her accent was atrocious in this

Unpopular PoTO opinion (Rant)

I need to say this… I hate Sierra Boggess’ portrayal of Christine. I really hate it, I think she’s one of the worst Christines. I don’t understand why so much of the fandom seems to not only like her but practically worship her “Sierra IS Christine, No one can beat Sierra etc”

Why don’t I like her performance? The acting is the worst part, she overacts to a ridiculous degree. She already looks too old for the part and then she does this over the top scared-little-girl act that is so forced and so annoying. She doesn’t understand or even seem to like the character from what she’s said in interviews about Christine being “always scared” and “one dimensional”

The singing… Not that great. The grannies in the back can hear her fucking breathing clear as day and omfg what is that atrocious accent? (I was planning on being pc and polite but I can’t help but rant) Yeah, her singing really is nothing special compared to the many talented women who have taken on Christine.

So I don’t like her performance, okay fine, that’s not really a problem except that she is everywhere. I already mentioned that the fandom worships her. I think it’s probably because the 25th anniversary is the one that most people have access to so she’s probably just one of the few Christines a lot of fans have seen.

It also really bothers me how she gets so many more Christine roles than other actresses and so much more attention, even if I liked her that’s still really shitty since there are SO MANY young women out there who are wonderfully talented and deserve opportunity as well.

If you like Sierra, that’s totally fine but I haven’t seen any real negative opinions and I’m tired of feeling like everyone loves her and I can’t say how I feel without being attacked by a hoard of wannabe theater nerds. If you agree with me at all please reblog and add your thoughts because I want to see who else dislikes Sierra’s Christine. Don’t be afraid Phans, join us!

Category 2, number 13: “Best friend’s younger sibling who suddenly got hot” sex

@lamenart I definitely lied. There are now 3 parts to “the one where Mari and Viktor meet years before he meets Yuuri, and they become penpals” AU.

[Part 1]

PART 2 OF 3 

Katsuki, Mari <katsumar@yahoo.co.jp>
to Nikiforov, Viktor

Been a while.

Heard you are going to finals. Please take care of my brother. Yuuri is excited to meet you . He’s been talking about it for years.


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Alucard: Master, what do you need?

Integra: Your behavior has been most atrocious this past week, Alucard. It is time for you to suffer the consequences of your actions.

Alucard: An what shall be my punishment, Master Integra.

Integra: You will assume your old form, and speak in nothing but Wallachian for the next week. And when talking to me, you will speak in an accent. Understood.

Alucard: My master that seems more like a pleasure then a punis-

Integra: -slams fists on her desk- JusT FUcKiNG Do IT AlUcaRD!

If Graves’ mother is Carlotta de Lucci (which she is) and Carlotta de Lucci is Italian (which she also is) then Graves is half Italian. Consider then the following:

  • A Graves whose dancing is technically perfect but a bit stiff when he’s sober, but who pulls out a full on Argentine tango and follows it with a cha cha when he’s drunk and dear god man, those hips, are they even attached to his spine because jesus christ 
  • A Graves who is absolutely one hundred percent a mother’s boy and still goes home for Sunday Dinner because his mum’s cooking is the best, ok, the actual best, why would he ever miss this
  • A Graves who grew up with a thorough appreciation of everything on two legs and to whom the concept of ‘gay’ or ‘straight’ didn’t occur until fifth year at Ilvermorny when someone asked him why he flirted with guys as well as girls. He owled his mother to ask and she sent back a howler that went off at breakfast and, in a loud and carrying voice, informed the entire hall that he had “too much love to restrict yourself like this, these Americans, they don’t understand a truly passionate man” at which point Graves set the table on fire and bolted
  • A Graves who was sat down and taught all the family recipes, because what if he finds himself a husband, he’ll need to feed his husband won’t he? And what if he finds himself a wife, he’ll need to show her what real cooking is so that she can feed him, won’t he?
  • A Graves who asks “But what if I want to feed my wife or my husband wants to feed me?” to which his mother hits him with a wooden spoon and tells him that either way, he still needs to learn to cook and he does that by not burning the garlic
  • A Graves who learns Queenie Goldstein is a legilimens and begins thinking in rapid fire Italian only.
  • A Graves who is so used to switching to Italian when Queenie is around that sometimes he forgets which language he’s using and starts speaking Italian as well. Queenie translates for people. She also smiles and assures Graves that of course she can’t understand his thoughts, the accent throws her, and besides she only speaks a very little bit of Italian. Graves would believe her more if she didn’t tell him all of this in flawless Italian and resolves to brush up on his occlumency shields.
  • A Graves who falls hard and fast for Newt but is worried about scaring the shy man away, so tries to restrain himself. He tries. He’s just a tactile kind of person, and Newt looks so fabulously touchable, and Graves ends up sitting on his hands to stop himself pulling Newt into a hug or a casual one-armed embrace or tuck his hair behind his ear or anything. He calls Newt tesoro mio in his head and flaps Queenie away when she coos at them both.
  • “You don’t have to be so cautious, you know,” Queenie tells him. “He won’t tell you himself, but he wouldn’t mind it if you hugged him.”
  • Graves suddenly finding every excuse to put his arm around Newt or lean against him or grab his hand to show him something and conveniently forget to let go.
  • Graves’ brain stuttering to halt when Newt kisses him and leaving Graves staring in open mouthed wonder.
  • Graves panicking when Newt asks if he’s ok and blurting out the first thing that comes to mind: “Sposami.”
  • Graves going bright red and refusing to tell Newt what it means. Newt’s got that stubborn look though, so Graves kisses him until he’s thoroughly distracted.
  • Graves taking that almighty step and bringing Newt home to meet his mother.
  • Carlotta declaring that “the boy is far too quiet, and why is he so thin, hmm? Do you not feed him? I raised you better than this bambino, you should be ashamed of yourself. Don’t just stand there! Get him a glass of wine, go, go! And you, sit. Has he asked you to marry him yet.”
  • Faint protests of “Mama!” coming from the kitchen, followed by Graves’ dad telling him not that wine, your mother’s decided it’s pig-swill.
  • Newt ducking his head and shyly admitting that Graves did, but he wasn’t sure Graves meant to because Newt had to ask Queenie to translate it later.
  • “Well? What did you say?”
  • “I can ask your husband whatever I like! And you. Don’t mumble. Did you say yes?”
  • Graves diving back onto the scene with wine as though that will save Newt from the force of nature that is his mother.
  • It doesn’t.
  • Newt’s mumbles are positive enough to satisfy Carlotta, and she’s already tapped his hand with her wand to measure the size of his ring finger.
  • “You don’t eat enough,” she informs him, and tugs the family fede ring off her own finger. “Percival, come here and give him his ring. His fingers are too thin, it doesn’t need resizing.”
  • Graves completely poleaxed.
  • Staring at Newt with a bottle of wine in one hand and a ring in the other.
  • His mother has just bullied Newt into agreeing to be married.
  • What if Newt doesn’t want to be married.
  • Oh god.
  • Newt gently taking the wine from him and putting it on a side table. Smiles at Graves and kisses him on the nose.
  • (Graves gone crosseyed)
  • Newt goes down on one knee and asks, in the most atrocious Italian accent ever spoken but in actual honest to god Italian which means he looked it up and learnt it which means forethought and planning, “Mi vuoi sposare?”
  • Graves hiccoughing into a laugh as he slides the ring onto Newt’s finger. He’s not sure what language he says yes in so he says it again in English and Italian and hell, he even says it in French and German and Greek just to cover all bases
  • Carlotta making sure the whole thing gets recorded on camera
  • Graves fire-calling Queenie later because he can’t wait until tomorrow to tell people and babbling incoherent happiness in both languages at her until he can’t talk fast enough and he just thinks everything at her instead
  • Queenie being delighted for both of them and already making plans to get Jacob in on the wedding cake
  • Everything being fabulous
  • And Graves can’t stop smiling
  • Sticking to Newt like a bowtruckle with attachment issues
  • Sei il sole della mia vita.

