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July 2017, Granite Falls

Heda threw the butt of her cigarette on the ground and used the tip of her combat boot to hide it between the tall grass under her feet. ‘Don’t smoke in front of the kids,’ said Shadow as she left and she realised it wasn’t a completely deranged notion. Her nicotine levels just didn’t have the time to make peace with it. Yet.

She lifted her overnight bag off the ground, watching an old, battered car crawl its way up the dirt path. She quirked an eyebrow, watching it sputter clouds of dark smoke before the engine gave up with a long, pitiful sigh. The door opened with a slight creak and a slim figure dressed in yellow summer dress exited the wreckage.

‘Heda! I’m so happy to see you!’ sang Laney happily, pulling a pastel pink suitcase off the passenger seat. She put it down next to her car, not bothering to lock it up before she rushed over to Heda and used her special Laney-fu moves to strangle the living hell out of her.

‘Hey there, Kerrigan!’ gasped Heda, pulling away slightly. ‘Why you driving a car wreck?’

‘Neat isn’t it? I bought it extra cheap!’

‘That thing cost something?!’

‘Har, har! Stop mocking my car and explain why a stranger called me in the dead of night begging me to come help out at out old childhood camp.’

Heda smirked. ‘Good question. She said something about…’

‘Money problems,’ called a soft, melodic voice from behind them. It was sweet and accented. They both turned toward it, spotting a short, blond woman with the biggest smile they have ever seen. ‘Hi! I’m Silvia. We spoke on the phone.’

‘Right,’ started Heda, shaking her hand. ‘What about the money problems?’

‘Well, the money – and most of luck – ran out for this camp. It was supposed to be closed down last summer, but my hubby and me decided to save it. Last summer we barely did and this summer… Well, there is no money left to pay the salaries. We hoped we could get some of the old campers to volunteer. You see, My daughter has been going here since she was two years old. Seeing it closed would break her heart.’

Heda looked over at Laney. She had tears in her wide eyes as she glanced back, bottom lip quivering. ‘Right,’ sighed the other woman, shaking her head. ‘And why call us?’

Silvia quirked an amused brow. ‘Well, you are a famous rock star and you,’ she pointed at Laney, ‘are driving around the world, collecting stories. It’s bound to shine a spotlight at us.’

Hed looked back at Laney, who bit into her bottom lip, considering it. ‘So, whatcha sayin’, Kerrigan? Up for a few weeks of dirt, bugs and unpaid labour?’

‘Sounds heavenly! Which shack are we staying at?’

Laney belongs to @something-wicked-sims​ (as most of you know :D) 

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@inukag-week Day Six: Stars

I’m much more satisfied with this one than I was with my last prompt. I think it turned out loads better and I’m proud of the ending. :)

He woke up to find her sleeping bag empty, but he wasn’t alarmed. He already knew exactly where she was even without using his heightened senses and silently so as to not disturb his sleeping friends, Inuyasha left Kaede’s house and stepped into the cold night. He frowned, hoping the fool girl had had enough sense to grab a blanket or something to cover with before taking her midnight stroll.

The full moon and stars were bright in the blue-black sky, illuminating his path as he casually made the short trek to the little knoll that overlooked the village. As he suspected, her scent grew stronger the closer he approached and about half way in his ascent, he was able to make out her huddled form sitting at the very top, arms wrapped around knees hugged to her chest and the side of her head resting atop them as she gazed up at the magnificent view the night sky offered.

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My one hand holding Liana’ leg as I got my money out from my pocket “buy me that” Maleah placed a bag of skittles on the counter “anything else little girl? Yo momma did say no candy” she smiled at me, I can’t say no to that face “hold on” I said to Liana as I got a twenty note out “here” passing the store keeper the note “hold uncle’ drink for me please” passing my Red Bull to Maleah and her bag of skittles, grabbing my cigarettes from the counter and putting them in my pocket. The store keeper held my change from the money to me but Liana reached over taking it “mine!” she said, this girl already taking my money “you got it” he said as Liana’ little hands could not hold it all “yes” feeling a coin hit my head “really” holding my hand out “put it in my hand, you about to knock me out” she giggled placing the coins in my hand, this girl is crazy. That really hurt my head, placing the change in my pocket and grabbing the Twizzlers “let’s go ladies” that was a whole mission doing that.

