her best era

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Is Qutas as smart as any "normal" paridot?

yes! equal to any other fresh outa the ground. but not a lot of additional hands on learning/training form doing Peridot Things, as shes only been stuck watching. she pilots her own roaming eye though! (ITS GREEN)

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k but the paradise era got 9 music videos (Ride, Blue Velvet, Burning Desire, Body Electric, Gods & Monsters, Bel Air, Chelsea Hotel No. 2, Summer Wine, Young and Beautiful) and Ultraviolence and Honeymoon combined got 6 combined? wtf kind of logic is that

The BTD/Paradise era are her best albums + era tbh. The videos were breathtaking, the songs were so different from one another, and the eras themselves were so busy and filled with events. But those were her two eras as a “newer” artist so I think she was using them to establish her place in the music industry. That, and I think a lot of the music videos for UV were scrapped due to controversy, and I think Lana got lazy with the HM era

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I'm really scared for my health at this point because like ?? I don't even think Sooyoung has even hit her prime yet and I feel like I'm gonna die everytime I see a picture of her? My heart is getting weaker everyday

okay honestly you scared me I thought this was gonna be a really sad ask at first askdjdfhghfgh

but I agree, some people say that The Boys era was her prime, and I agree that was definitely one of her best eras, but she honestly keeps looking more beautiful with each day that passes and I mean…

she knows it too asdkjdfhfkdjg