her bitter heart


asoue netflix thoughts:

(disclaimer: i’m with the minority who believe the over-arching mystery of the series including all the background adult vfd members is not only fascinating but necessary to make the later reveals and overall series work. i’m also a little biased bc i’m heavily invested in the history/mystery surrounding the fire-fighting side of the schism. that aside, this will be a shit post as i’m excited and incoherent.) 

  • every mention of beatrice (and bertrand) cleared my skin
  • warburton humanized lemony for me; where he was once an abstract concept narrating from a distance he’s more fleshed out, and wonderfully captures the tone of lemony
  • tl;dr he made me like lemony
  • lemony running from the authorities is a+ also i like how he fucks off without regard to all the evidence hes leaving behind lmao
  • i deeply relate to lemony in how i, too, suffer over beatrice
  • “NOBODY ASKED YOU” - edgar poe, a true icon
  • takes after his mother queen eleanora of the daily punctilio 
  • count olaf being a petty bitch is everything to me
  • shirley st. ives is T H I C C hot damn yas mami bring it
  • jacquelyn (!!!) and gustav running around in the background trying to right wrongs and get the baudelaires to their rightful destination is a BREATH OF FRESH AIR
  • where i was once frustrated beyond belief that bad things kept happening to the baudelaires bc even vfd members seemed incompetent and stupid is one beef i had with the books
  • to see vfd members alerted to the fact that somethings wrong and then kicking ass + taking names behind the scenes is GREAT and makes it seem more plausible 
  • I LOVE VFD MEMBERS POPPING OUT OF THE WOODWORK we get to SEE them instead of hearing about them after its too late
  • gustav is hot af??? and can get it anytime like damn daniel
  • lets pretend his death never happened 
  • which brings me to: 
  • is she kit snicket in disguise? she’s got blonde hair, has history with olaf, can beat his ass with one hand while he thanks her, etc
  • i could be wrong but let a girl live?? i’m thirsty for her at this point
  • ngl i fell for the whole baudelaire-turned-quagmire twist :(
  • i came out to ship beatrice/bertrand and i honestly feel so attacked rn
  • i was excited for the whole “beatrice & bertrand adventuretimes before dying tragically near the end of the series” thing like i imagined
  • it was heavily hinted that at least one baudelaire parent survived the fire
  • WHY COULDN’T YOU CATER 2 MY INTERESTS NETFLIX i was so captivated :(
  • i!👏 wanted!👏 exposition!👏 on! 👏 them! 👏 ughhh
  • no beatrice in a dragonfly costume at the masked ball? no bisexual beatrice making out with r, the duchess of winnepeg?? no beatrice stealing esme’s sugar bowl??? unfriended blocked and reported
  • will they even give us flashbacks of beatrice next season? im salty
  • also dr. orwell dated bertrand? it ended in a lawsuit and plastic surgery?? omfg give this 2 me
  • cobie smulders is beautiful gahhhhhhdamn
  • mama quagmire slayed the entire show 
  • like idk how they’re gonna make beatrice look cool in comparison to her
  • also: who knew mama quagmire had so much in common with violet?
  • both even came up with the same inventions
  • lmao why are the quagmire kids such squares??
  • i want to beat them up 
  • they’re already making quigley stand apart to foreshadow his eventual separation from his siblings but dude was stone cold when he refused to hug his father lmao “WHATS WRONG WITH UR LEG DAD WHY ARE U SUCH A PEASANT”
  • most importantly……………
  • shes serving that beautiful cruella deville vibe. im Shook and Scalped
  • this is the esme we deserve! flipping thru a newspaper while she sets a house on fire….. elegantly draped across the seat in couture clothing:’) my wife
  • speaking of queen esme when is she going to burn violet’s horrible bright pink dress i was fucking squinting it was so obnoxiously pink
  • violet in high-waisted button-up flares is my Aesthetic™
  • i am So Ready for violet slaying the fashion game next season in cute plaid skirts
  • violet holding klaus’ hand is always pure and wholesome content 
  • i love the baudelaires reclaiming their agency and fucking off by themselves to the lucky smells lumber mill bc yes 
  • the baudelaires waiting for aunt josephine to leave aND THEN TURNING ON THE STOVE TO COOK A HOT MEAL i lost it @ my bby pack rats
  • ishmael wtf
  • mr poe eating chowder in the middle of a panic attack is Oscar-worthy
  • i loooooooove all the references to other books sprinkled in
  • we need that good exposition and foreshadowing THANK
  • tbh i hope daniel handler keeps taking liberties and including characters and references and adding more plot 
  • otherwise the story quickly becomes a rinse-and-repeat and i was sick of that with the movie
  • next season pls deliver: beatrice, esme, kit (jacquelyn??), jacquelyn, mama quagmire, slaying us left and right, the denouement brothers, quigley and jacques, etc all working behind the scenes or in flashbacks, violet destroying everyone at prep school, cynical sarcastic baudelaire children

