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I really hate the generic ¾-facing-left, eyes-to-the-right profiles but it’s so convenient, I can’t help myself.

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YO FAM. I need you to do this for me because we are family. I don't care which prompt you pick from your list, just write me something for Hotaru. PLEASE. I can not compute right now with my own prompts. So I'm coming to you for fanfiction, because I love you, mate. Do this and save my soul. Save OUR souls. 💕💕💕💕 'Hotaru' + 'Author's Choice!'

god, i love you. i hope i did him justice!!!

She can see it in the way that he looks at her that he adores her, and with every passing movement he watches her eagerly as if he could watch her forever. It makes her heart swell–and makes her a little more self conscious–when she tries to put all of her focus on making sure the vegetables are correctly cooked; she wants to look at him too, but would that be too much? There’s a mystery to Hotaru, despite already being as close as they were,  she still wasn’t sure how to act around him. He made her heart race in the most comforting of ways she wasn’t sure how she could repay him for making her so happy. 

But her thoughts are cut short when she feels comforting arms wrapping themselves around her waist to pull her close, and she knows it’s him that’s holding her like this. There’s an innocence that bleeds from his gentle hold which makes her heart get caught in her throat; she can feel his heartbeat against her back, his broad chest pressed against her shoulder blades. Wisps of silver hair brushed against her cheek with his chin rested on her shoulder, eyes peering into the pot that she was facing with interest. 

I want to be close to her. I could never tire of watching her. I never want to leave her.

These words come to her mind as easy as the alphabet does, and her face is flushed a bright red when she reminds herself that in her own secret way, she had felt the same. Hotaru was unbridled innocence and uninhibited honesty in the best of ways that gave her the security she had always sought out, despite his life being anything but safe. It was the security of loving and being loved back, and even if there had been circumstances that loomed over them, she knew that she could still love him with her whole heart. 

Hotaru’s kisses began light as a butterfly’s, dancing across her ear to her jawline to her cheekbone before a she spots a smile peeking from the corner of his lips. The light in his eyes sparkled as she put down her spoon to turn around to face him, nimble fingers curled around his shoulders and eyes matching his adoration. He had always been ferociously beautiful in the most painful of ways, and it hurt more and more every time to see him leave when he did. It was a beauty that didn’t allow itself to be noticed and made her miss him all the more when she realized it. So she sighs, quiet and frayed and rushed, sadness laced in her throat as it spills out into the room when she doesn’t mean it to. 

“What are you thinking?” Hotaru’s gentle honey dipped tone danced towards her ears, but she couldn’t find herself to answer right away. His words were always spoken so carefully; he had no choice but to. She could only bury her face in the crook of his neck when she replied. “I’m just thinking about how much I’ll miss you when you leave.” 

And she knows, she knows it’s selfish of her to say that when it’s entirely out of his hands, and a tinge of regret courses through her. She was preaching to the choir saying these things to him. “I’m sorry. I know you can’t do anything about it. I shouldn’t keep reminding you, it’s wrong of me to. I’m really… really, happy that you’re here.” 

He just nodded, eyes bright. Despite her selfishness, he had looked upon her still with the utmost adoration. His hands moved from her back to hold her face. Even though it is the way it is, she thought, I wouldn’t choose anyone else. It seemed as if he could read her thoughts from the way he began kissing her again, dotting her forehead and her eyelids and her nose and her cheeks, only to finally settle to hover over her lips. She could feel his breath against her.

“Every time you think of me while I’m gone, you’ll get as many kisses when I return.” 

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17 (for obvious reasons) with Minghao! Thank you and CONGRATS ON A 1000!!

17. First time taking care of a (related) kid together

“So she’s your..?” you asked while walking hand in hand with Minghao  the house that belonged to one of his relatives as your destination. He chuckled, remembering that he had never explained what kind of a family bond he had to the 4-year-old you were going to be babysitting for the rest of the day and the following morning. While the two of you had gone to China on a holiday, neither of you had seen a reason to decline when a relative of Minghao’s asked if he (and with him, you) was free to take care of their daughter while they visited another city.

“She’s my cousin’s kid,” Minghao said, his tone warm at the thought of his relatives, and dug out his cellphone. After he had opened his conversation with said cousin, he showed you a photo. “Isn’t she the cutest?”

You took a good look at the photo, where a small girl was laughing in the arms of who you assumed to be her mom - who you now knew to be Minghao’s cousin - and couldn’t help but pout a little and smile at how cute she was. “She’s so cute.”

Minghao nodded and put his phone away for the rest of the trip. Your heart was beating a bit faster than usual, because not only were you babysitting for such a long time for the first time, it was a relative of Minghao’s, too, and you had barely even met his parents for the first time the day before. All you could hope was for everything to go well.

Once you had reached the house (Minghao had had to check the GPS a couple of times, but eventually you found the right one), you knocked on the door and waited, and not much later were you sitting on the couch in the living room with cups of tea in your hands, talking with Minghao’s cousin and her husband and adoring their 4-year-old, who was restlessly moving between her parents.

