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Inuvember - Week #3: Relationships

Day 16: Sesshomaru & Kagome
“Big brother! That’s weird, he looked like he was annoyed.”

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Tomorrow is 7 years since Matt proposed so the stream is gonna be extra 😂


Also have you guys seen my favorite sim family lately???


Verity Vine -  "in vino veritas“; grapes grow on vines

Riesling - a white wine

Kabinett - literally cabinet in German (also a wine I know but like literal translation tho)

mini hiatus and with that I mean really mini lol I will be at this family trip over the weekend and I probably won’t have any internet *sighs* I set up a tiny queue and I’ll be back at sundayyy ! 

+ the day was pretty stressful and I won’t be able to add the people who already messaged me to the fandom family page until I’m back aghhh I’m super sorry but i’ll definitely add you all right when I’m back

pidge: motherfucker

shiro: hey now, watch the language

pidge: shiro you do realize that 1. you’re not my dad and 2. i’m not a baby, right?

shiro: yeah, but you’re only fifteen. what does a fifteen-year-old like you have to swear about?


pidge: shiro,

shiro: yeah, no, i realized as soon as the words left my mouth

The best thing about living in the state of Florida

  • Impending death and mass destruction is worth celebrating
  • The a good number of people are planning to Naruto run outside
  • I still might have to go in to work during the storm.
  • Gas has gone from 2.20$ average to 3.00$ average
  • The hurricane play lists are reforming
  • Memes - a shit ton of them
  • And the shared denial that this will effect any of us in the long run : )

She can’t be blamed for getting a little emotional, she tells herself. This is the first time she’s seeing her daughter wearing the House emblem, a privilege reserved for members of the clan.

“It’s so old school!” Lori says cheerfully, slipping into English as she twirls around again.

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