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asoue netflix thoughts:

(disclaimer: i’m with the minority who believe the over-arching mystery of the series including all the background adult vfd members is not only fascinating but necessary to make the later reveals and overall series work. i’m also a little biased bc i’m heavily invested in the history/mystery surrounding the fire-fighting side of the schism. that aside, this will be a shit post as i’m excited and incoherent.) 

  • every mention of beatrice (and bertrand) cleared my skin
  • warburton humanized lemony for me; where he was once an abstract concept narrating from a distance he’s more fleshed out, and wonderfully captures the tone of lemony
  • tl;dr he made me like lemony
  • lemony running from the authorities is a+ also i like how he fucks off without regard to all the evidence hes leaving behind lmao
  • i deeply relate to lemony in how i, too, suffer over beatrice
  • “NOBODY ASKED YOU” - edgar poe, a true icon
  • takes after his mother queen eleanora of the daily punctilio 
  • count olaf being a petty bitch is everything to me
  • shirley st. ives is T H I C C hot damn yas mami bring it
  • jacquelyn (!!!) and gustav running around in the background trying to right wrongs and get the baudelaires to their rightful destination is a BREATH OF FRESH AIR
  • where i was once frustrated beyond belief that bad things kept happening to the baudelaires bc even vfd members seemed incompetent and stupid is one beef i had with the books
  • to see vfd members alerted to the fact that somethings wrong and then kicking ass + taking names behind the scenes is GREAT and makes it seem more plausible 
  • I LOVE VFD MEMBERS POPPING OUT OF THE WOODWORK we get to SEE them instead of hearing about them after its too late
  • gustav is hot af??? and can get it anytime like damn daniel
  • lets pretend his death never happened 
  • which brings me to: 
  • is she kit snicket in disguise? she’s got blonde hair, has history with olaf, can beat his ass with one hand while he thanks her, etc
  • i could be wrong but let a girl live?? i’m thirsty for her at this point
  • ngl i fell for the whole baudelaire-turned-quagmire twist :(
  • i came out to ship beatrice/bertrand and i honestly feel so attacked rn
  • i was excited for the whole “beatrice & bertrand adventuretimes before dying tragically near the end of the series” thing like i imagined
  • it was heavily hinted that at least one baudelaire parent survived the fire
  • WHY COULDN’T YOU CATER 2 MY INTERESTS NETFLIX i was so captivated :(
  • i!👏 wanted!👏 exposition!👏 on! 👏 them! 👏 ughhh
  • no beatrice in a dragonfly costume at the masked ball? no bisexual beatrice making out with r, the duchess of winnepeg?? no beatrice stealing esme’s sugar bowl??? unfriended blocked and reported
  • will they even give us flashbacks of beatrice next season? im salty
  • also dr. orwell dated bertrand? it ended in a lawsuit and plastic surgery?? omfg give this 2 me
  • cobie smulders is beautiful gahhhhhhdamn
  • mama quagmire slayed the entire show 
  • like idk how they’re gonna make beatrice look cool in comparison to her
  • also: who knew mama quagmire had so much in common with violet?
  • both even came up with the same inventions
  • lmao why are the quagmire kids such squares??
  • i want to beat them up 
  • they’re already making quigley stand apart to foreshadow his eventual separation from his siblings but dude was stone cold when he refused to hug his father lmao “WHATS WRONG WITH UR LEG DAD WHY ARE U SUCH A PEASANT”
  • most importantly……………
  • shes serving that beautiful cruella deville vibe. im Shook and Scalped
  • this is the esme we deserve! flipping thru a newspaper while she sets a house on fire….. elegantly draped across the seat in couture clothing:’) my wife
  • speaking of queen esme when is she going to burn violet’s horrible bright pink dress i was fucking squinting it was so obnoxiously pink
  • violet in high-waisted button-up flares is my Aesthetic™
  • i am So Ready for violet slaying the fashion game next season in cute plaid skirts
  • violet holding klaus’ hand is always pure and wholesome content 
  • i love the baudelaires reclaiming their agency and fucking off by themselves to the lucky smells lumber mill bc yes 
  • the baudelaires waiting for aunt josephine to leave aND THEN TURNING ON THE STOVE TO COOK A HOT MEAL i lost it @ my bby pack rats
  • ishmael wtf
  • mr poe eating chowder in the middle of a panic attack is Oscar-worthy
  • i loooooooove all the references to other books sprinkled in
  • we need that good exposition and foreshadowing THANK
  • tbh i hope daniel handler keeps taking liberties and including characters and references and adding more plot 
  • otherwise the story quickly becomes a rinse-and-repeat and i was sick of that with the movie
  • next season pls deliver: beatrice, esme, kit (jacquelyn??), jacquelyn, mama quagmire, slaying us left and right, the denouement brothers, quigley and jacques, etc all working behind the scenes or in flashbacks, violet destroying everyone at prep school, cynical sarcastic baudelaire children

you know what i want? to be happy. i know that. but what does that mean? how do i get there?

