her accent was so cute

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Pls get into baek yerin if u have the chance, shes just as precious as jimin and i love her so much even tho i dont bias her. Shes rly shy and isnt is a lot quieter than jimin but just as funny (plus shes fluent in english too and has been on a few shows where she speaks english with jimin and i /love her accent so much shes so cute/) pls appreciate yerin shes amazing

I will try to do that nonnie~! You should send me some YouTube links! I really wanna know but I don’t know where to start!


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFs4M0v3ou8)

This is so cute holy shit

Also the evolution of her accent in this video was WILD

Dating Rosé would include:

Anonymous asked: Please can you do a ‘dating Rosé’? It would mean the world to me! I love your blog~

A/N: Thank you so much that means a lot to me!!! Here you go

Dating Rosé would include:

  • okay so first of all, accent.
  • her cute ass accent would fuck you up all the time
  • like imagine hearing her ask you for something as simple as her phone charger
  • but like wow her accent kills me
  • okay now that’s out of the way
  • skinship would be a big thing
  • it would only be little things in public
  • holding hands or her having her hand on your back
  • i feel like Rosé would like to keep your relationship more on the private side
  • so the skinship would be more when you’re around the other girls and when you’re on your own
  • it would be a playful relationship
  • you would probably tease her by watching her interviews and teasing her about what she’s said
  • like if she was to be asked about her ideal type you could wind her up about not describing you
  • and then she would probably turn it back on you and tease you
  • she’s the type to sing in the shower
  • but not normal songs
  • it would be like the fun spongebob song or the spongebob campfire song song
  • but it would still sound good???
  • she would flirt with you a lot in private
  • like cheesy pick up line flirting
  • just so she could hear you laugh
  • she would proabbly love your laugh a lot
  • she laughs a lot so she would want you to laugh a lot as well
  • you would have cute little coffee dates 
  • like one of you would run to the nearest coffee shop
  • grab your orders
  • and then just chill at your apartment in a massive pillow fort
  • Rosé would play guitar and it would just be so cute
  • you would have some really cute moments at night as well
  • like you’d be cuddling and she would open up to you
  • she’d tell you everything and anything she wants to
  • it would range from things like Jisoo fell over dancing to something that is really bothering her
  • she would trust you with everything in her life
  • and she would love to feel like you felt the same way
Accent (Sirius)

Requested- A short imagine please where y/n is a transfer from America(not southern) and she tries to mimic his accent and he laughs so he tries to mimic hers and just cute fluffiness

A/n- I’m sorry this is relatively short but I didn’t have a lot of time to write :(

- - -

“I’ve never seen you before,” a low voice comes to your hearing as you sit down on an empty seat in Potions. You look at the owner of the voice to see a guy with black hair and mischievous looks. Chuckling you reply, mimicking his British accent. “That’s right, mate.”

The boy raises his eyebrows at your remark, “American, I see. Trying to sound British?”

Perhaps, the tea I had this morning was too strong to my proper liking, you know.” You laugh and do your best on the accent.

“Okay, y’all need to chill. Does this burger come in extra large?” Sirius retorts, crossing his arms over his chest.

You know what, the weather is shite.”

“Seriously, what about my milkshake? Can I have the biggest one?”

You’re a twat.” Rolling your eyes, you throw a piece of paper at him.

“You’re an asshole.” He ducks away.

“Thank you.” You throw another one. It hits him.

“You’re welcome. By the way, I’m Sirius, Sirius Black.” The boy grins and puts his hand out.

You hesitate before finally shaking it. “Y/n y/l/n, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Gotta get me some sonic now, damn

There’s angry confusion, disappointed confusion, then there is Kevin Owens lmao.  

ENZO LOOKS SO GOOD HERE??? Wow. (Cass, you look good too bb.)

More confused face lmao


… puppy dog face Cass holy shit. 

NO BEARD ENZO WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF he looks so good without?? This coming from someone who literally lives for the beard and scruffy????? woW

Gotta have a pic with Deano bc I love him I’m SORRY

“Bitch, wut.” 

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NEED ME A TALL FRIEND LIKE THAT. It honestly takes no effort even, he just like reaches over and barely taps the stupid bowl. “COme on.” 

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I love Enzo and Cass so much omfg. 

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Need me a tall bear hug like that

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HAHAHAHAHA they are so good for each other i need emotional help 

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Basically, they remind me of my sister and her boyfriend and IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW. 


the widowtracer roommate au

-so amelie is an art student renting an apartment but is still waiting for a roommate because she feels like she’s not gonna be able to afford the rent every month -one day someone actually agrees to become her roommate and she doesn’t know who it is but she’s still glad that she’ll finally be able to keep some money to herself -that someone is lena oxton. she moves in with a shit-ton of boxes, etc… also amelie notices that she’s a dying hard fan of anime, judging by all the manga and anime posters/dvds poking out of the boxes -after lena moves in, they chat a bit. -amé finds her new roommate kinda hyper and too talkative but she’s cute and her british accent is so nice so she doesn’t mind -lena thinks she’s immediately fallen in love with the french woman at first sight. and also because she’s seen the kill bill poster hanging above amelie’s bed. she loves that movie. -lena is also an art student -they later learn they go to the same school and to the same class but never noticed each other -it’s odd but they eventually laugh it off -ame calls her roommate a “weeb” because she’s been binge watching prison school and lena calls her “baguette” in return bc it pisses her off a bit but she never shows it because she has a huge crush on her roommate -amelie notices how gay lena actually is for her and she’s like “well yeah me too” -she invites her to a movie night after a hardcore week of art homework -they go watch “the trolls” because they like 3d animated movies and lena is so nostalgic about these figures because she would play with them when she was waaay younger -the movie is funny but amelie has one thing on her mind -she takes lena’s hand in her own and asks her if she can kiss her -lena blushes because she wasn’t exactly expecting this kind of thing but she accepts -amelie just smashes their lips together for a few seconds -the 3 best seconds of lena’s life -they admit their love for each other -they go on dates every week -they’re the happiest art gfs in the world