Anonymous said:Please can you write a Rosalie cullen x female human reader imagine? The reader is Bella’s bff and meets Rosalie?

A/N: Heya, anon! Of course I’ll do this for you! Sorry that I didn’t write it sooner. I took a break. /-\ I’m also aware that I wrote Rosalie’s last name wrong in the edit, but she’s the same person. /-\ Sorry! But nevertheless, enjoy this imagine about the beautiful goddess of a vampire: Rosalie Hale, whom I love very, very, very much! Thank you for requesting, sweetie! :)

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Imagine: Meeting Rosalie Cullen but you’re Bella Swan’s best friend.

Her golden orbs scanned over your gorgeous form a million times before that exact second had come to a finale. Rosalie Hale felt something different than her bitter frozen heart had ever felt for many years… Love.

Your form descending down her family’s homes stairs was a gorgeous sight to see, - even if you were in nothing but ordinary clothes-. Her breath seemed to be taken away and all of her family shared a glittered glance at her, a tender smile spreading across their perfect faces.

“Guys, this is (Y/N).” Bella rubs her hands together awkwardly, sharing a small glance with you. “She’s really important to me and she needs to be in on this secret, because Victoria’s trying to target her too.” Bella suddenly confesses, causing Rosalie’s hateful glower to consume her bitterly with a scowl.

Bella met Rosalie’s glance with a shaken head and a priceless grin that only spelled out true disappointment. “(Y/N), that’s Carlisle, Edward, Alice, Jasper, Emmett and Esme.” she pointed to each of the family members apart from the seated blond haired goddess.

“That must be Rosalie then.” you grin, finding Rosalie’s golden ocher eyes. You slipped into a trance where the two of you were suddenly the only people in the entire world. Or at least that’s how it felt.

“And you must be, (Y/N).” she smiles at you. “Pardon my rudeness, Bella and I don’t seem to get on the best of terms.” she grins warmly, attempting a nonchalant go at humor. “I’ve heard many things about you.” she adds on with a flirty grin that almost made you collapse. You ended up holding your breath.

“Oh! I’ve heard lot’s about you.” and there goes your cool! Also, did I forget to mention? You had a terribly unfortunate habit to gush and blurt things out at the wrong moments.

“Enough about that!” Bella chuckles nervously, throwing her arm around your shoulders as Rosalie’s eyes turn to slits upon your best friend. “You know, Rosalie, she says the funniest things at these random times. Kind of like Ali-,”

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"they were going to have Kαtααng, which they insist is in the “DNA” of the show, happen with a ten and twelve year old?" That's because Kataang was supposed to remain one-sided with Aang crushing on Katara but her not reciprocating. Them actually getting together was not planned out until later on. Even during Book 3, some of the writers wanted Katara to end up with Zuko. Zutara happening was not something that Bryke wanted but the other staff members and Aaron Ehasz wanted it to.

“I think you’re absolutely right about Mai being retconned to be paired off with Zuko. I have heard that Aaron Ehasz created Mai (and Ty Lee and Azula), and he doesnt like Maiko. If you look only at the eps that he or his wife wrote, Return to Omashu, Zuko Alone, The Awakening (life story comment) none of them suggest that they were “childhood sweethearts”. They only show Mai liking Zuko quite superficially and nothing from him. Bryke like Maiko, thats why its badly written like the LoK romance.” 

“about your ask for the airbender thing and ty lee, aaron ehasz originally was going to make ty lee a descendant of an airbender who escaped. zephyrita mentioned it once on their blog before they left. again, bryke fucked up and the ehasz duo needs to come back like aang and save us from bryke’s bullshit.” 

[Disclaimer: Araeph does not vouch for the validity of these asks, but merely wishes to demonstrate the context and frequency of these two names being mentioned.]

Who Are the Ehaszs, and Why Does Everyone Bring Them Up?