i want to be in bed. next to someone who gets me. someone thoughtful and understanding, whose capacity to love outweighs bitterness in her heart. i want to lie down and look her in the eyes, and run my fingers through her hair. i want us to tell each other about our days as twenty one pilots plays in the background. i want to watch a disney movie with her, probably lilo and stitch, so i have an excuse to show her the stitch stuffed animal i got last month. i want to be held tight like there’s no tomorrow, and nap with her head on my chest. i want to stay up late talking about things like space and identity, but also stupid stuff like how many cheese puffs we could fit in our mouths. i want to drive down to the shore at twilight and just watch the waves with her. i want to do everything i possibly can with her.

i just want to finally be loved by someone as much as i love them.

so i guess that’s what i want. to be needed. to be desperately desired. it’s one of the most selfish things in the world to ask for, a person’s unrelenting devotion. but it’s all i’ve ever wanted.

it’s the scariest thing ever, living life without it.

i hope i find you someday.


Anonymous said:Please can you write a Rosalie cullen x female human reader imagine? The reader is Bella’s bff and meets Rosalie?

A/N: Heya, anon! Of course I’ll do this for you! Sorry that I didn’t write it sooner. I took a break. /-\ I’m also aware that I wrote Rosalie’s last name wrong in the edit, but she’s the same person. /-\ Sorry! But nevertheless, enjoy this imagine about the beautiful goddess of a vampire: Rosalie Hale, whom I love very, very, very much! Thank you for requesting, sweetie! :)

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Imagine: Meeting Rosalie Cullen but you’re Bella Swan’s best friend.

Her golden orbs scanned over your gorgeous form a million times before that exact second had come to a finale. Rosalie Hale felt something different than her bitter frozen heart had ever felt for many years… Love.

Your form descending down her family’s homes stairs was a gorgeous sight to see, - even if you were in nothing but ordinary clothes-. Her breath seemed to be taken away and all of her family shared a glittered glance at her, a tender smile spreading across their perfect faces.

“Guys, this is (Y/N).” Bella rubs her hands together awkwardly, sharing a small glance with you. “She’s really important to me and she needs to be in on this secret, because Victoria’s trying to target her too.” Bella suddenly confesses, causing Rosalie’s hateful glower to consume her bitterly with a scowl.

Bella met Rosalie’s glance with a shaken head and a priceless grin that only spelled out true disappointment. “(Y/N), that’s Carlisle, Edward, Alice, Jasper, Emmett and Esme.” she pointed to each of the family members apart from the seated blond haired goddess.

“That must be Rosalie then.” you grin, finding Rosalie’s golden ocher eyes. You slipped into a trance where the two of you were suddenly the only people in the entire world. Or at least that’s how it felt.

“And you must be, (Y/N).” she smiles at you. “Pardon my rudeness, Bella and I don’t seem to get on the best of terms.” she grins warmly, attempting a nonchalant go at humor. “I’ve heard many things about you.” she adds on with a flirty grin that almost made you collapse. You ended up holding your breath.

“Oh! I’ve heard lot’s about you.” and there goes your cool! Also, did I forget to mention? You had a terribly unfortunate habit to gush and blurt things out at the wrong moments.

“Enough about that!” Bella chuckles nervously, throwing her arm around your shoulders as Rosalie’s eyes turn to slits upon your best friend. “You know, Rosalie, she says the funniest things at these random times. Kind of like Ali-,”

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anonymous asked:

What would you boys say if while sucking your s/o's blood she suddenly hugged you close and kissed you on the forehead and told you that regardless of whether or not you accept or want it she forgives you for all the harshness and cruelty you've put her through as she doesn't feel the need to carry bitterness in her heart

Ruki: … -pulls away instantly and pushes them away- Kch. I told you never to touch me without permission, Livestock. And stop such act, I do know your words are not true. Go… I’ll punish you later once you realise what you’ve done.

Kou: Nn…! M Neko-chan…? -blinks as he looks at them- What are you talking about? You’re almost saying as if all of it is a bad thing. I don’t really care about it, and neither should you~ Ahh, story time is over. Give me more of your blood..

Yuma: Forgive me? The fuck are ya talkin’ about. Why the fuck are you forgivin’ me? I never ask you for your forgiveness, so forget about it! Give it to someone else because I don’t need it! Tch… go… I lost my appetite for blood…

Azusa: But you… love it… don’t you…? You love the pain that… I give you… and all the scars… You and I match now… Don’t you see that…? Fufuf… but why are you saying this…? I don’t understand… at all… ne, tell me… in pain…

Ghostbusters: Janine Melnitz [ISFJ]


