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au where when leo lands on calypso’s island they have long discussions about why leo needs to get his shit together and calypso gives him advice and leo helps fix things on ogygia 

he leaves the island as a good friend of hers with the knowledge that he doesn’t need to fall in love to be happy and he apologizes to his friends and frank especially and doesn’t lie and fake his death

he finds a way back to ogygia where he gets calypso off the island and brings her back to camp, where she stays for a month to calibrate with the new world, 3000 years later. then calypso goes travelling across the world :^)

Let me help you.
I know,
I know you don’t want to listen.
You don’t want to hear it.

Because you love her.
And when you love someone,
you don’t want to hear
that they don’t love you.

Believe me, I know that you don’t want to hear it.
And I know very well why.

But don’t you see that this is killing you?
You don’t deserve this.
Please listen to me when I tell you to let this go; it’s terrible for you and you deserve so much more.

I don’t want you to get more hurt by going through the rest of this,
but at the same time,
I don’t want to be the one hurting you.

I just—
I just wish you could hear me over the beautiful lies she tells you. 
Because I know my words will certainly not reach your ears above the sound of your heart breaking when it all falls apart.

But you will not listen.
I wish you would,
but it’s okay that you can’t.
I know why.
I understand.

I just hope you’ll let me be there.
I just hope you’ll see my shoulder to cry on through the blindness of love.

I just hope you’ll let me be your friend,
nothing more,
but please,
nothing less.

—  An Internal Monologue, probablyhavewritersblock
Don’t look for someone who just wants to see you past your clothes; look for someone who wants to learn about the person you are underneath your skin, into your soul, right to the very center of your being.
—  I crave you in the most innocent of ways

She was my inspiration.

I laughed when she laughed.
I could tell what facial expression she had just by the tone of her voice over the phone.

Trusted her with my world, and then she became just that.
My world, my love, my inspiration.

Before she could speak, I knew what was wrong.
I cared about the little things, even when she pulled away from them like they didn’t matter.
She mattered, everything that revolved around her mattered.

I missed her, never was there a moment when I wasn’t longing for her.
She made me happy at 3 in the afternoon, and kept me wide awake with a smile upon my face at 3 in the morning long after she went to bed.

A fire burned inside of me because of her.
Only she could could exhale a breath of air that could put out my fire.

That, that’s exactly what she did one day.

I’ve let someone come in, and become so much.
Only to leave, and take so much.

Fire replaced with a hallow, cold, open wound.

She was my inspiration.

She was.


Can’t say you love too much. There’s no such thing. We can never really quantify love. It’s just love. It’s either an overwhelming truth, or a blinding lie. A lot of people try to measure the extent of how they can sacrifice to mean how much they love the person but the truth is, no matter how small or grand a thing you do, it will mean the same thing. Love. You don’t love me less, or love me more. You love me, you love me real.