Aaron and Elizabeth Ehasz. You will hear these names often as guides for what disenchanted fans, particularly Zutara shippers and “Legend of Korra” antis, would have liked to have seen in the Avatar world, versus what we actually got once Bryke assumed more control. While A:TLA was such a collaborative effort that no one person or team could be the end-all-be-all of the series, often the balance shifts too far the other way, with people ascribing all of the series’ creative genius to Bryke. (The disappointing “Legend of Korra” and character-mangling comics helped fans take a second look at the process behind A:TLA’s creation.) There has been a subsequent pushback in recent years to give the other talents around A:TLA more credit for the story. So why were these two staff writers so important?

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‘Till death do us part

Sorry for the errors, Thank you and Enjoy~

I think its under ‘angst’… I just think… 


Sasuke got home one night and, as his wife, Hinata, served dinner, he held her hand. “I want a divorce.”

She wasn’t annoyed by his words. Instead, she sighed and asked softly, “Why?”

He avoided the question and this made her upset. So he admitted that he was having an affair with a woman named Sakura at work.

He looked away from those questioning lavender tint eyes. “I am no longer in love with you.”


The next day, with a deep sense of guilt, Sasuke drafted a divorce agreement that stated that Hinata could keep the house, the car and 30% share of his savings. She read the paper then to his shock, the paper was burnt to ashes. Damn her chakra nature.

The woman who spent 10 years of her life with him had became a stranger. He felt sorry for her wasted time, efforts but he could not take back what he had done and said.

She can’t take it anymore. She finally cried loudly in front of her husband. “W-we took vows to each o-other…”

Hinata was heartbroken and that was Sasuke expected to see. The idea of divorce felt more real now.


Sasuke went home very late the next day; he spent some naughty time with Sakura. He opened the door of their house, went to the kitchen to drink some energy juice and found Hinata writing something on a piece of paper on the dinner table.

She noticed his presence so she presented her divorce conditions.

He read the condition that she doesn’t want any shares and anything from him but requested that for the next 30 days, they will be living a normal life as much as possible. He glanced at her after reading this statement. He noticed that she was just staring blankly at him.

He glanced back to the paper. He read her reason. Her reason was simple: their daughter, Chikara, will have her Chuunin Exams in a month, and Hinata doesn’t wanted her to be distracted because of their broken marriage. He glanced back at her again then his lips parted. She answered a fake smile.

He returned his focus to the paper again. She still have a little request though. But before he could read it, Hinata coughed.

“Recall how you carried me on our wedding day.”

Sasuke’s brows narrowed. “You request that I carry you out of our bedroom every morning in 30 days…”

She nodded.

He thought that she was going crazy but to make their last days together bearable, he accepted her odd request. “Ah.”


They were both pretty clumsy about it when Sasuke carried Hinata out on the first day, but their daughter was joyfully clapping her hands behind them, singing, “Papa is holding Mama in his arms!”

Chikara’s words triggered a sense of pain in him.

He carried her from their bedroom to the living room. He let her down there then before going to the kitchen, she waited for Chikara to be out of sight then she closed her eyes. “Don’t tell our daughter about the divorce.”

Sasuke nodded and left for work.


They weren’t as clumsy on the second day. Hinata leaned on his chest and he could smell her fragrance of her shirt. He realized that he hadn’t really looked at this woman for a long time. She wasn’t young anymore.

There were fine wrinkles on her face . Her hair was graying! Their marriage has taken toll to her.

For a minute, he wondered what he had done to her…


On the fourth day, when Sasuke lifted Hinata up, he left a sense of intimacy returning. “This was the woman who had given 10 years of her life to me.”


On the fifth and sixth day, Sasuke realized  that their sense of intimacy was growing again. It became easier for him to carry her as days passed by and he suddenly realized that she was getting extremely thin.


One morning, it hit him on how she was suffering so much pain and bitterness in her heart. And with out really thinking about it, he reached out, touched and pat her head.

Chikara came in as Sasuke pat Hinata’s head. She playfully jumped on their bed and greeted them. “Papa, it’s time to carry Mama out!”

To her, seeing her father carry her mother, had become an essential part of every morning.

Sasuke’s wife gestured to their daughter to come closer, then hugged her tightly. He turned his face away for he was afraid he might change his mind.

He then carried Hinata in his arms and her hands were naturally wrapped around his neck. He held her body tight just like on their wedding day.