Introverted Sensing (Si): Janine, as the Ghostbusters’ secretary, is entrusted with the microscopic, minute details of the business: answering calls, filing documents and ensuring the customers that the Ghostbusters are coming in a while. She clearly doesn’t like this job an awful lot, yet she does it anyways, because all the other jobs she previously took were far worse. Janine seems comfortable in her routine, not really anticipating change an awful lot as much as she anticipates boring things to happen.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Sour she may be, but she’s still very generous and tender-hearted. Her bitterness leads to her venting about all her issues with life. Janine is good at attending to the needs of the Ghostbusters, and continuously confesses her feelings about Egon to him…and definitely not in a subtle way. She is, in a way, the “mother” of the Ghostbusters, making sure that all the little boys don’t get into trouble and cause chaos.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Good with data, she is, and Janine’s dry wit can be attributed to her ability to see logical inconsistencies in the things around her. She can easily have a contest with Peter in the quip department, and she believes he’s too reckless and has poor charisma. Janine is known to get the Ghostbusters out of a lot of binds, so the boys owe a lot of their continual successes to her sharp, analytical mind.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Not awfully optimistic about the future, yet Janine does have a creative mind, open enough to the possibility of the paranormal being real that she eventually permanently occupies the secretary job. Her more imaginative, romantic side comes into play whenever she’s around Egon, at which point she becomes uncharacteristically optimistic.

though she be but LITTLE, she is FIERCE. nary TRUER a word has ever been spoke. there is FIRE in those bright blue eyes, a certain BITTERNESS in her chained-up heart. BITTER, BITTER, BITTER. that’s all they say she is. SOUR, SOUR, SOUR. though, it is not as if this TROUBLES her in any way. rather the opposite she PRIDES herself in it. but, perhaps there is some SWEETNESS hidden in those harsh, cold glares. fierce and tough as she may be, that YASUKO ISAYAMA girl is most definitely made of SUGAR, SPICE, AND EVERYTHING NICE.                              sel ind dangan ronpa oc – as cooked up by ash

Believing What You Want Until You Can’t Anymore

Short one. Angsty one. Prompt 30 for Rilaya,ย โ€œDid you stop believing me?โ€

Pairing: Riley/Maya

Words: 613

Summary: ย  Riley has two rules for the night, because she is smarter than this. Both rules get broken, anyways. How did it come to this?


Tonight, Maya will come home with liquor on her lips and bruises on her neck, cold and faraway, and if Riley asks her where she was, Maya will say โ€œout,โ€ with a clenched jaw, avoiding Rileyโ€™s eyes, just like she did before she left.

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Direct translation for the relevant line [Cinemacafe.net]


Not only about Naruto and Hinata, but also (Sakura’s VA wondered) about what happened in the meantime between Sakura and Sasuke, “ (Kishimoto)-sensei, (please) think about it”, as (Sakura’s VA) wanted an episode about that time period to be depicted, (she) pestered Kishimoto-san about it.


Kishmoto-san said, “Certainly, (people) are interested in Sasuke’s side, right? (I’ll be) considering various things”. Kishi nods and then earnestly says, “ I want for Sakura to be happy, since I have only been depicting unpleasant things (for her).”

ツラい= bitter, painful, heart-breaking.

VA’s in this movie fan-meet were only the main cast: Junko Takeuchi, Chie Nakamura, Satoshi Hino, Nana Mizuki, Jun Fukuyama, Kazuhiko Inoue, and Kishimoto with Director Tsuneo Kobayashi. Sugiyama Noriaki (Sasuke’s VA) was not present to ask Kishi any questions~

From [mezzomarinaio @ NF’s summary]

she wanted to know what had happened between her and Sasuke, not just between Naruto and Hinata. The article says that she was literally begging Kishi to write about it. To which Kishimoto apparently nodded and answered with ‘Certainly, people are interested in Sasuke’s side… I’ll be thinking about various things’. Then he said very earnestly that he wanted Sakura to be happy, since he’s only been making her experience painful things until now.

sources :


So stop panicing about karin and chill down

basically this is the momment where kishimoto explains how the relationship is like and conflicts
and kishimoto doesnt want sakura unhappy

so dont worry about karin

OctoberFicFest: Cling 7

You can find previous chapters by searching the โ€œclingโ€ tag on my blog!

Trigger warning for description of an active shooter situation!



She understands what the sound is before anyone else does and acts off of muscle memory. Her scalp tightens and the back of her neck feels like it is on fire. The flutter of her heart and bitter taste of adrenalin under her tongue is like a numb limb coming back to life. Itโ€™s been over a decade, but she still reaches for her holster as she crouches behind a nurseโ€™s station.

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Imagine #92 Lydia [Requested by goof78]

โ€œYouโ€™re not mad, are you?โ€ The childish pout on that supple mouth made it near impossible for Lydia to answer the question in an honest fashion. There was a tinge of bitterness poisoning her heart, not a sole trace of happiness at the thought of you accompanying Aiden on a date. Of the countless women on campus, the egotistical werewolf had to choose you. She understood the appeal; lord have mercy upon her soul if she didnโ€™t empathize with the werewolf on the tenacious allure that glowed from your celestial self like a compelling invisible aura. Lydia had been your best friend since Kindergarten; years of sleepovers, lavish birthday extravaganzas, shopping trips and heartbreaks under your metaphorical belts. The connection had an electrical element, sheโ€™d been holding onto the hope that youโ€™d felt the magnetism but as you gushed about how attractive Aiden was and the expectations for the date night, she could feel the hope slipping through her fingers.

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