So uhmm according to some bonus pages from Weekly Shonen Jump that Organicdinosaur was so kind to share with the world, it’s snake-son’s birthday today. And Boruto discovers the cencept of “reverse friends”.


I want to click numerous pictures with you, in weird & most unpredictable poses, one can ever think of, like, stabbing your throat with knife, playing with ketchup & throwing it all on your t-shirt, fighting like tom & jerry, barking over each other like stray dogs, but, at the end, come to each other, share a piece of pizza over chilled cold drink and falling asleep in each other’s presence at the background of the idle television switched on to it’s scores.
I want to go out on every seen & unseen places with you, because I know, I’ve a completely different perception when I’m with you.
I want to tag you in all those bestfriend, sent, emotional, funny & lovely posts that i find relatable in any way.
I want to communicate with you through grins, smiles, tears, statuses, dps and what not, much beyond words, texts or calls.
I want to taunt you at every possible reason or no reason that I can find around me & I want to silently wait for those funny texts of yours that make me smile, anytime, anywhere.
I want to tell you that you mean a lot.
I want you to feel my absence.
I want to see if I mattered.
I want so much from you & I know, that I’ll never get.
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 idk man like ??? it makes me uncomfortable whenever fans ask jensen to remove his jacket/shirt as part of a question ??? like ?????