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disney modern AU

Jane Porter had just graduated from Central St. Martins with a scientific illustration degree when her father surprised her with an incredible opportunity. He wanted Jane to assist him in his research of African gorillas in the Congo rainforest for the rest of the year.

It was one thing to spend your weekends sketching animals at the zoo, but to leave her life in London and go the the dangerous depths of the jungle where she’d be face-to-face with ferocious beasts and the possibility of being lost forever and who knows what else… It was reckless and dangerous, to say the least.

She couldn’t wait.

H.G x Demigod!Reader #8

Prompt: “You raised the undead so that you could have people to do your errands?”  

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It had been 3 days now. 3 days since those annoying little schists had arrived. The ’wizards’. Psh. Yeah, right.

Most of the camp had welcomed them with open arms. Surprisingly. The Hectate cabin especially seemed to have a profound respect for them after the wizards proved themselves worthy of wielding magic… with wands no less.

The Athena cabin though seemed to take in the girl as one of their own. For the past few days she had spent day in and day out with Annabeth doing gods knows what.

That bothered you to no end. That witch annoyed you to no end. You didn’t even know why. You didn’t hate the other two wizards. Sure, they were kinda weird but, they were cool.

Harry was apparently like the Percy of wizard kind. Everyone either loved him or hated him and wanted to kill him. The ginger kid, Ron was hands down one of the funniest people you had ever met. He really gives Leo a run for his money but, despite that, they seem to be getting along like brothers.

Now that you thought about it, maybe it’s was fact that her British accent was fucking cute that you hated so much. Or maybe it’s the weird private school uniform she always seems to wear that piques you. You don’t know what it is, you just hate her.

You thought it was ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. She were ridiculous. And those robes. Ha!

“[Y/n].” You slashed one last cut and sliced the dummy’s head clean off its shoulders. Pleased with yourself you turned to greet your brother.

“Hey Neeks,” you grinned. He stared at the dummy’s head, still rolling across the floor before Mrs.O'Leary came out of nowhere, swallowing it in one bite.

You cleared your throat and your brother turned to glare at you, remembering that he hated that nickname.

You picked your water bottle off the ground, sheathed your weapon and walked with your brother toward the the Big House.

“We have dish washing duty after dinner,” Nico informed, running a hand through his hair. You sighed and rolled your eyes.

Up until now the two of you had avoided chores by being one of the cleanest cabins. However last week you two went to visit your sister, Hazel, at Camp Jupiter and stayed there for a few days. You had barely arrived back yesterday but, the Hades cabin was already messy.

We don’t have to do the dishes,” you said thoughtfully. Your older brother glanced at you out of the corner of his eyes.

“How do you mean?”

You paused, making Nico raise a brow in question. “Brother we have friends who can do that for us.”

He furrowed his brows, not quite comprehending.

You sighed and looked at the ground. You concentrated until you felt a soft tug inside you. A crack formed in the ground and a hand clawed its way out. Before you knew it there was a skeleton warrior before you.

“You’re saying a skeleton can do our chores?” Nico asked, crossing his arms over his chest. You smirked slightly and mirrored his actions.

“Well why not? Father gave you a chauffeur. He gave me a butler. Chiron never specified if we were allowed to use our powers. He just assigns a cabin to make sure it’s done.” You say. He nods thoughtfully, weighing your argument against the simple fact that the Hades cabin has cleaning duty. Not the Hades cabin mascots.

“Plus,” you add. “We summon them all the time to run our errands.”

You turn to your butler, who is patiently waiting for orders. “I’ll summon you later tonight, Colins. Sorry for the false alarm but, you get to wash dishes later!” You exclaim, feigning enthusiasm.

Your butler chitters and nods excitedly before jumping back into the hole he crawled from. You seal the crack and turn to smile at your brother.

See? Colins doesn’t mind one-”

“You raised the undead so that you could have people to do your errands?” A snotty voice asks behind you.

Nico and you whirl around and ugh. It’s that annoying witch. And she’s just about looking over your shoulder.

“Yes,” you growl. “I did.”

She scrunches up her nose and glances at the mark left behind by the crack you opened in the ground.