I am on a morning stroll with the ladies today, Maleah wanted to take her dog for a walk when I went to Mijo’ so I thought I would do it. I like it, it’s peaceful just being with my daughter. I mean I do get little looks from people but I ignore it “Liana, are you going come down?” Maleah asked her “no” she spat “I stay here” her lazy ass does not want to walk, she wants to be carried around “Liana is lazy Maleah, she prefers to be carried” the dog yanked Maleah ahead a little “woah! Naughty!” she said, I chuckled as she fell forward “daddy!!” Liana shouted me, looking up at her “yeah beautiful” she held the Twizzler up “go aahhh” stopping in my tracks and opening my mouth, Liana slowly placed the piece in my mouth “gone” she clapped her hands, closing my mouth “thank you, give me kiss now” she held my face and leaned over kissing my lips “I love you baby girl” looking ahead of me “we holding Maleah up actually” jogging a little to catch up with her.

Placing Liana on the ground as we got inside Mijo’ home “come Liana, let play outside” they both ran inside to go to the back yard “oh no, they back” hearing Mylen say, I thought I would see Mijo. Liana woke up so early and I text him, he was awake so I thought why not. I am supposed to be in Australia right now, I haven’t cancelled but I have a couple of days until I can make it. Closing the door behind me, Robyn is still at my home. She is ok I would say but she’s a little off, she hasn’t left the home even though I told her that her family have gone. She talked to Cassandra and she told her she needs to go back to basics again, I offered for her to come with me but Robyn says no. I don’t want to leave them here, I am so worried. Walking into the living area “are you still watching this garbage?” I pointed at the TV “Uncle it’s not! It is the best thing on” I snorted “sure, you ain’t watched Tom and Jerry. Now that shit was funny” sitting down on the couch.

Mijo finally walked in, he was upstairs for a long time “son, go and check on the girls. Make sure they don’t go near the pool” Mylen rolled his eyes “he always makes me do this” pushing himself off the couch “roll those eyes at me again little nigga” Mijo pointed at him, Mylen slowly walked over to him “nigga!” Mijo spat as Mylen ran off “he legit just did it again” shaking his head “kids” I said laughing “beat their little asses, we would get whooped for backchat, these get away with it” look at Mijo being all serious “how was the walk?” he asked “good, hot out there though” rubbing my chest “can tell, the top is off” that was the first thing to come off “what happened? Talk to me nigga, we been bros since day one. You been so quiet, not hanging with the niggas. Only god knows where you live because that apartment is dead, you’re so secretive with us. I know you’re with Robyn now, from the videos you was supposed to be gone but you’re not” the more public we go, the more people know about what Robyn and I do.

Rubbing the back of my neck shrugging “what do you want me to say? Robyn and I are together and have been for a while, her family are not happy” looking over at Mijo “y’all look happy, if y’all happy who am I to judge. Just hate to see anyone get hurt” shuffling off the couch a little, sitting on the edge of the couch “I know I shouldn’t but you know, I need someone to talk too. I need someone to let it off my chest with” looking away from Mijo, I am feeling so emotional. Blinking my eyes several times to stop the tears from falling, rubbing my left eye “woah, nigga. What’s up” feeling Mijo sit next to me “the fuck you crying for, you soft nigga” chewing on my bottom “you can’t tell anyone this. I promised Robyn to not tell anyone, Mel knows but that was because I needed someone to help. I don’t know Mijo, I just feel upset as fuck because she don’t deserve it. She don’t deserve to be feeling the way she feels, I know she is hurting and I feel I can’t help her. Shit is so much” Mijo hit my leg lightly “tell me” he said, breathing out “that day when Robyn came to the home, that day I broke a window and I was popping off. You tried to calm me down?” looking over at him “yeah I remember, I still never understood why” I hope I don’t regret this “that night, Robyn broke down to me and told me that” I paused, I don’t even want to say it. I feel sick to even say it “he uhm, Mychal raped her. She told me she was telling him stop, he was being forceful, she couldn’t breathe. You know how I feel to know this, to know he did that” my voice broke, Mijo stared at me in shock not saying a word.

