her beautiful smile!

do u ever look at ur pets and realize how pretty they r… my cat could be a model… a cat model….she is the most beautiful cat ive ever seen. her eyes? sparkling. her smile? beautiful. her squishy bean paws? astounding.

girl of my dreams

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[jungkook x reader]

genre: fluff

word count: 1527

Jungkook POV

January 22, 2017

I met the prettiest girl I had ever seen in my entire life.

She stepped into the warm café, blowing into her small hands. Now she began rubbing them together trying to warm them up from the cold outdoors she had just escaped from. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She looked so shy and sweet but I had to resist the urge to approach her.

She took a seat away from the door and glanced at the menu. My eyes scanned the menu of drinks also, trying to guess what she ordered. The steaming hot drink was soon delivered to her table and I found myself still staring. She smiled at the worker, and let me tell you, it was beautiful. Her smile captivated me the same as it did the worker. I could see him standing there frozen as she thanked him. I was jealous. Why was I jealous when I had just met her? I don’t know. But again, I had to refrain myself from going over there.

A while passed and I swear she looked at me a few times. I would know since I tried my best not to take my eyes off her. Her dark hazel brown eyes were almost as captivating as her smile. I was mesmerized. She quickly looked away after meeting my stare and I could feel my cheeks tingling with a rosy colour.

It was time to leave for practice and I’d never felt this bummed out before in my life. I took my phone out, opening up the camera. If I can snap a single photo of her, I’ll be satisfied. I got up from my seat ready to sneak a picture when I knocked over the fork on the table. I placed it back on the table and turned to the door, peeking one last time at the angel whom I’d never see again. She was occupied by the book in her hands and I sighed at the sight.

I wish I could have gathered the courage to talk to you but until next time… girl of my dreams. I hope to see you soon.

Your POV

I stepped into the cozy café and the warm air hit me in the face. I felt so relieved to be away from the cold even just for a little bit. My friend had introduced this place to me last week so I thought I’d give it a try. My hands were still frozen from not wearing gloves. I never believed that blowing into my hands would warm them up but I did it anyway. Then I rubbed them as I walked towards a table away from the cold air coming from outside.

Coffee was never my kind of thing so I ordered a hot chocolate instead. As I was waiting for my drink, I looked around the café, examining the lovely decorations surrounding me. The one that caught my attention was the beautiful boy sitting on the other side of the room. What a work of art, I thought.

I could tell he was tall compare to my small figure. He laid back into his chair as his eyes, the same colour as mine, skimmed through the menu above the counter. He was gorgeous. His dark brown hair was swept back and his bare forehead was revealed, making me melt in my seat. It was weird how seeing a stranger could make me feel this way. It was a first.

I was snapped out of my trance when one of the employees stood above me, placing the steaming drink in front of me. I smiled and thanked him but his reaction was weird. He stood still for some reason. When I tried to get his attention, he shook his head and quickly walked back to his place behind the counter. I furrowed my eyebrows and resumed to sip the foamy drink, careful not to burn myself as my clumsy self tended to do very often.

I found my eyes wandering over to the table where the beautiful boy was seated. Our eyes met for a brief second but I quickly looked away, pretending that I hadn’t been staring at him. To get my mind off how embarrassing I probably looked, I took my novel out of my bag and flipped to the bookmark, letting my imagination take over as I carefully read each word.

A few chapters in, I heard a piece of silver hit the floor. It must’ve been fate because the sound came from the one and only, perfect boy. Scared that he would look over at me again, I focused my eyes on the book. I could feel my cheeks burning up as I pretended to be reading. I tried to wrap my head around what I had just read for the fifth time and when I looked up again at the boy, he was gone.

Crap. The only way I’ll ever meet a man as perfect as him again is in my dreams.

Jungkook POV

It was late when we wrapped up the practice. We thanked everyone for their hard work per usual and began packing up for the day.

When I reached into my pocket for my phone, I realized it wasn’t there. Nothing but a pack of gum. Thinking about where I could’ve left it… that’s when it hit me. I had left it on the table at the café when I dropped that fork.

