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Dirty Bathwater--Imagine #23

Anonymous said: you should totally write an imagine where your crush wakes you up by neck kisses and then you have a warm bath together. idk you should make it heated. *coughs* its not your babe i swear *coughs*

A/N: I see through your disguise, babe. ;) I see through it! I’m so sorry that you asked for this months ago and I didn’t get around to it ‘til now. Hope you enjoy, dear “not my babe”. ;) <3 

Her eyes were closed, soft puffs of warm air escaping her slightly parted mouth and I felt my chest constrict with the pain that I could never show her how beautiful and precious she was to me. Of course, I told her as often as I could but words felt so weak and actions were still so inadequate in showing her how big my love for her was. 

Her hair was a gorgeous mess, and I smiled to myself as I remembered our passionate coupling last night. Every time with her was just as mind-blowing as the last. 

I shifted myself closer to her sleeping form, in awe of how the first rays of light streaming in through the thin curtains brought out different hues in her hair. Slowly, ever so slowly, I pressed my lips to the part of her neck where her shoulder met her neck. Inhaling her sweet scent, I savored the salty taste of her skin as I lightly flicked my tongue along her tender, soft skin. 

She shifted as I continued my trail of kisses up her neck, each slow enough for me to breathe her in and savor the feel of her skin underneath my lips. 

As I made it to under her jaw, I felt her hand lazily comb through my unruly hair, making me let out a soft moan. She let out a contented sigh in answer and pressed me closer to her in encouragement of my ministrations to her jaw. Lazily, but passionately, I sucked on the line of her jaw, not being able to stop the smile that graced my lips as she let out soft noises of satisfaction. 

Reluctantly, I pulled my lips from her skin, to look into her glazed over gaze, a sleepy, soft smile pulling at the corners of her lips.

“G’morning, love,” I murmured, grinning down at her.

“It sure is,” she replied, running her delicate hands up and down my bare back.

I laid there, half on top of her, staring down into her mesmerizing eyes. Something seemed to dawn on her face after a few moments.

“Last night, I never got to take my bath,” she said, pouting slightly, lightly dragging her fingernails down over my shoulder-blades. 

I shuddered. “Mm, I’m sorry I distracted you,” I gave her a cheeky grin. “On second thought, actually, I’m not sorry at all,” I added. 

She rolled her eyes, but her smile widened. I licked my lips and saw her eyes shift back to mine, a glint of mischief in them. 

“I think I’ll go take it now,” she whispered, slipping out from under my upper body and the sheets. 

I watched her in all her glorious nudity walk away from the bed to the bathroom. I gulped, my eyes dropping to her ass. When she reached the doorway, she turned giving me those fucking bedroom eyes.

“Join me?” she tugged her lip between her teeth. 

“Oh, fuck yes,” I hissed, jumping out of the rumpled bed.

Minutes later we were wet and immersed in sudsy bathwater. My legs bracketed hers, and I gently massaged her back. With a moan, she sunk against me even further, her body slipping down my body gloriously. 

I closed my eyes trying to lock in the sensation of her wet, naked body against mine. Opening them again, I picked up a loofa, soaping it up before raising her left arm in my left as I ran the loofa down it with my right hand. I watched the drops of water drip off her arm, and splash into the water, making it ripple around our bodies. 

She turned her head and leaned it back onto my shoulder to look into my eyes. 

“Something wrong, babe?”

I held back a groan at the way she was looking at me. Eyes hooded, mouth parted just the slightest, eyebrows crinkling with concern. No one had ever made me feel as wanted or cared for as she did. 

“Yeah, actually,” I put on a worried face, my voice rough with need. 

“What is it, c/n?” She asked, turning her body more, her hip now digging into my groin, making me hiss as pleasure shot through me from the friction of her body against mine. 

“You’re not on top of me,” I managed, my tongue heavy in my mouth. 

She looked at my lips once, pulling her bottom lip between her teeth. A shy smile lifted the corners of her mouth as she looked back up at me through her long lashes. There was that hint of irresistible sexuality that burned in her eyes right before she took action. 