Wiping my tears with my hand “fucking kills me to know that happened, she don’t deserve this and it’s on me. I am the one that could have saved her, instead I fucked on her. I die inside every time she cries, but I have to be there for her and Liana. She just gets in that mood where she don’t want to bother with Liana so here I am, I am doing it. Playing it off, I had to come back Mijo because her family said poor Mychal. She broke down, she ended up telling them and breaking down. The poor Mychal shit has really got to her” swallowing hard, I feel like a weight has been lifted with talking to someone “sorry, I am just in shock” Mijo shook his head “you telling me, that bastard did that to her? Oh my god” Mijo got up from the couch “I feel sad and angry at the same time” he paced off slowly “poor Rih, oh my god. I just wouldn’t think that would happen to her, I feel sick. Nigga why didn’t you tell me this” I remained silent not saying a word “you kept this to yourself, no wonder you been acting mad strange. You have been all about your family and been quiet, I get it. It all adds up, you trying to beat Mychal up at every chance. Why don’t she fuck him over?” shaking my head “she don’t want to be a victim but she is suffering so much, she was doing so well. You saw her when she came here, she is good but her family just made her backtrack, I just want to take the pain away from her” I love Robyn too much.

Mijo is in shock, he just doesn’t know what to say “I just want to hug her, I really want to tell her that I will fight him. My sister” scratching the top of my head “I ain’t been blocking you for no reason, she needs me. She won’t come on tour with me, she says no I am a burden but she is more of a burden being in America. She has her record label asking for her, I had to answer the call for her. I built her up just for her fucking family to ruin it” Mijo rubbed his chin “maybe she was never ready then” he got a point, maybe I rushed it “so what you doing about the tour, Mel is around. I will be too?” smiling at Mijo “appreciate you bro, she don’t want Mel. Mel told me to come back, she just wants me there but also wants me to tour. I don’t know how that will work” I feel so stuck.

Liana climbed onto my lap “you ready to go home now?” I said to Liana but she ignored me and got comfy on my lap “I guess not” I said to myself, Maleah ran over and sat next to me “pony!!” Liana shouted pointing at the TV “this is stupid” Mylen complained “I have an idea” Mijo said out of nowhere, he walked over to me. He crouched down at the side of me on the couch “have your mom move in, don’t get me wrong. Just hear me out, don’t tell her what happened. Just tell Joyce to stay with Robyn, she needs help with Liana. Tell her to come tomorrow, settle her down. If Robyn wants she can tell but I think that is a good idea, talk to Robyn about it. Your mom will give her that love and help, I will help if you want” I appreciate him so much “you might be onto something, I will think about that you know” he is right, I never thought of my mom.

Walking behind Liana “back mommy!” Liana shouted knocking on the door, she is a fool “this is my home stupid” picking her up, she yelped out as I placed her over my shoulder. Kicking the door shut behind me, jogging down the steps as Liana screamed “can always hear you both when you get home” placing Liana down, looking over at Mel “missed us I see” I grinned “where is my baby momma?” I asked, Mel pointed to the kitchen “I missed my bed buddy” Mel said as Liana jumped on her, Liana and Mel have been sleeping in the bed together. Walking into the kitchen “hey beautiful” placing my hand just above her hip, Robyn turned around “you took too long, so I am making food for just Mel and I” she is just too cute “it’s cool” Robyn looked back at the eggs, pressing a kiss to her cheek “you not wearing a bra again I see” bringing my finger up and flicking her nipple with the tip of my finger, Robyn hit my chest “go away” she laughed “well not my fault, wearing tight tops with no bra. Your nipples always be at full attention” watching Robyn just shake her head to herself.

Sitting down next to Robyn on the couch “so we not using the table anymore?” both of them with their plates on their lap “oh no nigga” Mel piped up, turning my head to see Mel pointing her fork at me “I done heard that Robz has came on that table, her ass been on that and so has yours so hell to the no” busting out laughing “oh, so Robyn been telling you then. I mean Liana eats on there” I shrugged “nasty heffas” Mel waved me off “I don’t see the issue, do you see the issue?” looking at Robyn “nope” she said simply, I am wondering on when I should bring it up with her. When I should mention the mom thing, I don’t want her to think she is not capable “your phone is ringing” Mel said, quickly looking to the side of me and seeing that my record label is calling me “been dodging these calls, looks like the top boss is now calling me” this is not good.