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(same Anon as before) but imagine also, like a maid that has a crush o Lumiere faking being Plumette and trying to seduce him

adshgjlhgjhsgkahgkshlhg I replied to that last post and then I saw this one and I almost—almost—want to rescind my previous assertion of Lumiere’s loyalty because this would make such a damned good fic.

I don’t rescind it. Not quite yet. But damn I like this idea.

like can you imagine:

  • this maid, whose name is Bertha, faking a terrible French accent (Bertha is German, for context)
  • Bertha practicing Plumette’s giggle and Cogsworth just catching her fucking guffawing in an attempt to mimic it
  • Bertha trying to figure out how to get Plumette into other parts of the palace so she can catch Lumiere alone
  • the entire palace knowing Bertha is doing this and not having the heart to break it to her that it’s hopeless
  • Lumiere being fucking devastated because he actually likes Bertha quite a lot (as friends!! definitely just as friends) and doesn’t know how to manage this
  • Plumette is like “….this is obvious. You tell her straight-up you know it’s not me”
  • Lumiere is like “yes normally I would do that but she is putting in SO MUCH GOOD EFFORT” and as a showman Lumiere knows how a carefully rehearsed performance should be received with applause, not cold hard emotional honesty
  • Like, Lumiere has peeked in on her when Bertha is rehearsing. Bertha has got that shit down by this point and Lumiere hasn’t the heart not to applaud her for her amazing acting skills if nothing else
  • While Lumiere and Plumette are debating this and the entire palace is watching them argue with baited breath, Bertha has decided that Tonight Is The Night and she decides to corner Lumiere and make her move. She sees him on a table in the southern drawing room, doing his best leafy-candelabra impression
  • She goes up and pulls THE WHOLE SHTICK. The “ooh la las,” the giggle, the flutter, the way Plumette holds her head
  • The poor innocent second auxiliary footman who also happens to have been turned into a baroque candlestick is gobsmacked by this.
  • Because, yes, other people have been turned into candelabras too.
  • And finally she drops a “oh, Lumiere” and the footman is like “holy shit?! she thinks I’m Lumiere?! i can’t disappoint my crush”
  • because of course Havel-the-footman has had a crush on Bertha for ages and while he isn’t sure why she is clearly faking a French accent, otherwise this situation is exactly as it was in his dreams
  • thank god, thinks Havel, for drama club
  • And Havel (who is Czech) whips out THE MOST ATROCIOUS FRENCH ACCENT and is like, “mon AMOURRRRRR
  • bertha wants to lose her shit. it’s working!! it’s working!!!!! “ma CHERIE” she cries, putting the accent on all the wrong syllables
  • Havel whips her off her plumes. Usually he’s not the type to pick a lady up—he is generally much too reserved and shy, i.e. why he has never gotten up the courage to speak to Bertha—but Lumiere would do it, and damned if he’s not going to keep up this charade as long as possible!
  • Lumiere finally gets up the courage to go find Bertha where he knows she’s poking around in the southern wing. the entire staff follow him, desperate to drink in the drama
  • they are a bit shocked to wander into Bertha and Havel, who are talking to each other in what might be French but mostly just sounds like dying noises
  • they are also attempting to snog, but obviously that’s not going well
  • the servants run the fuck away from this scene and try to keep their cool as for the next ten months Bertha and Havel call each other “Plumette” and “Lumiere” and talk consistently in fake French while doing overdramatic romantic things
  • “we’re not that overdramatically romantic” says plumette
  • “suuuuuuuure you’re not, dearie” says mrs. potts. savage
  • finally after so long of doing this Bertha and Havel get sloppy and start accidentally toning it down. Havel admits to Bertha—uhhhhh he means Plumette—that he actually likes it when she isn’t super flirtatious?
  • “really?” says bertha. “oh. ok. Well, Lumiere, bärchen, you don’t always have to be so extra. I like you when you’re quiet.”
  • “really?! thank god,” says “lumiere,” who is talking in a czech accent now. bertha thinks this is a cute development
  • bertha and havel just kinda….get together? like they don’t even remember when they dropped the plumette/lumiere thing, they just do, and they’re really really really happy together
  • Lumiere is lowkey offended they don’t think it’s wonderful to be just like him all the time, but nobody pays attention to him

aaaaaand oh shit, I think I just wrote you your fic.

