her and last year's rush

Unspoken Words | Part 2

Summary: You’ve seemed to move on two years after Tom left to London until someone catches you by surprise at the annual fraternity party.

Characters: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: Partying, alcohol, sexual assault attempt

Word Count: 1,710

A/N: Wow! I managed a long one! Glad I got this up before my three-day hiatus due to this camping trip that I must go on. I hope you guys enjoyed this one. Also, to my party people out there, be careful who you receive drinks from and party with. Make sure you trust the people you’re going out with. This goes to both female and male. There are terrible people out there. Stay safe. Part 1 can be found here. Key to read the story:

Reader’s POV | Tom’s POV

It was finally your senior year in college. You had joined a sorority last year after Lauren dragged into rushing with her. You were always on the fence about joining one because of how movies portrayed Greek life. It was nothing like it. The girls were smart and genuine. You finally had a family away from home. It also became a good distraction to forget about Tom. You both hadn’t talked since the break-up and didn’t think about him as often. You were proud that you were finally moving on. You would always love him but it was time for some refocusing.

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[ll! fanfiction] three years worth

My second piece of written for White Day, even though, it’s… a bit more of a Valentine’s piece.  I sent this scenario (I guess I’ll call it that) to @pasdechat around Valentine’s Day about Eli receiving Valentine’s gift from a mysterious giver.  It’s been on my mind for a while and I decided to write it for White Day (i mean, there’s still White Day elements…. right?)

I spent probably more time researching than writing (lol) and I ended up having to change a couple of things around, but it still contains the same idea I wanted to finish with.  The ending is a bit short (and way different) than I thought, but my brain was just not having it today, so I do apologize for that!

As always, thank you for the support, and I hope you enjoy.   ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Characters / Pairings: Eli Ayase, Nozomi Tojo; NozoEli

Background: Love Live-verse, but I’ve tweaked it that Eli, Nozomi, and Nico have been good friends since second year (not 100% sure if this was established)

Since enrolled in Otonokizaka High, Eli receives a strange gift on Valentine’s Day in her shoe locker.  She’s appreciative of the gift and wants to repay the person on White Day but she has no idea who the gift is from.  It takes her three years until she gets a hint of who this gift giver is.

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Brash Decisions

My first ACOMAF fic! It’s a Nessian AU inspired by @acotarshipweek Day 5 prompt: First Date. I took a few liberties with the prompt (especially the part where it’s not her and Cassian on the official date) but I like to think that anyone’s first meeting could technically qualify as a first date (and maybe lead to a Part 2 that’s an actual date)!

Not sure if I’m really happy with this one, so please message me with any critiques that you have because I am always looking to improve my writings!

Nesta hated first dates. Especially when they were blind ones. She sat in the restaurant, slowly sipping her drink and impatiently waiting for this man to arrive. She despised tardiness, and even more so when it inconvenienced her. Above all, she was looking particularly nice tonight, and there was no one across the table to admire the effort she had put in.

She wore her favorite black jeans with a flowy black top and black, studded booties. And, of course, the red lipstick Feyre had given her as a birthday present last year.

When a man rushed into the restaurant and headed to her table after speaking with the hostess, she made sure to put on her trademark “I’m in a bad mood and it’s your fault” face. Begrudgingly, Nesta stood up to shake hands with the man–Tomas Mandray–who had looked up and down her body before even extending a hand. She felt the urge to tell him that her eyes were on her face, not her chest, but politely introduced herself all the same.

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Here’s the full story on my gemsona, Pyrite!

She was a former mercenary that wasn’t loyal to any diamond in particular, though when one of her closest friends joined Rose’s army to fight against Homeworld, she figured she had nothing better to do.

Pyrite fought when told, having a large advantage over her enemies with her fire based abilities. She was one of many sent to Mars to take down the very threatening Homeworld base that had been situated there. It was an intense battle and Rose’s army was losing and was forced to fall back from the startling amount of causalities. Figuring her friend had probably been shattered, Pyrite went into her berserker mode, pushing it to it’s absolute limit and not caring if she shattered herself in the process. She became so powerful, it seemed as if her physical form had been lost and replaced with the manifestation of fire and her gem’s power.

She engulfed the entire planet in fire, shattering any and every gem on it. As expected, she lost her physical form whilst all life on Mar’s burned to ash. What was not expected is that her gem survived and that her usual week-long burnout recovery period would last over 5,000 years, despite her rushing her regeneration. Pyrite is still on Mars, very confused and wondering what exactly happened and how long it’s been.