I didn’t really want to pick up but I did, it’s different ignoring my manager but now it’s gone higher “hello” I usually act like a dick on the phone to people, but I have to be good “hi Chris, how are you?” he is being nice “cool, yourself?” this is so formal “great, just checking on if everything is ok on your side of the contract? I heard there was a setback, you have four days to get there and get set” rubbing my face “everything is good, you know when you need to be around for your family” I don’t know what else to say “understandable, we all have families. We can push the dates back but no matter what you need to do this, you signed the contract with us and the deal was a worldwide tour Chris” shaking my head lightly “I get it, I do and I said fine. I will make it just don’t worry about me, I will do the tour” I won’t push the dates back, fuck that “loss in revenue will come out of your pocket” biting my bottom lip but I can’t help myself “I said ok did I not? Trust me on this, y’all need me because the artists y’all have on your record label are a pile of shit bro. Nobody want them, next time you talk to me like I need y’all I will wipe that contract with my ass, if I see fit I will fly out if not I will cancel but it will be on my terms” disconnecting the call, fuck them niggas.

I was so close to throwing my phone but I remembered, I am in a house with women. Forcing a smile on my face seeing Liana “that doesn’t sound good” Mel said, getting up from the couch “they want their money out of me don’t they” noticing that Robyn has barely touched her food, this is not what I want to see “you have no choice, you’re coming with me” I demanded this time “me?” Robyn pointed to herself “yes you, you can’t stay here and be like this” Robyn shook her head “I don’t want to come with you” she is saying that while looking sad as hell “ok but then why are you upset about it?” I questioned her “because my mom-” cutting Robyn off before she said anymore “I don’t care about your mom, you really think I would waste my time being stood here with you if I was going to go out there and cheat on you? Come on Robyn, give me a break. I have a reputation I get it, I lost a lot during that time. You’re coming anyways” Robyn placed her plate to the side of her “I refuse, I don’t want too” now she is annoying me “you choose, either you come with me or my mom moves in with you. I don’t want to hear it” her eyes widened, I need some air.

Staring down at my pool from the balcony. I am slowly losing my shit, just because I have them just driving me crazy “can I join you?” hearing Mel say behind me “yep” blowing the smoke from my lips “well I was going too anyways” I thought she would have “sharing the blunt?” side eyeing Mel “you forreal? Come out here to take my blunt?” she chuckled, holding the blunt out for her to take “you good now? Got little heated there, demanding things” moving back from the balcony “things getting on top of me” not much to say because it is “I get you but why did you mention about your mom?” clearing my throat “because I feel like Robyn just needs someone there, she has you but I don’t know. Someone just there to look after her, something I would do. My mom would do the same, she don’t need to know what happened. Robyn sometimes doesn’t listen” Mel chuckled “she doesn’t, she ignores me at times. I guess it is up to her, sounds good though” Mel thinks it’s a good idea, I hope Robyn accepts.

I need to not be so annoyed or get annoyed so easily, I just think I am getting it at all ends “you finished with that?” pointing at the plate she barely touched “yeah” Robyn mumbled “can I talk you then? The bedroom” staring at the side of Robyn’ face, she silently got up from the couch. I rather speak to Robyn in private without anyone interrupting us, walking behind Robyn up the stairs “niggas be calling me at all the wrong times” staring at Lo calling me, I don’t need to speak to him. I put my phone on silent so I don’t need to hear this shit going off “popular man, shame I am holding you back” rolling my eyes behind Robyn, she is so damn dramatic about shit “ok, sure” I have to just let her say it, she feels that for no reason.