What’s in the box?

I got a package in the mail from the lovely @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse, folks! 

For those of you who may not remember, Jo recently celebrated 750 followers with a contest. Reblog three of her wonderful fics, and you were entered in a random drawing to receive a care package in the mail.

Guys, I won.

Anna never wins anything, so, as you can imagine, I was frickin’ stoked! I had planned to do an unboxing video, but dammit, I’m a resident, not a videographer, so you guys will just have to be content with pictures, instead. 

Besides, I didn’t want to subject y’all to my atrocious Arkansas accent. ;)

I’ll start with the box itself. 

“Bad art by Jo,” she says, but actually, guys, I’m fucking impressed. Anna is not the least bit artsy, not by a long shot, and that Enterprise is pretty damn recognizable, right down to those ample nacelles. ;)

So, the outside decor? I give it 10/10.

Moving on…

Jo packed this sucker full of great stuff. So much stuff that it was actually hard to get a good picture of it all, but I did try. 

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Rogue One Headcanon/Fanmeta: RebelCaptain & Jealousy

- link to my other Rogue One blabberings -

nb: still haven’t read/seen anything related to Rogue One except for the actual film. i also haven’t seen the Original Trilogy in years. headcanons are subject to change.

I’ve read around some people’s headcanons/stories/excited blabbering about (if they had survived) Jyn and Cassian having to deal with jealousy of other people - eg Cassian regarding Jyn+Han or Lando, Jyn regarding Cassian+Leia.

And I am getting on this train because this trope is MY JAM.

Firstly, we can all agree (and if not: you ain’t changing my heart and soul) that Jyn and Cassian have basically tunnel-visioned their entire sexuality into each other post-Scarif (aka Jynsexual, Cassiansexual) (new dating website: find your soulmate through mutual goals, trauma, rescues, orbiting bodies, and heart-eyes!) and that if they notice other people, it’s purely from an aesthetic point of view. AND that they are in an entirely, absolutely, unhealthily-from-95%-of-people’s-perspectives codependent relationship where they feel their skin begin to crawl the moment they haven’t heard from each other in three hours.

And yet! And yet! Despite their whole-hearted, titanium-strength trust in each other, alas their little hearts can be such soft things that expect pain.  Between Cassian still fighting with the idea of having something after having given up everything he had for decades and Jyn re-developing her sense of self-esteem (she was abandoned multiple times by incredibly important people in her life; as if she feels good about herself), well… feelings of romantic inadequacy is in the air, my friends.

Prepare yourself for a long-ass blabber-post

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“Oh yeah! I’m your neighbor. I saw you moving your things in and was curious. I didn’t know who bought the place, so I wanted to meet you personally!” the woman replied, her smile as bright as ever. It was starting to make Annie uncomfortable.

“My neighbor? Oh, well it’s nice to meet you then. Which house do you live in?”

The woman raised her hand and pointed to the house right across the street. It was the smallest house on the block and was a bright pink with green accents. Annie thought it looked atrocious.

“I live right there with my.. uh,” the woman paused, looking nervous, before taking a deep breath. Her smile returned. “Sorry, my mouth got dry. I live there with my roommate. She’s a very nice woman; I’m sure she would be glad to meet you sometime. Is your water in your house set up yet? I could sure go for a glass of water.”

needful-things replied to your post

Can I just add that the juxtaposition of her posh pronounciation of the French name in the middle of her butchered Italian sentence is the cutest thing? I have to be honest, I’m Italian and I had to listen twice to understand what she was asking lol. But her atrocious accent is adorable ❤

As a fanfic writer it’s such an interesting character moment. It shows that Bedelia is not as comfortable in this world as Hannibal is, who takes to Florence like a fish to water. She’s a little bit wrong-footed, a little out of her depth. It’s a perfect illustration of where her character is in that moment, to the point where I almost wonder if the bad accent was a character choice on Gillian’s part–she’s a very thoughtful actor. But that nuance probably sails over the head of most non-Italian speakers. 