Using the sides of the tub as help, she twisted her body around. The hot water sloshed around us as she settled her open thighs over mine, resting on my lap. I was completely hard at this point and she knew it. Her heavy-lidded eyes lifted to mine, and she held my gaze as she swiveled her hips over me.

“Mm, sorry, just needed to find the right spot,” she smiled wickedly.

My head fell back as her movements made me involuntarily jerk up to rub up on her. 

“Find the right spot, my ass. We may be in the bath but you’re still playing dirty as fuck,” I hissed out through my lust, forcing my eyes to open so as to take in her beautiful face. 

She simply gave me one of those angelic smiles that would normally make me laugh from how it contrasted with her piercing gaze if I wasn’t under her influence. She was a drug to me, and I craved every part of her. 

She nipped at my bottom lip and I gripped onto her hips, rubbing circles into the soft skin there, pressing her harder over me. She gave into me and started swiveling her hips in a circle over my erection the way she knows drives me insane. The bath water sloshed noisily now, as I hungrily took her lips between mine, our tongues sliding against one another, tasting, savoring, moaning. 

Her wet fingers traced a wet trail of water droplets up my bare back and into the damp hair at the nape of my neck. As our kisses turned even more urgent, and her thrusts over me frantic, her grip on the ends of my hair tightened almost to the point of pain. 

“Shit, goddamnit, y/n,” I growled, moving my lips to her neck, nipping and grazing my teeth down until I bent her backwards so her neck rested on the opposite edge of the tub. 

“C/n,” she whimpered, her legs tightening around me, fingers grasping at me. 

I simply groaned back at her as I watched her hair fall erotically into the water, swirling in the blue-ish water. Her back arched as I cupped my hand to gather water in my palm, letting it poor between the valley of her breasts. 

“I’ve never believed in any god, but when it comes to you it’s all I can do to stop myself from worshiping your body any time I’m around you,” I breathed out, watching how her chest rose and fell frantically. 

“So do it,” she pleaded. 

Her eyes were glazed as I gazed down at her. I pressed a soft kiss to her lips, chuckling when she tried to pull me in for more. Instead, I pulled away, lathering my hands in soap, making it turn into a sudsy thick covering over my palms. 

Slowly, my eyes trying to memorize every detail of her, I trailed a soap covered finger down her collarbone to the middle of her chest. Bringing my other hand up, I smoothed both my palms over her tits and she gasped at the contact. I gave her a grin, as her eyes slid closed. My hands continued their journey down over her waist, swirling the soap over her wet skin. 

“Please–ah–c/n,” she whined. 

“I can’t just leave the soap on you, gotta wash it off you,” I smiled softly, adoration swelling in my chest. 

“Fuck that,” she smirked. 

Before I knew what was happening, she had tugged turned the shower on, letting the spray rain down on us and her body. I watched it wash the soap from her body, mesmerized by how it slid off her body into the water in the tub.

“Now, shut up and fuck me already,” She laughed, pulling me down over her in a searing kiss. 

Jumin Han: Last Breath

Hello everyone welcome to this new angst series :D So with Jumins part I really recommend reading his Wedding Dance One Shot before reading this c: it gives it extra feels :3 

Jumin: * his pov *

I always knew I had to eventually lose her. I would have never guessed that 50 years of marriage can pass by so quickly. We both wanted to die in each other’s arms but that was only just a dream. If there is a word that I can describe my life with (y/n), it would be the word dream. Many people would be puzzled why I pick that word and it’s only because they simply don’t know that (y/n) made every single one of my dreams come true. She gave me two beautiful kids, a boy and a girl, and they suddenly became my world. After many precious and memorable years, we finally completed our last dream; which was growing old together. The only downside of growing old together is that eventually one of our names will be placed on the tombstone first. I always hoped that my name would be first but with the cancer spreading throughout my loves body, it seems that God didn’t listen to my wishes. For many months, (y/n) health slowly decline and suddenly, the cancer is spreading quickly. The doctor told me that she only had 2 weeks left yet, my love has been here for 5 weeks. I made sure to visit (y/n) every day and today was going to be a special visit. Today is our 50th year anniversary and I’m hoping that the doctors let me stay a few hours past normal visiting hours.