Closing the bedroom door behind me “I am sorry for getting annoyed with you, them motherfuckers annoy my life but I do not mean it” she didn’t say anything but sit down on the bed “how are you feeling anyways, my priority is you. I would do anything for you, to think that you even allow your mom to cloud your thoughts about me does upset me. I get it, I get what I did and what I have done and trust me I am suffering, and right now I am trying to make it better. I just need you to be good because if not then I am cancelling my tour, so you either come with me or my mom stays with you. She don’t know anything, she will think she is helping you with Liana and she won’t care” I know I was supposed to just ask but now I am just demanding this “where did this idea of your mom being with me come from? I don’t need babysitting Chris” Robyn said “it is not babysitting, it’s just someone to look after you on my behalf. You playing it off like you good but you’re not, you’re acting like everything is good which scares me. Don’t make me pick you up and put you on the jet with me, making food for yourself and acting like you’re eating, I watch you Robyn” I always clock the shit she do “I am not a child, I rather you just go and just leave me alone” watching Robyn storm off to the bathroom like a child.

I am not leaving it, I want her to pick now. Hearing the door unlock, the door opened slowly “I’m sorry” Robyn sobbed out crying “why you crying for?” and they say I am bipolar, she went in there all angry with me “I lost everyone and I don’t want to lose you, I just told you to go and now you will go” what am I going to do with her, shaking my head smiling “stop it, you’re being so silly now” wrapping my arms around her “it will take more then you just saying for me to go for me to actually go, I just want you to be good. You mean too much to me, I need to look after you. I want you to be mentally right, ignoring your record label is not helping. I just need you to choose, you’re not a burden because that means I get to have my wife and my daughter with me which will be a blessing” she needs to understand I would love for them to come with me.

🌼🌸went doll hunting today!🌸🌼

first I went to the thrift store & found three new dolls! they didn’t have much, but I got a ghoulia(who I love) a really pretty bratz doll(who I got bc she was wearing a cute fur shawl that I wanted) & a frankie(who I didn’t realize wasn’t articulated until I took her out of the bag, so she’ll be a model for clothes/wig making) annnnnnd then I went to an outlet store & found a NEW honey swamp for like $12 and she was the only MH doll there so I couldn’t resist!! gonna post pictures of the others when I take better pictures of them, but for now here’s honey 🍯💐💖 ps. her hair is everything omg

Get To The Point

Category: HPB Missing Moments/AU
Rated M

Professor Sprout’s voice was nothing more than a buzz in the back of Ron’s mind right now. He barely heard her say class was dismissed. The only thing that clued him in was the sight of Hermione hastily packing her bag. She wasn’t fast enough, she kept her notes out until the last second, whereas everyone else were already on their way out the classroom.  

Keeping her eyes down Hermione tried to be speedy with packing her bag. She could feel Ron’s gaze burning a hole through her as she did so. He had been trying to talk to her all morning, but she wouldn’t give him the satisfaction cornering her.  

She headed toward the door to the greenhouse only to find Ron already blocking the door.  

“Move.” She demanded still not looking him in the eyes, they were too much of a weakness for her.  

“No.” He crossed his arms defiantly.  

With an annoyed huff she pulled out her wand and levitated him out of the way. The shock on Ron’s face was quickly replaced with anger but Hermione was already out the door before he could find the right words to shout at her.  

She ran all the way to the castle only slowing when she reached the hallway with other students bustling about to class. Hermione thought she was free until she felt a force tug her backwards by the strap of her bag.  

Ron hadn’t needed to run to catch up with her. His long legs and quick walk sufficed. As soon as he caught up with her his anger flared again. Without thinking her spotted a broom closet, grabbed her bag, and pulled her in.  

Next thing Hermione knew she had her back pinned to the closed door. Her wand was somewhere in a dark corner and Ron was pressed against her looking furious. The position alone was nearly enough to forget she was ever mad at him.  

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anonymous asked:

Hi, Please may we have one where Liv gets her first A* after they have moved into the mill and she had private tutoring, Aaron and Robert are dead chuffed for her. Liv is pretending to be embarrassed by all of their fussing and praised, but really she is so pleased and proud in herself. Thank you


Liv twists her key and the first thing her eyes fall onto is her brother and Robert in the kitchen together. Aaron’s by the stove, stirring something and it looks like Robert’s trying to help him, pressing himself against Aaron’s back and taking holding of the spoon as he whispers something in Aaron’s ear. 

Any other day and Liv would make a vomiting sound, crash her bags around the room so that they’d break apart but not today, she’s in a good mood today, has reason to be.

Robert hears her shuffling and turns towards her as Aaron clears his throat, keeping his gaze towards the pan. Liv frowns a little, tries not think about whatever Robert said to make her brother have to hide his face. 

