her accent is so adorable

So I’m watching this reality show, and this woman on the show is dating a man named Stevie, and when she says his name with her accent, it comes out like “Steebie” and it’s so adorable omg.

Like imagine Steve dating someone with an accent and she calls him “Steebie”


“Mate, you missed it!” Jack laughs as Joe walks back in the room, raising an eyebrow in question.

“Y/N got right into a story and her accent got heavy. Like, worse than normal.” Josh explains, also laughing.

I sit on the couch, arms cross, mouth closed tightly. I could feel my cheeks warm as a blush spread across them, while the boys continued to tease me.

There were times I really hated being from Birmingham. Most of them was around the squad. They would pick up on the little terms I would say, ones that weren’t used around here, and would tease me about them or how I say them.

Even Joe would join in, despite us having been dating for nearly a year. He didn’t tease me nearly as much, but still did on occasion.

“Awe, babe.” Joe smiles at me as sits beside me, throwing an arm around me.

“Come on, what was that one word you used?” Conor leans forward, laughter shining in his eyes.

I remain silent, shaking my head.

“She isn’t going to say anything anymore, you guys.” Joe chimes in, chuckling at my stubbornness.

“Boo,” Caspar pouts. “Her accent is so fun though!”

“That’s what I tell her, I think its adorable when she gets going and her accent takes over, but apparently she doesn’t like it as much as we do.” Joe explains, placing a kiss on the top of my forehead.

I roll my eyes as they all talk about me like I’m not there, determined to not speak anymore.

The rest of the night continues much the same, the boys do their best to get me to speak again, or even trick me in to saying something that only someone from Birmingham would say. But I had learned a while back it was best to keep silent, eventually they’d move on to a different thing.

Finally, it was just Joe and I left, the others having left to their separate homes.

“Are you going to talk now, babe?” He asks, coming back in after locking the door.

“Are you going to tease me?” I say carefully, not letting my accent be too thick.

“I’m sorry,” He says, sitting back in his spot beside me. “But I really do think your accent is adorable.”

“So you have to bug me about it all the time?”

“All in good fun, love. I promise.”

“Sorry if I don’t find it fun.” I roll my eyes, although there’s a small smile on my lips. I know they mean well, and that they don’t actually mean any of the words they say.

“How about if I start talking in some ridiculous accent, will that make you feel better?” Joe tries, looking down at me.

“I think you just called me accent ridiculous.” I point at him.

“That’s not what I mean! C’mon. Everyone makes fun of Birmingham accents, its a normal English thing to do!”

“Alright, you do one then.”

“Do your accent?” I nod in response, shifting in the seat to face him. “Alright, uhm…what do you want me to say?”

“Anything really.” I shrug.

“Oh hello, I’m from Birmingham. I have a weird accent.” Joe says, doing his best to mimic my accent. I burst out laughing, shaking my head.

“That is by far the worst attempt I’ve ever seen. Please, if you love me, do that in front of the boys next time.”

“Only if you promise to speak in front of them again.” He says, pulling me closer to him on the couch as we both giggle.

“Honey, I’ll talk every time we’re with them if you talk like that.”

“Deal.” Joe smiles, leaning in for a kiss.

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This is the dumbest thing ever but imagine playing just dance with the overwatch characters, who is bad, who completely nails it and who would lure the person they like into a sexy dance with them? I'm sorry this is so dumb

Haha! I don’t think it’s dumb at all. I think it’d be kind of cute actually! I won’t be able to put in everyone, but I’ll take this opportunity to write about some characters I haven’t written much for yet :)

Everyone is probably gathered up because Lúcio and D.Va planned to show them what Just Dance or whatever the equivalent game for them would be. Obviously those two are the best because they’ve practiced, but there are some really surprising contenders!!

Like Reinhardt and Torbjörn!!!! !!!!!!!!! They might not get very good scores in the game, but they certainly know how to dance in their own style. Their kind of tipsy/drunk energy is contagious too; they’re most likely to get everyone up and dancing by being boisterous. Forget the game, just do your best! If you’re thinking of sitting out, forget it, because Reinhardt is 100% going to pick you up like you’re a feather and swing you around hahaha.

Mercy needs some coaxing, but she does try it, as long as you’re there with her playing on some easy songs first. There’s lots of embarrassing giggling, but Mercy is pretty on point with following instruction and stuff. She doesn’t play for long, but she at least gives it a go. The doctor is a most gracious dance partner!

Mei is waaay to embarrassed to try, but she’s always humming along to the songs and sometimes singing them to the best of her ability. Her accent makes it so cute you just want to smooch her adorable face when she blushes at your comments.