“Yay! Papa is holding Mama!”


On the last day, when Sasuke held her in his arms, he could hardly move a step. He knew what he had to do. He drove to Sakura’s place, walked upstairs and found her almost naked.

“Hey, you’re early today… So you wanna have some-”

“I’m sorry, Sakura. But I don’t want to divorce my wife anymore.” He interrupted.


It all became very clear to him. He had carried his wife into their home after their wedding day and I vowed to her, “Until death do us part.”


Sasuke got home, cinnamon rolls on his hand, her favorite, and miraculously, a smile on his lips. He entered their bedroom then dropped the box of cinnamon rolls.

His wife was dead.


It turned out that Hinata has been fighting a severe illness for a few months. And Sasuke was too busy with Sakura to not even notice.

Hinata knew that she would die soon.

“So that’s the reason behind her odd request.”

The odd request was so important to her. She wanted their daughter to see how Sasuke was a loving husband and that they were together. “Death do us part.”


Credits to the video clip (oh no, I can’t remember its title) I watched earlier, it inspired me to write this… I just had to… I’m sorry :( please don’t report me. 


Her hair was in her eyes 
And I could hardly hear her hum 
In the midst of everyone 
Tripping up your words and slurring speech 
With “I never meant to.."s, "You’re better without…"s 
Division like all is inevitable 

Some day, she’s gonna realize 
But I hope, for my own sake, the day will come too late 

I was sitting on a curb tasting earth, my half-closed eyes drenched in salt 
And she was smoking a cigarette 
Her bitter heart thought this was my fault 

She sucks my blood, she tears my guts 
She must hate me for something I’ve done 
It’s not genetics or DNA but geography, the place she was raised 

Some day, you’re gonna realize 
But I hope, for my own sake, the day will come too late

Believing What You Want Until You Can’t Anymore

Short one. Angsty one. Prompt 30 for Rilaya, “Did you stop believing me?”

Pairing: Riley/Maya

Words: 613

Summary:   Riley has two rules for the night, because she is smarter than this. Both rules get broken, anyways. How did it come to this?


Tonight, Maya will come home with liquor on her lips and bruises on her neck, cold and faraway, and if Riley asks her where she was, Maya will say “out,” with a clenched jaw, avoiding Riley’s eyes, just like she did before she left.

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you know what i want? to be happy. i know that. but what does that mean? how do i get there?

i want to be in bed. next to someone who gets me. someone thoughtful and understanding, whose capacity to love outweighs bitterness in her heart. i want to lie down and look her in the eyes, and run my fingers through her hair. i want us to tell each other about our days as twenty one pilots plays in the background. i want to watch a disney movie with her, probably lilo and stitch, so i have an excuse to show her the stitch stuffed animal i got last month. i want to be held tight like there’s no tomorrow, and nap with her head on my chest. i want to stay up late talking about things like space and identity, but also stupid stuff like how many cheese puffs we could fit in our mouths. i want to drive down to the shore at twilight and just watch the waves with her. i want to do everything i possibly can with her.

i just want to finally be loved by someone as much as i love them.

so i guess that’s what i want. to be needed. to be desperately desired. it’s one of the most selfish things in the world to ask for, a person’s unrelenting devotion. but it’s all i’ve ever wanted.

it’s the scariest thing ever, living life without it.

i hope i find you someday.

mingyu || when she gets insecure after finding out that he actually likes her sister

Originally posted by gyuwoo

this idea just popped into my head while i was in sociology class lol. apparently, this scenario partly mirrors my life because i have an older sister who is super pretty that leaves me insecure whenever she’s around me.

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pairing ; mingyu x oc
genre ; angst
rating ; pg thirteen
word count ; ~1.8k

“It’s funny how you ended up dating Haeri when you’re actually after her sister.”

Hoshi’s words felt like blades puncturing through her heart, leaving it shattered to irreparable pieces on an icy cold ground. She was breathing, but she felt so dead inside. Her head grew blank like a white canvas.

She was broken.

Her whole world fell at her feet. Her mind was in the chaos of her own destruction. She was a mess, a wreck.

Her eyes slowly veered towards the east side of the hallway and she saw the almost replica of her own – Han Haera, her older sister.