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I knew that Felipe had to be fluent in English, since he went to Georgetown, but his accent is nearly FLAWLESS. (My accent in Spanish is atrocious, I'm so jealous.) Do you know if Letizia is equally as fluent in English as her husband? She looked like she was conversing with Elizabeth II and Philip well enough, and I don't think they speak Spanish. Thanks!

It seems like he is great with languages. Letizia has been working on her languages, she’s getting bold by trying to always say a few things in the language of the country she’s visiting. In my opinion, her level of english is pretty good. Here’s a video of her speaking english in Paris from last year.

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imagine bucky occasionally slipping into other languages and when it's french steve goes along with it and when it's russian or another language with a slavic root nat just starts talking without even thinking about it.

all the avengers help out when bucky lapses into another language

thor doesn’t technically speak any other languages, but he’s somehow able to understand exactly what bucky wants and makes sure that he gets it

bruce knows spanish and portuguese, hindi and thai and some mandarin, and always knows how to calm bucky down if he gets upset once he realizes he’s not speaking english

clint, to everyone’s surprise, is fluent in polish and russian, so if nat’s not around to help out clint takes over, making lewd jokes in russian until bucky cracks a smile

tony speaks passable japanese, but his real talent is in expletives. he can curse bucky out in around twenty languages which bucky always finds delightful, even when it’s a language the winter soldier wasn’t programmed to understand

steve’s french definitely needs some work, but bucky seems like he enjoys correcting steve on his grammar and his accent (“it’s atrocious steve, really, you’d never be able to go undercover in france sounding so american”) so steve doesn’t really feel the need to take any classes

natasha and bucky speaking russian together is something else entirely, words whipping back and forth so fast even clint can’t entirely understand what they’re saying. sometimes natasha slips into other languages as well. she’ll be sitting in the living room, feet propped up on the coffee table and mug of tea in her hands, talking to steve about how much fun jet skis are and all of a sudden, instead of english, what comes out of her mouth is russian, beautiful and clipped and completely incomprehensible to steve. when that happens, steve just shakes his head apologetically until nat realizes what she’s doing. she’ll go quiet for a few seconds, reorganizing her thoughts and then she’ll continue in english. bucky’s not quite there yet (sometimes he’ll be speaking spanish for a whole day and can’t figure out how to turn it off) but he is getting better

Lana Stands Up For Women, Wrestling Fans Are Outraged

By A.V. Christensen

“A woman standing up for herself and acting as anything other than a sex object should not be what garners her the most heat inside the ring or out.”

Lately, a lot of women within the WWE have been taking to social media their grievances towards gender inequality. This morning, Lana has joined those ranks. This came as a slight shock to me since she is a woman who puts on a heavy Russian accent and is part of an outdated and fairly racist gimmick. 

She also tweeted about equal pay and the wage gap. What didn’t surprise me about this whole scenario was the atrocious response that she received on twitter, largely from male fans. From stating that women in the porn industry make more money than men, to the wage gap being a myth, to the divas asking for too much; it’s hard to ignore how butthurt some men are when you question their privilege.

A large majority of the complaints are that despite her heelish character, her being a woman who stands up for herself and the rights of other women is just not fair. How could she betray you? Are you telling me that she isn’t really Russian and the Undertaker isn’t really undead and that Naomi doesn’t really hail from Planet Funk? You’re right, we’re all just here to look pretty in the ring and for you to jerk off to. 


This is an issue that doesn’t just exist in the realm of wrestling, but everywhere. Misogyny is around every bend and if you dare stand up for women you will be bombarded with the tears of many a wrestling fan. A woman standing up for herself and acting as anything other than a sex object should not be what garners her the most heat inside the ring or out.