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Did Katie forget that she was supposed to use an american accent when she was lena? It was all over the place lmao not complaining tho, I love it when that happens

she cant do an american accent ! shes so cute ! i love her 

some kneejerk reactions to the ars paradoxica remix of succulent rat-killing tar (SPOILERS FOR ARS PARADOXICA+WOLF 359+THE REMIX AHEAD):

  • there is something so goddamn poetic about anthony partridge’s voice actor (robin my love) playing hera/helios
  • i mean in the end they’re both tiny timeless boxes with voices with knowledge of a lot of things (time in partridge’s case, the ship in hera’s)
  • kristen dimercurio!!!! as!!!! hilbert!!!!
  • (her accent was so cute)
  • @douglaseiffels and i have been d r e a m i n g of getting to hear kristen as eiffel and now it’s REAL and it’s better than i could ever have imagined
  • the sally&anthony/eiffel&hera parallel is REAL and HEARTBREAKING (don’t think about this remix doing the end of season 1. don’t do it.)
  • now that the crossover is (essentially) real, i’m wondering who would be lovelace + si-5 in this world.  
  • now all i need is a wolf 359 remix of ars paradoxica (consider: michaela swee as sally grissom. OR ANOTHER POSSIBILITY: cecilia as sally. zach as sally would also be pretty cool but it would erase all of the underlying sexism that really drives ars paradoxica in a lot of interesting directions)

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It's not about Kashy itself it's about some fans saying she can't say her own name properly. It has to do with hundreds of years of bad blood between the Irish and the English . Basically when it comes to such heavy ethnic conflicts even small things can trigger people so have fun but be careful and listen when people tell you that something is wrong

you do realise it’s an exaggeration and a joke, right? the same way you say “i hate you” @ your fave character and you obviously don’t actually hate them. most of us think her accent is cute as far as i know. and i’m so confused by your history argument like,,,, polish was banned under the german occupation for years, we weren’t allowed to use it, publishing polish literature or scientific articles was banned, polish schools were closed, as were polish theaters, etc, that doesn’t mean it’s now offensive and horrible to make a joke about a polish word or my terrible accent when i try to speak english lmao, everyone actually finds it pretty funny when foreigners “make fun” of it in a lighthearted way the same way a bunch of irish people did literally yesterday or two days ago on elly’s blog

The other witches (friend of Gideon’s) came back.

Dean’s very excited about seeing a dead guy.

Fab Rowena to the rescue. I love her accent.

Dean complimented Rowena’s hair. And she reacted so cute ‘do we have to fix him?’

Sam treating dean like a child 😂

I wanna see good witches though…

Dean watching Scooby and laughing awwww😆

'He’s gonna forget Everyone who he ever loved (mom, cas…) and even you (Sam) and then he’s gonna die’

Tears eyes brothers crying in the bathroom 💔

Sam saying that he has seen Dean die but seeing him stop being himself was worse.

'Sam Winchester is my brother, Mary Winchester is my mom, and cast—cas is my best friend’ I’m gonna cry 😭💔

He’s forgetting so fast.


                         Introducing Åmi Rene Everheart

Guess who is here guys Åmi today got here at 10 am.  When I saw her and held her I was super emotional she has a little accent and it’s so cute, she didn’t want me to put her down at first so I carried her inside and then she saw James and instantly went over to kissed and hug him I am so happy that she is here with us and can’t wait to show her new things .


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the person i think of is my girlfriend, she's 5'0 tall and has blonde hair and the prettiest blue eyes and her accent is so cute!!! she's gorgeous and im so happy shes mine she does this cute thing where she hides her face w/ her hands when i make her blush and it pushes up her adorable red glasses and i!!! love!!! her!!!

I love this

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What do you think of Oliver, Sydney, and Ava

I think Oliver looks like such a sweetheart and maybe a little bit of goof as well? But that’s just my first impression. I do want to get to know him a little better, to see if he’s always this nice or if there’s some dark past lurking around his tail or that there’s something that could ticked him off.

Sydney seems nice, she looks like she’s making friend here and there, which is always nice to see around here, but I have a feeling the girl packs a punch underneath all those niceness, now I’m just waiting until she unleashed those claws and man, am I excited to see who will be on the other end.

I haven’t seen much of Ava around nor hear any whispers yet, but she’s such a ball of cupcake and her accent is just so cute. I don’t know, I have a feeling she’ll get into trouble sooner or later and I do hope it’s sooner. 

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