 I smiled at the nurses while I was making my way towards her room with flowers and a balloon hand in hand. I slowly opened the door afraid to wake her up with my presence. I was greeted by the sounds of her heart monitor and other machines that were connected to her. Seeing her like this, breaks my heart even more because I’m seeing her become more lifeless every single day. I smiled at her putting down the flowers and balloons making my way towards her. She grabbed my hand and gently whispered “Please tell our children to come now”. Her request was a bit odd because she knows our kids always visited around the afternoon. As always, I respected her request. She wanted to meet with our kids one by one. I didn’t understand why but it was finally my turn. I walked in and she had tears running down her fragile face. I grabbed my handkerchief and wiped her tears away “what is wrong my soul, today is our 50th anniversary! We will get through this my love, I promise you” I whispered gently. I saw the wrinkles from her lips form a small smile. She motioned me to sit down and I grabbed her hand while doing so. She tilted her head towards me, preparing to break my heart. The look of her face told me everything before she even said a word.

 She caressed my thumb while looking into my eyes “Jumin, my love, my heart, my soul… I c-can’t keep fighting. I’m.. I.. I’m tired of ha-having tu- tubes everywhere. We lived a bea-beautiful life and you ca-can let go now Jumin. You can l-let me go now my love” she pleaded with my heart but neither my mind or heart was ready for that request. I looked into her eyes noticing how her soul was slowly leaving her body. I gave her fragile hand a tighter grip “remember our wedding day 50 years back?” I managed to squeak out while tears were caressing my face. I felt cold thumbs caressing my hand as if she tried to tell me to keep going. I gave a heavy sighed and brought her hand to my forehead “I vowed to worship you till my last breath and that will always continue. I told you that day that you were the color in my black and white world. I cannot lose you (y/n) you m-mean too much to me and I wo-wouldn’t know what do without you. P-Please” I got off the chair and kneeled on the floor “let’s con-continue fighting together because I can’t lose you. I refuse to lose the best thing that has ever happened. I know this is selfish, but seeing your face always gets me through the day. I will give up my heart, mind, body and soul for you (y/n). Everything I did in our life together, just know it was for you. Please don’t make me sign the paper.” Tears started to flow out of my eyes like waterfalls and I looked into her face seeing she hasn’t changed her mind. I kissed her hand gently finally accepting her last request. “We were made for each other. Thank you for the life you have given me. Thank you for keeping me alive. My shattered heart belongs to you now.” I got up from the floor and kissed her forehead.


 I talked to the doctors and signed all the paperwork that was necessary to fill my loves body with morphine. That is what she wanted screamed my mind. Congratulations, you killed your happiness screamed my heart. My wife’s last request was to not let the kids be in the same room. I was the only that was going to see her last breath. I sat on the seat next to her while the nurses were removing all the tubes that helped her stay alive. I felt my wife’s hand grip mine tighter with needle being pulled out. I finally saw that she was in pain. My loves head tiled to the side and gently whispered “Thank you”. I nodded while I was seeing the nurses prepare the morphine for the doctor. I saw two more doctors enter the room as a witness for the report the hospital needs to do. I looked into my wife’s beautiful eyes while the doctor slowly inserted the morphine inside her. Tears were rolling down (y/n)’s beautiful angelic face. I cleaned them with the same handkerchief that I wore on our wedding day. I notice she was feeling more relax and I felt cold hands caressing my face. I breathed in anticipating the moment of when she gave her last breath “Thank you for showing your heart to me, thank you for handing me the key to your heart. I vow to love you for the rest of my time here in earth and I vow to find you in our next life. I thank God every single day for allowing an angel to be my wife. We raised two beautiful children that gave us the gift of 5 grandchildren. We been through so much in life that I do not know what to do without you. I am going to miss you for the rest of my short life. Everything that I do will always remind me of you. I just want you to know that everything I did for you, I put my heart and soul into it because you are worth my blood, sweat, and tears.” I couldn’t breathe because I notice her soul was starting to leave her body. I was scared I wasn’t going to have enough time and I gripped her hand and screamed “I vow to worship you till my last breath, just know when my heart stops beating the last beat was made for you!” I breathed heavily and heard “I love you Jumin Han” ever so softly. Your last breath was my name. My least breath will forever be your name. I love you (f/n) Han. I’m going to love you till my last breath.