With that, I ran to the café, hoping no one had taken my prized possession. Not only did it hold so many memories, but it also now held the photo of the girl of my dreams. Although I had just met her today, I felt like she was the one.

I was out of breath when I made it to the door. The bell chimed as I walked in and there I saw her. She stood right in front of me.

Your POV

I sighed at the thought of not being able to see him ever again.

Disappointed at myself, I placed the book back into my bag. I couldn’t find myself to read after he had left.

I stood up and thanked the employees, making eye contact with the blank faced employee yet again. I smiled but he didn’t move a muscle. I didn’t expect him to do anything either.

I heard the bell above the door sound and took that as my cue to call it a night and head home. I turned to face the door and bumped into a tall figure. I gazed up to apologize to the person and my eyes widened. Of all people, I bumped into him. The gorgeous boy from today.

My mind went blank and I couldn’t even talk. The fact that he was standing right in front of me made me forget what words even were.

“A-Ah sorry,” he apologized first. His shaky voice told you he was as nervous as you were.

“No no, it’s my fault. I wasn’t paying attention,” you managed to spit out.

He scratched his head and flashed a bright smile at you. His smile made your heart skip a beat and you swear the room lit up. You could feel the connection between the two of you as you stared into each other’s eyes.

“I’m [Y/N],” you extended a hand out to him, mustering up the courage to introduce yourself before it was too late.

“I’m Jungkook.” He shook your hand, scratching the back of his neck with the other.

“You’re even more beautiful up close,” you heard him whisper.

“What?” you asked, wanting to know if you heard correctly.

“Nothing.” He flashed that perfect smile again. You felt your knees wobbling.

He walked over to the table to grab his phone that to his luck, was still sitting there. He unlocked it and smiled to himself.

He must have a girlfriend, you thought.

“Well I should get going,” you said to him, not sure whether he cared or not. You really hoped he did.

“Oh wait,” he called out to you. “Can I u-um get your number?”

Your whole face turned red which surprisingly made him less nervous. You nodded.

He handed you his unlocked phone and when you took it from him, you saw something that surprised you.

There was one picture on the screen. It was a picture of you reading earlier today.

You didn’t know whether to be scared that he might be a stalker or happy that he probably had feelings for you too. All you did was giggle as you typed your phone number into his phone.

He stared at you, oblivious to the fact that he had accidentally left the photo on the screen. You handed him the phone and prepared yourself to face the cold again.

“I’ll see you soon I hope,” Jungkook said to you with a worried face as if the girl of his dreams would vanish right there and then.

“Yes, I hope so too.” You smiled and left the café just like that.

It was your new favourite café by far.

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The cute strawberry blonde girl bounded across the stage, talking before she even hit the microphone. “Hi, all! I’m Cure Seedling, or Kora Plouton, from Elysian Pretty Cure. Did you know that every single idea is like a plant? It starts out as a seed and grows, grows, grows! It’s our job to make them beautiful flowers!”

Her smile abruptly grew dark. “Of course… some ideas have to be weeded. But we don’t talk about those tonight!” she added with a laugh as she fiddled with the envelope in her hand. “These concepts are like the loveliest and best plants, deserving of the gods. I can’t wait to watch them bloom. So write them, let them grow. Or else.”

“Ah!” She got herself back on track, smile turning sunny once more. “The nominees are: Neapolitan Precure, Charge Up Precure, Royal Star Pretty Cure, and Wildheart Pretty Cure.”

“And the prettiest flower in the garden is… Charge Up Precure! Congrats, you’re the winner! Come up and get your award!” she said, as her friends backstage hoped her bloodthirsty smile didn’t scare the winning team off.

Holy shit words can’t even describe that scene. Like I could watch that scene over and over again in pure awe. Well not for the first time because I was internally screaming but now I’m watching it in awe. Stiles has come so far. It’s just truly amazing to see this boy finally confident in front of the girl he’s had a crush on for so long. And her face. HER FACE. H E R F A C E. she loved it. She loved everything about it. She loves him. Simply said.