Pharah is really, really resistant in jumping up to give it a go because she’s really scared of making a fool of herself, but you manage to convince her. She’s actually pretty good at more of the technical moves and it’s not as if she’s completely uncoordinated and off the beat. She actually has a lot of fun despite her original hesitation and it puts her in the mood to go clubbing (where she would totally sexy dance with you btw, after a few shots)! Hahah

Zarya just gets right into it. She’s also surprisingly good, but in a way that she’s not very good at the easier and slower song and just amazingly good right away at the harder songs???? You think maybe it’s because of the energy and it gets her hyped up. She’s also the one who tries eventually just gives up and dances with you because she thinks you dance really cute.

Genji actually decides to sit out, but surprisingly it’s Zenyatta that steps up to the plate! He actually doesn’t do well in the game, but WOW UMM HE HAS SOME COOL REALLY COOL MOVES, especially with his orbs and the movements of his arms, hands and digits (and his transcendent limbs too). He has his own super cool spiritual style and surprises everyone with what he can do.

Junkrat is like WOW REALLY SURPRISINGLY GOOD AT THE GAME? He actually manages to get close to one of D.Va’s scores? You all think maybe he didn’t quite get there because his prosthetic jolts his movements out a little bit; not that he can’t move or that it looks awkward, but the game only registers some pretty precise movements sometimes (it’s kind of unfair tbh). Junkrat doesn’t doesn’t give a flying fuck though, he loves some of the songs. He is definitely the kind to pull you into his arms and try and make you dirty dance (maybe a little too literally, you get soot all over your clothes) with him. It’s hilariously fun!! <33

Roadhog doesn’t really dance. He just stands there with Junkrat going off the chain nearby, but you see him tapping his foot or nodding his head to the beat of the music. You figure its because he’s a bit shy or something. Junkrat is adamant about how ‘Roady is mad at the Haka! You gotta do it, mate. It’ll scare the pants right offa ‘em!’. At the end of the night, Roadhog does oblige in showing the cultural dance. He doesn’t say anything about it, but it nets him a round of applause because it’s both terrifying and inspiring!!

It’s a pretty successful night in the end, even if the game is completely forgotten after awhile haahha!


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Hit and Miss - Gabriel x British!Reader

Summary: Gabriel and the reader both have feelings for each other, and even through they speak the same language, accents can be tough.
Word count: 1639
Warnings: Alcohol, swearing and too much Cockney rhyming slang (but to be fair, Cockney is the most amazing accent in the world)

Your name: submit What is this?

I used loads of Cockney rhyming slang here, and I have a “translation” list under the fic. Enjoy!

“For the last time, Dean, we don’t go around calling people ‘guvnah’!” you shouted at the arrogant Winchester who sat across from you.
“A’ight mate, top of the mornin’ to ya,” Dean continued, straying further and further from the British accent he was trying to do. “Alright, so why does Dick Van Dyke do that?”
“Because Dick Van Dyke is an American imposter, Dean,” you growled and downed the rest of your beer. You were so done with this conversation, and all you wanted was to haul your arse over to the archangel in the other room, where he was sitting with Cas.
“See ya lay’ah, guv, now shu’ up or you’ll be brown bread,” you said to Dean in your best Mockney accent, blowing a raspberry at him before you left. Dean nearly fell off his chair laughing. “Bloody paper hat…” you muttered and moved into the library instead.

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who's your top 5 most attractive men? top 5 most attractive women??? (and why)

oh god, i don’t think that i can rank them, so these are just put in random order.


- seb stan

idk if y’all have ever seen my blog, but if you have you’ll know that i kind of have a thing for this guy. just because he’s so funny in interviews and so sweet to all of his fans and im a sucker for his blue eyes. every. time.

- daveed diggs

i think that his insane, carefree, hilarious personality is a huge thing for me. And the way he gives zero fucks about what people will say about him makes me swoon. i also love his poofy hair and his girlfriend is gorgeous too ??? explain ???

- cam newton

i was literally just talking about him. hear me out, i know that people hate his attitude bc he’s apparently too arrogant or whatever, but i, for some reason, like that? And his smile and dimples got me weak as hell.

- chadwick boseman

it’s crazy to me that this man is 40 years old. homeboy has found the fountain of youth or some shit. This is going to sound hella weird but i love his voice. Like I’ll watch an interview just to listen to his voice and idk there’s just something about it.

- chris evans

oh, come on. He’s undoubtedly gorgeous and he has this adorable personality that shines when he says things like his dog is his buddy. And again with the blue eyes. It gets me every time.


