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Matt Cross shared this incredible photo from this past weekend of a lovely young girl, Payton, and her Lucha Underground cake. In the ring are two wrestling figures, one of which being her favorite, Son Of Havoc. Payton’s father commented with the following story:

Payton is a huge Lucha Underground fan and she’s been a big Son of Havoc fan since she started watching the show. A friend showed me a picture of a Seth Rollins cake that his friend had made for someone and we came up with the idea of getting an LU cake done for her ninth birthday. We sent over pictures and the lady who made it did an incredible job.

For Payton’s big birthday treat we booked tickets for both nights of the WWE UK Championship Tournament and we were booked into the same hotel as the WWE crew. During Saturday afternoon we were sat in the hotel bar waiting for our friends to arrive with the cake and Triple H came through. I asked if he had a moment to have a picture with Payton and he said he didn’t have time but he would come back. Well, he was a man of his word and came back… while I was outside the hotel meeting my friends with the cake.

He was leaving when I stepped out of the lift and I didn’t know if she had got a picture with him, so I asked and he said, “Is your little girl Payton?” When I said yes, he said that he’d had a chat and a picture with her - her Mum (Michelle Bradley) told me he went straight to her as soon as he walked into the room! I was completely gutted and just said, “so I’ve missed it”. With that he said, “you’re going to get your picture and then we’ll have a picture with the cake”.

He stayed for a little while longer after that, even took a picture with our friends. I can’t say enough about the man - he went out of his way to make Payton’s birthday special and he went out of his way to ensure that a father didn’t miss out on one of the most amazing moments of his daughter’s life.

And now she’s on the Facebook wall of one of her favourite wrestlers - when I show her she will be blown away. Her ninth birthday is one she will NEVER forget!

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That's such a good point about Douis! Like when her birthday picture happened I saw so many people saying it would clearly go on for a while because she finally posted his face on her Instagram. But they literally haven't been seen together or acknowledged each other since and it's just one rep statement from officially over. That seems to just be how these things work.

literally every. time. and yet there’s still handwringing over the intensity of current stunts correlating to when it could end. i get that people are stressed and it’s annoying but really just… look to the past. that doesn’t mean it will play out the same but it’s probably your best bet in trying to figure out what’s necessary for this clusterfuck to end.

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Hello! May I ask for some headcanons about Yuri P having a younger sister? She's not too young, maybe younger than him 3 years. Thanks for answering, keep up the good work and I hope you have a good day :)

-Insult his sister, deal with him

-Just try to say something bad about her routine

-Although he’ll never admit it

-Little sis doesn’t even know what he’s doing for her

-Is pretty tsuntsun, even when talking to her

-But cares a lot about her, even though he might not admit it

-Probably gets her a cat for her birthday

-Poor sis

Oof ok so cute girl has invited me to her casual birthday thing this weekend and it’s like gosh….. I feel so honoured like we’ve only met once so I really hope that’s a good sign that she likes me? She’s so nice and we get along so well and I don’t doubt that she likes me at least to some degree but like!! To invite me to her birthday thing!! Ahh!

But like it’s freaking terrifying cause!! She happens to be actual real life friends with like all the coolest and nicest people in that local LGBT+ facebook group I’m in! I’ve been friends with a few of them on facebook for a while and kind of just adore them from afar, they’re all such cool and interesting talented people?? But I knew I’d never approach any to try hang out or chat cause I’m a baby and like it’d be super weird as heck for them to have someone just try befriend all of them. So I was chill with adoring from afar. But now I’m like in with this girl who’s friends with all of them and it’s like??? Oh no I’m gonna meet all of them at that party and they’re all so cool and I’m just a goober egg with a talent for being shy and awkward……
and on top of that. 2 of her friends just happen to be like my most favourite artists ever like…… god I adore their art more than anything I’d print their art out every day and eat it to fuel me I love their fuckin art so much!!! And now I’m just????? Gonna meet them????? It’s too much!!! I can’t do it!!!! I’m such a nothing compared to all these incredible people!! And then there’s the freaking messiah god of all Melbourne queers or whatever who runs that LGBT group and they’re so cool and they’re just showing up and like?????? Arghhhh I have so many people to impress………… aw geez and I’m such a loser ahaha I’m gonna die rip its too much and I actually felt faint when she invited me and I realised what that meant

But like don’t get me wrong. I’m so fucking happy!! If i do get along with these people and they like me!! I’ll have such an incredible circle of lgbt friends of just wonderful people?? And maybe sometime in the future I’ll have an incredibly sweet and gorgeous and funny girlfriend?? And even if not I’ll have an incredibly sweet and gorgeous funny friend!!! And there’s a possibility of me being like. Maybe friends with the 2 artists who’s art id die for??? And it’s all so much to process and it’s nerve wrecking but also I’m so so fucking happy like my life finally seems to be going up hill a bit!! Depression who!! And also I’m moving out soon and the house I’m staying in in the city is so gorgeous and light and conveniently located in a fantastic neighbourhood and it’s so perfect and!!!! Could my life!!!! Actually be good?? Could I actually live and not wanna be dead for once?? It’s too much

So in regard to Kuvira’s birthday…….
It seems to me that the typical** traits associated with Capricorn …. fit Kuvira.
So its possible her birthday falls within that time frame: Dec. 21- Jan 19.

My headcanons ( that no one is obligated to agree with) is that Kuvira’s parents did not celebrate birthdays, so she’s not sure of her actual birth date.
Suyin would try to make a special day for her around the winter solstice…. but it would just dredge up bad memories. Eventually she asked Su to stop “making a fuss” to a avoid all the complicated emotions.
While they were together, Baatar would try to something sneaky and subtly nice for her under the guise of some other reason.

Recently she’s learned to tolerate D& E’s awkward attempts to be impersonally friendly. And it’s always nice to have Korra visit, but it still seems very weird to her that other people would celebrate her being born.

**Capricorn is reserved, disciplined, uses cunning instead of force, seeks security, determined, ambitious and quick to seize opportunity.  The sign of the “Executive” or “Presidential sign”. They seek honor, praise & approval from the world at large, but tend to be emotionally reserved in personal relationships. A Cardinal earth sign, they seem to be born with a sense of purpose.
Korra = Aries
Desna & Eska = could also be Capricorn… or Pisces…. probably Pisces.

I know it’s super early but I was afraid that @therealjacksepticeye wouldn’t be able to see this on his birthday.

My little step sister, Abby’s , birthday is February 6th, the day before Jack’s birthday which is the 7th. She watches his videos alongside me in my bedroom whenever she’s upset and/or just wants to. When I told her that Jack’s birthday is the day right after hers, she screamed. I know a “happy birthday” to her is a little much but I have no doubt that she would appreciate it. Jack, if you read this, can you make her birthday special by saying “happy birthday” ? She would be very ecstatic to know that one of her idols wished her a good day. (Plus you would make all her little middle school friends jealous;) ) Thank you :)