She grabs her wand from her robe and twirls it around her fingers, lifting a brow.

She’s walking backwards, with her lip curled in disgust.

You unconsciously debate raising a bone for her to trip on but decide against it. Best save that for a better day.

“Excuse me,” she says. “I have to go and vomit.”

Your face must have been comical because you faintly hear Nico snickering next to you.

“You do that,” you snap.

You turn away from her, making sure to whip your hair so that it fans her face. “She’s such a nuisance,” you mutter under your breath.

Nico chuckles and you look at him, raising a brow.

What?” You ask, irked.

He shakes his head, still smirking. “Nothing. But, you’re going to have to deal with that nuisance for the next few days because she’s on our team during capture the flag. And, you missed announcements during lunch but, you are partnered up to teach her all the activities we have.”

You groan loudly. “I’m going to speak to Chiron. Why can’t you teach her?” You whine.

“I can’t. I’m getting checked up.” He says at once.

All of the next few days?” You inquire incredulously.

Your brother shrugs his shoulders apologetically. “Doctor’s orders.” He opens the door the to Big House and walks inside.

“That is not even a valid excuse! You use that for literally everything,” you huff.

The screen door slammed shut, nearly smacking you in the face. You stood on the porch and let out a frustrated groan before smacking your head once against the door, causing it to rattle. You pulled open the door and stomped inside, all the while complaining under your breath about what you did to deserve such a curse.

Rrrrg, I really wanna write mass effect fanfic but I seem to interpret characters much differently than everyone else and I’d rather not get yelled at for it. But I like literally everyone so much and I want to romance everyone and write them cute fluff! Damn you, mass effect. I was only supposed to play you briefly then jump back into dragon age. How did this happen

Accent (Sirius)

Requested- A short imagine please where y/n is a transfer from America(not southern) and she tries to mimic his accent and he laughs so he tries to mimic hers and just cute fluffiness

A/n- I’m sorry this is relatively short but I didn’t have a lot of time to write :(

- - -

“I’ve never seen you before,” a low voice comes to your hearing as you sit down on an empty seat in Potions. You look at the owner of the voice to see a guy with black hair and mischievous looks. Chuckling you reply, mimicking his British accent. “That’s right, mate.”

The boy raises his eyebrows at your remark, “American, I see. Trying to sound British?”

Perhaps, the tea I had this morning was too strong to my proper liking, you know.” You laugh and do your best on the accent.

“Okay, y’all need to chill. Does this burger come in extra large?” Sirius retorts, crossing his arms over his chest.

You know what, the weather is shite.”

“Seriously, what about my milkshake? Can I have the biggest one?”

You’re a twat.” Rolling your eyes, you throw a piece of paper at him.

“You’re an asshole.” He ducks away.

“Thank you.” You throw another one. It hits him.

“You’re welcome. By the way, I’m Sirius, Sirius Black.” The boy grins and puts his hand out.

You hesitate before finally shaking it. “Y/n y/l/n, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Gotta get me some sonic now, damn

There’s angry confusion, disappointed confusion, then there is Kevin Owens lmao.  

ENZO LOOKS SO GOOD HERE??? Wow. (Cass, you look good too bb.)

More confused face lmao


… puppy dog face Cass holy shit. 

NO BEARD ENZO WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF he looks so good without?? This coming from someone who literally lives for the beard and scruffy????? woW

Gotta have a pic with Deano bc I love him I’m SORRY

“Bitch, wut.” 

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NEED ME A TALL FRIEND LIKE THAT. It honestly takes no effort even, he just like reaches over and barely taps the stupid bowl. “COme on.” 

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I love Enzo and Cass so much omfg. 

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Need me a tall bear hug like that

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HAHAHAHAHA they are so good for each other i need emotional help 

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Basically, they remind me of my sister and her boyfriend and IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW. 