Taste me

Picture is not mine!!

It was a typical New Yorker night. From a certain apartment of a luxury skyscraper which belonged to a very famous pop star called Harry Styles, you could perceive some lip smacking and wildly kissing sounds. If you had a look into living room, which was decorated with expensive furniture, you could have seen the young man, being enveloped in the arms of his beautiful and sexy girlfriend.

Their lips moved in sync, the two lovers were kissing each other like the hadn’t seen the other one for years even though they hadn’t been in each other’s presence for a couple of hours. Once (Y/N) entered the apartment that the both were sharing, being tired and exhausted from work, Harry instantly threw himself at her.

He had missed her terribly and working at the studio a few hours ago had been very agonizing. His thoughts were just filled with her, Harry noticed that he was pretty distracted instead of working on his songs. All he could think of was her beautiful and flawless face, her soothing and angelic voice, her smile and the shining in her eyes when she looked at him. The more his mind was occupied with her the more his heart started to pump harder against his chest.

He loved this woman so much. No one in the world could stop him from loving her. He shared so much pure love for her that he sometimes was overwhelmed by his own feelings. (Y/N), his baby girl, the love of his life, the only one he could imagine a future with, was the only one who would make him weak on his legs.

“Harry…”His love giggled, trying to escape from his sweet assault. But Harry just pressed his lips even more onto hers, enjoying the taste of her own lips, his body hovering over hers and her face being cupped by his hands. His thumps stroked over her cheeks so softly. With every kiss he gave her, (Y/N) felt thousand of little tingles conquering every part of her body.

In their relationship, you could tell that Harry was the one who showed more affection. He never failed to surprise her with little gifts like roses, sweets or even jewellery, which (Y/N) of course appreciated. He gave his best to make her happy. They had been together for so long and he would do everything make it last until they shared their last breath.

He often thought about the future. In a few years, when he finally settled down with her as a married couple and took a break from the public, he could see little Styles babies running in their house. Their laughter of joy already filled his ears even though they were not created yet. He saw them in front of his eyes, one baby girl, looking like her beautiful mom and a baby boy who would be the exact copy of himself. A smile crept its way on his lips as he continued kissing his woman like he never had.

“What’s going on with you today?” (Y/N) asked while laughing, pushing him away from her slightly.

Harry nuzzled his face in the crook of her neck. The sweet scent of her perfume hit his nostrils, overwhelming his senses. This woman would be the death of him someday. But he couldn’t complain, he would have died for her, no matter what.

“Nothing.” He mumbled, peppering her soft skin with feather light pecks. “Missed yeh all day long, darling. So much. That’s all.”

(Y/N) laughed. She adored how clingy and affectionate he was. “You already told me that yesterday.”

“Can’t help it. Miss yeh every day.” He let his hand run up and down her legs. Her red tight dress adorned her beautiful shape so perfectly. Harry loved every curve, every mark and scar on her body. She was always used to complain about her flaws but for Harry they were special. They made her the person she was. And if he was so in love with her how could he not be in love with all of her?

His lips found hers again. Kissing her was so satisfying. He swore he could never get bored of this. If it was for him, he would lie like this forever.

“That’s enough kissing for today, Harry.” (Y/N) smiled. “I need to get changed.”

“Oh, I can do that for yeh.” He gave her another peck on the lips, his fingers finding the zipper of her dress so easily.

“You don’t have to, love.” She told him even though she knew how much Harry liked to undress her. Not always in a sexual way.

“But I want to.” He said, unzipping her dress and sliding it down her elegant body. His eyes glided down her naked form, his warm hands tracing over her curves. (Y/N) returned the smile Harry had offered her, not feeling shy at all.

