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Beauty and the Beast except Demospy raise your hand if you agree 

Finally did my version of Elia Martell! Two words, Ruth Negga. (If I made gifsets, there is a lot of good material from the Warcraft film, she looked amazing, throwing that out there) so she’s definitely my inspiration for my canon Elia, as well a the Restless AU version. Also got around to work on a concept for Aegon, but he’s not looking a lot like Young Griff because I definitely have my reservations about his identity. He’s like the hottest person in Westeros, a maiden’s and many a man’s dream, young and strong, a warrior and a strategist, he’s the perfect heir to the throne, a Golden Prince. He loves his family fiercely, specially his sister and and his aunt Daenerys, who he considers as much as a sister as Rhaenys. While the concept of marriage weighs on him, he has the confort of knowing he’ll wed someone he’s truly fond of,with him and Dany set to marry after Rhaegar’s return. (A decision that Viserys was adamantly against, which eventually lead to him leaving for Pentos.)

So with Rhaegar gallivanting beyond the wall (his head has always been more concerned with prophecy than ruling) his son Aegon is officially ruling on his stead. He’s the only of Rhaegar’s children that takes more of his valyrian features, tough his complexion is definitely dornish. “The Golden Prince” he is called. Well loved by the smallfolk, not so much by the nobles, who question the influence his Dornish mother has on him.

It’s no secret that the true ruler of the seven kingdoms since the death of Aerys has been Elia Martell. The frailty that has accosted her health has only made her intelligence and wit all the more stronger, her kind and her charm undeniable. Yet since the Tourney of Harrenhall where she did not bat an eye at Rhaegar crowning Lyanna Stark his Queen of Love and Beauty, it has been clear to many that Elia cares little for Rhaegar’s affection. Cunning and manipulative to her enemies, selfless and caring to those who love her, Elia’s true motives for supporting Rhaegar’s fligths of fancy are only known to herself. All it is known is that Elia rules the kingdom with a grace and wisdom that most Targaryen failed to have. Now ruling alongside her son, there’s little her detractors can do against her, even when they truly despise the dornish influence she has brought to court. Soon Robert and Cersei will make their move to start a new game of thrones, but no one has faced anyone like Elia Martell.  

wanna know which series has the best official art?
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Kazuya Minekura sensei’s THE BEST (she’s such a fangirl of her own work that she just BOMBS us with au arts of these four -and sometimes Tokito and Kubota- ) 

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