“Alright?” Robert says, nods a little towards Liv and then looks back at Aaron. “He’s cooking tonight so if you want the day off tomorrow then I’ll know why.“ 

Aaron turns at that, he’s all smiley and red and he rolls his eyes. “You cheeky sod.” He says before looking at his sister and seeing that she’s smiling at them both. “What’s happened with you then?” He queries, a hand on his hip and eyes squinted towards Liv. 

Liv bites down on her lip, wants to suppress the urge to break out in song and dance as she shrugs. “Nothing, just did a test day and -” she smiles a little and then she sees the way Robert looks at her, he’s all apprehensive and interested and her heart does something funny as she reaches inside her back and fishes out the Maths paper. 

“I got, I mean I did well.” Liv says slowly, suddenly all shy as she passes over the paper to Robert and waits for his reaction. 

For a second he doesn’t say anything and then he finds her mark, 55/60. 

Robert looks up at her, eyes wide and then he looks down again and sees the grade. 

“A*?” Robert’s practically beaming and then Aaron’s switching off the stove in haste and walking closer to his husband. 

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Lunch Hour

Tina rushed to the break room before anyone else could get access to the stove. The schedule was packed with Second Salemer discussions and debriefed with a few new witches and wizards.

Her soup that Queenie made was chilled and needed to be heated. Her stomach growled with anticipation of the hot creamy broccoli cheddar. It smelled heavenly last night when she mixed it together.

“Goldstein, you’ll have the wait in line.” One of the mail room girls shot Tina a scornful gaze when she rushed up to the stove burners, hoping that the little one even for the tea kettle was bare, but instead a small pot brewed a fresh batch of coffee.

“Tina.” Percival grabbed her bag, tapped it with his wand, and handed it back. “Just ask next time, I’ll heat it for you.” He winked and walked out, a mug of coffee clutched to his chest.

The mail room girls surrounded her. “Did he just use magic for your lunch?” One of the girls gawked. It was common practice to cook and brew as the no-maj’s do. An assimilation practice, everyone loathed it.

Tina slipped the thermos from the brown lunch bag and tapped it with her hands, warm to the touch. Her whole body relaxed, she’d enjoy her soup and be the first back to the meeting room.

“The favorite auror would get special treatment-”

“Ladies…” Percival frowned as he swirled his wand around the bunch of them. They all let out a shriek of excitement as all of their meals were warmed. “Tina.” He winked at her again. She blushed and took a sip of the soup as the others started their ritual gossip.


She didn’t sit there long; she wanted to get home before her parents got off of work. Hauling herself up off the bench, she paused a moment to look at the fountain. The bottom was littered with coins, tossed in by the hopelessly optimistic. Or the hopelessly desperate. Fishing around in her bag, she found a coin and held it in her fingers, rubbing her fingertips over the smooth surface. 

What did she have to lose? Jasey flipped the coin up into the air, unable to keep from grinning as it caught the sunlight and then splashed into the water, sinking down to join the other cast wishes at the bottom. She wasn’t sure exactly what she was wishing for; after all, she didn’t want for much overall. Eventually, she settled on wishing for something to change. She didn’t want to stand still anymore.

Jyn announces her presence with the thump of her backpack hitting the floor and a, “What are you doing tomorrow night?”

Cassian purposefully continues highlighting the holding of the case he’s reading, because Jyn has a habit of just appearing in front of him and sweeping away all his attention and he likes to pretend that he doesn’t go along with it every time. Jyn huffs as he purposefully drags the highlighter to the end of the line, but she doesn’t say anything more until he finishes and looks up.

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this girl that sits next to me in class literally spends the entire class rummaging through her damn bag like ALL class EVERY class i don’t even know what she’s looking for. she’s just pulling stuff out of her bag and putting it back in the loudest way possible it never ends

What’s in my bag - Larissa “Lardo” Duan (in her senior year)

(Jack) (Bitty) (Chowder)


Lean On Me | A belated birthday gift to my stupid friend @seveanteen

Kwami Week Day Two: Chosen(s)

A new problematic fave because of friend and fandom influence how dare you all make me care.

She’s transparent because I’m trying new aesthetics ya feel.

Check out Kwami Week here!

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