blush creeping up her neck.

“Merlin Draco, why don’t you just kiss her already?” Blaise hollered from across the table, as the other Slytherins laughed. (Y/n) jumped turning to the boy. Draco was doing his best to stand up too.

“Blaise! Can’t you see he’s drunk that’s not-” (Y/n) was haunted by a pair of lips pressing against hers. The kiss was sloppy and tasted of fire whiskey as the Slytherins cheered on the kiss. That’s when Draco’s hands started to sink and he was shoved off by (y/n).

(Y/n) ran to her dorm, doing her best to ignore the ooooohs that followed her.

In a flash Draco was no longer drunk, but instead gripping on to Blaise’s shirt.

“Why did you say that man?” Draco growled, still swaying slightly, but not carrying one bit.

“I don’t know man, I was just joking around. I didn’t think you’d actually do it” Blaise threw his hands up, stumbling when Draco dropped him.

“Pansy, can you get her to go to the astronomy tower” Draco locked eyes with the black haired girl who nodded, by quite sure what choice she had.


Draco stood, praying to the stars that (y/n) would show up. He had screwed up, he had screwed up big time. He always flirted with (y/n), but he knew she never took it seriously. He froze when the door opened and closed quickly, an exasperated (y/n) leaning against.

“Thank Merlin you’re here, I thought for sure you’d hate me” Draco moved towards (y/n), wanting to hug her, but held back.

“Draco, there is nothing you could do that would cause me to hate you” (Y/n) smiled, cupping Draco’s cheek before planting a soft kiss there. He blushed, wrapping his hands around her waist. (Y/n) gave Draco a puzzled look, but he merely smirked before lowering himself to give (y/n) a proper kiss. A true kiss full of love.