her accent is so adorable

Pirate Talk
  • Abaft: To the rear of the ship
  • Abeam: At right angles to the ship
  • About: To turn
  • Aft: At the back of the ship
  • Ahoy!: Hello
  • Aloft: Up the rigging
  • Amidships: In the centre of the ship
  • Avast: Stop!
  • Aye, aye: yes
  • Bail: To remove water in a bucket
  • Belay there: Stop that!
  • Bilges: To the bottom of the ship’s hold/full of water/bilge rats
  • Bow: Very front of the ship
  • Bowspirit: A spar extending from the bow
  • Bulkhead: A wooden wall inside the ship to stop cargo rolling around
  • Captstan: a barrel-shaped device used to weigh the anchor
  • Careen: To scrape the hull of the ship clean of barnacles and weeds
  • Cast off: Let’s go!
  • Caulk: To waterproof in between the planks of a ship
  • Crow’s nest: A platformat the very top of the main mast used for look-out
  • Fathom: Six Feet
  • Fore: At the front of the ship
  • Founder: SInk
  • Gangway: Get out of the way!
  • Halyards: Rope used to hoist sails
  • Heads: The ship’s toilet used in the bow
  • Heave-way!: Pull up the anchor
  • Keel: A wooden bar extending beneath the ship, providing stability
  • Knot: 1 autical mile per hour (1.7 miles per hour)
  • Landlubber: A landsman
  • Lanyards: Rope to tie things with
  • Larboard/Port: The lefthand side of the hsip
  • Leeward: A way from the direction the wind is blowing
  • Look lively: Shake a leg!
  • Marlinspike: a metal spike used to separate strands of rope for splcing
  • Me Hearties: My crew
  • Press gang: To kidnap a man for service at sea
  • Quarters: Living areas
  • Rigging: The ropework aboard deck
  • Rudder: Used to steer the ship
  • Scupper: Openings in the side of the ship that let water drain away
  • Scuttle: To sink a ship
  • Sea anchor: A drag towed behind the ship to slow it down
  • Sea chest: A sailor’s wooden box contaiing their belongings
  • Shiver me timbers: Goodness!
  • Sing out: Call out!
  • Sound: Use a lead weigt on a rope to find out how deep the bottom us
  • Spill: Lose wind from a sail
  • Splice: Joint two ropes ogether by intertwining strands
  • Stand by! Get ready!
  • Starboard: The rigthhand side of the ship
  • Stay: A rope supporting the mast
  • Stern: The back/rear of the ship
  • Swab the deck: Mop the deck
  • Take in: Lower the sail!
  • Turn to: Start working right now!
  • Weight anchor: Raise the anchor
  • Where away?: Which way?
  • Yardam: The end of the spar which the sail hangs

i find it really strange when i skype ppl for the first time and they compliment me on my english accent and say its really cute and attractive and i dont get it at all. to me english/british accents aint cute or sexy or w/e i think we actually sound pretty awkward ahahahha and like ppl rag on american accents but i think american accents are really cute! idk maybe its bc im around british accents all day everyday so different accents so cool and attractive to me

Imagine Ziio wearing Haytham’s hat and coat, and walking around pretending to be him with her hands behind her back.

She then tries to make her voice sound deeper, fails at the British accent, and just being so adorable.

And Haytham is just sitting there, drinking tea, and watching her with a single phrase:

“Are you touched in the head?”