“Mei’s bedtime is at eight, so make sure she’s ready to sleep by then,” Minghao’s cousin explained, listing you a couple (actually a dozen) of important things like the worried mother she was, and eventually had her husband’s hand on her shoulder and him laughing gently, telling her that she didn’t need to worry that much. She sighed and placed her hand on top of her husband’s. “It’s just, it’s our first time spending the night away from her, and…”

You smiled. “We’ll take a good care of Mei, and if you want, we can keep you updated with photos and all.”

Her face lit up at that, and you got yourself a deal and a lot calmer mother. Minghao looked at you warmly and reached for your hand, squeezing it and mouthing you a thank you. You shook your head and smiled.

The adventure of babysitting Mei started out much better than you had expected. She was a bright child, smiling a lot and barely complaining at all, not that you and Minghao would’ve done anything to upset her anyway, of course. You both sat down with her while she drew, lying on the floor with some crayons in her little hand and a paper soon turning from white to every color of the rainbow. You took a quick photo to send to Minghao’s cousin.

You chuckled when Minghao got closer to you and wrapped his arms around your waist, placing his chin on your shoulder. “Did you draw a lot when you were a kid?”

“Sometimes,” you answered, placing your hands on top of Minghao’s and caressing them gently. “You?”

“Same,” he said with a smile audible in his tone, then kissed your neck quickly.

After a while, when Mei started asking for food, the three of you moved to the kitchen and you and Minghao got something simple to eat and kept an eye on Mei while she ate, making sure not much dropped and she didn’t make too big of a mess. You still had to wipe her face afterwards, though, with Minghao stealing adoring glances at you while taking the dishes away.

The day went by a lot faster than you had thought, with you and Minghao playing with Mei and reading to her when she asked for a book (you read the simpler ones), taking a break in the large backyard a couple of times and all that. Towards the evening, you got a small supper and bathed her; she insisted on giving Minghao a foam beard that you wiped away while giggling while Mei played with her rubber duck or tried styling her own hair with all the foam.

“Is it pretty?” she asked from you and Minghao, her hands partially holding her hair up. You both nearly melted at how cute she was.

“It’s lovely,” Minghao said, taking the last bits of the foam off his face before gently rinsing Mei’s hair. You looked at your boyfriend and smiled to yourself; he really seemed to get along with kids, and even though you knew he didn’t see Mei all too often, he still seemed really fond of her.

The fondness seemed even clearer when the three of you had gathered in Mei’s room, with you sitting on the edge of her bed and Minghao lying down with her in his arms. Minghao read her a bedtime story - it was too much written Chinese for you, no matter how hard you had studied with Minghao’s help - and she was slowly starting to fall asleep. The sight was beautiful, especially with Minghao having an unerasable, bright smile on his lips all the time, and that was more or less the content of the fourth photo that you sent to Minghao’s cousin.

Once Mei had fallen asleep with her favorite teddy bear tightly in her arms and you and Minghao had adored her for a while, you went to the kitchen to take care of the small pile of dishes from the day.

“You’re surprisingly good with kids,” Minghao said softly, and you raised your eyebrows, unable to keep a smile from creeping up to your lips.

“What do you mean?”

He handed you a plate he had just washed so that you could rinse it and put it up to dry. “I don’t know, I just… didn’t know what to expect, I guess? And then I saw you with her and it just… worked.”

Your cheeks heated up as you nodded and took another plate from Minghao. “I mean, she is a really nice child, so…”

Minghao chuckled and leaned close enough to kiss you gently on the lips, one of his hands reaching for yours to squeeze it. After he had pulled away, he looked at your slightly dazed expression and flushed cheeks, grinning widely. “It’s our first time babysitting and it’s gone pretty well, and at least half of that is thanks to you.”

“Please,” you murmured and leaned your head against his shoulder while rinsing a couple more plates and some chopsticks, spoons and glasses.

After you were done with the dishes and had washed up, the two of you found a comfortable position on his cousin’s bed that had been made specifically for you two, with you cuddled up to Minghao, his arm around your upper body and yours slung over his stomach.

You woke up with Mei and her teddy bear between you, sleeping soundly, and you couldn’t help but take a quick photo of her sleeping with her back against Minghao’s.

Good morning! Everything has gone really well here, Mei is such a sweet child. Hope you two had fun! Oh, and look at these cuties~

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Being With Her // Rey Headcons

Anon requests: hi! you can please do girlxgirl with rey? sorry for my bad english

another headcon! im opening requests back up at midnight!

-she loved it when you braided her hair. she though it was so adorable because you make a face when you are focused with your tongue sticking out a little.

-you and her were constantly training together, she wanted to make you better and vise versa

-you weren’t one for PDA, but rey would always come up behind you and kiss your cheek or tickle your sides every once in a while

-when you were sad, she’d make you sit on her lap and she’d rock you back and forth until you felt better

-you would have midnight adventures where you’d run away from the base to go lay down in the grassy fields and watch the stars

-she often had nightmares about her family, and the only think that would calm her down was a lullaby that your mother sang to you when you were a child

-you and rey made a damn good couple and people on the base would constantly tell you how cute you were


That time Tracy talked about making fun of Dave, and his (non-existent) accent.