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Imagine #92 Lydia [Requested by goof78]

“You’re not mad, are you?” The childish pout on that supple mouth made it near impossible for Lydia to answer the question in an honest fashion. There was a tinge of bitterness poisoning her heart, not a sole trace of happiness at the thought of you accompanying Aiden on a date. Of the countless women on campus, the egotistical werewolf had to choose you. She understood the appeal; lord have mercy upon her soul if she didn’t empathize with the werewolf on the tenacious allure that glowed from your celestial self like a compelling invisible aura. Lydia had been your best friend since Kindergarten; years of sleepovers, lavish birthday extravaganzas, shopping trips and heartbreaks under your metaphorical belts. The connection had an electrical element, she’d been holding onto the hope that you’d felt the magnetism but as you gushed about how attractive Aiden was and the expectations for the date night, she could feel the hope slipping through her fingers.

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namelythedanger  asked:

Maybe Molly being one of the kids receiving a singing cherub for valentines day during Lockhart's year (from Sherlock, of course!)

Had Molly been much younger, she probably would have been willing to forgive a lot more from the vain Professor Lockhart, but this she simply would never be able to.  The very last thing she needed, in the face of all the threats against Muggle-borns and her painful love life, was Valentine’s Day festivities.  She did not want attention and she did not want to think about her feelings or be witness to those of everyone else.

At breakfast, Molly grumpily picked heart shaped confetti out of her pumpkin juice and off her toast, doing her level best not to glance up at the Ravenclaw table, where a certain someone she’d rather not think about was sitting and pulling confetti out of his inky black curls, a thoroughly disgusted look on his pale face as he did so.

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anonymous asked:

OQ Prompt: Roland wants his Gina, not his Mama ;) Leads to a fight between Robin/Marian, but OQ in the end ;) (any situation or reason, up to you ;))

     His hold on his monkey tightens. Hugging it to his chest, Roland buries his nose in it’s neck and sniffles. His tears have subsided, at least. They’re dry on his cheeks and his eyes are red, but he stopped crying. He won’t go to sleep though. He wants Gina and he doesn’t understand why his Papa won’t take him to see her. His nightmare was scary, with monkeys and fire and darkness, and he’d woken up crying, had rushed to his papa, waking him up too. Tugging on his arm and asking to see Gina only to have his mother try to hold him, soothe him, but she’s not like Gina, she doesn’t have magic to make him safe and he’d struggled. Squirming in her arms and crying harder and harder, all but screaming for Gina and he hadn’t noticed the look his Mama sent his Papa, wouldn’t have understood it even if he had.

                        Watering brown eyes rise from the blue fur he’d hidden behind, watching with soft whimpers as his Mama, someone he’s known all of three weeks, stares at his Papa with confused eyes. She looks hurt, and angry, and scared all together and Roland thinks to himself, ’maybe Gina can help Mama too’ and tears begin to well up in his eyes again. He still hasn’t seen Gina, his Papa hasn’t taken him and she’s not here to run too, but his Mama is. His Mama says things to his Papa that Roland can’t hear, can’t understand, and his Papa looks weird. He looks sad and guilty, and he makes no move to hug his Mama like Henry’s grandpa does his grandma.

       And Roland starts to cry.

  He misses Henry, and he misses Regina, and he misses ice cream and story time and the pretty lights Regina makes in her hand and he’s tired, exhausted, but he can’t go to sleep until Regina tells him the monkeys are all gone, and she’ll keep him safe, and strokes his hair as he tries to stay awake because when he wakes up, she’ll be gone again. His head buries in his toy monkey, the fabric dampening as his tears fall down his cheeks and he looks up when he feels a hand on his shoulder, see’s his Papa reaching out for him, lifting him up before walking out the door and down the steps of Granny’s Inn. Briefly, Roland looks over his Papa’s shoulder and his Mama is crying too, arms around her waist as if she has a stomach ache but thoughts of his Mama fade as his Papa rubs circles on his back, telling him to breathe because they’re going to find Gina and the thought alone soothes him somewhat.