Knowing that I’m going to encounter a wave of aggression and mansplaining every time I stand up for what I believe in isn’t going to shut me up. Although it would be nice to not have to fear for my safety just for ensuring that I’m treated with dignity and respect. Just because you haven’t personally experienced it, doesn’t mean someone else’s lived experiences aren’t true. 

Maybe these fans are right though. Lana does make more than they do as a television personality than they do sitting on their couch at home. Gender inequality and the wage gap is a load of hooey.

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34. meeting at a masquerade ball au :)

#2 The One With Zorro 

2,000~ words, Teen, follow up to The One Where Rose Is Pregnant

(The prompt was vague and doesn’t specify ‘first’ meeting so I’ve incorporated it into my previous prompt. I hope you don’t mind. And it’s a party, not a ball - that’s just semantics :P)

Zorro swirled into view in front of her, the bottom of his cape whacking her in the leg. She blinked up at him from her seated position on the sofa and said, matter-of-fact, “Your mask’s crooked.”

He straightened it hurriedly and thrust the cup he was holding into her hands. She sniffed it and took a cautious sip. Orange juice. She looked up again and he was gone, into the depths of the party, cape swirling behind him.

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I’m gonna buy out a Natalia Kills concert.
Then dress exactly like her “from the hair to the suit”
And when she comes out
I’m going to yell “I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW MUCH YOU ARE COPYING ME. ITS REVOLTING. DISGUSTING. ATROCIOUS. WHERE IS YOUR ORIGINALITY?” All in her accent. With my friend dressed as Willy Moon stares at her shamefully.

Magneto in DOFP

I don’t know where to even begin on this one. The last time I saw an X-Men movie fuck up a character this badly was Deadpool in Wolverine Origins.

Apart from the atrocious accent, which I found completely unnecessary and distracting, he actually started out alright. I thought the plane scene was really, really great, from his anger to his “oh shit I done fucked up” face to his attempt at reconciliation through chess and his apology. It was all good things that were unfortunately slightly less sincere with that ridiculous accent but the fact remains, it was Erik.

When he tries to kill Mystique, even that kind of passes for me. He learns that her blood is the thing that will start Mutant Apocalypse and for the sake of the future of all mutants he decides that this person he cares about is worth sacrificing. Because to Erik, after Shaw, protecting mutants was his MO. That’s the most interesting thing about Erik and Charles and their dynamic, they both have the same endgoal: safety of mutants. It’s just that Erik takes a more terrorist approach and Charles takes a pacifist one. It’s why they reunite and break apart again and again and again, it’s why Erik was so furious with Charles on the plane. Charles is mad because Erik abandoned him, Erik is mad because Charles abandoned their common, much more important goal. “[Mutants] are the future.” Erik says in First Class. And he will sacrifice one, a very important one, so that the rest of them can live to see that future. It makes sense.

Him sneaking metal into Sentinels, brilliant! He wants to get rid of a current threat and the best way to do that is showing that they are more dangerous than the threats they aim to take out. Trask’s project will get shut down, future saved, the end. He could, technically, kill Trask while he was at it. No one would notice that it was the mutants’ fault that the Sentinels were bullshit, they would blame Trask and people would assume his killer was a pissed off human, not a mutant. Bam!

AAAAND then Magneto suddenly switches motivations? For no reason? And it fucks up the rest of the movie from thereon in. The secrecy of taking out Trask and the Sentinels in one fell swoop is abandoned when he SHOWS UP ON TV WITH THE SENTINELS IN TOW AND TAKES CREDIT FOR EVERYTHING. Wow Erik, great plan. So now the humans have more reason to hunt your kind. You’re trying to recruit, fantastic, but you kind of also just single-handedly incited the mutant-human war? And could theoretically have caused a similar mutant future where they are being hunted down. Good job. What happened to the “skilled strategist” who sewed metal into plastic sentinels?

