her art is also perfect

I saw @propshophannah‘s post about Manon in a crown and attempted to sketch it because I was already looking for a reason to procrastinate

Merman prince Alfred from a USUK au I thought of with @mi-chan4649. Arthur is a wandering kleptomaniac merman commoner who has become very good at stealing expensive valuables from wealthier merfolk. He likes to wear his stolen items and often lies about his social status wherever he goes. Alfred is a prince from another kingdom who is betrothed to the prince of Arthur’s birth kingdom, and he mistakes Arthur for the prince that he is to marry. Arthur rolls with it for as long as he can, going into it for the money, but they both find themselves falling in love with each other along the way. Arthur’s gotten himself into quite the mess.

The accompanying piece of Arthur by Mi can be found here. Check it out!

I didn’t think I could love Iko even more. I was wrong. 

Today is also Marissa Meyer’s birthday, so happy birthday to an amazing author who created THE BEST CHARACTERS EVER. My life would be very different without her and her books.

Older Pidge/Katie headcanon!

Personally I see her as like 16 in the show since she was in the same class as Lance/Hunk/Keith and they’re like 17-18, so imagine this as like 19 y/o Katie (still small but somehow even more badass)

(Also yes Rover II)

From one princess to another… thank you for inspiring fans across the universe. (x)


doctor who otp doodle prompt roundup! :3

x x x x x x x

thanks so much to everyone who submitted a prompt–i had a fantastic time working on them! <3 <3 <3


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Morael is the divine angel of fear and awe. Therefore, they bring awe for God and his power into our lives. They teach us to love, venerate and worship God and his creations and fill us with a deep respect for all of creation.


First commission of the season for @transjolynekujo who let me draw their adorable tiefling Candie who I would probably give my life for???? I got indecisive with the background so here are two versions :’D

Thank you again for commissioning me!

commission info here !


“ This actor is already much loved, but with this performance has achieved the status of the very best among us actors. And that’s why this year’s Evening Standard Natasha Richardson Best Actress Award goes to Billie Piper for Yerma. ”


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Blogs you recommend me following? (:

OOHHH BOI KIDS BUCKLE YOUR SEATBELTS THIS IS GOING TO BE A LONG RIDE!!! Lol! :3 I love so many blogs so I’m sorry for the terribly long post.

Definitely follow @basically-lol. Anna is SO SWEET OMG. She was one of my first friends on tumblr and she’s like.. SUPER EASY TO TALK TO, which was perfect for my little antisocial self. Message her anytime she will 10/10 fangirl about voltage or mysmes with you. 

Also follow @the-spacebetween-us. WHOLLY SHIT ANOTHER EASY PERSON TO TALK TO. I could talk with BreBre for HOURS. We literally chat until 5 AM sometimes. Like, she’s amazing and will also 10/10 fangirl with you. 

PLEASE GIVE @liaamari17 SOME LOVE I MEAN HER ART IS 100000000000% PERFECT. Also she’s super sweet and she is SO SUPPORTIVE! I started trying to draw and was screwing things up left and right (because I literally started drawing recently) AND SHE TOOK THE TIME OUT OF HER DAY TO TEACH ME HOW TO DRAW. HOW SWEET IS THAT? OMG. I’m still super touched by her help and support. Love you Lia!

@laughing-cheshire-cat BOI IS SO SWEET AND WILL ALSO CHAT WITH YOU FOR AGES. I DON’T THINK THAT BOI SLEEPS. He is so sweet and literally has amazing voltage content when he posts. 

@ask-taigakujo if you are a Taiga Kujo lover (like me) you should follow Alicia. She’s super sweet and posts some GRADE A TAIGA. 

@scorpybaby OMG ALANNAH IS SO SWEET. I actually just recently decided to stop being  (a little bitch) antisocial and I dropped into her ask box and started chatting with her and she is amazing. 

@hades-thot-queen Posts some grade A voltage stuff. PLUS SHE IS SUPER FUNNY. We honestly haven’t talked much but I’m high key a huge fan of her blog. 

@celestial-destiny is also amazing. She is another one of my first tumblr friends. She’s super sweet and incredible and I love having her around. She also has these drawings that are INCREDIBLE AND ADORABLE. Definitely go check her out. 

I also can’t forget @otomejesus. She is fantastic and sweet and fun to talk to. 10/10 love her blog and recommend to anyone. Btw. Sorry I haven’t talked to you in a while bby I promise one day I’ll try to be social XD

I highly recommend following these guys because they are my tumblr friends and I am SO ANTISOCIAL AND WEIRD LIKE I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHY THESE GUYS LIKE ME, but I love them to pieces and will fight anyone who messes with them. If you are looking for some tumblr friends, these guys are great because they love you even if you aren’t as good at replying to messages like me. oops lol 


@otomesass @drawthecurtainstarttheplay @lntellectual @ichinomiya-thottie @elli-dawn-stories @elli–dawn @maidofstars @alleykatgotgames @theotomewriter @spyoflove @duchessmimrose @labyrinthofleah @plloo2013

@voltageaddict @marilynfuse @littlehevn @hikarunohana @tsummykido @nasica @sarah-doodles @xelestial-skydragon @stormvalkyrie @otome-obsessed @otomesweetheart @otomeden @otomebliss @captainkittypridelove

@otome-dreamer @thedollymaker @mycrzyobsessions @memooliy @nazhuka @koichinatsukawatrash


honestly i have a crush on every single person in the cast of star wars