                They walk all the way to her big, white house – Roland’s eyes screwed shut the entire time because it’s dark outside, and his monkey’s slipping in his hand, and he’s scared, very scared. But the moment he sees the big, white house, he squirms in his Papa’s arms and runs the rest of the way there, bounding up the steps and almost tripping on the top one before he nearly slams in to the front door. A little hand let’s go of his monkey, the toy falling to his side and dragging along the ground as he bangs on the door, calling out for Gina. A light flickers on, there are sounds coming from inside and the door swings open. He doesn’t even wait. The moment there’s room for him to get inside, he runs. Straight in to Regina’s leg, wrapping his arms around them and crying, loudly. He feels her hand fall to his head, threading her fingers through his hair before she’s crouching down in front of him, sleep-ridden eyes searching his tearful ones as her hands slide down his arms and around his back, holding him close. His own move up, wrapping around her neck and he buries his nose in her hair, crying and whimpering and mumbling about monkeys and how ‘they’re gonna get me’ and Regina does as his father had before, rubs circles on his back before rising, holding him on her hip.

               Her eyes flicker to Robin’s, where he stands on the path, hesitating. She can tell he wants to move closer, but it’s as if the first step scares him in to standing absolutely still. The best she can do is offer him a shaky smile, her attention falling to Roland in her arms as he pulls away too look her in the eyes again, and her smile grows stronger. What ever she feels for Robin, for the situation they’ve found themselves in, she can’t let it affect her relationship with his son. Her hand rises, his subconsciously legs tightening around her waist and she’s thankful. She’s not quite as young as she used to be and Roland’s getting bigger, is already almost five, and she won’t be able to hold him up for long. But her hand rises, her thumb brushing over his red, damp cheeks. Wiping his tears away. And Robin watches, sees how Roland relaxes instantly, a sniffle is all he has now before he nods to something she whispers in his ear, resting his head against her chest and her hand returns to his back, and she begins to sway.

       Robin watches, and he thinks, and he wants to move closer. He tells himself it’s to take his son, who is slowly falling asleep in Regina’s arms, because she herself looks exhausted and he’s not entirely sure how long she can last holding him up. He tells himself that, but he knows differently. Regina will hold Roland until her no longer wants to be held and she won’t care about how sore her arms will be in the morning. No – he wants to move closer because this is the first time he’s seen her since they ran in to each other outside the Charming’s apartment and she could barely look him in the eye.

                                                    'I don’t understand. I’m his mother, she’s –’

                'Not the woman you know. Roland wants Regina. I’m taking him to her.’

   'You’re choosing her over me?’

                            'No – I’m choosing my son.’

   Marian’s missed so much – it wasn’t her fault, of course. He could never blame her for that. And whilst he knows it was Regina who ordered her execution, he can’t blame the Queen either. How could he? He knew her past, what she was capable of, what she had done. She herself had told him, had warned him about the perils of loving her ( and god, he loved her ), and he had told her it was okay, that he understood, that he didn’t need to forgive her for she wasn’t that woman anymore. Wasn’t this proof enough?

              But his wife had argued with him, had tried to console her screaming son whilst he wanted another who wasn’t her, the same woman whom had had her locked up just weeks before. Marian still didn’t understand that years had passed, that her son was nearly five and not nearly one and that she was still just a stranger in his eyes.

   Regina could understand that. The heartbreak that comes with your son choosing another woman over you. And Regina had let him go, had resigned herself to a life without true love and soulmates and second chances. It was all she had known and she’d had a taste of a different life, a taste that left her mouth bitter and her heart aching, but it was more than she had ever expected. It wasn’t enough, but it would do.

         Roland was asleep now, his grip on his monkey having loosened and it fell to the floor. Regina glances down, biting her lip as she manoeuvred him on her hip, careful not to wake him up before she attempted to bend down and pick it back up. But Robin beat her too it, having ascended the steps and snatched it from the ground before she could bend any further. Her gaze lifted, lip still bitten and her heart seemed to stop as he smiled at her softly.

                                       And she smiled back.

OctoberFicFest: Cling 7

You can find previous chapters by searching the “cling” tag on my blog!

Trigger warning for description of an active shooter situation!



She understands what the sound is before anyone else does and acts off of muscle memory. Her scalp tightens and the back of her neck feels like it is on fire. The flutter of her heart and bitter taste of adrenalin under her tongue is like a numb limb coming back to life. It’s been over a decade, but she still reaches for her holster as she crouches behind a nurse’s station.

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prompt, yay!: irene hears sherlock talking in his sleep (mostly ramblings about current cases, and small observations regarding the woman). thanks!

Darling, you are an absolute star. Thank you! I can never think of a good idea, so it’s lovely to get a bit of a kick start. Rb is usually Irene in our fics, and I never feel like I do her character justice when I write her alone, so apologies for that. Please, please let me know what you think? SJ xxxxxxx

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