“You’re beautiful, sweetheart. Have I ever told you tha’?” Harry bent down to kiss her belly.

“A million times.” She sighed, enjoying the jolts that flew through her.

“Will never stop doing tha’.” Harry answered, kissing his way up from her tummy to her lips, where they lingered for a while. He kissed her over and over again. Tasting her, feeling her. Every kiss they shared was a new experience for him and for her.

“Will never stop lovin’ yeh, petal.”

Forever and Always

Member: TaeYang || SF9

Genre: Fluff, Romance

Short Summary: He got tired of living far away from you and so- he decides to throw you a surprise visit, a little red-velvet box in his hand.

Words: 651

His fingers were stuck in his hair as he contemplated his rash decision. The people in the airport barely spared him a glance, not recognizing the idol from the new rookie group SF9, and he thanked God for that, for he must’ve looked like a nervous mess.

For his hair, he had a bird’s nest, his clothes were wrinkled and sneakers not as white as they were supposed to be. He did not care, though, since he was going to meet her after months of not feeling her godly touch and only seeing her beautiful face and hearing her angelic voice through their conversation on skype or FaceTime. Albeit, she had yet to know that he was coming for a visit.

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     Do not worry too much about me, but if I dared, 
                   I would like to follow the one who has been my very life.

Elizabeth Alexeievna was distinguished by a soft, melodious voice, and a beautiful oval face, with delicate features, a Greek profile, large almond-shaped blue eyes and curly ash blond hair, which she usually left floating on her shoulders. With an elegant figure, regal carriage and a beautiful angelic face, she was regarded by contemporaries as one of the most beautiful women in Europe and probably the most beautiful consort at that time.

Closing the distance

Dianakko week day 7 Free Day


A/N This one shot is a nice shout out to all the long distance relationships that happened thanks to the fandom and lwa cause I know several people got together thanks to this lovely show. Speaking of which, this one shot is dedicated to my lovely gal pal @oceankasko who I met thanks to lwa <3

Summary: After 2 years of a long distance relationship, Akko and Diana finally meet.

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painfully beautiful;

rotted stars cluttered my ceiling
but i was no star scraper
i desired to find beauty in pain

& pain in beauty.

my eyes sought out her pale face
gloriously angelic skin & devilish lips
mark the pain strung inside my heart

& unworthiness struck me down.

pine needles crushed underfoot as
i pondered through the wildwoods alone
searching for solace in all wrong places

& yet i saw raw beauty inside.

heaven is passed down from kisses
& hearty laughs & burning sets of bones
under certain circumstances

& pain is required for love.


“I’m terrible at practical jokes. I do them too well, so they’re not funny. I end up saying, ‘Oh, no, I’m joking, I’m joking.’“

A Tale As Old As Time

He was from a dark place,
She was from light,
He never dreamed of this,
But she did every night,
He had abandoned love,
Gone off course…
She rode with precision,
Steadied her horse.
He didn’t have a castle though,
Their roles were reversed,
He was so dead inside…
As if swallowed by earth.
He was born to a curse,
He swore no one could break,
The day he looked around the bank,
His very breath she did take,
It wasn’t death see…
This was not the case!
Instead his heart beat so fast,
He couldn’t keep with the pace,
His mouth ran so dry,
Knees almost too weak to chase,
What he saw was a Beauty…
Angelic face.
He walked to her chariot,
In what seemed like forevers,
Her head adorned with halos,
And he swore he saw feathers.
She was an Angel to him,
Come to rescue his heart,
Tame the Beast inside…
That completely tears him apart.
It didn’t take minutes,
It didn’t take hours,
Immediately he felt her magical powers!
They danced in conversation,
And he lead with such strength,
That their night had gone on in great length.
Nervous was he,
But he enjoyed her laughter,
And it swelled his heart,
Right up to the rafters,
He though to himself,
“I hope I can have her.”
For when he looked in her eyes…
He saw, “Happily Ever After.”

The Prosen One