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sorry i can’t hear you over the sound of character development

okay the most terrifying thing is that i think i’m starting to fear Delphine.

i mean HER AURA.


remember season 1 she was that cute little puppy and even if i’m also french i found her accent super cute and she was just so protective and the Cophine ship was ruining our days

then season 2 she had way more importance and became such an interesting double face docteur Delphine ‘accroche-toi si tu peux’ Cormier

and NOW it’s been ONE episode in season 3 and i already am so SCARED of her way of being, walking, and bossing and even at the camera’s emplacement, BREATHING THE SAME AIR AS HERS IS SO CRAZY because HER AURA

so basically we went from cute to boss ass bitch and i just -

  1. puppy
  2. cutie



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This is the dumbest thing ever but imagine playing just dance with the overwatch characters, who is bad, who completely nails it and who would lure the person they like into a sexy dance with them? I'm sorry this is so dumb

Haha! I don’t think it’s dumb at all. I think it’d be kind of cute actually! I won’t be able to put in everyone, but I’ll take this opportunity to write about some characters I haven’t written much for yet :)

Everyone is probably gathered up because Lúcio and D.Va planned to show them what Just Dance or whatever the equivalent game for them would be. Obviously those two are the best because they’ve practiced, but there are some really surprising contenders!!

Like Reinhardt and Torbjörn!!!! !!!!!!!!! They might not get very good scores in the game, but they certainly know how to dance in their own style. Their kind of tipsy/drunk energy is contagious too; they’re most likely to get everyone up and dancing by being boisterous. Forget the game, just do your best! If you’re thinking of sitting out, forget it, because Reinhardt is 100% going to pick you up like you’re a feather and swing you around hahaha.

Mercy needs some coaxing, but she does try it, as long as you’re there with her playing on some easy songs first. There’s lots of embarrassing giggling, but Mercy is pretty on point with following instruction and stuff. She doesn’t play for long, but she at least gives it a go. The doctor is a most gracious dance partner!

Mei is waaay to embarrassed to try, but she’s always humming along to the songs and sometimes singing them to the best of her ability. Her accent makes it so cute you just want to smooch her adorable face when she blushes at your comments.

Pharah is really, really resistant in jumping up to give it a go because she’s really scared of making a fool of herself, but you manage to convince her. She’s actually pretty good at more of the technical moves and it’s not as if she’s completely uncoordinated and off the beat. She actually has a lot of fun despite her original hesitation and it puts her in the mood to go clubbing (where she would totally sexy dance with you btw, after a few shots)! Hahah

Zarya just gets right into it. She’s also surprisingly good, but in a way that she’s not very good at the easier and slower song and just amazingly good right away at the harder songs???? You think maybe it’s because of the energy and it gets her hyped up. She’s also the one who tries eventually just gives up and dances with you because she thinks you dance really cute.

Genji actually decides to sit out, but surprisingly it’s Zenyatta that steps up to the plate! He actually doesn’t do well in the game, but WOW UMM HE HAS SOME COOL REALLY COOL MOVES, especially with his orbs and the movements of his arms, hands and digits (and his transcendent limbs too). He has his own super cool spiritual style and surprises everyone with what he can do.

Junkrat is like WOW REALLY SURPRISINGLY GOOD AT THE GAME? He actually manages to get close to one of D.Va’s scores? You all think maybe he didn’t quite get there because his prosthetic jolts his movements out a little bit; not that he can’t move or that it looks awkward, but the game only registers some pretty precise movements sometimes (it’s kind of unfair tbh). Junkrat doesn’t doesn’t give a flying fuck though, he loves some of the songs. He is definitely the kind to pull you into his arms and try and make you dirty dance (maybe a little too literally, you get soot all over your clothes) with him. It’s hilariously fun!! <33

Roadhog doesn’t really dance. He just stands there with Junkrat going off the chain nearby, but you see him tapping his foot or nodding his head to the beat of the music. You figure its because he’s a bit shy or something. Junkrat is adamant about how ‘Roady is mad at the Haka! You gotta do it, mate. It’ll scare the pants right offa ‘em!’. At the end of the night, Roadhog does oblige in showing the cultural dance. He doesn’t say anything about it, but it nets him a round of applause because it’s both terrifying and inspiring!!

It’s a pretty successful night in the end, even if the game is completely forgotten after awhile haahha!

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on a different note (and thorns player) amandine's english is so so so good already. icb her vocab is gonna better than mine soon

I know! i love her accent when she speaks english its so cute