- zendaya

listen, zendaya could fuck me up any day of the week. And, obviously, she is drop dead gorgeous, but she’s funny too and humor is a big thing for me. And her makeup is always fleek.

- elizabeth olsen

yo  i guarentee you that it’s her eyes that im so attracted to. Look at them, they’re so green and pretty and ugh my aesthetic is elizabeth olsen’s eyes. mhm. sign me the fuck up.

- emma watson

Emma Watson will always be a classic beauty and i love that about her. Her accent is so adorable and im ready for her to just destroy me in beauty and the beast.

- hayley atwell

Also a prime example of classic beauty and a 10/10 actress like damn girl. i love that she’s so passionate and excited about her profession and she’s also relatable.

- lupita nyong’o

this is it. this is the woman that slays my entire existance and imma be so fucked in the movie theater during black panther bc she’s literally perfect in every aspect. end of story.

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So I noticed your new URL and I just binge watched so many interviews of them a few days ago she's so gotdamn adorable wth??

SHE ISSSSS and her accent n shes so adorable n beautiful 😢😢😢 id die for one woman….

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What do you guys like the most about each other? I personally think Nas is freaking adorable, Luna is so cute and shy, Kenna you are gorgeous and Lynne I love your smile hehe - potato anon

Omg so I haven’t been able to talk to Lynne much but she is so sweet and Kenna as well. She’s helped me learn so much about how the blog works and stuff. ^-^☆☆☆ But omg, Nas and I talk everyday (even with the time difference) and it’s just been so much fun talking to her lol we’re so alike omg we are pretty much long lost sisters or something. Literally all of our convos are 90% memes and 10% dying over Jackson and Yoongi and other idols because they keep making us suffer and cry. AND NAS’ ACCENT IS LITERALLY THE CUTEST I’VE EVER HEARD!!! I LOVE HER ACCENT AND SHE IS LITERALLY SO ADORABLE MY HEART HURTS SO MUCH I LOVE HER TO DEATH (Love you Nas! Hearteu~♡♡♡♡♡)

-Admin SugaMint🍭

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Can we get some tracer fluff with her s/o?

//Of course anon!

- She loves bringing you to parks. She’ll zip around as fast as she can and before you know it, she’s back in front of you with a bouquet full of wildflowers.

- One time one of those bouquets had bees in it, but we don’t talk about that

- She adores her S/O’s laugh! She’ll go out of her way to make her S/O laugh, whether it be making a funny face or saying a corny joke.

- She blushes so much when her S/O compliments her accent! It’s adorable, really.

- Her S/O’s nicknamed her ‘Iron Man’, cause y'know, it looks like she has an arc reactor in her chest. She doesn’t really mind, she thinks Iron Man’s super cool.

Imagine Ziio wearing Haytham’s hat and coat, and walking around pretending to be him with her hands behind her back.

She then tries to make her voice sound deeper, fails at the British accent, and just being so adorable.

And Haytham is just sitting there, drinking tea, and watching her with a single phrase:

“Are you touched in the head?”


That time Tracy talked about making fun of Dave, and his (non-existent) accent.


“I’m back, Ryuko”

“Welcome home sis!”

Satsuki visiting Ryuko in Kanagawa.

Ryuko is always happy when her sister drops by. Mrs Mankanshoku welcomes her too and would always make an extra portion of her Mystery Croquettes (Satsuki loves them, the first time we saw Satsuki being truly happy was when she ate the croquettes in episode 22, and like Ryuko she sincerely enjoys family dinners since she never had them). Then they talk all night about their current lives, about the past, about the future, anything really. And though Satsuki would never admit it, she’s really missing Ryuko but is too shy to ask her to live with her. But after Ryuko graduates from High School she finally musters the courage to ask her to move into her mansion (which is actually Ryuko’s mansion because they built it on the plot where the burned down Matoi Manor stood as she teared down Kiryuin Manor right after Honnouji Town was destroyed, burning the painful memories along with it). She asks Mako to move in with them too but she refuses, knowing that the sisters deserve having some private time together to bond. Now they are both studying at Tokyo University (along with Houka, Shiro and Nonon), Satsuki is majoring in politics and environmental studies and Ryuko is aiming to be a elementary school teacher. Mako is helping her Dad in his little hospital, Ira would often visit and help her. Uzu is still trying to beat Satsuki at Kendo (impossible task) and occasionally gives Ryuko Kendo lessons, refusing to fight her seriously until she learns how to properly behave in a Kendo match (Ryuko isn’t too happy about that, because who the hell needs rules in a fight?). Once every two months they would all come together and celebrate, forgetting studies and work, just enjoying themselves. Life couldn’t be better and they all earned it.