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percabeth, 3 & 12 for sfw, 4 for nsfw

3. Who fixes the vehicle after a breakdown?

Annabeth. She may not be a daughter of Hephastus, but she’s a hell of a lot better mechanic than Percy, who tends to make any sort of mechanical issue worse just by looking at it. He’s not much of a help during a breakdown either, always breathing over her shoulder or making snarky, “That’s not what Google says to do,” comments while she works. She usually makes him go sit in the car or stand watch for monsters so she doesn’t brain him with a tire iron after the first few minutes. 

12. Can they stand silence? Who talks the most? Who talks the least?

As much as Percy gives the impression that he’s a big ol’ dorky chatterbox, he actually talks the least. Unless she’s concentrating on a design, Annabeth’s very chatty; she loves to explain things, talk about her day, or drop a fun factoid while they’re watching TV. 

Having known each other for so long, they’re very good an nonverbal communication and they enjoy being in each other’s company without having something to talk about. After Tartarus, silence bugs Annabeth the most and she talks incessantly to avoid thinking about it when they’re alone. Her insistence on talking and Percy’s refusal to talk about what happened to them causes a few fairly serious fights; the issue gets resolved over time. 

4. Oddest place they’d have sex?

The backseat of Paul’s Prius definitely happened. 

So did the strawberry fields at Camp Half-Blood and Piper teased Annabeth for weeks about the resulting grass stains on the back of her shirt. 

There was the time where they banged in Roman baths during a visit to tour Camp Jupiter properly, and poor Frank had to remind Percy that the baths are public, you know, and the acoustics are, um, kinda good so keep it down next time oh my god??

But probably the oddest was in the broom closet on Olympus that Annabeth definitely did not design specifically for midday trysts with her boyfriend, no sir. 

You know what I only just realized?

Hephaestus and Aphrodite are married, yes?

That technically makes Leo and Piper step-siblings.

The cute.

Note: I accidentally wrote “half-siblings” but since they are only the children of two married Gods, they would share none of the DNA of the respective god’s spouse, if gods had DNA to spare (which I know they don’t).  So I replaced it with ‘step-siblings’ since that’s more accurate.  Still.  Adorable. ^^

ok i can just imagine a hephastus kid getting a urge to build this thing not knowing what it is and when its done a apollo kid just picks it up and starts playing and then they use it in battles like playing a jig and during a skip in the music just sclicing a monster to bits and going right back into the music without skipping a beat @rowantreeart

or they use it to hypnotize the monsters as they dance around them, slicing them as they go! super cool thanks for sharing 

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Platonic... valdangelo before Leo was a dick? If you could write a quick one shot on it if you like it or just tell me your opinion???


~this takes place at some point during hoh i could find a reference point but eh~

Nico was used to feeling tired by this point.  He could barely remember what it felt like to not be exhausted - physically, mentally, and that weird mixture of both and neither that was the consequence of his excessive shadow travel.  Eating more would probably help, but he’d never had much of an appetite.  Sleeping was obvious, but the nightmares took more out of him than was worth it.

He was nursing a dull headache as he made his way out of the mess hall.  Nothing particularly important had appeared in the conversation; as far as Nico had gathered, yet another argument had started - they were frequent in the tension filling Percy and Annabeth’s vacant seats - and Leo Valdez had managed to say just the wrong thing.  Someone had stormed out, Frank had vaguely stated something about scouting and turned into an eagle, and Nico had left the mess hall to its stony silence.

The corridor was quiet as he headed towards the deck, before walking right into something.

“Jeez, sorry -” Nico yelped, his voice a tad higher than he’d have liked.

A light lit up the hall - fire which illuminated Leo Valdez’s startled eyes, before he quickly patted his flaming palm on his jacket.  “Sorry, man, I didn’t see you,” he apologised quickly.

“Likewise,” Nico muttered.  He made to move past before catching Leo’s expression and halting.  “Are you okay?” he asked, surprising himself.

It wasn’t that Nico thought of himself as particularly unkind or apathetic - more like his comfort and presence in general wasn’t usually wanted.  Still, Leo looked pretty torn up about whatever had just went down in the mess hall.  Nico began to wish he’d paid at least some attention.

Leo looked equally taken apart, but he just shrugged.  “No big deal.  I made a contribution to a conversation and realised too late that I was being an asshole.”  His tone was light, but his grin was too forced to be genuine.

Nico swallowed.  “What was it even about?”

Sighing, Leo leant against the wall.  “Piper was at Jason’s throat again about how he acted towards Reyna back in California,” he said wearily.  “It was none of my business and I should probably have kept my mouth shut, but…”

“Everyone makes mistakes.”  Nico vaguely wondered why he’d gotten himself into this conversation.  “Just apologise for hurting anyone that you hurt, and get over it together.”

Leo shook his head.  “It’s not like that,” he said, tone bitter.  “It’s every single time.  I say something and I come off as unkind or rude or annoying, and it’s not my intention, but I don’t know how else to act, and… I just feel so excluded.”

He suddenly looked very vulnerable; Leo Valdez, son of Hephastus, demigod of the prophecy, user of fire - misfit, awkward, irritating.  “I understand you more than you think I do,” Nico said eventually.  “But… you’ve got time to work yourself out, Leo.  Don’t beat yourself down about it, and try to talk to people about it.  You have more support than you think.”

Leo scoffed.  “Like who?”

“Like, the rest of this ship,” Nico retorted.  “And if you manage to fight with all of them at once, I’m here, as well,” he added, gentler than before.

For a long moment, Leo stared at the ceiling, before shifting his gaze to meet Nico’s eyes.  “Thanks, man,” he said, quietly.  “Uh, I should probably go check on the engine.”

“Sure.”  Nico stepped back to allow Leo to dodge past, and headed back along the corridor.