A lot of people have discussed Charles in this scene but I am willing to allow that Erik plain doesn’t see him there and the wreckage is an accident. Next.

I’ve read a lot of stuff about why Erik suddenly decided to take out everyone in congress and it doesn’t really do it for me. I will allow that it is still Erik-ISH but still not fully in character. But I’m not going to get into that. I’m going to get into the aspect that fucking RUINS his character that for some reason almost no one seems to be talking about:

He tortures mutants when they get in his way. Tortures. He didn’t have to wind rebar through Wolverine’s body. He could have just as easily wound it around his waist and wrists and still sent him to the bottom of the river. There is a sick sense that Erik is actually enjoying doing this. The person who was experimented on as a child is enjoying torturing a fellow mutant. For no reason other than the fact that he tried to stop him.

He also sends a sentinel after Hank. Hank, who was raised with the other “children” in the X-Mansion. Hank, like a brother to Banshee, who Erik was so distraught about having been killed. Erik doesn’t just try to “get him out of the way” or knock him out with some rebar-laced concrete. He turns to a Sentinel, the very thing he is trying to protect mutants from and literally, word for word, says, “Do what you were made to do.” Do you understand how utterly disgusting and horrifying this is??? How completely, painfully out of character this is??? I felt sick watching how he handled both Wolverine and Beast.

Magneto is many, many things, but cruel is not one of them. It just makes no sense when compared to his characterizations in the past movies (even him abandoning Charles in X2 was nowhere near as bad as this) or First Class, or in the context of DOFP as a standalone film. It takes Erik, strips him of his sympathetic villainhood and makes him this 2-dimentional “eehee hee you’ll never stop meee, X-Men” villain. It’s awful and upsetting. He was my favorite character in First Class because, like Charles, I saw so much good in him, so much potential for good. When he wastes it away in Cuba, I GET why he does. I don’t agree with him but I understand his POV. I don’t understand him or his motivations at all by the end of DOFP, and I honestly don’t know if he can redeem himself in Apocalypse. I’m so angry about it I can’t even think of the Cherik aspect here, it’s just so absolutely frustrating. Tell me I’m not the only one who felt his character suddenly went haywire. 

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Here's a drabble for ya: Cophine in some lovely parallel universe where there is no more sickness and S3 never happened, reacting to the SCOTUS news. You know, in case it had any effect on Dr. Cormiaaaay's immigration status, of course. ;)

Delphine was so deeply immersed in furiously typing her dissertation on host-parasite relationships of larval trematoda that she paid no heed to the exhilarated hoot that emerged from the kitchen. She barely registered the pop and fizzle of a champagne bottle or the sound of rapid footsteps pounding toward her desk. She let out a startled yelp when her chair suddenly swiveled 180 degrees and Cosima practically bounced onto her lap.


Cosima silenced her question with an electrifying kiss that left Delphine breathless.

“Delphine.” Cosima smiled against her lips and rested their foreheads together.  “Today is a historic day.”

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A Christmas House - Wreath

Thank you to @loveinpanem you guys have done an amazing job this year! Also, my heart goes out to @akai-echo for this and all banners. To my beta @dandelion-sunset who did a phenomenal job editing this chapter and to @everllarkingnewtina and @xerxia31 without your encouragement buzzesI don’t think this chapter would be as good.

Rated M …*Trigger Warnings*

Ch12 Wreath

-2016, Age 25, June-

The Johnson house, the house Katniss wanted so much was sold.

A week before the Fourth of July and Katniss was miserable. She grabbed tissues from her nightstand and blew her nose. Life after coming back to Merchantville was dull. She turned off the TV. She coughed and this made her nauseous. She ran to the bathroom.

Katniss felt like she couldn’t move. She’d been throwing up all morning. She was sure she had the flu, well that’s what Doc. Mags told her.

She got up and looked at her image in the mirror. She had dark circles under her eyelids. Her hair was lifeless. Katniss lost a lot of weight after she came back from the Snowy Pine Tree Lodge.

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