her abs though

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the holiness that is Umi’s abs…

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william was really in love with noora, you can tell. and who cares he was an asshole to others? there's plenty of them out there. he used to sleep around, he slept with vilde and then treated her... in the best way? i mean, he could be a little more delicate, but if he did not make the things clear, she would've been obsessed about him and wouldn't get over him.he got what he wanted. he wasn't an ass to noora and that was the most important thing. but people like him comes and goes, so to speak.

And there’s a thousand different ways he could’ve told Vilde. But he wanted to show off.

He blackmailed Noora into dating him. And then he continued to push her ab sex even though she had told him again and again she wanted to wait.

He literally told Noora when they were going to have sex ‘I know I should ask if you’re ready but right now I don’t give a shit’ and he KNEW that she had only had sex once before when she was 13, and that hurt her a lot.

And when Nico told him that he had slept with Noora, and confronted Noora who said ‘I don’t know’ he immediately jumped to conclusions. Which is weird but understandable.
BUT when she THEN texted him that his brother had raped her, he continued ignoring and being mad at her, even though anyone with an IQ above fifty would’ve made the connection between the rape and Nooras 'depressive’ behaviour the past weeks.

That’s not normal. That’s not acceptable.
I understand that people like him and like noorhelm but I don’t understand how they can argue he wasn’t an asshole and how they can’t see why others hate him.