Why does Adam Scott get to kiss Jessica Alba and Amy Poehler and Elizabeth Banks and probably Paul Rudd? Why does he get to do these things? - Really Important Questions with Elizabeth Banks [x]

Spencer Reid imagine

Daydreaming was a curse for me especially in a job were I couldn’t afford to dream for a second. Yet here I was at my desk tapping my pen staring off into space,well more like staring at Spencer whilst he talked to Derek about the case.

Doctor Spencer Reid the smartest guy I’ve ever known and here I am just dreaming about him,god I’m twenty four and here I am with a school girl crush on one of the team members.

“You know it’s rude to stare” I jumped out of my daydream when I hear Garcia’s voice in my ear. I turn to face her a smirk creeping on her face “it’s adorable though how you’re seriously crushing on Reid” I shake my head turning my attention back to Reid.

“It’s annoying because I’m me and he’s well Spencer boy genius with a big heart and help me Garcia” I pled to her but she just laughs making me go red.

“Listen to me Y/N first of all you being you is why everyone on the team loves you all right you’re awesome trust me I know awesome when I see it,plus Reid is totally crushing on you as well so just go for it all right” she gives me a wave after that heading back to her bat cave.

I sigh running my hands through my hair get a grip Y/N. I look back up to where he had been talking to Morgan only to be greeted with an empty space,right back to work I pick up my pen and flip through the case file checking to make sure we hadn’t missed anything.

“Um hi Y/N” I froze at his voice taking a deep breath and turn to face him.

“Hey Reid” I say looking up at the tall boy from my chair, “what’s up?” I ask seeing the look of panic on his face.

“I was well I was um wondering if you would like to go on a date with me” his voice came out rushed and frantic. But I understood everything he said and it made my heart flutter.

“I’d love too Spencer” I say ducking my head a little trying to hide my pink cheeks from the rest of the team who were watching from the brake room.

“I’ll completely understand,wait did you say you’d love too” his face was as bright as mine I just nodded looking up at him. “That’s actually really great Y/N I promise I’ll make it the best date you’ve ever been on”

“I’m sure you will Spencer,but we got a case to solve before that” I say pointing down to the file on my desk knowing how we couldn’t be caught up in the moment too much.

“Of course,I’m just gonna go back to my desk but I look forward to our date” and with that he placed a kiss on my cheek and headed back to his desk.

“I have to go find Garcia,but first I need to calm my heart down” I mutter going back to the case.

A/N I’m only on season 2 of Criminal Minds hence why Y/N is twenty four

Anonymous asked: Can you do a Skimmons AU fic where Skye and Jemma are friends & both secretly like each other, but never acted on their feelings. Then one night they go out to a bar & 2 of Jemma’s exes are there & keep scaring off potential hotties that try to talk to Jem. Jemma gets frustrated &Skye offers to help by opening flirting with each other to get the exes to get jealous & come over so Skye can tell them to piss off & stop. During her speech she reveals how much she actually cares about Jem.

I changed it up slightly - sorry. I hope you don’t mind. Hopefully this leaves up to your expectations! Enjoy :)


“So what do you think, Jem?” Skye asks after a particular long day of work at the Playground and stretches her arms above her head. She can’t see Jemma gulping when the most sexual sound bubbles up from her throat, nor notices she the furious blush.


“Drinks?”  She nearly squeals and nods before clearing her throat. “Yes, sounds delightful. I got to go now. I will see you later… for drinks… definitely.”

Skye laughs and gives her a quizzical look, but Jemma just smiles and leaves the lab in a hurry. Skye closes her laptop. It might be the closest she’ll ever get to asking Jemma out on a date. She realised ages ago that she has the biggest crush on her, and not the kind of simple girl crushes that every girl has every once in a while. No, this is different. This is a full on, 100% homo crush on the tiny scientist that just left the lab with a blush on her cheeks. She sighs. It was adorable when Jemma got a bit flustered and stumbled over her words. She shouldn’t find it adorable, though, because Simmons probably hated it when her face gives her away like that, but she can’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside every time it happens. It’s still a mystery to Skye how she survived so long in Hydra, it must have had something to do with her immaculate preparation and way of bending a lie into a certain truth. Or it had to do something with Agent Morse, as Jemma kept insisting. It dented Skye’s self confidence a little, the way Jemma could speak about Morse.
She wondered if she ever spoke about Skye like that.

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Fairy Tales Recast: The Little Mermaid

     “But if you take away my voice,” said the little mermaid, “what is left for me?”
   “Your beautiful form, your graceful walk, and your expressive eyes; surely with these you can enchain a man’s heart. Well, have you lost your courage? Put out your little tongue that I may cut it off as my payment; then you shall have the powerful draught.”
     “It shall be,” said the little mermaid.

Gemma Arterton as the Little Mermaid
Santiago Cabrera as the Prince